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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Kill Now is a variant of Homicide that cuts out the 16-second intro, allowing the music to get back to the meat of the song right away. I'll probably use the two interchangably throughout the LP.

: Sonia's out in the hall by the kitchen.

: Um... There is something I want to ask you.
: ...Hm? What is it?
: Um...

: It appears that only that wall is a different color and material... Why is that?
: Oh, it's probably a fire door.
: ...Fire door?
: ...Hm? You've never seen one before?
: It's a door that shuts to keep fire from spreading by containing it. If that happens, you can run away, right?

: I see! It is like a barrier! Just like lining up plastic bottles around the house!
: ...That's only done to keep cats from getting in.
: You know about keeping cats from getting inside...but you don't know about fire doors...?
: Truly, I am culturally ignorant. I am ashamed of myself...

: Let's investigate the kitchen.

: I wonder what Teruteru has to say.

: Hey...were you in the kitchen during the blackout, Teruteru?
: That blackout totally startled me... At first, I thought it was just in the kitchen, but when I finally managed to get out of the kitchen, the hallway was pitch black too. And then, I heard everybody's voices, so I fumbled along the wall and tried to feel my way to the dining hall... But that place was pitch black too... It was, like, pitch black everywhere.
: Couldn't you have used stove as a light?

: Ah, that's impossible. This gas stove needs electricity to work, so it was directly affected by the blackout.
: I see...then I guess it's not possible.

Since you work with fire in the kitchen, I figured you'd be able to use it as a light source or something, but...I guess it's not that easy.

Byakuya must have confiscated all of the dangerous items on the kitchen's equipment list.

: Well, just from reading through this list... It looks like the knife next to Byakuya's body didn't come from the kitchen. It appears to have been brought from outside.
: From outside...? Then how did the killer get past Byakuya's body check?
: Strange, isn't it? ...I mean, he didn't even go easy on the girls when he was performing the pat downs...

If that's the case... They probably brought the knife in advance and hid it somewhere...

:'s surprising how much equipment this kitchen has. There are iron plates for barbecuing...and even a portable stove for cooking hotpots.
: But this is all stuff that doesn't pertain to the murder, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
: ...I agree.

Chinese, Japanese, French, and Italian cuisine. Fish dishes... And a big piece of meat on the bone, too.

: Isn't it amazing? That meat is soo big, even I was shocked.
: It's a dish fit for a tropical island. I'd never be able to get meat like this in Aoyama or Azabu.
: I'd never be able to get meat like this in my hometown, much less Aoyama or Azabu!
: I get it, you don't have to repeat yourself. But it's so big... Where did you get it?

: I asked Nekomaru. Apparently, he killed the cow at the ranch with his bare hands and brought it over.
: H-His bare hands...?
: That's a little hard to believe, doesn't seem completely impossible either... Those hands of his...they look like they specialize in punching things.

I wouldn't want to get punched by those hands...

: Seriously, Nekomaru's so wild... He's totally right at home in a country setting. I'm so jealous. My hometown is near Aoyama and Azabu, so wild country things like that... They slip my mind a lot, ya know?

: Well, I guess this meat has gone to waste. Since this awfulness happened right when the party started... The only ones who ate any food were Akane...and Peko, who took some portions for herself.
: Don't say that... After I worked so hard to cook the world's most refined party dishes, only two people actually tasted them...
: Well, it's not like I actually believe it, but...if there really is a killer out there...

: Ugaaah! I'll probably never be able to forgive that killer!

He's...scary when he's mad.

Um...I guess I'm pretty much finished investigating the kitchen for now.

: Nagito...let's get going.
: ...Yeah, sure thing.

: Maybe the storage room holds some clues.

: This storage room is really dusty...and dark.
: My hands were full cleaning the dining hall, so I couldn't even touch this room.
: It even has cobwebs... There's no way I could stay in here for a long time.
: ...

Hm? Are these irons? It looks like they were recently turned on, but...why are there three irons on this ironing board?

: ...Just as I thought, your eyes don't miss a thing. When I was looking for Byakuya after the blackout, I also found these irons, but... When I found them, all three of them were turned on.
: ...Turned on?
: It'd be bad if another blackout happened, so I turned them off. But doesn't this feel kind of sinister?


Th-There' awful lot of boxes...

: We don't have the time to go through each and every one of them...
: ...I guess I should leave them alone.
: A wise decision.

: There's...a huge piece of cloth randomly shoved in here...
: Is this...a tablecloth?
: Oh, a tablecloth? ...Wait, huh? Hold on... There's something on it...
: Is this...a bloodstain!?

: ...Eh? A bloodstain?
: C'mere, take a closer look!
: It's too dark...I can't really see that clearly.
: There's no mistaking it! This is clearly a bloodstain! Which means...this tablecloth is connected to Byakuya's murder, right?
: If that tablecloth has a bloodstain on it, then it's a possibility.
: Seriously, it *is* a bloodstain!

: Hey much longer are you gonna stay in this dark place? You're just wasting your time... Let's move on and investigate other places already.
: ...Hm? Ah, I get it... You're right.

: We can find Ibuki standing outside the dining hall.

: Apparently, a great man once said, "Investigations should be done on foot."
: Sooo, that's why I'm also using my feet! I'm just walking around for no particular reason!

Well, if there's no reason, then there's no meaning...

: Hey Hajime...I just realized something... Could she, by any chance, know what happened during the blackout?
: Yeah...I was just thinking the same thing.
: Ehhhh? How'd you know!?
: So you did hear us... Even though Hajime and I were talking pretty softly just now...

: Tee hee, not only do I have a perfect face, style, and personality, but I also have perfect ears!
: ...I see. If your hearing is so good, maybe you heard what actually happened during the blackout.
: When the blackout could hear everybody's voice throughout the dining hall, right? We couldn't tell, would have been able to make out who's who, right?
: Just leave it to Ibuki! It'll be as easy as fried rice with gravy!
: ...Huh?
: La-li-la-laaaa! I'll heartily eat it for breakfast!
: Oh, you mean like it'll be "easy as pie"...except eating fried rice with gravy for breakfast is kind of...heavy.

: Any fried rice that isn't fried rice with gravy is soooooooo wrong!
: She should make a metaphor with a more common type of fried rice, like egg fried rice or lettuce fried rice...
: Anyway...can you tell us what you heard?
: Leave it to me! I'mma take a bite outta you!
: If you tell us, I'll let you bite Hajime later.
: Stop it... What if she takes you seriously?
: Let's see...the first person who raised their voice during the blackout was...

: (...That's right, it was Mahiru.)
: Uwah! It's a blackout!
: (Next...was Kazuichi's voice, and then the next next voice was mine.)
: Hey, I can't see anything!
: I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!
: (Kyahaha! What a nice remark I made! It's to the point and has its own unique charm!)
: (...Just continue.)
: (Then there were more voices, one after the other...)
: E-Everyone, calm down! We gotta stay calm in a situation like this!
: Waaaah! Don't step on my feet!
: What the hell!? What's going on here!?
: Th-This is...!
: Ow!
: Turn the drat lights on! I can't eat like this, y'know!
: You guys? Where are you? W-Wasn't the blackout...just in the kitchen?
: Perhaps the breaker overloaded?
: H-Hold on a sec! I'll go along the wall something about it...!

: All righties! That's pretty much it!
: Hehehe, aren't I awesome!? Praise me, praise me! Gimme lots of praise!
: I-I heard you the first time... Seriously, don't get any closer... Hey Nagito... Say something to her...!

: ...
: ...Hey, did something happen?
: No, I was just thinking about what Byakuya said during the blackout...
: ...What Byakuya said?

: Why did he say something like that? Rather...why was he able to say that? "What the hell!? What's going on here!?" and "Th-This is...!"...
: ...What do you mean?
: About that... Why don't we discuss it after we've investigated a little bit more? For now...I can't really say anything for certain...
: Well, it's not like I really care...

: Anyway, don't you think Ibuki's account just now is an important clue that will lead us to the truth?
: Then praise me! Lemme bite ya!
: ...Ouch! Why are you really biting me!?

: Next time, more Old Building investigation.


Jul 29, 2014

Go on an adventure ordained by fate?
-->Okay! I'll grab my stuff!


Ibuki's crazy, but she's the best kind of crazy.

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

Hmmm that blood stained table cloth could be something the killer used to cover themselves to prevent blood from getting on them, though to get form the dinning room to the the storage room and back in the time the murder too place seems a bit much.

Also whats with those irons? Were they used to trip the breaker?

Aug 13, 2014

Festival with your real* little sister!

I think I have the a good idea of how the culprit committed the murder, but the question is how did they get under the floorboards to stab Togami? They used the irons to trip the breaker, covered themselves in a tablecloth, got under the floorboards (somehow), and stabbed Togami. I believe they said there were missing skewers in the inventory from the kitchen, so I have a feeling that that would be the murder weapon. The Knife is a red herring, or a weapon Togami prepped himself. He had glow in the dark paint on the handle, and glow in the dark tape where it was plastered to the table. I don't know who the culprit is, but I don't think it could be anyone in the room at the time Mahiru snapped the pictures.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: This Toilet has been a point of contention for a while now, hasn't it?

*Clatter clatter*

:'s locked...

: Someone appears to be inside. Since it's a unisex bathroom, I don't know who's actually in there...
: Heeeey, is someone in there!?

We knocked on the door and tried calling out to whoever was on the other side, but...


: There's no response...this is going nowhere. I guess we should give up for now and check on it later.
: Yeah, you're right...

: Let's check out the Office.

: The old building's circuit breaker should be inside this office.
: Circuit breaker, huh... It might be related to the blackout.
:'s better if we check out the circuit breaker first.

That...must be this old building's circuit breaker. The blackout probably happened because of this.

: Hmm, it doesn't look like someone did anything to it. Nothing else looks suspicious either...
: The circuit breaker is pretty high up. Even if you use a stepladder, you won't reach it.

: Yeah, I totally agree... That's why it's so mysterious... Well, during the blackout, I was panicking so bad I forgot about that,'re right. Even with a stepladder, there's no way you'd be able to reach that circuit breaker. Which means, someone must have reset the breaker after the blackout. But who?

: I did it!
: ...Gwaaaaaaah!? IT'S HERE!
: You idiots had nooooo idea what to do about the blackout, so I'm the one who reset the circuit breaker.
: Ah, by the way, I'm not the one who tripped the breaker. The killer did that, of course.
: did someone as small as you reset the breaker?
: Well firstly, my eyes work reaaaaaal good at night, so I have no trouble seeing in the dark. And, if you wanna know how I reached the circuit breaker...

: My body stretches. You know...I'm very elastic.
: ...L-Liar!
: I'm serious! Wanna see? Wanna see a version of Monokuma with his body stretched out? It's gross! It's grotesque!
: N-No thanks... Just imagining it makes me wanna puke.
: Oh really? Such a shame!
: Still, don'tcha think Monokuma's such a nice guy!? In a popularity contest, he'd take first place! *leaves*

: Wh-What the hell...? So he's the one who reset the breaker... Well, in that case, I'm convinced. There's no way we'd be able to reach that.

If that's the case... How did the killer trip the circuit breaker? If they didn't trip it or set it to be tripped...

This remote for the office's air conditioner...


The timer here is set to 11:30 p.m. Wasn't the timer for the air conditioner in the dining hall also set for that time?

: It can't be...a coincidence, right?

: Let's see where Peko's been this whole time.

: I can already tell... You doubt me, correct?
: Huh?
: However, it does not surprise me... An unexpected blackout occurred, and during that time, Byakuya was killed.

: The circuit breaker is in this office... Naturally, I look suspicious since I was supposed to be here.
: "Supposed" to be here...? Does that mean...?
: So I was right... You weren't in the office. ...But why? Weren't you supposed to guard the circuit breaker and the duralumin case with all the weapons in it?
: So...where'd you run off to on your own...?
: Well...that is...

: ...Ugh!!

Peko suddenly dropped to one knee and started groaning on the spot.

: ...Hey, what happened?
: N-No...I am just not feeling too well... I apologize but...e-excuse me...
: "Excuse me"? What was that...?

: Peko... It appears the bathroom inside this old building is currently occupied, so... I recommend either the hotel lobby or your cottage.
: ...Huh?
: Tch...! It seems like it will be a tough path...! *leaves*

With cold sweat dripping from her forehead, Peko wobbled out of the office...

: Wh-What her...?

: Hmm... It's kinda hard for me to say it myself. I already feel bad enough for Peko as it is...

...Hm? What does that mean?

: I mean, is it cool? She didn't away or something?
: Cause, if she ran away, she's obviously the killer! I'm almost positive! that really what it is?

: It's Kazuichi's turn now.

: Hey... Isn't Peko the killer?
: ...Why do you think that?
: Well, she wandered off somewhere, even though she was supposed to be in the office. When we were looking for Byakuya after the blackout, I went to the office right away, but... When I got here...she was gone.

: I shouldn't say this too loudly, or else Miss Sonia will yell at me...
: Peko's probably the one who tripped the circuit breaker, and used the blackout to her advantage to kill Byakuya.
: And don't you think she looks kind of ruthless, too? assassin, right?

Well, it's not like you look any better...

This duralumin case... It should contain all the dangerous items Byakuya collected.

: Maybe we should check inside...just to be safe.
: But it's locked.
: Byakuya had the key to this particular duralumin case with him...

: Check it out, I brought it with me so there's no need to worry.
: it okay to take that key without permission...!?
: It's forbidden to tamper with the crime scene... But if we don't, we can't check inside this case, right?
: ...So I should open it.

This guy...he doesn't feel any remorse...


: ...See, it's open.

Forks, kitchen knives, iron skewers and various tools are crammed inside...

:'s not possible that the killer took anything from here because the key to this case was inside the case Byakuya had with him.

I're right about that.

: Now then...I guess we're done with the office, don't you think so?
: We should get going now.

: looks like you've pretty much finished looking around the building.
: So how about we check out Byakuya's cottage?
: Byakuya's cottage...?
: There might be clues there, so I thought it'd be good to check it out just in case... But...I was scared I might encounter some danger if I went there by myself.
: Well, I don't really mind going there together, but...aren't you worried about the possibility that I might be that danger?

: ...You mean, am I worried about you being the killer?
: To be honest, I don't think you're the killer. In fact, I can't even imagine it. It's like...instead of living with doubt in others, it's so much better to die believing in others.
: Don't talk like that... We're doing this so we can live, you know?

: As I sure are strong. You are definitely the chosen one--chosen by Hope's Peak Academy...
: All right, then let's get going! To Byakuya's cottage!
: Y-Yeah...

I don't know why, but...every time we talk, I don't really know how I'm supposed to react...

The moment I left the old building, there was a strange scene unfolding before me.

: ...Hey, what are you doing?
: "What am I doing?", you say? Ha! Now that is truly a foolish question!
: Um... We're just checking to see if we can get under the floor from here.
: ...Under the floor? Why?
: Who said it was futile? Who decided it was impossible? How did you know I cannot recover my earring!?
: If it is possible to get under the floor, it'll change our understanding of the murder...I think. So I was important to check it.

: I see... Under the floor, huh. I never considered thinking of it like that.
: ...What do you mean?
: C'mon, think about it.

: The carpet I laid didn't reach the table where we found Byakuya's body, right?
: And...the dining hall floor had huge gaps between the floorboards.
: it possible that the killer killed Byakuya by stabbing him from beneath the floor!?

: That's what I thought, so I'm trying to see if we can get under it from here......
: ...Well?
: Hmmm...I guess it's not possible to get under the floor from outside. The building is surrounded by firm fences, so there's no way to sneak under the floor from there.
: Even so... I couldn't find a way to get under the floor from inside the building either.
: Do you think there's a possibility that there's a hidden hole somewhere...?

: No, that's not possible.
: A-Are you sure...?
: At any rate, it seems you can't get under the floor from outside the building. That's a relief.
: Relief...? Why?

: Because...if you could get under the floor from the outside, there'd only be one logical suspect. The only person who didn't come to the party and also doesn't have an alibi.
: Oh, right... Fuyuhiko.
: I...suspected him, too. That's why I was checking to see if it's possible to get under the floor from outside.

: Speaking of which... Not long after I began guarding the entrance...Fuyuhiko came here.
: ...Huh? He did?

: ...Huh? What happened, Fuyuhiko?
: O-Oh hey... What are you doing here...? All alone at a place like this...?
: I'm standing guard so Monokuma doesn't come inside.

: Heh... How diligent of you...
: You're not coming to the party?
: Hell no, not even if you paid me... Parties are stupid. They make me wanna puke...
: ...You want to come to the party, right? Isn't that why you came here?

: O-Of course not! I was just going for a drat walk! What...? Do I have to report to you every time I wanna go for a loving walk!?
: No, it's not like that, but...
: Then leave me alone...

: And then...he just left.
: So that happened...but...why did he come here?
: ...He probably wants to be a part of the group, but he can't be honest about it... He believes he's different from everyone else... That's why he's always alone.
: ...He's like the main character of an RPG. Have you played those before?

Huh!? When did we start talking about video games?

: Even though we don't really know what he's thinking... I don't think we have any reason to doubt him.
: That's a relief. I'm glad.
: You keep saying you're glad but we have no idea who the killer is.
: ...
: Well...I guess for now we should stick to the plan and head over to Byakuya's cottage.

: As long as the probability is greater than zero...that will suffice.
: I will most assuredly reclaim the Hell Hound Earring with my own two hands! *leaves*

It seems he...has no intention of investigating.

: Fuyuhiko is standing outside by the pool. Let's see what he has to say.

: ...What the hell? Didn't I tell you to leave me alone!?
: That's not happening. Didn't you hear Monokuma's announcement?
: Of course I did... Apparently Byakuya's the one who got killed...
: ...So what?
: Wh-What did you say...?

: Do you think I'm the killer? Think whatever you want...I'm used to being mistrusted...
: That's not why I'm... Whatever. Just tell me what you were doing while everyone else was at the party.
: ...Hmph, checking my alibi, eh?
: Well I don't have one... I was just chilling in my cottage all by myself during that time.
: ...The whole time? Because...Chiaki said she saw you in front of the old building.

: Tch! Nosy bitch...!
: It's true I went for a little walk... And then, just by chance...I ended up passing by the old building...
: Were you really...going for a walk? Don't tell me you were actually trying to join the party...

: Wh-Why the hell would I do that!? It's a coincidence! A COINCIDENCE!
: All right...I got it.
: Hmph...dumbass...!

: Next time, we'll explore Byakuya's cottage.

Nov 29, 2010

Friends don't let friends borrow on credit.

Not gonna lie, not!Naegi is seeming really suspicious.

Rogue 7
Oct 13, 2012

So it's pretty obvious that the irons and AC together turning on at the same time tripped the circuit breaker.

My money is on Kazuchi right now- he'd have the know-how to rig up something like that, and he's been the most tweaked by this whole thing, probably enough to snap.

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

So Peko and Nekomaru are having gastrointestinal issues, is that a coincidence so the game can have some poop jokes or does it help provide alibi's for them? Also good on Chiaki and Gundham for checking the floor stabbing theory, if Naegi was lying then there is a way to sneak under and shank someone, but if not that one theory disposed off.

Kinu Nishimura
Apr 23, 2008


His name is Nagito, thanks guys.

Nov 29, 2010

Friends don't let friends borrow on credit.

If there is a way to get under the floor, it's almost certainly in the bathroom. There is definitely something in there that's going to break this case open, because I am stumped right now.

Buried alive
Jun 8, 2009

Truthkeeper posted:

Not gonna lie, not!Naegi is seeming really suspicious.

I have to agree. Especially with that whole exchange in the storage room. "Whoa! A blood splattered tablecloth. Think it's related to the murder?" "Lol no, let's go somewhere else! Right now!"

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

Buried alive posted:

I have to agree. Especially with that whole exchange in the storage room. "Whoa! A blood splattered tablecloth. Think it's related to the murder?" "Lol no, let's go somewhere else! Right now!"

i'm still operating under the assumption that Nagito is one giant red herring since in the first Danganronpa your tutorial buddy ended up being a key part of the first murder I'm thinking they're trying to make you suspicious off the bat only for him to be in the clear.

Also if its okay with FPzero, when the trial is getting ready to start I'll make a spread sheet for those who want to try an guess whodunnit before we begin the round-table.

Oct 10, 2012

Why does everyone think I'm going to get in trouble?

It's not my picture but I remembered this from the last thread when I read Monobear's line about being elastic.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Jimmy4400nav posted:

Also if its okay with FPzero, when the trial is getting ready to start I'll make a spread sheet for those who want to try an guess whodunnit before we begin the round-table.

You mean so people can guess ahead of time who they think the killer is? I dunno if that's necessary since it's usually a narrow pool of candidates for whodunnit unlike the various combinations that come with guessing the endgame survivors. That said, feel free to make one if you really want. I won't be offering any prizes though.

Oct 21, 2010


Fuyuhiko is the cutest widdle Yakuza, yes he is! Yes he is!

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

I only saw this game from oren's aborted LP, but one thing this game really improves on a lot from the first game is making the other students actually valuable contributors to the investigations instead of just drooling lumps except the ones who figured it out already but were just too lazy to speak up.

  • Mahiru will use her photos to figure out where everyone was standing at the time of the murder.
  • Ibuki uses her musician's ears to recall who was speaking and in what order during the blackout.
  • Nagito realizes that Togami's last words were odd.
  • Chiaki checks to see if it was possible to get underneath the lodge's floor from the outside.
  • Hinata suspects that someone brought the knife in advance and hid it. He also wonders if Togami could have been stabbed from below.

And there are new mechanics later which is neither the time nor my place to go into, but they also show the other students making contributions. Unfortunately there is one key factor which I think is a weak area, but that's definitely for later.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

*Clatter clatter!*

: Huh? It's locked.
: I guess...we need to ask *him* for help.

And so, Nagito took a deep breath...

: Heeeeey Monokuma!

: Yaaaaay! Didja call me!?
: N-Nagito...when did you train Monokuma...?
: Hey Monokuma...I was wondering if you can do us a favor. There's something we want to investigate...
: Hey, who are you talking to? That's just my after-image.
: At this point, Monokuma's portrait fades out and then the camera shifts over. The gag doesn't work very well in screenshots...

: Kehehe... When I get serious, my after-image is unleashed.
: I can even play soccer by myself as long as I have this cloning technique! ...Though it'd be boring to play alone!
: I don't have time for this. Just hurry up and open Byakuya's cottage already.

: This is...for the class trial, it's something we really need.
: ...For the class trial?
: Hmmm... If it's for the class trial, there's no way I can refuse! Now then, there's only one spell that can open these doors!

: Va-Va-Valuse!


: See? I've unlocked the door. Now you can investigate to your heart's content! *leaves*
: ...Why...does it open with a magic spell?

: It's...probably powered by electricity. At any rate, that performance was a waste of time...
: I-I see... I guess we should...go inside then.
: Yeah, I guess you're right...

: Byakuya has a lavish cabin to fit his talent.

: Before we investigate though, the 5th Hidden Monokuma is up here in the roof.

: Let's see what Nagito thinks.

: Byakuya...will never return to this room again.

: There isn't much flavor text in here but whatever's on the table has caught my attention.

There's an envelope on the table.

: Is it a letter...someone sent to Byakuya...?
: There's no sender... That looks pretty suspicious.
: should check what's inside.
: Yeah, you're right... Let's see...

: ...Huh?

"Be careful. The first kill will happen tonight. Someone will definitely kill someone."

: Th-This is...!

: Is this...a crime warning? No... If it says "Be careful," it's probably a threatening letter...
: Regardless, who would send something like this?
: Maybe...
: ...this is why Byakuya suddenly decided to throw a party...
: ...Huh?

: "The first kill will happen tonight." Because someone made this threat to Byakuya, he gathered everyone in one area, and was extremely cautious about all the dangerous items. He was trying to create a scenario in which everyone could monitor each other. He thought...if he did that, nobody would be able to kill anyone...
: So...he believed this crazy letter?
: He couldn't ignore the possibility of this happening, even if it was just a worst-case scenario.
: Remember what Byakuya kept saying? How he "wouldn't let anyone become a victim."
: He couldn't overlook that slim possibility...just to keep his promise? Then...why did he keep it a secret? If he had just told us...
: He probably couldn't... He probably thought...that was also a worst-case scenario.
: ...What do you mean?

: If everyone knew what was in this letter, whether it's a lie or not, everyone would have likely begun to doubt each other, and at that point there'd be no turning back.
: S-So Byakuya...tried to do something about this all by himself, without telling anyone?
: His strong sense of the only explanation I can think of.
: ...A-Anyway... Whoever sent Byakuya this letter also killed him. Is that what you're saying?
: No... This could be a prank...and it might have nothing to do with Byakuya's death at all.

...Hm? What was that? He suddenly became really quiet... I see... He doesn't want to believe one of us could be a killer... But still...we've come all the way here and it's the only thing I can think of.

The person who wrote this letter murdered Byakuya. If that's the case, that person completely predicted how Byakuya would react once he received it, right? They planned to manipulate Byakuya...and killed him right before our that old building.

...Dammit, who the hell would do that?

: Hajime...there's probably not much time left until the class trial starts.
: ...Probably.
: ...

: Ah! Which reminds me, you asked Mahiru for a favor earlier, right?
: Y-Yeah...I wanted her to find out where everybody was standing just before the blackout... She's probably finished by now. You're coming with me, right?
: ...
: Sorry...that's all you.
: Huh...?
: I...need some time alone. I'd like some time to collect my thoughts.
: I-I see... I understand...

: Also, if you're going back to the old building, you should hear what Mikan has to say as well. I think the results of her autopsy should be ready by now.
: ...I'll see you later. *leaves*

: ...

He...was pretty pale. I wonder if he's okay?

:'s not the time for me to worry about Nagito.

There isn't much time left... I better hurry over to the old building.

: We're gonna take a detour before going back to see Mahiru and Mikan and leave the hotel.

: If you head on over to the Beach, you can find Akane waiting around.

: Yo! How's your investigation goin'?
: Okay, I guess. How about you?
: I'm movin' around so I can think better!
: ...
: If you go for a little swim, I'm sure you'll think of somethin'! Don'tcha think so?
: No, wait. Before you think, don't you still need some kind of clue as the first step?

: Huh? Is that how it is? Well, don't sweat the complicated stuff!

I'm sure she doesn't plan on thinking or investigating...

: Hiyoko's wandering around in the Supermarket.

: To be honest...I feel sorry about the loss of Mr. Ham Hands.

If that's true, then she should stop calling him that...

: What are you doing here anyway? Did you find any clues for the case?
: Nope, nothing. I'm here 'cause I have important business to do?
: Important business?
: You wanna know...? I ran out of snacks so I came here to get some.
: Huh? Snacks...?

: Yep, this one! My faaaavorite gummies! There's a looooot of gummies here.

Snacks...not the case, huh...

: Ah, but it's not just gummies, you know? Cookies, chocolates, candies...everything I like is here.
: What I really wanna eat are Japanese sweets, but they're not here... Such a lousy selection!

Ah, I figured she'd like Japanese sweets. That seems like what the Ultimate Traditional Dancer would like...

: It can't be helped, so I'll tolerate these goodies since I'm such a nice girl.

She...seems to know a lot about the supermarket. Ah, then...

: Those are probably...night-vision goggles.
: N-Night vision goggles?
: I've seen them at the supermarket on this island. They also stock self-defense kits too.

Hiyoko might know something about the night-vision goggles and self-defense kits.

: Hey, there's something I want to ask you.
: What nooooooow?
: If you wanna ask, why don't you show it with your attitude...?
: Th-That's easy for you to say...

: Hehe, you're totally panicking... You're funny so I'll answer for you!
: Yeah, thanks. Then, did you notice anything missing here? Like something that's not food or items you'd use on a daily basis?

: Missing? Hmmm... Probably a self-defense kit There are clearly less here than there were before.

A self-defense kit... That's probably what was in Byakuya's duralumin case.

: Looks like one pair of night-vision goggles is missing too... I think that's it.
: ...I see. Thanks.

Just as I thought, the killer got night-vision goggles from here and used them for their crime...

: Heyyyyy, Hajime?

: You owe me one, got it? You better pay me back double someday, okay?
: Huh...?
: Hehehe, it's a promise!
: ...

Surely, I'm in a terrible debt.

: Back to the hotel. Monomi can be found standing around the pool.

: *sob* ...Too cruel... This is just too cruel... *sob*

Oh yeah...I might as well ask her about the old building's windows.

: Hey, do you have a sec? I want to ask you something.

: I don't wanna...I don't wanna help you guys mistrust your friends...
: Wh-What the hell...?
: It's not like we're doing this because we want to!
: No... Now's not the time to fight about stuff like that... More importantly... Do you know why the old building's windows are covered by iron plates?

: Huh? Iron plates? I covered them nobody makes the mistake of going inside, since it's dangerous cuz of the renovation.
: I see, the renovation... So that's why you covered them up...
: Because it's dangerous to go inside! Danger isn't supposed to exist on this island...
: This isn't how it was supposed to be... B-But...why did it get like this...? It's cruel...too cruel... *sob*

Just because it's cruel doesn't mean you can just keep crying like that. Crying won't solve anything... We have to do this no matter what, dammit!

: Let's head back inside.

???: Gah-hahahahaha!

: What the...!?

What the hell was that loud voice just now...?

: Looks like Nekomaru's back from wherever he went.

: I feel so light-hearted right now...
: I, NEKOMARU NIDAI, have been reborn! I have no intention of losing anymore!
: ...Losing to who?
: I won't lose to anyone...not even to my past self!
: That sounds cool and all, but...what are you even talking about?

: Wha-!?

: Gh... I don't know who was behind it, but someone tried to make a lovely bastard out of me... Some scoundrel was occupying the bathroom before the party was about to start.
: Now that you mention it... You said something like that shortly after the party started...

: I-I've been trying to use it many times...but the door just won't open at all!

: However, if you think I'd be angered by something like that, you've all underestimated my nerve and patience.
: Do all and achieve all with one's presence of mind! That is the goal of a true leader!
: In other words, a leader must never falter in any sitation, but always have the presence of one's mind!

He says that, but I'm pretty sure he was shaken up by that whole ordeal... Oh well, best not to go into it.

: you're saying the bathroom door was shut from before the party started to after the blackout?
: And...the bathroom was finally unoccupied after Byakuya's body was found... That's about how long that lasted.

What he said sounds stupid and irrelevant, but...I should remember it just in case...

: Next time, we'll go back to the Dining Hall.

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

Welp, bucks to bulldozers that the toilet is going to have some sort of access to underneath the old building.

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

Considering it looks like Fat Togomi had the googles I wonder if this helps eliminate anyone who was in the room of being the killer since it would have been pitch black. That leaves Peko, Chiaki, Fuyuhiko, Steve (though according to Ibuki he came back in), and Monomi. Unless the lights dimmed and he saw something and it was the attacker who had the goggles but he managed to rip them off. It sounds like only one pair of goggles is in play though based on the super market visit.

Looking back at the map of the area the rest room is fairly close to the dinning hall and according to the past:

the past posted:

Someone's been using the bathroom since before the party even started?

That's what it looks like... No matter how many times I check, it never seems to be open...

The bathroom was locked for a long period of time so if someone was using it to sneak it would have had to have been someone gone for long periods of time.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Looks like Chiaki is in here now. Let's see what she has to say before talking to the others.

: ...
: Hmm, just as I thought. It seems there's no way to get under the floor from inside this old building...maybe.

So, it's just as Nagito said... If that's the case, I guess I should give up on finding Gundham's earring.

: Hey, you're here! Where the hell did you wander off to?
: I wasn't wandering... I was investigating as much as I could.
: I see... Well, if you weren't slacking off, then I guess it's fine.
: So...did you find anything?

: Yeah...sorta...
: ...You don't sound too sure.
: Well, just take a look at this.

: Just as you told me...using the two photos I took before the blackout, I tried to pinpoint where everyone was standing. When I did, this diagram was the result.

: So this is everyone's standing position before the blackout... Everyone's pretty much in the dining hall.
: I've made this diagram from analyzing those photos, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate.

Just as I thought... Byakuya was standing a far distance from that table... It's impossible... There's no way he'd be able to move that far during the blackout.

: Huh...? What's this line extending from the table to where Byakuya was killed?
:'s the desk lamp. I drew the power cord for it just in case.

The power cord for the desk lamp...? If that cord is extending from the table where Byakuya was killed, that means...

: ...So, did you find something?
:'s not clear to me yet, but...
: I're right... I didn't really understand it myself when I was drawing it... I have a feeling that it's either a potential clue...or just a waste of labor...
: No, it wasn't a waste at all.
: ...Hm?

It's not clear to me yet...but there's no mistake that a clue is hidden here.

...An extremely important clue...

: Um... If you'd like, I can tell you a little bit of what I want to say.
: Did you find out anything?
: Um...I tried, within reason, to perform an autopsy on Byakuya's body...

: A-And I discovered...that there were several puncture wounds around Byakuya's chest and abdominal region... D-Deep wounds...deep enough to reach his lungs and internal organs...
: *sob* ...It can be assumed that...a very thin, sharp object around...5 mm in diameter...was...used to...stab...him...over...and over...again...which is what
: ...Ugh...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
: H-Hey...are you okay!?

: I'm sooooooorryyyyyy...! Talking about it made me sad!
: N-No need to push yourself. I...mostly got the gist...of what you wanted to say.
: Ugh... Ughhh... I-I'm sorrrrrrrrrry...!

Still... Around 5 mm in diameter, huh? Isn't that...pretty thin? That's as thin as an ice pick or an awl...

Music fades out.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Alrighty guys, it's finally time! That's right. It's time for the long-awaited class trial! Now then, I shall tell you all the meeting place.
: At the central island of Jabberwock Island, there is a mountain with my adorable face carved into it. That, my friends, is Monokuma Rock! Once you're there, please proceed to the underground by taking the elevator located at the secret entrance. Puhuhu, I'll see you soon!

A mountain with a carving of Monokuma's the central island...?

: I never showed a picture of this mountain before but I guarantee those faces weren't there before!

: ...Huh?
: Hey, what the heck is that mountain!? Wh-When did that get here!?

Never mind that... How did they even make a mountain shaped like Monokuma...?

: That story...that story might be true after all. There might be an enormous organization involved in all this...
: You mean...what Byakuya said before, right?
: Byakuya...we still needed his knowledge...
: Tch...! I still can't believe he's dead!
: Byakuya, Byakuya, Byakuya, Byakuya...

: ...What...happened to Gundham and Fuyuhiko?
: N-Now that you mention appears they aren't here yet...
: Ah, I know! They probably ran away!

: Aw hell naw! There's no way I'd let them escape, you know! Look! I dragged this one back over here!
: I-I'm tellin' you, let me go!
: Hey now, if you keep acting violent, I might just eat you up.

: Hey Fuyuhiko! What were you doing all this time!?
: Nothing...I wasn't really doing anything. I was just chilling in my room when I suddenly heard that fat bastard got killed...
: Tch... Who the gently caress cares about that anyway?
: You... How can you say something so irresponsible...!?
: We've been doing our best to investigate this murder, even though we don't want to, just to survive!

: Mahiru, that's enough... You too, Fuyuhiko...
: Tch...! Dumbass...!
: ...And I guess we're waitin' for Gundham?
: ...I am right here.

: Remember this well! A main character arrives when he intends to!


: ...It seems you noticed it too.
: Fuhahahahaha!

If I did...then I'm right.

: All right, now that everyone's all together... Let's take the secret entrance to the trial field!

: P-Please wait a second!
: ...My my, Monomi. Just what are you doing here? Nobody asked for you.
: I-I...I...!
: Hm? Do you actually want to join in?

: Do you want to taste how powerless you are at the class trial? You're an even bigger masochist than I thought...
: Oh well! I'm a big brother who dotes on his little sister. I shall allow your special participation!
: ...
: I'll go on ahead and wait for you guys, so hurry over! *leaves*

: He told us to come, do we get there? I...don't see any doors...or vehicles...
: He mentioned something...about a secret entrance, was it...?

Secret entrance...?

: The mountain itself looks pretty suspicious...


: Wh-What the...!? Something's...shaking...!?

: S-Something came out!?
: Could it be... Is he telling us to enter it?
: S-Such a suspicious aura...! Even Crimson Steel Elephant Maga-Z is trembling with fear...!
: Uwaaah! That's so totally suspicious!
: F-Forgive me...! Seriously...just forgive me already...!
: Hey, why don't we just stop here? I mean...none of this is real anyway. Like...not even remotely...

: There's no way! There's just no way we'll find the killer!
: C-Complaining won't get us anywhere! If you're really a man, then man up for god's sake!
: We've come this far... We have no choice but to keep moving forward...
: You're right... There's nowhere for us to run... We need to do it...
: If that's everyone's decision...I'll just follow you guys.
: If this were a video game, it'd have a very high difficulty level... Let's do our best to clear the game.
: ...

Shaking with fear and nervousness, I hesitantly lifted my feet and stepped onto the escalator.

I won't think anymore... If I think...I'll run away... All I could do was stare upward intensely as the escalator carried me...

And when each of us entered Monokuma Rock...

No Music.

: an elevator! I see...! This entire rock is an elevator!
: Once again...Monokuma is doing what he pleases...
: However, if he's gone this far and made something like this... I don't think he's playing around.
: Even so, we're goin' pretty deep.
: You're right...

...I heard an unnerving chattering sound inside my head. I soon was the sound of my teeth. All I could do was purse my lips tightly so everyone else couldn't hear it.

: ...

There we were, listening to unpleasant roars, as the elevator plunged deeper and deeper into the earth...

Some time passed before the elevator finally finished descending. And then, the elevator door slowly opened...

: Okayyy! Welcome!

: This is the class trial field! How do you like it? It's a special place that will decide your fates!
: Tch...what the hell is he thinking...!? Locking us in a lovely-looking place like this...!
: Are you fuckin' crazy!? Don't mess with me, rear end in a top hat!
: Puhuhu... Complain all you like, I'm used to it by now.

: C'mon, you're wasting your time and energy. Hurry up and take your seats where your names are written!

It looks like everyone knows...even if we try to resist, it won't change a thing... Just as Monokuma ordered, we walked toward the seats we had been assigned.

From this point on...we need to find out who killed Byakuya.

The Ultimate Affluent Progeny, Byakuya Togami...

He was overly critical, arrogant, and condescending... But...he also had a strong sense of responsibility. As we were panicking, he accepted his role as leader and tried his very best to keep us together. A him... murdered.

The person who did one of us?

I can't believe it... There's no way I can believe it... But...if it's really true...

We need to find out, by any means possible... Because...that's our only option. There is no way for us to survive unless we sacrifice the killer...

And so...

This life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair...

...has begun.

: Welcome to the 1st Class Trial! This is the Courtroom Preparation screen and it allows us to purchase and set Skills, review our Truth Bullets and change the Difficulty before starting the Trial. Once the trial begins, you can't make any changes so make sure you're ready to go.
: The ticker along the bottom of the screen reads the following:

"Byakuya Togami was killed... The blue hue of our vacation is now a crimson red. Is the killer really one of us? Or is it someone else...? The class trial"

: We'll start by going over our Skills.

: Skills, since I don't think I've actually explained them up to this point, are abilities that modify certain parts of the Class Trial. They require Skill Points to equip and you get those by Leveling up during the game. As I mentioned previously, some skills in this game can now be purchased using the Hope Fragments we received for doing Free Times with others while the rest are unlocked by getting all 6 Hope Fragments from a single other student during Free Time. I've gone ahead and purchased four of them. Let's start with the first.

Attentive Influence: Slightly increases the Influence Gauge. Costs 4 SP.

- The Influence Gauge is our HP and it will go down every time we make a mistake during the trial. Unlike the first game, where you had a specific number of Hearts that would decrease by one each time, this game has a single health bar that will increase and decrease variably depending on the mistake that's made. I've found this game's minigames to be more difficult than the first's, and I know that when I played through the game for the first time I had more than one instance where I nearly depleted the gauge. While I don't plan to get the debates wrong (unless I misread my guide) it never hurts to have a little extra HP just in case.
-We can't buy it in the skill shop but there's an upgraded version of this skill called Envious Influence that gives you more HP at the cost of more SP. I probably won't bother looking for it because this should be more than enough, especially when paired with...

Delusion: The Influence Gauge recovers over time during concentration and Fever Time. Costs 7 SP.

-Delusion is probably one of the best, if not THE best skill in the game. Simply put, it will slowly heal your HP whenever you use your Concentration skill. It combines really well with some other Focus Gauge skills. More than anything, it's here as my backup strategy to heal me should some of the later trials's minigames wreck me (which they definitely did on my first playthrough).

Upshift: Increases your aiming speed. Costs 2 SP.

-Upshift is a personal preference and it's a skill I used during the first game's LP. It makes the cursor that appears during debates and minigames move more quickly across the screen. Sometimes I felt like it was going borderline too fast but I'd rather have a quick cursor than a slow one.

Fine Sword: Sharpness increases by 5. Costs 5 SP.

-Fine Sword is a skill that's tailored for a new minigame Danganronpa 2 introduces. It's a bit overkill right now but I'd rather buy it sooner than later because as the game goes on this new minigame becomes one of the hardest ones to complete. Just know that there's a lesser version of this skill called Excellent Blade that gives you Sharpness +2. The fact that I immediately sprang for the more powerful of the two skills as soon as the game let me should tell you something about this specific minigame's difficulty later on... I'll be sure to explain the details of the minigame and this skill when the time comes.

: With that, we have all our skills purchased and equipped. We got lucky--equipping all four of those skills capped off our SP usage at 18/18. As you can see, both max SP and skill SP costs are much higher than in the first game, where I think I maxed out at 17 or so before the start of Trial 6. This is why talking to everyone as much as you can, as well as walking places instead of warping to locations is crucial to earlygame stockpiles of SP since all those actions slowly increase your Level. Eventually, SP will stop being a huge issue and we'll probably be able to buy and equip most of the skills we want without much worry.

: This is just to show off that you can change difficulty before the start of the trial. In the previous game, you had no way to change difficulty before the trial began unless you replayed all of the Daily Life and Deadly Life segments. Thankfully, this sequel made lots of general quality of life improvements.
: I debated with myself about going up to Mean for Action but ultimately decided to stay where we are. From what I can tell reading online, setting Action to Mean really isn't that fun. And with the way some of the minigames have changed, I'd rather keep the difficulty right where it is now. That said, you do get a multipler bonus to the number of Monocoins you receive at the end of the trial based on your Logic and Action difficulties so there is incentive to play on higher difficulties.

: Finally, we have our Truth Bullets. We gathered a good number of them during our investigation. Let's have a look over all our evidence before we begin.

: ...region, resulting in death.
: Aside from that, the body has no other external injuries, and no chemicals such as poison were detected.
: The body under the table is facedown, as if Byakuya were reaching for something.

: Full transcription provided below:

: Uwah! It's a blackout!
: Hey, I can't see anything!
: I-It's pitch black! My future is pitch black!
: E-Everyone, calm down! We gotta stay calm in a situation like this!
: Waaaah! Don't step on my feet!
: What the hell!? What's going on here!?
: Th-This is...!
: Ow!
: Turn the drat lights on! I can't eat like this, y'know!
: You guys? Where are you? W-Wasn't the blackout...just in the kitchen?
: Perhaps the breaker overloaded?
: H-Hold on a sec! I'll go along the wall something about it...!

: And with that, join me next time for the First Class Trial.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

I plan to start posting the Trial next Monday. I'm visiting home for Thanksgiving and while I do have my computer and LP files with me, I think it would be best to just take a few days off for family and spare a little time later on to work on the Trial updates.

In the meantime, our investigation is finally over! There was a lot to take in considering this is only the first trial. I wonder who the killer is and how they did it? I bet it was Genocide Jill finally taking out Byakuya in a fit of love-rage!

Mar 27, 2010

No one left uncured.
I got you.

More than anything else in the huge array of improvements between Dangans Ronpa 1 and 2, I massively appreciated how the opening case this time is not completely transparent.

Dec 25, 2014

A vase to face encounter.

...Vase to meet you?



Considering what we've seen before from pre-rendered text in these translations, I'm reasonably impressed with that diagram.

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

That's an excellent diagram. Mahiru has a keen eye for detail. Every single feature is on it. She would make a fine assistant detective.

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

Speaking of assistant detectives, which students do you goons think are going to be our Class Trial Wingmen? Last game, Naegi had Kyoko and Byakuya to cover all our mystery solving needs, but who do you think Hajime is going to be teaming up with? Who is both competent and survivable enough to hang with The Hajj?

Geocities Homepage King
Nov 26, 2007

I have good news, and I have bad news.
Which do you want to hear first...?

It's a shame Byakuya didn't make it to Thanksgiving. I bet it was his favorite holiday.

Feb 13, 2004


Okay so if the weapon was skinny, it's clearly not the knife.

I suspect the folks who laughed at my idea about him being stabbed through the floor boards will soon be invited to kiss me where I fart.

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

dancingbears posted:

Speaking of assistant detectives, which students do you goons think are going to be our Class Trial Wingmen? Last game, Naegi had Kyoko and Byakuya to cover all our mystery solving needs, but who do you think Hajime is going to be teaming up with? Who is both competent and survivable enough to hang with The Hajj?

The Ghost of Byakuya Fatogami will guide him through these trials and trepidations!

Naegi's probably going to be the tutorial helper this time out though.

Kinu Nishimura
Apr 23, 2008


His name is Nagito. Nagito Komaeda. 凪斗狛枝. Any resemblance to other persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental, and also, gently caress you!!!!!!

Kinu Nishimura fucked around with this message at 04:59 on Nov 23, 2016

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

I've added a cell for submitting killer guesses! don't worry I protected the cells for the deadpool so they can only be edited by me and me alone. All other editing tools are safely locked in this steel case at my feet!

And I have to say hats off to the creators of this game, I still have no clue who murdered Togomi, there are a few possible suspects but no obvious smoking guns like in the first game so well done.

I'm leaning towards Peko, she's really the only one without an alibi and given the nature of how quickly the murder went down, the ultimate sword mistress seems likely. That and her weird pain after the murder, I think it was making it seem like gastrointestinal issues, but what if our blessed fat boy got a could good hits on her and she's concealing it?

Jul 19, 2016

Okay, so here's what I think happened.
The killer somehow draws Togami's attention to the table, Togami looks under the table, sees the knife and crawls under to retrieve it, and the killer shanks him through the floorboards.
We know there's a way into the crawlspace somewhere considering Gundham has his earring back. It's probably in the bathroom, which we still haven't been inside of.
Not sure of the significance of the lamp cord yet, though.

Oct 21, 2010


I don't care who the killer is. I just want to know why they didn't kill Steve instead

Dec 26, 2012

Rarity posted:

I don't care who the killer is. I just want to know why they didn't kill Steve instead

Unfortunately, Togami did give his word that he'd protect everyone to the best of his ability. That unfortunately included Steve.

May 31, 2011

Well, if I really HAVE to shoot you in the bollocks to shut you up, then I guess I'll need to, post-haste, for everyone else's sake.

LonelyMudkip posted:

...The killer somehow draws Togami's attention to the table, Togami looks under the table, sees the knife and crawls under to retrieve it, and the killer shanks him through the floorboards.
We know there's a way into the crawlspace somewhere considering Gundham has his earring back. It's probably in the bathroom, which we still haven't been inside of.
Not sure of the significance of the lamp cord yet, though.

This sounds solid enough as a theory. And re: the lamp cord; pure guess here, but I'm presuming whoever killed Togami also caused the blackout. Considering that the lamp cord's running off to the supply room where the irons and sabotaged A/C timer are, I guess the killer needed to amp up the juice as much as possible to cause the blackout, so got the lamp plugged into the supply room power supply instead? Utter guess here but it would fit with what we know of the emerging overload theme.

Jimmy4400nav posted:

And I have to say hats off to the creators of this game, I still have no clue who murdered Togomi, there are a few possible suspects but no obvious smoking guns like in the first game so well done.

I'm leaning towards Peko, she's really the only one without an alibi and given the nature of how quickly the murder went down, the ultimate sword mistress seems likely. That and her weird pain after the murder, I think it was making it seem like gastrointestinal issues, but what if our blessed fat boy got a could good hits on her and she's concealing it?

I don't know about that, though. Call it overthinking, but I've kind of written off Peko and Fuyuhiko because they're too obviously AWOL when the murder went down.

I actually buy a prideful / arrogant swordswoman like Peko's situation; someone like her would not want to acknowledge that she was basically unable to protect Togami and the rest because she was stuck in the toilet with whatever she's sick with without it being really serious. And it being Fuyuhiko would be much too easy (the one guy not in the ballroom, able to get to the supply room and then attack Togami and disappear afterwards without anyone seeing him is three big red flags to me). Not to mention, Gundamn kind of showed that you couldn't get under the floorboards from outside trying to get his earring back. Not easily, at any rate, which makes me think Mafioso's too obvious a mark. Surely someone like the cook, gamer girl or Peko would have seen or heard someone coming into the building from outside when the lights failed?

My money's on Steve the cook or evil little bitch-queen kid star, really. Steve had been dashing back and forth from the kitchen the whole time to serve and move food ... I guess he might have used one of the supply runs to get the blackout going? And bitch-queen kid star's small enough to have maybe gotten out during the blackout, under the floorboards via an access point. I am assuming whoever guessed there might be a way into the floorboards is correct because of how Togami was found; maybe in the supply room or office where Peko wasn't because she was in the toilet instead? Either way, one of them gets under, gets stabby, comes back and is around when the lights come back on and everyone's staring at the nurse. I freely admit I also happen to hate these two the most.

Now watch it be the muscle-bound coach who just happens to be able to squeeze under there anyway or something! [/ramblepost]

May 17, 2011

I am a Plant.

I think Byakuya planted that knife himself, together with the goggles under the table as a contingency plan. The weapon was a barbecue spit not accounted for and was dropped through the gaps in the floor after the murder.

Aug 13, 2014

Festival with your real* little sister!

I'm so glad Gundham got his earring back.

Oct 21, 2008

What I'd like to know is, why was the knife covered in paint? I never knew that until now. Did sombody try to plant a false murder weapon? Were two plans coinciding and this was the muddled result? And was it Byakuya using the night vision (or trying to use the night vision) or the murderer? Because this was a lot of things going on in such a short period of time.

Edit: sombody else post so we can get this to a new page already!

Sep 21, 2002

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Taco Defender

The mysteries are more mysterious in this game than the first one... but the correct answers can sometimes be less than intuitive.

Jul 15, 2012

A very good Senator from the standpoint of Delaware.

Serpentis posted:

My money's on Steve the cook or evil little bitch-queen kid star, really.

Those would be my guesses as well, I actually just noticed that the little girl kind of acts not right. Kind of not right like a previous mastermind acted? Maybe it's just too obvious.


Apr 15, 2016

Your lovely shrine maiden fox wife, Tamamo no Mae, is here to help!

I'm still gunning for it being Nagito. He acted way too suspiciously during the investigation for my liking, not to mention he had free reign of the building while cleaning it. He could easily set up everything for the murder.

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