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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Hello everyone! This is Fionordequester; here with Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation! This was an ongoing LP that I was about 9 episodes into before I thought of sharing it here. I got permission from the mods though, so I'm going to be posting this one video a day, just so some proper discussion can happen.

Now, Dragon Quest is essentially video gaming's oldest JRPG series. Technically, there's older series, like Wizardry & Ultima, but Dragon Quest was the one that really put RPGs on the map for the kids raised on the Nintendo. It's always been fun to play, too! The game's have always retained the same basic, simple, gameplay that made the first one a hit, while also evolving juuust enough to remain relevant. Dragon Quest 1 was the prototype involving just a single guy, Dragon Quests 2-3 were open-ended adventures that added party members and other mechanical complexities, Dragon Quests 4-5 introduced recruitable NPCs, recruitable monsters, focused plots with expanded characterization, as well as Party A.I...

...And then Dragon Quest 6 came out, trying to do everything the previous games did, and more. It also introduced a Job Class system that would stick around for future games, as well as two different versions of its own world (sort of like the Light & Dark Worlds in "Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past". Did that work?

For the most part, yes. I have more fun playing Dragon Quest 6 than every other game in the series, with Dragon Quest 4 being a close runner-up. However, there are times where it feels like the game designers tried to cram in every last idea they ever had in their brainstorming sessions, even when said ideas clashed with each other. For most, however, it created a sense of unevenness that pervaded the entire experience; For example, a story that starts off with clear and focused goals... Only to then lose all sense of direction after about the first 3rd of it.

Fortunately, I'm the kind of gamer that completely dug all DQVI's strong points, and was completely unbothered by whatever negatives it had! So, it will be my pleasure to introduce this 100% speed walkthrough of my favorite game in the franchise! Here's what you can expect!


-This is on the SNES version; the hardest version of the game. The Remakes made tweaks to make it easier, so this walkthrough will apply to every version of the game!
-Heavy editing to cut out all the boring parts, or speed them up. This is, after all, a JRPG!
-An extremely fast walkthrough covering the SNES version, consisting of about 90% speedrun strats (the remaining 10% being concessions for safety; not all speedrun strats are reliable!)
-All Mini Medals collected, Best-Dressed Contest & Slimopolis beaten on the hardest setting, and the secret ending unlocked (that's my definition of "100%" for this game)

Let's get started!

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Part 1: The Beginning (Recap)
Part 2: Competition (Recap)
Part 3: A New World (Recap)
Bonus #1: How to Win Coins [Remakes Only]
Part 4: Amor (Recap)
Part 5: Mirror Match (Recap)
Part 6: Murdaw (Round 2) (Recap)
Bonus #2: Murdaw's Underkeep [Remakes Only]
Part 7: Gaining Power (Recap)
Part 8: Murdaw (Round 3) [SNES] (Recap)
Bonus #3: Murdaw (Round 3) [Remakes]
Intermission (1/2) Intermission (2/2)
Part 9: Amos & Vocating Grinding (Recap)

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Progress Log posted:

Our Hero is Rex. He and his two friends attempt to defeat Murdaw the Dread Fiend... And get their collective party stones smashed into the ground. Afterward, our hero, Rex, inexplicably wakes up in his home town. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and all the good people of his town are happily milling about their business. It's as though last night's events never happened...

From there, he gets the task of delivering the Village goods to the local market. Shenanigans occur...

My co-host for Parts 1-3 was a guy called Darknight97, but internet issues made it necessary to find another guy called Skaizo. He joins me every episode afterwards.

As for the game itself, I'm going to copy and paste something from the description, so as to further clarify some of the stuff I talked about in this first video. Do ask me if there's anythig else you want clarified, or if you want me to post some interesting NPC dialogue I may have skimmed over!

Attack = Attack Power, actual base damage before Defense is ATK/2
- Every 2 points of Attack will increase your melee attacks by 1 point, in most cases
Things are a little different when the enemy's Defense is significantly higher than your Attack... But that won't usually be relevant

Defense = Defensive Power
- Every 4 points of Defense will decrease enemy melee attacks by 1 point.

Agility = Agility, helps to determine how often the monster goes first in battle
-The Agility formula for each participant is [(Agility + 20) * (n / 100)], with N being a random number from 50-100. The one with the highest resulting number goes first. If you want to always be faster than your enemy, you need to take their Agility, double it, then add 20 to it. That's the amount of Agility you need to always out-speed them.

It's not usually possible to always out-speed your enemy; not without items like the Meteorite Bracer. So if you really want to determine your actual probability of going first, you'll want to figure out your enemy's Agility stat by looking at this Bestiary page...

And then use the following formula...


𝐏 = 𝟏 − (𝟐𝒃 − 𝒂)2 / 𝟐𝐚𝐛

P = Your chance of going first
A = Your Agility + 20
B = The enemy's Agility + 20

So for example, if you have 40 Agility, and the monster has 20 Agility, add 20 to both of those. That should give you 60 total Speed, and the monster 40 total Speed. Plug those into the above formula, like so...

𝐏 = 𝟏 − (𝟐(40) − (60))2 / 𝟐(60)(40)

Follow the rules of PEMDAS (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) step-by-step, and you'll end up with the following...

𝐏 = 𝟏 − (𝟐(40) − (60))2 / 𝟐(60)(40)
𝐏 = 𝟏 − (80 − (60))2 / 4800
𝐏 = 𝟏 − (20)2 / 4800
𝐏 = 𝟏 − 400 / 4800
𝐏 = 𝟏 − ~0.0833 ('~' means "around that amount", since numbers don't always round down very neatly)
𝐏 = ~0.9177
𝐏 = ~92%

Therefore, our character with 40 Agility has about a 92% chance of going before the enemy with 20 Agility!

This is important for a few bosses, but is otherwise not worth worrying about.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Progress Log posted:

Rex attempts to become a part of Reidock/Somnia's military, and is put through a rigorous test to prove his worth. He meets a new friend as he does so. His name is "Carver", and they spend the rest of their time bonding in various ways. And so a new mission begins...

Mini Medal #2 from the right of the three-pack of rooms in Gardsbane Tower
Mini Medal #3 inside the upper-left barrel on the 1st Floor of Castle Reidock/Somnia

The "Well Monster" DOES have Concentrated targeting in the Remakes! I couldn't remember for sure at the time we recorded this, which was why I was uncertain in the video.

Muster Strength (what the Tower Sentry has), multiplies the next attack by 1.5x in the SNES, and 2.3x in the Remakes. He can also do up to 11 Damage to me with just regular attacks. He also almost always goes before me.

In practical terms, this means he could do up to 16 Damage with a charged attack in the SNES, and up to 25 Damage in the Remakes.

So, if you're playing the Remakes, you're actually probably going to want to be LVL 4 before fighting this guy. You'll get the Heal spell (heals about as much as an Herb for 2 MP), plus enough extra stats to where his maximum Damage is reduced to 23.

It's effectively the exact same fight as the Tower Sentry, except he loses "Muster Strength" in exchange for higher stats all around. His "Slash" attack can do upwards of 12 Damage, while his regular melee does slightly less. Get up to LVL 7 if you plan to fight him; LVL 5-6 will usually work too, but it's slightly riskier.

The Mad Mollusk & Blooming Sorceror enemies have another status ailment; Snooze. If it lands, it incapacitates one or more of your party members for a few rounds.

They don't use it often enough for it to be a big deal, and there's not much you can do but spam "Fight"... But it's still something to point out.

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Mar 31, 2012

Only watched the first two thus far, but thoughts:
1.) I like the fact you mention the changes between original and remakes, very helpful. Keep doing that.
2.) If you don't talk to NPC's in videos, can you summarize the story a bit more? Either in text updates here or during the videos. Doesn't need to be tons of detail, but just a "so now that we've brought back the horse, we're now both soldiers and were requested to go check _____, so that's where we're going". Would help people who haven't played the game understand what's going on.

Also, a weird note about DQ6: As far as I can tell via the LP Archive and master list, not only has DQ6 never been LP'd before, there's never even been a serious attempt at a DQ6 LP. Nice to see this game finally getting some love here.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Sure! I think I could cover the story a bit more! I'll put some stuff in the Episode 1 & 2 posts, then do that from Episode 3 onward !

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

So uh, I tried taking on MagusofStar's suggestion, intending to do just a slightly more indepth version of the blurbs I had at the start. Then... this happened. I'm not sure it's good or bad, but uh... Tell me what you think.

EDIT: Oh, and all the italicized text is directly from the Remakes. No way am I using the dusty old SNES script .


Part 1 Recap posted:

Our Hero is Rex ("Rek" is what he's called in the Japanese debug menu in the DS. But, "Rex" sounds better). His companions are Carver & Milly. His mission? To destroy Murdaw, the Dread Fiend. They spend the night around the campfire, then make their fateful decision.

Milly: The fate of the world rests on this battle. If we can emerge victorious, peace will be restored. We're as ready as we'll ever be. Come, Rex. We must go.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Milly plays the flute, its siren call pulsing through the air. A dragon arrives, and carries the trio over the jagged maw of mountains standing between them and Murdaw's Keep. They land on the doorstep, storm through the keep's halls, and come upon the throne room door. No challenge, no resistance... There wasn't a soul in alive barring their path.

Carver: It's do or die time, Rex. It's been a real cakewalk so far, though, don't ya think? I mean, why build a creepy keep like this if you're gonna let us waltz right in without a fight? Bah! I'm through with thinkin'! After you, Rex!

Part 1 Recap posted:

Needless to say, that was not the right tact to take.

Milly: Huh? Wh-what's going on?

Carver: What's with this mist!? I can't see a ー Whoa!

Milly: Aaagh!

Part 1 Recap posted:

Their muscles sag, their eyes grow milky, and their limbs fall. They are ensnared, and then lifted high into the air. A shade appears from the mist...

Murdaw: Blah hah hah! Did you really think it would be this easy? Fools! Prepare to spend the rest of eternity as lifeless lumps of stone!

Part 1 Recap posted:

The three are spun around and around in the air, completely under the thrall of Murdaw's power. Milly's body explodes in a shower of godly blue energy... and then Carver... And then all goes black...

Tania: Rex! Wh-what happened!?

Part 1 Recap posted:

A feminine voice calls out. Rex opens his eyes... and finds himself in a small wooden house. In front of him is a small, blue-haired girl.

Tania: What a fine brother you are, Rex, scaring me like that! Falling out of bed like that is no way to start your day! Oh, by the way, Mayor Spindell stopped by earlier to see you. I told him you were sleeping, so he said he'd come back later.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex head aches. He knows not of what happened before. His mind fills with thoughts of his sister, the people milling about outside, the clear sun shining through the windows. He steps outside to a lush, green field of warmth and color. It's as though last night's events never happened...

My mama used to tell me tall tales about some bogeyman named 'Murdaw' who's out to conquer the world... It's all hogwash, I say! The spirit of the mountain will protect us forever, you betcha! We owe a lot to our mountain spirit, Rex. Don't you go takin' her for granted!

Part 1 Recap posted:

"Same guy from my dream, huh?" Rex chuckled. Were 'Mr. Kill'? and 'Red rum' already taken?

Rex smiled, refusing to pay much mind to his dream. He went to the mayor.

Mayor Spindell: Ah, there you are, my boy! I've got a little job for you today, Rex... The proceeds from [our] goods pay for the spirit crown we use for the Fortune Festival each year. This year, Rex, I'd like to ask you to procure the crown for our village. The path down the mountain can be tricky at times, but I'm sure you're more than up to the task. Ten sheets of silk and one wooden knick-knack should fetch more than enough for the crown. You think you can handle this, Rex? Wonderful! I'll put everything in your bag... Once you get down the cliffs, just follow the path south until you reach the town of Haggleton. Best of luck, Rex!

Part 1 Recap posted:

And so he went.

Part 1 Recap posted:

The monsters were small fry... Rex didn't even feel like fighting them, until he had found a ornately crafted Club amongst one of the coves in the mountains. It was a fine piece; It held firm no matter how hard he brought it upon the monster's head's. Was it Buddy's, perhaps?

Rex shrugged. He made the rest of the trip without incident, and sold the village goods after haggling as hard as he knew how. He heard interesting things from the locals, as well...

I love coming to this region. It's nice and peaceful out here. All people talk about in more far-flung lands is some 'Dread Fiend' that's ready to unleash chaos or whatever... The only fiends I'm worried about are competitors out to bash my bottom line! Net loss is way scarier than some made-up monster!

This is just a rumor, but I heard that Murdaw's starting to marshal his forces for war. Apparently, that's why King Somnus didn't attend the bazaar. This does not bode well for business...

Part 1 Recap posted:

"Ugh, more of that 'Murdaw' fellow..."

Rex put it out of his mind, and found the crown maker's house.

Can I help you, sir? Oh! You're that boy from Weaver's Peak? They used to send this creaky old coot over to get the crown. Guess you're the new recruit, huh? Well, I wish I could sell you a spirit crown, but unfortunately, you're kind of out of luck. My father went out to gather wood for making this year's crown. Said he couldn't find any good material near town. Supposedly, he was headed for the forest out beyond the western bridge. It's been three days since he left, though... He's a pretty spry guy, but I'm starting to get worried... I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. If you're in a rush, I suppose you could try and look for him out west?

Part 1 Recap posted:

It stank like rotten meat... But off Rex went, to the west. What he found was... shocking

Part 1 Recap posted:

It was a giant hole. A giant hole in the ground... And then he heard a voice coming from the hole.

Cliff: H-help! Somebody, help! I, I can't hold on for much longer! Oh, thank the Goddess! I've been waitin' forever for someone to show up! I'm Cliff. I'm a crownsmith over in Haggleton. I-I'm slipping! Pull me up, p-please!

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex grabbed his hand, and pulled hard. The man was heavy, and he was thrashing about the entire time. The man grabbed Rex's lapel, pulled as hard as he could, and threw himself onto the ground, and sent Rex hurtling over the edge. Rex saw himself falling through a cloudy blue sky...

"Wait...I'm falling through the...s-sky...?' Rex saw a floating island above him; Apparently the island he had just fallen through. 'It's... an island? My home's an island, and in floats...? But how? How could that...?"

Rex's body flickered white. His body became opaque. Instead of landing with a thud, he landed like a feather. Nothing about it made sense at all... Yet, he was alive. That was all that really counted. And so, he entered the nearby village.

Aw, today really is a bootiful day. All them tales of a Dread Fiend comin' to destroy the world sounds like a right load of cobblers on a day like this.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex didn't hear anything else of note. In fact, he couldn't even talk to anyone, on account of being see-through. Instead, he milled about on the over world until coming to a glowing well.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Why did the well sending him flying into the stratosphere? So high, he ended all the way back in the floating continent above? Was that world...

...Was that the Phantom Realm? It seemed as likely an explanation as any... Though he still had to ponder questions like "how can the upper world have an ocean?", or "when the bottom world has a sky?", or "How does the water not fall and flood the lower word?"

Whatever the case, he had a crown to get. Rex went back to Haggleton, and to Cliff the crownmaker. Whatever metaphysical questions he had, he could ask the mountain spirit.

Cliff: Ah? Ohh! It's you! Good Goddess, you're alive! What a load off my mind! I could barely bear the thought of a spunky kid like you givin' his life for little ol' me. You came to Haggleton to buy a spirit crown from me, didn't you? Well, here's where your good deed pays off. I just got done putting the final touches on it! Huh? Payment? Oh, I wouldn't dream of it, kiddo! If anything, I owe you! Now scurry on back to your village, you hear? I'm sure they're waitin' for you up there.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex went back to Haggleton, gave the spirit crown to Spindell, and crashed in his bed. The Fortune Festival was starting soon, and he needed all the R & R he could manage before then. He slept a few hours, woken in the evening, went to the Festival...

...and then it happened.

Mountain Spirit: Rex... Can you hear me? It is you whom I seek... You were born unto this world with a destiny like no other. Soon, darkness will swallow the land, and your power will be the key to restoring its light. Before that happens, you must shatter the Dread Fiend's deceptions... You and your companion's were but a hair's breadth from upending his false ambitions once. You must succeed! Only then will you be able to rediscover your true self. Go, Rex... Go, for it is the destiny you have been given.

Part 1 Recap posted:

The mountain spirit had appeared... She had possessed Tania's body, and spoke. What's more, she spoke of the Dread Fiend; the "boogeyman" that everyone been talking about. He was not just a bad dream... He WAS real. He WAS a threat...

...But, wait. What was that about "upending his ambitions"? Was his dream not a dream? Had the two met some other time? If so, why couldn't he remember it? And what of these companions? What was the dragon? What was the ocarina? What was ANYTHING?! Rex's mind raced...

Mayor Spindell: I understand you paid a visit to the 'phantom realm' earlier? Hmm... I'd say between that and the little speech you received... I'd say you're in a rather special situation here, Rex. Well, who am I to stand in the way of destiny? I'll give you my special permission to leave the village.
Here, take this. It's an entry pass into Somnia castle. Take that to Somnia, and you might just get yourself an audience with King Somnus. You're seventeen years old, lad. It's high time you started paving your own destiny, you betcha! You stand before a crossroads, my boy. Choose your path and make us proud.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex began to slump home. He caught wind of two familiar voices, as he did so...

Buddy: So, uh, have you thought it over? You know, us gettin' hitched and all?

Part 1 Recap posted:

Buddy: The famed slacker of Weaver's Peak. He wasn't popular with many, but Rex liked him well enough. He was hell on wheels in a brawl. That was a trait Rex appreciated, in a world of monsters.

Marrying his sister, however...

Tania: I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm not ready.

Part 1 Recap posted:

A firecracker exploded in the distance, as though to punctuate Tania's answer. Colored sparks plummeted to earth... Just like Buddy's hopes...

Buddy: What, are you worried that we're too young? I'm 17, and you turned 16 this year. We're plenty mature!

Tania: It's not that, Buddy. It's just... I don't know. It's like I don't know who I am any more...

Buddy: Wh-What are you saying, Tania? What's not to know about yourself?

Tania: I'm sorry... I just don't know. I don't know about the world, I don't know about myself... I, I need more time to figure stuff out, okay? I have to go.

Part 1 Recap posted:

Tania scurries off. Buddy stands still, then turns toward the fireworks. He muses...

Buddy: Come on, Tania... No one really knows who they are... ......

Part 1 Recap posted:

Rex wasn't sure how that was supposed to be comforting. Tonight was a night of revelation... And he isn't sure he likes the implications he's currently facing...

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Mar 31, 2012

I like it, nice flavor text.

Also, I cheated by going ahead and watching video 3 even though it's not listed and just wanted to say you're keeping a really good pace with the updates.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Wonderful! Glad you like 'em!

Anyway, here's Part 2. Part 3 will be posted WITH the episode, so we'll get back on track then!


Mayor Spindell: Well, my boy... I suppose this will be goodbye for a little while, eh? Somnia's directly south of the mountain. Just keep heading that way and you'll run into it, easy as that. Getting an audience with the King might not be such a breeze, but if anyone here can manage it, it's you, Rex. Oh, and one more thing: I forgot to ask you for the change leftover from buying that crown... Ahh, I'm only teasing. You'll be needing it a lot more than we will, that's for sure! Consider it a going-away gift. You stand before a crossroads, my boy. Choose your path and make us proud.

Part 2 Recap posted:

Rex flew back to Haggleton via Chimaera Wing. They were handy trinkets, magically whisking the user to any place they could think of. The only catch was that one had to be sufficiently learned in magic. This was why invading armies couldn't just warp gate into each other's castles en masse.

Part 2 Recap posted:

Now to talk to King Somnus. He was Murdaw's main opposition, after all. As far as the world was concerned, he was the only man alive that could stand up to him. Did he know some valuable secret to slaying him? Does he know where Rex should go? What he should do?

Rex entered the town...

His Majesty has challenged the power of Murdaw many times in the past... Sadly, the lives of many brave young men were lost in each conflict... Please, O Goddess! May your divine guidance bring victory to Somnia. Lead us down the proper path!

Part 2 Recap posted:

...That wasn't reassuring.

How peculiar... Apparently, giant chasms have been cropping up in the earth. Murdaw's handiwork, they say.

Part 2 Recap posted:

"Chasms like the one I fell down yesterday? Please, please let it be hyperbole..."

Let's see here... 'The Somnian Military Wants You!' Really? They want me? Looks like King Somnus is finally getting serious about tackling Murdaw. Why else would he ask for my help?

Part 2 Recap posted:

"Oh? He's recruiting warriors?" Well, Rex didn't want to join any militaries... But, if that's what he had to do...

Rex approached the gates.

Welcome to Somnia Castle. Here to join the military, are you?

Rex: No. Just wanna see the king.

Wait, what? You're here to see his His Majesty? Oh, right! I'm sure King Somnus has plenty of time to meet with every country bumpkin who happens to stop by.

Rex: Ha! Just kiddin'! Slot me in, an' I'll show this 'Murdaw' what 'murder' gets ya!

Excellent. Come back here when the garrison captain rings the castle bell. Until then, feel free to wander around the city and enjoy your final hours as a carefree citizen.

Part 2 Recap posted:

"Blast... Couldn't get out of it. Oh well... Guess I'll drop by the Church, see what this 'Goddess' is all about. I wonder if she's the same as the mountain spirit?"

Rex entered the Church, and found someone familiar.

Carver: Aye, that's that. Enough prayin'. Time to get a move on...

Part 2 Recap posted:

The bell rang before Rex could ponder who he was... So, he settled for tailing him to the castle. The two went all the way up to the 2nd floor, before finding a large congregation of men standing just in front of the stairs.

Captain Blade: Alright, folks, listen up! His Majesty King Somnus welcomes any and all potential new recruits. But joining the fight isn't as easy as saying 'pretty please'. You'll have to show us you got the right stuff first. To that end, we've prepared a little test for you... South of Somnia Castle lies a little place we call Gardsbane Tower. You'll find it after crossing a pair of bridges... Your mission is to fetch a certain item from the tower and bring it back to me. Which item, you ask? Heh. That's up to you to figure out. We're looking for soldiers with brains as well as brawn, after all. The entrance to the tower is hereby open. Dismissed!

Part 2 Recap posted:

As Rex left...

Murdaw's monsters mauled my wife. She...she didn't make it. Now it's Murdaw's turn to lose everything. I'll make him pay if it's the last thing I do.

Part 2 Recap posted:

On that note, Rex got to work.

Part 2 Recap posted:

Gardsbane's monsters were easy enough... But the Somnian sentinals were a different story. Tougher still was keeping up with the mohawked man from earlier. It was a long day... But eventually, he met Captain Blade's expectations...

...No, not just "met". He exceeded them. He, and the mohawked man along with him, were apparently so impressive, that they had been summoned to the throne room itself. Rex was surprised but then, he wasn't going to question it. If he was finally going to receive some direction, he wasn't going to complain.

King Somnus: Hmm... Yes, I like the spirit in your eyes. Very well. I have a dangerous quest I'm reserving for only my most capable soldiers. A relic known as Ra's mirror is hidden somewhere in the world. Its reflection is said to always reveal the truth... Murdaw is a tricky foe, beguiling us with illusions on repeated occasions... But with Ra's mirror, we could expose the monster's true form once and for all! Therefore, I command you to venture forth and retrieve Ra's mirror for me. The road will not be easy, but just as that mirror reveals the truth, this quest will show us what you're really made of. Now, go! Make me proud, my soldiers!

Part 2 Recap posted:

Rex was about to ask where to go. Fortunately, the chancellor beat him to it.

Chancellor: I've opened the castle's north-eastern checkpoint to aid in your search. We're counting on you, Carver... You, too, Rex!

Carver: It's settled, then. The start of a byoootiful relationship, n' everything like that!

Part 2 Recap posted:

Ah, now he remembered. This was the same man from his dream. Now it was just a matter of finding the blonde woman... Still, how come Carver doesn't seem to remember him? Did he not experience the dream the same way Rex did? Is he even aware of what's going on?

Carver: Nice! A mission straight from the big man himself! We're movin' up in the world, Rex! He picked the right guys, aye? Ra's mirror is as good as ours!

Part 2 Recap posted:

It would seem not... In fact, he didn't seem concerned about much of anything. No matter...

The two of them reached the checkpoint.

You do realize you're traveling into foreign land, right? Goddess knows what awaits you. I don't know the area beyond here too well, but I've heard of a place to the north-east where you can rest. After that, the path supposedly goes south. There should be a house not too far from there, on the western side. Anyway, you're a Somnian soldier ー you know how to handle yourself.

Rex: This ringin' any-...

Carver: Uh, okay. So go north-east, head south, look for a house... Gah! I'm lousy with directions! I'll leave this one to you, Rex.

Rex: ...K.

Part 2 Recap posted:

Fortunately, the guard had led them well. There was a church to the north-east that did, indeed, give free housing to Somnian soldiers. Actually, one was already there! He'd arrived before they had, most likely while they were still going through the trials.

There was also a house to the south, again, just like the guard had said. The home-owner was... cranky... But, he had knowledge to give. The pair agreed to hear him out, in exchange for some light construction work on his house.

It wasn't much. In fact, Carver did the entire job himself! He had a "Eureka!" moment, and boxed the job off quicker than two beats of a Chimaera's Wing! Just as Rex seemed to constantly "remember" new spells, Carver was constantly remembering things himself. Again, Rex was fond of the implications... How much he and Carver seemed to have "forgotten", or how they so easily "remembered" new skills that took most people years to master... But still, they were all helpful.

In any case, the man pointed them to a secret cave to the right; One that apparently led to someplace called "Alltrades Abbey". They went in, fought the monsters, and emerged out the other side without hassle...

Part 2 Recap posted:

Blast... There was no Abbey at all. Just a giant hole in the ground... Except...

Rex looked closer. He saw white clouds, blue oceans, and green land waiting below. This was just like when he had saved Cliff... And that meant...

Carver: Watch your step, Rex! You'll break more than your leg if you fall in there!

Rex: Actually, I didn't. Was rescuin' a dwarf, so I was. Got 'em up, but the guy threw me off balance, and I fell down. I became see-through, went down light as a feather, and saw a whole new world. Couldn't talk to anyone or nothin', but... Grab hold, Carver! I got some Wings, so worst comes to worst, we'll burn it to keep from going "SPLAT!" But if I'm right, we could be onto somethin' here! Ya with me?

Part 2 Recap posted:

Carver was NOT with him, of course... Not at first. Instead, Rex had to jump in, then burn a Chimaera Wing, then land a few paces away from Carver. It was to show that if nothing else, they wouldn't be in any danger from the fall.

That (and a few jabs at his ego) was enough to finally get him on board. The two jumped... and sure enough, they landed safe and sound. They found the ruins of what they presumed to be the Alltrades Abbey. They clenched their fists... their eyes grew hard. They left, with new resolve.

Murdaw had gone far enough. One way or another... He would pay.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Episode 3! One of my favorite parts of the game, as far as dialogue goes. It was sadly glossed over, due to the nature of the Walkthrough, and the SNES fantranslation not giving it proper justice... But, there are some great bits in here. For example, Carver's banter with Madame Luca... That was gold.

It's also your first glimpse into just how dark the game can get... And how cruel it is in refusing to give you closure. You CAN piece together a happy ending for all these characters... But only through careful thought, and only through diligently digging through every bit of dialogue you can...


Mini Medal #4 in the room near the Inn

Goblin Pixies/High Mages do 12-20 Damage with their Crack/Icebolt spell, not 10-18 (like the Babygoyles).

Don't attack him once he's confused. Each attack (even when he hits *himself* ) has a chance of snapping him out of his confusion. Had the fight gone on longer, I would've had Rex & Carver pass the turns with Defend till he either ran, or snapped himself out of his stupor.

Method 1:
Method 2:

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

PART 3 RECAP (exactly what DO you call these, anyway? Narration, in-game dialogue, and Party Chat, mixed in with a dash of 'fanfiction'? Feels like there's another term for this, but...):

Carver: It's an odd feelin', walking around half-visible. I'm used to seein' and bein' seen, ya know. Oh, and don't go playin' any dirty tricks just because you're invisible, Rex. It's temptin', but...

Part 3 Recap posted:

Rex gave a knowing smile, and made their way to a town by the ocean.

Carver: (sniff) Take a whiff of that fresh sea air... This must be a port town.

Mayor: Oh, what's that dull-witted clod Ella doing now!? I've chastised her before about her tardiness in serving Mr. Barkington's dinner. She knows he gets maudlin on an empty stomach!

Rex: Mr... huh?

Part 3 Recap posted:

Ah. So that's who "Mr. Barkington" was.

Carver: So this's the mayor, aye? I don't like him already.

Part 3 Recap posted:

Rex cringed as Carver said that so close to the mayor himself... And then remembered their invisibility.

"Well, that's one of the perks" Rex thought, as the two found a carpenter at work

Come on, you've been going at it all day. Why don't you take a breather?

Avast, woman! I'm not lettin' them young 'uns get the better of me yet!

Goddess give me strength... This man's head is harder than driftwood marinated in rum. If only our Carver were here, now...

Carver!? Crikey! How can you still be thinkin' of that bilge rat son of yours!? Hmph! Any dog that jumps ship on his own family is no son of mine! If he turned up here right now, I don't even know if I'd let him through the front door!

Carver: Carver...? The nerve of those folks givin' their son the same name as me! Of course, I'm sure I'm much better lookin' than this other Carver...

Part 3 Recap posted:

"Is that a fact?', Rex wondered. 'Well, I suppose Carver's a common enough name."

The two explored the port further.

Johan: Ella, why can't you accept my feelings? My love for you is true!

Ella: Oh, Johan, I do love you as well... But think of your father...

Johan: One day, Papa will understand the depth of our feelings and allow us to marry. I assure you! And if he doesn't, then... then I'll leave! That's how much you mean to me, Ella!

Ella: No, you musn't do that. You're to succeed your father as the mayor of Port Haven! Please forget about a lowly maid like me. You're certain to find someone much better.

Johan: Ella, Iー

Ella: Oh no! I'm late! I have to go, or your father will be angry. I'll... see you later...

Part 3 Recap posted:

Ella ran off...

Owch. First Buddy, now Johan! Proposing was dangerous indeed...

Johan: Ella, I... I'm sorry. I'm truly hopeless... Dear Goddess... Since I'm clearly not man enough for the task, isn't there someone who can look after Ella in my place...? ...Hmm... Once more, I've wasted poor Ella's time. I do hope Papa won't scold her again...

Part 3 Recap posted:

Little did Johan know, there was someone who hated Ella worse than his father did...

Ivy: Now then... I'll just add a few of these leaves, and the concoction will be complete... Hee hee! I can't wait to see the look on that Ella's precious little face! You just wait, Ella! I'll teach you to lay a finger on my Johan!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Rex's blood froze. Was she really going to do it? Was she actually going to poison Ella? He and Carver followed her into the Mayor's residence, unable to lay a hand on her.

Ivy: If I just slip a bit of this into old Barkie's bowl... Hee hee! This'll put an end to your pathetic chase! Johan is mine, and I'm not letting him go!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Oh, so it's the dog she's poisoning... As though that was any better...

Ella: Right, time to serve Mr. Barkington's dinner.

Carver: Uh oh. I'm not sure I like where this's going!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Ella served the food, and Mr. Barkington ate. Sure enough...

Mayor: Mr. Barkington! Come to daddy-waddy! There you are, Mr. Barkington! Did you enjoy your din-dins?

Mr. Barkington: Arf... Aroooo...

Mayor: Huh? What is it, Mr. Barkington? What's the matter!?

Mr. Barkington: Arooooo...

Mayor: Mr. Barkington! NOOOOO! Oh, Goddess! Ella, you little witch! (sob) What wretched filth did you serve to my dear Mr. Barkington!? Help! Heeelp! Somebody, anybody! Please! Help us!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Fortunately, the priest arrived immediately, and was able to save Mr. Barkington's life. However, the mayor's anger was implacable, and Ella was locked up in an underground cell. News of the scandal spread through the town like wildfire that evening. Then morning came... and Johan confronted his father.

Mayor: I simply cannot believe what I am hearing. Do I need to remind you what she tried to do to my dear Mr. Barkington!? After everything I did for her! I practically treated her as if she were my own pet! And this is how she repays me!?

Johan: Papa, I assure you, Ella would never do something like this! There must be some kind of mistake! Please, Papa. Release Ella from her cell.

Mayor: Hmph! If it wasn't Ella that did this to my Mr. Barkington, then perhaps you'd like to enlighten me as to who did?

Johan: I, I can't imagineー

Mayor: Well, in that case it must have been her. She deserves everything she gets. I simply cannot forgive this treason.

Johan: ............

Carver: Well, that's that. Now what...?

Part 3 Recap posted:

Rex and Carver were despondent. They left, realizing just how helpless they truly were in this world. If this was where Ra's mirror resided... Then their world was as good as dead...

Milly: Oh, hello there. Hello? Yes, you! I'm not speaking to myself, you know! I've been waiting for you. I'm Milly. You can hear me, can't you?

Rex: You! You're... Y-you were in... B-But, how can you...?

Milly: Hee hee... You seem a little disoriented. Perhaps because I can see you? If you're wondering why I'm the only one who can see you, then I can enlighten you... But you'll have to come with me. I'll be waiting for you outside town.

Carver: As if things could get any weirder around here...'Course, I guess we got no choice but to follow her. What else are we gonna do? We should stop by the Church first, Rex. I dunno why, but I just got this feelin' it's the right thing to do...

Part 3 Recap posted:

They did so, though nothing extraordinary happened... Or at least, nothing Rex could see. Who knew what was going on, in a world like this?

The two followed Milly down to where she resided. There, they met her master; An old woman named Madame Luca.

Madame Luca: Becoming visible in this world requires a substance known as dream dew. Madame Luca often uses dream dew in her work, but her supplies are low at the moment. As in, non-existent. The only place to acquire more is in a little cave to the south called the Lucid Grotto. But recently, the grotto has become infested with horrible creatures. Madame Luca is a dream seer, not a dream warrior. And the danger is too great for Milly to face alone, yes? So Madame Luca is thinking that you go and fetch the dew for her.

Carver: Oh, no ー I'm not fallin' for another of these back-scratching schemes. You're not the boss of me, lady!

Part 3 Recap posted:

He was, of course, referring to the old hermit in the upper world; The one who told them where Alltrades was. Helpful as he had been, he'd promised more... That he knew where Ra's mirror was.

Telling about Alltrades Abbey was still helpful... It was what got them hear in the first place, after all. Still, Rex understood Carver's hesitation.

Madame Luca: Ah, but it is not Madame Luca who is giving the orders, here. It's the dream crystal! Madame Luca just works here.

Carver: ............

Madame Luca: Also, you need the dream dew just as much as Madame Luca does. You scratch Madame Luca's back, as you say, and she will make yours visible! Hah hee!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Well, she had them there. After some more bickering, and after some lovely parting gifts (including a nifty trinket called the Lucida Shard)... Rex, Carver, & Milly went down to the Lucid Grotto.

Part 3 Recap posted:

Madame Luca was right about one thing; the monsters truly were dangerous. Of special note were the Babygoyles; little red gargoyles who spat trails of fire along the ground. Rex & Carver could fight x1-2 of them... But any more was asking for trouble.

Then there was the Bloodcreeper. It was a ravenous demon that crawled on all fours. It had bulging muscles, a barbed tail, teeth like stiletto knives, and horns that bore a startling resemblance to Murdaw's.

Coincidence or not, Rex was thankful for the Lucida Shard... He waved it in front of its eyes, and saw it run, screaming and shrieking with sounds unlike anything he had ever heard from a living creature. Good thing, too. Rex didn't like the idea of actually fighting it...

In any case, they left in one piece, and saw Madame Luca once again.

Carver: Huh? Hey, the old hag's standin' out in front. She must've got bored with no one to boss around.

Madame Luca: Welcome back! Of course, Madame Luca knew that you were coming ー and that you acquired the dream dew. Mmm-hmm. Madame Luca never had any doubts. Truly, it was written in the dreamscape, yes? And Milly, I am also very proud of you. You must all be very tired, mmm-hmm.
Let us be retiring for the night.

Part 3 Recap posted:

After a night's rest...

Madame Luca: Let us begin. Now, on it's own, the dream dew is nothing more than a refreshing sprinkle. To serve our purposes, it must be enchanted with a spell! Then, all Madame Luca must do is splash some dew over you, and the inhabitants of this world will see you at last!

Carver: Wait a sec, lady. Before we do the dew thing, mind explainin' what 'this world' is, exactly?

Madame Luca: A-ha! Such a thoughtful question for such a brawny man! This world is, shall we say, different from the one you call home. You are not native to this world. And those who are not native can walk the land unseen. Madame Luca must confess, she did not think it possible for someone from your world to end up here... But what happened, happened. We cannot change what was meant to be. Now, let Madame Luca do what only a dream seer can do... You will be handing over the dream dew now, yes?

Part 3 Recap posted:

They did so. The Madame showered them in blue sparkles, and then...

Madame Luca: And...done. Oh, my... Visibility looks good on you... Madame Luca thinks you'd better not discard that dream dew. Mmm-hmm. That way, you'll be able to assist anyone you bump into who's in the same pickle as you. If such a person existed, of course, you'd be the only ones able to see them, yes? Isn't that right, Milly?

Part 3 Recap posted:

What happened next struck Rex's heart. Milly's shut her eyes, turned away from the group, and wandered into the corner. She stumbled as though bearing an invisible weight. Rex could tell she needed a moment... If nothing else, she'd obviously had a rougher time of it than he and Carver had...

After a pause, she turned back toward them, and approached.

Milly: Yes. In truth, I was once just like you. No one in this world could see me. And, just like you, I was saved by Madame Luca. Now everyone can see me as well.

Carver: Aye! So that's why we were visible to ya.

Part 3 Recap posted:

It was easy to take Milly's words at face value... But Rex couldn't help but wonder.

He and Carver had only been dispersed by Murdaw for a few days... And it wasn't till later that they had even found this world. It was a short time frame indeed... And yet, Milly's entire demeanor had darkened just then.

The hurt her aura projected... The reverence she held Luca in... How she had apparently "saved" her. The two seemed so familiar with each other too... It certainly seemed that they'd shared more than a few days together...

Carver: But what about you, lady? What's your story?

Madame Luca: Ah! You're just full of questions today, yes? Madame Luca would be a lousy dream seer if she couldn't see what cannot be seen! Seeing is believing, yes? And there are no dreams a dream seer can't see, you see. So now this world's workings are a little more clear to you, yes? Or perhaps the truth hurts your head too much? Especially yours, muscle man...? Regardless, your next step is to take the ferry from Port Haven to Somnia and meet the King. Act now, and ask questions later, yes?

Part 3 Recap posted:

Easier said than done... Somnia was in the upper world. Either their ship was going to sprout wings and fly, or this world was a mirror image of theirs...

Frankly? He'd believe either, the way things were going...

Milly: Madame Luca... I've decided to go with them on their journey.

Madame Luca: Mmm-hmm, of course. Madame Luca will not be standing in your way, child. Besides, Madame Luca has done everything in her considerable power. She can give no more...

Milly: Rex, Carver... Thank you for allowing me to accompany you.

Part 3 Recap posted:

And so she joined them. Off they went, back to Port Haven...

Carver: Ya know, we didn't get much say in any of this... But we've got a new friend, and our bodies are nice and solid again, so I shouldn't complain!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Indeed... Though actually, Rex had something more pressing on his mind: The plight of Ella the maid. He dropped by the Mayor's house...

Mayor: Hmm? Here about the maid job, are you? What? Ella? You won't find that cold-hearted witch haunting this town any longer! Just the thought of what she did to my dear Mr. Barkington makes me all queasy! When she harmed Mr. Barkington, she harmed me too! Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that? Do you have something to say? I'm a very busy man, you know!

Rex: Ella's innocent! You got the wrong girl!

Mayor: What!? Are you trying to tell me that Ella was not the culprit!?

Rex: Yeah! It was some rich girl called Ivy! That ring any bells?

Mayor: How could you know that? Did you witness the fiendish deed yourself!? ...Well, there's no doubt that Ivy is smitten with my son, which would give her a motive...

Part 3 Recap posted:

Could it be!? Was Rex actually getting through to the bloated buffoon!? Hooray! This was going to be easier than he...

Mayor: Hmm. Well, even if what you say is true, I fear you have spoken too late. By sheer coincidence, there was a traveling merchant in town who was looking for an, erm, assistant...

Part 3 Recap posted:

And the room went silent.

Mayor: I sent Ella off with him in a fit of pique. I couldn't stand the thought of a dog-hating maid being anywhere within a league of me! I've heard that the traveling merchant trade is exceedingly dangerous. There's no telling what fate has in store for her... If what you say is true, that girl has suffered a grave injustice at my hands... Well, I'm sure you wouldn't concoct such a story for a common maid's sake, but it would've been nice if you'd told me earlier. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do now, after the fact.

Part 3 Recap posted:

'Regret'... A lifetime of discipline and good role models... His own fond memories of owning a pet... Self-loathing for all the breaks they had allowed themselves before becoming visible...

Those were what kept Rex's blade from the man's head. That, and the sheltered ignorance he exuded with every word he said. He was a fool, in every sense of the world. He was ignorant of just how heartless men could be... Especially to women.

Besides... Rex had one last card to play.

Johan: Is there something I can do for you? What!? You're saying that Ella didn't fiddle with Mr. Barkington's dinner!? I knew it! Such a pure-hearted girl would never commit such an act! She wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone a dog! Why did I ever allow Papa to put doubt in my mind!? I should have done something to help her! You have my eternal gratitude, whoever you are. Now, there's no time to waste, I must get after her! Do excuse me.

Part 3 Recap posted:

It was a hail mary; Rex knew that the moment he walked into Johan's room. Even so, Johan was there when the "traveling merchant" was. If anyone would know where, exactly, he went, it was Johan.

He had his doubts as to his fighting skills... But it wasn't like he could call upon anyone else.

Johan: ...Wait. If you knew that Ella was innocent, why didn't you speak up?

Part 3 Recap posted:

"...Agggh!! How was I not ready for that!? How am I going to..."

Johan: Ah, I'm sorry. I apologise. I'm hardly in a position to be criticizing you. I was equally complacent myself. I do apologise. I'd better go. But I must thank you again ー you have given me a new lease on life!

Part 3 Recap posted:

Rex had to admit; This young man was a lot more inspiring than his dad. Where one threw up his hands, the other took the same news, and rose to the occasion. Still, there was no ensuring Johan's success.

Rex and his friends boarded the ship to Somnia. Rex stood atop the deck, his heart burning with a new promise; To find Ella. His journey would not end until he'd found her, even if he DID slay Murdaw. That, he promised her...

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

No clever thumbnail for this one; sorry. What we DO have is the first appearance of our friend, Skaizo! Actually, he's anxious to hear what you think of him.


This episode is mostly unedited, as I wanted to show the raw data. The method I'm using takes around 14-38 minutes depending on RNG, and this time took 26 minutes. Rather than just taking my word for it, I wanted to present the actual run unedited... Even if it meant you'd be skipping most of the episode.

Suffice it to say, this is one of the biggest reasons WHY the Remakes are so much easier!

SHOPPING LIST (27000+ Tokens):
x2 Platinum Mails
x2 Dragon Shields
x6 Yggdrasil Leaves
x20 Silk Tuxedos
Up to x20 Magic Waters

SUPPLEMENTAL TEXT WALKTHROUGH (this shows more methods you could try, though I like the one I use here):

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Mar 31, 2012

Fionordequester posted:

No clever thumbnail for this one; sorry. What we DO have is the first appearance of our friend, Skaizo! Actually, he's anxious to hear what you think of him.
Skaizo asks a lot of questions, which plays off your knowledge really well and gets a good back-and-forth going.

When I played DQ6 for the first time on the SNES (with an early, still-in-development version of the translation patch you're using), I used save states to cheat at Double or Nothing to buy all sorts of stuff. The game pre-generates the card order, so you can reload a save state and know what it's going to be...though since the game decides "pick higher or lower" for you, you can get a no-win situation where none of the four 'double or nothing' cards are actually correct. Since we haven't gotten there in this thread yet, I won't spoil it too much, but the resistances of the Platinum Mail and Dragon Shield are incredibly useful against Murdaw and make the fight significantly easier.

I've also never understood the whole thing from Part 3 with the dog poisoning. How in the world is your first thought about a sick dog "it must be intentional cold-blooded attempted murdering of my pet" rather than something like he got into the trash or ate flowers* walking outside or whatever?

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

MagusofStars posted:

How in the world is your first thought about a sick dog "it must be intentional cold-blooded attempted murdering of my pet" rather than something like he got into the trash or ate flowers* walking outside or whatever?

You give an incredibly reasonable, rational point of view when you point out those alternative explanations.

...The Mayor is neither reasonable or rational, and while I omitted most NPC dialogue in the Recaps... Fricken NO ONE likes the guy. No one, except Johan & Ella themselves. Just about everyone that mentions him does so to talk trash .

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Slight change of plans. The recaps are extremely fun to write! But, doin' 'em takes a few hours, fishing through all the optional dialogue, all the Party Chat, transcribing the text, cutting out the images I need, and doing some basic narration. For that reason, I'll take two days an update, at least for now. I'll probably return to both those and an update a day, once I build up a bigger backlog. Till then, though, 2 days it is!

In any case, enjoy!


Mini Medal #5 in Somnia's upper-left house
Mini Medal #6 in Amor's left house (before sleeping)
Mini Medal #7 in Amor's church (after sleeping; missable)
Mini Medal #8 on the 3rd Floor of the Cave of Amor (in the lower-left chest)

The Silk Robe inside the throne room will be inaccessible for a bit, if you don't get it right away. You'll see why!
Mini Medal #7 MUST be gotten after you nap in Amor! It's not permanently missable, but it'll be a bit before you can snag it again. You'll see why!

The *actual* name of the prince's sister is random! The game will take whichever name you choose, cross it off the list of possibilities, then randomly decide between the three remaining names. This serves no important purpose, so I just chose the top option.

Remember! Do not run from random encounters after getting the Edged Boomerang; Not like I did! Metal Slimes are common, but not *so* common that you can bank on them being faster than just getting Milly to LVL 7 off the regular old enemies. Hence, getting a Metal Slime kill should've just been a nifty bonus; not the end goal.

Don't use whips or boomerangs when hunting them down, either. They're hard-coded to never crit, and they'll never do damage to any Metal Slime that's not on the *far left side* of the group their in. And, just for funsies, here's a table on how likely you are to kill some after X Battles!

Metal Slime Hunting posted:

A speed-runner name Kuneo simulated 200 battles to test how often Metal Slimes appeared. From that test, he saw them appear about 50 times, suggesting an appearance rate of around 25%.

Of those 50 encounters, he managed to defeat them around 16 times. This suggests a success rate of around 32%. Data-miners have also concluded that Metal Slimes have a 33% of running away per round.

Single targeting weapons have a 50/50 chance of doing either 0 Damage, or 1 Damage, along with a ~1.5% chance of scoring a critical hit (more than enough to OHKO any Metal monster). Boomerangs & Whips will never hurt Metal Slimes, unless it's in the leftmost spot of the group attacked. Even then, Boomerangs & Whips are hard-coded to never crit... So single-targeting attacks are always used for Metal Slime hunting.

Based on the above information, and the fact that Metal Slimes can spawn anywhere from 4-6 HP (4-5, if playing the Remakes), Kuneo made a simulator to calculate the odds of killing a Metal Slime.

After 1 Battle: 7.4%
After 5 Battles: 32%
After 10 Battles: 53.7%
After 15 Battles: 68.5%
After 20 Battles: 78.6%
After 30 Battles: 90.1%
After 40 Battles: 95.4%

Note that there are diminishing returns for every battle you fight, due to how percentages work. Also note that Kuneo did this on the SNES version, and failed to account for the 12% chance of pre-emptive attacks. For that reason, your success rate will probably be slightly higher.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Hot rum! Is that fair lass wi' ye? Well blow me down, yer a lucky bunch. I'd sure like to take a gal like that onto the high seas one day.

Milly: He seemed in fine fettle!

Part 4 Recap posted:

That was the only notable thing that happened. Their ship did NOT, in fact, sprout wings and fly. No, all that happened was a glimpse into just how strong Milly was. She wasn't taken aback at all. Her calm was implacable. Whatever lied in her past (if anything at all), she'd become a stronger person for it...

The trio walked due west, upon disembarking.

Part 4 Recap posted:

And there they were... Somnia.

Clambering down a well to get to another world!? I've never heard such nonsense in my entire life!

Milly: Hmm. I suppose most ordinary people wouldn't consider climbing into a well in the first place...

Carver: Not just wells. Giant holes in the ground'll do the job, too.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Rex snickered. Milly's dry wit, and Carver's silliness, were welcome additions to a road he could barely comprehend, let alone traverse.

Like always, however, there was plenty of gloom to go around.

I take it you're familiar with Murdaw the Dread Fiend and all his dark deeds? Of course you are! Only an ignoramus wouldn't be! Now, let me outline a humble theory of my own. I don't believe the King and Queen are really ill. No, I believe they've been cursed by Murdaw! There's no stopping him! Who knows who his next victim could be? It could be you! Or even ME!

Carver: Hmm... So Murdaw's lookin' to conquer this world, too? We'd better go and see the King, pronto!

Part 4 Recap posted:

That was a good point! But, the problem was getting to him. The only reason they managed last time was because they were recruiting...

Actually, might they be recruiting here, as well?

This is Somnia castle, don't you know! We can't go allowing any old riff-raff to drift in and out! Why don't you go make a nuisance of yourself somewhere else?

Part 4 Recap posted:

Nope. Too easy. Compounding their problems further...

The King had just returned from bravely battling monsters when he was cruelly struck down. He fell into a deep slumber along with his Queen, and the two of them were lost to the world. Who knows when they will awaken? Oh, the kingdom is a sadder, colder place without their smiling faces!

I have been praying day and night that a cure may be found for our beloved King and Queen. In all Her bountiful mercy, I have faith that the Goddess will come to her aid. They are not young, and if their illness continues... No! I dare not even countenance that possibility!

You folks seem well-travelled. Have you heard the rumours concerning King Somnus? Rumour has it that the King and Queen have been in the grip of a serious illness for more than a year. But this is no ordinary illness! No, it seems they are in a deep sleep from which they cannot be roused. While the King and Queen slumber unawares, their son the Prince has disappeared without trace... Truly, tragedy haunts this land. Can the fair kingdom of Somnia survive much longer?

Part 4 Recap posted:

The situation was... dire, to say the least. Still, did that soldier mention something about a Prince?

Hang on! Are my eyes playin' tricks on me? B-But you can't be him!

Rex: Can't be who? Name's Rex, if that helps any.

...You say your name's Rex? Well, if you say so. But you really do look a heck of a lot like our Prince. I only got a chance to see him in the flesh once, but to be sure, he looked just like you! Seriously, you must be pullin' my leg! You're really the Prince of Somnia, aren't you?

Rex: ...No. It's not.

Still, let me tell you ー there are plenty of folks here who'd take you for the Prince. If you were just decked out in some fancier gear, you'd have everyone fooled!

Part 4 Recap posted:

And THAT gave birth to an idea... That if they could just break in, even for a little bit... They could see what was wrong with the King and Queen.
From there, Rex could fetch Madame Luca. She was a dream seer, after all! If anyone knew how to deal with sleep, it would be her.

And so, he bought himself a set of Noble Garb...

Milly: I hope your outfit's not going to cause anyone any trouble, Rex...

Part 4 Recap posted:

It was sneaky, yes... But they had the power to help. And if they had the power to help, Rex wasn't going to let some snooty guard get in the way.

They approached the castle... and saw a familiar face.

Captain Rusty: ...C-Can it be!?

Part 4 Recap posted:

The captain sprinted down the stairs fast as he could.

Captain Rusty: Haah... Haah... My liege, you have returned! You still remember me, I take it? Your trusty Captain Rusty! I always knew you would return despite all the rumours that you had met a grisly end... You must let everyone in the castle know that you are back! Oh, what joy!

My liege, please forgive me. I have express orders from Chancellor Keating not to allow anyone to pass, no matter their status. I'm sure Chancellor Keating did not foresee your return, but alas, orders are orders. Until then, I must follow orders...

Captain Rusty: What in the name of the Goddess are you wittering on about, man!

C-Captain Rusty!

Captain Rusty: The Prince is free to roam wherever he pleases without being impeded by a mere underling!

B-But Chancellor Keating told me...

Captain Rusty: And if Chancellor Keating told you to eat a slime, I suppose you'd do that, too? I'll assume full responsibility for this. You are free to proceed, my liege! Your parents are upstairs.

Milly: Shall we, Your Highness? Hee hee!

Part 4 Recap posted:

They scurried up to the King and Queen's chambers. The two slept soundly, but the Queen muttered something interesting.

Queen Apnea: The mirror... If only we had the mirror...

Part 4 Recap posted:

Ah... Ra's mirror once again. It always seemed to come back to that. Before Rex could think on that, however...

Chancellor Keating: So, you have returned. The news was somewhat unexpected, I must confess. Of course, I am overjoyed. It has been a terrible burden to govern the kingdom in your absence... But allow me to gaze at your princely visage. Forgive me, but is there not something amiss here?

Captain Rusty: Wh-What do you mean!? What could be amiss!? This is undoubtedly the Prince of our fair kingdom!

Chancellor Keating: Captain, I don't doubt your sincere conviction. But listen to this interesting titbit I heard just now. A certain shabbily-dressed young man is said to have purchased a suit of noble garb earlier on today...

Part 4 Recap posted:

How!? How was this possible? For him to have been this prepared, and to have unraveled him so fast? Unless... Was he watching them the whole time!?

Captain Rusty: B-But surely you're not saying that this is an im-impostor?

Chancellor Keating: I sincerely want to believe this is the real Prince, but we can afford to take no chances.

Captain Rusty: B-But...

Chancellor Keating: Allow me to pose one simple question to prove whether or not this is the Prince. If you are indeed the Prince of this realm, then this little teaser should not present the slightest problem. As you are perhaps aware, the Prince had a cherished sister who died tragically young. Tell me, Prince. What was that sister's name?

Part 4 Recap posted:

Rex was a man of few regrets... But he was also a man of conscious; always looking back to see what he could have done differently. Of the regrets he DID have, none stung more bitterly than what happened here, in Somnia.

He outranked Keating. He had the military behind him. All Keating had were words. He could have laughed in Keating's face, and dismissed him. He could have told Keating to 'swallow a slime', as Rusty put it. He could have shamed him for bringing up his dead sister... There were so many ways around this. Instead, he spat out the first name that came to mind. He had played Keating's game, and lost.

It wasn't just Rex himself who'd lost, either...

Captain Rusty: M-My liege...!

Chancellor Keating: Everyone heard that, I trust. It is clear that this is not the Prince of this or any other realm. Only an impostor would have failed to recognize the name of the Prince's dear, departed sister.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Keating walked to Rusty, and stared into his eyes.

Chancellor Keating: Captain Rusty, I hold you personally responsible for this unforgivable breach of castle security.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Keating turned to the soldiers.

Chancellor Keating: Guards! Seize these feeble frauds at once!

Yes, sir!

Part 4 Recap posted:

And then they were pushed out of the castle... Literally. In retrospect, Rex was thankful Keating didn't order their executions. At the time, however, all he could think about was Rusty. How heartbroken he appeared... and how much trouble he'd be in.

Fortunately, their next objective presented itself almost immediately. It was a merchant, conveniently placed just outside of where they had been tossed.

Well, that certainly wasn't the finest moment in my merchant's career! I thought I'd flog some of the fabled water from the town of Amor. It's meant to cure anything... I was sure it would do the trick and have the King and Queen up and about in no time. But not a chance!

Rex: Oh? And how would I get to Amor?

Just head north-west from here and go right round, then point yourselves south-east and keep walking. In any case, it was strange to hear the Queen muttering about a mirror. Maybe if someone were to bring her the mirror key they were talking about in Amor, she might wake up? I wonder...

Rex: Hey, speakin' of mirrors... You get around, right? Know anythin' about Ra's mirror?

Well, I must confess, I don't know a whole lot about this one... If you want to find out more, perhaps you should take a little trip to Amor.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Wasn't much to go on, but it took his mind off things. At least, when his friends weren't teasing him about it.

Milly: Hee hee! All hail Fake Prince Rex! Oh, don't let it get you down. Let's keep searching for Ra's mirror ー that's bound to offer us some clues!

Part 4 Recap posted:

They made it to Amor, in any case. The Inns were filled up, however, and their feet were killing them. They wandered all about town, with no success... Though the party did, at least, share a few endearing moments.

...O fair Lady Seductra! Will you ever be mine...? My heart longs for you... Er... You didn't hear that, did you? The thing is, I fell head over heels in love and now I can't focus on anything! When I heard that the water here can cure any sickness, I knew I had to give it a shot. But the truth is, there's no cure for the sickness called LOVE! O how will I ever live without her...!? All I can hope for is that I see her in my dreams...

Milly: The only cure for the sickness called 'love' is the medicine known as 'time'... Oh? Sorry, that was rather philosophical of me, wasn't it? Hee hee.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Indeed it was.

Oh deary me, I'm worried sick about old Evgenya over at the church. She's plagued by terrible nightmares, poor old dear. I wish I could do more for her. Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know quite why I'm sharing this with a bunch of tourists. Don't mind me!

Milly: Judging by Carver's snoring, I'd say he has some lively dreams...

Part 4 Recap posted:

Carver took offense to that.

Carver: Hey, I know about bad dreams. Once, I dreamt that my head turned into an apple pie... Everyone was tryin' to eat me, and all that came out of my mouth when I screamed was apple sauce. So yeah...

Part 4 Recap posted:

Oooooookay... Moving on.

When I was a wee nipper, I heard about a pair of lovestruck bandits who came here in search of spoils to plunder. They ventured into the northern cave hunting for treasure, but one of them never returned. I can't begin to imagine what they encountered in that cave... All I know is that the bandit who did return put her thieving ways behind her and settled in Amor. I speak of Evgenya, the old woman who does odd-jobs at the Church. Now there's a woman with a past!

Milly: Lovestruck bandits...

Part 4 Recap posted:

An odd tone entered Milly's voice. Wonderment? Disbelief? Mockery? Or perhaps joy? Whatever it was, it was clear that this was a novel concept for her.

Not that Rex blamed her. 'Bandits' were the last people he'd ever peg as "loving".

Ah, more tourists. Just what we need! Anyway, I suppose that cave to the north is in your guidebook? What won't be in your guidebook is the story of the mirror key that was once hidden in that cave. An earthquake some years ago brought down the cave's roof, sealing off whatever was inside it. I don't know if the story about the key is true, but it's too late to find out now.

Part 4 Recap posted:

And just to rub it in...

For now, the waters of Amor run clear, but I live in fear of the day the Dread Fiend descends upon us. His sole desire seems to be to destroy all beauty and taint all purity.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Sigh... Oh well. At least they found a place to sleep.

Weary travellers, I see you are seeking a refuge for the night. With the bountiful mercy of the Goddess, I will do what I can to aid you. For if you cannot find solace and comfort here, where can you find it? If you speak to Evgenya who resides downstairs, I'm sure she can come to your aid.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Evgenya? Didn't Rex hear of her from someone else?

Evgenya: Tell me! Who are you? What do you come here for? I have only bad dreams these days. I am not in a mood to deal with the uninvited guests. Do you have business here? If no, you must go this instant! So the priest is telling you that you are allowed to stay here!? Who does he think he is!? But I suppose I have no choice. Sleep then! I pray no nightmares will come.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Sheesh. Nasty old crone... But they were thankful, regardless. When they woke up, though...

Guh? I didn't know anyone was sleepin' in there! No one tells me nothin'. Guess the pastor's at it again He just can't resist puttin' people up fer the night Huh? Where'd the old lady go? Sorry, ain't no old ladies round this parish.

Hmm? Oh, welcome, my children. Were you guests of the church last evening? I didn't realise. Anyway, onto the morning's business, then.

Part 4 Recap posted:

Even stranger...

Milly: It seems as though we went to sleep and woke up in a different world...

Part 4 Recap posted:

"Ok, let's not come to any conc-"

Ewww! What the heck is that!? My Goddess, look at the water! That's not... Is that blood!? Eeeek!

Part 4 Recap posted:

...Ok, yeah, they were in another world. A 3rd one, perhaps?

Whazzat? The water's runnin' bloody red? Eh, stuff happens.

Milly: I like his attitude. 'Stuff' does indeed happen, after all.

Part 4 Recap posted:

...Sheesh, could nothing faze this woman?

Milly: This water flows down from that cave upstream, doesn't it?

Part 4 Recap posted:

Upstream? But wasn't that collapsed?

Hmm... Could this be their fault, perhaps? An odd young couple came through town the other day. Ilya and Evgenya were their names... They were going on about some fabulous treasure squirreled away in the cave just north of here. They almost certainly visited that cave together... You don't think they could have somehow triggered this ecological disaster? If so, they'll pay dearly for it! That waterfall is the lifeblood of this town! But now it's just plain blood!

Part 4 Recap posted:

Evgenya!? Young!? And the cave was still standing!? Was Rex hearing all that right?

Indeed, he was. The trio went into the cave, and saw it's tunnels stretch far into the dark. They saw a river flow amidst its channels, just as the man had said... And then saw a young woman.

She was a warrior... But her eyes were glazed with tears, her pupils dilated as far as they would go. Her skin was pale and sweaty, and she was leaning against a sword. It was embedded into the river banks, and a trail of blood seemed to flow from it. In fact, every drop of blood in the river seemed to flow from it! It was as though she had stabbed the river itself...

Evgenya: The blood... I wash and I wash, but... like paint it is. Like paint... Who... Who is standing there...? I... I am called Evgenya. All has ended for me... All has ended... No treasure is hiding here. Just corpse... Ilya. My beloved, he is... Was. I kill him. Me. I am swinging the sword and he... Ahh, the sword and the blood... The blood... The blood...

Part 4 Recap posted:

There were some scary conclusions Rex could have made... But he stopped and assessed the situation, instead.

That blood could not have been coming from the sword; There was far too much of it. Secondly, this woman was remorseful. Fights were chaotic, and accidents happen; She just as likely clipped him on accident as on purpose.

Still, one never knew... They left her to her thoughts. After all, their first priority was the Moonmirror key. And who knows? Ilya could still be alive. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

They proceeded down about three floors...

Yikes! I've never seen nothin' scarier in my life! I thought I'd help myself to a little treasure, but instead I found a guy bleedin' out on the ground. He was hurtin' something fierce, and then he got attacked by another monster! At this rate, he's gonna die! Someone's gotta do something! Someone who ain't me!

Part 4 Recap posted:

The two saw a tall, purple demon, tearing into a bloodied and beaten swordsman with claws and beak. It had wings with gaping holes in them, a skin like flesh mixed with stone, and dark dots marking its entire body.

Rex threw some halos of yellow light around the beast. They flew from head to toe and turned it's skin from hard marble to soft flesh. This was the Sap spell, made for softening even the densest armor. He and Carver charged...

...And then the demon turned. It swayed, and it contorted itself in ways Rex didn't dream possible; It beat its sundered wings and fluttered its sulfuric yellow eyes...And Rex's eyes rolled back in his head. The veins in his eyes bulged, and he fell under the thrall of supreme terror! He saw a golem come from behind, and threw his boomerang at its neck! The golem's blood sprayed, but it went on, and shoulder checked Rex into the wall...

Rex hit his head, and the fog faded from his eyes. Carver was running at him, and blood sputtered from his neck! Rex tried to jump right, but his body didn't obey... He tripped and fell. Carver came to deal the deathblow... But his weapon just bounced off Rex's chest! Then, a rock of ice flew into Carver's head, and a stream of blue enveloped the tear on his neck. It was Milly! She'd been unfazed by the creature's dance, and had hardened Rex's skin with a spell of her own!

Now they knew what to avoid. The creature clicked its beak and sported a mocking visage... But it was doomed. Its trump card was useless; they just had to avert their eyes. After all was said and done.

Ilya: I am owing much gratitude to you. My life, it is yours!

Carver: Hittin' monsters hard is our business, and business is good.

Ilya: I am called Ilya, the Tempest! Ah ha ha! Big mistake I make here. I no fear admitting this. I open chest over there, and plop goes the monster! Or is it 'pop'? Anyway, claw my face, it does. Next thing I'm knowing, monster is charging Evgenya. Then she... Ah! Evgenya! That hot-tempered woman! She is thinking I am dead now, maybe! Hate to ask... Can you be carrying me up top? I am needing the help back up! Ah ha ha! I am apologising for trouble, my friend!

Part 4 Recap posted:

Ilya?! Well, no need to apologise. Actually, Rex was impressed. He was smart enough to figure out that Evgenya was enthralled by the creature's dance, and brave enough to fight it alone. Most likely? He didn't want to accidentally hurt anyone, should his mind also have been Fuddled.

They all went back up.

Ilya: E-Evgenya!

Evgenya: Ilya! Y-You still live? I, I thought my sword make you dead. And the blood!

Ilya: Ah, that is my Evgenya... Always with the leaping to conclusions. You think I am dying that easy? I had monster... How you say? Right where I am wanting it, yes?

Evgenya: Thank Goddess... (sniff sniff) Oh, thank Goddess...

Ilya: Silly girl! There is no crying in treasure hunting!

Evgenya: But... I, I am just...

Ilya: Ahh, enough! Did you get it?

Evgenya: The mirror key? Yes. Here.

Ilya: That is my girl! You think I am being dead, but still you get job done. You get item.

Evgenya: I was thinking that... maybe it could be our keepsake of our... our...

Ilya: Ahh, do not be silly. What good is this sake-keeping? We need to be moving now. But first, one thing...

Part 4 Recap posted:

Ilya walked to the party.

Ilya: I am owing you great debt. I look for key, and you help me find it. I need to give something. Yes! Here, take. Take!

Part 4 Recap posted:

The three received an Agility Ring.

Ilya: Farewell! Again we shall meet, perhaps. Now, finally, it is the time for Moonmirror Tower. This key will be opening door...

Evgenya: And opening path to legendary mirror of Ra. Easy!

Ilya: Yes! Now, off for us!

Evgenya: Wait up, my tempest!

Part 4 Recap posted:

This was a problem. REX needed that key! But, these were virtuous people... It wouldn't have been just to force them. So, Rex concocted a plan: LET the two have the key! Ilya was in worse shape than they were. He'd take longer to recover, and they'd meet him at the doors. They'd let 'em unlock the doors, then get the mirror first. Simple as that.

Odd things happened on the way out, though. The stream of blood faded, for one thing. And then the group slept at the church again...

Evgenya: ARGH!!! It-It is the uninvited guests once more! After you went to bed for the sleeping you disappeared into the thin hair! B-But wait one moment! You look exactly like people I see in my dream! Th-Those painful dreams finally stopped visiting me. Last night my dream was different... In the dream, he was alive. But in the reality, he lost the life in that cave. I, I stayed in this town, alone... But what is that you hold? Th-That ring. In my young days, I had ring just like this one. I gave it to someone. But who was it...? My memory is not what it was. Truly it is not the easy thing to grow old... Heh heh heh.

Iyla: I hope not to interrupt. I am seeking for the woman with the name of Evgenya. Evgenya! My beloved! It is you! I cannot mistake those eyes!

Evgenya: Wh-Who are you!? What do you want with my eyese?

Iyla: Those wrinkles cannot hide your beauty, Evgenya! My little cyclone, are you not recalling? Has the gold coin not dropped yet? Do you still not know? It is I! It is your Iyla!

Evgenya: Ilya!? This must be trick! B-But Ilya lost the life... C-Could it be!?

Iyla: Did you think I would be dead so easy? Not I! I am searching for you so very long!

Evgenya: Ilya!

Iyla: Ah! Evgenya! I never had the plan to come again to this town. But then the dream... It visit me...

Evgenya: You too saw the dream? It visit you too? W-Wait one moment...

Part 4 Recap posted:

Evgenya turned to Rex.

Evgenya: I get a feeling that this is necessary for you. Here! Take it! It is the mirror key.

Part 4 Recap posted:

She put it in his bag.

Evgenya: I have no longer need for the ー how you say? ー keepsake. The real Iyla, he comes back for me! I have feeling that it was you who saved me from the painful dreams... With the mirror key, you can open door of the Moonmirror Tower. If legend is true, Ra's mirror sleeps inside. It is treasure we once dreamt of putting our hands on... I remember route still. Go round north-east from Somnia castle and then face west direction. Easy, no?

Part 4 Recap posted:

Easy enough! Rex threw another Wing into the air, and carried Carver and Milly back to Somnia... To their next destination.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Shorter episode today!



ZOOM UPGRADE (Remakes Only):
Stop by Madame Luca's house after you get the Mirror of Ra! She'll upgrade your Zoom spell, and allow you to switch between the Dream & Real Worlds at will!

In case my explanation was too rushed, the "step counter" means that you get a fight after a certain number of "steps". However, different floor tiles count for a different number of steps. For example, Grass tiles count for only a few steps, Forest tiles count for more steps, and Mountains count for a lot of steps...

So if you ever wonder why I'm trying to stay on Grass as much as possible, that's why. Also, I can "reload" the step counter every time I enter a room, go up stairs... anything that causes a screen transition.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Note: The original script has a minor plothole. Real World Somnia has a yellow helmet guy that doesn't recognize Rex's name, yet claims you look just like the Prince. He's the guy that tells you that you'd be a mirror image of him, if you bought the Royal Garb (which is how you're supposed to know to do so). I fix this minor plothole by... Well, you'll see at the end.

Also, the Poison Zombie/Corspickle boss fight is more than two pages long. Feel free to skip it, if you wish.


Madame Luca: Let's see... The crystal, it is becoming clearer... Yes, I can see it now... There is a tower close to Somnia. And inside the tower, a mirror. It is a large mirror! It is an intriguing mirror! And in this mirror... Ah, revealing that would be what we seers call a 'spoiler'. Go and do your own looking!

Part 5 Recap posted:

A "spoiler", huh? Better watch out for those. In any case, the group Zoomed back to Somnia.

Milly: (sniff) I'm so glad Evgenya and Ilya's story had a happy ending!

Milly: Two lovers, brought together in each others' dreams... (sniff) I think I'm welling up!

Milly: Even after all these years, Ilya and Evgenya are still so close. I need to find out their secret!

Part 5 Recap posted:

She went on for what seemed like hours about them! Rex hadn't pegged her for a romantic, but there it was!

The group traveled northeast, then west, to Moonmirror Tower.

Carver: Hey, any idea why they call it Moonmirror Tower? Maybe there's a mirror in there that makes you look as round as the moon. Wouldn't that be funny, aye?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Interesting theory... Not that Rex had anything better.

In any case, it was a fairly empty place. Too empty. All there seemed to be were three enormous mirrors, and some stairs leading to empty rooms. The mirrors were larger than most buildings, but nothing else seemed amiss about them. Most likely, they were just hiding the real path(s).

The group investigated the first

Milly: Seems like an ordinary mirror to me.

Part 5 Recap posted:

They investigated the second.

Carver: I think my muscles are sproutin' muscles.

Part 5 Recap posted:

And finally the 3rd one. That's when they noticed something amiss.

Part 5 Recap posted:

There were no stairs. There were SUPPOSED to be stairs, but the mirror didn't reflect that. Carver struck the mirror with his hammer twice, and sure enough...

???: Skree! You should've turned back when you had the chance! Now it's time to reflect on the error of your ways! Your journey ends here!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Their images warped, and their flesh exploded. Blood and viscera sprayed the entire group, before their clones jumped out of the mirror and charged them.

Rex threw his bladed boomerang with his right hand, and dotted some Sap spells with his left hand. Rex repelled his double for the moment, and Milly did the same with a spear of ice... But Carver was not so lucky. He smashed his opponent's head in with a baseball swing across the head... But instead of dropping, the beast spun with the force, replanted itself, and lunged at Carver. It clung to him, and bit into Carver's shoulder! Its pus and drool bled into Carver's blood, and Carver's body convulsed... It was poison!


That was all Rex could say. His own double was upon him! It was a flayed, purple mass of organs and exposed muscle. Entire chunks of meat were missing from its emaciated limbs. The only thing covering its ruined features were some tattered clothing and frizzled hair the colour of rotten eggs. Rex sunk his Bamboo Spear into its stomach, and kept it back via leverage. Rex look at Carver again...

Carver was fighting again, though caked in blood. Not his blood, but the creature's. He had smashed one of its kneecaps, he had his thumb jammed into one of its eyes, and somehow or another, he had taken off one of its arms (probably one of his patented 'elbow breaks')... And yet it kept coming. Rex looked over at Milly... Milly was pinned under her own double. It had a stake of ice jammed between its maws, blocks of ice in its eye sockets, spikes of ice in both temples, daggers of ice dotting its neck (where its caratoid arteries would've been)... Everything that could've possibly killed a human being. Yet it was as strong as ever. Milly could manage nothing, save for a few limp, poorly aimed slaps to the creatures face...

And then Rex's opponent belched! A blast of purple mist washed over Rex's face! The creature stabbed into Rex's left shoulder with the claws on its right arm! Rex stumbled back, but dropped his left forearm across the creature's left elbow! This move drug the creature's body forward, and pulled it off balance enough for Rex to take its back! Rex coughed, clamped his other hand down on the creature's shoulder, and smashed the heel of his foot against the creature's kneecap! The leg snapped off its socket, and Rex threw it to the ground... But now it had started. Rex coughed and wheezed... he couldn't breath...


"He stumbled forward, and sliced off her double's arms with a lucky shot. He wrapped his right arm around its neck, and locked out its left arm via a half-nelson.


Rex held on for what seemed like forever... Then gasped in relief! Milly had cured the poison from herself and from him! Rex released the half-nelson, grabbed the creature's neck in both hands, and wrenched its head off its shoulders! He tossed it away with a Hail Mary throw, and made to put a Heal spell on Milly...

...Then screamed. Something grabbed him and bit him right on the neck! Rex couldn't get it, and the poison coursed through his veins. Milly used yet another stake to chop its head off at the neck, but the damage had been done. Rex fell yet again before Milly healed him up, and helped him to his feet.

"Heads up, Rex!" Milly said.

"Needin' a li'l help here!" Carver said. The trio bunch up... and what Rex saw horrified him.

He saw the creature he had speared, with its legs completely intact. He saw the one Carver had smashed up, with the side of its head healed, and its arm re-attached. He looked over at Milly's... and saw a faint light in its hands as it re-attached its own head.

"Th-They regenerate!" Rex gasped.

"No, j-just spells" Milly wheezed.

"Whatever! How do we KILL these things!?" Carver roared.

Rex didn't know. Rex and his friend got tired, and the clones did not. Rex and his friends felt pain, and the clones did not. Rex and his friends were flesh and blood, while the clones were made of rot and unholy poisons. Their clones weren't as fast, or as strong as Rex or Carver... But that would soon change, the way things were going. Rex likened it to fist-fighting a drunk... And THAT'S when Rex found the secret.

"Guys! Spread out! Milly, get yours to the entrance! Carver, drag yours downstairs! I HAVE A PLAN!!"


"DO IT!!"

And so they did. Rex feared what would happen if Milly wasn't around to cure them, but he was more afraid of what would happen if they were all in one spot. Perhaps one of the zombies would spew more mist, and tag all three of them at once. Perhaps TWO of them would jump Milly at the same time. Either of these would spell the end for them. Besides, Rex had a plan...

Rex drew his clone to the dead-end on the first floor. Rex wasn't trying to hurt his anymore; just harass it with enough boomerang throws to keep it focused on him. A minute went by, two minutes, three minutes... Carver & Milly had long disappeared from sight...

Rex made his move. He launched one Sap spell! Two Sap spells! Three Sap spells, then four, then five, then six, then seven... The zombie started to melt, its body turning to liquid. Rex threw his boomerang again and sliced its legs off at the knees. Then came the clever part... He rushed forward, grabbed its detached legs, and ran off before it could stick them back on!

Such was the process of fighting a drunk... Sort of. Never try to drop them with blunt force; they wouldn't even feel it until morning. You had to immobilize them instead. Cut off their air supply with a choke, restrain them in a lock, or knock them to the ground and run... And that's effectively what Rex did with his double. He had to hurry though; Carver wasn't nearly so clever.

He ran down the stairs, and found Carver with his. He was alive, but he'd dropped his hammer, and his technique was gone. Carver was gassed. Wild haymakers were all he had left.

Rex threw the legs he was holding to the side, grabbed Carver's foe in a bear hug, and yelled for Carver to knock his block off! Carver picked up his hammer, Rex lowered his head, and Carver swung upward! The zombie's head flew off! From there was an awkward minute or so of kicking off the beast's legs, before grabbing THOSE up as well. Now Rex & Carver had four in their arms!

The pair ran towards the entrance towards Milly... And smiled. She had already taken care of hers! Its arms and its legs were stuck to the wall via more spears of ice, and the rest of the body was pinned by a giant stalagmite of it! Milly was on her rump, sweating and gasping for air... But she gave them a small grin.

"An excellent performance, I think. Wouldn't you agree?"

Rex and Carver smiled back, and help her up. After that was the act of smashing the corpses' heads into paste, along with their hands, harms, and legs. Only then did the group feel safe to progress...

Milly: Let's go, Hero. But be careful not to get lost...

Part 5 Recap posted:

The tower itself was uneventful, aside from some moderately critters here and there. Of note, however, was the person they found.

Ashlynn: H-Huh!? You can s-see me!? Finally, someone in this md world can see me! It's like a dream come true! You'd think being invisible would be fun, but it's totally boring! Everyone ignore me, or worse ― they try to walk through me! I can't even fix my hair! See my reflection in the mirror? There isn't one! What a pain!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Actually, she should've been glad to NOT have one, considering what they'd just went through...

Still, how did she get in here? She had no key, she couldn't break the mirrors... By all accounts, she should've been stuck outside with the rest of them.

Ashlynn: I came to this tower because I heard stories about Ra's mirror. It's here somewhere, right? I figured if naything's gonna solve my, um, see-through situation, it's the mirror. But this isn't exactly the friendliest place in the world, is it? I'm at my wit's end here!

Part 5 Recap posted:

"Girl, you don't know the half of it..."

Ashlynn: Oh, but I shouldn't whine so much. I'm just happy to finall meet someone who can make eye contact! You're going up, right? How about we all go together?

Carver: Heh. Guess the little ghost lady's invitin' herself along, aye, Rex? You lettin' her join the team?

Rex: Sure!

Ashlynn: Hey, wait a sec! I forgot to ask you something! If you folks can see me, that means you must be just like me, right? But you don't seem to have any problems with your...visibility. C,mon, guys! Give a transparent girl a break. Tell me your secret!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Rex took out the dream dew and carefully sprinkled a few drops on the girl. She became visible once again.

Ashlynn: Aaah! That stuff's freezing! What's the big ide―Hey! I'm not transparent any more! All it took was a cold shower? Why'd I even bother looking for that mirror? Ah, well. Whatever works, right? Besides, I got to meet you fine folks. Oh, how rude of me! I haven't introduced myself. I'm Ashlynn... I'd love to tell you more, but my name's the only thing I remember. CAn you imagine being an invisible amnesiac?

Rex: Actually...

Ashlynn: Ugh! I had so many questions and no one to ask! Anyway, since we're here, we might as well go check out the mirror together. Sound good? Let's go!

Part 5 Recap posted:

And once they HAD found it...

Ashlynn: Hey! That's it! Ra's mirror! Wow! It's even prettier than I thought! Well, I'm glad I got to see it. I guess this is where we part ways... Only thing is, where am I supposed to go from here? Hmm... You guys seem alright. You have tried anything funny, anyway. I'm thinking I'll keep travelling with you for a while. Sound good?

Carver: She sure is bossy, not that I have room to talk. But what do ya think, Rex? More the merrier, aye?

Rex: Absolutely. Welcome aboard, Ashlynn!

Ashlynn: There you go! I knew you guys were alright! We're gonna be great friends. Trust me!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Then after some more ribbing by Milly...

Milly: Lucky you, Rex, you're just becoming surrounded by cute girls!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Rex got the mirror...

Carver: Ahoy! Here it is, Hero! No doubt about it, this is the mirror the King told us about!

Part 5 Recap posted:

...and decided HE wanted in on the act as well.

Carver: Eh? What do ya mean, “which king”? I'm talkin' about King Somnus from back in our world! The King and Queen here just sleep all the time... They ain't sendin' us on any quests. It was our King Somnus who asked us to find this thing in the first place, right? Quit tryin' to confuse me!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Heh heh heh... Well, at any rate, they HAD to see Ilya & Evgenya first! They wanted this thing their whole lives, after all!

Iyla: You put the hands on Ra's mirror!? Ah, the pleasure of treasure hunting! I still feel the old excitement!

Evgenya: It is late in the day, but we have found the true happiness at last. It is all thanks to you!

Ashlynn: Yeah, she had happiness written all over her face! In between all the wrinkles, I mean.

Part 5 Recap posted:

Then there was a pleasant surprise waiting at Port Haven!

That Mayor's gone an' dropped us in it again! As soon as Johan brought Ella back to Port Haven, the Mayor disappeared out of town! I know how he must feel, but hwat about his mayoral responsibilities!?

Part 5 Recap posted:

W-Wait, Johan GOT HER!?

Johan: Oh! It's you! You're the ones who... Well... You really helped me out that time, you know. Goddess knows, I encountered many a danger while I was out looking for Ella... But it only made me appreciate how lucky I am to be living with my beloved now!

Milly: Johan's journey must have been tough. He looks a lot stronger now!

Carver: To think, I wrote Johan off for a wimp when we first met. Looks like he's got some guts after all!

Part 5 Recap posted:

"No kidding! My "Hail Mary" shot wasn't a Hail Mary after all!"

Ella: Oh! I am so happy! But the Mayor's left town, and I can't hlep but worry about him. He should have just come home! There's no need for him to give that incident a second thought!

Part 5 Recap posted:

"Yes, the whole 'sold a woman into slavery' incident"...

Carver: After all she went through, she actually cares about that lousy Mayor? Oh, Ella... (sniff) Ain't you a peach.

Milly: I'm sure it's this kindness that attracted Johan to Ella in the first place. It's nice to see that some men realise beauty isn't just skin deep!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Speaking of attaction...

Ashlynn: Hey, Hero. Is that girl your type? She sure is pretty!

Part 5 Recap posted:

And then the fateful stay at Madame Luca's.

Madame Luca: Welcome back, Rex. The crystal told Madame Luca that you would be coming, so she turned away all of today's customers. Hah hee! Ah, hello again, my Milly!

Milly: It's lovely to see you, Madame Luca.

Madame Luca: I see the flock has taken on a new little lamb. Ashlynn, yes?

Ashlynn: Hey! How'd you know that!? Is it written on my face or something?

Madame Luca: Hee hah! There is no stumping Madame Luca! She is a dream seer! Knowing names is a piece of cake! Your journey goes well, yes? Say not a word! Madame Luca sees you acquired Ra's mirror! That must have been challenging...

Carver: 'Course it was! You don't need to see dreams to figure that out. Speakin' of that, if you're such a grand mystic, why didn't you just tell us how to get the thing, aye?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Because of 'spoilers', apparently...

Madame Luca: Hah hee! Your mouth is as big as ever, muscle man. Let's call it a night, yes? We can speak more tomorrow.

Part 5 Recap posted:

After a night's rest...

Madame Luca: You've slept a deep and dreamy sleep, yes? The best kind! So, let Maame Luca see... Yes... You travelled between the two worlds in Amor... And you got your hands on Ra's mirror. You've been through a lot, mmm-hmmm. It's time for Madame Luca to tell you the truth about this world...

Part 5 Recap posted:

And then came the bad news. Confirmation of almost every one of Rex's worst fears.

Madame Luca: Your keen, young minds probably already worked it out, but the world you were in before was actually the world of dreams. This, on the other hand, is the real world.

Madame Luca: In the dream world, you were merely inhabiting the dreams of those living in this world...

Part 5 Recap posted:

"Tania... Buddy..."

Madame Luca: That is why no one was able to see you here in the real world. Well, no one apart from old Madame Luca, of course! Hah hee! So, is Madame Luca making sense to you?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Rex would not buckle. It hurt, but, it explained a lot. It explained why they turned transparent upon falling... It explained why Captain Rusty looked like Captain Blade... It explained the magic blood from Evgenya's sword... the time traveling shenanigans...Everything.

It didn't matter. Tania, Carver, Milly, even Ashlynn... They were real to him. That's all that mattered. Rex nodded in affirmation. He had faced his fears, dealt with it, and prepared to move on...

Madame Luca: Madame Luca was reluctant to explain the dream world before... Why burden you with the fear of disappearing, yes?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Aaaaaaand then all that fear came rushing back.

Madame Luca: Dreams can end at any time, you see, and with That is why Madame Luca held her tongue. Now that you know the truth, Madame Luca will cast a spell on you... The best spell she knows! This spell will allow you to cross between the real world and the dream world any time you desire! Now, please close your eyes. Hmm... Yes...

Part 5 Recap posted:

Good thing he could close his eyes...

Madame Luca: There. It is done. With your Zoom spell, you can now fly between worlds any time you like! Ahh... Such a mighty spell takes much out of old Madame Luca. She feels so drained... Well, you'd best be off. Your world will just keep getting bigger now, yes? Yes!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Or it could grow small. Small... Cast into outer darkness... Or an empty void. White... Colorless...

Carver: Wh-Whoa, hold on now! You mean we've been livin' in a dream world all this time!? But dreams are so...flimsy – here one minute and gone the next. Same thing could happen to us! Wait a sec, though. If this is all a dream...then am I just the dream version of my real self? Am I the illusion that the real me sees in his dreams...? This is way over my head...

Part 5 Recap posted:

Carver's response was wild agitation, while Rex's was to shut down. Fortunately, Milly was a perceptive woman... Kind. Always ready with a smile, and a calm word.

Milly: Are you surprised, Hero? I remember when Madame Luca first told me. At first I was terribly shocked... But then I realised that the only way to discover the truth was to keep pressing forward. How about it, Hero? What are you going to do?

Part 5 Recap posted:

"If you can solve a problem, why worry about it? If you CAN'T solve a problem... why worry about it?"

Those were Milly's words. It was good advice, too. WhatevRex just needed some time to be sad... Then he'd move on.

Ashlynn: Carver and the old lady sure do bicker a lot. Maybe they have a secret crush on each other...

Part 5 Recap posted:


The group used their new Zoom spell and poofed straight into the Dream World. They dallied a little, upon the womens' request; they wanted to see what the boys had seen. First was the hobbit's house...

Ashlynn: Stacking wood, huh? Sounds like a career with a lot of growth. Ha ha! Get it? Wood? Growth? Ah, fun.

Part 5 Recap posted:

Next was the wayward Church...

Milly: I actually wanted to be a nun when I was a little girl. I always feel so relaxed and comfortable after sleeping in a church.

Part 5 Recap posted:

After that was the checkpoint, and Haggleton. Weaver's Peak would wait for later, however. For now, they needed to get to Somnia.

They arrived, greeting the soldiers they saw.

Welcome to Sommnia. Stay out of ー Oh, it's you! You're one of those super soldiers hunting for Ra's mirror, right? Any leads yet? What!? What do you mean, you found it!? Well, hurry up, man! The King's going to flip his crown when he hears!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! I bet the King gives us each a big hug!

I'm sorry, have we met...? Oh, we have? You're one of the volunteer recruits? Now I remember you! Where have you been all this time? It's been so long, I wrote you off as AWOL.

Carver: If AWOL means 'awesome without limits', then guilty as charged.

We combed through every cave and ruin in the realm for that mirror, but you showed us all up, rookies. Not bad!

Ashlynn: Maybe they should have tried jumping into big chasms and climbing some tall towers, too.

Part 5 Recap posted:

And then was King Somnus himself.

King Somnus: Am I to understand that Ra's mirror has, at long last, come into our possession? Yes...yes, this is the genuine object! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. With this mirror, we can reveal Murdaw's true colours and put an end to his tricks. Our nightmare's nearly over! We have a great advantage now. We must formulate a new plan...Your courageous cooperation in this plan would be most appreciated, Rex. Come to the conference room downstairs later tonight. I'll be expecting great things from you! Everyone else, get as much rest as you can. Our final battle is drawing near. Dismissed!

Part 5 Recap posted:

Later that evening...

Captain Blade: Rex, uh... Hmm... Could you head upstairs, please? I'll meet you there.

Part 5 Recap posted:

What happened was... Not what they were expecting.

King Somnus: Nnngh... Uuurgh... Errghh...

Captain Blade: Ah, thanks for coming, Rex. As you can see, the King has fallen ill... Now, you're absolutely positive that was Ra's mirror you brought to us, right?

Rex: The King said so himself, right?

Captain Blade: Well, regardless, it has done... something to the King. The moment His Majesty peered into it... this happened. I can't even begin to fathom how the mirror could do this to him.

King Somnus: I... I...

Captain Blade: Y-Your Majesty! Speak to me! What is wrong, Your Majesty?

King Somnus: N-No... I... I am Somnus, leader of...Aghh!

Part 5 Recap posted:

The mirror flashed a blinding white light! Everyone closed their eyes, until it'd finally passed... and when they opened them... There she was, standing in King Somnus' place!

Captain Blade: By the Goddess!

Chancellor: Your Majesty, you're... you're a woman.

Part 5 Recap posted:

The woman stumbled forward, and fainted.

Captain Blade: What devilry! Quick, get her into bed!

Part 5 Recap posted:

The throne room fell silent. Those assembled thought it best to keep the King's metamorphosis a secret for now.

Chancellor: Ah! Your Majesty! You're awake? How are you feeling... er, Your Majesty?

Captain Blade: Your Majesty! Do you have any idea what's happened to you!? You... you transformed into a woman...

Queen Apnea: This is my true form, my friend. I am not King Somnus... My name is Apnea.

Chancellor: Apnea? Apnea... Where have I heard that name before...?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Then Rex remembered Chancellor Keating from the other world. This was clearly his Dream World self... Except, this one seemed honourable enough. Perhaps there were depths to Keating that wasn't apparent in the Real World? Or perhaps THIS one simply hasn't had the chance to be evil, yet?

Captain Blade: Chancellor, we must concentrate on King Somnus for now!

Chancellor: Yes, of course. Please answer me this, my lady... If you are not our king, then what has happened to His Majesty!? Or does this mean that our nation never had a king in the first place!?

Queen Apnea: Not at all, my Chancellor. I'm afraid the true King Somnus is in Murdaw's clutches. Or, perhaps, Somnus is none other than Murdaw himself.

Part 5 Recap posted:

Whoa! Now how did she know that!?

Chancellor: What!? Speak sense, woman! Whatever gave you such an outlandish idea?

Queen Apnea: I'm afraid I can't say. I just know it is the truth. I don't know why I know, but I know.

Part 5 Recap posted:

Ah. Another one of those "spoilers", huh?

Queen Apnea: Perhaps some past event in the real world flashed across the mirror and into my mind... I imagine this must all be very hard for you to understand, you inhabitants of this world... You believe me, don't you, Captain Rusty?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Rusty? This world? That must mean... She's the Queen of the Real World!

Captain Blade: Rusty? Um, I'm sorry, ma'am, but my name's Blade, not Rusty. Though it's odd how the name Rusty reverberates within my mind...

Queen Apnea: And you are Sleipnir, right?

Part 5 Recap posted:

Sleipnir? So that's his Real World self... It would fit the naming scheme, and it would explain why he looked so much like the Prince. Does this mean he... er, "he"... was sleeping too?

Queen Apnea: You have certainly grown, Sleipnir... Anyway, we must not let last night's events delay us in facing Murdaw... This final confrontation will reveal everything... Including how I became King Somnus in this world, I should add. Let us be off, then.

Part 5 Recap posted:

And so it was. Rex's life was built on lies... Or rather, he's a copy of this "Sleipnir" fella? Was he *actually* a real person? Would he remember all this one he woke up? Would all his friends and loved ones be there? Or would he vanish in a gasp of air? To be perfectly honest, Murdaw was NOT the one on his mind...

But, it was as Milly said. The only way to go was forward. Perhaps they would find a way to sustain their existence. If that was the case, they needed to fight for their future. Or, maybe they would all just disappear one day, without a trace. And if THAT'S the case...

Today was a good day to die.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright! Ready for the big man himself!?



Special thanks for giving me permission to use it !!

EQUIP THE AGILITY RING TO MILLY!! It gives her a 92% chance of going before Murdaw!

Also, you don't need to go out of your way for the Seed of Magic. I just think Rex would really like it for the post-game boss.

1) Two or more Fairy Dragons/Damselflies
2) Two or more Killer Geese/Deadly Dodos
3) All Stone Beasts/Arrghgoyles

1) [Flame Breath (30-40 Damage to everyone) or Attack] → [Buff or Attack] → [Blazemore/Frizzle (52-62 Damage) or Change's Party Tactics] → [Repeat]

She has a 30% to every kind of offensive spell, except for the Infernos/Woosh & Zap family of spells. It doesn't change much, though; You still want to have her at full HP at all times. It's why I didn't mention it in the video itself.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Chancellor: I haven't the foggiest idea what's going on here... Nevertheless, I cannot defy this woman. She just seems so...regal. Murdaw's keep is far to the south-east of here... Follow the eastern mountains south, cross the checkpoint, and continue further east.

Part 6 Recap posted:

And on they went. At least, after some parting words to the soldiers & citizens... As well as some ill-advised ribbing from Ashlynn.

Did something happen in the throne room last night? Captain Blade looked shaken up.

Ashlynn: Only thing that happened was some guy turned into a lady... What!? It's not like anyone would believe us anyway!

Wha? What're you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be with His Majesty right now? Don't waste time talking! Go catch up with him!

Ashlynn: If only he knew – the King's right here with us!

That king of ours... He set out for Murdaw's keep the instant he got Ra's mirror... The man's work ethic is impeccable!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Are you getting all this, King?

I know His Majesty isn't one to waste time, but you'd think he'd at least say goodbye before he left...

Ashlynn: The King barely had time to, um, change, let alone say goodbye. Tee hee!

Welcome to Somnia. Stay out of trouble.

Ashlynn: Tee hee! The lady in the back look like anyone you know?

Well, His Majesty's finally set out. It's do or die time over at Murdaw's keep. Murdaw's keep is far to the south-east of here... All I can do is pray he made it there okay.

Ashlynn: I'm pretty sure the King hasn't gotten there yet. Tee hee.

Strange is the only word for it. They say that His Majesty set off to fight Murdaw last night... But when did he leave? You'd think I'd notice a guy with a crown leading his soldiers out of town...

Ashlynn: I don't think she'd notice even if the King were in the same room as her. Tee hee!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Urrrgghh... This woman was going to be trouble...

The group stopped by the Inn, having never slept the night before.

If His Majesty has left, that must mean he finally found Ra's mirror. I hate to be a pessimist, but how can some chintzy little mirror defeat a Dread Fiend?

Carver: I can think of a lot of uses for that mirror. We can blind Murdaw, or hit him over the head, or, uh... See, two uses!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Don't forget turning Murdaw into a woman! Maybe he'd keel over and die from embarassment... THREE uses!

Master Keating, the guy in 'dis room, pays me a freakin' fortune to protect him. Don't try anythin' dumb.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Master Keating!? So the Chancellor in the throne room last night WASN'T the Dream World Keating?

Rex went upstairs.

Chancellor Keating: Wah hah hah hah! I'm so rich, I could buy this entire nation tice. Thrice, even! You common folk are worth less than the gold in my teeth. My bodyguard makes more in a day than you will all year! Wait a minute... Have we met somewhere before? ...No? Huh. I guess all you poor folks look alike. Wah hah hah!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Well! THAT confirmed a few things!

First of all, the Chancellor by Captain Blade's side was NOT Keating's double. That was good to know; Rex had wondered why he was so much more honorable.

More importantly, Keating was never loyal to Somnia! He just didn't want to hand over the reigns of power! If Rex HAD possessed Prince Sleipnir's memories, Keating would have tried to discredit him some other way. Yet another reason to prevail against Murdaw. Rex had unfinished work to do.

But for now...

Milly: At last, the time for battle is upon us. Still, the idea that King Somnus might somehow be Murdaw has shaken my desire to fight...

Part 6 Recap posted:

Even so, it had to be done. The group entered Murdaw's Underkeep with Queen Apnea in town.

Carver: Keep your eyes peeled, people! Murdaw ain't above hittin' us from behind!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Good point! Fortunately, the monsters weren't too tough. The only enemies of note were blue versions of the flesh and marble creature the group had fought in the Cave of Amor. They didn't seem to have the mesmerizing dances that one had, but they made up for it with deadly flames; the kind that made the Babygoyles seem tame in comparison. The group avoided most of them, and the rest of the monsters were fairly standard; in fact, they slew most of them without needing a drop of magic from Milly! This was good; Murdaw was going to need all the firepower they had...

The group went deep into the catacombs, and eventually happened across a set of double doors. They entered, and found the inside of a castle, with 16 torches casting light into the room...

Queen Apnea: Hold a moment. Our nemesis is a trickster. Though he may not appear in his true form, he is Murdaw nonetheless. Do not be fooled by his traps. I would like you to carry Ra's mirror from now on. Keep it at the ready.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Apnea handed Ra's mirror to Rex.

Queen Apnea: Let us be off, then.

Ashlynn: I think I'm getting...a little tired...

Part 6 Recap posted:

Blast. Ashlynn wasn't holding up as well as Rex had hoped.

She was their newest member, and unfortunately, their weakest link. She didn't have the quick thinking Rex had, she didn't have Carver's fortitude, and she didn't have Milly's iron will. She was... normal. A talented magician to be sure, but she hadn't been through what the rest of them had. Not in terms of "kill or be killed". All workable problems, but...

She was also remarkably immature. Her snarkiness didn't just extend to jests at the Queen's expense. She also questioned nearly every one of Rex's orders. It was a maddening trait of hers... Especially when most of her questions could have been answered just by following the blasted orders!

Thankfully, Murdaw didn't have anything too diabolical lined out for them, despite Apnea's words. The only puzzle was a basic dark room, with invisible floors and enemies that could see in the shadows better than they could. Pitfalls dotted random spots in the floor; Evidently, the monsters were there to distract them; make it harder for them to find the safe path.

They had the opposite effect. Ashlynn simply illuminated the room with an orb of fire. The floors were still invisible, but the group could see what was safe simply by seeing where the monsters stood. The group navigated the dark room, took a few stairs down, and found HIM at last. Murdaw, sitting on his throne room, staring them down... Milly put on the Agility Ring, took some Magic Water to refill her magic, Ashlynn took the Medicinal Herbs that were left, and the group walked forward.

Murdaw: Well, well. Back to try and slay me again? How splendid! Normally, I relish such diversions, but right now destiny calls. I have a world to rule, you see... Your destiny calls, too, you know. It is your fate to serve me. Now bow before the mighty Murdaw...or die!

Rex: Make me! Make me bow down to you!!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Murdaw opened his mouth, and shot a spray of fire over the entire team! Rex and Carver stood firm, and Milly had started a healing spell just before the flames hit, but Ashlynn was flattened! Milly threw some token ice spears at Murdaw, then attended to Ashlynn; it was up to Rex & Carver! Rex threw his Boomerang, and Murdaw blasted it out of the air... But that distracted him from Carver! Rex struck Murdaw with a Sap spell, and Carver charged forth! Carver raised his blade, and threw a deathblow at Murdaw's head!

...But halos of blue rose up around Murdaw. His flesh hardened to scales, and he caught Carver's weapon by the blade. He held Carver still, gathered scarlet energy in his other hand, and fired it into Carver's chest. Carver was sent into the air, his limp form bouncing off the wall. Another blast of fire came, except Murdaw wasn't aiming for them. He struck the brick and mortar in FRONT of them, and covered the group in smoke. Rex heard the sound of another Buff spell, and then...


That was Rex's voice... But Rex hadn't said anything! Milly and Carver found Rex amidst the smoke... And Murdaw's flames swallowed them whole. They fell to the ground, and writhed in fire. Murdaw had indeed "made them bow down to him". He'd beaten them in less than 45 seconds, and hadn't even moved from the blasted throne. Murdaw laughed. His voice boomed through the room, and he prepared two more orbs of fire in his palms. He strolled toward the three, rose his arms...

And then a small fireball hit him square in the face! After that was two, three, four, five... a veritable hornet's nest of flame peppered him from afar! It was Ashlynn! The only person who hadn't jumped when "Rex" said jump! Her refusal to fall in line was what Rex had hated most; Yet, it had just saved their lives.

"Impudent whelp!" Murdaw screamed. He threw the orbs he had been carrying, each one big enough to devour Carver completely. It consumed everything Ashlynn had thrown... Ashlynn dodged the first, but the 2nd hit her head on! She had survived, somehow... but she lay crumpled on the floor, whimpering.

"Milly, get Ashlynn. Carver, WITH ME!"

Rex fired a Sap spell, and his Boomerang, one after the other. The spell softened Murdaw's hide, and the blade sank into the side of Murdaw's throat. It didn't go deep enough to drop him, but it made his Flame Breath harder to use. Murdaw turned around to Rex & Carver, and charged them. He was 8-9 feet tall, and fat enough to fit two Carvers, yet moved with startling agility. Carver drew his blade back, and Rex took out his Bamboo Spear. This was it! They were running at the wall!

Rex jabbed the spear into Murdaw's gut, with little success. Murdaw grabbed Rex's face in a meaty fist, lifted him off the ground, and threw him toward Carver. Carver just barreled through; He shoulder-checked Rex's flying body out of the way, and made to strike Murdaw the exact same way he had attempted to before. Murdaw responded in kind, preparing to catch Carver's blade like he had before...

And then it happened. More rings of golden light came from behind Murdaw, and enveloped his skin. His hand, and the rest of his body, turned dry and flaky; like the dandruff in one's hair. Carver came down and sliced Murdaw's fingers off!

Murdaw gurgled, the boomerang still lodged in the side of his throat. And then stakes of ice slammed into his back, and before long, Murdaw had lost control. No more spells, no more fire breath, no more tricks. He didn't even attempt to get out of Milly's way. He just wasted energy flailing his arms in Carver's general direction... Rex too, once he'd cast some healing on himself.

It was an amateur move. Murdaw wasn't used to being hurt, and he was making that very clear. He'd gone far too long without a serious challenge... And there was no way in hell Rex was leaving him the chance to learn from this!

The next two minutes were ugly. Rex, Carver, Milly, and Ashlynn beat Murdaw into a corner. They blasted him, tore at him, slashed at him, stabbed at him... It was open season. They were about to kill him, when Murdaw opened his mouth, and sent them all flying with another blast of flame. His throat had recovered just in time!

He removed Rex's boomerang, and slumped against the wall. He did not presss his attack. Instead, his body became opaque... shadows enveloped his form...

Murdaw: This... This is not my destiny! You think I am defeated? You don't know the meaning of true defeat! I'll teach it to you when next we meet!

Rex: Coward! Stand up and FIGHT!

Murdaw: Until then! Blah hah hah!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Murdaw had nearly disappeared! He was getting away!

Queen Apnea: Now, Rex! The mirror!

Part 6 Recap posted:

And Rex acted! He placed the mirror in front of Murdaw.

Murdaw: Blah hah hah! Brought me a gift, have you? ...Wha!?

Part 6 Recap posted:

Murdaw's body disappeared! A spire of alabaster light exploded beneath him, and bathed the room. When it had all gone, and Rex had recovered his eyesight... There stood a man.

Queen Apnea: S-Somnus!

King Somnus: Apnea! Oh, Apnea, my beloved! By the Goddess, how in the worlds did I wind up in here?

Part 6 Recap posted:

Well, the mirror hadn't turned Murdaw into a woman, but it HAD turned him into a man! Just the man Apnea was looking for, in fact!

Queen Apnea: You were Murdaw, my dear... You played the role of the Dread Fiend in this world.

King Somnus: What? Me, Murdaw!? It sounds preposterous...yet I know it to be the truth. But why...? How...? My mind... Everything is just a blur right now. It's as if I'm still dreaming... Yes! That is it! I must be in the dream world, yes? That would explain everything! Am I right, Apnea? And your companions... I suppose they are denizens of the dream world? Now that I have a good look...that young fellow resembles our son, does he not? Uncanny!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Interesting... His father was one of the few people that did NOT immediately mistake Rex for Sleipnir.

In any case, some soldiers arrived.

Captain Blade: There you are! I feared for your safety, so I led a platoon of my own here to the Underkeep. Is this really Murdaw's lair? I have seen no sign of him anywhere...

King Somnus: Well! If it isn't my faithful Captain Rusty, flying to my aid as usual!

Captain Blade: Ugh, that name again! How many times do I have to say it? My name is... Wha? Y-Your Majesty!

King Somnus: Indeed. I must apologise for all the trouble I have caused you. But this is no time for idle chitchat. There is much work to do! Escort myself and my queen back to the castle at once!

Captain Blade: Y-Yes! Right away, Your Majesty!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Somnus & Apnea walked a few paces, then turned back to face Rex and his friends.

King Somnus: I suppose both Apnea and I owe you all a great debt. You must visit us at our castle later. You will be richly rewarded!

Part 6 Recap posted:

And then they left.

Carver: Well, that was weird. Is it just me, or do ya get the impression we didn't really beat Murdaw?

Rex: Hate to say it, but, I think you're right. Everyone else we've met has a double... Only fair Murdaw does, too.

Milly: Well, we can't stay here forever. We should go, Rex. Let's follow the King and Captain Blade back to Somnia.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Milly warped the gang out with an Evac spell, and Rex returned them to Somnia with his Zoom.

Oh dear! I think I've been standing her for too long. I can feel it in my hip bones. And my knee bones. And my shin bones. And, well, all my bones!

Ashlynn: You know what they say. If you don't give your bones a break, they might just break on you! ...Well, I say it, anyway.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Ashlynn was growing on Rex. As much of a handful as she could be... She DID bring a youthful, peppy dynamic to the party, apart from Carver's awkward witticisms. Plus, she DID save all their lives. That was certainly worth something.

Not that one would know it, from how dour Somnia was.

Welcome to Somnia. Stay out of trouble.

Carver: Huh. Things seem pretty quiet around here. I imagined once folks heard we beat'[sic] Murdaw, they'd be in a tizzy 'n everything like that. Why aren't they throwin' a Murdaw Deadication or a National Peace Feast or, I dunno... Somethin'!

Part 6 Recap posted:

It wasn't just the common soldiery, either.

Chancellor: Ah! Finally, you're back! Do you know where Captain Blade is!?

Rex: Uh... Wait, they're not back yet?

Chancellor: Well, they certainly aren't here!

Rex: Weird. Then again, Somnus has JUST returned from being Murdaw, so maybe...

Chancellor: Wait, there's more? Murdaw was King Somnus all along? Talk sense, will you! Are you serious?

Rex: W-Well, yeah. I mean, he wasn't THE Murdaw, but...

Chancellor: Gahh! I did not understand a single word you're saying! Did you sustain a head injury in battle!? I only know one thing for sure: they aren't back yet. Perhaps they stopped at an inn? Or took a detour?

Rex: Exactly! So what's our next move?

Chancellor: All we can do is wait. You'd best rest here until they return.

Part 6 Recap posted:

So to recap... One look into Ra's mirror transformed the young King Somnus into a mysterious woman named Apnea... Another look turned the dark tyrant Muraw into a second, much older King Somnus... So everything SEEMED to be working out.

Still, where could they be? And what of Captain Blade, who they both referred to as 'Rusty'? His numerous questions unanswered, the chancellor endured a long, sleepless night...

When he woke up, there was no Somnus. There was no Apnea. There was no Blade.

Chancellor: Well, I am officially on my last nerve... We have waited all night with no word whatsoever. I have no other option but to consider them all missing. I implore you, search for their party in my stead... We had best keep this situation secret from the rest of the castle for the time being.

Carver: Hey, what's goin' on here, aye? Didn't the King say he had a reward waitin' for us when we got back to the castle? And hten he heads for the hills when we come to collect. Ya think he's playin' us for suckers?

Rex: Carver, he's rich. He doesn't need to do that.

Carver: Eh? I like ya, rex, but sometimes I just don't get ya. Yer too trustin' 'n everything like that. It could get ya in real trouble someday.

Rex: Maybe. Let's not jump to any conclusions though. I can't think he'd leave his own home...

Ashlynn: Wait! That's it! I think I get what's going on! The King told us to come to his castle, right? Well, I don't think he was jerking us around. He was talking about HIS castle! You follow me, Rex?

Rex: ...Yeah. And we're in the castle, so...

Ashlynn: Seriously? Hellllooo! He was talking about his castle, but not necessarily this castle. Don't think one-dimensionally! There's more than one Somnia Castle out there, right? So let's try going there, Rex! Sheesh. What would you do without me?

Part 6 Recap posted:

Rex smiled, in-spite of himself. Her mind was as sharp as her tongue. She'd be an asset for sure.... Maybe just not as a front row fighter. There was something to be said for a reserve party, too. After all, her hanging back was the reason they'd survived today...

So, Rex and the party did as Ashlynn said. They went to the other Somnia, and found a far more pleasant kingdom than the one they'd been to last. Ashlynn was right; This IS the one the King and Queen had returned to!

Milly: The town seems filled with happy voices and gleaming auras. It's nice, isn't it Rex?

Part 6 Recap posted:

Indeed! Then there was more good news!

The good times are back in Somnia! The King's awake again and that grasping Chancellor Keating has left the castle in disgrace. Maybe now that fine, upstanding Captain Rusty will have his unfairly tarnished reputation restored...

Part 6 Recap posted:

"I can see CLEEEARLY now, the RAAAIN is GOOONE! I can see ALLLL obstacles in my WA-"

Hang on! I know you lot! Aren't you the troublemakers who scammed their way into the castle?

We've been waiting for you to make another appearance! March this way!

Part 6 Recap posted:

...Well! That wasn't good.

The group marched inside, to the jeering of many guardsmen.

It's you! The famed fakers! I hope you'll enjoy playing dress up... IN THE DUNGEON!

Part 6 Recap posted:

At least one was crying, too...

Thanks to your shamefull shammery and flagrant flimflammery, C-Captain Rusty h-has...has... (sob)

Part 6 Recap posted:

That miserable cretin... Keating actually did it. He actually murdered Rusty. Nothing else could have prompted that reaction... And Rex gave him the excuse he needed to do it.

Get in there! Chop chop!

Part 6 Recap posted:

...pathetic. Rex felt pathetic. He needed space, he needed time... He stumbled into the cell in a daze.

King Somnus wants to grill you later to get to the bottom of why you would impersonate his son.

Part 6 Recap posted:

And that was the question Rex could never answer, no matter how many years had passed.

Sure, he wanted to help the King & Queen awaken. Sure, he thought Madame Luca could help them. And sure, he thought he needed their help to find Ra's mirror... But he'd been so stupid! How could he not have seen all the ways it could go wrong!? How could he not have seen the obvious alternatives!?

Until then, you're going to sit there and think about what you've done!

Part 6 Recap posted:

Not just in the jail cell, either... Actually, they didn't spend long in the cell at all, for the guard came rushing back almost immediately.

I-I'm terribly sorry! I should never have locked you up! Please find it in your hearts to forgive me! When I told King Somnus that you were in custody he screamed at me to bring you to him right away! I can't work out just what's going on. Who in the world are you...?

Part 6 Recap posted:

Good question. Who WAS Rex, exactly? Was he the villager known as Rex, or Somnus & Apnea's son; Sleipnir?

The group was summoned to the throne room.

King Somnus: I apologise for my guards' incompetence. It was not my intention that you should be incarcerated here.

Rex: Sire, it's not his fault. I...

King Somnus: I have heard the tale of how you disguised yourself as my son. And yes, I see now that the resemblance is striking. Uncanny, in fact... In my dreams, too, there was on who looked like you. One who saved me... I have summoned you here to humbly ask you to enlighten me.

Rex: What do you want to know?

King Somnus: I want to know the truth. In my dreams, I was Murdaw. Then someone came before me, standing side by side with my Queen. Was this really you?

Rex: Yes, sir.

King Somnus: It was you! I knew it! Yet now you stand before me in the flesh. I no longer know where my dreams end and where reality begins... I remember that fateful day like it was yesterday. I was aboard our fleetest vessel. The time of the final battle with Murdaw was at hand... Then without warning, I was enveloped in illusions, engulfed in confusion... How I returned to my castle, I do not know. But when I awoke, I, I... No... It is too terrible to recall! I had somehow become Murdaw! It was you who saved me from that nightmare. It is you to whom I owe everything. If it were not for your courage, I would still exist as Murdaw. And as Murdaw, I would still be inflicting untold pain and suffering on the residents of that dream world.

Part 6 Recap posted:

The king rose from his throne, and pinched his brow.

King Somnus: (sigh) I am sorry. I am still adjusting to this new reality. I must go outside to feel the cool breeze on my face. I have a request to make of you. Please come and see me outside.

Rex: My lord!

Part 6 Recap posted:

The king went outside, and Rex made to follow him. Before he did...

Queen Apnea: I shall never forget that night when my gravely injured husand was carried back to the castle. That night I had a terrifying dream. I saw the inhabitants of the dream world groaning under Murdaw's oppression, just as in our world... But in my dream, I felt a most peculiar sensation when I gazed at Murdaw. I didn't understand it, but now I believe I may have sensed the anguish of my husband, helpless and trapped in that evil form. I felt myself being sucked into that dream world, deeper and deeper, so deep I could not escape... Why I became King Somnus in that world, I have not the faintest idea. The mystery still weighs on my mind. All I know is that with the mercy and the grace of the Goddess, I am myself once more. And of course, I am forever indebted to you, Rex.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Her voice got caught on that last word...

Queen Apnea: Sleipnir, if only you knew. For you are our... No, never mind. I must not speak of this now. Please take care on your journey.

Part 6 Recap posted:

Silence hung in the air. Rex DID know... On some level, at least. He didn't feel it in his heart, however. Tania was his family, and he belonged to the people of Weaver's Peak. That was his reality.

Rex went to King Somnus, along with his friends.

Milly: It's such a wild story. The Queen turning into the King in the dream world in order to rescue her husband... It seems the bond between them was so strong, they were able to understand each other's hearts in the dream world. How romantic...

Ashlynn: Love can be more powerful than magic...

Part 6 Recap posted:

Milly sniffled, and Ashlynn smiled dreamily. Rex couldn't help but perk up a little himself. Rex enjoyed listening to his friends. Whether it was Rusty's death, the Real World Murdaw, or his identity crisis... They made everything better. Rex could always count on that.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Now let's see how much easier Murdaw is in the Remakes, as well as how to solve the re-arranged Dark Room puzzle!

NOTE: Parts 8-10, and these first three bonus Episodes, had the whole "Like, comment, subscribe" spiel at the end. I stopped doing that after Part 11, both because it was clunky, and because I just want "have a nice day, and God bless you" to be the note each video ends on


THUMBNAIL ART BY: 「@yotsugi_nanika」/「なんか」/「えすた」
Special thanks for giving me permission to use it ^_^ !!

Again, the Dark Floor puzzle has been re-arranged in the Remakes. Navigating it without lighting is a bit trickier, so I wish to demonstrate how to do it in those versions.

In addition, I have acquired the x2 Platinum Mails, the x2 Dragon Shields, and the Yggdrasil Leaves. I wish to show just how much simpler the game becomes with those items, and Murdaw is the perfect demonstration for why!

1) Go right until Rex is just left of the column with the right wall
2) Go up till Rex's hair is perpendicular with the top of the pillar
3) Go right until Milly is just below the wall jutting
4) Move two spaces down so as to form a right-angle (with Milly at the arrow point)
5) Go right until you're just below the right torch
6) Go 1 space down, then 1 space right
7) Go up until your party is lined up single file
8) Go left until you're just below the left torch
9) Go up, and victory! You made it!

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Alright, I'm working on another bonus episode, since I'm up to Part 17; where plot-important stuff happens. Partially as a result of that, I have no recap ready.

Do you want me to post Part 7 without a recap, or would you prefer I post them together? The latter will take another day, I believe, though the Recap will be done at some point regardless.

Feb 21, 2014

Well, I've been appreciating the recaps, but go with whatever schedule works better for you.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Thorn Whips, then just about everything I'm not currently using, except for a Bronze Shield, Wooden Hat/Hardwood Headware, Usamimi Band/Bunny Ears, and the Bracers.

1) Lesser Demons. They take too long to kill.
2) Jewelbags/Goodybags. They take too long to kill, give very little EXP, and cast Dazzle.

The fat guy has a move called "Selflessness". It means he takes ALL the attacks you launch, even if you aimed them all at the pig guy. The Boomerang would hit him twice, for example. That's why I kill him first.

1) Say you paid 5000G, but are actually lying. You'll keep the 5000G the mayor gives as thanks.
2) Say you beat them up, and get a Seed of Life from the mayor at his house.
3) Say you paid 5000G, and are telling the truth. You'll be compensated, and be no better or worse off
4) Say you didn't pay, when you did. The mayor will give a Prayer Ring & Seed of Life at his house

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Odd thing happened with this one. Not much happens in terms of plot... Yet this became the longest one of all! Funny how that works out, eh?


King Somnus: Thank you for joining me. My only concern now that I am awake is... Well, I am sure that you can guess. It is Murdaw alone who occupies my thoughts. Thanks to your courage, he has been banished from the dream world. But in this world, he is very much alive and well. And his power is growing... If we do not strike soon, this world will fall into his clutches. This is the thought that haunts me. Yet there is no cause for despair! We still have time! I do, however, have one request to make of you. I would like you to go in my stead and do battle with Murdaw. Blessed as you are with the ability to travel between world, you may be able to withstand Murdaw's illusions and trickery. Will you take on the heavy burden of this mission? The entire Kingdom of Somnia will stand beside you.

Rex: Murdaw's threatening my loved ones, too. We'll get 'em.

King Somnus: I am delighted to hear it! I sensed that you would not let me down! But I am afraid that we no longer have a ship capable of transporting our troops to the battlefield. Yet there is no cause for despair! Have you ever heard of the sacred village of Ghent?

Rex: Sacred? Go on.

King Somnus: Devoted to serving the Goddess, the people of Ghent possess a sacred ship known as the Providence. Go to Ghent and show the authorities this Royal Missive I have prepared for you. They will be sure to give you free use of the Providence.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex received the Royal Missive

King Somnus: The sacred village of Ghent lies in the mountains to the north of here. I have ordered the checkpoint that guards the path to the northern mountains be opened. I wish you Goddesspeed!

Milly: We should strike while this iron is hot, Hero. Let's get to the northern checkpoint right away.

Ashlynn: These Ghentiles... They aren't scary or anything, are they? I mean, “serving the Goddess” sounds like scary business.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Huh... Another person who didn't know who the Goddess was. Rex had always worshiped the mountain spirit, yet everyone he ran across worshiped the Goddess. He always felt like he was out-of-the-loop, so it was interesting finding another non-believer.

The group started to leave. As they did, one of the guards came up to apologise.

I know that you are not to blame...but if Captain Rusty hadn't mistaken you for the Prince, he would not have been sent to the front. It was there that he met his tragic, untimely end, devoured by a ferocious beast. I hope Chancellor Keating is happy now...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Logically, Rex knew that they were not the ultimate cause of Rusty's fate. They were simply the excuse the Chancellor had been waiting for; His chance to remove the greatest obstacle to his authority.

It didn't matter. They were STILL a convenient excuse; That tore Rex apart.

Carver: When we finish Murdaw for real, I'll dedicate the final blow to Captain Rusty!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Aye. That was all they COULD do, at the time.

A lot of people are wondering why the King woke up... I'm not one to blow my own trumpet, but I'll bet my alarmingly spicy soup had quite a lot to do with it!

Milly: Perhaps the King would have preferred to remain asleep...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Owch. Good thing Milly was subtle. If it'd been Ashlynn, she'd have said it loud enough for the castle to hear...

Carver: Huh. How'd he get soup down the King's piehole?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Actually, that wasn't the hard part. The REAL question was what happened when the King needed to g...

No. Scratch that. The less time thinking about that, the better.

Did you lot 'ear that Cap'n Rusty got gobbled up by some 'orrible monster in the middle of nowhere? He may have slung me in gaol, but I always 'ad a lot of time for that Cap'n Rusty. Seems the good really do die young...

Ashlynn: Guess that means Keating will live to a hundred then.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Should Rex hope that Keating doesn't live that long? Or should Rex feel bad about thinking that? Or perhaps the answer was to simply wish the good lived as long as the wicked? That death wasn't so prevalent? Yes, that seemed the best tact to take.

So though you were only pretending to be the Prince, you managed to wake the King and Queen... There must be some kind of deep connection betwen you all. But what could it be!?

Carver: A question like that could give a man a migraine!

Milly: I'd love to stand you next to the Prince to see how similar you two really are, Rex. Hee hee.

Part 7 Recap posted:

In looks, or personality? Rex was interested in the latter, personally.

Anyway, that was everything of interest in Somnia. The gang considered heading off to Ghent... Then decided to pay Port Haven another visit. Turns out, they'd already heard the news! Everyone was in high spirits!

...Well, almost everyone.

Ivy: (sigh) My life is so dull these days. Ever since my silly Johan phase, there's been no man on the scene at all. Life's a bit...lonely if you haven't got someone to love.

Carver: Oh, boo hoo! Who'd fall for a girl who might sabotage your supper?

Milly: What goes around, comes around, or so they say... Still, I wouldn't wish loneliness upon anyone.

Ashlynn: Me, I like guys with a mix of brains and brawn, you know?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Ashlynn giggled... Rex wasn't sure how that had to do with what Ivy said, but he liked hearing Ashlynn laugh anyway.

They met a little kid running around, afterward.

Hey! D'you think this dream world is really, uh, real?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Whoooa, people were talking about the dream world, now? Perhaps it was inevitable, given the state that the King and Queen were in.

Rex: Yeah! It's kinda like ours, 'cept everything's a li'l bit different!

Wow! I'd love to go there some day!

Carver: Maybe if the kid eats his veggies, we'll take him there sometime, aye?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Aw, isn't that a cute thought?

Milly: Dreams vs reality... I'm not sure which is more enjoyable, to be honest.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Personally? Rex would've chosen the dream world just so he didn't have to fight Murdaw again.

Ashlynn: I've been having a hard time telling the difference between what's real and what's a dream lately... Hey Rex, pinch me, will ya?

Part 7 Recap posted:

...Rex pinched her on the cheek, and she yelped. She yelled at him for a bit, and he gave a goofy grin. She sounded as though she was upset... But then he heard her giggling to herself, when she thought he couldn't overhear. It was odd indeed...

I heard the Queen of Somnia's name is Apnea, and she's a right looker!

Ashlynn: Hey Rex, who do you think is prettier - me, or the Queen?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex's heart skipped a beat.

Rex: Well... You, of course. Why?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Ashlynn just laughed, and went about her way. Was.... Was this normal? Or was Ashlynn... Hoo boy.

The group met the carpenter and his wife yet again.

Carver's Mom: Oh, ahoy. What can I do for ya? My husband's a bit-

Part 7 Recap posted:

She laid eyes on Carver, and her mouth widened.

Carver's Mom: C-Carver! You came back! I always knew ya would, my boy!

Part 7 Recap posted:

She turned to her husband.

Carver's Mom: Hey! Would ya look here? It's Carver!

Carver: Whoa! Slow down, lady. I'm sorry, but I think ya got the wrong guy. I'm a wandering martial artist, ya see?

Carver's Dad: Ha! You ain't wrong. I ain't even got a son called Carver any more. And look at ya. Are you some kinda fighter 'n everything like that? You must be, with that getup.

Carver's Mom: Why are you bein' so stubborn? Just listen-

Carver's Dad: No, YOU listen! And stop talkin' bilge. These constant interruptions are gettin' in the way of my work. I want them out of here, now!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The man drug Rex & Carver out of the house with astonishing strength. The two lost their balance, and fell onto the lawn. Milly & Ashlynn followed, and Carver just laid there.

Carver: Man, this is just gettin' crazy! I sure don't remember this house. I swear on the Goddess 'n everything!

Carver's Mom: Oh, Carver, my boy... What's happened to you...?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex had an idea, but there was nothing to be done about it now. Amnesia seemed part and parcel for everyone whose identities were split. Only Milly was her complete self, now.

The group stopped by Madame Luca's house, but her advice was basically just what they'd already been told. So, up they went, to Ghent.

Carver: So this is Ghent, aye? Lots of room to roam here... Hey, look at that big building at the other end!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Perhaps that's where some of the authorities were? They decided to ask around, just in case.

i hear that our blessed Elder tried to cure King Somnus without any luck. What's that you say!? King Somnus is back on his feet!? Well, there you go! The Elder's prayers must have finally reached the Goddess!

Milly: King Somnus wasn't actually “sick” to begin with, so perhaps they were just praying for the wrong thing.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Was that a joke? Or was it a simple observation? It was hard to tell, with Milly.

When my poor daughter was struck down by a cruel sickness, we made pilgrimages to every other so-called holy site. But Ghent's the only one that gets results! My daughter's looking more chipper by the day!

Carver: Whoa. Ghent must be the best village around. Remind me to come here if I ever get sick.

Milly: Hmm, yes... I do seem to recall hearing about the healing powers of Ghent.

Ashlynn: Wonder if they could fix my memory here...

Part 7 Recap posted:

That would be the day.

We humble citizens of Ghent live our daily lives in a spirit of gratitude to the Goddess. If it wasn't for Her grace and good will, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this fine food. Thank you, Goddess!

Carver: Folks are pretty nice around here, aye, Rex? All humble 'n everything like that.

Ashlynn: I better say thanks to the Goddess, too! You know, for being well fed and finding friends and all...

Part 7 Recap posted:

'N everything like that.

When I grow up, I pray I'm just like the blessed Nevan, the chosen one! Nevan may still be young, but he's fast approaching his grandfather the Elder in terms of sheer holiness.

Milly: I wonder what this “holiness” means in practical terms.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Better question: How did his parents get him to talk THAT formally!? The Goddess was wondrous indeed!

Gaze upon this sacred above! For this is where our Elder resides! A more holy man you will not meet! ...You can go in and have a poke around if you like. Just don't rearrange the furniture or anything.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Interesting change in tact, but, it sounds like they found their man! Time to present the Royal Missive and hope for the best!

Elder: By the infinite and unknowable wisdom of the Goddess, you have found your way here. You desire an audience with me, I take it? Now, patience is not a virtue that the Goddess has granted me an infinite supply of. What precisely was it that you wanted?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex handed the Royal Missive to the Elder.

Elder: Well! So thanks to the divine will of the Goddess, King Somnus has awoken. And not before time! But no sooner does he awake than he requests that you be given free use of our sacred ship! This is no trifling deman! Is there not a perfectly good ship at the castle? I find this puzzling... As the Goddess moves in mysterious ways, so too it seems does King Somnus...

Rex: Actually, his last ship was destr-

Elder: This request may have come directly from the King, but our people answer only to the Goddess Herself... I cannot lend you the ship. Please accept my apologies but your journey has been in vain.

Carver: Wait, what? He won't even do a favour for King Somnus himself!?

Ashlynn: Wow. He just straight up ignored the King's request. Can he do that?

Part 7 Recap posted:

His balls hadn't shrunk with age; That much was clear.

Nevan: Grandfather, I have returned.

Part 7 Recap posted:

A young teenager walked in, up to the Elder.

Elder: Nevan! You are back! How are your studies progressing?

Nevan: I often feel that I should be offering lessons to the teachers...

Elder: That is as it should be. I have schooled you well, for the destiny that awaits you is no ordinary one.

Nevan: May I ask who these visitors are? They don't look much imbued with the spirit of the Goddess.

Elder: They brought a missive from King Somnus of Somnia requesting use of our most sacred ship, the Providence.

Nevan: B-But surely you cannot countenance allowing these vagabonds to treat the ship as their own!?

Elder: Do no fear, my child. I told them in no uncertain terms that the ship will not become their plaything.

Part 7 Recap posted:

The young man walked up to the group.

Nevan: I take it then that you have no more business here. Do you think it would be rude to ask you to leave?

Part 7 Recap posted:

"Yes, you two have been really worried about 'being rude'."

Rex didn't say that out loud, but he sure wanted to.

Nevan: Urgh!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex didn't understand it at the time, but Nevan had told them about it later. Told them of how the Goddess had spoken to him. She said this:

Goddess: Nevan... Can you hear me? It is you whom I seek... You must not send these visitors away... For your destiny lies with them... Together you must embark on a voyage to the Isle of Murdaw aboard the Providence.

Part 7 Recap posted:

And the message ended.

Elder: Nevan! Wh-What is it, my child!? What is it that afflicts you?

Nevan: It has been decided. We must allow our visitors free use of the Providence. And I must join them.

Elder: B-But wh-why the sudden change of heart!? It is not like you!

Nevan: A higher power made the decision, not I. The Goddess deigned to speak to me...

Elder: But wait! This can only mean that the visitors who stand before us are the heroes spoken of in legend!

Nevan: Indeed, that may be so. But it is impossible for us to know. All I know is that we must break the seal and return the Providence to the ocean. What will happen beyond that, only the Goddess knows. But I must witness it with my own eyes. I must go.

Elder: The Goddess has spoken and it is not in our power to ignore Her divine voice when it calls. I cannot stand in your way. I have seen how your powers have grown and I know the heavens have their own plans for you. Go, my child! It is time to break the seal! It is time for the Providence to set sail once more!

Nevan: Come. It is time for us to go. We must head to the shrine where the Providence awaits us.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Nevan walked out. Rex had to admit; It was nice getting vindication from the very being Nevan worshiped.

The promotion from "vagabond" to "hero spoken of in legend" was also a nice bonus.

Carver: I don't get what happened, but I think they're lendin' us the ship. That's all that matters, aye? C'mon! Let's go follow him!

Part 7 Recap posted:

They walked out, and followed Nevan into a large building. What they saw was the most beautiful ship they had ever seen, though its sails were missing. It was suspended in the air by large wooden beams through holes in the sides of the ship, as well as a further underlay of wooden beams below the hull. They walked onboard, and awed at its majesty.

Nevan: Once the seal is broken, the Providence will be lowered directly into the river below. Are you ready to break the seal and set sail?

Rex: By your leave.

Nevan: Very well. It is time for us to embark on our quest. Our destinies are entwined.

Part 7 Recap posted:

And with that, a new friendship was formed.

Nevan closed his eyes and began to pray...

Nevan: O Goddess, since ancient times the people of Ghent have served as Your most faithful vassals. Now that I break the sacred seal of the Providence, I pray that You will gift us wind in our sails... DEVOTIOR MERCU VOTARO INSTIA TOR! O Goddess, hear my prayer!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The beams retracted from where they were slotted in, and four beams of light activated around the four corners of the Providence. The remaining underlay of wood was lowered, slowly but surely, into a slant of yet more wooden beams floating in the water below. The Providence was tucked neatly into this slant, and then slid into the water itself. Six large sheets of golden magic formed where the sails would normally be... And then it was off! The ship glided through the ocean as easily as any other; No, MORE easily!

From there was an easy cruise south... Where Murdaw's Keep resided.

We've arrived at the Isle of Murdaw!

Nevan: Shall we get going, then?

Ashlynn: Hold on! I think I better stay here.

Carver: Wha? Ya came all this way just to quit now?

Milly: Now, now. There's no need to force her. Besides, it's best that someone remains with the ship. Ashlynn, keep watch over the Providence for us, okay?

Ashlynn: You got it!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Ashlynn turned towards Rex.

Ashlynn: ...Sorry to drop out like this... Hope I'm not being too much of a pain.

Part 7 Recap posted:

It was an odd feeling. Logically speaking, she was the weakest link. She saved them from Murdaw before, but that was on account of one of Murdaw's most fiendish tricks; The ability to mimic voices. Her weakness, her problems following orders, was turned into a strength... For that one specific moment. On the whole? It was still a dangerous weakness; Too dangerous for a front-line fighter.

...Yet... Rex really wanted her with him. He couldn't explain it... But neither could he stop talking about it.

Carver: Alright, off we go! What's on your mind, Rex? Worried about Ashlynn? Look, I don't know why she's stayin' behind either... But like Milly said, we can't force her along. Take a leaf outta my book and stop thinkin' so much...

Milly: Destiny awaits us! Ashlynn? I'm not sure why she chose to stay behind, but I'm sure she has her reasons. In any case, the four of us have something more important to worry about : defeating Murdaw!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Perhaps it was how flippant she was about it... Or appeared to be. Women were strange beasts, as were men, so... Who knows.

The four walked for a while before happening upon a wrecked ship. It was in utter ruins, with the mast missing, the wood rotted, and holes dotting it everywhere you looked. Perhaps this was King Somnus' ship? That was what Milly theorized, at any rate.

They pressed on further from there, and found a cave. They walked in, and found a field of molten lava. A furnace of unnatural heat washed over them; Even the walls seemed more liquid than solid.

Carver: Gah! Hot! What's the matter with this place!?

Milly: Be careful! That lava burns incredibly hot!

Milly: Destiny awaits us! Ashlynn? I'm not sure why she chose to stay behind, but I'm sure she has her reasons. In any case, the four of us have something more important to worry about : defeating Murdaw!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The journey was a three-step process from there. They needed to establish Buff spells on everyone in the party (to raise their melting point), plus, they needed to keep healing themselves as they stepped across.

Milly and Nevan were easy enough; Both were adept healers. Rex managed it, with effort. Carver, however, did not have healing. So, Nevan loaned him his own Staff of Ghent; a healing staff that everyone could use, not just the mages. The effect was about as potent as what Milly & Nevan could do, and it was infinite; its only limitation was a short cool-down time between uses.

The four proceeded.

Carver: Hot enough for ya? Monsters I don't mind, but this heat... Holy heck!

Nevan: This lava forms a perfect natural barrier to prevent enemies from invading. It's no coincidence that Murdaw has located his fortress here.

Part 7 Recap posted:

In retrospect, it was good that Ashlynn hadn't come. Monsters harried them everywhere they went, she didn't know healing, and Carver had their only Staff of Ghent. They would have needed to carry her.

Milly: The layout of this cave is rather complicated. We must take care not to get lost.

Part 7 Recap posted:

The cave was a labyrinth. It had good treasure, but every path they took seemed to lead to a dead-end... Or worse.

Carver: Isn't there any water around here? I need to wet my whistle...

Milly: Haah... Haah...

Nevan: Th-This sweltering heat... I feel rather faint...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Then came the last straw; a monster that disguised itself as a treasure chest! Rex went to open it, and was blasted by magic of the darkest intent. It was a death spell the fake chest had unleashed; One that actually forced a heart attack!

That was when Nevan really came through. He ordered Carver & Milly to distract the chest, and he unveiled his patented Zing spell! It worked on the same principles as Cardioversion therapy, sending electric shocks through the heart to restore its rhythm.

Still, damage had been done. Milly & Nevan were almost running on empty, and Rex's fighting spirit was in shambles. Milly cast an Evac spell, and the group was back outside. They were back to square one.

They boarded the Providence, and rode for Ghent. Rex had the Zoom spell, but there were no waypoints on Murdaw's island. Their ship was still the only way TOO it, even if it wasn't t heir only way OFF it.

It was a somber ride back to Ghent. Carver tried to fake bravado, and Nevan tried to restore his spirit through prayer and ritual... But Rex could see it would be pointless. Instead, the group would go back to Rex's hometown. They would relax a little, then go back once they were ready.

They arrived at Ghent without incident, and Rex took them all to Weaver's Peak.

Carver: Wow, your village is great. The air's fresh. The folks are down to earth. And what a view! Seems like a place like this would breed hardy folk, Rex. So what's your excuse?

Um... Heh heh... Hi there. Welcome to Weaver's Peak! Oh, Rex! I heard you're a Somnian soldier now! That officially makes you the coolest person I know!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The child was waaaaaay behind on the times. In fact, everyone was. None of the events that transpired had reached their ears.

What, ya think Murdaw is stronger than our mountain spirit, do ya? O ye of little faith!

Carver: “Mountain spirit”, aye? That your neighbourhood deity, Rex?

Rex: Yeah. An' of course, Nevan's got the Goddess. Kinda makes ya wonder which of 'em is stronger, eh?

Part 7 Recap posted:

That aside, Rex went to see the mayor. Tania was the one he looked forward to most, and he liked saving the best things for last.

Mayor Spindell: His Masjety's given you a difficult mission, Rex. You've got a tough road ahead of you, young man. Just don't worry about us, you hear? I'll keep the home fires burning while you're gone, you betcha!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Then was Judith; the mayor's daughter. Rex had a surprise waiting for him...

Judith: I feel so silly now. Why didn't I realise it before? So charming, so sweet, so - Eeeek! Hee hee! Rex is a lot more reliable than Buddy ever was, too. Hmm...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Judith turned to Rex. Her hands were behind her... she spun the ball of her foot on the ground... her eyes kept darting to, and away from, Rex...and her face was red as a tomato.

Judith: Rex...will you marry me?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Whoa. That was sudden.

Rex: I'm sorry, I gotta beat Murdaw, an' he's tough. I dunno if I'll make it back alive. An' there's this girl...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex surprised even himself with that last statement. This girl was in his mind, but he hadn't formalized the thought with words yet. Not till now.

Judith looked about ready to burst.

Rex: Look, you're very special special. You, Buddy, Tania, n' all the other guys are! Just...not the way you're wanting.

Judith: What!? Whatever. You'll come to your senses sooner or later, Rex!

Rex: I'm sorry, I gotta beat Murdaw, an' he's tough. I dunno if I'll make it back. And, there's this girl...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Judith stormed off in a huff. Hope the mayor didn't take this too personally.

Carver: Whoa, Rex. I didn't know ya had it in you!

Rex: Hey, I just don't go round, breakin' young girls hearts. Never been my style.

Part 7 Recap posted:

And speaking of young girls...

Tania: Oh! Welcome home, Rex! I've been hearing all sorts of thrilling tales about you!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Tania turned to the party

Tania: And you must be travelling with Rex! My name is Tania. Thank you for taking care of my brother for me!

Carver: Rex, you never told me you had a sister like this!

Milly: My. A very charming sister, indeed.

Rex: Yup. She's the best.

Tania: I'm sure you must be tired. Did you want to rest?

Rex: That's JUST what I was gonna ask. Thanks, sis!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Nevan was silent throughout the whole stay. He was serious; Much too serious.

It was clear he had basic combat training, but, that was only half the battle. The other half was the horrible terror that came BEFORE the battle. The dread that came when you were bored, and lost yourself in your own thoughts... Your own head.

No fight lasted more than a few minutes... But the fear lasted to the day you died. That was the curse of being a warrior...

Actually, it was part of why Rex had wanted to avoid being part of Somnia's military. He felt all these things, even as someone who'd only killed monsters. If he were to start killing human beings...

Rex went to bed, dismissing these thoughts. He drifted off into sleep, thankful that he and Nevan would never have to worry about that. He and the group woke up. They were about to leave, when Rex remembered a certain piece of Enchanted Armour resting in the village. The group walked over.

Carver: Yer sister's out of this world, Rex. She doesn't look much like you, though.

Milly: You must feel blessed to have such a cute sister, Rex.

Rex: What, you implying I'm not cute?

Part 7 Recap posted:

They laughed the whole way there. They arrived, and Rex went up to the Enchanted Armour.

It was a one-piece breastplate, designed in an unusual fashion. The breast part was normal enough, but the rest was off. The pauldrons over the shoulders... Were completely worthless. They extended up into the air at a 45 degree angle, instead of downward over the shoulders. They offered no actual protection for the shoulders. The only reason they were made that way (if there was any besides "looking cool") was for intimidation. Commoners would look at those jagged shoulder pads, and shrink away in fear.

Murdaw was no commoner.

The fauld was slightly better. It was a sheet of metal that would offer SOME protection for Rex's family jewels... But there wasn't enough surface area; Not for how loosely fitted it was. The widest part was at the waist... It got thinner and thinner as you got down to what ACTUALLY needed protecting. Again, a nice angular shape to inspire awe in the citizenry, but no practical value. Rex would still need his codpiece.

And yet...

She's a real beaut, ain't she? That armor's enchanted, ya know. Look but don't touch.

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex wanted this anyway. It was made of a magic material; one that was always shooting small blue sparks into the air. It was Enchanted Armour, and it gave light resistance to magic of all kinds. Fire magic, ice magic, lightning magic, wind magic... every kind of offensive magic there was. Murdaw was a magician. They needed all of that they could possibly get.

Besides, it was some of the lightest material one would ever find. Even NEVAN could wear it, and he was a head shorter than Ashlynn! And against a magician? Mobility was everything.

It costs seven-thousand gold coins and is my shop's pride and joy. It's a real conversation piece. You interested?

Rex: (Sheesh, 7000...) Yep, sure am!

What, you're buyin' it? Really!? Well, it's all yours.

Part 7 Recap posted:

And there it was! The Enchanted Armour! Not very good in a melee fight, but perfect for Murdaw!

Then, he had another idea. "What about Wellshire? That place I fell into rescuing that dwarf?" It was the only location whose wares he hadn't checked yet. It was unlikely to offer anything interesting, but, he had the Zoom spell. There wasn't any harm checking it out.

He and the group did so... And the town's mayor charged them upon entry.

Cynthia's Father: Who in the name of the Goddess do you fink you are!? You kidnapped my lovely Cynthia, didn't you? It was you, I can tell! Give her back, d'you hear? You've got no right takin' her!

Rex: H-Hey, we just got here! S-See? Milly, Ashlynn, Nevan? Do any of them look like they'd take your daughter?[/i]

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex motioned toward the three. They introduced themselves in their own way, Ashlynn with her youthful spirit, Milly with her serene calm, and Nevan with his straightforward eloquence.

Cynthia's Father: ...Wot's that? It weren't you? I, I see... I'm sorry I flew off the handle just now. I hope you can find it in yer hearts to forgive me. I'm sick wiv worry, you see... As you've probably gathered, my poor daughter Cynthia's gone an' got herself kidnapped. If I get my hands on the ne'er-do-wells wot took her, I'll wring their necks, so help me Goddess! All I've got to go on is this note they left on the table. Hark at this... 'We've got yer daughter! If ya ever wanna see her again, ya'd better cough up! Come to the overgrown well north of the town wiv 5000 gold coins! An' make it snappy!' Have you ever heard the like of that!? Wot am I gonna do!? I ain't got no choice but to beg, borrow an' steal an' try to rustle up those five thousand coins...

Nevan: A kidnapping? This is unforgivable!

Ashlynn: They kidnapped her? That's terrible! Rex! Let's find who did this and rough 'em up!

Part 7 Recap posted:

It was an odd thing. Ashlynn was no craven; Rex knew that. Yet, she stayed back when time to deal with Murdaw. It didn't even seem like she was scared; Just that she had a gut feeling.

Again, no harm done, as she couldn't have withstood the lava anyway... But Rex still thought about it.

Rex checked the town to see if it had a jail... And it did not. His heart heavy, the group went to the well mentioned in the note. Evidently, the thugs were counting on this being a small town with no military. They never would have revealed their location this way, otherwise.

Bigg: That bloomin' Chief don't take 'alf his time... 'Ang about! Who do you lot fink you are? 'Ave you come on the Village Chief's behalf, by any chance?

Rex: We have.

Bigg: So you must've brought the ransom. That'll be five thousand of yer finest gold coins. Come on! Let's be 'avin' it!

Rex: First the girl, THEN the coins. Give us that, or we'll give a bloody lip for wasting our time.

Bigg: ...Well, if yer goin' to be like that... Fine! 'Ave it yer way! LIDDLE! Go an' get 'er ladyship! NOW!

Rex: (Amateur.)

Part 7 Recap posted:

It was posturing. That was the dance when dealing with these types. You had to be the one in control, not them. Besides... Rex had a plan.

A morbidly obese man walked a young woman out from behind the house.

Liddle: Come on! Shake a leg! There ya go!

Cynthia: Mmph! Mmph...

Bigg: Well, 'ere she is, large as life an' right as rain! Not a scratch on 'er! Now, wivout any further ado, let's 'ave that five grand! Come on! Cough up!

Rex: Guys, if you would?

Part 7 Recap posted:

Milly and Ashlynn blasted them with fire and ice, while Nevan swallowed Cynthia up with a small tornado from below. He was an expert Wind Mage, adept at bending the winds as he saw fit. Cynthia was right in the eye of the tornado, and she was lifted safely behind Rex.

The pair were beaten.

Bigg: (groan) ...If our dear ol' mother 'ad lived to see 'er boys in this sorry state...

Liddle: We've been done good an' proper, Bigg. (groan) I fink I need a lie down...

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex walked over, cut the tips from their ears (this was known as "docking"; a warning to anyone else they might harm), then bisected their thumbs with his sword. No more kidnapping for these two; Not unless they were tired of life. No, they would be at the mercy of the town officials.

...Rex wasn't sure how he knew to do all this, nor how he felt such authority to do these things. Perhaps it was part of being Prince Sleipnir, in the Real World? That was his guess. He had informed the group of his plan beforehand, in any case. That's why they were allowing this.

The two screamed for a while, before recovering their wits.

Bigg: We'll get you back for this. You see if we don't!

Liddle: Th-That's right! W-Wot 'e said!

Part 7 Recap posted:

Rex watched with a forlorn gaze. Everyone was someone's son. Everyone was someone's husband, someone's daughter, someone's brother, someone's guardian... Sometimes even someone's everything. Besides, he and his friends had gone their whole lives without killing another human being; They didn't plan to start now.

...Yet, the two were a threat. They used their former strength to hurt people. Wellshire had no jails, either. Actually, Rex wasn't sure what they DID have, regarding law enforcement. Whatever it was, Biggs & Liddle weren't scared of it.

Rex removed the gag from Cynthia's mouth.

Cynthia: Pah! Haah... Haah... Phew! You've only gone an' saved my life! How can I ever repay you? That pair of clowns have absolutely no idea how to treat a lady, let me tell you! Thank the Goddess you came along when you did, or who knows wot would have happened!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The mayor came onto the scene.

Cynthia's Father: Cynthia! It's you! You're ALIVE!

Cynthia: Oh, I'm alive alright! But I owe it all to this fine bunch of heroic folk.

Cynthia's Father: Y-You! I know you! You came to my house... B-But surely you didn't... Y-You mean you stumped up the ransom out of yer own pocket!?

Rex: Nah. Just had a particular set of skills. We were in the area; Thought we'd help.

Cynthia's Father: So you're sayin' you gave those kidnappers a thick ear an' sent 'em packin'? I'm very glad to hear it!

Part 7 Recap posted:

'Thick ear', eh? Funny he should say that.

Cynthia's Father: I'm afraid I don't have anythin' for you now, but I promise to make this up to you later! Right, young lady! Let's get you home an' get the kettle on!

Cynthia: That sounds like the best idea I've heard all day! We're goin' to head back into town an' put our feet up. I can't thank you enough for wot you did!

Part 7 Recap posted:

The two left. Rex would've refused the reward on any other day... But tomorrow was Murdaw. Nothing they did here would matter, if he was not destroyed.

The mayor rewarded them handsomely, and Rex accepted it with thanks. He only hoped he proved worthy of it. Tomorrow was coming very soon...

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Special thanks for giving me permission to use it !!
[Pixiv is basically the Japanese equivalent of Deviant Art]

I experimented with it for a few parts, as it does actually help the channel...

But then I realized that I missed the chance to have "God bless you" be what ends every video. I didn't want to lose that "feel good" vibe... People need something like that each and every of their lives. So, I axed the "like, comment, and sub" part of the sign off entirely after Part 11. It's there for Parts 8, 9, & 10, however.

Weapon - Battle Axe
Armor - Full Plate Armor (Platinum Mail if on the Remakes)
Shield - Iron Shield (Dragon Shield if on the Remakes)
Helmet - Iron Mask
Accessory - Gold/Silver Bracer
Item - Ghent Staff (heals 75-95 HP per use)

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Spirit/Enchanted Armor (Platinum Mail if on the Remakes)
Shield - Iron Shield (Dragon Shield if on the Remakes)
Helmet - Iron Helmet
Accessory - Gold/Silver Bracer
Item - Fire Claw (deals 70-90 Damage)

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Half-Plate/Iron Armor
Shield - N/A (Pot Lid if you got one from Shiena/Haggleton)
Helmet - Usamimi Band/Bunny Ears
Accessory - Gold/Silver Bracer
Items - N/A

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Royal Clothes (Enchanted Armor if on the Remakes)
Shield - Bronze Shield
Helmet - Wooden Hat/Hardwood Headware
Accessory - Speed Ring/Agility Ring (90% chance of outspeeding Murdaw)
Items - Waters of Amor/Amor ecco Essence

900 HP (12 Fire Claws worth of damage, unless you're unlucky)
Pattern: Semi-Fixed (1~2 actions per turn. 50/50 of one or the other)
Attacks: Attack OR Chilly Breath → Attack OR Lightning → Lullab-eyes OR Dazzleflash

Generally speaking, you'll (hopefully) end up in 1 of 8 scenarios, assuming Murdaw doesn't troll you too much with Lullab-Eye. This also assumes Milly is dead, or casting Buff:

1) Murdaw will start with Chilly Breath/Attack, and Rex, Carver, and Nevan are at full HP.

[In this case, Nevan should defend while Carver heals himself]

2) Murdaw will start with Chilly Breath/Attack, Rex is at 57+ HP, Carver is at full HP, and Nevan is at 61+ HP

[In this case, Carver should heal Nevan, and Nevan should heal Rex.]

3) Murdaw will start with Chilly Breath/Attack, Rex is at full HP, Carver is at 57+ HP, and Nevan is at 61+ HP

[In this case, Carver should heal Nevan, and Nevan should heal Carver.]

4) Murdaw will start with Lightning/Attack, Rex is at full HP, and Carver is at 36+ HP (Nevan's HP can be anything)

[In this case, Carver should heal himself, while Nevan either defends or heals himself. Use your best judgment.]

5) Murdaw will start with Lightning/Attack, Rex is at 36+ HP, and Carver is at full HP (Nevan's HP can be anything)

[In this case, Carver should heal Rex, while Nevan either defends or heals himself. Use your best judgment.]

6) Murdaw will start with Lullab-Eye/Dazzleflash, Rex is at full HP, Carver is at 57+ HP, and Nevan is at 31+ HP

[In this case, Carver should heal himself, while Nevan defends]

7) Murdaw will start with Lullab-Eye/Dazzleflash, Rex is at 57+ HP, Carver is at full HP, and Nevan is at 31+ HP

[In this case, Carver should heal Rex, while Nevan defends]

8) Murdaw will start with Lullab-Eye/Dazzleflash, Rex is at less than 57 HP, Carver is around 90 HP, and Nevan has less than 31 HP

[In this case, Carver should heal Rex, Nevan should heal Rex, and you should hope Murdaw uses a melee attack]

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

And now the recap... The three part recap. Yes, everything up to the fight itself is standard stuff. The FIGHT however, turns into a full-blown novelization. It's immensely detailed; moreso than even I normally put-out. Murdaw is one of Dragon Quest's most famous villains, as well as one of the hardest bosses it has ever had. He deserved a fair amount of respect, not to just be glossed over like I will some of the other boss fights in the future.

As such... This will be divided into three parts. 8-1 includes everything before the fight itself (including some NPC dialogue you'd normally only get once you have the Ultimate Key). 8-2 includes the fight against Phase 1. 8-3, once it's completed will have the fight against Phase 2. Hope you enjoy!


Carver: Ahh-CHOOO! Brrrr... Now that the lava's behind us, the air feels downright chilly.

Nevan: After the lava's heat, this cold is severe... One moment I'm sweating through my Ghentile robes and the next I fear catching a chill...

Part 8 Recap posted:

This happened after they got through the lava caves. They made it through to the end, and were now far above where they started. They were in a place the lava couldn't reach, with rushing water flowing through the trunnels lining the floor.

Apart from that, there was not much of interest. Not much, except...

Carver: Didn't know him, but I feel for him...

Milly: That is the fate that awaits us if we drop our guard for even a second. We must remain focused.

Nevan: Sleep peacefully. You are with the Goddess now...

Part 8 Recap posted:

Yet another life claimed by the Dread Fiend. Rex didn't know what he hoped to accomplish going alone, but he commended him for his bravery.

The group moved further in.

Carver: I can feel the evil creepin' closer. That's a sign we're closin' in on Murdaw!

Milly: The farther we press into the cave, the stronger the monsters become. Keep your wits about you!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Good advice, especially since there were yet more of those Mimics that had almost killed Rex before.

Eventually, they reached the end, where yet another corpse awaited them.

Carver: Curse you, Murdaw...!

Nevan: Truly this is a desolate place to meet one's end...

Part 8 Recap posted:

Indeed... Wait. Is that...?

Rex: Guys, is that a message? On the ground there?

Part 8 Recap posted:

Sure enough, it was. Apparently the man had scrawled a message into the dirt where he'd died. It said:

"May the Goddess protect you, my prince..."

Milly: He must've been a Somnian soldier, looking for his missing Prince...

Rex: Seems there was another raiding party, after the one King Somnus led. That'd have been after we took our shot... Guys, we have to win this time, or worse things're gonna happen...

Part 8 Recap posted:

On that note, they made it to the end of the caverns. They emerged on a forested hilltop, with a small clearing just ahead. A ring of trees surrounded them like a hedge of thorns, protecting them from all evil.

More than that, it felt... Safe. The safest Rex had felt in a long time, though he couldn't quite explain why.

Nevan: ...Th-This is uncanny. There is something sacred about this place. I sense the Goddess is watching over us. We must rest here tonight, under Her watchful and most merciful gaze.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Carver went out to scout, while the other three built a fire and took a nap.

It was a restless night for Rex, despite the calm. He had nightmares about the last time they'd fought Murdaw; how'd they'd almost been beaten in less than a minute. Ashlynn had saved their lives that day. If not for her...

Rex woke with a start. Milly sensed this, and stirred as well. She blinked, rubbed the sleep from her eyes, and looked at Rex.

Milly: Trouble sleeping?

Rex: ...No. Just nerves. I've got this plan in mind, and, if we can get it working... We got this.

Milly: Well, that's a relief. You looked restless; I sensed that your dreams were not tranquil ones. It's only natural.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Milly gave him a pointed look. She smiled gently, but knowingly.

Rex: (chuckle) That obvious, eh? ...Yeah, I'm scared. Real scared. Just didn't wanna say nothin' to screw with your heads, y'know?

Milly: The time is almost at hand, after all.

Rex: Yeah.

Part 8 Recap posted:

The fire licked the air as they shared this moment. Thinking of it now, this was the exact conversation they had in their dreams... But Rex didn't care. He certainly didn't mind having it again; Not with one of the ones he trusted most.

As for the other...

Milly: Now, where did he get to? He went to check the path ahead, but that was some time ago...

Part 8 Recap posted:

A string of thuds punctuated this line. Carver came tromping down from some ledges, as-if on cue.

Carver: Ahoy! Are you three done sawin' logs? I was out scoutin'. Ain't no doubt about it - this is definitely the place, but...

Nevan: But what? You look somewhat puzzled. What is it?

Carver: I dunno... I can't shake the feelin' that we've been down this road before. Bah, no point frettin' over it, though. You get enough rest? It's high time we shove off.

Milly: He's right. We've nothing to gain from dallying here.

Nevan: With the grace of the Goddess, we have travelled far to get here. Now our goal is in sight. We must press on.

Carver: Let's do this, Rex! The Dread Fiend ain't gonna defeat himself!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Carver marched off, and Milly went up to Rex.

Milly: The fate of the world rests on this battle. If we can emerge victorious, peace will be restored. We're as ready as we'll ever be. Come, Rex. We must go.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Milly went off as well.

Nevan: You seem troubled. Are you too haunted by memories of this place?

Rex: Well... You could say so. I just can't understand how I got 'em when I haven't even been here before.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Actually, Rex loved this part; the part where they resided here. The part AFTER, where Murdaw smashed them into the ground, then had their souls separated from their bodies... That part, he wasn't such a fan of. Not that he was going to tell Carver or Nevan that.

Nevan: It is puzzling, but perhaps it is not our place to understand. Only the Goddess knows the truth. Well, we'd better go. Our destiny awaits us.

Part 8 Recap posted:

"Destiny... Yeah, it IS our destiny, isn't it?"

Rex recalled the words of the Mountain Spirit as Nevan went off. He picked up his sword, and set forward. It WOULD indeed be strange for the Mountain Spirit to set him on this path, if she didn't think he could actually win. Then again, who knew if she could see into the future?

Although there was the Goddess, too; Apparently omniscient and omnipotent enough to speak into Nevan's head. That was the only way they even GOT the Providence to start with!

Rex put out the campfire, exited the clearing, and found himself atop a cliff.

Carver: I know I been here before... Maybe it's dayla view... Uh, déjà brew... Er, my imagination? Bah! I'm through with thinkin'! I got more important stuff to worry about right now!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Good. Carver hadn't dreamt of their defeat like Rex had.

Rex walked over to Milly, who stood over the very edge. Out in the distance was Murdaw's castle; surrounded by a ring of jagged mountains. There were no paths made for human legs, no vegetation, no water... Just getting down the cliff they were on would have been a fool's errand. Even if they could, lightning scarred itself into all the land around it. It seemed impossible, at first glance.

But then, they had Milly. She was the prelude to Rex's other favorite part.

Milly: The final leg of our journey awaits us. If the legends are true, all that remains is to play this ocarina. Yes, just like before... Well, here goes nothing.

Part 8 Recap posted:

The group gathered round her, and she drew her ocarina. A beautiful tone filled the air, drowning out even the the lightning. It was a joyous, carefree melody; As much a breath of fresh air as Ashlynn's smiling face...

...Huh... Actually, what WAS Ashlynn doing right now? Doing well, Rex hoped?

As-if on cue, a large, golden dragon flew down from the sky. It was a curious looking creature; unusually feminine and rounded in its face. Rex had seen dragons of different kinds before in his studies; Most of their features were far more jagged and defined. This one was gentle looking enough that it could almost serve as a pet...

Still, it was big enough to carry all four on its back. They got on, and the mysterious dragon soared through the air. She took a long and winding path to their destination, rather than going straight forward. She seemed to know exactly where each bolt of lightning would strike, and wove around them without so much as bucking her passengers. Her mastery over the air was marvelous! Rex could have done this every day, frankly!

The castle came into view, and the dragon made its final charge. She flew through Murdaw's open doors, dropped her riders off, and vanished into the air. They were alone now...

The doors closed behind them; The group tried to open them, just to find them bolted shut. Apparently Murdaw had been waiting for this day as well. Still, Nevan had a plan...

Nevan: Only the Goddess knows what perils lie ahead. For our protection, I will place a sacred barrier here.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Nevan took out a rune, closed his eyes, then mouthed a silent prayer... A circle of blue magic resembling a pond appeared on the ground, then vanished just as quickly.

Nevan: There. Now whatever may befall us, we will always be able to return to this location.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Aha... So Nevan had created a waypoint. It was right in the heart of Murdaw's castle, and therefore bypassed all the natural barriers surrounding it. If they had their spirits separated again, returning would be a simple matter.

Meanwhile, Carver was banging at the door.

Carver: Avast! What's the matter with this door? It's the only one in the joint with no keyhole... I smell a trick, aye. Maybe we gotta beat Murdaw in order to break the illusion? Just sayin'.

Milly: It seems we've no other choice but to keep moving forward. Lead the way, Rex.

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex responded by NOT moving them forward. Instead, they took another set of doors to a treasure room. There were three chests. One had a sturdy, ornately crafted helm, the other had a stockpile of gold coins, and the other had been another Mimic. They dealt with that last one easily enough, though. They'd found many of the things, after all.

After this, they went forward; the only other path they could go. They emerged into a large hub; a large, empty room with stairs upward and downward marking the corners.

Carver: Huh? Wh-What's that...!? Rex! Avast, Rex! Ya gotta see this!

Part 8 Recap posted:

The group went ahead and found a marble effigy of Carver himself. It was detailed... Far too detailed... As though Carver's own flesh had turned to stone.

Carver: It... It looks like...m-me! I-Is he dead? He sure ain't movin'.

Part 8 Recap posted:

The group scanned the room for traps. There were none they could see, so they focused their attention on Carver's image. Perhaps THIS, itself, was a trap? Carver investigated further.

Carver: No. No, he ain't dead - just sleepin' like the dead. But why's there a double o' me in this joint? Here, of all places? Wait... Huh?

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex & Milly's eyes lit up in recognition, recalling what Madame Luca had told them; How Rex & Carver's Real World bodies were still out there. Could it be...?

It was! A swirl of alabaster sparkles appeared from nowhere, and enveloped both the statue and Carver himself!

Carver: Wh-What's happenin' to...

Part 8 Recap posted:

Carver's body became incorporeal, stretched and folded in on itself, then transformed completely; into a shining blue sphere of energy. It went up into the air, came down, and collided with the statue! A blinding white filled the room... Then went away.

When it was done, they saw Carver standing before them once more. He seemed different somehow... Yet, still the same.

Carver: What's goin' on here!? Crikey, hold on! It's all floodin' back to me... The name's Carver. I'm a carpenter's son from Port Haven. Best in the business, too! Anyway, that dreary town wasn't really floatin' my boat, so I left home. And that's when I fell in with Rex. We came here to face Murdaw, to show him what for 'n everything like that. But as you hardly need remindin', Murdaw clobbered us and turned us to stone. My spirit got ejected straight to the dream world. I became what I always was in my dreams - a roamin' warrior with a nose for adventure. But listen to me ramblin' on about my life and times! I'm sure you got the gist... Now that I've got my trusty ol' body back, I feel all my strength flowin' back to me!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex was floored. He could not recall one other time where Carver had said even HALF this many words at once, let alone the monologue he just gave. And that backstory, too... They probably got more out of him in this one moment than they ever had anywhere else. Was he... was he a different person?

Carver walked down to Rex, as though to answer.

Carver: Listen, Rex. I can see why you don't wanna think of yourself as just a figure from the dream world... I know it ain't easy to accept that at some point the person you think you are is gonna disappear 'n everything like that. But don't worry! I may've returned to my real self, but I still remember all the stuff you and me have been through together. You know what that means, right? It means my dream self hasn't disappeared after all. It's still part of me! You need to find your real body here in the real world, too. You've got nothin' to fear! Hey, we can continue this chat later. We've got a certain Dread Fiend to deal with first! Come on! Let's shove off!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Yep, that was Carver alright. Rex smiled, and made his forward... Before realizing where the stairs ahead went.

His smile faded again.

Rex: Wait, guys. Those stairs're where Murdaw's at. It's too soon; We need to clear out the rest of his minions first, see if we can find some good stuff while we're at it. You still got that staff, Carver? We're gonna be putting that to work!

Part 8 Recap posted:

"Aye", Carver said. Milly & Nevan accepted this as well. Rex was glad for this... Because in truth, he had no idea how to approach Murdaw.

His quote-on-quote "plan" was to charge in, hit Murdaw fast, and hope he didn't do exactly what he did the last time they tried that; paralyzing them as they entered, and sending their spirits to the 4 corners of the Earth...

That was not a plan; It was barely even a concept. Rex didn't want to say as much, but... Well, the more tools they found, the better.

The group took the left path, clearing out the minions, as well as a pair of living statues. They took the stairs down, and found two jail cells. One was empty, but the other...

Tee hee hee! Want to hear something good? Murdaw's not the most powerful sorceror out there. There is one among us who overshadows even him! None who face him stand a chance! Not even the mighty Murdaw himself! I was imprisoned here so I would not share this knowledge! But now I have! Tee hee hee!

Rex: ..Uh... Th-Thanks?

Milly: I don't sense any aggression in this monster's aura...

Part 8 Recap posted:

Huh. So there WERE good monsters out there... Or so this woman (or "man who said 'tee hee' a lot") would have them believe.

Either way, she was locked in the cellars; She was no harm to them. The group went back to the main hub.

Carver: A sorcerer mightier than Murdaw? Well, I'll believe anythin' at this point.

Nevan: ...And if so, I imagine they must answer to an even greater power...

Rex: One day at a time, people. One day at a time.

Part 8 Recap posted:

They fell silent at that, and explored the right wing this time. They cleared out two more living statues, took the stairs upward, then killed yet another one. This last one was guarding what seemed to be another chest; one surrounded by an electrocuted floor.

Milly: What could these statues be guarding?

Part 8 Recap posted:

The troop sighed, then powered through what were essentially live wires lining the floor. It wasn't pleasant, but they'd done it before with lava. This wasn't much different.

Rex opened the chest and found... A curious weapon. Or rather, something halfway between a weapon and a piece of armor.

It was an orange-yellow gauntlet; A variety of glove that protected the hand and wrist of its wearer. What was unusual about this, however, were the 1 foot long nail claws that extended from each of the knuckles. These...didn't look to have any practical value in a serious fight. They had little range, and your forearm was completely exposed the moment you took a swipe at your opponent. It was little better than going in with your bare fists...

Or so it seemed. Rex equipped it on a hunch, focused his mana into it, and sure enough... An enormous ball of fire shot through the air and decimated a statue!

"Rex, that was the spell Murdaw used! Remember!?" Milly exclaimed.

"Yes, yes, YES!! BOOYA BABY!!' Rex waved it around in the air, while Carver looked on in dismay. 'Aw, c,mon Carver! You got that Staff 'a Ghent on ya, doncha?"

"Pfft, whatever! That li'l thing can..."

"Mind your tongue, heathen!" Nevan piped up. Carver shut his mouth, remembering that it belonged to Nevan's.

"Honest though, you're sturdier 'n I am, and Nevan & Milly're slingin' around that wind and ice... And I'm just wastin' away with Sap & basic healing. C'mon! Gimme this one, will ya?" Rex prodded.


"Look, I promise you'll get it later. Just for now, we want it on me. You do you 'n charge in there, and Murdaw'll just rip it off your arm. We don't want that, do we?"

"Fine. But you owe me!" Carver trotted off in a huff, and Rex sighed and rubbed his hair. Milly winked at Rex, and ran off to Carver; No doubt to brighten his day. She was good at that kind of thing.

They cleared the rest of the room of monsters... And then came back to the hub. All that was left now were the stairs to Murdaw. Still no solid plan, but oh well. They had Nevan, they had the Staff of Ghent, they had the Fire Claw, and they had Ra's mirror; All resources they didn't have before.

Nevan: It is time for us to face Murdaw. Our destiny awaits...

Milly: We're almost there. Soon we'll be able to dream of a brighter future.

Part 8 Recap posted:

They walked up the steps, and emerged in a long hallway with a red carpet. Walls adorned the sides, but there was no ceiling. More disturbing still were the ghastly clouds that floated above them. They were unnaturally close, purple instead of white, and were shaped like human skulls.

Nevan: I have never before experienced such an oppressive sense of evil...

Rex: And you never will again. C,MON GUYS! Let's bust those doors down, and-

Milly: Rex! Wait! Murdaw awaits us beyond this door. I can feel it.

Rex: So what's the hold-up?

Nevan: We must keep our wits about us. I have heard it said that Murdaw does not hesitate to use the darkest and most deceptive arts.

Rex: And that's true. That's WHY we're not givin' 'em a second's breath! And as for his illusions, we got THIS!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex gestured with Ra's mirror in his left hand, and Carver roared in agreement.

Carver: He can fight as dark and dirty as he likes! Things ain't gonna go the way they did last time, believe you me!

Milly: So we stand here once more. All our steps have led us to this same place... It does indeed seem that since that dark day, we've been trapped inside one long dream... But all we've experienced in the dream world has served to make us stronger.

Rex: And nightmares never last, Milly. One day ya wake up, 'n they're gone.

Milly: Of that, I am sure. It is time.

Rex: Right! Everyone! FORWARD CHARGE!!

Part 8 Recap posted:

And they all smashed through the double doors like a meteor! They emerged in a throne room enveloped by mist. Its colors flashed from ocean blue to a reddish-violet. The throne seemed empty, but they were running at it anyway...

...and then they stopped. Their muscles sagged, their eyes grew milky, and their limbs fell. They were ensnared by an unseen force...

Carver: N-Not again! This happened last time!

Milly: Aaagh!

Nevan: No!

The group was lifted high into the air, and a shade appeared in the mist...[/quote]

Murdaw: Blah hah hah! Oh, we must stop meeting like this... You are persistent, I'll give you that. Such persistence deserves a monument. Stone should do the trick, don't you think? Blah hah hah!

Part 8 Recap posted:

The four were spun around and around in the air, completely under the thrall of Murdaw's power. Nevan's body exploded in a shower of godly blue energy... and then Milly... and then Carver... And then all went black...

Tania: Rex! Wh-What hapepned!?

Part 8 Recap posted:

A feminine voice called out. Rex opened his eyes... and found himself in a small wooden house. In front of him was a small, blue-haired girl.

Tania: What a fine brother you are, Rex, scaring me like that!

Part 8 Recap posted:

She seemed about ready to lecture him further, but then something caught her eye.

Tania: Say, Rex, would you mind coming here a moment?

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex's head ached... He didn't REMEMBER going on a bender the night before, but, he sure felt like it.

Still, he obliged his sister, and went over. On the ground was a strange mirror.

Tania: Pretty mirror, you betcha. You had this with you earlier. It's the weirdest thing, though... My reflection in the mirror just seems so...unhappy. You wanna take a look, Rex?

Part 8 Recap posted:

Rex gazed over Tania's shoulder into the depths of Ra's mirror...and his world went white.

Before he knew it, he was back in front of Murdaw... Back with all his memories, and back for their final battle.

Murdaw: Blah hah hah! You have Ra's mirror, do you? Upon further reflection, I suppose the same trick just won't do. You clearly will not stay banished to the dream realm, so I'll just have to deal with you for real! How unfortunate for you - I'm much more powerful in reality than I ever was inside a dream! Are you ready for eternal sleep? This is a nightmare from which you shall not awaken!

Part 8 Recap posted:

Two warriors in pierot uniforms emerged to flank Murdaw's sides. They brandished a sabre in their right hand, and took out large daggers in their left. They pushed a button on those daggers, and two blades sprang out of the sides! They were Parrying Daggers; Trident Daggers, to be specific!

Murdaw bellowed hot fire. Rex's group dispersed, the pierot warriors spread out, and the fight was on...

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make


Part 8 Recap posted:

The pierots charged Rex and Carver, while Milly and Nevan took it to Murdaw himself. Rex shot an enormous ball of fire from the claw on his weapon hand. It was concentrated into a giant sphere of almost solid mass, ready to obliterate the warrior...

...Then he clicked his rapier and dagger together, and shot a gust of razor thing air, the same as if it had generated sparks with two stones. The ball was sliced in twain, and Rex had to deflect the gust slash with his tower shield. Rex drew his spear and rushed the pierot before it could generate more of those. Rex was glad he'd took note of the clown's dominant hand; He held his main weapon in his right, like most warriors. Rex's charge left him less exposed than if he'd been fighting a south paw.

The clown attempted to grab the rim of Rex's shield, but Rex knew better. His opponent was waiting for the chance to grapple, work its dagger around the shield, and score a stab in Rex's armpit (for his Enchanted Armour had no functional pauldrons). Instead, Rex stopped short, and squatted into a fighting stance. He had his arm going perpendicular across the kite shield so it'd protect his legs, and he had his head ducked down just below the top of the shield. He was ready to brawl.

The clown poked, prodded, and swiped from every angle imaginable. Rex threw a few perfunctory stabs of his own, though never enough to get his spear stuck in the clown's trident dagger. Rex kept motioning like he was about to do a charge... And as he did so, his head peaked up further and further from the top of the shield. His technique was getting sloppier... He seemed like he was getting lazy about ducking his head. The clown redoubled its offense, pounding at his shield again and again. After a time, the clown threw what seemed like an upward stab at Rex's face; one that caused him to raise his shield up... But it was a feint! Instead of committing to the upward stab, the clown bent low, and threw an angled stab at Rex's legs!

Bingo. Rex had been faking his fatigue the whole time, recognizing what his foe was doing. He too went from high to low, and blocked the swipe with ease. Now his shield was against his foe's forearm! Rex ran forward, smashed the clown's shoulder with the boss of his shield, and dislocated its kneecap with an instep kick! The clown fell onto its back, and Rex finished it off with a Fire Claw fireball to its face. He turned toward where Carver was having his match-up, and dispatched THAT clown with a fireball as well. Now it was just Murdaw, and they were all available to assist.


Murdaw crossed his arms over his I-Zone (everything from the throat to his waist), and charge through Milly's hail of ice. He was 9 feet tall, and weighed 1400 pounds; 900 pounds in retained fluid. Yet, he was unnaturally fast; He ran like an Olympic sprinter, rammed Milly into the ground, leaped more than 10 feet in the air, and went down to smash Milly's ribs into powder.

Instead, a tornado sprang up beneath him, trapped him inside, and lifted him into the air. It was Nevan, and he was holding him place! Milly stumbled to her feet, and emptied her entire reserve of ice magic into the tornado. Nevan took those spears of ice and directed them where they needed to go; into Murdaw's temples, into his armpits, into his eyes, into his cartoid arteries, into his throat, into the back of his knees; Everywhere they could possibly go.

Nevan kept it up as long as he could, then let Murdaw slam into the ground. He was bleeding from his scaly hide, and for a moment, the day seemed won. Then he sprang up, flexed his muscles, and popped all of those spears out.

"Archers! Open fire!" Murdaw bellowed.


"I'm out!"


Archers appeared out from the curtains, the ledges, the windows; Everywhere one could hide one. Milly ducked to the ground, and Rex and Carver put her and Nevan between themselves. Arrows flew, and the two warriors scraped by, just barely managing to scrape by with kite shields and plenty of pre-emptive healing. They would have died several times over, without those two things...

Milly uncorked the vial of Magic Water and drank. With it came renewed mana, and with that came a string of blue rings to rise from the ground and harden their skin. This was the Buff spell; the counter-part to Sap, and it made their skin turn to stone! The archers emptied their entire quivers without harming the group! They ran out, and allowed the group their chance. They fell back to where two pillars were located...

Then gasped at what they saw! Murdaw was back up! And his wounds were closing! A few blinks, and his beady eyes were back in working order. A few seconds after, and he was walking unimpeded. His blood had all but dried up, and the room boomed with his laughter.

"Milly... Tell me... Tell me he used a healing spell." Rex stuttered.

"...No. Not this time. He's... He's regenerating Rex. He's regenerating..."

"ZRAH!" Rex launched some yellow halos at Murdaw; hoping to stall his healing a little longer. The Sap spells went above the horns on Murdaw's head, came down around him, swarmed him with their strands of golden light... and Murdaw just let them settle. He made no move, except to smile. A moment passed... And then Murdaw flexed his muscles, and shattered them completely. There was no counter-spell, there was no attempt at dodging, and there was no exertion... Murdaw had snapped their ace-in-the-whole as easily as a rubber band.

Rex just about wanted to stab his own eyes out.

"Such miserable technique! Watch a TRUE magician!" Murdaw roared. He clapped his hands, summoned the most enormous yellow circle of light Rex had ever seen, and brought it down on the group. Their stone skin began to turn back to flesh...

"Kasap! I can't keep up!" Milly shouted.

"Carver, Nevan, gimme cover!"

"You betcha! C'mere buddy!" Carver hefted Nevan onto his shoulder with one hand, and charged, getting out the Staff of Ghent. Rex used the Fire Claw once more, and shot yet another globe of fire at Murdaw. Murdaw sniggered, sheathed his right fist in a glove of flame, then stopped Rex's attack dead in its tracks with a meaty fist.

"Why, that's just what I was about to do! CATCH!" Murdaw threw it at Carver and Nevan, then followed up with more flame breath. Nevan sliced the orb in two, like the clown had done to the last one Rex fired... But there was no stopping the breath of fire. It washed over Carver, and blew Nevan off his shoulders. The Staff of Ghent's healing kept Carver's flesh from cooking, but he was in incredible pain. Still, he charged through it, as only Carver could, and was now upon Murdaw!

He charged, and got Murdaw in the stomach! Murdaw attempted another flame breath, but only got Carver's shoulder! Carver went on, stabbing Murdaw further and keeping his body low; Low enough to duck and weave under Murdaw's fists!

It didn't last. Murdaw simply grabbed Carver's shoulders, and jumped into the air again. He soared high into the air with that same unnatural fitness, as though the laws of nature were a mere suggestion to him. Murdaw lowered Carver's body below his rump, and came down, preparing a death blow on Carver's ribs. Instead, Nevan blew him back with a tunnel of wind, then pushed him up... and up... and up... and up. Nevan raised Murdaw as high as the ceiling; about 40 feet off the ground... Then let him drop.

Milly crafted a spire of ice on the ground in anticipation; Carver fell his alloted distance, and pulled himself up via willpower & more healing. Murdaw neared the spire! He was going to be impaled! But then he opened his mouth, blasted the ground with yet another stream of fire, and used the concussive force of that to ricochet himself out of harms way. It wasn't a smooth landing; He lost his balance and fell on his bum. But, he was unharmed... And worse, he was by the doors. There was no way out for the party...

"Men! KILL THESE IDIOTS!!" And the skies rained with men, and knights came from the curtains at ground level. The men from above were pierots, just the two Rex and Carver had dispatched, and the knights were fully decked out in blood-red armour. They also came with Halberds; two-handed battle-axes with pikes at the top. There were 52 in all; 26 pierots and 26 knights.

Milly and Nevan were on it. Milly prayed a yellowish-white mist, and Nevan used the wind to push it into their enemy's eyes. It was the Dazzle spell; a fog made to blind your foes. The knights locked shields and charged into the mist... But Milly had more. She set spikes of ice along the ground for them to step on, and step on them they did. Rex and Milly all did their part in blasting them while Nevan kept the mist wherever it needed to go...

And then flying sickles of winds sliced into the group! The pierots were advancing now, and they were using the same technique they had before. They couldn't see, but they didn't need to. They just threw enough projectiles into the party's general direction, and eventually found their mark. It didn't kill them; Murdaw's Kasap hadn't entirely eroded their skin... But they were flushed out; forced to flee the mist. Even worse, the knights had summoned Healslimes; the wounds on their feet were already closing...

They were back to square one, and it was just the four of them versus fifty-two of Murdaw's best men. The 26 knights locked shields... they charged... Rex ordered Carver to grab Nevan, and for Milly to get away. Then, Rex did the only few things he could do....

1) He ran like hell. That was the cardinal rule for fighting multiple opponents; NEVER DO SO, if you could help it.

2) Since Murdaw was blocking their way out, he did the next best thing; He ran around the room, around the pillars, up the small flight of stairs... Anything he could do to keep his enemies from surrounding him. There was no surviving a fight where men could attack you from behind. No one could parry attacks they didn't see coming.

3) Any time he got them in single file, Rex would attempt a death blow. The knights wore heavy armor, while the clowns wore minimal protection. The clowns were faster, and far less disciplined. Some of the dumber ones would run ahead of the rest, and be dispatched by the Fire Claw. Or, occasionally, he'd almost be flanked by one of the knights. Those, he could generally take by surprise. He would do an about-face, then hit with a lunging sidekick to the knee. He'd then take them out if he had time. If he didn't, the Healslimes would fix their knee back up. Regardless, he could do little else.

Rex chewed through about 7 of them before slipping on someone's blood. He planted his left leg & right hand on the ground, used them to raise himself up sideways, then dislocated someone's leg with his right foot; Another instep kick to the knee. He drew his right leg back, and used the momentum to hop to his feet. But... the damage had been done. He was flanked on all sides now, and he was stuck in a corner.

He charged one last time, hoping against hope to break their formation. He caught one of the pierots by surprise, but another one tagged his leg with another gust slash. Rex fell again, and his foes simply re-established their half-circle. Rex got up, having barely caught his breath.

Now it was THEIR turn to charge, and what followed were some of the worst 30 seconds Rex had ever lived through. A half-a-dozen spears tore through him, followed by a series of gust slashes from the clowns still alive. He was bleeding out... He couldn't breath, couldn't keep his balance, couldn't heal off the damage... He was trapped. His spear was knocked out of his hand after a time; from there he just slumped into a corner and held his kite shield around his I-Zone. Blood pooled at the corner of his mouth... his life was fading... and then...



Carver and Nevan had surprised Murdaw. Carver ran at him as though eager to take his own life. Murdaw had sneered, and had taken his sweet time readying an orb of fire in his hand. Then it had happened. Nevan had blasted Carver in the back with a tunnel of wind. He had lifted Carver off the ground, sent him flying through the air faster than a shark through water... And Carver had done it. Carver had stabbed his sword straight through Murdaw's chest. It didn't go too deep... But it didn't need to. Murdaw fell over, and with him followed Carver. Carver fell on top of Murdaw... on top of the hilt of his sword.


That did it. That forced the sword all the way through Murdaw's fat. All the folds, all the cellulite, all the retained fluid... It sank through all of it, and disappeared from sight. Next was Murdaw's arm, for Carver had caught it in a figure-four arm bar.

Murdaw's men had just about reached the two, when Murdaw himself blew another wave of scorching flame. He didn't hit Carver though; Carver had lowered his head to Murdaw's cheek. Instead, Murdaw struck down his own men. He killed at least four of them, and made the others stop in their tracks. No one was helping Murdaw now...

Carver wrenched Murdaw's arm off its socket, then moved to a north-south position. Murdaw sat up; He had neither the composure nor the martial arts background to realize how foolish that was. Carver caught him in a rear mount as a result. The two struggled awkwardly, Murdaw not knowing how to move properly, and Carver not being able to sink anything. Murdaw's neck was wide; Far too wide.

The rear naked choke was a lost cause, and Carver couldn't generate the power for a neck crank. Then came an idea... Carver took Murdaw's cape, rolled it up, and wrapped it around Murdaw's neck. He brought his leg up, rest it upon the side of Murdaw's head, and then yanked the cape as hard as he could. He had his right arm pulling, and his left leg pushing... Between those two things, he had found his way to Murdaw's windpipe.


Rex had gotten to his feet at this point. He stumbled forward, having finally gotten a chance to heal himself up. He saw Carver choking the life from Murdaw, as well as Milly and Nevan keeping the killer clowns at bay. The knights had given up trying to help; Rex wondered why for a moment, then shot one of them down with another Fire Claw. They turned, and again the game of cat-and-mouse was on. Rex didn't think he could risk them regaining their nerve.


Carver heard what he assumed were Murdaw's death rattles. His emerald hide began turning blue, and his arms were going limp. Soon, he had stopped moving. Carver insisted on holding the choke for a minute more, regardless; then finally let go the moment Milly & Nevan were running out of steam. He healed himself with the Staff of Ghent again, and joined Milly and Nevan in fending off the killer clowns. Rex came shortly afterward, running for his life from the knights he had drawn away.

"LET'S GO!" Rex yelled, kicking open the doors now that Murdaw was down. The group ran down the narrow corridor down to its narrowest point... Then they turned. Carver handed the Staff of Ghent to Nevan, turned his kite shield upside-down, and locked it with Rex's own right-side-up one. This formed a sort of rectangular-shaped wall; They were going to hold the enemies back, while Milly and Nevan provided long range support.

But then Murdaw's voice boomed through the air, and the doors flew open even wider.

"Avast! I still didn't get 'em!?" Carver lamented.

"He regenerates... It may not have mattered how long you held it!" Milly noted.

A distorted haze drifted out from the doors. It was the same one they'd seen when they first stormed Murdaw's throne room. It started as a light blue, changed into a reddish-violet, and then back again; Just as it had before. Murdaw's shade came into focus, and then Murdaw himself.

Rex realized then, the fight hadn't ended. The fight had only started.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

And there we go; the end at last. Phew! Not going into that much detail for the REST of the boss fights, I'll tell you that much! Well, maybe Mortamor if you wish, but other than that... Yeah, WAY too much time !


Part 8 Recap posted:

Murdaw stomped out of his throne room, clutching at his chest. He had recovered from Carver's choke, and regenerated all other wounds... But Carver's sword still rested inside his chest. From it came a small, but ever-present, stream of blood. Murdaw's took his hand off his chest for a moment, and stared at his palm. His eyes dilated, and his voice went silent...

Murdaw: H-How can this be!? I, I am Murdaw, not some cheap conjurer! These fools really hope to overpower ME?

Part 8 Recap posted:

A visible aura appeared around Murdaw. That same eclectic mist emanated all around him. His gaze returned to Rex and his friends, past where his soldiers stood.

Murdaw: I'm through playing games with you. Wake up and realise your world belongs to me! Grrraaarrrgh!!!

Part 8 Recap posted:

And Murdaw screamed. He screamed loud enough to echo across the mountain... And out came a typhoon of jagged ice unlike anything Rex had ever seen before. It put everything Milly had ever done to shame, and it enveloped everything in its path.

"EVERYONE!" That was all Rex had time to say before he and all his friends were lifted off the ground. Then came large blue and golden strands of lightning; Lightning that slammed into each of them, and threw them across the corridor. The flesh was temporarily rent from their bones, the clothes were torn off their bodies, and blood sprayed from every inch. Their healing was all that had kept them alive, and only just barely...

Rex got to his feet as fast as he could, wondering why more wasn't coming. The rest of the group did so as well, and found their answer. Murdaw was doubled over once again, clutching the same place he had been before. He got to his feet after a moment, and limped forward... Over a string of corpses Rex had only now noticed. All the knights, all the pierots, all the healslimes, everyone else that had pursued them... They were all dead. Killed by Murdaw's own two hands.

"Th-Those... Those were your own men, you... You...!" Rex stuttered. Murdaw didn't respond. Instead, a sulfuric yellow light shone in his eyes. There were no irises now, no pupils, no sclera; only an eerie yellow glow...

"Gugugugugug..." Milly gurgled.


And Milly face-planted. The others screamed and poured all their best spells on her... to no avail.

"Goddess! Deliver Milly! Do not let her die!" Nevan prayed.

"Never fear, worm. I'm just starting to have fun.' Murdaw shot another wave of freezing ice. The group rushed down the stairs, forced to abandon Milly. 'I've yet to return the pain I've been dealt.' Streaks of lightning arched down the stairway. Again the group dodged, though they had to cover their ears just from the sheer noise of it. 'Yes, worms, you and your little Milly shall remain alive; Preserved for the cellars. I'll need time. Time to find what makes you SCREAM!"

And Murdaw crashed through the roof! He fell in the center of the group, and struck their eyes with light like a flash grenade! The group grasped at their eyes, and Murdaw rushed Nevan! He grabbed him by the mouth, lifted him off the ground, and smashed his head into one of the supporting pillars! He grabbed the Staff of Ghent, let Nevan dropped, then swiped him to the side with his tail. He was about to use the Staff of Ghent... Then a fireball struck his hand, and the Staff of Ghent shot out of it! It was Rex, and he had recovered! He re-engaged Murdaw, and Carver went to get the staff and heal Nevan.

He shot another ball of flame, and Murdaw grabbed this one the same as he had the other. But before he could throw it, Rex shot that fireball with yet another orb of condensed fire, blowing it up in Murdaw's face! Murdaw fell, and Rex peppered Murdaw's prone form for as long as Murdaw let him, before Murdaw sprayed even more ice for Rex to dodge! Murdaw prepared more lightning, when Carver rammed into the back of his head with the same trick he and Nevan had used before! Murdaw reach behind him, grabbed Carver by the lapel, pulled him over his shoulder, and drop-kicked him towards where Rex was; towards where the flight of stairs were located. Murdaw sprayed lightning behind himself, where he guessed Nevan was... He was almost correct, having missed by mere inches.

Nevan was back by Rex & Carver's side, now; Murdaw's hubris and sadism had kept him from crushing Nevan's head entirely. He was still as strong as ever, however... His eyes were flashing yellow again, and the group took their cue to look away and run up the stairs. Rex's mind was chomping at the bit, trying to think of how to damage Murdaw further...

"Avast! Milly ain't here!!" Carver yelled. Rex mind froze for a moment, before he looked around. Indeed she was gone, and Murdaw was stomping up the steps.

"There's no time! We'll just have to draw his fire and pray!' Rex stated. 'Nevan, watch our backs!"

"Without fail!" With that, Murdaw appeared, and the hallway was abuzz with projectiles! Murdaw shot ice and lightning, Rex & Nevan shot wind & fire, and Carver acted as the healer. As they did, a familiar tone pulsed through the air... Rex heard it, but didn't have time to process it. Murdaw was gaining the upper-hand yet again, despite Carver's healing. The situation was turning south again...

...When suddenly, a pillar of flame descended from the heavens, and blasted Murdaw into the ground! A great winged beast appeared, grabbed Murdaw with all four limbs, and lifted him into the air! It was the mysterious dragon! The one that had carried them to Murdaw's Keep to begin with! It was goring Murdaw even as they spoke, tearing his wound wider and wider still! After a time, Murdaw forced it to release its hold with a spray of ice... But the damage had been done. Blood trailed in the air, and Murdaw landed with a thud great enough to crack the stone beneath him. The dragon shot another blast of fire...

"EVERYONE HIT THE DECK!!" Rex yelled. The group flopped to their stomachs, covered their heads and ears, and everything exploded with a deafening bang! The walls were all blown out, and the floor was starting to cave in several places... The entire floor had been shelled, and smoke permeated the air. Milly reappeared as well, ocarina in hand. The group all gathered around. They breathed easily for the first time since the fight started. Nothing could have survived dragonfire, of all things; Not even Murdaw.

“You boys have fun?” Milly intoned, a cock-eyed grin on her face.

“Heh. ‘Fun’ you say. Yeah, we had fun alright…” Carver sighed.

“Well I sure didn’t.” Nevan pouted, rubbing the back of his head.

“Lucky you, gettin’ your beauty sleep right in the middle of the fight’ Rex laughed. ‘Maybe I’ll have YOU take watch, once we’re headed back t-”

“i. hAVE HAD. ENOUGH!!!” Murdaw bellowed, his voice cracking. The party turned, but it was too late! Chains of lightning flew from the smoke, catching every one of them in an electrical cage they could not escape. Agony ran down their bodies. Their flesh cooked and boiled once more, with only Rex managing to stay conscious through it all. The dragon flew to their aid, readying another bout of dragonfire…

And Murdaw laughed. His eyes gleamed… and he lifted the party up into the air… right into the dragon’s path.

“gO aHEAD. fIIIIREE. BLOW THEM AWAY!!” Murdaw screeched. His eye was twitching now... Murdaw walked as though planning to take the blast head on… The dragon roared, and redirected its blast. It flew over Murdaw’s shoulder, and hit nothing but air.

“cOME oN, sWEET tHING. I’m rIGHT hERE! wILL yOU nOT sTRIKE? nO? THEN ALLOW ME!!’ And Murdaw tore into the dragon with everything he had. Ice, lightning, fire, everything he had at his disposal. ‘You move one inch, and your friends are history!” Murdaw hissed, his voice finally going back to normal.

Rex was the only one still conscious at this point. His Enchanted Armour had done its job well, despite how much he wished it hadn’t. He wanted to scream, to tell the dragon to blast Murdaw into oblivion… But his body wouldn’t obey. The electricity wouldn’t let him speak… He was helpless.

The screaming went on far too long. The dragon writhed in putrid agony, able to escape, but never willing to. The horror of its pain was matched only by Murdaw’s vile laugh… Rex was moved to prayer, just trying to get this moment to end.

But, end it did, at long last. Murdaw breathed an ocean of fire, and blasted the dragon against the battlements. Smoke and flame surrounded the impact site, just as it had for Murdaw. The dragon was gone…

Murdaw released his hold on the party, letting them crash against the marble floor. He limped over to Rex, and wrapped his fist around his head.

“So… You wanted to know why I killed my own men?’ Murdaw spoke with his mouth directly over Rex’s face; close enough to swallow half his body. Rex could see everything now… Murdaw’s torn chest, his bloodstained teeth, his twitching eyes… Rex would have cheered, if not for how desperate his situation was. ‘This! Is why!" Murdaw directed Rex’s gaze toward the smoke... where the dragon’s mangled form lay, obscured by a haze of red flame.

"Loyalty... Solidarity... Love... Pah! Where does that all get you, except flat on your back?' Murdaw slammed Rex into the ground before planting his foot on his chest. 'Those are just insipid fantasies! Happy dreams for maggots who can do naught but cling to each other, when the boot FALLS!!" Murdaw stomped on Rex! He was 1400 pounds, and he put every last part of that into crushing Rex's chest! Now it was Rex's turn to suffer. Murdaw brought his foot down again and again, until Rex's Enchanted Armour finally gave way. It broke like glass against the pavement, littering the ground all around them. He waited awhile for Rex to stop wailing, then continued.

"I am Murdaw the Dread Fiend! I love no one. Need no one. Pity no one. My "men" exist only to provide for MY table! To share in MY triumphs!' Murdaw picked Rex up by the hair, and threw him across the hall once more. 'I am Master of Masters! Ruler over you and your entire world!" Murdaw stomped across the hallway, chortling all the way. He picked Rex up by the heel this time, and stared into his eyes. Rex was convulsing now... sobbing.

"And do you know what I plan to do, Prince Sleipnir? Because of all you have done to me this day? I will bring my armies to your kingdom AND to your village! I will bless your people with desperation! I will bleed the life from their dying corpses! Their lives will be Hell without exit or end! This will be so, for I am Murdaw! MURDAW THE DREAD FI-"

BOOOM!!! Murdaw's chest was blown apart! Rex had jerked upward, and blasted Murdaw right in his weakspot! Blood and viscera now sprayed from Murdaw's mouth, as well as his chest. Murdaw crumpled onto all fours, vomiting and gagging.

"S-So... c-caught up... in the moment..." Rex sputtered. Rex crashed onto the ground. He was choking on his own blood, and the curtain was coming down over his eyes... But he wasn't through yet. He raised the Fire Claw again, and let loose another fireball. Rex's aim was perfect; the fireball had sunk straight into the hole in Murdaw's chest, and Murdaw's insides had been destroyed. He was on death's door... And Rex let loose one last fireball, just to be sure. This one went in, and blew off Murdaw's entire torso! His legs flew back, now separated from his body, and Murdaw's upper half slammed into the mortar. Its life bled further and further away with every second. There was no regenerating now; Rex's group had won.

Rex thought of his friends... He thought of Weaver's Peak... He thought of Tania... He thought of the world, and everyone he had met... and he thought of Ashlynn. The world was theirs, at long last. Murdaw... was no more.

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Feb 21, 2014

OK, the Dragon showing up to help was a cool elaboration. And before that the justification for Rex holding onto what is obviously supposed to be Carver's signature weapon in a casual playthrough. But the others... felt off for me. Murdaw throwing an entire army at the heroes at once made a kind of logical sense, but gives a very different tone than calling/conjuring up a few extra targets as a distraction.

That was just a bit off, but it was nothing compared to Murdaw claiming to be "Above Good and Evil" and quoting Darkseid. That took me right out of it. Personally I always read him as a Card-Carrying Villain who would expound at length about how he takes pride in being capital-E evil without needing to lie about it like so many humans do - and yet it is also a deliberate choice and surely the party has seen examples of people who likewise knowingly and deliberately chose to do evil? *insert flashbacks to the Wellshire love triangle, Chancellor Keaton, ect. here*

Rex defeating Murdaw with a self-mutilation move straight from the Star Wars Legends EU was likewise over the top. Was it seriously supposed to look necessary to do that just to get Murdaw to come in close?

Don't mistake this for wanting you to revise or quit though. I want to see more of where you're going with this, and I know you have a big backlog to pull from.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

I have a huge backlog of videos, but not recaps. It had a good story, though, and the Remakes had great dialogue... So when Magus expressed a desire to have it covered more in-depth, I thought "alright, let's do that!" And then when it came to Murdaw, one of Dragon Quest's signature villains, I thought "all right, let's REALLY go all-out with this; just for Murdaw."

If you were curious as to why the updates slowed down, that's why. As for the other points (which I agree with)...

MightyPretenders posted:

Don't mistake this for wanting you to revise or quit though.

Aw, thank you! I probably will make minor revisements where I can conveniently do so; No need to worry about over-taxing me there. For example...

MightyPretenders posted:

Rex defeating Murdaw with a self-mutilation move straight from the Star Wars Legends EU was likewise over the top. Was it seriously supposed to look necessary to do that just to get Murdaw to come in close?

No, you're right. Rex could have done this when Murdaw picked him up by the heel again. Rex would have been chest level with him, and that could've given Rex the opportunity to blast his weak spot. Like this:

The reasons I didn't go with this was as follow...

1) I was worried it would be predictable, and Murdaw would look like an idiot for leaving himself wide open.

2) "Rule of cool" (because I am a child )

3) Most important, this was a remnant from the original draft, where the move would actually fail. Rex would end up completely helpless; unable to move his legs, or even much of his arms.
The explanation for why that was necessary is sort of long, but if you want to read it:
the fight was actually supposed to go on for even longer, and be even more over-the-top.

Rex's self-mutilation move would fail, Murdaw would STILL get back up... and then Ashlynn would appear from the smoke. She and the mysterious dragon were one in the same in the original script, so she'd suddenly show up. Murdaw would be all psychotic and evil, Rex would be praying to the Goddes, the Mountain Spirit, everyone he could think of, and making all sorts of promises... and then he'd be able to move his hand just enough to throw some Sap spells.

The Sap spells would break against Murdaw... But then fall onto the floor! Because you see, Murdaw may be immune to them, but that doesn't mean the floor is immune! Rex keeps slinging spells in desperation, Murdaw laughs, but then a small crack appears where Murdaw's standing. Ashlynn takes note, then pours the rest of her remaining energy, and the ground crumbles beneath them.

Murdaw falls onto a statue with a sword pointing upward while Ashlynn just misses it, then gets practically the entire left side of his chest open. He looks dead, but then gets up once again. Rex starts wondering if he's immortal, but then the minion from the jail cells would show up, gather up the Staff of Ghent and Fire Claw, looks like he's about to give Murdaw the stuff... Then asks Murdaw the names of all the ones he slew. Those were his friends, and he wasn't sure he wanted to serve Murdaw any longer after that big speech up top.

Murdaw fumbles the answer with something dumb (think, "I've killed a lot of my own men before, you'll have to be more specific"... Maybe not quite in those exact words, but something like that), and the minion decides that enough is enough. Murdaw's man betrays him, and he's the one to finish the job.

...Then when I'd actually written all that, I thought "ok, I think I went too far in a few places". Plus, it sort of took the victory away from Rex and his group. So, I changed it to where the self-mutilation move just worked; Rex himself scored the deathblow, not one of Murdaw's disgruntled minions.

In hindsight, the simple approach would have been the better one, since the edgy one no longer had a purpose to serve... But, I hadn't thought of that. Whoops!

MightyPretenders posted:

Murdaw throwing an entire army at the heroes at once made a kind of logical sense, but gives a very different tone than calling/conjuring up a few extra targets as a distraction.

Huh... That's an interesting observation. Yeah, I was looking at it super logically; like "what would Murdaw actually do, if he were waiting for the heroes in his throne room?" I was thinking of it from pure logic, without thinking of how it changed the tone of the fight. I'll need to watch out for that!

MightyPretenders posted:

That was just a bit off, but it was nothing compared to Murdaw claiming to be "Above Good and Evil" and quoting Darkseid. That took me right out of it. Personally I always read him as a Card-Carrying Villain who would expound at length about how he takes pride in being capital-E evil without needing to lie about it like so many humans do - and yet it is also a deliberate choice and surely the party has seen examples of people who likewise knowingly and deliberately chose to do evil? *insert flashbacks to the Wellshire love triangle, Chancellor Keaton, ect. here*

I was humanizing him? Whoops! I was attempting the exact opposite! In my mind, Murdaw had just beaten the dragon by taking advantage of its own kindness. Murdaw wanted to gloat about that, and how he thought he was so much better he was than Rex and his group. It wasn't meant to be Murdaw trying to justify himself; It was meant to be him getting drunk off his own hype. Because he truly, honestly believes that he is the best thing since sliced bread; It's why he jailed that one minion for reminding him that there were monsters even stronger than him...

And yes, Murdaw quoted Darkseid during the bolded parts here:


"I am Murdaw the Dread Fiend! I am beyond good and evil! I am power unlike anything creation has ever known, or WILL know! I love no one. Answer to no one. Pity no one. I am power. My "men", as you call them, exist only to provide for MY table! To share in MY triumphs! To spread MY glory! My body is the Church! I AM GOD!! When I pronounce your death, it is with three million voices! When I raise my foot to crush your insolence, it is with three million feet! When I stare into your eyes to crush the life from them, it is! With! Three! Million! VOICES-"

I was much too transparent, wasn't I ?


So to sum up:

1) The self-mutilation move was a remnant from an earlier draft, where the battle went on longer and took a slightly different turn. That could've been axed, now that it no longer served its purpose (to make Rex desperate and broken enough to pray, before finally landing some well-place Sap spells on the floor beneath Murdaw).

It can easily be changed to Murdaw just getting careless; perhaps Rex fakes passing out, so Murdaw doesn't look dumb?

2) I was thinking too logically about Murdaw's armies, rather than how it actually was in the game.

This will not change. I'd have to redo that whole part of the recap, which would take too long.

3) I cribbed a bit from Darkseid just for the "three million body parts and the Church" part of Murdaw's monologue. The rest of his dialogue was original, but I was still too obvious about the parts I lifted.

This will probably change. I'll just need to be more original, and it's only a few lines of dialogue

4) I didn't mean for Murdaw to justify himself; I meant for him to gloat, since he was about to win.

I'll need to make this clearer.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

And there we go! Revised the last part of Recap 8-3, as per MightyPretender's observations! It seemed as though I did well up till the end, where most of the missteps occurred. Anyway, here's another bonus episode! This one shows off just how much easier even THIS fight becomes in the Remakes!

BONUS #3: MURDAW (ROUND 3) [Remakes]

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I have achieved the Casino equipment & Yggdrasil Leaves listed in Bonus #1. This here is a short demonstration of just how much easier life becomes with these + the Remake's improved Party A.I.

Weapon - Steel Broadsword
Armor - Platinum Mail
Shield - Dragon Shield
Helmet - Iron Mask
Accessory - Gold Bracer
Items - Ghent Staff (heals 75-95 HP per use) & x1-2 Yggdrasil Leaves

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Platinum Mail
Shield - Dragon Shield
Helmet - Iron Helmet
Accessory - Gold Bracer
Item - Fire Claw (deals 70-90 Damage), x4 Amor seco Essences,
& x1-2 Yggdrasil Leaves

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Iron Cuirass
Shield - N/A (Pot Lid if you got one from Haggleton)
Helmet - Bunny Ears
Accessory - Gold Bracer
Items - x1-2 Yggdrasil Leaves

Weapon - N/A
Armor - Enchanted Armor
Shield - Bronze Shield
Helmet - Hardwood Headware
Accessory - Agility Ring (90% chance of outspeeding Murdaw)
Items - x1-2 Yggdrasil Leaves

900 HP (12 Fire Claws worth of damage, unless you're unlucky)
Pattern: Semi-Fixed (1~2 actions per turn. 50/50 of one or the other)
Attacks: Attack OR Chilly Breath → Attack OR Lightning → Lullab-eyes OR Dazzleflash

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Feb 21, 2014

I wouldn't say you were humanizing Murdaw, so much as making him inhuman in a way that I personally didn't agree with. Lots of Dragon Quest villains say Good is dumb and weak, but I can't think of many who would outright say they're Above Good and Evil especially not ones who actually do have superiors they report to when no humans are around to listen in.. Maybe Psaro or someone from 11...

As for that thing about the dragon, if they're counterparts of each other, would that mean that Ashlynn is subconciously avoiding her alter-ego because she's afraid of the consequences? That would cast a different light on the ending... Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the author's intentions.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

MightyPretenders posted:

I wouldn't say you were humanizing Murdaw, so much as making him inhuman in a way that I personally didn't agree with. Lots of Dragon Quest villains say Good is dumb and weak, but I can't think of many who would outright say they're Above Good and Evil especially not ones who actually do have superiors they report to when no humans are around to listen in.. Maybe Psaro or someone from 11...

So basically, the "I am a megalomaniacal freak with a God complex" aspect of him washed out the "I am a fun, scenery-chewing villain that likes screwing with people" aspect of him. Murdaw's supposed to be more of the latter ("Blah hah hah! Oh, we must stop meeting like this!"), with a touch of the former ("When will you wake up and realise your world belongs to me!?"). But, I wound up doing the opposite near the end, before I revised it. Does that sound about right?

MightyPretenders posted:

As for that thing about the dragon, if they're counterparts of each other, would that mean that Ashlynn is subconciously avoiding her alter-ego because she's afraid of the consequences? That would cast a different light on the ending... Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the author's intentions.

Hmm... It actually would fit into one of the main themes of the game. The struggle the different characters have in accepting their past, and their real world selves (hence Carver's speech about how you shouldn't run away from it, and how it's not so bad).

Ashlynn's homeland was destroyed in the Real World... But she herself survived. Sorcerians have the ability to separate their souls from their bodies; said souls take the shape of different animals, depending on their power level. Ashlynn had like, prodigy level potential in herself, so she became a dragon (an NPC actually goes into all that).

From there, it's hard to know what the author's intentions were, considering that they didn't expand on things like they originally planned too... But my guess is that the ending is triumphant. Cloudsgate Citadel is a place that can exist in both the Real World & the Dream World (as NPC dialogue establishes), and Ashlynn herself never died like her people did; Her soul just got displaced for a little while. So, with that newborn dragon (whatever her connection to it was; perhaps her real body reinstating itself?), she had a tether in the Real World that most of her dead society never got to enjoy. That's why the music is happy, and part of why everyone's so excited when watching the crystal orb.

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Feb 21, 2014

Fionordequester posted:

From there, it's hard to know what the author's intentions were, considering that they didn't expand on things like they originally planned too... But my guess is that the ending is triumphant. Cloudsgate Citadel is a place that can exist in both the Real World & the Dream World (as NPC dialogue establishes), and Ashlynn herself never died like her people did; Her soul just got displaced for a little while. So, with that newborn dragon (whatever her connection to it was; perhaps her real body reinstating itself?), she had a tether in the Real World that most of her dead society never got to enjoy. That's why the music is happy, and part of why everyone's so excited when watching the crystal orb.

Seems a bit early to go into detail on the ending, but... I thought that it was a confirmation that Ashlynn still exists in some form, and the fact that she's helping care for the baby Zenithian Dragon - the world's new god - shows that there is a bright future to look forward to, even if Ashlynn and Rex can't share it with each other.

Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Turns out, the game has a stupid amount of new flavor text after Murdaw's defeat; Enough to break the character limit several times over. So instead of Part 9, I'll be posting this "Intermission"; All the stuff I found relevant/interesting/funny/what-have-you.

All the towns are included except Amor (you'll see why later). The rest, you can find labeled by section with CTRL + F. Highlights include...

1) Party chat hinting that Captain Rusty may be alive (Castle Somnia, Real World)

2) Carver reconciling with his father (Port Haven)

3) Ella & Johan about to have sex (Port Haven... Seriously, I'm not joking)

4) An farmer and his dessert (Ghent)

5) King Somnus the playboy (Castle Somnia, Dream World)

6) Tania's darkest fears (Weaver's Peak)



Murdaw: Th-This cannot be...

Recap posted:

Murdaw's torso lay bleeding. It was all that was left of him, and his color was fading. His skin turned from green to charcoal black, and his form grew opaque. Rex panicked for a moment, thinking that he was going to teleport again. Instead, his body started exploding. Watching Murdaw die was like watching a firecracker skip along the pavement. Rex had never seen anything like it... Not that he was complaining.

Murdaw's body evaporated into dust with one final explosion. The explosion cleared, and Rex saw a body of small blue orbs gathered together. They hovered in place, then shot into the atmosphere. They travelled in all directions, and soared across the sky like falling stars. Rex didn't know what he was looking at... But it seemed like something good had happened!

Then a beacon of light shone where Murdaw had died, and a strange voice came from out of nowhere, and emanated throughout the battlements (or what was left of them). Pure light washed over Rex's broken body. The blood was dabbed from his mouth, his wounds were stitched together, and the weariness lifted from his eyes. It was beyond joy; beyond anything he had ever felt in his life. He hadn't just been healed; he had been made anew. It felt like every injury he had ever had was undone; even the ones that were no longer there...

Goddess: You have fought with courage and conviction, Rex. The world is now free of Murdaw's menace forever. Go forth! There are many who await your return!

Rex: And what about my friends? Are they...?

Recap posted:

Rex got his answer before he could finish.

"Avast! You're good as new! Just like me!" Carver yelled, catching Rex in a bear hug.

"Did we win?" Nevan asked, appearing before Rex.

"So it would seem. What do you think, Rex?" Milly appeared.

"Well, I mean, I chopped the vermin in half with that Fire Claw, and then he exploded. That's about as 'dead' as I'VE ever seen anyone." Rex answered.

"You CHOPPED him in HALF!?" Carver marveled.

"Er... Well, I mean I blasted the big fat hole in his chest (thanks for that, by the way)... And then he just sorta... Went to pieces!" Rex laughed. Carver laughed with him, Nevan face-palmed, and Milly gave an amused sigh...

"Well, that's all well and good. But, what of the dragon? Have any of you seen it?" Milly said.

"The dragon... OH! OH NO!' Rex sprang to attention, and hurried to the last place they had seen the dragon. It had been blasted against one of the towers by Murdaw, and had been buried in rubble. 'Come on, sweetie... Get up. Get up..." Rex whispered. He and the rest began moving the rubble off. It was tiring work, but that was nothing after all the dragon had done for them. Still, they were not having any luck... In fact, they weren't even finding a body.

"The critter didn't just... disappear, did it? Into thin air 'n everything like that?" Carver wondered.

"It's possible it was a construct; summoned by the ocarina Milly had. Perhaps you should try playing it again?" Nevan glanced at Milly.

"No, I can't. Not anymore. Murdaw smashed the ocarina" Milly said mournfully.

"No more dragons to thump the monsters? Crikey! I was lookin' forward to tha-"

"UGGGGH!!" Ashlynn's voice sounded from the rubble. Ashlynn's voice. THAT had shut the conversation down. All eyes went to the rubble, now. The rocks shook in place for a moment, and suddenly, Ashlynn exploded from the pile, gasping for air!"

"ASHLYNN!?" The group said in unison.

"Thanks for the help, guys! I thought I was gonna DIE!' Ashlynn coughed and wheezed. 'Sheesh! There I was just hummin' along, enjoying my beauty sleep... next thing I know, I'm buried under a buncha ROCKS! What's going on here!? ...What? Did I tear something?" The whole group was staring. It was going to be a very interesting trip home indeed...


The way back was an interesting little trip into Ashlynn's psyche. First... She just laughed at them. Irrelevant were the obvious problems of "how did you get from a ship to a castle?", or "Why can't you remember anything from the past several hours?"; She just dug in her heels every time Nevan tried to push the issue... At least at first.

Several hours later, after the group had already stopped trying to convince her, she got locked up in horror. Everything they said sunk in, and Ashlynn was wailing about how hideous she must have looked. All those scales, all those jagged edges, those monstrous teeth, and that hideous breath!

After that, the Rex spent the better part of an hour telling her that she was the most beautiful dragon he had ever seen. Her scales shone, her cheeks were smooth like pomegranates, each tooth was white as a lamb and perfectly matched with its twin, her eyes sparkled like doves besides springs of water... Whatever Milly told Rex to say, Rex said it. That was a big hit with her. She loved hearing Rex say that, it seemed.

After that was what seemed an eternity of her saying "I'M A DRAGON!! I'M A DRAGON!! I'M A DRAGON!!" on loop, to everything she saw. It didn't matter that the ocarina was smashed; she just insisted she'd "come up with a spell or something". Rex & Milly liked it; Carver & Nevan, not so much.

After that, they talked about whether or not she was a magic dragon, from a long-lost kingdom. Perhaps she was a princess! Maybe she had a handsome prince waiting back home to marry! Far as Ashlynn was concerned, that was the best part of amnesia; Your past was anything you wanted it to be!

On that note, the group was finally ready to meet the king and queen of Somnia. They had mentally recovered from Murdaw, and were now assembled before the rulers.


King Somnus: So Murdaw has indeed been defeated at last... I had scarcely dared to dream of this day! I must applaud you on your magnificent efforts. Surely the time for peace has returned, and we owe it all to your hard work. On behalf of this kingdom - nay, on behalf of this entire world, I offer you my sincerest thanks.

Recap posted:

King Somnus presented a long purple staff with gold accents. The top of the staff had a curved crescent-shaped design with a small green crystal in its middle.

King Somnus: Please accept this as a token of our gratitude. It's not much, but... well, here - have a look.

Recap posted:

Rex obliged, and took the staff in his hand. A feeling like static electricity came into his hand, except it didn't hurt at all. This was another battle item, from the look of it. One that could cast spells, just like the Fire Claw & Staff of Ghent.

Rex: Your Majesty.

King Somnus: Now, now. No need to be humble. You just saved the world! Here, I insist.

Recap posted:

Somnus cupped the back of Rex's hand, and set the staff in his palm. He looked into Rex's eyes, and nodded. Rex took the staff, smiled, bowed, and fell back in with the rest of his group.

King Somnus: I have every confidence we can continue to rely on you and your companions to spare no effort for the sake of the world and its people. Well, I'm spent. That's all I have to say... However, it seems my wife Apnea would like to have a word with you in private, Rex. If the rest of you would be so kind as to take your leave...?

Recap posted:

The party glanced at each other, before Milly spoke up.

Milly: We'll be waiting for you downstairs.

Carver: Well, that's that. See ya later, Rex.

Recap posted:

The group started walking out, but then Ashlynn stopped, and looked at Rex. Rex wasn't sure why, but her face was beaming. The two looked at each other, Ashlynn winked at him ("knock 'em dead!" was the vibe Rex got), and Rex turned towards Somnus.

King Somnus: Hmm? It's not me who wishes to speak with you, Rex. It's my wife. She's the prettier one.

Recap posted:

Rex smirked. He really liked the King. He was pleasant, whatever his true feelings. The Queen, however...

Queen Apnea: Come a little closer, Rex. I'd like to get a better look at your face.

Recap posted:

Rex had a bad feeling about this...

Queen Apnea: Hmm... Yes... There can be no doubt. It really is you, Prince Sleipnir.

Recap posted:

There it was.

Queen Apnea: My, haven't you grown! Ah, but even as I utter these words, you probably have no idea of what I speak. But rest assured, a mother knows. You are our son. Well, to be more precise, you are a part of our son's dream. That is probably why you seem somewhat different from the Sleipnir we knew.

Recap posted:

Rex's stomach lurched. Carver had assured him he was the same as always, when he was made whole... But now the Queen was saying he was different?

Queen Apnea: Still, if this is the case, then your real self is to be found somewhere in this world. That was true for your friend Carver, was it not?

Rex: Perhaps? To be honest, it is...difficult...for me to think about. That I'm a part of someone else. I would like to deal with that... In my own time, your Highness. If that is alright...

Recap posted:

Apnea's face tightened, and she shook her head. Somnus had accepted Rex being his own person, but his mother...

Queen Apnea: I'm truly sorry, Rex. I didn't want to bring this up on such a joyous day...

Recap posted:

Rex was about to comfort her... But then she went on.

Queen Apnea: But if Murdaw has been defeated, and the world is finally peaceful again... Then why has your true self not returned? I can't stop thinking about it... Rex, I beg of you: The real you is out there somewhere in this world. Seek him out - please. Your current existence is incomplete. We eagerly await the day you can return to us - as the real Sleipnir.

Recap posted:


Yeah. They were done here.

Carver: Ashlynn's waitin' for us in the wagon. Come on! Let's shove off!

Recap posted:

Best idea Rex had heard all day! Far as he was concerned, it was time for some good ol' fashioned R&R; A trip around the castle and town, a visit to Madame Luca, a trip to Weaver's Peak... and then Port Haven? Ghent, if Nevan wanted?

I had the strangest dream... In it, the defeat of Murdaw had somehow brought about the restoration of Alltrades Abbey. But when I sent someone to check, the Abbey was still in ruins. What could it possibly mean...?

Nevan: It is feasible that this fellow has witnessed an event that has occurred in the dream world.

Milly: It makes perfect sense! Alltrades Abbey must be restored in the dream world!

Recap posted:

There HAD been those cluster of small blue spheres that appeared, after Murdaw exploded. No harm checking things out. They'd have all the time in the world, after all.

It's rather late now, of course, but I do wish I'd come with you. I'd love to have been there when Murdaw met his end.

Nevan: Somnia boasts a noble tradition of brave warriors. I am impressed by all I have met.

Rex: Including me, I hope?

Recap posted:

Nevan was surprised. Rex had never told him about that story, so he filled him in. Nevan was floored yet more.

Poor Captain Rusty... If only he could be here with us to celebrate...

Carver: I can only hope Captain Rusty is still alive and kickin' out there somewhere.

Nevan: I have the strangest feeling that we shall encounter this Rusty once again, Goddess willing.

Recap posted:

Rex sighed. It was a lovely thought... And for all he knew, the Goddess had preserved him. She was the only reason THEY were alive, after all. Still, was it responsible to hope for such a thing, without any evidence? Rex wasn't sure.

The King and Queen have awoken, and Murdaw has been defeated... And yet, our Prince has not returned. Where in the world could he be...?

Milly: Your real self, Rex... I'm sure he's alive out there somewhere.

Rex: "Alive", huh...? Yeah, I suppose he's got his own life, too.

Recap posted:

Rex was glad Milly reminded him of that, despite himself. Truth be told? He had struggled with the temptation to just forget "Sleipnir" entirely; To ensure his own existence and self. But... That was wrong. If Carver was right, then Rex would be fine regardless. If Apnea was right, and Sleipnir was a person with his own unique identity... Then Sleipnir was basically in a coma; A coma that would last for as long as Rex let it...

You're the reason Captain Rusty is no longer with us... And yet, you're also responsible for defeating Murdaw... Let's just say my emotions are both frazzled and flummoxed at the moment.

Rex: What I did was a mistake. Wasn't tryin' to get anyone hurt, but... I did. Please, don't feel bad on my account.

Recap posted:

That was the lesson there, Rex supposed. Good intentions =/= Good outcomes. That, and the people needed Sleipnir more than they needed Rex.

Heh, even I 'eard the news! Murdaw's a goner! Now that the castle ain't threatened no more, I can finally relax! And you know wot? This cell suddenly don't seem so bad. Thanks a lot, you really 'elped me out!

Carver: Whoa! We've even made the world a better place for jailbirds!

Milly: I'm so glad the prisoner can relax! ...Wait, what am I saying?

Nevan: Well, let's at least accept his thanks.

Recap posted:

Then was the town itself.

Wait, you're the ones who disposed of Murdaw!? It is an honour to have this brush with greatness!

Nevan: The Goddess counsels us not to put our faith in praise for it can just as quickly change to blame.

Recap posted:

No kidding. It seemed only yesterday that Rex and his group were reviled amongst the nation military. Good thing Somnus spoke up when he did!

The group went to the Church service.

Now that awful Murdaw has been dealt with, the world can gradually return to being peaceful. Could it be you were sent from the Goddess to save us?

Ashlynn: Sent from the Goddess, huh...? Is that where I came from?

Recap posted:

Oh! Ashlynn was here? Rex thought she was in the wagon. Well, no matter; It was good to have her!

Nevan: If the Goddess sees fit to use us to fulfill Her higher purpose, then so be it.

Carver: I don't recall the Goddess sendin' me anywhere, but I don't feel like arguin'.

Recap posted:

Well, Rex wasn't sent by the Goddess either, but he WAS sent by the Mountain Spirit... Or are they the same person? Rex wondered about that, at times.

Good times, oh yeah! Truly these are good times! The King and Queen are cured, Chancellor Keating is gone from the castle, and, best of all, Murdaw's been defeated! But wait... Is that too many good things? I hope I'm not being set up for a fall.

Milly: I know the feeling. I'm always worried that too much good can only lead to an eventual disappointment.

Ashlynn: Wow, what pessimism. Me, I always see the goblet as half full.

Rex: An' we love ya for it, Ash.

Recap posted:

Ashlynn giggled, and Rex & Milly smiled in kind.

I say, do you remember that fake prince from the 'Fake Prince Incident' who turned up here with his gang? Apparently, it was the same gang that defeated Murdaw! Not that I believe a word of it, of course.

Milly: “Gang”? That makes us sound so uncivilised...

Recap posted:

Rex was about to agree... And then he remembered how he looked with his spiky hair with hoop earings... And how Carver looked with his mohawk and open shirt... Not to mention Ashlynn, and whatever she was doing with her hair. Even Milly was dressed oddly, now that Rex thought of it. Elegant and beautiful, but still odd. Maybe "gang" wasn't so far off after all... No wonder Apnea wanted Sleipnir back.

Carver: Well, Rex, whether they're sayin' good things or bad things, at least everyone's talkin' about ya!

Murdaw's been defeated, but my other half just lies there asleep all day! He says he's been having dreams about an abbey somewhere, but I wonder...

Recap posted:

An abbey? Alltrades Abbey? Rex listened in on the old man himself.

Ah-phew... Ah-phew... I'm not cut out for monster taming. I'd rather be a pattycake princess...

Rex: ...Huh.

Ashlynn: Dream big, I always say. Dream big.

Recap posted:

Mighty big dream he had there...

Thanks to you, travelling around is so much safer now. I'll finally be able to peddle in peace!

Nevan: If he's travelling, he should take a trip to Ghent. I only wish I could pay it a visit myself.

Rex: Oh? What's stopping us? I wanna check up on Wellshire first, make sure those ol' crooks aren't up to no good... But after that? Sky's the limit!

Recap posted:

They were about to do just that, when a soldier from the castle hailed them.

I have a message for you from the Elder of Ghent. 'The Providence's destiny now lies in your hands, Rex. She is yours to use freely.' She'll be waiting for you on the shore, directly to the east of Somnia castle.

Carver: Nothin' can stop us now that we've got free use of that boat. The world's our seaslime!

Nevan: The Elder of Ghent has once again given me more than I could ever thank him for...

Recap posted:

Rex and the Elder had clearly gotten off to a bad start; It was going to be nice, getting re-acquainted. But first, Wellshire.


Recap posted:

Sure enough, the well was free of Biggs & Liddle, and the other areas seemed safe as well. Rex decided to stop by the town.

Oi! You lot! Have you heard that someone's gone an' defeated Murdaw? Is that true?

Rex: Yep!

Strike a light! Someone's really gone an' done it! You've got your ears to the ground, haven't you?

Rex: An' a claw in Murdaw's stomach, too! "Hi, I'm Rex! How ya doin'?"

Wot's that?! It was you lot wot defeated him!? Well, I never! I take my hat off to you!

Recap posted:

Rex shook his hand and continued his day.

Nevan: It appears that word of Murdaw's defeat has reached even here.

Rex: Amazing how that works, eh?

Aw, today really is a bootiful day.

Carver: Aye, even the sun seems to know we walloped Murdaw.

Ashlynn: Couldn't ask for a better laundry day, right?

Recap posted:

Ashlynn doin' laundry!? Rex didn't know she had it in her!

On that note, they found some children.

Basil: My ol' dear's given up on makin' me stay in to do my homework! She said I could go to the dream well! Wot sort o' fun games can you play in a well, I wonder?

Carver: Good for him! The dream well is now officially free of all kidnappers and shady sorts.

Milly: Still, without adult supervision, I'd be concerned about letting a child run free out there.

Nevan: I was never allowed to play in wells. I suppose that's what you get for being the “Chosen One”. Maybe I missed out...?

Recap posted:

Wait, was Nevan aware of his destiny since his childhood? No wonder he was so serious and proper.

I know a fun game to play at the well! Basil can pretend to be a well wisher livin' at the bottom!

Nevan: “Pretend to be a well wisher”!? What can it all mean!?

Rex: You dunno about Well Wishers? Really?

Nevan: Perhaps my youth was a little too sheltered...

Rex: Well they're big orange things that hide in wells, and kill ya. Kinda like those Canniboxes at Murdaw's? Actually, I think someone needs to tell his mom; Just in case he's pullin' our legs.

Recap posted:

But sure enough...

I told that little scamp he could go an' have a nose around the dream well. I only hope he don't get into any mischief.

Ashlynn: If I were him, I'd probably go regardless of what my mom said!

Rex: (Yup. That's why I worry...)

Recap posted:

Finally, the group stopped by to see Cynthia and her father.

Well, if it ain't my heroes! You're always welcome here in Wellshire. Don't be strangers, you hear?

Nevan: It is pleasant indeed to be given such a warm welcome. In fact, I feel a little flushed...

Recap posted:

"A little" was right; Nevan was turning red! Rex chuckled inwardly.

"Flushed, huh? You all right, Nevan?" Rex asked.

"Er, yes, I believe so. My robes; They are ill-suited days such as this." Nevan responded.

"Uh huh. Hey, random question; how old are ya?"

"...15. Why?"

"15!?' Carver piped in. 'Crikey! You're younger 'n I thought!"

"Say, I'm gonna talk to the Mayor real quick' Rex said. "You an' Carver keep Cynthia company? Wanna see if she or 'er Dad saw 'em lately."

"Ulp! Er, a-alright, b-but..." Nevan fumbled.

"C,mon buddy, let's go" Carver giggled, clapped Nevan on the shoulder, and led him to Cynthia. Rex talked to the mayor.

I'm very glad you popped by to see us again! I heard you got the better of that ol' Murdaw. First kidnappers, now evil sorcerers... Is there anyfin' you lot can't do? Ha ha!

Recap posted:

The two talked further, and concluded that Biggs & Liddle had not struck again. Rex was relieved, in many ways. He wasn't sure he had handled them correctly when they had defeated them. Now? He was more comfortable with his decision.

In any case, that was all for Wellshire. Now it was Port Haven... On Carver's request.


I welcome ye to Port Haven!

Milly: You know, we've been so through much together, it feels like an age ago when I met you here, Rex.

Recap posted:

That was one detail Rex wondered about. He, Milly, and Carver had banded together twice when fighting Murdaw... And their 2nd meeting was in the exact same place as the 1st! In fact... Was that how she knew to wait for them at Port Haven? Because that's where they had met the 1st time? Rex would have to ask her about that later...

I do despair! I hope that Mayor of ours knows how much bother he's caused everyone by goin' off on this jaunt. Wait - you don't fancy havin' a go at being mayor, do you? Hee hee... I'm sure you'd do a right good job of it... Shame we can't let out-of-towners be mayor, really...

Carver: Well, I ain't no out-of-towner, and Mayor Carver does have a nice ring to it... But I'm not ready to run for office 'n everything like that. I've got places to visit and monsters to bash!

Recap posted:

Actually, Carver had one very specific to visit... His home.

Carver: Dad...

Recap posted:

He had almost lost his nerve right there; The only time Rex could ever recall him buckling. Still, they got him through it, and Carver went inside.

Carver: Ahoy, Mum...

Carver's Mom: Avast! Who said that!? There's only one boy who calls me 'Mum'. It's you! It's you, Carver!

Carver: I, uh, I must've had you worried sick, aye?

Carver's Mom: Never mind that, love! You're home now and that's that!

Recap posted:

Carver's mom turned to her husband.

Carver's Mom: Ahoy, come and have a look! Carver's back! He's really back this time!

Carver's Dad: Blimey! Pipe down! I told you I can't work with all your blabberin'.

Carver's Mom: No, YOU pipe down, you-

Carver: It's alright, Mum. He's got every right to wanna saw my head off. I did leave you two and go off on my own n' everything like that.

Carver's Mom: But Carver-

Carver: And I've got to shove off again, I'm afraid. I won't be able to come back for a while. There's things I've got to take care of, ya see. Aw, don't go wellin' up on me! This town's got enough salty water already! I'm sorry, Mum.

Carver's Mom: Oh, Carver... I'm... I'm fine. As long as I know you're safe, I'll be alright. Don't you worry about me. I've gotten used to it just bein' your dad and I. You go, Carver. Do what you gotta do, and when you're done... You'll come back, aye?

Carver: You can bet on it. You're my family and that's that. Alright, Mum, this ship's got to sail. And Dad... Take care of yourself, alright?

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No response, at first. Moments passed... Rex wondered if he was going to say anything. Finally, he looked over at Carver... and motioned him with his hand. Carver obliged, and then his dad motioned for his mom to shoo. She obliged as well, and the group watched Carver and his Dad walk to the other room. Fortunately, Rex's hearing was always exceptional...

Carver's Dad: I'd never say this in front of that wife o' mine, but... Whatever it is you wanna do, Son, just come back home once you've done it, alright?

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Another pause... And then crying. Rex heard Carver turn from a hardened warrior into a little boy. Rex had never heard him do that before, and he would never hear him do that again. His dad may not have been good with emotions, but on this day? He told Carver exactly what he needed to hear...


The group was off again, after that.

Carver: That was somethin' I had to do. But enough of all that emotional stuff – let's shove off.

Milly: I'm proud of you, Carver.

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Now was time to see Ella & Johan. Unfortunately, Ashlynn ran off ahead of them. Rex wanted to knock first, but Ashlynn went right in. She failed to find them on the first floor, and went up to their room. Rex ran after her...and found Ashlynn stopped dead in her tracks. She was staring at something...

Rex looked, and found Ella & the bedroom...kissing.

Johan: Ella...

Ella: Johan...

Johan: At last, we are together, my love...

Ella: Oh Johan... I've waited so long for this...

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Ashlynn was...embarassed.

Ashlynn: Let's hurry back downstairs. Those two could use some, uh, privacy.

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Too late!

Johan: Um... Heh heh... Hello there... That was rather an inopportune moment...

Carver: Uh... Don't mind us! We didn't see a thing.

Ella: H-Hello! Erm, please come in! We were just, erm... You know...

Carver: We were uh, just leavin', aye, Rex?

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Speaking of interlopers...

Ivy: Johan and Ella do seem sickeningly happy, don't they? Hmph. All that pining, whining, and plotting, and I've ended up with nothing.

Nevan: Manipulating people's hearts is a difficult task, even for the Goddess.

Carver: I just hope she learnt somethin' from it!

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Speaking of misguided women...

It's a right tragedy that I'm nappin' in the middle of the day, just 'cause I ain't got anyfin' better to do. At least I wont' get tired or hungry while I'm asleep... Well, nighty-nighty.

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And off she went.

Milly: Huh? Am I hearing things? She's snoring like a drain already?

Recap posted:

OWCH!! Milly was sweet as could be, but sometimes...

Seems to me, as soon as King Somnus gets better, Murdaw croaks it. I'm tellin' you, there's somethin' special about a king who's got that kind o' power.

Ashlynn: Wow. His facts couldn't be more fouled up, but I don't want to kill his buzz.

Carver: Aye, let folks think it was the King's power if they like. We can't go hoggin' all the credit!

Rex: Helped us get a ship, too. Can't forget that.

Recap posted:

Speaking of ships...

Yo-ho-ho! I thought I'd be losin' me job, but now the peaceful times arrr back, I've no need to worry! Hoist the mainsail!

Carver: Always been a little jealous of sailors. Life's such a breeze for them. Hardy har!

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Ha! Good one.

Ahoy there! Hic! Let me tell ye a story of when I were a young deckhand. Hic! Way up north we were, near them rocksh. That'sh where I shaw her. The bonniesht thing, she was. Hic! A mermaid, I tell ye! Hic!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! This guy for real? He's hilarious!

Milly: A sea populated by mermaids... Sounds wonderful – if it's true.

Nevan: Hmm... Way up north...? It sounds like somewhere we could perhaps sail to...

Recap posted:

Always worth a peak.

Arrr, I finally asked her, I did! All I need to do now is find us a place to live, so we can navigate the sea of life together.

I thought he'd be heading back to Somnia, now that the King and Queen are finally awake... But instead, he asks me to marry him! What a wonderful surprise! ♥

Milly: Truly a match made in heaven! Or Haven, I suppose. Hee hee.

Recap posted:

Another great pun!

Hey! Have you heard? Murdaw's been beaten! It's true! Perhaps those poor souls from Alltrades Abbey can finally rest in peace...

Nevan: I too will pray for the souls of all those caught up in the destruction of the Abbey...

Milly: Indeed... If even some of those poor souls can find peace now, it will have been worth the effort.

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Well, that was Port Haven. Now for Madame Luca's.


Carver: Time for another session with everyone's favourite dream seer! Great.

Madame Luca: Ah! You again! Madame Luca knew you were coming, but sometimes it is fun to be acting surprised, yes? Madame Luca watched your marvellous fight through her crystal ball! Best seat in the house, mmm-hmm. Ah, come in, come in! Maybe Madame Luca will treat you to one of her dishes.

Recap posted:

They went inside her house and sat around the table.

Madame Luca: It has been an age since old Madame Luca wore her apron, but she foresees a treat in your future! Now eat!

Recap posted:

The party eyed their food carefully. They'd never seen anything like what Luca had put out...

Madame Luca: What are you waiting for? Tuck in before the lard gets hard! Hah hee!

Recap posted:

The party dined on Madame Luca's mysterious dishes and enjoyed a relaxing evening...

Morning came, and they spoke to Madame Luca.

Madame Luca: Ah, you're awake. I trust you had sweet dreams, yes? By the way, the crystal has been showing something curious lately: a strange old abbey. It started making sense to Madame Luca as soon as you defeated Murdaw... That abbey, yes... It is most likely Alltrades Abbey!

Carver: Aye, that's all well and good, but the Abbey in this world is still a ruin...

Milly: If Madame Luca has seen it in the crystal, then surely it must be real. Alltrades Abbey in the dream world must have been restored.

Nevan: If Alltrades Abbey were really back in one piece, it would of this world!

Carver: Wait! That's it! We need to go to the upper world and check out that giant chasm!

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So those WERE lost souls inside Murdaw's stomach... Just when Rex thought Murdaw couldn't have gotten any worse.

In any case, Rex told Nevan that they could visit Ghent, so...


Welcome, pilgrims, to Ghent. The blessings of the Goddess be upon you. If the winding path of destiny has brought you here, then surely it was meant to be. Oh, it is you! The blessed Nevan, the chosen one! Let me be the first to welcome you back!

Nevan: It is indeed good to be back.

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Rex wondered if he would be treated similar, when he stopped by Weaver's Peak. Then the party saw an amusing scene.

Urgh! Help! I think I'm going to burst!

Stop your complaining! I did warn you!

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She turned to a nearby nun.

Please could you help him? He's claiming his stomach's going to burst!

I will do all that is in my power to ease your hsuband's distress.

Recap posted:

The non closed her eyes and began to chant softly... Blue sparkles enveloped the man, and he was cured!

Urgh! W-Wait! It doesn't hurt any more! It doesn't hurt!

You sure you're alright? You're not going to be complaining again in a minute, are you?

No, I'm fine! I've never felt better. I really thought I was going to explode! Thank you, sister! You saved my life!

Carver: Aww, I wanted to see him explode! Just kiddin', just kiddin'...

Recap posted:

The conversation continued.

If he expects sympathy from me, he's not going to get it! If he had seven helpings of dessert, that's not my fault! Let's get home! Those cows aren't going to feed themselves! And don't be giving them any dessert!

Rex: (S-Seven!?)

I've learnt my lesson, I swear! (But what I wouldn't give for another helping of dessert...)

Carver: So he just ate too much!? Well, he ain't gettin' any sympathy from me, either!

Ashlynn: Wow. What a pig!

Rex: That, or the second coming of Murdaw...

Nevan: The Goddess frowns upon unbridled greed and gluttony. I pray this is the last time.

Recap posted:

But, sure enough...

We humble citzens of Ghent live our daily lives in a spirit of gratitude to the Goddess. If it wasn't for Her grace and good will, we wouldn't be able to enjoy this fine food. Thank you, Goddess!

Rex: (sigh)

Milly: I'm sure the Goddess is just delighted to see him eating again...

They never stop eating... I'm talking about the cows, of course... And my husband.

Nevan: Her husband appears to have learnt his eating habits from those cows. I disapprove of this gluttony.

Recap posted:

Oh well...

The rest of the visit was great. Nevan was the town hero; Everyone praised him! Nevan tried to include the rest of the group, but, it was clear who the townsfolk were really thinking about.

Rex didn't mind. Nevan was younger than the rest of them, so the fight was probably even rougher for him than for the rest. He deserved the praise.

Finally, after a time, the group visited the Elder. They saw a middle-aged man and his old mother talking heatedly in front of the Elder.

Elder: Enough! This is no time for squabbling. Hold on for one moment, I beseech you.

Recap posted:

The Elder closed his eyes and began to pray intently... Blue sparkles enveloped the old woman, just as it had the farmer.

Och, I've never felt such pain in all my boorn days! Make it stop, will ye!? ...Wait. H-Hold on! The pain's goone! All goone!

Wasn't I there tellin' ye that the Elder would do all that was in his poower for ye!? Will ye never listen tae yer own son and heir!?

Och, enough of yer auld blather! The main thing is that the pain's all goone!

Recap posted:

The man turned to the Elder

Thank ye so much for all ye've done for ma ungrateful auld ma!

Elder: You need not thank me. Save your praise for the Goddess.

Aye, reet ye are! I'll be sure tae dae jest that! Ma, it's time for us tae head off! Are ye no comin'!?

Recap posted:

The two left.

Elder: You have returned! Praise be to the infinite grace and mercy of the Goddess! With the downfall of Murdaw, the world is returning to the blessed peace it once knew. But there will still be call for the healing powers of Ghent, make no mistake of that. Nevan, your powers will also be called on. But not here. No! Your destiny is to travel the world, aiding those who are suffering. You are about to embark on an epic journey that will take you to all corners of our world. Know that the good will and prayers of the people of Ghent go with you.

Nevan: I will not let the people of Ghent down! I will come to the aid of all those who are suffering!

Recap posted:

On that note, the group went on their way. Just one last trip to Somnia and then it was Rex's home!

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

The Party Chat at the very end actually came from some NPCs I didn't include in this intermission. However, they made great closing lines, so I put them at the end, instead.


Welcome to Somnia. Stay out of - Oh, it's you! I heard King Somnus's[sic] victory proclamation! Outstanding work, all of you!

Milly: Speaking of which, what happened to the King Somnus in this world? The young king turned into Queen Apnea, so that should leave them without a ruler...

Recap posted:

Rex supposed they would find out.

So that mirror wasn't just some silly antique. The King needed it to see through Murdaw's illusions... It all makes sense now! I'll never doubt His Majesty again!

Nevan: Ra's mirror rendered all of Murdaw's tricks and deception useless, may the Goddess be praised!

Recap posted:

That was the funny thing about their victory against Murdaw. It had taken so much outside assistance just to challenge him.

A mirror that could see through anything... a staff of infinite healing... a claw that shot fire indefinitely... and a mystical dragon they could call on command. Even then, that day had almost ended in death.

To be perfectly honest? Rex wasn't sure they actually "won", so much as they had just gotten lucky. Lucky that Murdaw hadn't used his full power until Carver had already overtaxed his regeneration. Lucky that Murdaw was too much of a sadist to end them immediately. Lucky that Murdaw was so slow to acknowledge them as threats.

Rex shuddered to think of what would have happened, had Murdaw been serious from the start...

Oh, everyone's soooo happy Murdaw got whupped. Whoop-de-do. What about my plan to beat him when I got big? So much for training to be a soldier now... Got any candy? Something deep-fried, maybe?

Carver: Hardy har! I never thought we'd get in trouble for takin' care of Murdaw.

Milly: He would do better to set his sights on a world where soldiers aren't needed...

Recap posted:

Rex found it doubtful such a world would ever exist... But he didn't want to dampen the mood

Did you hear about the chasm Murdaw made in the ground? It's been filled in again, they say.

Milly: I wonder if he's talking about the chasm above the ruins of Alltrades Abbey...

Recap posted:

It would make sense. Rex wasn't ready to check yet.

I've just been so forgetful lately... I feel sore all over, too. I couldn't even give King Somnus a proper huzzah without throwing out my back! I wish I could forget this pain...

Milly: He looks young, but I'm guessing he's quite old in the real world...

Recap posted:

He was. It was the same old couple they had visited in the real world.

My husband's been so obsessed with his failing memory lately. I wish he'd just forget about it and move on.

Ashlynn: I see what she did there. She wants [him] to “forget” about his failing memory? Tee hee!

Nevan: Intriguing... It seems that the real world is exerting a subtle influence on this world.

Recap posted:

"You don't know the half of it..."

The whole thing seems very curious to me. King Somnus just up and leaves town to trounce Murdaw... We're left completely in the dark about the battle. And then, oh, look, he's back and Murdaw's dust. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything... It's just that I'd love to know the real reason why everything's suddenly peachy keen.

Ashlynn: Wow. You can't get much past her, huh?

Carver: Hardy har. The King works in mysterious ways, aye?

Recap posted:

Then, as if on cue...

Let's see here... 'The Somnian Military Wants drink, sing, and party now that Murdaw is defeated! - King Somnus' Well that's a royal proclamation I can get behind!

Recap posted:


Rex: ...Huh.

Ashlynn: No way... Did the King really write this?

Carver: Sounds like a totally different fella... You sure he ain't a phony?

Recap posted:

Only one way to find out.

This is Somnia Castle... Oh, it's you. Come on in.

Recap posted:

They did so, and...

Well, look who's back! His Majesty told me how you helped fix Murdaw's wagon. Speaking of which, I trust the wagon we lent you is in good repair? No dings? No scratches?

Milly: Interesting... So we “helped”, did we?

Nevan: Well, in the broadest sense, we did indeed offer assistance to the King.

Carver: We did a load more than “help” him, but... Ah, well. Some credit's better than none at all.

Recap posted:

Indeed. Besides, stories had a way of getting mixed up. They were strangers, and the King was... well, the King.

Our 'sleepless sire' actually keps a regular sleep schedule now, but that's not the only thing that's changed... He just seems like a different person now. Maybe it's because all that stress has finally lifted off his shoulders.

Milly: A “different person”...?

Nevan: I'm intrigued to see how King Somnus has changed.

Recap posted:

They went inside the cellars... And were VERY pleased with what they saw.

Chancellor Keating: Who does King Somnus think he is, locking me up like this? He's mad! Utterly bonkers! I'm Master Keating, the world's richest man! I ought to buy this nation and have the King's head chopped off!

Ashlynn: That guy needs to buy a nicer personality!

Rex: No kidding. Still, how'd he get here?

Nevan: In the real world, Chancellor Keating had the run of the kingdom while King Somnus slept... He no doubt spent money like water, which is why his dreams have taken this sorry form.

Recap posted:

It would explain why he couldn't buy his way out.

Ever since His Majesty returned, his orders have been a little mystifying... First he had us free the prisoner who was in here, and now he brings us this Keating fellow instead. He said the man's some kind of criminal who must be kept under constant watch. Hey, orders are orders...

Carver: No point explainin' things to folks in this world. They'd think we were stark ravin' loonies.

Milly: I only wish we could lock up the other Keating as well...

Recap posted:

Still, he'd been driven out of Somnia. That was good enough for Rex.

Murdaw may have been slain, but it seems as if his minions haven't gotten the message. I had theorize that the monsters would all disappear upon Murdaw's defeat, but I appear to have been mistaken. Just goes to show that science isn't always an exact science. Heh heh.

Milly: If only his theory had been correct...

Nevan: I pray this scholar applies his mind to finding out why all these monsters remain at large.

Recap posted:

All the bad ones, anyway.

Did you hear about Captain Blade? He went missing in the struggle against Murdaw. He was such a wonderful captain... Even spoke to me a few times. I shall miss him.

Milly: I hope that Captain Blade is safe, wherever he is...

Carver: We'll be seein' Blade before long, aye, Rex?

Rex: That'd be nice.

Recap posted:

More likely, Captain Blade died when his Real World self died. That was what Rex thought...

King Somnus really is back! And he really did defeat Murdaw, too! Thank you so much for all your help! If it wasn't for you, who knows what would have happened.

You're back! But what are you doing here? Get yourselves to His Majesty, post-haste! King Somnus has been gushing about you since he returned!

Recap posted:

Well, that was that. Now onto the throne room itself. There, Rex met some rather... interesting companions.

His Majesty pinched me earlier! Swear to Goddess! He used to be all business, no matter how much I batted my eyes or shook my tush. He must have been focusing on beating Murdaw all day long, all day strong. That's our King!

Recap posted:

*awkward silence*

Milly: King or not, he'd better behave!

Recap posted:

At this very moment, Milly's words and attitude were an amusing aside. Later, however, it would be an invaluable window into her psyche.

Her reaction was normal. Very normal. Rex would find himself grateful for just HOW normal it was...

Oh! Why, hello, everyone. I serve as King Somnus' royal maid and secretary. His personal business is MY business... Though I gotta say, I'm not used to talkin' all fancy and polite like this. The King just hired me out of the blue at the casino, ya know? At least this beats fightin' off randy drunks.

Ashlynn: Boy, the King's letting it all hang out here in the dream world, isn't he?

Milly: The King seems to have a weakness for cute girls...

Recap posted:

A common weakness, to be fair; One that still needed addressing.

King Somnus: There you are! I knew you'd show up sooner or later. It's me... Not Apnea - the real King Somnus! Recognise me?

Rex: Yeah I do! How's the Dream Wor-

King Somnus: Shh! Keep it down! ...Ahem. Anyway, I must admit, I rather like this younger body of mine. This may merely be a dream, but I feel like I've turned back the clock. As the Murdaw of this world, I was being controlled without any awareness of what I was doing, you see. But now that I have my own body back, I must say that I rather like the place. Sadly, it seems that Rusty - Er, Captain Blade is nowhere to be found in this world, either. Curse that Keating! I feel terrible for what he did to Rusty while I was asleep. Ah, well. At least, both Somnias are now at peace, and for that I am supremely grateful! I'm sure all of you could use some reest, too, after the ordeal you've been through. I have no further orders at present, so consider yourselves off duty for the time being. Best of luck to you, Rex!

Milly: This time, it's not Queen Apnea from the lower world, but the real King Somnus. We've heard all about the fun he's been having, haven't we, Rex?

Recap posted:

Speaking of Apnea...

Queen Apnea: My, he certainly appears to be enjoying himself... A little too much, perhaps... But this is all just a dream, after all. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to let him revel in it just a bit longer. Tee hee hee...

Milly: Hee hee. I should have known that Queen Apnea would be keeping an eye on her husband.

Ashlynn: That laugh at the end was kind of scary. I hope the King's not in any kind of trouble!

Rex: Aw, he's fiiine. He's King! He can handle himself

Recap posted:

And with that, they were off to Weaver's Peak.


Um... Heh heh... Hi there. Welcome to Weaver's Peak! Murdaw's gone for good! Hooray!

Carver: Ahoy! Word's already spread here, aye?

Recap posted:

Seemed so!

Well, lookee here! The village hero returns! My, my... Who would've thought Rex of all people would save the whole wide world?

Carver: Hardy har! Sounds like your neighbours didn't know you had it in ya, Rex!

Rex: (laugh) An' I STILL don't! Wouldn't a' done nothin' without YOU guys!

Recap posted:

Carver clapped Rex on the shoulder.

Even all the way up here, we heard word of what you guys did. The mountain spirit was looking after ya, you betcha!

Carver: It's good to see the rumours made it up here without gettin' fouled up.

Ashlynn: I guess the whole village must know by this point, huh?

A bunch of folks quit work early and wandered down the mountain once they heard the big news. Still a few monsters skulkin' around, though, so I think Buddy's playing bodyguard for everyone.

Ashlynn: This Buddy guy must be stronger than Carver if he's protecting all those villagers.

Rex: Whaddaya think a' that, Carver?

Recap posted:

Rex and Carver went back and forth for a bit. After that...

It's the same sky as always, but somehow it seems different... Prettier, or somethin'. Guess the ol' Goddess in Her heavens is celebratin' along with the rest of us.

Milly: I'm inclined to agree with him, I must say.

Nevan: I pray that this peaceful state shall continue far into the future.

Rex: As do I.

Recap posted:

Anyway, now was time to visit the mayor!

Mayor Spindell: Rex! Great to see you, my bo- Imean, young man. A messenger from King Somnus brought word of your heroic deed. To think, you've defeated Murdaw! What can I say? Well, besides 'outstanding job'! The messenger didn't offer many details, but no matter. I'm just glad peace has returned. You've grown in so many ways, Rex. You gave Murdaw a real thrashing... You answered the call of duty as a Somnian soldier... What haven't you accomplished!? I imagine you're eager to return to quiet mountain living here in Weaver's Peak, eh?

Rex: ...That's the thing. I think the Mountain Spirit's got more for me to do; And right now, that means finding myself.

Recap posted:

...Yeah. That was about the best way Rex could think of putting it.

Mayor Spindell: Oh, dear. I'm afraid that's a bit over my head, Rex. Whatever makes you happy, I suppose. You know what you're doing, you betcha! But do try to stop by and say hello to Tania now and again, alright? She may seem like a strong young lady, but with no parents around... Well, she needs someone she can depend on.[/i]

Carver: Stop by and see Tania, aye? Hardy har! Don't mind if I do.

Recap posted:

But before they could...

Judith: Oooh! Welcome back, Rex! Great job, beating Murdaw and everything! I feel like I'm falling for you more and more every day...

Rex: (...When I'm not even here?)

Judith: I'm just so thrilled you promised to marry me. Hee hee. You remember your promise, right?

Rex: Judith, we went over this. I don't like you THAT way.

Judith: What? I could have sworn we made that promise. That's fine, Rex. I don't mind taking things slow, too.

Carver: Crikey, Rex. This girl's attraction to you is startin' to sound fatal.

Recap posted:

Nah, this was just how Judith was. Even so, Rex was anxious to see Tania.

Ashlynn: So Rex likes to take things slow, huh?

Recap posted:

Rex felt goosebumps.

Tania: Rex! Welcome back, Brother! You did it! You beat Murdaw! I knew you would! Now we never have to be scared again!

Rex: W-Whoa! Dang girl, you can scream!

Tania: ...Oh. Sorry for hollering like that. Guess I got a little excited. I'll betcha you're tuckered out, huh?

Rex: Li'l bit. I'll wanna relax a little before ya start askin' how it all went down!

Tania: You can tell me the whole thrilling story once you get a little sleep, alright?

Recap posted:

Darn. Rex never could get away with just "the short version"; No, Tania always wanted to know everything!

So, after she got acquainted with the rest of the party, Rex went to bed, and woke up the next day.

Tania: Oh, are you finally up, Rex? I thought you were just in for a quick nap, but you were out cold for hours!

Rex: (yawn) Was I now? Whoops.

Tania: Well, no matter. I'm just glad my brother's alright and everything's back to normal.

Rex: ...That's just the thing. The Mountain Spirit... The Goddess... whoever's been guiding me, I dunno... They've spoken to me several times since that one time. She's got more for me to do, so...

Tania: You have to continue your life's journey, no matter where it takes you.

Recap posted:

...Whoa. She accepted that far easier than he thought... Almost as though she knew in advance. Is it possible the Mountain Spirit contacted her while he was away?

Tania: I'm fine here by myself. Whenever you need a break, just remember - I'll always be here for you.

Rex: Yeah. Thanks Sis. That means the world to me.

Recap posted:

They hugged, and they all enjoyed breakfast. Rex told her all the thrilling details of his fight against Murdaw, and she told him about how she, Buddy, the mayor, and everyone else were doing.

Things were mostly fine... Except, monsters were still plaguing the land. Actually, Buddy had promised to escort folks out of the village today, and Tania wasn't sure he could actually handle it. He TALKED big, and certainly had some skills, but... Could he really protect everyone?

Rex wasn't sure, so he left once Carver had awoken.

Carver: (yawn) What a great sleep! It's a shame we didn't get to talk with Tania much, though.

Recap posted:

True, they left earlier than Rex would have liked. But, it was for the villagers.

Ashlynn: Boy, Tania sure was excited to see you yesterday, wasn't she? I'll bet having you back home was a real treat for her, Rex.

Recap posted:

Was it? She put on a brave face, but... Oh well. Rex supposed "some time" was better than "no time at all".

They went to leave the village, talking to a few people along the way.

Buddy's Father: Buddy says he'll never be a hunter. Ever! That son of mine... First he says he doesn't wanna help with the bar, and now he wants to be a 'tour guide'? Is that even a real job?

Rex: As long as there's enough demand...

Milly: Maybe he could be a guide for the local hunters... Hee hee.

Carver: I could see myself bein' a hunter. It's a job for manly men, aye?

Recap posted:

After that...

They say Murdaw is no more... But why do I feel so anxious? I suppose old habits die hard. We've lived in fear for so long, it's hard to set it aside.

Milly: I know exactly what that nun means. I must admit that I share her unease.

Nevan: I think that many people throughout the world share this fear. Murdaw's baneful shadow lay over all of our hearts for far too long...

Recap posted:

That was everyone they talked to in the village. Now it was on to the Mountain Pass.


Buddy: Well, isn't this just great. Murdaw's a goner, but monsters are still lurking all over the place. I can't get all the villagers down this mountain by myself. What was I thinking?

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...Huh. Guess that was that, then. Rex and friends would just have to do the heavy lifting themselves.

Carver: He has a point. You'd think the monsters would be scarce, what with Murdaw gone 'n everything like that.

Milly: Perhaps a source apart from Murdaw is involved...?

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Actually, there was no reason killing Murdaw WOULD stop them. Monsters were creations of the Goddess, just like everything else.

Of course, Rex wouldn't come to realise that until much later. For now, Buddy seemed to raise a good question.

Oh, man... I saw a monster bolt right past me just a bit ago. (shudder) Why didn't killing Murdaw put a stop to them?

Ashlynn: If a couple of monsters are enough to freak him out like that, he should've never left home.

Rex: They were counting on Buddy, to be fair. He's generally pretty tough, but, guess it's different when ya gotta watch folks.

Milly: Perhaps it would be best for the villagers to return to Weaver's Peak.

Rex: Mmm...

Haah... Nothing beats the great outdoors.

Rex: ...Nah, we got this.

Nevan: I'd prefer to snuggle up indoors with a nice book, myself...

Rex: Hey, you're welcome to do so. You can keep Tania company!

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Nevan seemed to feel guilty, but, the others assured him that it was fine. So, off he went.

Rex and the others continued on their way. Their first stop were a trio of grave markers; Three wooden crosses planted in the ground.

It's been ages since I've been able to visit my wife's grave. Thank the Goddess!

Milly: So this is where the village's dearly departed are laid to rest...

Ashlynn: Aww. I think I'm going to cry...

Th-This's the farthest I've ever moseyed from the village. I th-think I'm sufferin' from c-culture shock.

Carver: “Culture shock”!? That sounds rough! He should see the priest, and fast!

Rex: No, no, that's just somethin' that happens when ya never left home and're surprised by everythin'.

Ashlynn: I can't imagine never leaving your hometown...but maybe that's because I can't remember mine.

Rex: We'll getcha someday, Ashlynn, we'll getcha. Then you can tell us 'bout that handsome prince, aye?

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Ashlynn voiced her agreement, and the rest of the trip down progressed smoothly.

Actually, the Bazaar had re-opened! Rex was surprised, but the tour group wanted to check it out. So, "check it out" they did.


Welcome to Haggleton! We're sale-ebrating world peace with a special Victory Bazaar!

Carver: Whoa! This place is hoppin'!

Ashlynn: Oooh, a bazaar! That means shopping! Yippee!

Milly: Bazaars are always so exciting!

Rex: (Please don't let it be too expensive, please don't let it be too expensive, please don't let it-...)

Rex: (sob)

Recap posted:

It wasn't as bad as Rex had feared. Milly was still Milly; A calm, sensible woman who had learned the value of money from whatever happened in her past. She and Ashlynn had also formed somewhat of a sisterly relationship, so Ashlynn took cues from her as well...

Still, they spent enough to make Rex's stomach churn. The group pooled their resources, so the women's purchases were everyone's purchases. Regardless, Ashlynn & Milly had their fun. Now, it was Rex & Carver's chance to poke around.

I heard that King Somnus and Captain Blade vanished after they defeated Murdaw. His Majesty showed up afterward, but he was all alone. Isn't that bizarre?

Milly: The story of King Somnus and Murdaw is indeed bizarre – not to mention complicated.

Ashlynn: The King's been like a new man ever since he came back to the castle, huh?

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Rex would say so.

Hooray for world peace! And hooray for two bazaars in a year! That whole thing with Murdaw was great for business!

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Rex and the others glared.

Er...ahem. I mean, what a terrible ordeal. I feel just so bad for his victims...

Carver: Givin' thanks for Murdaw's a good way to get roughed up, if ya ask me.

Rex: Carver...

Ashlynn: I guess Murdaw was good for some things – like getting us all together.

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Carver agreed with that, at least. Besides, there wasn't any sense getting worked up about it; Murdaw was in the past.

Buck: Oh, for Goddess's sake! I didn't think they'd open another bazaar so fast! I wasn't ready! I haven't got a single thing to sell yet!

Recap posted:

This was Buck; A rude, condescending salesman who'd tried to low-ball Rex when he'd been selling the Village Goods. Rex saw through his act, and also discovered his rivalry with his brother: Bill.

Bill was the kinder of the two, so it was Rex's pleasure to gouge Buck for every last coin he could get away with. He walked away with 480 gold coins; A far cry from the 300 Buck had tried to con him with.

Ashlynn: The lesson here is to always be prepared.

Carver: He should stop griping and start gatherin' stuff to sell.

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So it would seem!

Hey, youngster. Care to buy a bone stake? 130 gold coins and it's in the bag.

Rex: Youngster? Think I'll pass.

Hmph. Suit yourself, cheapo.

Carver: Bein' a cheapskate beats bein' swindled! Aye, Rex?

Rex: Aye.

Milly: We can always come back if we need to.

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Seriously. Rex was still REALLY grateful for Milly's attitude; Their pockets could have been hit so much harder!

Step right up, folks! The deal of the century, right here. The world famous amor seco essence! I'm selling three bottles for only 400 gold coins. I'll even throw in a chimaera wing, too! You buyin'!?

Rex: I feel like those were...120G, I wanna say? At Amor? And wings're 25G, most places, so I think I'll pass.

Yeah? Too bad, kid. Come on, folks, step right up! Deal of the century and all that!

Carver: Hey, how does he know it's the “deal of the century”, anyway? The century ain't over.

Milly: Wise shoppers buy what they need, when they need it.

Ashlynn: We haven't had much use for chimaera wings lately, anyway.

Recap posted:

Ashlynn taking cues from Milly once again. Always nice to see.

My dad can sell stuff better than your dad.

Carver: Aye, but my old man can make stuff better than his.

Ashlynn: Maybe he's right, maybe not. I don't know my dad, so...

Rex: Like I said, Ash. We'll getcha.

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Then was another familiar face: Bill!

Bill: Ha ha! Business is quite brisk today! On fire, even! Wait'll Buck hears about this! Not that I condone our brotherly competition... Who am I kidding? You lose, Buck! Who's the baddest brother in the bazaar now!?

Milly: He's quite excited, isn't he!

Carver: Hardy har! It's good to see the quiet brother gettin' riled for a change.

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He was nicer than Bill. He deserved it.

Style meets substancee in this fabulous leather kilt that protects as it serves! But wait - there's more! Act now and buy this item - normally 500 gold coins - for the ludicrously low price of 200! No, you are not dreaming! You ready to act now and make your purchase, young man?

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Ashlynn whispered.

Ashlynn: You say kilt, I say skirt. I'd never wear that anyway!

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Rex agreed, then politely turned the man down.

Huh? Then hit the bricks! You're gettin' in the way of my paying customers!

Milly: The only customers that matter are the paying ones, apparently...

Ashlynn: How rude! Let's take our business elsewhere.

Recap posted:

And then their last merchant.

I'm a broker in traditional folk merchandise. Say, you're that sharp young customer from Weaver's Peak, aren't you? I haven't seen you in a while. My, my... You look a lot tougher than I remember.

Ashlynn: Is she saying you used to be a weakling, Rex?

Rex: H-Hey! It's a sales tactic! Compliment the customer so th-

Recap posted:

Too late. The jives had begun. Only thing Rex could do, then, was redirect her. There was a crown-maker who's life he'd saved! He was gonna pay him a visit, see how he was doing!

Ashlynn was onboard, and the teasing stopped.

I like this new era of peace. Everyone's focusing on festivals instead of fighting! 'Course, that means Cliff's crowns are gonna be more in demand than ever... That's why I'm camping here. Sooner or later, he'll appreciate my persistence and make me his apprentice!

Carver: Hmm. Do folks really care that much about crowns?

Rex: I mean, they got the Mountain Spirit herself talkin' to me. THAT'S worth somethin', eh?

Ashlynn: I wish I could try on one of those crowns for myself!

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So long as they didn't have to buy it...

Can I help you? If you're looking for an apprenticeship, I'm afraid we aren't hiring... Oh! Rex! Hey, I heard the rumours! Crazy stories about a Weaver's Peak kid joining the Somnian military and defeating Murdaw... When you first showed up to buy a crown, you sure didn't seem like anyone special... But boy, you're a whole different person now! I didn't even recognise you.

Ashlynn: Sounds like you've really come a long way, Rex!

Milly: It's nice to have someone recognise your achievements.

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And Rex owed it all to them; His friends.

Cliff: Ooh! Look who's here! Sounds like you've been even busier than me! All my daughter does is go on about you, day in and day out. Oh, but don't tell her I said that, okay? I don't want her getting mad at me. Hee hee!

Carver: You're a popular fella, Rex!

Milly: You're a proper Haggleton heartthrob, Rex.

Ashlynn: You're quite the ladies' man!

Recap posted:

Oh no! Now EVERYONE was teasing him! What did he do to deserve this!?

Ugh... Well, they took one last stop at the Inn. The Bazaar wasn't what Rex & Carver had hoped for, and the tour group was winding down. They would going back soon.

I keep hearing rumours about a place called the 'Isle o' Smiles' somewhere out in the world. Sounds like a nice place to visit!

Milly: “Isle o' Smiles”? If ever somewhere sounded too good to be true...

Carver: Hardy har! Next thing ya know, someone'll be tellin' us about a “Town o' Frowns”.

Recap posted:

A few more dad jokes later, and the group was back to Weaver's Peak.

Rex was running out of excuses... He would have to continue the journey soon. So, he returned the Enchanted Armour he had purchased from the weapon smith. Murdaw had smashed it to pieces, but it had saved Rex's life. The weapon smith was apalled by its condition, but agreed to repair it so long as Rex paid up. Rex agreed. The Bazaar hadn't offered him or Carver anything interesting, so he still had money to spare.

After that was a pleasant evening with Tania. Carver was especially happy; He'd been dying to get to know Tania better, and Tania was happy to oblige! It was a pleasant evening all around, and the whole group rested comfortably...

Recap posted:

Rex woke up. Tania asked if he would be staying much longer.

Rex: Afraid not. That armour I brought back's some good stuff, so I'll stick 'round till it's done. After that... I'm outta here.

Tania: Awake and rarin' to go as always, eh, Rex? Sometimes I worry that you'll just up and disappear on me one day... But you know what? I'll be okay either way.

Recap posted:

Her face tightened. She looked away...

Rex: W-What!? Tania... What's that about?

Tania: I just have the weirdest feeling sometimes. It's like this is all a dream - that I don't really have a brother.

Recap posted:

The rest of the group wandered over. Tania noticed them, and her face flushed.

Tania: ...Oh, listen to me prattle on! I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have brought that up. Forget I said anything.

Rex: Tania...

Recap posted:

She fled before Rex could do anything more.

Milly: It's hard to determine how best to address Tania's concerns...

Rex: ...She's done this before. Buddy proposed to her before I first left. She started talkin' this weird stuff... About how she wasn't sure the world was real, about how didn't know about herself... About how she was doubtin' everything.

Carver: Seems like Tania's startin' to sense something, too... Maybe there's another Tania down in the real world somewhere, aye?

Ashlynn: Wow. Can't get much past Tania, huh?

Rex: Yeah. Weird thing is, I also saw her when we beat Murdaw. Remember how he tried that spinny thing? Well, she came in a vision. Said she wanted me to look in Ra's mirror cuz her reflection was sad. When I did...

Recap posted:

Rex paused.

Rex: ...When I did, everything vanished. Tania, my home, the village... Everything. (laugh) And now she's bringin' it all up AGAIN.

Recap posted:

Rex sat down. He exhaled, and squeezed his brow. His eyes were hidden beneath his palm. His voice was low.

Rex: Guys, if I start... If I start... (sigh)

Recap posted:

Rex looked at them again.

Rex: ...Honestly? I don't wanna rescue the Prince. This "Sleipnir" guy... I just don't.

Recap posted:

Rex glanced at Carver.

Rex: Yeah, Carver was fine. He's still himself. But there's always that chance... And Tania... I dunno if I wanna do that to her.

Recap posted:

Rex stood up, trying to gather resolve.

Rex: But ya know what? I'm a soldier; Born to fight 'n born to die. I don't get 'em, his life's over... An' mine ain't worth a drat. So... So if I start flaggin'... If I start thinkin' too much, just about... Well, all the stuff I'm scared of... I'm gonna need ya. I'm gonna need ya to see me through to the end, alright? Get me through... Just like you did with Murdaw.

Recap posted:

Rex grimaced, and looked at them all in turn. All the ones he trusted most.

Silence hung.

Nevan: None of us know just what answers we will find in our quest. I'm curious, but also fearful of the truths we may uncover.

Recap posted:

More silence. Rex started to worry that they were facing the same temptation he was. Till finally...

Ashlynn: The Prince, huh...

Milly: Where could he be? I do hope we can find a clue soon.

Carver: We'll find that Prince, wherever he is!

Nevan: Rex, the search for yourself will double as the search for the Prince of Somnia.

Recap posted:

The group ended that conversation with new resolve; Even Rex. The search for himself was his own fight as well; A fight between love and selfish desire. He would win... Because he was Rex. Because of the Goddess. Because of the Mountain Spirit... And because of his friends.

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

In this episode, we recruit our next party member, and farm a few skills from the Job Class system.

NOTE: I will cover monster recruitment later, when I believe there are worthwhile monsters to get. For now though... There's no point. Most monsters are either too weak, take too long to join, or are obsoleted by future party members. There's only two I consider worth the trouble, and it's not time to get them yet.


Mini Medal #9 in Somnia's upper-left house
Mini Medal #10 in Scrimsley (check the center of the big patch of dirt below the Church)
Mini Medal #11 in Amor's church (check inside the left-middle house)

Avoid telling Amos the truth about his condition before snagging the Seeds of Reason! Amos will permanently leave the town, and you'll never be able to recruit him!

Rex learns Buff (36 fights in Priest)
Carver learns Buff, Focus Strength, & Double-Edged Slash (36 fights in Priest, 34 fights in Warrior) -------- The 34 Warrior fights aren't completed till next video
Milly learns Frizzle; Leg Sweep too, if playing the Remakes (1 fight in Mage, 1 fight in Martial Artist)
Ashlynn learns Tiptoe (66 fights in Thief)
Nevan learns Whistle, then switches to Monster Tamer if on the SNES (10 fights in Gadabout)
Amos learns Focus Strength & Double-Edged Slash (34 fights in Warrior)

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

Believe it or not, the whole extended scene at Scrimsley was NOT that much of a creative liberty. The game expects you to win the fight, so that you see the cutscene explaining things.
But if you LOSE... The party just magically learns everything off-screen. No need to talk to NPCs or anything.


Carver: Whoa! Look at this place! Is this Alltrades Abbey!?

Milly: I knew it. Alltrades Abbey in the dream world has been restored!

Ashlynn: C'mon, let's mingle and find out about this place.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Sure enough, Alltrades was completely restored in the Dream World! The Real World version was just as desolate as ever, but that didn't matter now!

It's a pleasure to welcome you to Alltrades Abbey.

You've arrived at Alltrades Abbey. This holy place has served as a beacon in people's lives since ancient times.

Ashlynn: The soldiers here seem different from the ones at other castles.

Rex: Do they? How so?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Then, right on cue...

All of us are wanderers on life's great journey. It's okay to change paths as often as you like - every step is progress. I hope you, too, can use this visit to awaken abilities you never dreamt you had.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Aha. So those two guards at the entrance didn't use to be guards at all. Somehow, Alltrades Abbey had set them on that path.

Ashlynn: Abilities I never dreamt I had, huh? Wait till the monsters get a load of those!

Carver: I reckon this lady musta been sealed away with the Abbey. What's this about “abilities”, though?

Recap Part 9 posted:

The minister himself, and an entourage of his followers, came to answer their questions.

Alltrades Priest: Welcome to Alltrades Abbey, children. This Abbey is a haven for reflection; a place of peace to think back on life's road and to plot the journey ahead.

I came to Alltrades to become a merchant. What good is a sword now that the world's at peace? I need to change with the times!

Me, I'm here to be a martial artist. Reckon it'd be handy to chop wood with my bare hands, ya know?

I'm a famous thief. Infamous even! I taught myself everything I know about heistin'. But then I kinda hit a wall in my career... A prison wall, that is. I barely got away! I figured I should start over and train as an entry level thief - learn it right this time.

I'd like to become a sage, so first I'm going to study up as a mage and learn a whole bunch of magic. Once that's done, I just need to master the priest vocation and I should be all set. Whew!

I wanna be a pattycake princess! And when I'm done, I'll let you play pattycake with me any time, sonny!

Recap Part 9 posted:

The others just stared at the old man... Even the minister looked at him with furrowed brows.

"Err... Anyway, that's Alltrades. How's the place treating ya?" The farmer asked, at last.

"Been havin' fun so far' Rex answered. 'So, this is basically like... What, a training ground? A place where master warriors and mages and all that train new blood?"

"It could be that, if you take the time to stay and learn. Or, if you're in a hurry, we can awaken your latent abilities another way."

"Oh? Like turning into a dragon!?" Ashlynn piped in.

"Ashlynn..." Milly intoned.

"No, no, the li'l missus is right!' The thief replied. 'We got Monster Tamers doin' stuff like that! Get so cozy with the beasties, they get a li'l beast inside 'em too!"

"YAAAAY!! And I can be a thief, too!? And a super-money maker!? This place is like, the best ever!" Ashlynn squealed.

"That seems... immensely unlikely" Nevan stated.

"Ho ho ho. Perhaps a demonstration would assuage your fears?" The minister answered.

"Whaddaya think, guys? Feel like changin' vocations? Whatever that is?' Rex asked the group. They all shrugged, and Rex turned back to the minister. 'Alright, there ya go. Now you said you could teach us stuff immediately? If we were in a hurry?"

"Yes, albeit at a price" The minister answered.

"Wh-Whoa! We gotta pay MONEY 'n everything like that!?" Carver shouted.

"Sorry. I meant more of a metaphysical cost." The minister replied.

"Meta... Physi...?"

"Something you can't see." Milly informed Carver.

"An' what's this 'cost', er... What should I call you?" Rex asked.

"Jack. Jack of Alltrades' The minister said. 'As for the cost... Actually, it would be easier to explain with a visual. Follow me."

And so the party followed Jack. The others went about their business, having welcomed the newcomers. Jack went up to the podium in the middle of the main floor, and took out a stash of scrolls. He set them atop the podium, and motioned for the party to look at them.

"These here are the lives, knowledge, and 'spirit' (so to speak) of 16 legendary heroes; Each represents the different vocations which you can master. I can bless your minds with the contents of these scrolls, if you so choose. The process will be immediate. Your mind will be melded with their mind; Your spirit with their spirit, and your subconscious with theirs. You will learn all that these heroes have learned... Though only on an instinctual level. You won't be able to command their talents at will until you've fought enough to truly make their talents yours. That, and... Well..."

"Our minds would be adversely affected by such a forceful infusion?" Nevan finished.

"At first.' Jack confirmed. 'Humans were not meant for their personalities to be conjoined in such a manner. But, we have mastered the process such that you will eventually adjust. Plus, this is all reversible. Once you've converted their muscle memory into your own, I can remove their 'soul' from your own, and you'll keep all of their knowledge."

"...What?" Carver was totally lost.

"I think what he's saying...' Milly started ' Well, say we take you, Carver. You're a warrior, right? A man's man? Someone who prefers radical action? Now let's say we take Nevan; Someone who solve problems with careful study analysis. You tackle problems in different ways, you see?"

"Yeah! Yeah of course!"

"So let's say we joined you and Nevan into one person. You'd have TWO voices inside your head, now! Two voices telling you to do two completely different things! Or let's say we took YOU and smashed you into Nevan instead! You know what'd happen then?"

"What, he'd suddenly try 'n punch monsters in the face?" Carver laughed.

"Precisely! Isn't that right, Jack of Alltrades?" Milly inquired.

"An excellent summation, Ms..."

"Milly. Miss Milly." She chirped.

"That sounds like it would be very hard on the mind" Nevan observed.

"It would... That's why most prefer to study here within these walls.' Jack answered. 'You won't learn anything fighting weak monsters, so you would risk life and limb if you try to do your learning in combat."

"But it's an option." Rex finished.

"Yes. It is an option." Jack confirmed.

"Maybe a dumb question...' Carver began. 'But uh, if I'm a strong guy, and I've got ANOTHER strong guy in me, like uh... A warrior or martial artist or somethin'... Would that be bad?"

"No. In that case you would already be playing to your strengths! You would learn some new tricks without any of the inner turmoil I mentioned." Jack responded.

"Or perhaps you could choose a vocation that neither helps NOR hinders your current abilities? Broaden your horizons?" Nevan suggested.

"Such as...?" Jack inquired.

"Well... I've lived my whole life sequestered within the hearth of Ghent. I have been born into a blessed life; Loved by the Goddess, and able to love in turn. But what of her creatures? These 'monsters', as people call them... Is that name appropriate for beings she created?"

"Those sound like the words of a Monster Master."

"Indubitably. So would that impose a burden on me?"

"Not on account of any clashes in personality. However... Being a Monster Master implies a great deal of affection for Monsterkind. They are, therefore, incredibly ineffective at actually fighting them. You will struggle much, for that reason."

"Oh... I-I see..."


The conversation went on like this for a good long while. After a lot of talking, they finally cut to the chase.

Jack of Alltrades: Do you or one of your companions wish to chance paths?

Rex: Sure! What are our options? Whose spirits do we have to choose from?

Recap Part 9 posted:

One of Jack's assistants showed them the following scrolls:

Stella the Warrior: "A master of weapons-based combat. Those who draw upon her spirit will learn a variety of cutting-edge sword abilities. (No prerequisites; Very easy to learn)"

Khan the Martial Artist: "A fighter well versed in hand-to-hand techniques. Those who draw upon his spirit will turned their hands and feet into lethal weapons. (No prerequisites; Moderately difficult to learn)"

Marissa the Mage: "A magic user who fought with magic. Those who draw upon her spirit will master a wealth of offensive magic. (No prerequisites; Moderately difficult to learn)"

Reed the Priest: "A priest in the service of the Goddess. Those who draw upon his spirit will be able to heal their allies and cast protective spells. (No prerequisites; Easy to learn)"

Kandata the Thief: "A nimble sneak who attacked with speed rather than strength. Those who draw upon his spirit will learn stealing abilities. (No prerequisites; Very easy to learn)"

Tara the Monster Master: "Friend to all living things. Those who draw upon her spirit will commune with monsters, and thus wield their abilities. (No prerequisites; Easy to learn)"

Domus the Merchant: "A savvy peddler gifted in appraising items and amassing funds. Those who draw upon his spirit will do the same, and may summon certain things, too. (No prerequisites; Extremely easy to learn)"

Galen the Gadabout : "A jokester whose main business was pleasure and goofing around. Those who draw upon his spirit... Can occasionally be helpful. (No prerequisites; Easy to learn)"

Aishe the Dancer: "A mover and shaker. Those who draw upon her spirit will master body gyrations that can help allies and throw the enemy into disorder. (No prerequisites; Extremely easy to learn)"

Allen the Gladiator: "A master of the battlefield. Those who draw upon his spirit will learn powerful combat abilities rooted in warrior and martial-artist techniques. (Warrior & Martial Artist must be mastered; Very difficult to learn)"

Conan the Armamentalist: "An adept at both melee and magic combat. Those who draw upon his spirit will wield abilities combining a warrior's moves with a mage's power. (Warrior & Mage must be mastered; Difficult to learn)"

Ortega the Paladin: "A righteous warrior. Those who draw upon his spirit will combine martial-artist attacks with a priest's protective powers. (Martial Artists & Priest must be mastered; Very difficult to learn)"

Vesterol the Sage: "A master of attack and recovery magic. Those who draw up his spirit will learn advanced magic, and summon the power of the spirits. (Mage & Priest must be mastered; Very difficult to learn)"

Cobi the Ranger: "A tracker who wandered all 4 corners of the Earth. Those who draw upon his spirit will control the wind, the fog, and other natural elements. (Thief, Merchant, & Monster Master must be mastered; Moderately difficult to learn)"

Jessica the Luminary: "A star amongst stars. Those who draw upon her spirit will rally allies with a variety of inspiring dances and songs. (Dancer & Gadabout must be mastered; Difficult to learn)"

Erdrick the Hero: "A legendary hero. Those who draw upon his spirit will be blessed with the power to smite darkness. (Available only to those who master Warrior, Martial Artist, Gladiator, Mage, Priest, Sage, Thief, Merchant, Monster Tamer, Dancer, Gadabout, & Luminary; Very easy to learn)"



Rex: ...Huh. What're those question marks about?

It is said that other, yet-to-be-discovered vocations also exist. If you find a scroll that describes these trades, it would behoove you to bring it here. The bearer of such a scroll could open an entirely new path through life.

Rex: Gotcha. Alright, I'm ready then!

Recap Part 9 posted:

And so it was that Jack set them on a new course. He would take a scroll in one hand, place his other hand on the person's head, say a chant, and then transfer the contents of the scrolls into the group's minds. However, each scroll Jack used would be lit on fire as he did this; It would whither away into ash.

Rex was taken aback, but Jack assured them that the talk of "souls" was only metaphorical. The aforementioned heroes had transferred their knowledge through ritual, then lived and died as all other humans did. As for the scrolls themselves, the 16 kinds they already had were mass-produced. They had plenty of copies of each, so the only time they would run into a problem was if they had one of the ??? scrolls. The Abbey couldn't produce THOSE in bulk until they had at least one copy.

So, Rex & Carver took after Reed the Priest, so that they could learn the Buff spell. Ashlynn took after Kandata the Thief, just for the sheer novelty of it (and because the scroll said "Very easy to learn"). Nevan took after Tara the Monster Master, as he'd originally planned. Milly was the only hold-out in all this. She found the idea of someone "invading her body" to be abhorrent. For this reason, she stopped immediately after learning Frizzle from Marissa the Mage.

The group left, afterward. Their next stop? Scrimsley, just above Port Haven.

Carver: I wonder how many monsters we've sent to the great beyond. I should've kept score... Well, always more where they came from, aye?

Ashlynn: Hmm... I've been a bit run down lately, you know? I need to take better care of myself.

Nevan: I sense that there are monsters lurking in the vicinity. We must be on our guard.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Jack had warned them of what their transfusions would do, and they were all selling the effects of that. Carver was fighting guilt over all the monsters he slew, Ashlynn was feeling exhausted and stressed, and Nevan was sensing monster presence in every place they went.

All in the group were frazzled. All, except one.

Milly: A day like this does wonders for one's positivity. Look, even Peggy Sue is chomping at the bit!

Peggy Sue: (snort) Neeeigh!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Milly was the only one completely comfortable in her own body, so she helped make the adjustments easier for the rest of the group. She also suggested visiting the rocks at the cape north of Port Haven. The Port Haven sailor had claimed to see one, so now was as good a time as any to visit!

The group sailed the Providence there. Sure enough...

Milly: Look – over there! Is that...a mermaid!?

Ashlynn: Ooh! Look, look! Mermaids!

Nevan: I cannot believe what I am seeing...

Recap Part 9 posted:

But when they tried to get closer, the mermaids all yelped, and dove under the water.

Carver: Shy little fishies, ain't they?

Milly: I can sense the mermaids' fear of humans.

Ashlynn: Aww! But we just want to be friends!

Nevan: In any case, we currently have no way of communicating with the mermaids. Let's be on our way.

Recap Part 9 posted:

And that was that. The group proceeded to Scrimsley.

Carver: So this is Scrimsley, aye? Nice place!

Milly: This town has a lovely aura. And yet... Something about this place is not quite right.

Rex: Huh? Whaddaya...

Rex: ...Oh. Oh wow.

Travellers! By all that is sacred, I beseech you. Heed the word of the Goddess! You must leave this town by nightfall! You are not wanted here!

Ashlynn: Wait, what? I thought priests were supposed to be warm and welcoming!

Rex: Within reason. I guess this guy's got a story to tell.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Unfortunately, he did not. Instead, he evaded each and every one of their questions, before eventually dropping the conversation altogether.

Milly: Are we causing someone trouble by being here...?

Nevan: This priest has appealed to the Goddess in telling us to leave this town. This is not a warning to be idly ignored.

Rex: Right. So let's see if someone can fill us in a li'l more, aye?

Recap Part 9 posted:

They found an old man. Unfortunately...

Look at you lot, swannin' about with your fancy clothes and your la-de-da hair-dos! You won't find me traipsin' round t' world, let me tell you! Everythin' a man needs can be found right here in Scrimsley. I'm stayin' put!

Carver: What's he blabberin' about? He's just jealous of my hair.

Milly: Well, at least he seems to like it here...

Nevan: I was hoping for some slightly more enlightening information...

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex wanted that, too, so they tried one last time. They approached a man who was talking to himself...

We may have showed those monsters what for, but it's not as if we've got nowt to worry about... Every night it is now, like clockwork... Umm...

Recap Part 9 posted:

Then the man noticed the party, and jumped! His skin went pale and his eyes went wide!

Hark at me gabbin' away! I'm talkin' a right load of old blather. Don't mind me, will you?

Carver: ...And? Crikey. I hate it when folks just trail off in the middle of a tale!

Nevan: A dark secret lurks in the hearts of the people of Scrimsley... But as to its nature, I haven't the faintest idea.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Unfortunately, that set the tone for the rest of their visit to Scrimsley. Nobody was willing to share anything; No one wanted them around. Even the inn-keeper tried to shoo them away.

However, there was ONE other topic of interest...

There's no one quite like our Amos. The people of Scrimsley owe him our lives! Now, to see him in that state! Well, it's just not right!

Nevan: I'm intrigued to find out just what has befallen this Amos fellow.

Recap Part 9 posted:

The group asked around, and eventually happened upon a group of his fans.

It were like this, see. My little lad were set upon by a right big gang of monsters. Absolute terrors, they were!

By gum, I'd never seen the like of it, I tell you! Hordes of monsters, there were!

Well, our Amos won't stand for any of that so he wades right in and rescues the little tyke!

It's only thanks to our Amos that we're all here together as a family.

Now our Amos, wouldn't you know it, won't hear a word of thanks.

That Amos, he's a right good sort, he is!

A more humble hero you couldn't hope to find!

Recap Part 9 posted:

They went on like that for a while. After they'd finally gotten done...

Carver: Everybody's Amos this and Amos that. This guy's like another me!

Ashlynn: Tee hee! Amos's fan club is huge! Even I want to join at this point.

Carver: Crikey! I spend any more time around here and I'll start worshippin' Amos!

Rex: Certainly sounds capable. Wonder what's gotten 'em down?

Recap Part 9 posted:

They found someone else; A middle-aged woman this time.

I'll tell you summat. I'm not half worried about our Amos. Ever since that terrible day, he's been felin' poorly and has taken to bed.

Rex: Aha... Well, I've gotten someone from the village of Ghent with me. Mind if I bring 'em along, see if the Goddess can manage something?

Recap Part 9 posted:

It worked. Ghent was renown even in a far-off town like this.

The woman took them to Amos' house, and the group walked in. They found Amos laying in bed, as the woman had said.

Amos: OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! ...By gum, that don't half hurt! Now what was it you wanted?

Rex: Just lookin' for the town hero.

Amos: ...Town hero? ...ME? Oh, I'm no hero. I just can't stand idly by while the good folk of Scrimsley are terrorised by monsters! But that last time, I got into a spot of bother and one of them little beasts bit me right on my behind! But a sharp nip on the rump is a small price to pay to see the smiles back on the faces of the good folk of Scrimsley! But now the sun's setting and I advise you strongly to find a bed for the evening. Why don't you take yourselves to the local hostelry and turn in for the night? OUCH!

Rex: Sure. Just got a favor to do for ya real quick. Nevan, if you would?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Nevan prayed. Alas, it was to no avail.

Carver: Whatever's botherin' him, it's not a common cold. He won't be bouncin' back any time soon.

Milly: Why don't we take a rest and then go and check on Amos?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex took that idea, and tried the innkeeper once more. He had Amos' blessing now, so hopefully things would work out this time.

Fancy that! I gather you've come here lookin' for a room for the evening?

Rex: Ah, so you've heard? Yep. Put us down for a relaxin' stay!

But with your flashy clothes and fancy ways, I reckon you'd be happier stayin' in t' next town.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Awkward silence.

...So, are you goin' to head off there now?

Rex: Nope.

So you're dead set on stayin' here in Scrimsley, are you?

Rex: Yep.

Well, far be it from me to turf you out... Right you are! You can stay the night!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Ah! That had gone MUCH better than last time! Unfortunately, their sleep lasted only into midnight. Monstrous thuds woke them after that. The ground itself shook as though it were coming apart.

Ashlynn: Ack! Earthquake! Ohhh, it's a big one, too!

Milly: This is no ordinary earthquake!

Carver: Avast! You hear that!? Let's go outside 'n see what's doin', Rex!

Recap Part 9 posted:

But then the innkeeper came, and blocked the doorway!

Don't be daft now! You don't want to be goin' outside in t' middle of t' night! You'll not find owt out there! There's absolutely nowt goin' on, I can assure you!

Rex: Ok, but...

Recap Part 9 posted:

But nothing. The innkeeper forced Rex back when he tried to leave.

Ashlynn: Hey! Why isn't he letting us out, huh!? I don't know what an “owt” is, but I'm itching to find out!

Milly: I don't think he's going to let us through. Let's find another way!

Rex: The roof, then!

Recap Part 9 posted:

The innkeeper screamed for them to come back, with no avail. The party walked onto the roof, and saw...

Recap Part 9 posted:

"AMOS! It's Amos!" Ashlynn yelled!

"W-Wait, what!?" Rex stuttered.

"Er, you mean you're worried about Amos...?" Milly tried to clarify.

"No, I mean, that literally IS Amos! I'm gonna help him!" Ashlynn went to jump off the roof, but the group held her back!

"A-Ash! The hell're ya thinkin'!?" Rex yelled.

"COME ON GUYS! Isn't it obvious!? The giant footsteps, Amos getting bit, the way everyone's acting? It's totally Amos! He transforms now, and they didn't wanna tell us! Think guys, THINK!" The group looked at her in stunned silence.

"That... Sounds presumptuous at best." Nevan stated.

"Nuh uh! I could turn into a dragon, remember? Who's to say Amos isn't transforming too?"

"Ok, sure, but-" Rex started.

"Whatever guys! I'm jumping in!" Ashlynn broke free.

"ASHLYNN, WAIIIIT!!!" But it was too late! Ashlynn sprang off the roof, right into the monster's path.

"HEEEEYY!! AMOS! KNOCK IT OFF, WILL YA!?' It looked towards Ashlynn. 'Yeah, you heard me! You're makin' a fuss! Waking all these people up! Aintcha supposed to be a big hero and all that?" To the group's absolute amazement... This worked. The beast whimpered, and bowed its head.

"Awww, don't look at me like that! C'mon, I just... Agh! Alright! C'mere Amos, c'mere baby! Come on, show momma some love!' And the beast bounded over, wagging its tongue, and motioning toward its ears. 'Who's a good boy, who's a gooood booooy? You are, you are ♥!" Ashlynn cooed.

"...Crikey. It's... It's actually working." Carver said it, but no one could believe it. It wasn't till Amos & Ashlynn started playing fetch that the truth fully sunk in. Ashlynn spent a long time playing with Amos, but she eventually sent him back home. The group returned to the inn, and the day broke.

Milly: Were you able to sleep, Rex? It was a bit of a shock finding out that monster was actually Amos, wasn't it?

Rex: Yyyyyeah. You could say that.

Nevan: So Amos is in that parlous state after being bitten by a monster. If only there was something we could do to aid him...

Carver: Let's go and chat to the innkeeper!

Recap Part 9 posted:

And so they did. Sure enough...

Well, now you've seen all that you've seen, I've got no choice but to spill t' beans. Ever since our Amos got bitten on his backside, he's gone through certain changes on a nightly basis. Now, our Amos is a hero in this town and he got himself into this terrible state fightin' to save us all. We weren't goin' to force him to leave town, no matter what type of nocturnal activities he might be involved in. We'd all be very gratefull if you could keep what you saw last night under your hats. Don't breath a word, you hear?

Nevan: Sure enough, this is not a tale we should go telling to anyone outside of Scrimsley. And needless to say, we mustn't tell Amos himself...

Carver: I don't mind keepin' mum about this if that's what he wants... But that ain't gonna solve anything, aye?

Ashlynn: Hey, how about we poke around and see if there's any way to cure Amos?

Recap Part 9 posted:

They spent the day asking around once more.

I see you did not heed my please to leave this town. Now you know why I tried to warn you off. But I pray that you heed my plea this time. Do NOT under ANY circumstances tell Amos the truth! Were he to know, Amos would flee Scrimsley in order to protect us from his monstrous form. I beseech you not to speak a word of this to him!

Carver: He can count on us to stay mum, aye, Rex?

Milly: The innkeeper begged us not to say anything as well... But even if we keep quiet, Amos will eventually learn the truth one way or another. I'm telling you, gossip is a terrible thing.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Fortunately, they found their solution pretty quickly afterwards.

Our Amos is sufferin' from nowt but a severe form of sleepwalkin'. In my youth, I were prone to t' occasional bout of sleepwalkin' myself. But my bettr half picked some seeds of reason for me. I knocked 'em back and I were right as rain!

Milly: Rex! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Carver: Those seeds fixed his sleepwalkin', aye? That sounds to me like a pretty solid lead!

Rex: You sure? If that's the case, I'd wonder why they didn't pick 'em before.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex tried to ask, but the old man couldn't seem to remember why. Instead, he pointed them towards his wife.

So I take it you've met our Amos when he' feelin' quite himself. They say that t' poor fellow can't remember anything about it in t' morning. I wonder if some seeds of reason would help...

Rex: You used to have some, right?

I gathered some for that old duffer I call my husband once upon a time... As I recall, you could pick seeds of reason at t' peak of t' mountain that lies north of Scrimsley. But back in my day, there were no gangs of monsters roamin' around, I tell you! What's become of the world!? We'd dearly love to help our Amos, but no one in Scrimsley's got t' gumption to go there themselves. It's just too flippin' dangerous!

Carver: A few monsters are keepin' them from helpin' Amos? Pfft. C'mon, Rex, to the north!

Recap Part 9 posted:

And north they went!

I've heard that a plucky adventurer can find seads of reason at the peak of this here mountain. I've also heard that the monsters that dwell here are very strong and very unfriendly...

Recap Part 9 posted:

Actually, they weren't that bad at all. Most of the party thought they were, but Rex & Milly realized the truth.

No, the bigger problem was themselves. The scroll transfusions had left everyone in a slightly more unstable state of mind. Training and muscle memory was half of what made a good fighter. You trained your body in the sparring ring so you could act without thinking on the battlefield. But now their muscle memory had been modified. Their thought patterns were impeded by another person's thought patterns, and combat was far more of a conscious process. Even Rex found himself unable to fight at full power, though he was more aware than most of his group.

Milly was the MVP in this trip. She fought without inhibitions, and took charge of the group where Rex could not. Milly proved herself a great 2nd-in-command, and led them to the top after the better part of a day. Awaiting them was one of the most beautiful scenes they had ever witnessed...

Recap Part 9 posted:

And also a talking plant... One Rex had tried to pick for Ashlynn.

Oi! That hurts, you know! How would you like it if I just sauntered along one day and tried to pull your head off!?

Rex: Yikes! I didn't know! I was, uh, diggin' for somethin' else, honest!!

I'll hazard a guess that you're in the market for some seeds of reason, am I right?

Rex: Uh... Er, yeah! Yeah, that's what I was tryin' to get!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Misleading, but not technically a lie. Rex needed to help Amos, so he needed to help his case.

Listen, they're SEEDS! You're not going to get them by uprooting me! What are they teaching kids today!? If it's seeds you're after, there's bound to be some lying on the ground around here. Have a look, why don't you?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Phew. Close call...

Carver: Blimey! Lectured by a plant? That's a first.

Rex: (whisper) Just go along with it... It's my fault anyway.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex examined the area around his feet, and his luck turned around! He got a handful of seeds of reason!

Ashlynn: These are the seeds, huh? Wonder what they taste like.

Milly: With these seeds, we'll be able to cure Amos!

Rex: Thank you, friend! Think I'll see you again on the road?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex figured not, it being a plant... But, one never knew. Plants could have had ways of travelling.

Well, I'm not going anywhere, so if you ever need any pearls of wisdom, come and have a word.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Well, not this one, it seemed.

Milly: This plant is more helpful than most of the humans we've met!

Nevan: What a kind-hearted plant. Er, not that it actually has a heart...

Rex: Well whatever it's got, it helped us out. Now let's see Amos!

Recap Part 9 posted:

The group returned to Scrimsley, and visited Amos once again.

Amos: Oh, hello there! I weren't expectin' to see you lot again. I thought you'd said your farewells to Scrimsley. Was there something you wanted?

Rex: Just another try at gettin' ya up again. Here, try this on.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex ground up the seeds of reason and fed them to Amos. His face contracted.

Amos: These here seeds aren't half bitter, I tell you! Whoa! YOUCH! Wh-What's in these things!? Grrr! GRAAARGHHH! GRAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGHHH!!!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Amos sprang from bed, and ran! He made it 6 feet before crumpling to the floor and stretching into the beast they had met last night!

Milly: Oh Goddess! The seeds are having the opposite effect to what we expected!

Ashlynn: He'll bring down the house if he starts stomping around in here!

Nevan: Can we not calm him somehow!?

Recap Part 9 posted:

Amos roared, and then...

Amos: By heck, that took me aback, that did!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Amos turned back into a human!

Amos: And there I was, thinkin' it was just my mind playin' tricks on me when I turned into that giant beast! What I must have put the good folks of Scrimsley through...

Recap Part 9 posted:

Amos turned away for a moment in thought... Then perked up again.

Amos: But them nasty-tastin' seeds you gave me knocked some sense into me. Even as a monster, I've still got all my marbles. I know I'm still old Amos. And there's more! I've got a funny feelin' I can now turn into a monster at will! Fancy that!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Ashlynn cheered and clapped, and Amos blushed. Actually, Amos seemed rather infatuated with Ashlynn; Enough so that he stared at her for a while... Longer than Rex would have liked.

Amos: Hey, I bet I could be pretty handy for you folks to have around! I can't just fester in Scrimsley all my life. What do you say? Fancy havin' old Amos on board?

Rex: ...I dunno. You don't think the folk of Scrimsley need you more? We're set already; You should keep doin' what you're doin'.

Amos: So that's how it is. You've got no room on the team for old Amos.

Recap Part 9 posted:

But Amos transformed once more.

Amos: But are you sure you won't reconsider? I do have one heck of a party trick!

Rex: Yes, I know! But again, don't the townsfolk need you? None of them can fight, so...

Recap Part 9 posted:

Rex believed it was pragmatic concern for Scrimsley that made him hesitant... But he couldn't deny his jealousy, either.

Either way, Rex was overruled. The rest of the party clamored for him, so...

Rex: Alright, alright, you can come with.

Amos: That's grand! You won't regret it, I can assure you! I'm goin' to bid a fond farewell to Scrimsley and wait for you lot outside the town. See you in a bit!

Carver: Huh. A shape-shifting fighter, aye? Well, great. He oughta come in handy.

Milly: I'm looking forward to seeing Amos in action! ...But the people of Scrimsley will be devastated when they hear that he's leaving.

Recap Part 9 posted:

Actually, they were just fine with it. They were sad to see him go, of course... But they were prepared. Some had even trained to take his place!

I may not be a patch on our Amos, but I try to do my bit to protect t' good folk of Scrimsley. If there's any monsters spoilin' for a fight, you'll point 'em in my direction, won't you? Smashin'!

Carver: It's good to know Scrimsley's got some backup!

Milly: I'm sure Amos will be relieved to hear it!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Amos had a dog to worry about, however. Fortunately, the townsfolk had that covered, too.

With our Amos wanderin' off, someone has to look after his beloved dog! Luckily, our little lad's got a soft spot for animals!

Good boy! Attack them monsters! That's it!

Our Amos joinin' forces with Rex! Those monsters won't know what's hit 'em!

Ashlynn: I'm sure Amos can handle the monsters, but can he handle Rex's snoring? That's pretty scary if you ask me! Tee hee!

Recap Part 9 posted:

Well, Ashlynn was still focused on Rex, the townsfolk had warriors to take Amos' place, and the dog had a new home. Everything was looking peachy!

The group left the village, and then filled Amos in on everything that had happened thus far. The Dream World, Alltrades Abbey, them defeating Murdaw... It was one earth-shattering revelation after another for Amos! It took him a while to process everything, but process it he did. After that, he took on the spirit of Stella the Warrior at Alltrades. Speaking of which, the party had decided against further traveling. Fighting inside different vocations had proven even more difficult than they predicted, so they took to studying within Alltrade's walls, as most did.

Rex & Carver learned Buff just as they'd hoped, along with a few other utility spells. In addition, Nevan learned a new trick from Galen the Gadabout : A whistling technique that summoned monsters! Apparently that was standard practice for those in the Monster Master vocation, as they would otherwise need a "Lyre of Ire". Rex didn't know what that was, but it was apparently very rare and very expensive. Nevan was very thankful for Alltrade's guidance. As for Milly & Ashlynn, they remained steadfast in their decision. Hence, they all left once Rex Carver, & Nevan were taken care of. Rex & Carver left with Stella the Warrior inside them, to augment their own pre-existing talents, and Nevan had changed back to Monster Master.

Had they trained for as long as they should have? Rex didn't know. There were certainly more helpful abilities for them to learn, but Prince Sleipnir was still out there. And so, the group walked through the fields once more...

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Dec 27, 2012

Actually, I respectfully disagree with you there. For as obviously flawed as this game is, there ARE a lot of really good things about it. The presentation and atmosphere, for example, are the most immediate things. No other Yu-Gi-Oh game goes out of the way to really make

By the way; This is about the point in the Remakes where the directions become much clearer than they were in SNES. In fact, Madame Luca just straight up tells you where to go most times, with directions and everything.

So, when I do the later Recaps, should I include the Remake only hints? Or should I treat it like the SNES, which is vaguer in terms of where you're supposed to go?

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