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Sep 23, 2003

Fun Shoe

I didn't see a thread about this so I made a thread about this.

I work in the basement of an old prison. Since the building is "historical", they had to leave the prison bars on the windows. This creates a situation not unlike a Faraday cage, through which I get no cell reception. I still have internet and thus use mightytext to text friends about non-work stuff during the workday, but I'd like to be able to use my phone at my desk instead of leaving it in my car. So, I've been looking at cell phone signal boosters, and I am totally baffled. There's a huge number of them and I can't parse what they do and do not do, so I need techie help.

My situation:

- I have a desk, with power outlets. I desire to use phone at desk
- Phone is an LG V30+ on Sprint
- I get good signal immediately outside my office, maybe 40-50 feet away
- I can set up an antenna or something at my desk, but I can't run a cable from an outdoor antenna
- I could probably set up a wireless outdoor antenna, but I couldn't get power to it
- Budget is pretty much whatever but cheapest solution is best

so...any help?


May 13, 2009

No idea if a Sprint Magic Box would work for you. I normally see the indoor cell antennas plug into your internet but this one apparently sits in a window and acts as a repeater. Honestly you should call Sprint and explain your situation. If this won't work then maybe they have a more traditional indoor antenna, but then you would need IT's approval to plug it into your company network.

Mar 15, 2006

Why stay in the Cape when you can be in the WAVE?

Whatever you get it's going to have to be through Sprint because they use a shitload of frequencies that normal carriers do not. There's not going to be an off the shelf solution.

Don Lapre
Mar 28, 2001

If you're having problems you're either holding the phone wrong or you have tiny girl hands.

Does sprint/your phone support wifi calling?


Android Phones: Wi-Fi Calling is supported on most recent Android phones. To check if your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling, go to Settings to look for the Wi-Fi Calling option.

Parkour Lewis
Apr 10, 2002

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I really really do.

I'm having a very similar problem, but I'm living in a minihome built by a bunch of East Texas Mennonites that apparently built it to have almost the same Faraday Cage effect as the OP somehow, on top of the fact that I live on the edge of town so I don't get a *particularly* strong cell signal to begin with. I know it's the minihome and not the signal alone, because I can stand on my front porch and speak to people fine, but after I walk in the front door things get spotty and usually people can't hear me talk, or in the back of the house I get no cell connection at all. I'm on Cricket Wireless, who I believe resells AT&T service, and I'm not rich so I don't want to spend 500 bucks on a cell signal booster if I can help it.

Short version: Anyone know of a cheap signal booster for less than 100-150 bucks that will work with Cricket Wireless using a Google Nexus 6p? Thanks in advance.

Apr 21, 2008

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this is what I have. The antenna runs from outside into the box on the inside that rebroadcasts the signal, but you said you can't get power to it so I dunno. You'd have to know what frequency to get as well which someone said above could be a tangle

Parkour Lewis
Apr 10, 2002

Yes I wanna play.
I really really do.

That might be exactly what I need, thanks. I'll have to look up what frequency Cricket runs on, I guess.

Endless Mike
Aug 13, 2003

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Parkour Lewis posted:

That might be exactly what I need, thanks. I'll have to look up what frequency Cricket runs on, I guess.

Just find one that works with AT&T and it should work. This should work:


Oct 21, 2004

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Oh hey a thing I know about. Look up WeBoost - formerly Wilson. Their used products can be had on ebay for cheap. I have never used their indoor devices but their vehicle boosters are solid as poo poo. They can't make a signal appear where there's none, but if there's anything at all to grab onto and amplify they'll do it. They're universal, all US carriers are covered by their frequency range. It's POSSIBLE some weird regional carrier might stray outside it, but Sprint is definitely covered.

Basements are tricky no matter what. Do you have a window at all? Can you stick an antenna in it? Like not outside, but on a sill or something up against the glass. If not, just as up high as possible might work, on a shelf or something along the outside wall. Physically on your desk wouldn't work due to interference.

I and a bunch of people I know use boosting gear often and literally everyone uses Wilson hardware. I have never even heard of any of the weird single-carrier poo poo linked in this thread. I have a Wilson single-device cradle booster and a big mast antenna meant to be mounted on a semi's mirror bars which I attach to a backpack, and power the whole thing off a USB power bank. It looks dorky as poo poo but for walking around bumfuck nowhere looking for the one spot where the terrain aligns and gives you a shot at a cell tower so you can set up a temporary repeating station, it works amazingly well.

You can't talk on the phone with it though, or at least they tell you not to hold it up to your head. I'm not trying it.

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