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Les Os
Mar 28, 2010

Spinz posted:

They aren't trapped right?

I don’t think so. Underneath there’s mostly room enough for a person to crawl so they shouldn’t have any problems leaving. My girlfriend shoved some bread in the hole before I covered it but that didn’t seem to appease them

kntfkr posted:

There's an interesting series of books on this subject that this rodent expert called Brian Jacques wrote. Check it out OP

edit: Hey OP is yr user name based off the unicorns song?

Yea. I’ve never read Redwall but I have read Maus. It’s weird how much of our pop culture is based on the lives of these things (Mickey, Mighty, Jerry, etc.)


Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

why would you make glue from rats horses are way freaking bigger like at least three times as big

Ventral EggSac
Dec 3, 2019

Mice could use tape more efficiently than humans thanks to their hands

Sid Vicious
Jan 1, 1970

my rats found some of my laundry and now its bedding

Do it ironically
Jul 13, 2010

by Pragmatica

Rats and mice can do huge damage to your property and carry disease, people who are like oh yeah I got a mouse (definitely more than one) in my house lmao I’ll never understand

I heard though rats make decent pets, I would suggest not catching a wild one but finding a reputable breeder

Mar 9, 2014

Lipstick Apathy

Pakistani politics posted:

Agreed. NO RAT GLUE. It's 100% WRONG. There are far safer and more effective ways. Airplane glue contains toluene, which will get you way more hosed up.

I know you're just making a joke here, but I don't want people to downplay this because it's really hosed up. Because the glue you really want to use is butcher's modeling glue.

Ugly In The Morning
Jul 1, 2010

So pat yourself on the back and give yourself a handshake
'Cause everything is not yet lost



Only thing mice are good for is lab work.

I dated a girl that worked in a lab with mice.

She killed tens of thousands, easy, just in the short time I was dating her.

Wait; I’ve actually dated two women that have done that. Maybe I have a thing for mouse killers.

Jul 19, 2004

I still leave a bit of the dehydration poison in my garage. Sorry, but I've smelled a mouse decaying under my mom's stove 10 years ago and im not having that poo poo inside my home.

May 8, 2004

What is this

Sep 11, 2001

The Banter is better in AusGBS

Ratto posted:

What is this

Welcome to the official Mousetrap Mondays forum now hop in the bucket

Apr 4, 2004

here he comes
and he's gone again

Nap Ghost

im in ur base eatin ur f00dz

Dec 9, 2009

beer gas canister posted:

Rats are good and chill pets imo. They have very distinctive personalities, and they peep happily at you when fed Blueberries

They would be awesome pets if they lived a few years longer.

Full Metal Jackass
Jan 22, 2001

Rabid bats are welcome in my home

Sucrose posted:

They would be awesome pets if they lived a few years longer.

I've never had a pet rat growing up that didn't end up with some giant tumor.

Sep 15, 2007

oh god how did this get here i am not good with computers

Top Cop

Had a landlord karate chop a rat that came out of the wall while fixing our washing machine. He hit it square on, hard, and there was blood splatter everywhere to the point that all of us were freaking out getting towels and soap and washing up to get all the blood off us and the walls and floor.

My brother and I went to war with some ground squirrels at my parents place last summer. One or two is normal, but the population had some major explosion last year. Not just out in the woods, but getting into the foundation of the buildings and such. We set and buried 30 of the smoke bomb things in their holes in one afternoon. Gonna hit them again in a couple weeks when my brother is back to visit. There must be a huge graveyard of carcasses in the yard around the buildings.

Colonel Cancer
Sep 26, 2015

Tune into the fireplace channel, you absolute buffoon

Your landlord is a psycho

Apr 18, 2005

Jesustheastronaut! posted:

butcher's modeling glue.

Glue for butchers to make meat sculptures? Wonders never cease....

Feb 11, 2019


When my mom was researching obesity, she had these mouses that had been bred to like be disinhibited from getting full so they were really fat and funny looking and I saw them during take yr kid to work day and one of the mouses looked at me.

Sep 15, 2007

oh god how did this get here i am not good with computers

Top Cop

Colonel Cancer posted:

Your landlord is a psycho

Ex-landlord from years ago, but a fair assessment. Guy did a trip abroad every year, usually with his brother, and when his daughter was old enough, 12 years old, he took her along on a trip to Thailand. They really and honestly had a great time. One of the features of the trip though was paying the bribes to the Thai military to discharge ordinance. This is $50-$100 USD to shoot machine guns on a firing range and to throw hand grenades on the range as well. They trained you for 5 minutes with throwing rocks first, just to get the timing down, then gave you a live grenade to pull the pin and chuck. 12 year old girl was all, "it was soooo cool!" Imagine the "what did you do over your summer vacation?" discussion at school the next year.

And he karate chopped that rat out of pure instinct, there was not a moment of hesitation.

Feb 19, 2014


Adventures of a Victoria rat-catcher
Adrian Chamberlain / Times Colonist
DECEMBER 18, 2014 03:04 PM

Christmas is almost here. And at Chez Chamberlain, our seasonal surprise came disconcertingly early.

It wasn’t the traditional box of Turtles or Laphroaig single malt. No, it was the pitter-patter of tiny feet coming from the ceiling.

Which means the rats are back.

This is depressing, as we’d been rat-free for a dozen years. So we called Kevin Davie of Pest Tech, the pest-control technician who had solved our previous problem. Davie not only sets traps, he possesses the uncanny ability to find the entryways of rats into houses, which he seals.

After meeting him, my wife told me Davie plans to write a book about his pest-control adventures. It occurred to me that this man — a 51-year-old with three decades in the field — must be chock-full of tales of the ratty variety.

He was. And as a special treat, dear reader, I’ll share a few.

A few Christmases back, Davie had come off a serious rat-killing jag. He’d eliminated a record 66 rats in the same house over three weeks. These bodies — as well as other rat corpses — were inside an “enormous bag” in the back of his van.

The problem was, one can’t just deposit a Santa-sized sack o’ rats at the dump. The dump people don’t like that. So Davie was pleased when friends offered their Metchosin property for this very purpose. They overlook a cliff that’s covered in brambles. The perfect spot.

He arrived with his giant bag of rats and a long-handled reacher.

“I dumped them out on the lawn and started flinging them over the bank, one at a time. All of a sudden, I heard this scream,” said Davie, who wore a ball cap and a Pest Tech T-shirt.

“I guess a couple were out for a walk on the Witty’s Lagoon path. And rats had come flying into their pathway.”

Sixty-six is a whole lot of dead rats. But that’s not the record. Early in his career, Davie and a colleague were dispatched to a farm in Pitt Meadows.

They found grain hoppers swarming with rats. The pest techs hatched a plan in which they surrounded each hopper with chicken wire, then tipped them over. They wore rubber boots with their trousers tucked in.

“We’d stomp about 60 rats in each hopper. We did this all day. We killed like three or four hundred,” Davie said.

How does one feel after such a day?

“Um … exhilarated!” he said.

As we in Victoria (a.k.a. the Rat Capital of Canada) well know, rats are intelligent and persistent. Davie said he once had a tough time determining how they were infiltrating a particular house. There were no obvious signs of entry.

Pest Tech detective work revealed the rats were jumping into a septic tank, swimming through raw sewage and then scampering up a pipe to a toilet in the basement.

One might imagine this would be an unwelcome surprise for those sitting on the toilet in question. Fortunately, it had been out of commission for some time.

“I filled the toilet with cement,” Davie said. “That stopped it.”

While he does all kinds of pest control, Davie — a graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College’s pest program in Peterborough, Ont. — has specialized in rats in recent years. I asked whether such a career choice might adversely affect interpersonal relationships, like dating.

“For me, no,” he said. “I consider it a strength. I protect people’s health and welfare, is what I do. My job is extremely important, much the same as a doctor’s is.”

Davie explained that a doctor strives to make sure people are cared for internally. Pest-control techs, meanwhile, help maintain a healthy external environment.

Of course, 30 years of pest control does leave its mark. For instance, I asked Davie whether he ever dreams about rats. The answer is “yes.” He recently dreamed about a cat and a “bunch of mice” sitting on a fence. They were singing the Doors’ version of Alabama Song, originally composed by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht.

“And the cat was singing: ‘Oh show me the way to the next whisky bar.’ And the mice were going: ‘Oh don’t ask why,’ in this high-pitched voice.”

For the past six months, Davie has shared his pest-control adventures on his Facebook site. He hopes to compile these, add some do-it-yourself pest-control advice and then publish it as a book.

“The stories are encounters I’ve had that are interesting, funny, thought-provoking,” Davie said. “And everything in between.”

Apr 5, 2007

one of the most joyous moments this year was when we finally got the giant mouse what been eating open every thing of bread, tortilla, ramen, fruit, vegetable, fuckin everything left out. Tried every trap from the most humane to cruel ones that wouldn't even kill it, just hurts its feelings and make it feel ashamed. There are 2 cats that live in this house, a year ago one caught some rodent that I had to finish with a hammer. That one hadnt raided our kitchen even as far as we knew. This second rodent though, he was a clever one, like the shithead from Mouse Hunt and the cats were thwarted evidently. The morning it finally got trapped in one of the cages I got the rathammer again but my roommates were horrified by my bloodlust and they don't believe in absorbing souls so they put the trap in a box and took it out to a park or something?


Apr 5, 2007

honestly if rodents just used toilets instead of constantly pissing and making GBS threads nonstop forever as if there is a White Hole connected to poo poo universe in their little bellies -- they'd be fine! people would leave out grain and old bread for them, even clean out the ratbaths if they couldnt bury it or invent septic systems. and they could do the latter if scientists taught them how instead of running them through mazes or seeiung which lipstick makes them prettiest and cancerous

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