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Feb 6, 2007

Hello fellow crafters, fellow interior designers, fellow future previous owners! It's Secret Santa time in DIY!

:pcgaming:Important Dates::pcgaming:

October 25th - Registration closed
October 30th - Pairings sent
December 4th - Ship-by date
December 22nd - Deadbeat date - if you haven't provided proof of shipping by this date, you will be banned.

How it works!
  1. Sign up at the google form below.
  2. Provide all the details requested in the form, including a valid email address. I will be the only person seeing this email address, it will not be given out to anyone else.
  3. Post :siren: in this thread :siren: with your likes, dislikes, where in DIY you hail from, and any special constraints on the gifts you can or would like to receive.
    (If you are of the vegan persuasion please mention it or PM me so I can make sure you are not matched with a leatherworker or beekeeper or other animal-related DIY specialist.)
  4. I match all y'all up and you get an email from with your santee's information.
  5. DIY something (or purchase something DIY-related) and drop it in the mail by the ship-by date, then email proof to
  6. Wait an interminably long time while trying to not hear little drummer boy on the radio or whatever it is you do.
  7. Receive your gift and share it in the thread!

But I'm not good enough at <insert craft here>
Nonsense! DIY is a forum for people of all skill levels, and I mean that. I would love to receive somebody's first project, as would anyone else signing up in this thread! My advice would be to not bite off more than you can chew - if you've never sewn before, perhaps you shouldn't start with a gown - but to pick something that would be meaningful to you and to the recipient!

oXDemosthenesXo posted:

Its more about the love and care than how epic or perfect it is. I'd be stoked to get an unfinished handcarved spoon if that's all you have time/skill/effort for. Actually I'd love a handcarved spoon.

How much should I spend?
Aim to spend around $20-40 total - that doesn't mean you can't spend more or less, but please try to make the gift something you would see and go "yeah I'd pay at least $15+shipping for that." Don't forget to include shipping costs when budgeting for this! If you're filthy rich and really enjoy spending stupid amounts of money, go hog wild but remember your gift isn't going to be any more valuable as a result.

Proof of shipment rule
  • No proof and your santee doesn't get a package? You're a deadbeat and you'll catch a ban. When you ship your gift, you must provide proof of shipment. Email with the username of the person you're buying for and the tracking information. If anything goes pear shaped, at least we can figure out where. If you live near your santee and want to drop it off yourself, email me and tell me that you did.
  • You must provide proof of shipment before the deadline. Please put the tracking number in your email. If you do not have a tracking number, you must EMAIL me a photo/scan of the shipping receipt.
  • If you hit any speed bumps, have any questions, or need anything at all you can email or PM me.

Accepted types of proof
  • Tracking number from UPS, Fedex, USPS, Canada Post, whatever
  • Photo or scanned image of your shipping receipt with your username written on it. Most receipts have the zip code of the recipient, so this is how I will check these.

If you have any questions or want to donate additional gifts or anything else related to DIY:SS, please PM me or email

Ready to secret santa?
:siren: Click here for the google form! :siren:

corgski fucked around with this message at 18:48 on Sep 22, 2020


Jaded Burnout
Jul 10, 2004

Thank you corgski for taking this on! I'm in.

corgski posted:

Post :siren: in this thread :siren: with your likes, dislikes, where in DIY you hail from, and any special constraints on the gifts you can or would like to receive.

I do a lot of house reno, computer touching, and woodworking. I'd be stoked for anything that can up my woodworking or gardening game, and I always have room in my life for authoritative texts on various crafty subjects, for instance I recently bought books on finishes and adhesives.

If you're crafting, I'm up for something small, and/or decorative, or if you're in the tool space then I often find it hard to get decent marking gauges or tools made out of metal, for example it took me a long time and a lot of money to get decent holdfasts. I'm up for anything that's nice and is going to last.

If your specialty is outside those areas that's fine, I'll happily appreciate whatever you feel is a nice representative for your craft.

Jun 19, 2003

of a full load.

Signed up.
I'm mostly into woodworking hobbywise, so if someone is going for a tool as a gift, any sort of hand tool that could be used for woodworking would be awesome (marking gauge, a chisel, etc..)

If you'd rather send a project, send whatever you like, I'd be thrilled to get a surprise "thing" made by someone.

AFewBricksShy fucked around with this message at 13:56 on Sep 21, 2020

Oct 14, 2012


Fun Shoe

Thanks for running this, corgski! I've signed up.

I do woodworking, cooking, and I used to do pottery before the pandemic. Instead of a purchased tool, I'd much rather get your handmade whatever (including food! Food is good, so long as it ships well!). Odds are I've already bought myself any tool that would be appropriate for this price range.

If I can display whatever you made as art or a curio, all the better.

Stack Machine
Mar 6, 2016

I can see through time!

Fun Shoe

Howdy, secret santa thread!

My primary hobby these days is electronics, and vintage Russian/Soviet electronics doubly so. I've just finally renewed my ham license after years of being out of that hobby so radio-related things are also cool. I'm also strangely drawn to the original 9-inch black-and-white Macs (I've been slowly putting together a game project for them).

If you're doing something creative, though, feel free to ignore my interests entirely and send something unique and DIY. I love craftsmanship in all its forms and would rather have an example of that than something that aligns better with my interests.

there wolf
Jan 11, 2015

by Fluffdaddy

Hurray, this is still on!

Primary hobbies that fit into a box are quilting and embroidery.

I'd also like something made rather than bought. Ideally something I can hang on the wall or set on my plant self.

Oct 20, 2007

So fresh and so clean.

Young Orc

This is first time doing anything like this, so my hobbies that pertain to this sort of thing mostly consist of very amateur blacksmithing and wood working, I've dabbled in leatherworking.

But really I'd prefer something handmade even if it doesn't fit all that well into my particular interests, maybe it would spark my interest in another hobby.

Chip McFuck
Jul 24, 2007

We droppin' like a comet and this Vulcan tried to Spock it/These Martians tried to do it, but knew they couldn't cop it

Thank you for making the thread, corgski! This is also my first time doing something like this so I'm pretty excited. My primary hobbies and interests are in artmaking and bookbinding, and I've just started dipping my hand into handmade papers.

I would be ecstatic to get something handmade, even if it doesn't align with my hobbies. If it can be put on display then all the better! I'd also be stoked if you happened to want to make something like a book or finishing press if you're into making tools, though no pressure on those specifically at all. Any kind of art-related tool you'd like to make would be welcomed!

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

Hi I would like to make something out of wood for someone, but I don't know if I should sign up for this? I can not afford to buy gifts for people right now if they want something thats not a hand made wooden knickknack.

Feb 6, 2007

Rutibex posted:

Hi I would like to make something out of wood for someone, but I don't know if I should sign up for this? I can not afford to buy gifts for people right now if they want something thats not a hand made wooden knickknack.

Handmade is more than fine, I don't think anyone here would complain and I think most if not all of the participants would prefer it!

Shame Boy
Mar 2, 2010


First Time Santer Long Time Poster here. I mostly hang out in the electronics thread cuz I like designing circuits and stuff like that, so you'll probably wind up with some electronic thingy if I get you. It might even come in a box! I promise it probably won't catch on fire!

I'd really prefer getting something y'all make yourselves, and I really don't care what it is as long as you have fun doing it. Wanna knit me some potholders? Sure! Carve something out of a stick you found in your back yard? Rad! Rock with googly eyes glued to it? I might actually like that more than you think, I collect rocks and minerals because I'm that boring.

Not sure if this is worth mentioning, but: I'm a guy and also gay as heck so like, whatever style you wanna make your thing in is fine. You wanna make it matte black or bright pink with frills, s'all good, have fun doing it. I think most people in this subforum prolly feel the same way but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway to be clear.

Sep 9, 2001

Official Forums Path of Exile Expert

corgski posted:

Handmade is more than fine, I don't think anyone here would complain and I think most if not all of the participants would prefer it!

Ok cool I signed up! Whoever gets me feel free to make whatever you want. I like practical things and a hand made tool would be the coolest thing ever, but no pressure.

Feb 16, 2005

The world is a mess... and I just need to rule it

Count me in. My interested are making, doesn't matter what it is or how its done. Make whatever you want, I like surprises.

Aug 28, 2002

Glory To the Order!

Signed up, I'm primarily focused on hand-tool woodworking, but appreciate all crafts. I'm also a big fan of books about crafts, especially advanced ones by folks who get philosophical about the craft. I'm looking forward to sending a present to someone this year!

Bi-la kaifa
Feb 4, 2011

Space maggots.

I signed up. I lurk the plant, gardening, and landscaping threads. I just bought my first home and it has a big garden, so most of my diying has to do with that or trying to keep the house from falling down. I'm also into mycology and small engine repair. I love this subforum and I'll cherish whatever is sent my way. I hope my Santee likes plants and/or tools!

Bingo Bango
Jan 7, 2020

I am so in!

I mostly lurk in the sewing and embroidery threads, but I knit and crochet as well. I feel like I've kind of tried it all at one point or another, so if you get me don't feel like it has to be a fiber arts related gift! If not constrained by my small apartment, I'd probably be have gotten into woodworking and some serious gardening by now. I would be thrilled to see any neat projects from goons or learn more about your craft!

Kaiser Schnitzel
Mar 28, 2006

Schnitzel mit uns

I like handmade things and garden things and also wooden things but really I would like anything a DIYer made for me or thought I might like to have!

Jun 3, 2003

I'm a blacksmith and leatherworker who owns a small farm with goats and sheep. I make everything from small hooks to my own yarn and soaps. I'm still new to it tho, that makes it sound like I'm good at any of it.

My interests are : Sheep (I truly enjoy being a shepherd), blacksmithing, cooking, and zero waste or all natural products; my goal is to find things that are both good for the environment AND better than the disposable option. I appreciate the art of handmade things overall :)

I live in RI, USA

Oct 21, 2004
All I want is a kind word, a warm bed, and UNLIMITED POWER.

Um, hi! I am a rare poster in the knit thread, but I love to give things to people and I love Christmas.

I am a knitter, a baker, a cross-stitcher and I like to cook too. I like cats, owls, coffee and chocolate. I am a lab tech, so I like science-y things.

But really? I would love to be surprised; I deeply appreciate the effort that goes into handmaking things. So if you want, totally ignore what I like and just go for it! I have a house with bare walls and lots of space to put things up. I just don't like pink very much.

Jan 7, 2004
hey, back again!

I'm ok-ish as sewing, welding, embroidery, metalworking, electronics. I usually make adorably small or awkwardly large things with not much room in the middle. Lots of bags these days, and have been meaning to get back into ball-and-socket stop motion armatures.

I'd appreciate anything handmade and weird! If you had fun making it, I'll enjoy it.

Sep 10, 2013

Nice. I've got a decent cutting board in progress from scraps so I guess someone can have that, I had no idea what to do with it 😁 alternatively I may throw a knife someone's way given its a new hobby.

Jun 17, 2016

Beekeeper just signed up. I have wonderful honey to share, as well as some selfmade gingerbread (of course made with our honey) and some other beekeeping related products.

I'm happy about everything that was made with love and passion, and love to be surprised :)

e: reading the post below mine, I assume it's important: the stuff I'll send will be in a what I'd call medium sized amazon package

tuo fucked around with this message at 05:52 on Sep 24, 2020

Sep 9, 2007

We live in rural Japan. International mail is suffering from delays right now, so please send something light and smaller than an Amazon box (padded envelope is ideal).
Candy for the kids, and unique Christmas ornaments for our ridiculous tree would be most appreciated. Or maybe a dreamy guide book of gingerbready victorian architectural elements.

I can easily offer fabric, candy, and decorations. Probably some unique Japanese carpenter stuff or Beastie Boys cosplay. If you have a more specific request, please contact the OP and I'll try to make it happen.

Dec 29, 2008

Send us signals in the glow
of night windows

Fallen Rib

I'm so in.

My main hobby is quilting and I tend to like geometric or large scale floral patterns. I also do a lot of hand embroidery and am currently interested in using seed beads, sequins, and threads other than cotton embroidery floss. Sometimes I knit socks. Something I could hang on the wall would be cool.

Expect to receive some handmade masks, an embroidery hoop, and maybe a tiny quilt(?)

Nov 22, 2006

Listen, Mr. Kansas Law Dog.
Law don't go around here.

Man, I got excited about this just from reading the various "about me" blurbs so far! I'm in.

My main hobby is designing and building LEGO models and I am OP of, and exclusively post in, the LEGO thread! If you're my recipient, I'm gonna try to build you something really cool.

My other hobbies are playing guitar (I have a telecaster, a Les Paul, an LP Junior, and a Gretsch Jet if that's relevant) and gaming (favorite games: Deus Ex, Fallout: New Vegas, Bioshock, Dishonored).

I would love to receive anything homemade! Knick-knacks or whatever. Food would be cool, too! Honestly, I just wanna receive something you made that YOU are passionate about. The general aesthetic of our home is "cabin-y" with earthy tones. Not sure what else to write here but I may come back and edit again before registration closes to add more info.

edit: oh, and for personal aesthetics: I'm a bi guy and I love ostentatious things. Citrus tones (lime, orange, yellow, pink) are extremely my jam. I also dig punk aesthetics a lot. I have a jacket covered in enamel pins and guitar cases covered in stickers.

Carbohydrates fucked around with this message at 03:57 on Sep 24, 2020

Jun 21, 2020

Woh, is that a thing I like??

I did the form thingy and can't wait.

I have recently joined and like Horticulture; plants and other squishy stuff that comes from the mud.

I would be ecstatic to receive anything handmade/handgrown that somebody has enjoyed making. Or a book, or whatever; not fussy.
My country of residence is Germany (the Hitler country, in case you forget) and can receive anything not reasonably dangerous.

I can post worldwide, though be warned, I will send plant stuffs, though nothing considered invasive, and maybe a something simple that is wooden and handmade to go with.

Apr 30, 2012

Hi Santa.

I'm a metalworker, engineer, 3d printer, woodworker, model maker, fighter plane nerd etc. I want whatever it is you make. I don't give a gently caress if it's a cat hair doilie or a bird feather sculpture in the shape of David Bowie's cod piece from Labyrinth. The more unique and esoteric thing you make the more excited I'll be. One special request if you're in a foreign country, go buy the cheapest weirdest most garbage candy you have. I have a ten year old and he likes weird candy.

Please mark it on the box if there is a dick in the box. Write "JOHNSON" or something on the side.

Apr 27, 2003

I am excited to be a Santa! I love making things and can barely sit and watch TV without some project in my hands.

I mainly am in the knitting thread here - I would be in the yarn spinning one if it hadn't died. I am also a visual artist, so I pretty much have one of every art supply somewhere in my house with which to create a goon gift.

I love handmade stuff, especially wood and metaly stuff, because I can't make that, but heck, I would be happy with anything. I love getting surprises in the mail! My house has a room in it that we use for listening to records, and that is where we keep most of our interesting artsy stuff. It has no aesthetic rhyme nor reason and really neither do I.

The best gift of all would be a new thread on the level of the zipline or the renovated bathroom for Females, someone should work on that and be a Santa to us all.

That Damn Satyr
Nov 4, 2008

A connoisseur of fine junk

I am extremely in on this, this year.

I do embroidery (and I'm the OP of the embroidery thread, come visit us!), spinning, knitting, naalbinding (viking knitting), crochet, stained glass, kumihimo (cord making), and.... honestly, more than that but that's all I can think of right now. I am an extreme "dabbler", and I am a member of a historical re-enactment group where I teach many of the things I've listed.

I love getting new supplies, but what I REALLY love are handmade things made with love that is from YOUR favorite hobby, and if you aren't willing to give a random goon that, then you can't go wrong with a book or supplies for any of the things I've mentioned above.

Jan 9, 2019


Hi!! My primary diys are fiber arts (currently know crochet, tatting, felting, cross stitch and sorta knitting) and garment/accessory sewing!

I would also love anything handmade, and/or anything leading to even more obscure fiber arts. (Like, I would hella own sheep/alpacas/etc. if we had any land.) I have my own desk at work so I can display all sorts of curios!

I have generally goth/punk/funky vintage aesthetics. I'm newly discovered as nonbinary if that helps???

Oct 17, 2002

hey bebe

In like Flynn.

I have no idea what I'll be making or hacking...but it may be automotive - related or electric

I have no limits, send bellybutton lint; it's the spirit of the thing that brings me here.

May 9, 2005

Grimey Drawer

I made it into the OP so I gotta sign up now.

I'm into woodworking, home reno stuff at my newish place, and like I said before I'd love anything handmade. Especially if its a kitchen tool of some type. Or any tool for that matter.

By day I'm an engineer with access to 3D printers, laser cutters, machinists, etc. so when I work at home I tend towards more manual processes as long as its not too time consuming. I keep inheriting old tools from my dad (70's vintage woodworking and aerospace surplus tools) or my grandfathers (misc antique hand tools, tool boxes) so anything that fits that theme would be rad.

corgski - if you're having trouble matching people outside the USofA you can move me to "ship anywhere". I put down in country only because I didn't realize how spread out everyone is until I read the thread.

Sep 7, 2009

Signed up.

In general I enjoy learning how and if I can do things myself and think thereís a great pleasure in having something that is one of a kind.

Or if itís something tool related that I will use every day thatís cool too. I weld, 3d print, make arduino/rPi things and smoke meat, all badly.

Jan 30, 2007

I'm in.

I primarily do blacksmithing, both artisanal (meaning pretty and more or less useless) and functional (meaning knives/tools).

I love learning about various crafts, and I'd enjoy receiving anything handmade. Bonus points for learning how it was constructed.

Feb 6, 2007

Soon it will not be October 25th anywhere in the world, and that means that soon registration is closed!

mediaphage and fuzzy_logic I still need you to verify your participation by posting your wants/needs/grand desires in this thread!

May 2, 2009

unfortunately hideous and irreverislbe

sorry, didn't realize I'd been unbanned!

I mostly hang out in the bonsai thread, but I also knit and sew and embroider, all of which are easier to get things for. Or you could make something! I don't have any allergies, I do live in a shoebox apt so I don't really like a lot of clutter but I'd be happy to add small things to display especially if they were lovingly made by goons.

if that's too broad and you would like specific suggestions I am happy to send a few, but if you want to go nuts please do that too.

Mar 22, 2007

Excuse me, pardon me, sheer perfection coming through

corgski posted:

Soon it will not be October 25th anywhere in the world, and that means that soon registration is closed!

mediaphage and fuzzy_logic I still need you to verify your participation by posting your wants/needs/grand desires in this thread!

Sorry friend! I am pretty open! Whether itís something you made or something you think I should do. Preferably no food, but only because itís hard enough sticking to an eating plan, haha. I can appreciate just about anything. I mostly lurk this forum as there is a lot of talent and hard work going on....

I would appreciate a letter talking about your pick, though!

Aug 15, 2012

i wear this armour to protect myself from the histrionics of hysterical women


Signed up, I also have.

I post in and read the hobby kit modeling thread, where I like to start (but not finish :negative:) 1/48 warplanes, 1/35 tanks, 1/350 warships, and the occasional Gundam, and I'm just about to get into 3D printing with a Creality CR-6SE in a shipping crate somewhere between China and Australia. I'd also like to get into metal working/knife making and back into astronomy, but lack for all of time, space, and equipment.

I'd be happy to receive anything for me to make/read/learn, or anything you've made for me from your hobby!

Feb 6, 2007

And registration is now closed!

Thank you to everyone who signed up. Your santee assignments will be arriving in your email by the end of the week, get excited!

Some trivia:

There were 34 signups in total.

The vast majority of signups are from the US, followed by Canada in a distant second.

The most popular answer to "Do you have insulated stairs in your house?" is "No" with four responses. The second most popular answer was "Yes" with two responses. You poor insulated souls. There were also a lot of variations on "I am protected," but no two were the same.


Sep 7, 2009

Just to add another option for whoever I get paired with: my son was born today :toot:

I means thatís totally DIY when you think about it. :colbert:

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