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  • Locked thread
Jun 8, 2013

Uh oh. Do I use Ariadne thread or Goho-M?

fractalairduct posted:

I think the thing to do here would be to all play the game together. That way no one is going to have more information than anyone else, and people know what to be on the lookout for.

Well that makes sense, there are two problems with that plan
1. Something that might seem like nothing to one person might mean something important to another
2. There are 14 of them there. How are they all going to see the screen at once ?


Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

There is always the option of just smashing the thing

Aug 9, 2011

He plays for the dreamers that forgot how to dream, and the lovers that forgot how to love.

Just have Chiaki do a Let's Play of it, defuse the situation with her insightful knowledge of the history of the series and how this game ties in.

lets hang out
Jan 10, 2015

FoolyCharged posted:

There is always the option of just smashing the thing

That's definitely against the rules

Sep 23, 2012

Does this look like the face of mercy, kupo?

BioEnchanted posted:

Just have Chiaki do a Let's Play of it, defuse the situation with her insightful knowledge of the history of the series and how this game ties in.


Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... Gooooood morning, everyone! Looks like today is gonna be another perfect, tropical day! Now then, let's show some enthusiasm and make sure to give it our all today!

: I should...go to the restaurant for now...

As if by habit, I left my cottage...and I just so happened to bump into a certain someone.

: ...Huh?
: Hm? Oh it's you...Fuyuhiko...
: Tch...How unlucky, I have to see your face this morning...
: Just so you know, I don't want to talk to you at all. I'm in a really bad mood right now...
: it's not like you're going to the restaurant now...right? Were you planning to go somewhere else?

: Like I said, I don't want to talk to you... I'm just going back to my cottage... Leave me alone...
: You say you're going back...did you go somewhere?
: Hey, didn't I tell you I don't want to talk!?
: ...Is it that game?
: Wh-What do you mean...?
: So it's true... What do you have in your hand?

: Hey...what's that envelope? What's inside?
: Sh-Shut up! What makes you think you have any right to question me!?
: I-I'm not trying to question you...! I was just--
: Are you saying you don't like the fact I acted on my own, without consulting you guys? Is there something wrong with that, huh!? Are you gonna tie me up like Nagito!?
: Seriously...I didn't mean--

: Don't talk to me ever again! If you do, I swear I'll loving kill you! *leaves*
: ...

That guy...he's gonna be dangerous if we leave him alone.

: I should let everyone know...but I should be careful not to make too much trouble...

: There are a couple people out and about this morning.

: The wind is very quiet...I do hope it is not an ominous portent... *leaves*

: I did see Fuyuhiko earlier, but it seems he isn't going to join us for breakfast today as well... I have some things I'd like to think about... I'm going to go for a little walk... *leaves*

: Apparently Mikan has never played video games before.
: She's totally missing out on 90% of her life.
: Well, you know...values vary from person to person.

: Hajimeeeeee, please listen to me!
: Wh-What?
: Chiaki taught me how to play a video game...! She was sooooo nice and attentive... And, and... She even battled against me...!

: Hehe...I'm so, so, soooo happy...I was able to play with a friend...
: Hehehehehehehe... Thank you very much, Chiaki.
: You don't have to thank me that much. I had a lot of fun too.
: If you you wanna battle one more time?
: Y-Yesssss! Yes please!

Mikan looks extremely happy... I guess Chiaki has a sweet side too.

: Well, I'm glad someone's being nice to Mikan for once.

: Ah, nice timing! I've been waiting for anybody to come by at a time like this.
: Waiting...huh?
: Um, I was thinking about delivering this...

: Is...this someone's breakfast? Ah, is that for Nagito!?
: I mean...if we just leave him all tied up, he's gonna starve...
: long are they planning to continue this?
: Well, there's no way we can keep him tied up forever...

: ...Yeah, that's what I thought at first. But maybe it's better if he was tied up forever.
: ...Hm? What does that mean?
: I actually went to see Nagito earlier. I kindly brought him breakfast...
: And then...listen to this! He seriously pisses me off!

: He said he doesn't like rice so he wanted toast instead! Doesn't he understand that situation he's in right now!?
: So that's why you're running back and forth... That must be hard for you.
: ..."Hard"? Do you really think so?
: Then bring this to Nagito on my behalf!
: ...Huh?

: I was forced to run back and forth too many times... I'm done being his maid. And not only that...I just remembered that I have a little business to take care of.
: ...Business?
: Soooo thank you! I'll leave the rest to you. *leaves*

Mahiru pushed the tray into my hands and ran away before I could object.

: ...Jeez, it's always something.

As I recall, he's tied up at the old building where the murder took place, right?

: Well crap, I was hoping we'd never have to talk to that guy again. Doesn't look like Mahiru got that far though, maybe we can get her to reconsider.

: Let's talk to Hiyoko first.

: That's Nagito's food, right?
: You should feel honored that Mahiru asked you to bring him that, so you better feed him quickly.

She says that like he's a pet... That's kind of harsh...

: Hey...what are you doing? You kind of forced this on me, you know.
: Don't say I forced you! You're the one who agreed to do it, right?
: Anyway...I have some things to do too, but Hiyoko said...

: Hajimeeee, you're in the way! Mahiru and I are gonna go to the supermarket right now!
: We're gonna get candy for each other, riiiiight!?
: I know, I know...but don't cling to me like that. It's hard to walk, okay?
: Then can we still hold hands!? Hehe!

: Yep, of course.
: But I really can't spend too much time with you, okay? I have some things I need to take care of.
: Aww, soooo boring... Then let's ditch Hajime already and go.
: Well then Hajime... I'll leave it to you. *both leave*

Hiyoko is totally attached to Mahiru... They kinda look like sisters.

: No luck. Ah well. Kazuichi is hanging around out here though. Let's see what he's up to before we go in.

: Man, it's so unlike me to sleep in.
: Oh! What's with that tray? Are you gonna eat somewhere with a nice view...?
: H-Hey...don't tell me...!
: You're not gonna have a picnic lunch with Miss Sonia, are you!?
: It's not even lunch time... This is breakfast for Nagito.

: O-Oh...I see. Sorry to trouble you with taking care of him.
: If you really mean that, want to switch with me?
: Well, that's obviously a little...awkward...
: I-I'll let you handle it, Hajime! *leaves*

He...he totally ran away...

: Three strikes and we're out. Let's just get this over with.

: No no no! This old building is being renovated. You can't go inside!
: If I'm not allowed inside... Why is Nagito inside?
: Ha-wa!? You know about it too, Hajime!?

: C-Cuz...Nekomaru and Kazuichi earnestly told me that "Monomi's the only one we can rely on"...'s true that Nagito needs to reflect on his actions...
: ...I came here to deliver food to Nagito. It counts as murder if he ends up starving to death, right?
: S-Starve... Ha-wa-wa-wa-wa!
: ...It's okay to go inside then?
: Y-Yes! Make sure you tell him to chew thoroughly before he swallows!

Music fades out.

: So...Nagito's tied up at the back...

Instinctively, I gulped back my dried saliva.

: Why am nervous?

Pushing aside my nervous tension, I vigorously opened the door to the dining hall.

As I quietly peeked through the door, I saw him on the other side... He was waiting for me with a big smile on his face.

: ...Hajime? Ah, could it be...? Did you take time out of your busy day to bring some food to little old me? Wow, I'm so happy! As you can see, I can't exactly greet you with my full hospitality...but feel free to relax.

He was the usual. Unlike his smile, his words carried a certain heaviness... As if a black poison was falling from his mouth every time he spoke, filling his surroundings with darkness... An illusion, but one I couldn't help feeling at that moment.

: Huh, what happened? You face looks kind of scary.
: I didn't come here to talk to you... I just came to bring you some food. So come on, eat it.
: Huh? You're not going to feed me?
: Wh-What do you mean!?
: Well, I can't eat it on my own. You know, since my hands are all tied up... Actually...I was really embarrassed to ask a girl to feed me, so I'm glad you're the one who came.

Oh I get it... Friggin' Mahiru! That must be why she asked me to go instead of her...!

: Anyway...what happened to Mahiru? Did she leave saying she had some business to take care of?

: ...Huh? Why do you know that?
: By the way, I heard about... Twilight Syndrome Murder Case, was it? I have mixed feelings... I really liked that game a lot.
: D-Don't change the subject! I'm asking you--
: ...Oh well, I'm a little disappointed. It's not like you Ultimates to ignore the threat that's standing right in front of you. So are you really planning not to play the game? Do you think Monokuma will just let that slide?
: W-Well...that is...
: You guys should confront it... After all, hope springs when you confront despair.
: ...

He almost sounds reasonable... Running away from your problems isn't a solution. I'm just putting it off... But...

: ...I don't want to be tricked by you anymore. Bye now. *leaves*
: Ah, hey Hajime? Weren't you...planning to feed me? Heeey Hajime!

No Music.

Dammit...I barely talked to him and I'm already not feeling so well...!

: ...

But...I really can't stop thinking about it. Is it really okay to leave that game alone? While I'm doing nothing about it, someone else is...

: No, nothing good can come from thinking about it. There's...something else I need to do.

Kinu Nishimura
Apr 23, 2008


Feed your boyfriend, Hajime.

Jul 22, 2007

Battler, the literal stupidest man on earth. Why are you even here, Battler, why did you come back to this place so you could fuck literally everything up?

That's a thing I liked about the sequel- this cast much more assertive and proactive than the last cast. In the first game people were pissing and moaning about Byakuya and how someone should whack him on the head for all six chapters, and did next to nothing. Nagito gets his crazy rear end locked down by episode 2.

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

Now is not the time for flirting, Nagito.

May 2, 2015

resurgam40 posted:

That's a thing I liked about the sequel- this cast much more assertive and proactive than the last cast. In the first game people were pissing and moaning about Byakuya and how someone should whack him on the head for all six chapters, and did next to nothing. Nagito gets his crazy rear end locked down by episode 2.

With the way Fuyahiko(?)Yakuza boy has been acting, I really feel like he has a very similar role to Byakuya in the first game. I'm really looking forward to how this new group deals with his bullshit when it starts getting out of hand.

Jan 6, 2013

alcharagia posted:

Feed your boyfriend, Hajime.

I really want the virtual pet to turn into Komaeda.

Jul 24, 2013

Grimey Drawer

Yakuza boy really is such a loner. What happened to Nagito in terms of tying him up may be a bit too much, but in a situation like this trying to limit the movements of a guy who would quite happily see everyone die in the pursuit of his precious hope seems like quite a reasonable thing to do.

Aug 18, 2006

Lipstick Apathy

I don't know what it is, but I absolutely cannot stand Kazuichi. I'm sure, much like Toko, he's probably going to survive to the end and continue to be an awful character.

Aug 14, 2015

Nephrite posted:

I don't know what it is, but I absolutely cannot stand Kazuichi. I'm sure, much like Toko, he's probably going to survive to the end and continue to be an awful character.

Hey, he took the initiative and tried to deal with an obviously dangerous person in a non lethal way. That's something that no one else in either game (besides Nekomaru of course) has done. Compare to Toko, who did pretty close to literally nothing in the entire game besides exist as a red herring and hit Oogami once.

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

I feel like with Mikan it's part and parcel of the massive issue of bullying in Japan where it's almost ingrained to ignore it and not cause ire (there's a manga about the issue about a deaf girl being so severely bullied she was forced to transfer out - including the teacher subtly encouraging it).

Gundham is so self-absorbed in his Middle School antics he probably doesn't notice, Fuyuhiki isn't around and Yakuza - probably seen much worse passed off as normal behavior, and Mahiru seems like the type who would bitch at anyone who snaps at Hiyoko for "bullying a little girl", even if she has shown herself to be a toxic presence.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: We're gonna mix up our Free Times today and meet with some hopefully fun characters. First up on the docket is Ibuki, who is hanging out in her cottage.

: Ibuki's room is covered in musical instruments, as might be expected of the Ultimate Musician. The linens even match her purple and blue aesthetic.

: Ibuki doesn't play any video games! Ibuki would rather play a real instrument than play a song game!

What should I do? Should I hang out with Ibuki?

> Invite Ibuki to hang out

: ...Then let me introduce you to my best partner!

Today Ibuki taught me about the musical instrument she loves to play. It feels like Ibuki and I grew a little closer...

> Definitely!

Spectre Ring: A blond earthling was wearing this ring when he was swept into our world from a distant galaxy. A very icy, lame joke is sealed within the ring.

: Are you really gonna give this to Ibuki?
: Jeez, I'm soooo happy! Thanks Hajime!
: This present has a Good rating.

: Ah! Yes, yessss!


: Jeez, hurry! Hurry up and choose me!
: Um...what?
: Um, um, were you ever in any school clubs?
: School clubs, huh... I can't say for sure because of what happened to our memories, but I probably wasn't in any clubs.
: Hyaaaaha! That's a major bingo!
: Wh-What is?

: Well, isn't it obvious!? You should be part of Ibuki's music club from now on! For a while, everyone thought music clubs were outdated because the rock-and-roll boom was dying off...
: But now, music clubs are super popular with boys for some reason! We should jump on the bandwagon, too!
: But I'm not really into music...

: No problem! You can just pretend you're playing an instrument while a music track plays in the background.

That's not something the Ultimate Musician should say...

: But even if I'm pretending... I've never even held a musical instrument.
: Everyone starts at that point. As long as you feel the love, there's no problem.
: What do I have to do...if I don't really "feel the love"?

: It's okay! Jamming out is sooooo much fun! You'll be so popular with the ladies! Chicks go out with guys who pretend to be musicians all the time!
: By the way, Ibuki thinks guys who don't like bands are narcissists, so she doesn't like them!

That...isn't something the Ultimate Musician should say either...

: Yep, yep! Now choose the musical instrument you wanna use!
: Ah, Ibuki has dibs on the guitar, so you can't use that!

Looks like I've been roped into her scheme... I guess I really have to choose something... I've never played any type of instrument before, so it doesn't really matter...

: There's no obviously right answer this time so I was guessing. Fortunately, wrong answers are always amusing.

> Bass

: I'll use the bass then...

: Nope! Denied!
: Why!? I thought it was fine as long as I didn't pick the guitar?
: Hmmm, you might stand out too much and steal Ibuki's spotlight. She's supposed to be the main event, y'know.

What a selfish reason...

> Keyboard

: Then maybe the keyboard...?

: You can play the keyboard!? What a surprise!
: What? No. I've never even touched one before.
: It's easy to tell if you're faking at playing the keyboard so that's a no-go. What's next!?

Do I...even have a choice here...?

> Drums

: Then...I guess the drums.

: That's awesome! All right, it's decided! Drums are great 'cause you can just hit 'em to the beat, and you don't even need to know how to read music!
: As long as you can move your arms and legs independently of each other, even a novice can play them real easy!

Every drummer in the world would hate you for saying that...

: Now that we've decided on an instrument...

: Let's start with learning how to use a loudspeaker!
: Hold on a second! Why would you need a loudspeaker!?
: What are you saying? It's a must-have item for live performances.
: It doesn't mean you just hold it and scream into it! If you don't put your soul into it, the loudspeaker won't respond to you!

: Gyahaha! Put your soul into it! Shout! Shout!

I was forced to do some weird training that didn't make any sense to me at all... I didn't really understand Ibuki to begin with, but with this, I don't understand her even more...

I parted ways with Ibuki and went back to my room feeling exhausted...

It's...still light outside. There's still plenty of time left... Maybe I should try going somewhere... Or I should spend time with someone...

: Quick check on our Pet. Snakemi is fine but I wanted to give it a present to get rid of that Despair Meter and add one more to the Hope Meter.

: All nice and happy now.

: Next, we're going to meet with Gundham. He's fairly very extremely eccentric, but hopefully that just means his events will be fun. Appropriately, he's over at the Ranch right now.

: What is it, Jum-P...? Are you interested in this lowly creature? No, he's not someone that the Four Dark Devas of Destruction need to worry about...

What should I do? Can I even hang out with someone like Gundham?

> Invite Gundham to hang out

: Don't misunderstand. Jum-P and I still haven't acknowledged you yet!

I spent time with Gundham and his Four Dark Devas of Destruction today... Looks like Gundham and I grew closer today...

> Definitely!

Sunflower Seeds: The seeds of that particular flower that loves facing the sun. THey have a flavor somewhat similar to peanuts. The flower itself represents the sun's watchful eyes.

: Fuhaha...fuhahahahahaha! Great work, my servant! It is said five valuable assets exist in the world... You have my gratitude for discovering one of them.
: Thank you!
: This present has an Amazing rating.

: ...Whoa there. It's better if you don't get any closer than that. An automatic barrier is generated independently of my will.

It's not like I'm getting close...or even planning to get close...

: Which reminds me, there's something I haven't asked you yet. It doesn't matter that your temporary name is Hajime Hinata. Tell me your true name, fiend.
: What the heck is this "true name" thing?
: Hmph, so you're not foolish enough to tell me so easily...
: Then tell me your hidden name.
: I don't have anything like that.
: Then what is your special ability?
: There's no way I have one of those...

: Hmph, so you really are just a mere human. I suppose it can't be helped... Then let me talk to you about something that even a mere human can understand.
: Ask me anything.

Oh, so I have to ask...

: However, it's free for you to ask, but make sure you try not to understand.

: After knowing my true terror, it'll be quite a sight to see how long your sanity will last.

Does he want to talk or not...? Which is it...? Talking to him is starting to get annoying, but he's totally ready and waiting for me... I guess I have to ask something...

: Um... What do you do with your free time usually?

: So you're interested in my lifestyle? Fine then... I shall reveal a portion of that to you.
: Training, human hunting, craft spell components, etc... Despite my looks, I'm quite the busybody. However, managing my website takes up the bulk of my time.
: ...Huh?
: Obviously, sorcerers around the world are waiting to see my research results. Of course, my website has been magically enchanted so only the chosen ones can view it.
: A mere human like you will only be able to access the dummy site called "Exciting Breeding Journal".
: I'd rather check out the Ultimate Breeder's Exciting Breeding Journal anyway...
: Then...I will make sure to show you. Well, if we ever get out of here, that is.

: Well? Are there any other questions?
: ...What's your favorite food?
:'ve certainly hit the mark well. I'm fond of the orange melon which bears the face of the devil.

Um...are you talking about a pumpkin...?

: There is no other food as high in nutrients nor as versatile to a variety of cooking methods...

: More importantly, its seeds are the most effective food source for my Four Dark Devas of Destruction. However, you must carefully wash them, dry them in the sunlight, peel off the thin skin, and lightly fry them.
: I see...that sounds pretty difficult.
: Is there anything in this world that isn't difficult? Pleasure and pain are irrelevant as long as you have a purpose, and take action for that sake.

You're right... That's exactly right. Gundham is hard to understand sometimes, but I do understand the intent behind his words. Somehow...even though it's only a little, I feel like I'm starting to get to know Gundham better.

After showering Gundham with questions until he was satisfied, he finally let me go.

No Music.

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... It is now 10:00 p.m. Please return to your rooms and relax. Let the sound of the ocean gently rock you to sleep. Now then, sweet dreams everyone. Good niiiiight...

: ...

On any other night...I'd probably just go to sleep...

: But...I can't stop thinking about that game...!

It's not like I believe what Nagito said. It's just not a good idea to leave it alone...

: Twilight Syndrome Murder Case, huh... I should give it a try...just a little...just to see how it is...


: This is the Narrator from the future! After I wrote this update the thread reminded me of a specific scene that I'd be remiss to not include: The Monokuma Curry! This counts as the starting scene of an Akane Free Time, so this little bit here is "non-canon" to the LP, as in I didn't actually do her Free Time here. I just wanted to see this scene since I hadn't actually seen it before.

: Mmmm! Yum!
: ...What are you doing?
: I'm eatin' Monokuma's curry.

Y-You're seriously eating it!?

: Are you sure that's all right...? I mean, there are probably strange ingredients in it, right?
: ...Nah, it's just tasty meat. kinda tasted like frog or somethin'. It tasted like it had webbed feet, and it felt pretty warty...
: "Like"? That *is* a frog!
: was croakin' really loud and stuff.

It was raw, too!?

: Man, the world is seriously huge... It's like a huge island filled with treasure.

Looks like she doesn't even notice... Is it better if I just don't mention it? That's fine, right?

: Now then...I should go get seconds.
: You're still going to eat it...?
: Wanna eat it together? I can ask Monokuma if ya want.

What should I do? Should I try eating some curry?

> I'll try it.

: When in Rome...

: All right! Time to eat till I drop!

I spent time eating Monokuma's suspicious curry with Akane. Looks like Akane and I grew a little closer...

: That's certainly one way to make friends.

Sep 23, 2012

Does this look like the face of mercy, kupo?

Ibuki is full of... passion?

Sep 18, 2012

av paid for by the firensd of lowtax spine foundation

, you flithy pig

Akane just straight up ate a frog. It probably wasn't even in a curry, she just found a frog and ate it.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Even though we're supposedly sneaking off to play the game, Hajime decides he needs to see what everyone else is doing first. There are a number of people hanging around the hotel right now.

: Huh? Where are you going at this hour? The Monokuma Announcement was just made...
: Well, you know... What about you, what are you doing?
: I was about to go back to my cottage. Anyway, what about you? What do you mean, "you know"?
: Ah, um... I felt a little hungry, so I was thinking about getting a snack from either the restaurant or supermarket...
: ...I see.
: So I'll be going now...see you later.

: Hajime.
: Huh?
: ...Good night. I'll see you tomorrow. *leaves*

I feel like...she totally saw through me...

: Hehehe...
: What's with that laugh...? You sound creepy...
: I can't help myself! I just heard something big!
: Whoa there, I can't give any details yet...but when the time comes...!
: Now then, I'm gonna go to bed already! I'll see you tomorrow! *leaves*

...What was that about?

: Oh, it's you, Hajime... What are you doing up this late?
: W-Well, I felt like stargazing a little bit, so I just came out here for a short walk.
: Ha, I see! There's a lot of nasty things happening on this island, but the nature and scenery is quite superb...
: However, don't be out too late. It might hinder you tomorrow!
: Yeah, I'll make sure I don't stay out too late.

: Hajime. Good timing, there's something I wanted to ask you.
: Me? What is it?
: I wanted to hear your...I mean, a general opinion.
: Huh, is this about what we were discussing earlier?

What were Peko and Nekomaru talking about...?

: Regarding my inquiry... Do Nekomaru and I really look like we're cosplaying as characters from a fighting game?
: ...Huh? Cosplay?
: When I walk down the street, I'm often told I look like a fighter from this game, or a martial artist from that game...

: I can't understand what they're talking about! No matter how you look at it, I'm only a team manager!

No matter how I look at it...that's clearly not true.

: That happens to me, too. One time I was cornered by a strange group of people holding cameras... It was very annoying.
: So what did you do?

: If you don't understand polite requests to stop, it's not my fault if I'm forced to get a little...violent.

...I-I think it's better if I don't know the details.

: But Peko...we must confirm it with Hajime. No matter how others view us, we are ourselves! There is nothing to worry about!
: You're right...I agree.
: ...So anyway, why are you here? What are you doing out so late?
: Well...I couldn't really go to sleep, so I was thinking about going for a little walk...
: I careful then. It doesn't mean anything is going to happen...but you should be careful, just in case.

: Hmph... What business do you have with me, human?
: I apologize, but I have no time to spare for you... Instead, I shall let you in on something interesting.

So does he have time to spare or not? Which is it...?

: Behold, that so-called arcade game. Despite your lowly intellect, you human attempt to create worlds within games, but...
: Fuhahahahaha! How humorous, how pitiful!

: You humans behave like gods in your fictional worlds... That act alone is an imitation of us. Because...
: The reality you humans cling to and believe to be real is merely one of the countless board games we own!
: ...
: Kehehe... What happened? Are you speechless before the truth?
: ...

I wasted my time...

: Horribleeee! Ibuki is experiencing such awful Kuma-hara!
: ...Kuma-hara?
: Monokuma's harassment! AKA Kuma-hara! Thanks to Monokuma's announcement, I completely forgot the phrase I thought up!
: Gyaaah! And it was the best phrase of all time, too! It would've filled you with chills! This is a big loss for humanity as well! So you gotta act sadder!
: Um... I'm sorry for your loss...?

: What's with the question mark!?
: Ugh... Not just Kuma-hara, but Haji-hara... Ibuki can't stand n'more! The hara-hara is overwhelming me...
: I'm gonna go pout in bed! *leaves*

...Haji-hara? Does...that mean Hajime's harassment?

: Yo Hajime. You look bored. Wanna fight me?
: What's with you all of a sudden...?
: Hm? There somethin' wrong? Normally when you're bored, you fight, right?

There's no way I'd consider that "normal"!

: I was bored too, but since there's no people to fight, I was checkin' out the cottages of the fallen.
: "The fallen"... Byakuya and Teruteru? Why?
: Well, someone might mess with their rooms if we just leave 'em alone, right?
: Th-There's no way anyone would do something like that!
: But their rooms were locked all tight so I couldn't go in.
: They were locked?

: Yeah, turns out Monokuma locked 'em.
: When I tried to open the door, he just showed up outta nowhere as usual... He was sayin' stuff like...that chapter's already finished so it would complicate the game and...
: H-Hold on! I think it's best if you don't say anything more!
: Oh really? Then I should go to bed soon.
: See ya later, Hajime! *leaves*

: Good ol' fourth-wall-breaking Monokuma. Anyway that's everyone at the hotel so let's get going to the Park.

: What's Mahiru doing out here?

: Ah, Hajime...!
: Mahiru...what are you doing here?
: Ah, yeah...about that... ... Um...I was thinking about taking a picture of the ocean at night.
: The ocean at night...isn't it dangerous? Be careful.
: Yeah, sure thing...bye. *leaves*
: She seemed...pretty agreeable.

Usually she'll say something like, "Mind your own business"...

: Strange...

: We've arrived. Let's get this over with.

: ...So here I am.

If the game turns out to be dangerous, I'll just stop playing it... So I should...just go for it...

: I guess for now...I should try playing it a little.

I cautiously stood in front of the arcade game...and the screen automatically lit up. As I faced the screen, I put my hand on the joystick.

Music fades out.

This game...has a strange, old-fashioned vibe to it. I the person who's controlling Monokuma actually pretty old?

: ...Oh well. I should try to start it up. It'll start if I press the START button, right?
: Now then, let's begin Twilight Syndrome Murder Case. Please press the START button with your own hands.


: ...
: (Ah, it's already late... I'm gonna be late for our meeting... Everyone's waiting...I gotta hurry and go. If I'm late...everyone's gonna hate me... Um...they're waiting in classroom 1-A...)

: Welcome to Twilight Syndrome Murder Case. We're in control of Girl A here. We can walk...

: And we can run. We can also open doors by pushing Up, though all rooms other than our destination are locked.

: Here's classroom 1-A. Let's go in.

: Man, you're finally here! You're so late! What were you doing!?
: I-I'm sorry...if you're angry, I'm sorry...! U-Um...don't be mad...!
: We're not angry...
: Just hurry up and get over here!
: O-Okay...
: (I should go talk to Girl B for now...)
: We move over to Girl B and talk to her.

: Um...we're here because you had something important to say, right? ...What's this about?
: Obviously, it's about yesterday's incident.

*Girl B turns to face the other three girls*

: Hey, you already saw the newspaper, right?
: Y-Yeah...
: ...Huh? What newspaper?

*Girl B turns to face Girl A again*

: Gawd, you're such a slowpoke, Girl A. It's in today's evening newspaper.

*Girl C runs over*

: This one, here ya go!
: ...Just read it.

"July 8th: At around 6:00 a.m., a janitor from XX Academy came to work and discovered the body of a female high school student in the music room on the 2nd floor. The student had been struck forcefully in the head with a blunt object, and was already dead. It seems the killer broke a window to escape. Based on the details of the crime, authorities say the investigation is ongoing, and believe someone may have snuck into the school to commit the act."

: ...
: I was a little surprised. I never expected it would make the newspaper.
: It says "someone may have snuck into the school," so they might be thinking that a pervert did it. It *is* the only lead they have. I mean...her school swimsuit did get stolen, too...
: That sick, twisted bastard! Sneaking into a school to steal a swimsuit, killing a nearby girl, and escaping out the window...

*Girl C crouches down with her hands over her head*

: Kyaaaaaaah! We're all in danger, too!

*Girl C stands up*

: this really okay...? We were the first ones to discover the body...and we kept it a secret...
: It would've been the same no matter who found the body first. Don't worry about it. It's not like we have anything to hide anyway.
: That's right...all we did was find a body and not report it. That's not really a crime.
: B-But still...!
: I know you're a masochist but there's no way I'm going to get involved in this. I'm finally a student at this academy! There's no way I'm getting expelled over something like this!

*Girl E turns to face Girl D*

: Right? Isn't that right, Girl D?
: Y-Yeah...I agree, but...

*All turn to face Girl D*

: ...
: What's up!? You don't seem so sure.
: U-Um...I actually have something to discuss with you guys...
: (Girl D...I wonder what's going on? What does she want to talk about...?)
: Next we move over to Girl D and talk to her.

: To be honest, I...I ended up taking several photos of her yesterday...
: A-Are you talking about her body!?
: I thought we might get questioned by the police... So I thought I should take them just in case...
: Wh-Where are those photos now...?
: I have them...right here.

*Girl C backs away from Girl D*

: Whaaaaaaaa-! I don't wanna look at them!

*Girl C crouches down with her hands over her head*

: We're definitely gonna get cursed!
: C-Cursed...!?

*Girl C stands up*

: Stupid! Curses aren't even real!

*Girl E moves next to Girl D*

: You seriously need to throw away those photos! Give them to me!
: Ah, hey!

*Girl E takes the photos and tears them up. Girl C flinches.*

: This is bad! If you rip it like that, the curse...
: I just said curses don't exist! It's better to just rip these photos to shreds and throw them into the incinerator! Girl D! If you have any digital copies, you need to erase those too!
: O-Okay...
: Hey Girl E, what happened? Why do you sound so desperate?

*Girl E turns away from the group*

: N-Never mind...let's just forget about the whole incident! We had nothing to do with it, and we weren't the first ones to discover the body...

*Girl E turns to Girl B*

: Okay! The end! Seriously, let's just go home already! C'mon, it's getting late!

*Girl E walks on screen*

:'s already late. The hardest part of being in the archery club is changing clothes... Everyone's probably gone back by now... Then...I guess I have to go back on my own...
: I think this is around the time that incident occurred, too... Ah, jeez! Why am I thinking about something so stupid again!? That's right, I just gotta hurry up and forget about that incident!

*Girl E starts walking off screen*

Music cuts out.

???: I won'

*Girl E flinches. The heartrate bar at the top turns yellow*

: ...Huh!?

???: I won't...let you...forget...

*Girl E looks around*

: Wh-Who's there!? Where are you!?

???: I won't let you foorget I won't let you forget I won't let you forget...

*Girl E starts backing up*


*Girl E runs away*


???: Never...

???: Never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never never...

*Girl A runs on screen. Girl D turns around*

: Ah, Girl A!
: Wh-What happened? Did something happen?
: Th-This is bad! This is really bad!

*Girl D crouches down with her hands over her head*

: Ugh...ugggghhhh...!
: Her head is split open like that one time... I-It's probably...the curse...

*Girl C crouches down with her hands over her head*

: It's the curse! It's all the curse's fault! Because of the curse...Girl E...
: What Girl E?
: Take...a look in there... Classroom 1-B...

Music fades out.

*Clatter clatter clatter*

: ... ...Huh? This is the end? it's "Game Over" for some reason... I don't get it... Even the game's structure doesn't make sense.

It started with the 2nd Day all of a sudden... And jumped to the 4th Day afterward... Why were the 1st Day and 3rd Day skipped? And what's with this "Down five" message on the Game Over screen? Down five... Who's down by five? What the heck is this...? I don't get this at all... How...would this be the motive?

...Is this what it's like to play a crappy game?

For's a waste of time to just stay here so I should go back to my cottage and think about it...

I went back to my cottage feeling hazy and disoriented... And as I tried to think about why I felt so strange... I fell asleep without realizing it.

: Life isn't just about moving forward. When confronted by an important question, it's good to stop moving and take your time thinking about it. For stomach hasn't felt well all morning, so I ran to the restroom as soon as I got off the train. But right when I was about to enter, an important question stood before me.
: Life is like that every now and then. Suddenly an important question gets in your way.
: The important question that stood before me was the "Gentlemen" sign on the restroom door... As I resisted the overwhelming urge to poop, I thought about it desperately. Am I...really a gentleman? Do I have class? Am I honest? Am I faithful? No... Why am I even hesitating!? Of course I'm a gentleman! A regular person wouldn't last five minutes resisting this urge to poop, but a gentleman most certainly would! Filled with pride, I ran into the restroom meant for gentlemen, and what awaited me was... Another important question. The important question that stood before me was the "Western Style" and "Japanese Style" signs on each door. I was definitely born in Japan...but haven't I forgotten what makes clean, beautiful Japan so good? Do I have enough confidence in myself to take a "Japanese Style" poop? ...As you can see, there are always important questions waiting for you.
: That's what life is all about.

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May 7, 2012

How could they not go with 'bear-assment'?

Also on the translation, 'Girl C' is fine for the in-game dialogue, but sounds really awkward when used as a form of address. Saying "you're such a slowpoke, A" would have worked better.

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

That just the charming jank everyone loves of Monokumasoft games.

Oct 21, 2008

Its possible that the game continued from a previous save point after some other student played to that point and stopped for some reason, though I don't see much indication of that. Its also possible this game is significant to one or more of the students in a way we can't predict, which could also potentially be cause for a murder. Like most mysteries this will probably make more sense in retrospect.

Oct 11, 2012

Somebody call for an ant?

Tombot posted:

Its possible that the game continued from a previous save point after some other student played to that point and stopped for some reason, though I don't see much indication of that. Its also possible this game is significant to one or more of the students in a way we can't predict, which could also potentially be cause for a murder. Like most mysteries this will probably make more sense in retrospect.

I mean, Its got a pretty clear message of I'm going to kill you for your previous sins in a murder. So if anyone in the group was involved in a previous murder it could make them want to get the hell outa here.

May 17, 2011

I am a Plant.

I believe the number 5 is reffering to who has played the game.

Hello Ketene
Dec 30, 2011

Thesaya posted:

I believe the number 5 is reffering to who has played the game.

Yeah, that makes sense. If that's the case, so far we got Fuyuhiko, Mahiru, ourselves, and two other people. Chiaki probably played it too, just because she couldn't help herself. I'm guessing next update we're gonna get our own envelope, and the motive will become apparent.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

*Ding dong, bing bong*

: Ahem... Hope's Peak Academy's School Trip Executive Committee has an announcement to make... Gooooood morning, everyone! Looks like today is gonna be another perfect, tropical day! Now then, let's show some enthusiasm and make sure to give it our all today!

Morning...huh... In the end, that game is still a mystery. I don't even know why it would be a motive...

: I should just bite the bullet...and try discussing it with everyone.

...I guess I should head over to the restaurant.

: You know the drill.

: Hmm... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
: What are you groaning about...?
: Ibuki isn't groaning for some gross reason like Nekomaru does! I'm worried about a more sublime, a more serious matter!
: And that matter is...?

: Ibuki's music genre from now on!
: Music genre...?
: I escaped the pop sounds of the Girl Band genre! So I'm thinking about changing my musical stylings completely!
: Ah, I see.
: But there's nothing that comes to mind. This is very troubling...
: Hajime, if you think of anything, I look forward to hearing your advice! *leaves* that something you can really decide on a whim?

: Hi Mikan.
: Ah...good morning... It's such a nice day today... I'm so glad it's sunny...! I mean, if it wasn't'd be a waste...
: Huh? Waste?
: Haaaaa!? I-It's nothing! I was only mumbling to myself just now!
: S-So...I'll excuse myself first...! *leaves*

Waste...what? Is something going on?

: Good morning, Hiyoko.
: Doesn't Chiaki get bored of playing the same game over and over again?

...She's not going to reply to my greeting, is she?

: I don't understand gamers at all. ...In fact, I don't even want to understand them. Seriously...everyone here is such a weirdo! Ah, except Mahiru!
: When I'm with you guys...I feel like I'm gonna become a weirdo too. *leaves*

I feel like you already are one...

: ...Good morning.
: G'morning Hajime.
: Ah, it's rare for you to reply so quickly in the morning.
: Yeah, I just finished playing a game right now.

: More importantly...I was just wondering. Is someone bringing food to Nagito?
: I brought him food yesterday morning... I don't know about the others.
: ...Is it...all right if I see how he's doing later?
: I'll head over to the restaurant for now.

: Good morning, Hajime.
: Yeah, good morning...

After greeting everyone, I put some food on my plate and sat myself at a table near the window.

: What is it Hajime...? Is that all you're gonna eat?
: You just eat too much, Akane.
: You're one to talk. All you eat is candy.
: Just because it's candy doesn't man you should make fun of it. These gummies have four different fruit flavors, so I'm sure they're full of nutrients.
: You should just eat real fruit.
: ...

This seems like a bad time to bring up that game all of a sudden... I mean, we did agree before that we shouldn't even play it...

: ...Is Mahiru missing?
: ...Hm?

After Gundham said that, I looked around the restaurant...and sure enough, there was no sign of Mahiru.

: She's always here every morning, it's strange for her not to come...
: I wonder if she is not feeling well.
: If she just doesn't feel good, that's fine... But there's a small chance that she's...
: A s-small chance she's what!?

: Hm? I saw Mahiru, she was outside the hotel.
: O-Oh...I see!
: Jeez, don't say such a spooky thing.
: As punishment, how about you run around in a circle three times, say "woof", and jump off a cliff?
: I-I don't want to die like that!

: But what was Mahiru doing outside the hotel?
: She said she wanted to be alone. I even asked her to come eat with us, but she turned it down.
: ...Wanted to be alone?

: M-Maybe...she's planning to play that game...
: What are you saying, pig barf!? There's no way Mahiru would play video games! She's not like that slowpoke gamer girl over there!
: ...
: Ah, were you referring to me?
: Eeeekk...I am pig barf, aren't I...?

Looks's going to be impossible to start talking about the game. And while I was lost in thought... Someone quietly sat down across from me at the table.

: ...Hey Hajime. Got a second?
: Wh-What is it?

Kazuichi leaned forward out of his seat, glanced quickly around the room...and whispered to me.

: Today, 2:30 p.m... Come to the supermarket... But...don't tell anyone else about it...
: ...Huh?
: I'll tell you the details later... Everyone else can see us right's bad.

What does he mean "it's bad"?

: Hey...what are you lowly creatures discussing amongst yourselves?
: N-Nothing! It's got nothing to do with you, so just relax and go away...
: ...

: Hmph, did you think I was worried about you fiends?
: Fuhaha, you make me laugh! Laugh, I say! You've elevated arrogance to an artform!
: What sort of supreme ruler feels concern for the ants who are destined to be crushed!?
: My name is Gundham Tanaka! I am the forbidden ruler who makes even the god of darkness flee in terror!
: All I silence and indifference...

: Silence...and indifference... ...

I never took him for...the lonely type.

: Anyway Hajime...that's what's happening, so I'll see you then.
: Just so you know...make sure you conserve your energy.
: Huh? Conserve my energy...?
: I'll see you later! *leaves*

Wh-What was that about...?

Music fades out.

Instead of talking about games, I received a strange request from Kazuichi...and that day's breakfast came to an end.

Um...Kazuichi told me to go to the supermarket at 2:30 p.m. But what did he mean when he told me to conserve my energy?

: Well I guess...I shouldn't wander too far right now.

: This is about the point where I would split the updates but we have exactly one Free Time we can do before meeting Kazuichi. I may as well tack it on to this update.
: A lot of people are currently unavailable to do Free Time with. The list includes: Nagito, Fuyuhiko, Kazuichi, Peko, Ibuki, Mahiru, Mikan, and Hiyoko. So of the people available, I figured we may as well continue with Sonia. At this rate, I'll be able to get her exclusive skill midway through the game. Handy!

: Speaking of Japanese detective dramas, I am a huge fan of "Bark at the Sun"!
: However, "Police: Western Division" is also wonderful! I get chills whenever the Daimon Force appears!

What should I do? Should I invite Sonia to hang out?

> Invite Sonia to hang out

: Hajime...which side are you on? Are you "Team Taka" or "Team Yuji"?

I spent time today listening to Sonia talk about detective dramas... I probably don't deserve it, but it looks like Sonia and I grew a little closer...

> Definitely!

Paper "10th Act Verse": A paper handkerchief used by upper-class craftsmen. They keep it inside their pockets until they need to wipe their mouths.

: May I really have this?
: Thank you very much. You are truly kind.
: This present has a Good rating.

: Hajime, there is something I would like to ask you today...
: Sure, wha--
: Shush! Lower your voice! We do not know who might be listening in! Now then, come closer. ...No need to worry.

As Sonia said that, she walked up to me one step at a time. Wow... She smells nice...

: you happen to know a lot about the occult?
: ...Huh? Uh, not really...

: Then what about cults?
: Uh, not at all...
: Phew...I see... You certainly are deceptive... I am finished talking to you. Let us disperse for now.
: H-Hold on a sec! What in the world were you talking about!?

: You are hopeless... Since I have already sailed this far, I shall sink you into the ocean.

That's not how you say that...

: Though I understand it is a forbidden interest for a princess, I am quite interested in Freemasonry! Of course, my interest is purely academic. I have no intention of conspiring to overthrow the government...
: But when I think about Freemasonry, my chest begins to hurt.

It sounds like she's in love...

: seems not many people understand this feeling of mine... And because of that, I feel quite lonely. Some times I feel like I could just cry...

Hmm... Sonia's hobbies are pretty intense...

: However...expanding my knowledge like this is the duty of every member of the royal family. And that is why I am interested in the occult, cults, and popular dramas!

Hmmm...when she puts it like that, it sort of makes sense, but...

: Hajime, please think about it. Do you not agree that dismissing a different set of values due to ignorance is foolish?
: How many foolish wars have been fought on the basis of that ignorance...?
: My country is certainly no exception. We still have many unique traditions that other cultures would not truly understand.

Unique traditions, huh... That reminds me, I think she mentioned one of them before.

> Makango

: You mean...Makango, right?

: Yes, but that is not the only one. Our country has another tradition in which you are not acknowledged as an adult until you consume a Skong.
: A Skong...?
: However, I think my generation should be objecting to these traditions. Although it is nice to retain purebred Makangos and Skongs as a symbol of high status, auctioning them to the highest bidder goes against the spirit of animal conservation.
: Wait, they're animals!?
: But we do not need to completely end this tradition. I shall simply find new uses for Makangos and Skongs. They grow when they're scared and shrink when angered. I plan to harness the energy they release in this state.

: Using the knowledge of the past, we shall develop a new energy source from our old traditions!
: H-Hold on... Do strange animals like that really exist in your country?
: I understand that it may be a difficult path...
: However, I shall accomplish it by any means!
: Guiding my people along the right path is the duty of a ruler!

Her people must believe she's a wonderful princess if she actually thinks of them like that... I...believe that's true too, but... In my eyes, Sonia and the Novoselic Kingdom are just full of mysteries...

: Man, I feel like either some things were lost in translation or Sonia's country really is just that crazy no matter what language you play the game in. Maybe both.

After somewhat bridging the cultural divide between us, I returned to my room...

No Music.

: Looks's almost time to meet up with Kazuichi.

He told me to come to the supermarket... What's he thinking all of a sudden? And...keeping it a secret from the others... I don't want to think about it but...if he's plotting to...

: ...No, there's no way someone as carefree as him would do something like that.
: See you next time.

Nov 9, 2012

I've only noticed it now, but Kazuichi's lightning bolt imprint has a serious case of Stan's shirt going on.

May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

An unsorted list of things I love in this update:

- Further humiliation for Hiyoko, as she reveals she doesn't understand nutrition; it's likely her tiny stature is largely her fault
- Hiyoko and Chiaki's quick insult/retort ("...that slowpoke gamer girl over there!" "... ... ...Ah, were you talking about me?") is basically a conversation I've had before in real life; Chiaki continues to be the most relatable character
- Ibuki throwing shade at Nekomaru's grunting habits
- The quick note about how good she smells before Sonia starts talking about how much she loving loves the occult is some fun bait and switch
- Makangos and Skongs are so loving bizarre, it's great
- Melodramatic, self-absorbed Gundam is the one to notice that Mahiru is missing
- And then his reputation as self-absorbed is further shaken when Gundam tries to join Hajime and Kazuichi's hangout/murder attempt, only to obviously feel rejected and depressed when Kazuichi blows him off

Aumanor posted:

I've only noticed it now, but Kazuichi's lightning bolt imprint has a serious case of Stan's shirt going on.

What the hell's a Stan's shirt?

Nov 9, 2012

dancingbears posted:

What the hell's a Stan's shirt?

Stan's a character from the Monkey Island series. His shirt has an interesting property in that the plaid pattern on it doesn't move when he does. If you look at Kaizuichi you might notice that the imprint on his jumper is affected by neither the angle at which he's seen nor any creases on the material.

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May 10, 2011

You're an idiot,
so start acting
like one.

Aumanor posted:

Stan's a character from the Monkey Island series. His shirt has an interesting property i that the plaid pattern on it doesn't move when he does. If you look at Kaizuichi you might notice that the imprint on his jumper is affected by neither the angle at which he's seen nor any creases on the material.

Huh, you're completely right. It really is like Stan's shirt. I'd never noticed that before. Thank you for explaining your reference.

Aug 8, 2016

FPzero posted:

: So of the people available, I figured we may as well continue with Sonia. At this rate, I'll be able to get her exclusive skill midway through the game. Handy!

Does this mean she is guaranteed to stay alive until at least mid-game?

Level 1 Thief
Dec 17, 2007

Discomusic posted:

Does this mean she is guaranteed to stay alive until at least mid-game?

"At this rate" just includes what's happened up until now, but the current rate could easily be interrupted by little things like a murder or execution. Just mentally add the implied "assuming she survives" to the sentence.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

Everything I say and do regarding the game's characters always carries that underlying, unspoken implication of "if they survive the next chapter..."

Aug 21, 2007

Neat. Sweet. Petite.

I wonder if the Skoogs are a reference to Shmoos that got lost in translation? Who knows.

Carbon dioxide
Oct 9, 2012

So, anyone who played the Japanese version, did something get lost in translation in Sonia's talk?

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: Huh?

It's well past the arranged time, and there's no sign of Kazuichi.

: ...

All of a sudden, the anxiety I had been keeping inside me began to swell up like a balloon until...

: ...Yo!
: Waaah!
: Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooa!?

: Wh-What the heck! Don't get all pissed off just 'cause I was a little late!
: L-Late...?

Oh I get it... I totally forgot he's that kind of guy. A guy who doesn't mind showing up late even though he's the one who asked me to come... That kind of guy. ...Well, it sort of makes sense.

: So what do you want? Why'd you call me out here like this?

: Well, you know...can you do me a little favor?
: A little favor...?
: I just overheard something... Apparently it's Miss Sonia's idea. For a change of pace... It looks like the girls are secretly planning to go splash around at the beach.
: It doesn't seem so secret now... Wait, don't tell me you...!

: As expected of Miss Sonia, splashing around in the sea is a nice idea.
: I admire her so much it's shocking! My heart trembles around her so much it's about to burn out!
: Sooooo, let's crash it together!
: Wh-Why me!?
:'s weird to fake a coincidence all by yourself, isn't it? So how about a scenario where you and I go to the beach, and then we run into the girls by "coincidence"?

: Hey, you better not say no. I can't ask any of the other guys to help me with this...
: Nekomaru can't keep his mouth shut to save his life... And Gundham is...well, Gundham. Fuyuhiko and Nagito are out of the question.
: I understand where you're coming from but...I don't feel like going to the beach...
: Hey! I took the time to prepare your swimsuit, you know! A-And now you're just gonna walk all over my kind act!?
: Y-You're snapping at me...!?

: If you say no, I'm gonna bug you about it until you die!

There's no way he's joking about that... This is Kazuichi, after all...

: If I have no choice...then fine...
: Yaaahoooo! That's my Hajime! That's how a soul brother should act!
: ...So, what do I have to do?

: Well, based on what I overheard... It looks like they're going to Chandler Beach on the 2nd island.
: That's why we gotta head over to that diner first! Our plan is to be at the beach before they get there! And we're gonna act like it's just a coincidence!
: Got I need to go to the diner...
: Yahoooo! I'm getting all excited now!

Well, that makes one of us, I suppose... Looks like he can't take a hint.

: On the way to the 2nd Island, we run across Gundham.

: ...I already told you... All I want is silence and indifference...
: I-I see...
: Hey Hajime...! It's all good, so let's hurry up and go...!

: ...

He looks so lonely... If you want to hang out, just say so.

: Poor Gundham...

: A quick hop, skip and jump later and we're at our destination.

: All righty...the ladies aren't here yet... Let's hurry up and go inside.

: All right, we're here! Now we just have to stake out a spot and wait until the ladies arrive!

Is he sure about this plan? I mean, isn't this a little *too* stalker-ish...?

: And when are they gonna come? Did you happen to overhear that with your sensitive ears too?

: They mentioned something about coming a little after the sun starts to maybe around 4:00 p.m.?
: It's 3:00 p.m. right now so...we still have to wait one more hour!?
: Always make your move early. That's just the basics, you know.
: Hey, I don't know if you should be talking like an expert right now...

: It's fine, it's fine. Just make sure you keep watch by the window. It'd be bad if you didn't catch Miss Sonia on her way to the beach, you know? It's our job to keep that from happening. To get to the beach, they gotta pass in front of the diner...
: You better keep your eyes peeled! This isn't a game!

If this isn't a game, then what is it...? I...really should have just said no...

Sitting at a table by the window, I rested my chin in my hands, and absentmindedly stared out the window.




: Are they coming? Did they arrive?
: It hasn't even been 10 minutes yet...




20 minutes passed...and then 30 minutes... As time passed by...the only things that grew were the volume of my sighs and the weight of my regret.

: Say, what kind of swimsuit do you think Miss Sonia will wear? Since she's a foreigner, how about a bikini!? Don't you feel like there's a pure, innocent, mythical fantasy hiding between the top and bottom of a bikini?
: ...Even if I wanted to agree with you, I don't know how to answer that. ...Wait, huh?

...And that's when it happened. In the corner of my eye, a "certain someone" walked by the front of the diner.

: Huh, isn't that...?
: ...I wonder what happened. I guess I should head over.

We left the diner in a hurry and ran to where that person was standing.

: Y-You bastards!
: I knew it was you, Fuyuhiko... What are you doing here?
: Th-That's my line!
: What the're awfully tense... Actually, why do you seem so flustered?

: Wh-Who are you calling flustered? Don't go making false accusations, you bastard!
: Don't tell man, is that it? You overheard my plan, didn't you...?
: ...P-Plan...
: It's no use playing dumb... You overheard my plan and followed us all the way here, right?

: Hey what are you doing at this place!?
: That's a strange combo!

: H-Hello! Um, today is another wonderful day...well...
: You're not gonna get away now that I've caught you!
: Waaaaaah! I got so nervous I ended up blurting out something weird! P-Please don't hate me! I'll take the punishment as much as you'd like!
: (Nice visual bug, game.)

: Ah, two... This is such...a coincidence... Um...I never expected to coincidentally run into you guys here!

He really does suck at this...

: Man, actually, Hajime and I were about to head to the beach together...
: Huh? Could that be what you ladies are here for? That's such a coincidence! It even seems like destiny!
: Something's obviously suspicious! Your eyes are moving around like salmon before they lay eggs!
: N-No way...I'm always like this...uh, how should I put it...I always pay attention to my surroundings...

I-I can't keep watching this...!

As I sighed and looked away from that embarrassing sight, I realized that *he* had disappeared.

: ...Huh? Where did Fuyuhiko go?
: two have arrived pretty early. It's only 3:30 p.m... You still have about 30 minutes until you meet the others.

: Um...why do you know we're going to meet with the others?
: And you even know our drat meeting time!
: see...
: Anyway, let's cherish the coincidence that brought us together! So is it okay if we join in too?

Wow...he got forceful all of a sudden...

: So that's your ulterior motive. You're probably here for Sonia, aren't ya?
: I-I...really have no do something so decline the all... But...Sonia was the one who planned to go to the beach, so we need to ask her...
: Then it's all good! It's too devastating to think Miss Sonia would decline, so I just won't think it!

Is he being an optimist or a pessiment...? I don't really get it.

: Hey hey, is it all right if we go inside now? Ibuki was gonna eat a good meal first, that's why I came early!
: Sure thing. Let's wait inside!

I can't take my mind off Fuyuhiko... Oh well, I've come this far...I can't turn back now.

: Quick check in with everyone before stepping back into the Diner.

: Mew...I always say something stupid when I get nervous...I-I'm not doing it on purpose...!

: An army marches on its stomach, while swimmers can only splash around on their stomachs too! I'm gonna heartily eat a hamburger with a side of rice!
: Is rice a side dish...? there even rice here?

: All right, let's wait inside until Miss Sonia arrives!

Nov 9, 2012

dancingbears posted:

Huh, you're completely right. It really is like Stan's shirt. I'd never noticed that before. Thank you for explaining your reference.

Now that I've started paying attention, it also apparently can't decide where exactly it is on these clothes. Compare the two images:

that strikes me as really sloppy

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Aug 18, 2006

Lipstick Apathy

God, I really can't stand Kazuichi at all.

Sep 30, 2014

without love it cannot be seen

FPzero posted:

: An army marches on its stomach, while swimmers can only splash around on their stomachs too! I'm gonna heartily eat a hamburger with a side of rice!
: Is rice a side dish...? there even rice here?

I feel like, given Ibuki, this is a K-ON reference.


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