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Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

: You guys are the last to arrive. What are you dilly-dallying for?
: Sorry to keep you all waiting.
: Well, it's all right... More importantly, this is our only chance to talk between ourselves before that rabbit returns.
: Kyahaha! Let's talk!
: Now then, let me hear your initial impressions of this island.

: I happened to notice numerous blocked off bridges on the central island...
: Oh, those are there so everybody doesn't get lost! I tried to cross one of them and that rabbit showed up and told me, so I'm telling the truth!
: So we don't get lost...? Is this island really so big?

: But if you look at it in depth, it's just a normal island, right? It's got a resort and everything! Well, not that I've ever been to a resort before, but...
: Also, there's a biiiiig ranch!
: Um...there's also a large supermarket, too... It looks like it stocks everything from food to living amenities.
: The hotel was really nice, too. It'd be great if we can stay there.

: The restaurant inside the hotel was also very nice. It seemed to cater to a more plebeian taste.
: Can you guys listen to what I wanna say, too? I...found something very important on this island.
: Girls! Very, very cute girls! Aha! All over the place!
: Grooooooss! I'm getting goosebumps!
: All of you are fools... I can't believe nobody has mentioned the most serious truth.

: ...The most serious truth?
: If no one here realized it, you're all bigger fools than I thought.
: What did you say, you fat bastard? Don't be talkin' all big and poo poo!
: Small dogs shouldn't bark so loud.

The most serious truth? What does he mean?

: You have to speak to Byakuya to proceed with the conversation but if you want to, you can talk to everyone else for a few comments. I won't be showing side conversations like these unless they're really funny or interesting because they're usually one or two lines long and not worth devoting update space to. Since you get experience for talking to people I'll be making sure to read them on my own time. I want those Levels!

: Hey, what's the most serious truth? Did...did you find out something about this island?
: ...
: Have you all gone to the park that's across the bridge?
: The park with that weird bronze statue of all those creepy animals, right?
: When I saw it, I remembered a story I'd heard before.

: There's an island in the Pacific Ocean, a beautiful island paradise where summer never ends... It consists of a central island surrounded by five different islands... It's also said that five holy animals symbolize each of those surrounding islands.
: Eh...?
: That island's name is... Jabberwock Island.

: Could this island be...?
: Jabberwock Island?
: Still, there is something on my mind. In fact, according to what I've heard, Jabberwock Island is already... ...
: ...Never mind.

: Hold it right there! That's a rather incomplete story you've told us.
: No need to shout. I'll let you know once I obtain more information.
: Meh, I don't care what this island's called. Nikoniko Island or Papua Island or whatever... Doesn't change the fact that we all gotta live here, right?

: Living together on this tropical island sure is exciiiiting! I'm super looking forward to it!
: Right on! This ain't a bad school at all!
: H-Hey? You guys?
: Hmm, I like this island too!
: ...Can't say the same about the rest of you cretins.
: Huh? Did I hear something?

: I'm still worried, but I don't feel as worried as I did earlier...
: Yeah, since there's no danger or inconvenience, I feel like this won't be a problem!
: Hey, listen to what you guys are saying. We need to stay calm and think about this...! We're all here to attend Hope's Peak Academy, right? But we're living on an island like this instead... No matter what, it's completely weird!

: Why don't you stop talking for a while? Go cool your head off or something.
: ...Eh?
: P-Plus even if we wanted to leave, there's no way we can...
: There's no ship, and the planes are just for show...
: From what I've discovered, there's no way to contact the outside world, either... In would be impossible to call for help.

: Then, why don't we just swim home?
: There's no way we can swim that far...!
: I'm telling you, that's impossible!
: Th-Then...what if we cut down some trees and made a raft...?

: Nuh-uh! You can't do that! That's the biggest of no-nos!
: Please recall the guidelines of this school trip! "Littering is not allowed. Let us coexist with this island's bountiful nature in mutual prosperity." Got it? I want everyone to get along and live peacefully on this beautiful tropical island.
: Wh-What's with these rules? Who cares about that...!

: Stop. This rabbit seems to be rather finicky about these so-called rules. Based on that, what if your actions place everyone here in danger?
: Th-The word "danger" is a bit much! I wouldn't do something like that!
: Hajime...I understand how you feel, but you need to calm down a little, okay?

: F-For long as we don't do anything weird, it seems there is no danger...
: And as long and we gather the Hope Fragments, we'll be able to get off this island soon.
: Y-You're all just gonna believe that...?
: There's no other choice but to believe...for now, that is.
: ...
: Anyway, Usami! What's this present you mentioned in your announcement earlier?
: Ah, that's right! Well, of course I didn't forget...

: Love! Love! This is it! Don't be upset! I've prepared one for you all, so don't worry!
: ...What is this...?

: Pfft, teehee! It's an Usami Strap! If you squeeze the tummy, it talks.
: "I'm Usami...Magical Miracle Girl ★ Usami. I'm an itty bitty girl who's sweet like milk!"
: Isn't it cute? Love! Love!
: ...What a waste of time.

: Man, and I got my hopes up, too...
: I'm ashamed I even had my hopes up!
: Really? I think it's pretty cute. Especially how the ears look like a rabbit's...
: Well, Usami does mean "rabbit," you know!

Regardless, a large number of Usami Straps ended up on the beach anyway... As I figured, after everybody received their strap, they just tossed them on the beach.

: Hey! You can't taint nature with trash!

: See? Even you think they're trash!

Usami sadly picked up the straps and looked at us with a lonely expression on her face.

: Ugh... And I even prepared one more present, too, but now I don't wanna give it to you bad kids...
: Hm? You have something else?
: Well, compared to the Usami Strap, it's not that big of a deal...

: Basically, I've prepared a motive for everyone.
: A motive...?
: That's right. A motive for everyone to get along. We've come all this way to a tropical island, so I thought it'd be great to do something island-themed.
: Like what? Are you thinkin' of throwin' a big party or somethin'?
: Coooorrect!

: Is it a festival? Or maybe a miniature shrine? How wonderful!
: Excuse me, Miss Sonia...
: My loins are still full of poison, and I'd appreciate it if you could suck it out with your mouth.
: Knock it off, Teruteru!

: Oh, your tenderloins? You betcha.
: Just ignore him, Sonia!
: If we're talking about fun parties on a tropical island, maybe it should be a barbeque or something?
: Ah, a campfire sounds fun, too.
: Let's find a hoop snake and kill it!
: Is looking for one not enough for you!?
: It seems everyone has different ideas, but if we're gonna be at the ocean, then first...

: Tadaaa! This is what it's all about!
: A swimming bag?
: Coooorrect! Love! Love!
: Whoaaaa! Then that means...

: That's right. I have swimsuits for everyone. Well, school swimsuits actually. I hope that's okay.
: A-Are you telling us to go swimming...? In a situation like this...?
: It's not like I'm ordering you guys to swim or anything. It's just, if you wanna go swimming, you can...
: Th-There's no way I'm going swimming! There's no way anyone would be so thoughtless as to go swimming in a situation like this...

: Eh?
: Aw yeah! That's what I'm talking about! With weather this nice, there's no way I'm gonna pass on swimming!
: I agree!
: Even my loins agree! See?
: Your tenderloins? I understand!
: S-Seriously, don't try to understand!
: How long has it been since I last swam in the sea?
: Allllllll riiiiiight! Let's go change!!!

Those of us who were excited to go swimming went to get their swimsuits from Usami and ran straight to the hotel to change.

: What are you going to do, Hajime?
: ...
: I understand how you feel, and I won't force you to do anything you don't want to do...
: But if you feel up for it, I'd be happy if you came along, too.

After he said that, Nagito ran over to the hotel as well.

Music fades out.

: ...

There is no danger on this island...

There is nothing tragic waiting to happen on this island...

Is that really true? If so...

Am I actually...wrong?

: Hmph.

: The plot will proceed once we speak with three different people.

: You're not gonna swim?
: Mmm, I'm like really, really sleepy right now...
: I-I see... It'd be a problem if you fell asleep while you were swimming.
: I'd probably drown.
: More like definitely drown...

But to be sleepy in a situation like this... She's sure got some bold nerves...

: You're not gonna swim, Byakuya?
: Of course not.
: However, don't think that makes us friends or anything. Our reasons couldn't be more different.
: Different reasons...?

: You cannot accept our situation because you're nothing but a coward, right?
: C-Coward...!?
: That Usami thing is not lying to us... You're starting to realize that, aren't you?
: Th-Then...why aren't you going to swim?
: I simply don't like ocean water. It's too salty.

That's not something to boast about... Little kids say the same thing when they don't want to swim.

So, it looks like she's staying, too... That's unexpected. She seems like the more active type.

: Hey, you're not gonna swim?
: Hm? Of course I am, why?
: Then why didn't you go with the others to change?
: I don't need to change. All I gotta do is take off my clothes.
: No, what about your swimsuit?

: There's no way I'm gonna wear somethin' as embarrassin' as a school swimsuit.

She's just...wrong about so many things.

: Soooo, let's hurry and swim!

With those words, Akane quickly began taking off her...whoa, hey!

: Hey there! Shameful behavior like that is a no-no! If you're going to swim, you gotta wear a swimsuit!
: Tch! What a pain!
: Phew...! Phew...!
: That makes three, so on with the plot.

: Ah! Speaking of which, everyone has returned!

As Usami said that, I turned around and... I saw a group of people wearing swimsuits jumping into the ocean and shouting with joy.

: Yaaaay! The sea!
: Aaah, the water is so cool. It feels great!
: Uah! Too salty! This water's too salty! It's not going easy on me!
: Heeeey, I got some suntan lotion from the supermarket. Would anyone like a rub down?
: Oh! You're quite considerate! Not then, will you apply it right away?
: Eh? Rubbing lotion on a muscular man...? All right, no problem! My tastes are pretty open, you know!
: You seem a little *too* open... Like you're covering too many bases by yourself.
: Mmhmhm... I'll make sure to slather you with lots and lots of oil.
: Wh-What is this feeling of intense bloodlust!?

It feels like a resort... There's no other way to describe it. Seeing the other students having all this fun...


: Yep yep! I'm very happy. Everyone seems to be getting along with each other, so I'm very happy. I thought this would be hard until everyone got used to this, but they're all acting like Ultimates!
: Let's keep up the pace and all go out best to peacefully enjoy this heart-throbbing school trip!

: ...

What's this feeling of alienation? I can't really put it into words...

Am I really...wrong about all this?

: ...Fine... I just gotta do it, right?
: Then...I'll do it! That's right, I'll do it!

: Hajime? Did something happen?
: Hey! Hand me one of those swimsuits!

Jeez, I can't believe I was the only one worrying! I feel like an idiot!

I'm gonna seriously enjoy myself and have fun!

: Heeeey you guys! Don't forget about me! Hey hey! Wait for me! Let me join in the fun!

: ...Wait, huh?

No Music.

Suddenly...the sky grew cloudy... Huh?

What is this!?

: What's happening...? These strange clouds... This doesn't look natural at all...!
: Eh? Huh...?
: Hey, what's going on? What did you do!? This is obviously not right! It was sunny just a few minutes ago!
: Wha...wha-wha-wha...

: Wh-What is this!?
: ...Huh?
: I didn't do anything... What is all this...? There's no way! Something like this shouldn't be happening!

...And, at that exact moment.

Just when it seemed like this couldn't get more confusing, it suddenly happened.

: Ahh, ahh...! Mike check! Mike check! Ah, ah! Ah, ah! Can you hear me, can you hear me?

That voice was so laidback and so gleeful that it seemed out of place. But, it was different than Usami's... As if an endless storm of malice could be felt raging behind that laidback voice...

The moment I felt it, my body shuddered.

: Puhuhu... Surprised? You were totally surprised! ...Riiiight? Now then, sorry to keep you all waiting for so long. Let's leave all this worthless entertainment behind... It's time for the main attraction! You guys better hustle over to Jabberwock Park!


: Could it be? This voice...! I-If this is... Oh, this is very bad. I gotta do something...
: It's all up to me! *leaves*
: H-Hey! Wait!

: It seems that...was an unusual occurrence...
: It's best if...we go, too... Jabberwock Park, was it? Let's hurry. *leaves*
: H-Hey! Wait! *leaves*
: B-But what about everyone who's swimming?
: There's no time to wait for them to change. I have a bad feeling about this... I'll head over first. *leaves*
: poo poo, just what the hell is going on...? I'll be really pissed if it's something loving stupid! *leaves*

What is this...? What the hell is going on...?

: O-Okay... Jabberwock Park...right?

: Boooo! There's just to many Mr. Crabs!
: Fiiiine, I'll just step on them later. *leaves*

You crabs better run while you still can...!


Aug 14, 2015

Aww, someone must be throwing everyone a surprise party in the park! How nice of them!

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

And Miss Usami. will be there too! Best school trip ever!!!

Jan 4, 2015

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.

Based on the previous game I would say that today's forecast is cloudy with a chance of heavenly spears.

Blueberry Pancakes
Aug 18, 2012

Jack in!! MegaMan, Execute!

Oh, good, I haven't actually seen the conclusion of Chapter 3 or the whole of Chapter 4.

It'll be nice to finally see those.

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

Qrr posted:

Aww, someone must be throwing everyone a surprise party in the park! How nice of them!

Ooh I hope there's a barbecue

Kinu Nishimura
Apr 23, 2008


Steve would just eat all of it. gently caress you Steve.

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

alcharagia posted:

Steve would just eat all of it. gently caress you Steve.

I don't think you're getting into the spirit of this exciting field trip

Aug 9, 2011

He plays for the dreamers that forgot how to dream, and the lovers that forgot how to love.

I think overall one of my favourite characters is Fat!Togami, but the reasons why are so wreathed in spoilers I cannot elaborate. Similar reasons for liking another character as well.

And speaking of Steve:

Jul 29, 2014

Go on an adventure ordained by fate?
-->Okay! I'll grab my stuff!


alcharagia posted:

Steve would just eat all of it. gently caress you Steve.

Nah, Steve would cook it all. Of course, he'd be trying to sneak a peek at the girls whilst doing so, so he'd probably burn it.

Oct 20, 2008

Game Over
Return of Mido

As we arrived at Jabberwock Park, Usami's shouting voice could be heard ringing throughout the park.

: Wh-Where are you!? Where are you hiding!?
: H-Hiding? Who are you talking to?

Music cuts out.

???: Puhuhuhuhu!

: ...Eh?
: Hey-hey! Where are you? Show yourself!

???: Ahhhh-hahahahahahaha!

Click here for a video!

: Why, hello there! Thank you all for waiting! Long time no see guys! I am Monokuma! I'm the headmaster of this academy!

: Voice Actor: Brian Beacock

: Ahem, now that I have made my dashing appearance, the first thing I need to say is...
: This is so friggin' lame! Lame, I say! Lamer than the lamest lamesauce!
: Oh, wait. Lamesauce!? Is that tasty?
: Just as I thought... It was you!
: Why is Monokuma here!?


: Aw shaaaadup!
: I'm livid, you know... And I'm about ready to barf thanks to your lukewarm attitude!
: Just what's with this "heart-throbbing school trip" crap anyway!? I'm bored! So hopelessly bored!
: This just ain't fun at all! You better knock off this farce right now!

: You've gotta make this, you the demands of the world. Nobody wants to see high school students living calm and peaceful lives. What everyone wants to see is...
: Other people's misery...and despair...
: Wh-What the hell is with this stuffed animal...!? Nothing he's saying makes any drat sense...!
: What...what is going on? What is that thing?

: Be careful, everyone! Stay back and leave this to me! I don't know why Monokuma is here, but as long as I have this Magic Stick--

Music cuts out.

: Yah! Opening!

: Hai-yaa! Hai-yaa!
: St-Stop...!
: Chi-yah! Chi-yah!
: Kyaaaaaaah!

: Dun-dun-dah-dahhhhh! VICTORY!
: Noooooo! My Magic Stick!
: Now then, what to do after my flawless victory... First of all, you're too plain. White rabbits are faaaar too plain. Soooo, I'm gonna make you in my image! Aaah-hahahaha!

: This is what happens when you defy me... I'll crunch ya! I'll bite ya! I'll rip you apart!
: Kyaaaaah! Stooooop it!
: Hey, hold still! This wooden stick...isn't gonna shove itself in, you know!
: Noooooooo! That's a no-no! THAT'S A BIG NO-NO!!!

: Taaa-daaa! ALL DONE!
: Wha-...! What is this!?

: I'm not supposed to look weird like this! Change me back to normal!
: My, my... Defying your big brother's fashion sense. Is Monomi a little troublemaker?
: ...Big brother? Monomi?

: Your current position is too wishy-washy, so I'm setting you to be my little sister, Monomi.
: ...Though it's only an external setting, after all.
: Wh-Why do I have to be your little sister!?

: ...Big sister, then? You wanna be the older sister that got separated at birth?
: Hmm, that doesn't really feel right... Yep, you're definitely more like a little sister.
: Soooo that's how it's gonna be... Monomi! From now on, if you ever disobey me, I will never forgive you!

: H-Hey! I won't let you make up your own settings!

: Stupid fool! Do you think you can win against me!?
: Owww! It hurts a lot when you punch me!

: How about that!? Now you've learned your lesson! this...? Living stuffed animals fighting each other... That's like, completely insane...!

: Ugh...if only I still had the Magic Stick, I could have totally beaten that awful Monokuma...
: Puhu! It's your fault for leaving yourself open! Even a one second opening is life-threatening on a battlefield.

: Hey...what's with this stupid performance...?
: Wh-Who friggin' knows...!
:'s obvious something bad is happening.
: Whaa-!? What is this!? What's going on!?

: Ugh... *Sob!*
: Huh? Now she's all weird-looking!
: Weird-looking...? She matches me now, you know! How insensitive...

: There's more of 'em!?
: Wh-What does this mean? What *is* that black and white tanuki...?
: I'm not a tanuki, I'm a bear! I'm Monokuma!

: I-I don't understand it myself, but...a new stuffed animal appeared? I mean...why is that stuffed animal even talking...?
: Seriously, I'm not a stuffed animal, I'm Monokuma! The headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy!
: Monokuma...?
: Did you say...headmaster!?
: appears everyone has gathered. Now then, as the headmaster, I shall make a formal declaration!

: From this point onward, the killing school trip will now commence!

Killing school trip...?

: A school trip where everyone gets along has no stimulation at all! And it's so drat boring! Nobody wants to play a game like that!
: You guys agree with me, right!?
: Sooooo, let's begin out killing school trip!

: Naturally, you guys are the contestants!
: K-Killing...contestants...?
: Wh-What are you saying!? I will absolutely, positively not allow such bloody events!

: Ugyaaaah! Owww! It hurts a lot when you kick me, too!

: Jeez... Your brain sure is tiny, Monomi! How many times do I have to tell you? Pay attention this time. Except in manga, a little sister is never smarter than her big brother.
: Ugh... Ughhhh...!
: Now then, we got off topic for a while, so let's go back to the explanation of the killing school trip.

: Wh-Wh-What do you mean, "killing school trip"...?
: Isn't it obvious? You guys are going to kill each other!
: Kill each other...I see...

: Wh-What are you saying!? That's impossible!
: Well, don't you think it's kinda lame and boring that you can't leave the island unless you all get along? So I'm changing the rules!
: If you want off this island, then please kill one of your friends! And then, make it through the class trial without getting caught!
: ...Class trial?
: That's right! The class trial is the real charm of this killing school trip!

: If one of you gets murdered... The surviving members must participate in the class trial! At the class trial, there will be a showdown between the blackened killer and the other spotless students. During the trial, you'll present your arguments about who you think the blackened is. The outcome will be decided by popular vote and if you arrive at the correct answer... Only the blackened killer will be punished. The rest may continue their school trip. However...if you choose poorly...then the one who got away with murder will survive, and the rest of you will receive your punishment. As far as the class trial rules go...that's all there is to it!

: Which means, if you kill someone and make it through the class trial, you get to live and leave this island. However, if you are found guilty during the class trial, then you will be punished.
: Puhuhu, it's a familiar but simple rule, right?
: You...keep repeating that word "punish" over and over. What's the deal with that?
:'s an execution!
: E-Execution!?

: The pleasing punishment that follows the class trial! This is one of the perks of the killing school trip. Puhuhu, what sort of spine-tingling punishments will we see? I can't help it, I'm already getting excited! There may even be some unique punishments, like impaling you through the head with a Thingamajig Claw!

: Ahem, any method is fine. Popular ones like bludgeoning, stabbing, strangling, and poisoning... To shooting, beating, running over, burning, bombing, slashing, drowning, electrocution, crushing, cursing... Please, choose whichever killing method you prefer. No time limit, so you can kill as you please... It's an All-You-Can-Murder Buffet... A theme park of murder...
: That's what this killing school trip is all about!
: ...!

I clutched my chest without realizing it. With each beat of my heart, a sharp, stabbing pain coursed through my body. I didn't understand...what was happening to me.

: D-Don't gently caress with me...
: Th-That's right! Who on earth would kill someone?
: I'm not ordering anyone to kill. Whether or not you kill someone is entirely up to you.
: But be careful! Youth doesn't last forever! It'll be too late if you guys wait till you're in your forties to start killing each other!

: I-I don't believe any of this... I don't believe any of this... I don't believe any of this...
: Wh-What if nobody ever gets murdered? Does that mean we'll never leave this island?
: Who knows!?
: Anyway, I'd like for you all to go through with this killing school trip in a healthy and positive manner.

: W-Wait just a minute! Why do we have to do this!?
: Well, it's obvious. There's a reason you all need to kill each other.
: ...Eh?
: Hold on... You've been running your mouth for quite some time now...

: I don't want to get violent, but if I do, I have no idea what might happen!

: What, a fight? Do I need to beat the crap outta that black-and-white bear?

: Who would dare try to kill...? I'll put a stop to it, with force if necessary.
: If you keep saying stupid stuff, the athletes in our group are gonna lose their patience!

: Ah, is that so...? Well, I guess I expected this reaction...
: If you guys wanna do things by force, then I'll have to fight back with a little force of my own...
: Force? What are you gonna do...!?

Music fades out.

: Surge... O gods who dwell between light and darkness... In accordance with our contract, I summon thee now...
: Come forth, Monobeasts!

Click here for a video

FPzero fucked around with this message at 00:22 on Aug 8, 2017

Mar 27, 2010

No one left uncured.
I got you.

Danganronpa 2 is a case study in sequel escalation.

Dec 17, 2013

I wish this was my Smash main.

Well, the good silliness was fun while it lasted. Monokuma is always bad news, after all.

Oct 9, 2012

No tears, only dreams.

Huh, that's some motivation. "Kill each other or my giant robots will kill you." At least the game didn't take long to drop the tropical vacation act.

Apr 1, 2011

Ambassador to Moonlandia

So Monokuma brought back up this time around? Interesting!

Also, it seems like Usami and Monokuma knew each other before this went down, is there like a race of stuffed animal robots that have powers to control the world?

Aug 14, 2015

ReturnOfFable posted:

Huh, that's some motivation. "Kill each other or my giant robots will kill you." At least the game didn't take long to drop the tropical vacation act.

It wasn't a real tropical vacation without murder. Everyone was going to get so bored of it.

Also in this update: Monomi being ineffectual.

Double Punctuation
Dec 30, 2009

Ships were made for sinking;
Whiskey made for drinking;
If we were made of cellophane
We'd all get stinking drunk much faster!

Wow. They really do expect you to have played the first game. Monokuma('s operator) isn't loving around this time.

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

Taco Defender

The first game had the 15/16 students thing which allowed for one to be controlling Monobear, but even from what we've seen now, it doesn't look like they'll be doing the exact same thing again. In the classroom there were 16 desks and 16 students. Now we have not one but two puppets interacting with people in front of all the students. So I'm not even going to bother trying to guess which students might possibly be controlling the puppets. I'm not even sure that's the case.

ReturnOfFable posted:

Huh, that's some motivation. "Kill each other or my giant robots will kill you." At least the game didn't take long to drop the tropical vacation act.

I think this is more like "Don't try to kill me or my giant robots will kill you."

One thing I noticed in Monobear's speech was the part where he said "No time limit". That's not important information now, though.

Jun 5, 2016

Watch as it's just Junko as the mastermind again, and she's like secretly not dead or something.

"You thought it was one of the new characters, but it was me! Junko!"

Aug 14, 2015

ManicVolcanic posted:

Watch as it's just Junko as the mastermind again, and she's like secretly not dead or something.

"You thought it was one of the new characters, but it was me! Junko!"

It turns out that Hajime is just Mukuro Ikusabe in a wig and makeup. Yeah, she's just that good at disguise!

Buried alive
Jun 8, 2009

FPzero posted:

: What...what is going on? What is that thing?

So...I guess the only connection between DR 1 and 2 is the same one that's between Dark Souls 1 and 2 (and 3?) Thematic things and cameos from previous games, but that's about it.

Double Punctuation
Dec 30, 2009

Ships were made for sinking;
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Buried alive posted:

So...I guess the only connection between DR 1 and 2 is the same one that's between Dark Souls 1 and 2 (and 3?) Thematic things and cameos from previous games, but that's about it.

Or he got mind wiped again, which the intro seems to imply.

Sep 21, 2002

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Double Punctuation posted:

Or he got mind wiped again, which the intro seems to imply.

I dunno. It was already hard enough to swallow "hey teenagers, you've lost two years of memories and didn't notice! Good thing every single one of you stopped growing two+ years ago." I think Togami would probably notice something odd if he gained 300 pounds overnight.

May 2, 2015

Or Byakuya had clones that were released to the world when the Togami foundation crumbled, you know pretty basic stuff if you just think a little.

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Aug 18, 2012

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Byakuya just had a big breakfast.

Also, Ibuki is great.

Oct 20, 2008

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Two things not related to this discussion but still important to the LP (well, one of them is) :

First, my Danganronpa 1 LP just went live on the LP Archive and I am very happy right now.

Second, and more importantly, I need to bring up Free Time Events with you all. I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle them this time around. In the first LP, I did events as I saw fit, sometimes at random and other times because I was trying to get specific skills. My explanation for skills is still a couple updates away from this point but let's just say that I don't have to worry about doing specific Free Times for specific skills as much this time around. As such, I'm considering thread votes for at least some of the Free Time events. I know that there are a lot more people reading this LP that haven't played the game or watched it all the way through, so it makes sense to me to allow some form of thread participation and let you all see the events of the characters that interest you the most. It also helps that I don't expect to be swamped by a huge wave of tumblr votes from manic fan communities like probably happened during orenronen's LP.

There are a couple potential hiccups in this plan though. One would relate to my actual process of recording and writing updates. If I allow thread voting on Free TImes, that means that I'll be unable to keep a backlog when Free Times are concerned, potentially slowing down the LP when we get to those points so that I can hold the vote, record the events using the results, and then write the updates. That said I think I have a couple options available to me here. I could either preempt the Free Time Events and hold generic votes at the start of the Chapter or a couple updates before the next set of Free Times to get a feel for who people want to see instead of waiting until the update that precedes the Free Times goes up and then holding the vote. Another option would be for me to make the decision for who to do one or two events with on my own based on either general thread discussion or leftover poll results from the previous chapter. Basically, I would choose a couple events and then you all would vote on the rest of the ones for that Chapter.

Another hiccup is character availability. This game is kind in that unlike the first game, where you could sometimes do a Free Time with someone even when they're not in the mood and not get credit for it, if someone is unavailable for a Free Time you simply won't be able to find them to even initiate an event. However, for a variety of plot reasons throughout the game, characters will come and go in terms of availability. This begs the question, do I make the poll and only list the characters that will be available or do I list everyone and if someone is unavailable but was the top vote in the poll is simply to go with the second highest vote and delay the top vote until they become available once more? I'm not too keen on listing who's available if I choose to post the polls ahead of time to give myself time to write a backlog since I don't want to give away accidental spoilers regarding who is and isn't available due to some story event that happens prior to Free Time.

The last issue I can think of is how many polls to post? My thought was to do one poll per Chapter and look at the highest scoring characters to determine who to visit with. The concern I have here is that if I do it this way, all I know is the top three or so characters and not if people want to do multiple events with a character in that chapter. I think orenronen's LP did one poll per Free Time and I can do that too if I don't mind running lots of polls.

There's really no good way to plan this out. If I do thread polls, I'm leaning towards doing one or two events without a poll (my choice) and one single poll for the rest of the events. There's also the option of not doing thread polling at all and saving myself a small headache. If anyone has any thoughts on this matter I'd love to hear them. Do you want thread voting for Free Time Events? I'm sitting at the Chapter 1 Free Times unsure of what to do and wanting to record again soon, especially since I'm slowly running out of a backlog now.

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Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

Usami decided to liven up our heart-throbbing field trip with some live theatre! How thoughtful of her

Aug 11, 2010

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I'm leaning towards no polls cause I don't really care what you do with free time events, so long as you get that one early one.

Dec 17, 2013

I wish this was my Smash main.

My suggestion would be, if you want to do thread participation, then at the start of each chapter, say how many free time events we'll get and who all is unavailable, then allow voting for who to go with for each event. So lets just say as an example...

"Chapter 1: 3 Free Times, Peko won't hang out with us." followed by...

"1: Fuyuhiko
2: Chiaki
3: Chiaki"

as votes for Fuyuhiko, then Chiaki twice. That's just my suggestion.

(though, since you mentioned being at free times.... (actual DR2 spoiler) Make sure to force one for Nagito so that his are even available at all later if you weren't already gonna. Alternatively just do Chapter 1's by your choice and then do voting for the rest. )

Dec 25, 2014

A vase to face encounter.

...Vase to meet you?



I'm fine with no voting. I'm bad at non binary decisions anyway.

Jul 29, 2014

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I'd suggest allowing chapter by chapter as SMaster said, but just sub in the second highest vote if someone isn't available for the slot they were voted. It think as long as it's understood how you're doing it up-front it shouldn't be an issue.

And maybe do a 1/3-1/2 split. So if there's 7 spots, have you pick 3 for yourself and the other 4 let the thread choose. Best of both worlds.

Sep 26, 2015

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I don't think thread participation is necessary, tbh. I'm assuming you intend to show all the free times anyway, same as the last LP.

That said, I hope you go for the one where Akane is eating the Monokuma curry. That's one of the funniest things in the game imo.

Buzzsaw Roomba
Feb 13, 2012

Christ, what an asshole.

I'm totally cool with leaving Free Time choices up to you, if that's what's best for your process.

Oct 21, 2010

Excuse me, I'm a gamer!!

Definitely do Free Time events as your choice

Sep 21, 2002

Wanna see a demonstration of my school? It's called "Eight Leaves, One Very Big Stick"!

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Yeah, go ahead and decide what to do on your own. It sounds much faster and simpler.

Aug 13, 2014

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Would it be possible to just record all the free time events, and then just post the ones that the thread votes for, or would that just be too much effort? If it is, then I think you just do the free time events that you want and not worry about it.

Feb 23, 2013

I vote for no votes.

Oct 20, 2008

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Well there seems to be a pretty clear consensus that I should just do it myself. In that case, I'll handle them on my own. That said, I'll try and gauge who the thread seems to like the most or is most interested in learning about as we go and do some character events based on that.

Cool. Well this means I can start recording again.

Sep 6, 2007

I vote for no votes as well since there's still going to be plenty of nudge nudge wink wink from the crowd who have already played both games so just go with what you feel is the best choices, FPzero.


Apr 1, 2011

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"Phuhuhu. Wow, everyone just decides to give up their right to vote. Well too bad! Its time for a Class Trial! and ya gotta vote for one of you to be punished!!"

But yeah, I agree with everyone FPzero, just go about the Free Time events how you want to, whatever makes things easiest!

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