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Apr 29, 2013

Soon the city will be overrun by KITTENZILLAS!!

I like that Alice and Reko both make different decisions about the memory wiper. It really shows the difference in their feelings at the time. Reko has forgiven her brother, so she chooses to move forward accepting everything he did. Alice, on the other hand, never got that closure, so he chose to forget. Neither option is truly "bad" or "wrong", but I'm interested in seeing what effect that choice has on their routes.


Feb 11, 2014

Talk to Q-taro.

“Huh, Q-taro...?”

(Is he asleep?)

“Muscle gorilla...?”

“It's okay... He's breathing!”

“But he's not conscious...! Why in the world...?!”

Investigate blue object on the ground.

There's some strange device on the ground.

“Big sis Sara!! I've seen this on TV, meow!!”

Music stops.

“Say what...?!”

“If it touches you, you get zapped and can't move, meow...”

“And also... It's got a label saying “one use,” meow.”

“No way... Did someone use this to knock out Q-taro?”

(What happened here...?!)

Investigate tablet.

There's a tablet on the ground.

“I'll pick this up...”

(Is this Q-taro's tablet...? Why is it on the floor?)

Investigate Q-taro.

Q-taro has passed out in the chair.

“At any rate... We can't leave him like this.”

“Yeah... But can you carry him, meow?”

  • Realistically, there's only two people who may be able to carry Q-taro, but why not see if Sara can throw her back out or something.

“Okay... Ready, set...!”

He's too heavy to even lift.

(I was able to carry Alice, though...!)

  • There's a 26kg difference in weight between the two; Alice – 79kg / 174.2 lb. Q-taro – 105kg / 231.5lb.

“Yeah, we should call someone, meow...”


“What happened here...?!”

“We can explain later... Q-taro is okay, right...?”

“I see...”

“...We'll meet up in the lobby later, Sara.”


“Do what you gotta... alright?”

“Thank you very much...!”

Investigate Q-taro.

Q-taro has passed out in the chair.

“He's about 220 pounds, right...?”

“Seems more like a pro wrestler than a baseball player to me.”

Sniff at Q-taro.

*Sniff sniff *....

“I get a little bit of a burnt smell from his clothes, meow...”

Music stops.

(I think I've called everyone now...)

“Is there really an exit...?”

“Let's believe in Sou...!”

(Everyone's gathered...)

Sniff at Keiji.

*Sniff sniff sniff*...

“Smells like a gorilla, meow!”

“...That's 'cause I've got a gorilla on my shoulder.”

Sniff at Kanna.

*Sniff sniff sniff*...

“A... Ahhh!! Don't sniff me, please!!”

“I'm not doing it 'cause I want to either, meow!! Don't treat me like a pervert, woof!!”

“Gin... You don't have to sniff her to tell that Kanna smells nice.”

Sniff at Nao.

*Sniff sniff sniff*...

“Smells like big sis Nao, meow!”

“That is a good thing, isn't it?!”

Sniff at Alice.

*Sniff sniff sniff*...

“Whaaa... It's a wastefully good smell, meow...”

“Hmph... Cleanliness is crucial for a man.”

Talk to Keiji.

“Seems Q-taro still hasn't woken up.”

“It's like he's in a deep sleep.”

“I'm worried whether he'll wake up...”

“It's fine. If it comes down to it, we can try splashing water on him.”

(What is this, gym class?)

Talk to Kanna.

“Um... Sara...”

“Sou's working to get us out of here, right...?”

“Exactly. We're finding ourselves depending on Sou, but...”

“...I'm sure he'll do it.”

(Kanna... So you believe him.)

Talk to Alice.

“You there, Sara Chidouin.”

“I heard we can escape... Is it true?”

“It's true... We found a lead toward escaping.”


“I see...!”

“...What? Aren't you happy?”

“Oh, sure...”

(I hardly feel any vengeful thoughts coming from Alice now...)

Talk to Nao.

“I hope the Floor Master doesn't find out about this plan...”

“If Gashu saw us, that would be bad, wouldn't it...”

“After the incident with the fake Mishima AI... They might soon notice something's going on...!”

“Let's keep Gashu busy.”

“Come to think of it... When we passed each other, he was looking for Safalin.”

“If they get talking to each other, we may have some time.”

(I see...)

“Um... Sara.”

“It seems Sou headed toward the Monitor Room...”

Huh?! Don't tell me the secret room's there...!”

“Maybe...! Would you go check on things?”

(Okay... The Monitor Room it is!)

Music stops.

“Big sis Sara! Let's check it out, meow!!”

Investigate the ladder.

Investigate picture.

A portrait of a man.

Investigate papers on table.

Papers titled "The Floor Master's Code."

(Misconduct during the Main Game...? This is the first I've heard of that. If a participant transgresses, they die as penalty... And if a Floor Master does, it's a 24-hour extension? That seems to be how you'd interpret it... Talk about unfair rules.)

Investigate the green book.

A memorandum titled "That Incident."

Music stops.

(First trial...?!)

(This is describing the same things we had to go through...!!)


The message ends here, half-written.

(What in the world is this book...?)

Investigate monitor.

The monitor reflects the computer screen.

Speak to Sou.

Sou is fiddling with a computer set up in the room.

“Is this the secret room...?”

“Yeah... No doubt about it, it's Gashu's room.”

“I'm using Ranger's chip right now to neutralize the security.”

“Can you actually do that?!”

“Yep... This chip's amazing stuff.”

“It's got a lot of important data that could probably be misused.”

“Almost makes me think Ranger was intended to inherit all that data.”

“Was he going to be a successor or something...?”

“I wonder if he was... a stand-in for a son...”

“Well... Not that it really matters.”

“The hacking is still going to take some time. Could you keep an eye out below for anyone coming?”

“I'll keep watch, meow!”

“Big sis Sara, you watch the loner, woof!”

(Sure, "watch Sou," you say...)

Talk to Sou.

Music stops.

“I did it...!”

“I did it, I did it! It went great, Miss Sara!!”

“I'm in the depths of their security now!”



“...Quit it with the weird chipperness, Miss Sara.”

(Even though you went along with it...)

"Things are going to get a little difficult from here."

“There's more...?”

“It'll be fine. Just wait there.”

Sou stooped over further and began to work on the computer.

(He seems so... lively.)

“What's the matter?!”

“There's been a little problem...”

“Miss Sara, could you help me out?”


“See the four monitors in this room? There's going to be red error screens appearing on them. When you see one, tell me right away so I can fix it!”


“Tell me when you're ready.”

“Okay! Leave this to me!”

  • This is another fairly simple game, just click on the red screens until the top bar is filled. If the lower bar empties before the top bar is filled, it's a game over.

Music stops.

“Ahaha...!! It worked!! It worked, Sara!!”

“You succeeded?!”

“Of course! Ahaha!”

“You probably can't tell at a glance... But things are getting really outrageous.”

“Eh? Hold on, go... where?!”

(I just have to follow him...!)

Investigate computer.

I'm looking at the computer screen, but I can't sense any particular change.

(Did he really hack in with this...?)

“Don't leave us, woof! Loneeer!!”

Music stops.

(What's this...?!)

“Meooow?! They're showing everybody, woof!!”

“Huh...? What's the matter, everyone?”

“Yaaawn... Man I'm bored... You wanna talk about somethin'?”

“Hmph... You're awfully busy, it seems.”


“How interesting... Looks like the AI control system broke too.”

“Sure enough, the hacking was a complete success.”

“Are we leaving them like this, meow...?”

“...If you wanna say farewell, make it quick. I'll be in the lobby.”

Talk to Alice.

“Hmph... Oh, it's you... Just so you know... I don't have time to talk.”

(I'm in a hurry...!)

Talk to Reko.

“Hm...? Yo, Sara. What's up?


“What? You look like you've seen a ghost.”

(I can't let Alice see this...)

Talk to Gin.

“Myaaawn...? Woof! Why'd you wake me up, big sis Sara? I'll talk if you'll play with me, meow!”

(Sorry, but there's no time to play...!)

Talk to Sara.

“Hello... ah. Well, if it isn't me. Hmm... You've got bags under your eyes. Are you not sleeping well?”

(...The monitor me is looking a lot healthier.)

Talk to Q-taro.

“Hm? Now where's this? Seems like a bustlin', fun time! Let's drink! Ha ha ha!”

(He feels like having a party...?)

Talk to Keiji.

“Hmm, seems pretty noisy around here. You need something from me, Sara...?”

Talk to Kanna.

“Sara! Won't you talk with Kanna? Ehehe, so, my sister told me this the other day, but, um...”

(Sorry, Kanna...! I don't have time for that now...!)

Music stops.

“All right, everybody. Let's head for the exit!”

“Wait! Is what you're saying true?!”

“I'll explain later... There's no time now.”

“Everyone...! Let's trust Sou!”

“Whoever wants to escape, come to the stairs.”

“I didn't say I wouldn't come along, you know!!”

(Toward the Long Stairs...?)

“Is there a way to escape over here...?”

“If you doubt me, check whatever looks suspicious!”

Investigate vending machine.

A suspicious vending machine sits at the top of the stairs.

(Ah! This vending machine... opens!)


“You got it, Miss Sara.”

“As far as I can see from the map data... The exit is straight ahead from here.”

“And both of those use the exact same security.”

“So then...!”

“There's no reason it shouldn't open...”

“Let's go! Before the Floor Masters interfere...!”

Investigate the door.

There's a large passage behind the vending machine.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

No way is it going to be this easy, even besides the meta-knowledge that the devs are still working to finish the game. They might not be caught but that exit's not going to just let them out somewhere in Tokyo or whatever at the very least.

Nov 11, 2012

Ignatius M. Meen posted:

No way is it going to be this easy, even besides the meta-knowledge that the devs are still working to finish the game. They might not be caught but that exit's not going to just let them out somewhere in Tokyo or whatever at the very least.

I mean the most obvious interpretation is that it's a trap and they are gonna walk right into the main game chamber.
If Sou knows, he probably did it just so he could avoid giving anyone an opportunity to trade.
If he doesn't haha whooops.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

...Sou is about to pull the wool over our eyes. Kanna's been dodging around things, and Q-Taro got knocked out by someone so he couldn't speak up. I am trusting him less and less by the minute, and I'm about 90% sure this is one long con to make sure Sara couldn't ditch the Sacrifice.

Also the Memo seems to be hinting at what we've been dancing around in game for a while. This has happened before, and maybe with the exact same participants in simulation after simulation, and we're heading right to where Sara died in that memo.

Jan 2, 2020

If that memo is truly prophetic, it seems to be implying that Gin and Keiji will be the victims in Main Game 2. Followed by Sara in Main Game 3.

Chances are, since we're playing this iteration, it'll go better for Sara. The main question is, how much better?

Sum Gai
Mar 23, 2013

The creepiest possibility here is that the memo writer is Sara's father, who's been implied to be both involved with the game and to have a disturbing obsession with Sara. He's trying to recreate the original girl by sending Sara through the same events (minus her death, presumably).

So, you know, that's a fun thought.

Aug 31, 2018

I swear, by my sword and capote, that I will once again prove victorious!!

HydroSphere posted:

(Misconduct during the Main Game...? This is the first I've heard of that. If a participant transgresses, they die as penalty... And if a Floor Master does, it's a 24-hour extension? That seems to be how you'd interpret it... Talk about unfair rules.)

I suppose technically neither of the defining examples have happened during a Main Game, but... that assumption does seem kind of backwards.

Ranger acting out of line ended with his death, while Miley got beat down by participants without them being so much as admonished.

Could be that those were indeed exceptions because they weren't during a Main Game, but.

Jan 6, 2013

Sou dropping the "miss" from "miss Sara" when he gets happy, there.

Might be genuine.

Oct 6, 2013

Trees and plants tend to grow on this Pokemon's back because it moves so little. It loves eating food while playing with tiny Pokemon.

I mean, there's no way this ends well, but I still want this to all be genuinely struggling to get out together rather than a plan to screw Sara over. Like, we know from Q-Taro's leaving that that passage probably is a way out, since it's where he gets to leave, so this rings more like "Actual escape attempt that gets shut down" than "Just another step in Sou's keikaku"

I dunno, I just want everyone to be friends for once? Even if it doesn't last.

Oct 14, 2012

Sorta. I think it's a multi-layer plan. "We're going to escape together, but if that doesn't work out, haha, Sara's the Sacrifice".

May 22, 2006

beam me up, tomato

Why doesn't she hang back with Q-Taro, who hasn't consented to wherever he's about to be taken? Worst-case the sacrifice's chance of survival is 100% with 2 players

Sep 4, 2011

NeoRonTheNeuron posted:

Sorta. I think it's a multi-layer plan. "We're going to escape together, but if that doesn't work out, haha, Sara's the Sacrifice".

There's a potential snag with that, depending on if each tablet is explicitly linked to each person's neck bomb, because Sara can just keep Q-Taro's tablet and hand him the Sacrifice tablet and say it was his. She does know he was the one that planted the cards from the first game now.

Feb 11, 2014

Sou probably used the stun gun on Q-Taro to use his tablet. He probably gave the sacrifice to Sara, too.

Feb 11, 2014

Music stops.

(Now... we just have to grab that hope...!)

Hurried yet careful, we advance step by step.

“Stay close to me, everybody.”

Sou and Kanna walk in front. Along the way, we notice doors on the sides. Lots of them, spaced some distance apart.

“I suppose these connect to the other floors...”

“These are probably the victory stairs that only the survivors are allowed to climb... “

“Wahaha... Hearing that makes me hope, whether or not I want to.”

“For an exit...”

An exit... If there really is an exit like Sou says... Have we been saved...? From... this Death Game...

“Hey, big sis Sara...”

“What is it, Gin?”

“Even once we go home... Will you still see me, meow?”

“Well, obviously.”

“Really, woof?! Thank goodness, meooow!!”

“Yet... I'm sure when you meet, you'll remember...”

“You want... to forget it all, woof...?”

“Well... maybe.”


“Don't cry, Gin.

“But we'll get it back. Peace... Our normal lives... That's real victory.”

“Big sis Sara...”

“I'm sure it'd be impossible alone. Even I know my own weakness...

“Reclaim it...”

“You're right...!”

Music stops.

“Um, everyone...”

“When you go back to life as usual... What will you do?”


I hadn't been thinking about it... What did I want to do when I got out of here?

“I want to finish that painting...!”

“I wanna play video games at home, meow! Big sis Sara should come too, woof!”

“What about you, Sou?”


“Err... Go see a movie, maybe...?”

“Oh! That's great! Kanna wants to come with you!”

“...Hey, detective. Shouldn't you go along with them?”

“...Might be good.”

“Really?! Let's all go watch something together!”

“Ehehe, I can't wait!”

  • In Reko's route, Gin, Kanna and Nao plan to go see one of Reko's concerts.


“What do you wanna do, huh...”

“Meow? Do you not have anything, Mr. Policeman?”


“If you don't have anything to do, keep an eye on your health.”

“Urk... Yeah, sure... Maybe I'll eat more veggies.”

“That's good! Maybe you'll find something that makes you look sharper, and does away with those bags under your eyes.”

“Look sharper... “

(His expression is so droopy...)

  • I went with the second option for the new Keiji sprite, but if you select the first option -
    "Then first, maybe you should look for something that feels worth doing..."

    "...Guess so..."

    "I'd be glad to assist, if that's okay."


    "...Ahh, taking it literally, I see. Thanks, Sara."


Music stops.

“Hm... I see something...”


“The exit...?”

“According to the floor map, this is...”

“The Winner's Room.”

(Winner's Room...)

Investigate windows.

A white sliding door conceals what's outside the windows.

Investigate shelves.

Small shelves of some sort.

Investigate light.

A warm light illuminates the room.

Investigate table.

A long, clean table.

Investigate seats.

Two low chairs are facing each other.

Investigate corridor.

The corridor continues further.

“Up ahead... is the exit, Miss Sara.”

“Let's go...!”


We proceeded down the corridor. My heartbeat growing faster and faster. Hope. Future. Normality. Believing that all of this lay just ahead.

(It... it can't be...)

“W... What the heck is this...?!”

This? This is the exit...? It's nothing but rocks... Almost like there'd been a landslide...

“Ridiculous...!! I mean, this means...”

“The exit is blocked...?!”

The security had indeed been neutralized. But without a door... there was no point.

"Haha... ha..."

There was no hope.


“Ahh... ahhhhh...”


“Don't be ridiculous...!! What in the wooorld?!”

“It can't be!! This is all... a lie!!”

“An external explosion was used to make a physical lid. Long before the Death Game began...”

“drat you...!!”


“Please forgive my rudeness. I do not wish to use violence.”

Music stops.

“Now, everyone, it is time to stop dreaming.”

“You have only a brief time left... Spend your last moments before the Main Game well.”

(It's over... It's all... over...)

(Huh... I guess so, huh... haha... Having hope... having it broken... Over and over...?)

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

I wondered how this would fail, but at least I'm glad that it wasn't a trap from Sou's part and he really was honest this time. There was no internal deception (that we can easily see), they merely lacked data.

As such, I see no reason why we would stop trusting others. No one betrayed Sara after all, the enemy is still Uncle Crabstache and his dolls.

A Bystander
Oct 10, 2012

Everything else aside, I'm laughing at Gashu going "yeah, I have a gun again"

Something silly is going to happen for sure, so I think trusting the others is the way to go.

Nov 12, 2016

Artoria Pendonut

Trust is what got us this far, trust is what will hopefully get us out of here. ...Also gently caress.

Goon Boots
Feb 2, 2020

You just gotta go with your heart and trust the others.

Jan 19, 2017

Dang. Not unexpected, but that’s still a heavy blow.

And yeah, I love that Gashu’s immediately showing that he won’t get punched again.

May 5, 2011


Wasn't a shock, but the moment still landed well, I gotta agree.

Ignatius M. Meen
May 26, 2011

Hello yes I heard there was a lovely trainwreck here and...

Trust the others.

Nice way for this to go the direction we saw coming. The rule about a 24 hour retry is probably Sara's best bet at this point, though.

Oct 14, 2012

A familiar plot beat for games like this, I'm afraid. Oh well, back to the Main Game!

Nov 6, 2012

Trust. :(

Jade Rider
May 11, 2007

All the pages have been censored except for "heck," and she misread that one.

Trust the others.

Mar 20, 2012

Peace through overwhelming determination


We saw the future.... and trusting other's leads to the death of Gin and Keiji.... And our own demise! We have to trick them to win so that sou doesn't win!

girl dick energy
Sep 30, 2009

You think you have the wherewithal to figure out my puzzle vagina?

Oh come on, we're the protagonist, and the game isn't even finished yet. We're basically immortal. Trust.

Mystic Mongol
Jan 5, 2007

Your life's been thrown in disarray already--I wouldn't want you to feel pressured.

College Slice

Trust, because it would be wild if it actually killed you and I kind of hope it goes that far.

Goon Boots
Feb 2, 2020

The lesson of the game will be trust no one, not even yourself, as Sara's body double approaches her from behind with a gun.

Feb 11, 2014

The only way that the Sacrifice lives is by sacrificing everyone else when they vote for you, so choosing "trust" is to hope that the others value your life more than theirs. That said, Sara is the protagonist of a death game, so "trust" must be the "correct" choice.

Sep 30, 2018

Legendary Luminary

Trust. No way to proceed but to believe in the others.

Nov 3, 2012

wologar posted:

The only way that the Sacrifice lives is by sacrificing everyone else when they vote for you, so choosing "trust" is to hope that the others value your life more than theirs. That said, Sara is the protagonist of a death game, so "trust" must be the "correct" choice.
I mean the exact wording is "trust the others and accept death". We're not trusting them to die for us so much as we're trusting them to carry on our hopes and dreams by escaping. As for whether we actually die, I assume plot device will happen, but this game is spicy enough that we'll just have to wait and see.

Akratic Method
Mar 9, 2013

It's going to pay off eventually--I'm sure of it.

Any day now.

Doopliss posted:

As for whether we actually die, I assume plot device will happen, but this game is spicy enough that we'll just have to wait and see.

Kinda want it to just surprise us and straight explode Sara's neck then give us a character select screen to carry on.

Feb 11, 2014

Before I knew it, everyone had gone off to do their own thing. To use this final time granted to us meaningfully.

Investigate exit sign.

An emergency exit sign.

(There certainly must be a door under these rocks...)

Investigate Q-taro.

Q-taro is still passed out.

Talk to Keiji.

Keiji is clearing rocks.


“Just can't find it in me to give up...”


“What can you do without heavy machinery...?”

“You're a fool beyond saving...”

Alice, too, began clearing the rubble.

Talk to Keiji again.

“Wonder if I can open a way. Even the tiniest gap...”

“Pant... gasp... Don't flap your mouth, move your hands...!”

(This seems like it's on a whole other level than what can be accomplished by human strength...)

Talk to Alice.

“Dammit! Dammit...!!”

(As many rocks as you move... there's no time...)

Investigate Ring-Up Box.

A Ring-Up Box.

(If I had tokens... I could have used it too...)

Talk to Sou.

Sou is deeply focused on the laptop, continuing to fiddle with it.




“Please... Save... us...”

The words came out unconsciously. There's nothing more I can do on my own power. If anyone can do something... it's Sou.

“I don't... have enough time...”


“All I might do now... is hack the role card data...”


Talk to Nao.

“It's all... over, isn't it...”


“I don't... even have the energy to move.”

“If I'd known about this... I wouldn't even want to see hope...”

(I can't find the words right now...)

“I went looking around, meow!”

“Did you find anything...?”

“There wasn't an exit or anything...”

“But I found a smartphone on the stairs, meow.”


(There wasn't anything like that when we came up...)

“What exactly is on it...?”

Music stops.

“A card trade?!”

(W-Wait! I have the Sacrifice, right? What in the world is this trade...?!)

(What... happened? Why did my Sacrifice... become a Commoner...?)

“Big sis Sara...?”

“Ah, err, Gin... What is it?”

“S-Sorry. It's nothing. More importantly, Gin, about the phone you found...”


A sharp pain on my neck. The moment I felt that, my senses cut out.

(....Did I just have... some kind of dream?)

“This place...”

Investigate screen.

Gashu is on the screen.

“Everyone... How are you feeling?”

“I will omit detailed explanations, but I have one point of warning this time...”

“It appears one of you lost your tablet.”

“Due to the need for fingerprint identification, others cannot misuse it, but... “

“Please use it if you are the person in question.”

“That is all for my warning. To proceed with the rules, please touch the screen.”

(It's starting... A second Main Game...)

Investigate the screen again.

Music stops.

“Well then, allow me to explain the rules of the Main Game.”

“The basic rules are that one person to be sacrificed will be chosen by majority vote.”

“Through the first round, the preliminary vote, half the total will be chosen as candidates.”

“A final vote will be held using these, deciding the ultimate victim.”

“Of importance are the four roles. First is the Commoner. ”

“The second is the Keymaster.”

“The third is the Sage.

“The fourth is the Sacrifice.

“But meanwhile... if not chosen, they will die. So it is also an accursed card. In exchange, the Sacrifice can vote twice...”

“Incidentally, in the event that multiple people are tied for first...”

Music stops.

“Best of luck... and may you avoid total destruction at all costs.”

(That goes without saying...)


“Gashu, are you listening?! You've really gone and mucked things up...!”

“The Main Game will now begin. Please enter, everyone.”

(W... What just happened there?!)

HydroSphere fucked around with this message at 21:03 on May 15, 2020

Sep 2, 2011

Did Sou just save Sara?

I'm increasingly starting to think Sue Miley is the only one actually on the side of whoever is running the game. And even for her I'm not convinced.

Apr 8, 2009


With him mentioning hacking the role cards, I'm wondering if he's made it so there's no sacrifice this time

Jan 22, 2012

This could be the most one-sided fight since 1973 when Ali faced an eighty-foot tall mechanical Joe Frazier. My memory isn't what it used to be, but I think the entire Earth was destroyed.

I’m guessing that Sou made Sara’s role switch to make her think she’s not the sacrifice, then knocked her out and switched it back. Then they can try to make sure she isn’t in the final 4, so when the time comes to vote and Sara can vote twice, it’s too late for her to save herself.

Jun 3, 2007

I fight with
my brain
and with an
hatred of the
Noble Faction

Kanna might have knocked out Sara. We know where everyone else was.

Oct 6, 2013

Trees and plants tend to grow on this Pokemon's back because it moves so little. It loves eating food while playing with tiny Pokemon.

Honestly, I thought being knocked out and coming to in the prelude room before the Main Game was just how they were getting everyone in this time.

Interesting dream, though. Lends credence to the person who had that time loop theory.


Mar 11, 2009

This?! This is a glorious dance! That has been passed down! In my family for generations!

So, Gashu made a point of clarifying what happens if there's a tie and the Keymaster and/or Sacrifice are in the "winning" pair, but what if there's a tie and neither is among them? Is there just a bonus death (i.e. both first place "winners" plus the Sacrifice)?

Anyway, I'm guessing the "lost" tablet is Sou's -- maybe he damaged his original in the process of whatever unrealistic hacking he did. Or something like that.

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