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Apr 24, 2008

I'm merging my household soon with my future wife. I've got cats, she has birds. My cats are indoor, her birds (like budgies or lovebird size) are comfortably caged. She's still terrified my cats are going to go after the birdies, and even in the cage the stress of my kitties being nearby will hurt them. I feel for her, but neither of us want to give up our little ones. We're in mellow temperate SoCal but she's still on the fence about having them live in the backyard (obviously still in a cage). We have a guest bedroom I was going to offer as a bird room, but she's worried that being locked away by themselves in a spare bedroom would also be bad, since isolation is terrible for any animal. My indoor cats can't be outdoor pets, but I feel like the caged birds can kinda go wherever (our backyard is small, but it's fully fenced in, and in a relatively urban area (no worries about coyotes, etc.). She was originally a fan of keeping them in their cage in the backyard, but since we've had heat waves and such recently she's worried about the temperature now. I told her than birds are outdoor critters, and the SoCal weather, even while hot, is still perfect (since the birds outdoors aren't dying in droves or anything, or any other wild animal, for that matter). Their cage is as big as can be without being a full aviary, and my advice was to add some extra blankets in the cold, more cover and a bathing pool in the heat. Is that sufficient? Am I missing something or being ignorant still? Help?


Aug 3, 2007

I would say don't put the birds outside unless you can build a full aviary with shade for summer and shelter for winter. My wife and I have 5 birds and they have their own room. It sounds like you have multiple birds so they will be able to socialize with each other. We also have a cat, and we put a baby gate in the doorway of our bird room, this keeps the cat out but allows the birds to hear us and see us if we walk by. Obviously your cats might not find such a thing to be an obstacle like ours does but it's something you can try.

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