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Jun 19, 2007

Hello! The last time I took part in one of these, I had a really good time so I figured I would see if we can get another one going.

Here are the basics for your Snack Exchange!

1. Let us know about your preferences. This is where you should tell people that you're interested in snacks from a specific country or if you have food allergies or if you just want to find some snack that isn't available in your area.

2. What kind of things can you get in your area/country that might not be available elsewhere? Maybe your region has a special soda, candy or sauce that is locally sourced? Let us know!

3. Post an email you're comfortable sharing with strangers and indicate whether you have PM ability or not and then you and the person you are exchanging with can hash out the details via PM/Email. Please don't post your personal information publicly on the forums and don't poo poo up this thread with exchange details.

4. Quote the person you want to trade with in this thread and let them know that you're sending them an email (optional).

5. When I did this in the past, the person I exchange with agrees to a price point and we buy that much junk food to stuff into a box and then covered our own shipping costs. Just know that international shipping can be expensive when you ship out that $20 of Mountain Dew and Doritos.

6. If you want to just purchase snacks from another Goon, that's between the two of you but know there are risks involved in any financial transaction with a random stranger on the internet. I never had any problems or heard of any problems before, so hopefully the threat of getting shamed on the forums or banned can keep things honest (USE CAUTION REGARDLESS).

7. Finally, if you have a successful exchange, share it in the thread and let us see what awesome snacks you got.


I'll get us started!

What I want:
I prefer not to get anything that can melt because I live in the middle of a 120 F desert wasteland (So chocolate is right out). I am interested in the kind of treats and delicacies you grew up with (from outside the US). Chips/Crisps, candies, drinks or seasonal confections. I use to exchange with a guy from Estonia, if you have access to the rye bread beer chips or any Balsnack chips from there, I'd be eternally grateful!

What I can offer:
Most American things (You haven't lived until you've tried Easy Cheese on some Chicken In A Biscuit or Hostess cupcakes), including a lot of Mexican foods (Chilli Con Mango is a must) as I live relatively close to the US/Mexico border.

PM or email me at vivalageiger at gmail dot com


May 19, 2006

Legit question here, is covid likely to survive the shipping process?

If so this might be better avoided this year

Eat My Ghastly Ass
Jul 23, 2007

hi, i would like a nice canadian goon to send me some goddamn ketchup flavored potato chips

Jul 19, 2004

yoloer420 posted:

Legit question here, is covid likely to survive the shipping process?

If so this might be better avoided this year


Dec 8, 2012

i also would not likely survive the shipping process so i regret to inform you all i will not be able to participate.

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