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Jan 23, 2002

Preface: While most of the people involved were goons, this was not a goon meet. The idea was raised at a goon meet to stage a Robot Protest. What would they be protesting? Who knows? They’re robots, it doesn’t have to make sense. That was two months ago. After three weeks of serious planning and hours upon hours of making costumes and signs, the day came.

If you’re not from Madison, Library Mall is the hub of campus activity. The Union is there along with all the food carts. Plus the Teaching Assistants are out on strike so they were picketing today. We had 11 costumes; 10 “normal” ones and one massive “serverbot” which was about 7 feet high. The goons in attendance (and forgive me if I miss someone) were myself, *is not edible*, racer j, NukeleR, b33fyr33t, interknot, warwick5s, Zhentar, and the_ruiner along with some random friends/colleagues. We ended up having one extra costume which we drug along with us and wrote “Spare Parts” on. We also took NukeleR’s boombox and pumped Kraftwerk through it as loud as possible before the batteries died. We had three signs, all hand done by myself which were random 1s and 0s and said nothing. We also had 120 half-page flyers which were just binary.

The night before we faxed this to both papers:

It was an amazing day. No clouds, 70 degrees, and a little windy so everyone was out. I’ve never seen the Union Terrace so packed. We set up and walked down State St. and onto Library Mall. Enter the pictures.

Here’s us first hitting Library Mall. That is Memorial Library behind us.

Here’s some guy who was wearing one of the “L33T LIKE JEFF K.” shirts from a bygone age. I have no idea who he is or where he came from.

We’re now in the rotunda between the Historical Center and Memorial Library. All Campus Party was going on so we were asked to leave. Without complaint, we left. You can see the serverbot well here and racer j tending to its needs.

We’ve now relocated to the area just off of where the TAA has set up its strike headquarters. The large building behind us is the Humanities building where the TAA was actually picketing. We moved there shortly after.

A robot has lost an eye! An eye patch was quickly drawn on to protect the illusion!

Oh Spare Parts robot, you’re a weight around our necks.

A robot gets feisty!

Even though the children love robots, robots don’t like children.

At this point we’ve moved directly in front of the TAA picket line. This picture just cracks me up.

That’s me on top of the concrete thing dancing to Kraftwerk.

Good shot of several things, especially my hot hot sign job.

It’s 1:30 PM and we’re heading to the Terrace for refreshments.

Nothing needs to be said about this picture.

Nor this one.

Or this one.

b33fy just pulled this off a Livejournal. After the terrace we walked back through the rotunda. We ran into Bucky and surrounded him. It was really neat if only because he played along with it.

Us heading home after a long day. Cars are honking as we are really close to holding up traffic.

This is just a really good picture.

Here are some random pictures:
Robots mulling around.
Mulling, mulling, mulling.
" , " , "
God bless spring.
Pretty good shot of Angrybot whose only job was to protect the Serverbot. Unfortunately his eyes fell off quite early on.

Someone from the Daily Cardinal asked for an interview. We sent him a fax about how “we can’t give you a full interview as our spokesbot has powered down for the evening.” The full text will be posted tomorrow.

More pictures to come and at some point we’re going to have the two hours of video that was shot edited down. This has already been posted on some Madisonite’s Livejournal:


so, there were a bunch of people in robot suits walking around on campus today. they had picket signs, much like almost everyone else today, and were handing out pamphlets, much like the ones being handed out by everyone else being all activist and such. except, these robots were listening to something resembling kraftwerk through a chinsey boombox, and their picket signs and pamphlets were in binary. being the civil minded person i am (robots have rights, too!), i went to the computer lab and took the 5 minutes to translate the binary on the pamphlets. it said:

"If you are reading this, then you are very stupid." repeated a couple times.
*NOTE* It actually says “If you are reading this you are really stupid.”



b33fyr33t came out of the closet to say:
Mirror's are greatly appreciated. Livestock's bandwidth isn't infinite like his wisdom.

Madisonrobots.avi, 33MB DivX5.


Madisonrobots.avi - thanks MAkev!!!
Madisonrobots.avi - thanks Vanilla!!!
Madisonrobots.avi - thanks dark_3y3!!!
edit: added pictures

edit post goldmine: removed a mirror

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Sep 2, 2000

Goddamn that's brilliant.

Feb 6, 2003

what the christ


Apr 16, 2003

that is awesome :cool:

Jimmy Two Times
Feb 29, 2004

by Lowtax

HAHAHAHA, good show!

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

Dec 31, 2003

*tear* god bless robots. We will soon murder every inferior loving organism on earth.|628683

Sep 14, 2000

Hahahaha, holy gently caress I wish I could have seen this.

May 22, 2003

That's good work, boys.

Nov 30, 2000

I'm different.

Two hours of video were also shot (by evensevenone), which I've got tentatively logged. Tomorrow I'll capture it all and try to chop it down to something palatable. I've also got some very sweet pictures sitting here on a borrowed digital camera, that I can't get off due to not having the stupid loving cable. So look for those tomorrow (the framing in a couple, shot from inside the giant serverbot, is really amazing).

Hamburger Santa
Apr 9, 2004

dom likes this thread!

This was loving awesome. Thank you so much.

Oct 27, 2002

Yeah, yeah. Blessed Be. Now get off my fucking porch!


why is there no pushing/shoving?

Aug 3, 2002

Bloody brilliant.

Now I have "Robots on Parade" by They Might Be Giants stuck in my head, but still, bloody brilliant.

"It just looks like a simple Kung-Fu Swedish Rastafarian Helldemon. I'm sure there's no need to question our fragile, sheltered grasp of 'reality' as we know it."|1548778

Nov 30, 2000

I'm different.


rammark came out of the closet to say:
why is there no pushing/shoving?
Wait for the video.

Boy Named Sue
Apr 19, 2003


:lol: One of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. Good job, sir. The fact that the picket signs are all in binary is a brillant touch.

Sep 15, 2003
Man, what the fuck, man?

That's me in the JeffK shirt, actually. My friend picked it up at a thrift store a couple months ago. It looks too big because you could fit two of me inside it.

That was pretty drat cool, all in all. My favorite touch was the periscope on the serverbot.

Feb 6, 2003

what the christ


b33fyr33t came out of the closet to say:
Wait for the video.

I don't want to wait any longer!

Mar 5, 2003

Just your average Civil War reenacting, video editing, anime watching, badfilm loving goon.

I fully support furthering this endeavor. And yes, thank God for spring indeed.

"Everyone has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse the privilege." --Josef Stalin

Lincoln`s Wax
Apr 30, 2000
My other, other car is a centipede filled with vaginas.

The robot lunch is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Bravo on a job extremely well done!

Apr 10, 2002
"I always knew I could find love in another mans ass."


Nov 5, 2002
Anime King

Kudos my robot friends, kudos.

Jul 9, 2003

(Not Buddhist)

Sweet robo Jesus, this is awesome.

Jim Silly-Balls
Jun 6, 2001

Fondle my shiny metal ass

THIS is why I am proud to be a WisGoon.


I'm dissapointed I couldnt make it. Good show guys!!!

EDIT: SUBSCRIBED for impending video!!!!!!!!!

Jim Silly-Balls fucked around with this message at Apr 29, 2004 around 03:53

Nov 27, 2002

We will make everything... Metal

You know, in Madison... that doesn't really seem out of place. especially if you've picked up and used some of the wares in the back of The Pipefitter on State St.


AceEbb came out of the closet to say:
gently caress this generation. I'm Gen-Y, these kids are Generation Douche.


Your poison womb is making heaven too loving crowded.

- Zack

Jun 22, 2003

"This woman here depicted will possess unseen marks. Signs that she will be the one to bring forth my works."

Oh god, you actually made it say something in binary? That makes it alot funnier. :D

Grisly Grotto
Jun 17, 2003

Are sure you should fight tonight? You don't look well.

I wholeheartedly support your cause.

People are people, so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully?

Feb 19, 2004

All the right angles

Brilliant. An inspiriation to all.

May 12, 2001
Glass is a solid.

My arm is still sore from holding a camera for 3 hours.

Jun 18, 2003
I'm gonna molest your child!!!

wow i hope to one day do something like this....good job, sir!

greg the peanut
Dec 23, 2000

You guys are an inspiration to us all.

Nov 30, 2001

<(I can tell you that it is NOT '42'.)

Hahahaha, I love every moment of what I read. I can't wait to see the video!

Nov 16, 1999

This is loving hilarious. Good job, all of you.

Apr 19, 2002



Oct 27, 2002

Yeah, yeah. Blessed Be. Now get off my fucking porch!


b33fyr33t came out of the closet to say:
Wait for the video.


I can't wait to see this

Feb 18, 2003

No matter how things may seem to change, never forget who you are

That is truly inspiring, amazingly awesome implementation of a great idea.

Jul 4, 2002

I love the robot with the angry eyebrows! Looks like he has a lot to protest about.

Mar 27, 2003

Capturing the moment from hair-loopies to big bellies.

Haha that's awesome dude, I'm asking my Madison friends if they saw or heard about this today ;)

Oct 19, 2002

Fuckin A man, fuckin A.

Jan 23, 2002


thepartypooper came out of the closet to say:
I love the robot with the angry eyebrows! Looks like he has a lot to protest about.
The angrybot was the "protector of the serverbot." At one point some girl started screwing with it (pulling on the power cord coming out of the back) and we mobbed the bitch. There were no survivors.

Jan 22, 2001


I wish I could have made it out for that. Looks like you had a lot of fun, so good job guys. I'll definitely show up for the next Madison meet.


Jan 25, 2002


rammark came out of the closet to say:

why is there no pushing/shoving?

i was pushed AND shoved AND beaten.

then i again i did provoke the metal ones by screaming at them, so maybe i deserved it.

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