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Oct 14, 2012

There are walls to the Impression Room "tunnel". If the 3 descend cooperatively, they should be able to make it down safely.

That said, if Reko is a fake, this isn't going to fly.


Mar 11, 2009

This?! This is a glorious dance! That has been passed down! In my family for generations!

PlasticAutomaton posted:

Okay NOW we can throw the doll Reko in.

I cannot imagine that Sara and Nao, of all people, would have it in them to push someone that looks and sounds just like Reko (even if they're confident it's a fake) into a spiked pit.

I doubt those two could push someone they genuinely hated (e.g. Sou).

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

NeoRonTheNeuron posted:

There are walls to the Impression Room "tunnel". If the 3 descend cooperatively, they should be able to make it down safely.

Oct 14, 2012

Exactly. :D Please let this happen.

Jun 3, 2007

I fight with
my brain
and with an
hatred of the
Noble Faction

Back in highschool I could definitely shinny all the way down something like that by myself, no rope needed. (Not sure I'd want to bet my life on it, but I might try to save some poor kid.) Not to be a perv, but they definitely have like, enough clothes between the three of them to make a rope all the way down if they're willing to strip. Hell, you could probably do it fairly modestly with just the jackets and apron. So long as you're falling only a little way, you should still be able to avoid the spikes.

Neddy Seagoon
Oct 12, 2012

Hi, Everybody!

NeoRonTheNeuron posted:

There are walls to the Impression Room "tunnel". If the 3 descend cooperatively, they should be able to make it down safely.

That said, if Reko is a fake, this isn't going to fly.

Given the way the game loves to pull fakeouts just to twist the knife in Sara and the player, what are the chances that Reko's been swapped back since the Room of Lies?

Feb 11, 2014

“But look, Nao... Could you really sacrifice yourself for this?!”

“I can't do it!! So... I'm just saying what I mean...!!”

“No! That's bizarre!”

“Please, stop it!! This isn't the time for a petty quarrel!”

“Reko... you've changed!! You were so... full of affection...!!”

“Don't act like you know me after how little we've been together!!”

“I'm... I'm me!! And I'm just accepting the facts...!”

“Both of you! Get a grip!!”

“Sara, please listen! I'm perfectly calm!!”

“There's something I kept quiet about...!”


“I know...”

Music stops.


“But I believed in Reko!! That's why I didn't tell anyone... I...!!”

“What're you talking about?! I've got no memory of that at all!”

(Kanna is right... This is no more than a feud! And yet... Nao seems abnormally serious about this...! Should I entertain this subject?!)

Extract statement from Nao.

“Reko is the one who broke Professor Mishima's monitor...! I saw it...!”

“I thought there must be some reason...! So I kept it all to myself...!”

“Please, continue...!”

“Once I finished talking to Professor Mishima, I left the Monitor Room... and I vowed I would never go back in there!”

“But... but...!!”

“I just couldn't bear it...! I wanted to talk to the professor again!!”

“Even knowing I shouldn't... My legs carried me to the Monitor Room...”

“But I wasn't able to enter...”

“A sound like shattering rang out! So I immediately hid myself in the lobby.”

“I froze up in fear, and Reko passed by without noticing me...”

“When I entered the Monitor Room afterward, Professor Mishima... was...”

“Reko must have punched with all her might and destroyed it!”

“But Reko just went on keeping it a secret...!”

“Just what is she hiding?!”

(Is Nao telling the truth..? What in the world...)

“Keiji, you did an investigation into the monitor, didn't you?”



“If you think that's what's important, Sara... Guess I'll talk.”


“Sorry to bother while you're hunkered down talking, but the venomous stinger's gonna fire real soon!”

“N... No way, meow!! Stop it, woof!!”

“Ahaha, I keep my promises!”

“Sara!! You... you still ain't got a plan?!”

“G-Give us a little more time...!!”

(Not good! We have less time than I thought...!)

Conflict Keiji against Reko.

Music stops.


“Reko... You should say it yourself already. Any further derailment's a waste of time.”

“W-What're you spouting...?!”

“...There's no reason to hide it. Isn't that right?”


“What do you mean...?”

“While Nao was witnessing the incident, hidden in the lobby...”

“I had a good spot to see everything... The whole conversation between Reko and Mishima.”

“Well, crap. Oh well...”

“...In addition, I must make a shameless request...”

“W-What's up? Tell me.”

“Wh...?! Don't be ridiculous!”

“I shall not hide any information from you.”

“I don't mean that! It's gonna make Nao cry! She'll never be able to see you again!”

“...That is the idea.”


“Nao resolved herself. She said she would never come back here...”

“If I am gone, the temptation will disappear.”

“I don't get it... Why would you... Don't you... wanna see her, too?”

“...The people who created me must be quite brilliant. Even an emotion like fear... is programmed into me.”

“If this monitor is destroyed... I will disappear. I am... very afraid of that...”


“Please, Miss Reko.”

“...I can't point a weapon at Nao's dead teacher...”

“She swung her fist with an unbearable look on her face.”

“But she couldn't confess it to Nao...”

“That... that's...!!”

“Why... Why didn't you tell me, Reko?!”

“Because of that, I... I suspected you...!!”

“Nao... Keiji...”

Music stops.


“I... seriously don't know anything about that.”


“I mean, do you see any scars like that on me?!”

“...You think it's under my gloves or something? Here, I'll show you!”

Reko removed both of her gloves. Her hands were clean, with not a scratch on them.

“There's... no wound...”

“But you were bleeding so much...! They couldn't be that clean after just a few days!”

“Were you guys... seriously seeing a fake or something...?”

“A fake...?”

“W-What do you mean?!”

“It's not that complicated. Heavy wounds don't just suddenly heal up, do they?”

“The Reko who destroyed Mishima's monitor... was a fake.”

(What's he saying?! This is turning bizarre...! Is there even a point in discussing this right now?!)


“Aren't you feeling fidgety, Sara? Can you carry on a discussion while this illogical mystery remains...?”


“Understood...! This is important! Let's discuss the possibility of a fake...!”

“Could the Reko who broke the monitor have been someone else in disguise...?”

“With her tone and behaviour, it could only be Reko. Her voice was definitely Reko's too... hmm.”

“Whoever has a wound on their hand... There's your fake.”

“But... Was there any reason for someone to pretend to be Reko and visit Professor Mishima?”

Extract statement from Kanna.

“Could the Reko who broke the monitor have been someone else in disguise...?”

“After all... Reko wears enough makeup that you could look like her if you wore it too...”

“None of us can obtain her clothes... So none of us could dress up like her!”

(Dress up...? Come to think of it... Haven't I heard the words dressup doll recently...?)

Extract statement from Sou.

“Whoever has a wound on their hand... There's your fake.”

“Get it? Reko broke the monitor with her fist.”

If she got a wound... It should be on the back of her hand.”

“So there's someone hiding a wound there.”

“And come to think of it...”

“Though he's a guy... He's got a similar frame to Reko.”

Music stops.

“Time's way up. Dumbasses.”

“S-Say what?!”

“H... Hold on...!”

“No, woof!! Spare me, meow!!”

“Ahh... No way... Gin!!”

“H-Hey!! You're kiddin' me... Hold on...!!”

“...Aaaa... aaaaa...”

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

This game is exactly interesting enough that I await every update but not quite enough where I go looking for spoilers. :munch:

Jan 19, 2017

tomanton posted:

This game is exactly interesting enough that I await every update but not quite enough where I go looking for spoilers. :munch:

It helps me a lot that HydroSphere is getting the updates out so quickly. There’s never a big enough wait for me to feel like I need to see what happens next.

Oct 14, 2012

If this leads to a game over, it'd be nice to see us being punished for our lack of priorities.

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

NeoRonTheNeuron posted:

If this leads to a game over, it'd be nice to see us being punished for our lack of priorities.
Call that fried herring.

Goon Boots
Feb 2, 2020

PMush Perfect posted:

Call that fried herring.


Feb 11, 2014

”Whoa, he got pricked! Couldn't save him, eh, Q-taro...?”


”Hey, it's fine! I'd say it's natural to pick your own hide over a cheeky brat!”

Music stops.

“W-What do you mean?!”

“There's five poison stingers in all! And it's set up to fire one every so often... But one stinger's worth of venom isn't that strong!”

“So there's still a chance he can be saved...!”

“So whether a kiddo like this can survive two...? That's a mystery yet to be answered.”

Music stops.

“Let's continue our discussion! We don't have time to take out our anger!!”

Conflict Kanna against Sou.

Music stops.

“There is someone who could get Reko's clothes.”


“We can't get into Reko's room, so of course we couldn't steal her spare clothes.”

“But it's not us who brought those spares... The kidnappers prepared them, didn't they?”




“And the one with a similar frame, who could hide the wound with a glove, is...”

“You, Ranger. The Dressup Doll.”

“It can't be...!”

“Ranger was Reko's fake...?!”

“I get it. Him being the “Dressup Doll”... Wouldn't be so strange for him to have the ability to do perfect impersonations.”

Music stops.


”Ahahahahaha!! Hahahahah!! Hahahahahaha!! Ahaha...!!”

“So stupid...”

“Ahh... I love pointless chatter...”



“Then... Why don't you show us what's under that glove?!”

“Sure thing!”

With that, Ranger removed the glove... And showed us a completely uninjured hand.

“Satisfied now?”

“No way...”

“Aaah...! Then sure enough, there wasn't a fake!”

Music stops.

“Not necessarily.”



“I could tell from Miley too. What you've got in common is...”


“That's why you're touching on the topic, but cleverly talking around it...”

“But I noticed.”

“....Noticed whaat?”

“Ranger, just now...”

Music stops.



“If you can't say it, that's the same as confessing. There is a fake Reko.”

“What the poo poo?!”

“And it's relevant to this final attraction, too.”

“Huh... Where's your proof?”

“I can feel it.”

“The wound on Reko's hand... is the only clue the AI Mishima left us.”

“Feels like his intentions are shining some light on us all.”


“But... How could Reko's fake be related to this attraction...?”

“Listen, Sara.”

“If the Reko who injured her hand was real...”

Music stops.

(...Eh...? That would be... The Reko... with no injury...?)

“The Reko in front of us... is the fake...?”

“Wha?! Don't be stupid!!”

“Yet Ranger said “that Reko” who punched the monitor, was real...”

“W... Whaaat?! How does that figure?!”

(I can't imagine it either...! The person in front of me is clearly Reko! Even so... The matter of the injury can't be passed off as “just my imagination”!! If you think logically, this person has to be a fake...!!)

“Can you prove you're the real one, Reko?!”

“I'm Reko!! No matter how you look at it, I'm real, ain't I?!”

“Please, Sara, don't confuse people with your weird ideas...!”

“Then... give me proof...”

Music stops.


“Please, quit this foolishness! Don't you bully Reko any more!!”

“If you want evidence, I'll give it as her brother!! That is the real Reko!!”

“W-What's your proof?!”

“Keiji! You've been tricked by Ranger!!”


“That Reko... was real! This Reko... is also real” That's what Ranger meant!!”

“This is a trap, I tell you!! One meant to ensnare Reko!!”


“Listen to me! Sara Chidouin!!”

“I'm not panicking...! I'm making a composed judgement!!”

“I've been with her for 20 years! Even through makeup... I can see her true identity!!”


“Please...! Believe me, Sara!!”

Alice is staring me in the eye.

(He's... not lying...!)

“Don't listen to him, Sara!!”

“Otherwise... Someone will absolutely have to be sacrificed!!”

(That's true...!)

“So... so...”

Music stops.


“Nao! Are you... trying to frame me...?”

“That there is the real Reko!! If she were a fake wearing a disguise... I, her brother, would know!!”

“If this Reko is a fake... When are you saying she was switched with the real Reko...?”

“Someone could only have taken Reko's place when she was alone... Was there any such time?”

Use Web of Happiness on Sou.

Music stops.

“This Web of Happiness, that broke apart earlier... I got this when I went with Reko into the Room of Lies...”

(That's right... I remember.)

(The lights went out...)

(I heard Reko scream...)

(For just a short time, Reko was by herself in the Room of Lies...! And the Reko that left the room was still wearing gloves on both hands!)

“That's right...!”

“At the time she left the Room of Lies... Reko had already been replaced!!”

“Sa... ra...!!”

“The lie in the Room of Lies... wasn't just the Web of Happiness.”


“I get it... Then there was more to that room than just putting out a dummy item.”

“...Say, Reko, shouldn't you give up soon?”

“Or... You don't mean to deny Miss Sara, do you...?”


“No, Reko!! Disprove her, please!!”

“If you're saying I'm a fake...”

Music stops.


“There's the nine of us here. And even Ranger and Safalin...”

“If someone took someone else's place, there'd have to be fewer people, right?!”


“Ranger, please tell us...! Is there any person on this floor we haven't met yet...?”

No human you haven't met will be making an appearance here.”

“It can't be...!”

(That can't be right!! We were just a step away... But I don't know who this fake really is!)

“...Sara Chidouin. Cease your doubting.”

(Alice... It's not as if I believe her own brother could mistake her, either... But... no, wait. Sure enough... Am I... uncertain? That maybe, I've had a huge misunderstanding...)


(Keiji is bewildered, too...)

“If their identity is a person Kanna and everyone has already met, then...”


“But... but...!! If we worry over this any more, Gin will...!!”

“We need to drop the fake!!”



“Didn't she say it earlier? Me and Sara went in the Room of Lies together.”

“Only I was replaced with a fake...? How can you say that for sure, Nao?!”

“I mean...!!”

“Nao! Don't give in to her arguments!”


“Don't be fooled, Nao...! Sara's trying to trick you so the two of you can push me down!”

“Don't be absurd!! That's the real Reko!!”

“Err... umm...!!”

“Nao, please!! It's riding on you!!”

“Pant...! Pant...! Pant...!”

(The fake is appealing to Nao to protect herself...! In that case... We have to have a fair and square discussion!!)


“I challenge you...! If I'm mistaken... Cut me down with the blade of logic!!”

“Let's do it, Sara...!! I'll open up your clouded eyes!!”

(This person... is a fake...!)

“I've been with Alice ever since I was born!”

“No, you must have been apart for at least as long as Alice has been in prison!”

“That's only 2 and a half years!!”

“That's plenty of time for a person's thoughts and personality to change!! And yet Alice keeps saying you're no different! It's simply him who's convinced of that!!”


“We split up the stuff inside among us equally!”

“Was it really equal?! You took most of the Clear Chips we got in the Room of Lies, Reko!! And after that, did you really share the Clear Chips with anyone else?!”

“W... Well...!!”

“That greed... isn't like the real Reko!!”


“The monitor thing ain't important!!”

“No, there's a discrepancy between the wound Reko got on her hand and your memory! That's exactly why even Keiji is adamant about there being two Reko's! Nothing could be more important!!”


“You're all being tricked by Ranger's word games!”

“No, Keiji saw through Ranger's word-twisting and refuted him! And Ranger was unable to clearly say that there was no fake...! Shaking and vexed, he couldn't say it!!”


“Listen, even if we say somebody we haven't met has replaced me as a faker... Ain't that a contradiction in itself?!”

“The nine of us, Ranger and Safalin, ain't that everybody?!”

“Wait a second! There is one more person we don't see here! The person at the Prize Exchange who called himself the Receptionist Doll!!”

“Huh...?! The guy with the mustache?!”

“That's right! The forgotten final person...!”

“Hold up! That guy clearly ain't human, right?! He's never got any expression, and he's called the drat Receptionist Doll!!”


Music stops.

“Enough! It's useless to discuss this any more!”

“Are you trying to run away?!”

“No...! But no matter how much we talk, you can't clearly tell me who this fake or whatever really is!”


“Come on... Say it already. Who am I?!”

(No humans we haven't met will appear... Humans...?)

“Why did she say... humans...?”

(Not... human?)

It's an unthinkable, absurd idea. But something's lodged itself in my head.


“If you could combine an artificial intelligence with a doll...”

“You could create a completely perfect fake!!”

“H... Huh?!”

“Sara, settle down!! Do you know what you're saying...?!”

“I was... I was always wondering... Why did something like an AI of Professor Mishima even exist...?”

“Maybe... this facility... The kidnappers organisation...”

“A doll that looks just like Reko... and an AI that recreates Reko's personality. The result of combining those two things is... An impostor Reko!!”

“Are you being serious, Sara Chidouin?!”

“I am...!”

“Your claims are an utter mess!!”

“Guys, Sara's lost her cool! We should drop this whole thing!!”

Music stops.






(...No dice... huh. I wasn't... able to persuade everyone. Gin... I couldn't...)

“Now... that's interesting.”


“It's a bold idea. The kind of absurd conclusion only you could come to, Sara...”


“Mr. Policeman's ever your ally, Sara.”

“Sheesh... Nothing for it. I can't think of any other way to break the deadlock.”

“I'll sum it up simply.”

“The Reko who broke Mishima's monitor was real...”

“And in the Room of Lies, the real and the fake Reko got swapped.”

“So this Reko here is a fake... And you infer she's actually a doll copy.”

“...But she won't recognise it.”

“It's true, Professor Mishima's AI was perfect... I could imagine it was the real professor there...”

“I'll prove that I'm a human, alright?! What do you want?! I'll do anything!!”

“Why didn't the AI of Mishima... have any memory of us, I wonder...?”

“Naturally the personalities of the AIs are based on the real people's, right?”

“Real humans change in personality and gain memories. The AIs should need updating, too...”

Extract statement from Reko.

“I'll prove that I'm a human, alright?! What do you want?! I'll do anything!!”

“Tell me something a machine or a doll definitely couldn't do!”

“And I'll do it with ease!! I'll open your eyes, Sara!”

“I want you to sing a song!!”

“A song?! Okay, got it!!”

“Singing is my life... So open those ears!!”

Her song echoes through the room.

In it, I sense a certain feeling... “I want you to believe me.”

(I've never heard a song from Reko's band, so I can't compare her singing with the real deal... Even so... Could a doll perform vocals so full of emotion...?!)

Use Band Breakup Article on Reko.

Music stops.

(Have I... finally found it? The discrepancy other than the injury on her hand... The border line... between the fake and real...!!)

“...Reko. Let me confirm just one thing.”

“W-What is it...?!”

“Obviously!! I only sing my own songs!”

“Alice... You noticed.”


“Please... read this.”

“W-What's that scrap of paper...?!”

“...! This is...”

“Don't be stupid! Of course I remember this! It's from after Alice was arrested...!”

“...My heart...?!”

“Reko... Alice's arrest came as a shock to you! So much so... that you couldn't sing your band's songs anymore...!”

“...I... couldn't sing...?!”

“Read it, please! It says it right in the article! Alice was a member in your previous band, right?”


“That's why you couldn't do it anymore! Reko couldn't sing songs that reminded her of her brother!! And yet... you proudly sang for me a song from your old band!!”

“What's the meaning of this?!”


“So I'm sure you do have the memory of your band's breakup... But... your personality only got refreshed once every three years! If the last update was over 2 and a half years ago, then...!”

“It would be... before my murder case!”

“That's right! Before the incident that made Reko unable to sing, forcing the band to break up!!”

“Stop it...!”

“In other words...”

Music stops.

“I... I'm... I'm... real... A fake...? A doll...? Wrong...!! That's wrong!!”

“Because...! I...!!”

“My memories...!! My feelings...!!”

“My pain...!! All of us helping each other...”

“Am I... a fake...?”


“That can't be right!! It ain't possible...!!”

“What else didja want me to do? The concept for the Room of Lies was “once you see through it, it's over,” okay?”

“I-I'm still half-believing... That Reko is a doll?”

“Reko... no, the fake... was a ruse... meant to deceive us...?”

“Hmm... Wouldn't quite say that.”

Music stops.

“...I'll explain it for ya.”

“Day broke and the real Reko went with Sara into the Room of Lies.”

“After that, it was the fake waltzing around... But there were two problems. First was that the memory updates hadn't caught up. Since the real Reko came to the Room of Lies less than a day after breaking the Mishima monitor... The memory of her smashing it never got put in! Second was that her last personality update was 2 years and 8 months ago.”

Music stops.

“Ah well... Not much you can do about that stuff.”

“Where's the real Reko...?!”

“Who can say? Try the Room of Lies?”

“Aww... Already only concerned for the real one?”

”Makes me feel bad for the fake Reko here.”


“H-Hey... You solved it, right?! Hurry...!!”

“Yes, yes, hurry up!”

“...T... That...”

“W... Wait!! Wait a sec!!”

“I'm... alive too...!!”

“Is this... part of the emotion program, too?”

“Ahahaha! You got it!”

“Awful... Awful!! Isn't this just too cruel...?!”

“She's not a fake at all...! She's another Reko! She's alive...!!”

“Sara!! Make it quick!!”

(What now?! What do I do...?!)

“Sara! Stop it...!! I... I thought you were my friend...!!”

  • We still have a choice; should we push Reko onto the spikes? This decision will affect the rest of the game.

Sep 30, 2018

Legendary Luminary

This decision kinda reminds me of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where there was a trial to determine if the android Data had the rights that a human had. Here we see a similar situation, if far more deadly. Does Doll Reko have the right to live? She's basically human after all.

I don't want to let Gin die, as he doesn't deserve it, but can I vote to sacrifice Doll Reko? Gonna hafta go with No. She's got the right to decide for herself what she wants to do. I'm hoping she can sacrifice herself, as I feel like the real Reko might be capable of doing.

May 31, 2013

How did this smug dummkopf ever make general?

We have to kill Doll Reko. There are two Rekos, and only one Gin. She might be basically human, but there's still a great chance the actual human is alive. The floor masters don't seem to arbitrarily kill without making it in some way our fault, so I wouldn't be surprised if Nao ends up tackling her down into the pit. Which means the vote is probably between keeping Nao or Original Reko. I also don't foresee Doll Reko surviving either way.

Nov 4, 2014

I won this avatar on a technicality this thick.

I say spare her.

Smiling Knight
May 31, 2011

If the doses are only enough to cumulatively kill someone, shouldn't it be possible for Qtaro and Gin to swap midway, saving both of them? Especially because Qtaro is such a huge guy, he should be able to take three, maybe four and live.

Oct 4, 2015

Cuz I'm a creep
I'm a weirdo
What the hell am I doin' here
I don't belong here

I'm sorry, Doll Reko... but we need to save Gin.

Push her.

Oct 14, 2012

No because it's too soon to give up, and there could be other avenues to explore.

It's not like we're out of time for the next shot, right? There might be a 1:4 or 2:3 split where both Gin and Q-Taro can survive all of the poison. And is it really guaranteed that pushing Reko down there will save Gin? How about tossing the floor tile (or web of happiness) onto the shooting machine so that it misfires?

In any case, if this isn't a real branching point, then Nao or fake Reko will do it for us. (Or the pushing could just fail.)
EDIT: The OP's update is marked to say that this is a real decision, but my cynical side is already in despair. Sara's other major decisions have basically had no effect so far.

NeoRonTheNeuron fucked around with this message at 00:02 on Apr 11, 2020

placid saviour
Apr 6, 2009

Sword_of_Dusk posted:

This decision kinda reminds me of an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where there was a trial to determine if the android Data had the rights that a human had.

The Measure of a Man - one of the finest golden age Star Trek episodes made. Man, I wish they still made 'em like that. I like Discovery and Picard superficially, but it's just not the same...

Push her.

Jan 19, 2017

Smiling Knight posted:

If the doses are only enough to cumulatively kill someone, shouldn't it be possible for Qtaro and Gin to swap midway, saving both of them? Especially because Qtaro is such a huge guy, he should be able to take three, maybe four and live.

I think this is it. It says the maximum amount would be able to kill a man and Gin's already taken one. Makes me think that Qtaro would survive the 4 left.

Also, Ranger's pushing us to push Reko, which pretty much automatically means that it's a bad idea.

So to actually vote, Spare Her

May 5, 2011


Yeah, it seems like we could at least flip for a couple of shots. Though I was expecting that to come up more as a time passing cost/progress meter.

Voting No, spare her but I'm not sure I can justify either course.

Nov 11, 2012

NeoRonTheNeuron posted:

In any case, if this isn't a real branching point, then Nao or fake Reko will do it for us. (Or the pushing could just fail.)

look closely at the last line of the update, it clearly states that it's an important decision.
With that in mind push, while we can say that fake Reko is almost a human, she is however worth less, as unlike normal humans, she can be rebuilt or repaired, or have her memory of this whole debacle erased.

Aug 11, 2010

Living in a lighthouse
The lions and the lambs ain't sleeping yet

Goddamn now this is a choice

I don't think pushing her is a very bad choice or anything, given the situation, but I'm really curious to see what the game does if we embrace the idea that even the "fake" deserves to be treated like a human. That Mishima AI sure displayed a whole shitload of humanity and courage, hey.

Spare her.

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

Since I’ve already played, I know the outcomes. I considered making a vote for the one I did before, but that says things, too.

I’ll abstain.

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Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

Push her. We honestly have no idea that the fall will even kill a doll, whereas we are absolutely certain someone will die if the needles keep firing (trying to flip midway is definitely going to just result in them both dying). Pushing's the only option that's likely to result in saving a human's life, so we should go for it.

Additional metalogic, spoilering cause it's maybe not the best argument: logically, given the time mechanic I'm not sure there would be a mechanical difference between "sparing her" and "letting time run out", which would make "pushing her" the "reward" for solving the puzzle in time and thus inherently the better option. Alternately it's a trap set by the creator, but I don't have the impression this is that sort of game.

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Oct 2, 2013


Push her. Sucks to be her, but Q-taro probably isn't gonna sacrifice himself and Gin is a child. Fake Reko is more or less human, but killing her is still the lesser evil.

Jan 6, 2013

Do not push. There could still be other options and there's always muscle gorilla. If it would take all five to kill him (and it should he has the most constitution here) I would wager he should be... alive after four, at the very least.

Goon Boots
Feb 2, 2020

Well, if Keiji is right and the floor dolls can't lie about the important stuff, then we still have Rio's word that if we do things right "no one will have to die".

I'm thinking that might include this fake Reko - Fakeo if you will.


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Feb 11, 2014

They're all dolls, aren't they?

Mar 10, 2018

They say money can't buy happiness, but it sure does help.

There isn't really a "good" option in this case. That much should be clear. But as it stands, here's the logic I used when I played it myself.

Fake Reko doesn't deserve this in the slightest, but she's not considered by our Floor Masters to be part of the players. She's been inserted to shake things up, cause discord. She was intended as a construct of the Room of Lies. Thus, we can't really have faith that when they said that everyone can theoretically survive this attraction, that includes Fakeo. Meanwhile, Gin's trapped on the wheel, is a clearly intended player, is a poor middle schooler who I have nothing but affection for, and may not survive the next needle. Q-Taro could flip it, but how can we have faith that he's going to hit the button and take on the pain? He's the high scorer because he was clearly willing to sell his integrity, the laptop that was Kai's will, and pretty much everything in order to try and accumulate 200 tokens. He's been too much of a coward to hit the button to protect the much smaller Gin so far even after one of those needles fired, even though he's much bigger and tougher and comes from an orphanage background that clearly shows he's supposed to have experience/empathy for kids.

We don't have time, and we can't have faith in Q-taro. Nothing about this is good or fair. But we need to save Gin. We need to push her.

Goon Boots
Feb 2, 2020

wologar posted:

They're all dolls, aren't they?

Also this.

And I wonder when the grand prize ticket to the surface will come into play.

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girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

So far...

Push: 7
Spare: 8
Abstain: 1

It's pretty close.

Edit: I'm also willing to act as a tiebreaker, if need be.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Goon Boots posted:

Well, if Keiji is right and the floor dolls can't lie about the important stuff, then we still have Rio's word that if we do things right "no one will have to die".

I'm thinking that might include this fake Reko - Fakeo if you will.


I was thinking the same. Every single time we've had a game that could've been solved without a death, someone ruined it to save their own hide despite Sara's effort. This time Sara gets the decision to sacrifice someone instead. Not Sou the sociopath, not Mishima who willingly killed himself twice, but Sara, that is, the player.

Let's pursue our happy ending. This time, we get the chance to. No more deaths, no matter what they may be. Spare Reko, and from there, save both of the captives.

Akratic Method
Mar 9, 2013

It's going to pay off eventually--I'm sure of it.

Any day now.

Push her

She’s an AI, they can spin up a copy if they care to, so it feels a lot less like killing than choosing to make a child take a poison dart to the face.

Mystic Mongol
Jan 5, 2007

Your life's been thrown in disarray already--I wouldn't want you to feel pressured.

College Slice

wologar posted:

They're all dolls, aren't they?

Given that they're all dolls and they've been doing this for centuries, probably, Spare her. I still think those win rates are descriptive and not predictive.

But even if they're not all dolls, unless you've somehow solved the Chinese room argument, she has asserted that she is alive and has feelings, and we've got no reason to believe otherwise.

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May 2, 2008

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Spare because murder is bad :(

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

If Sara doesn't push Fakeo and the real Reko comes back to find Gin died so her past personality doll could be spared, she'll never forgive Sara and probably everyone else will be harder pressed to support Sara too in the upcoming Main Game. We can't depend on Q-Taro willingly taking the other four shots either even if he can withstand them all. It sucks that it's her or Gin, but Gin's death will hit everyone harder. Push her.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

Push her.

As much of an ethics quandary as this is, what's clear is that Gin probably can't take another shot and Q-Taro is too much of a coward to do the right thing. Meanwhile Fakeo here was designed as a trap to get someone killed, and is not the ten year old that only deserves headpats.


Jan 13, 2015

Spare here! Mostly because I didn't on my playthrough, and I wanna see how this pans out.

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