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Dec 5, 2003!
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Well, the bandwidth for and is up.

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I'm selling a Apple G4 PowerBook for my friend on ebay. Here's the main part of the discription:

You are bidding on my 19 day old G4 Powerbook. This was purchased for a project that fell through. When I tried to return it, I was informed of a 10 day limit for returns!

Your new laptop comes with its original box, all of its documentation, all of its original accessories, and the blue tooth mouse.

Laptop Details: (blah blah blah) Free Shipping yadda yadda yadda

The next day I get this:

Hello I am very interested in your unit. I would like to know your best price to buy it now and if you ship international. I am in London UK right now. I would also want to know the condition of the unit. Please let me know I am very interested. Thank you in advance

To view the item, go to:

Thank you,

Ok. All this poo poo is in the auctions discription. I respond anyways. Basically tell him yes I will ship to London, but he has to pay for it. Paste the auction info again. Buy it now is $2100

The next day, I get this little jewel of an email:

I'm very very interested for this item and I'm ready to pay you the best price $2100+ overnight or 2 days shipping charges (UPS DHL FEDEX OR FEDEX OR PARCEL FORCE) if we will use an escrow service to handle this transaction.As for the escrow service , I am already registered with and my uzername is the same with my email address.I will pay the express shipping and also , the escrow fee . The escrow service will release you the money as soon as I will let them know that the item passed the inspection and is 100% ok.
The escrow fee is on my charge , don't worry .Please let me know if my offer is good enough for you . If it does , I will initiate the transaction with the escrow service as soon as I will have your confirmation.If is ok please register in order to make the deal and start the payment procedures.Hope that everything will be ok and close the deal in the best conditions.
Kind regards !

I don't even know how to reply! I was thinking of replying with one of the pains or something. Or maybe just gently caress OFF in 72 pt. font.

-I use 40 posts per page-
UPDATE: Ok, I've decided to play along as the helpless new ebayer who is very eager to sell him the laptop.
UPDATE: Response sent. Page 3 (Yes I'm making you read awww)
Update: Response received Not what I was expecting - reply sent- Page 4
Update: He's replied! I am to send laptop to him, and his money willgo to escrow. Page 4
Update: Another email sent including A++++ ebay lingo, strong digital defense, and, Hey! It looks lke I'm selling an Amanda Real Doll on that escrow site! Added- My response from Ebay after I reported him and his fake escrow site.
Added-My reply to ebay
Update: Email saying he sent it express to escrow - few hours later - ESCROW RECEIVED! WELL poo poo! BETTER SEND THAT 'OL LAPTOP ON OVER! (Page 6)
Update: The plan has been set. See page 8 for details.
Update: Pics of his new laptop on page 9
Update: Thanks to all the goons who helped raise the money to send our scammer his new laptop! Tracking Number coming within a few hours.
Update: Ringer has been sent. Tracking -

You had better start reading from page 1. I personally guarantee you will not be dissapointed. Just check the last few posts of people who spent 2 hours only to be as hooked as we all are.

Apr 30, 2004 3:19 am
Package status
Regulatory Agency Clearance Delay

This could last a few hours, may a few days. We wil await in suspense until then.



The ringer was not delivered. I just called FedEx. It was never paid for. Probably because the jack rear end gave me a bunk phone number.

I got transferred to the International Rep but hung up before I got to them. :(

Waiting for FedEx to SHIP THE GOD drat PACKAGE.



He sent me an email saying that he called FedEx and has paid the taxes on his new p-p-p-powerbook. FedEx was told not to allow pick up (By US), so it will be delivered Monday. (So our mark says)

Skip Page 63 - The flames might burn you a little.

May 10, 2004
6:10 pm
Package status
Released for Delivery

6:10 pm
Package status
Package available for clearance

(Commence Happy Dance)


May 11, 2004 6:51 am
Arrived at FedEx Destination Location

I've sent him another email page 74

Now . . . we wait.

MyNameIsJeff fucked around with this message at 17:06 on May 20, 2004


Dec 5, 2003!


OhPlz came out of the closet to say:
I think I missed the ripping off part..?

He wants to buy it outside of ebay, with some hokey escro company.

Dec 5, 2003!


evilweasel came out of the closet to say:
Anyone suggesting their own, non-standard escrow service is probably riping you off.

That's what I'm thinking.

Should I just be civil, and say no way, or be a jerk and send him something funny?

Dec 5, 2003!
I've reported him to ebay already. I looks like his ebay name is ****

Dec 5, 2003!


FunkyBunny came out of the closet to say:
Just sell it on ebay, I'm sure you'll find a buyer.

Fantastic Idea! I think I'll go list it now! Oh wai

Dec 5, 2003!
Maybe I can just paste 1000 "yams" for a reply.

Dec 5, 2003!
I think I will just put all this information you guys uncovered in an email to him.

Dec 5, 2003!


CapnAndy came out of the closet to say:
Read the thread, man. He teaches Interior Design at Indiana State University.

Jeff, you can reach him by telephone. Check for his name, and they've got a phone number listed there. I won't post it here, but if you want it... that's how to find the number.

Thanks! I think I will contact
Dr. Frederica Kramer

Chairperson, Professor, Teacher Education

Dec 5, 2003!
Here is the email I plan on sending:

Well, the funniest thing just happened! It seems while signing up for you obviously trustworthy escrow site, I must have clicked the wrong link or something because the strangest thing happened!

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2004-04-16
Registration Date.... 2004-04-16
Expiry Date.......... 2005-04-16
Organisation Name.... Saral Surakul
Organisation Address. 851 Foxcrest Court # A
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Terre Haute
Organisation Address. 47803
Organisation Address. IN
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

check the verisign secureid link, it's just a javascript pop-up which pretends to be going to verisign's site. The actual page it displays is just

Hmm, I wonder how verisign will react to know that you have a fraudulent verisign secure id!

" is an independent escrow company based in London, UK."

You know, if I found out that you were trying to scam me. . . I . . . I don’t think I know what I would do! I would just want to die.

Could it be this Saral Surakul?
Indiana State university is in Terra Haute!

Office Location
FCS 104A

Is this your boss?
Dr. Frederica Kramer
Chairperson, Professor, Teacher Education

What should I do?

Anything I should add?

Dec 5, 2003!


Safrax came out of the closet to say:
^^I think you need to have more fun with this guy before giving him a textual kick to the balls.

too right. *email saved*
I am writing another one to string him along. Post any ideas. I think I'll play along with the "newbie ebayer who hardly know how the internet works" thing.

Dec 5, 2003!
Email sent!

Well that sounds ok to me! I was able to log onto your internet web site. (Which I must say looks very nice to me!)
I just had a few questions. . .

What should I use for a user name and password? I like to use the same thing for everything. Ebay, paypal, email. . . is that ok?
In your FAQ, I noticed that you can use the services, and it does not have to be an “online” purchase. But if its not online, how do they get to your website?

Thank you!

Dec 5, 2003!


karmaflux came out of the closet to say:
Oh god, please ask him about his strong digital defense. PLEASE

Next email; done, and done.

Dec 5, 2003!
Well, when I looked up the email address that came in on the "Question from ebay member," his ebay account returned ****

What's strange is his feedback -
**** 's feedback

Left by Date S/B
**** (37034) ) Apr-19-04 03:06 B
Praise : sehr schnelle Zahlung, vielen Dank! Besuchen Sie wieder
**** (1103) ) Apr-10-04 01:41 B
Praise : schnelle Bezahlung, gerne wieder ,danke
**** (1274) )

All his feedback was left by him!

Overall profile makeup
261 positives. 230 are from unique users.
1 neutrals.
3 negatives. 3 are from unique users

Only 25 actuall feedback entries are viewable. Usually these people have pages of feedback entries! Perhaps it is not our professor.

Dec 5, 2003!
Look at this one he left for himself!

**** (367) ) Feb-16-04 04:51 B
Praise : ø¤ºTOPº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºEBAYERº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºSUPERº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºFAST¤ø,¸¸,ø¤ºPAYMENTº¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º

Dec 5, 2003!


CapnAndy came out of the closet to say:
Jeff, that makes no sense. Does he have three pieces of feedback, all left by himself, or 265? Or 25? And how does any of that make it not the professor?

Well, I can always post the email address that came in as "Question from ebay member"
then you all can look it up yourselves and see what I'm talking about. I can't just post a link to his feedback page for some reason. Go ebay.

Anyone care to see?

Dec 5, 2003!


karmaflux came out of the closet to say:
This guy?

No. I think ebay is just showing me his feedback, and ****-ing his real username. look up

Dec 5, 2003!


Thanos came out of the closet to say:

Ahh. That clears up my confusion over what he said.

Sorry about that . . I wasn't paying attention.

Dec 5, 2003!
Well, I didn't get the response I was hoping for:

Please retry to enter and let me know your user name there.OK.
Thank you.

Im going to go ahead and sign up on that site. Ideas for next email? I'm going to think about it for a while and will post my reply.

Dec 5, 2003!
My Reply:
-----Original Message-----
From: MyNameIsJeff []
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2004 2:52 PM
To: ''
Subject: What is the next step?


I have just finished creating my account on the escrow site that you suggested. My escrow username is MyNameIsJeffHarris.

Before we continue, I wanted to ask; do you know if this site had a strong digital defense?

I read that escrow services who do not utilize a strong digital defense can often be attacked, and the buyer and or seller can lose money or their item. I really don’t want this to happen! I’m sure you don’t either!

I don’t mean to ask so many questions; as you can see, I am new at ebay. By doing it this way, will I get to skip the extra ebay fees? That would be really great. I don’t want to pay them extra money.

What is the next step? I have never really used escrow.

Thank you!


Dec 5, 2003!


Aeolius came out of the closet to say:

Also, voted 5. Keep those emails coming.

EDIT: Ask and ye shall receive. :krad:

One thing that sucks is, I don't get his replies 'till around 6am PST.

Dec 5, 2003!


NObodiesGeek came out of the closet to say:
Maybe I didn't catch it earlier, but you spelled her name three different ways.

What are you talking about?

Dec 5, 2003!


YancyDCjew came out of the closet to say:
have you offered to use the ebay escrow service yet?

No not yet.


RonaldMcDonald came out of the closet to say :
At least continue to where he tells you where to ship the laptop to, and if it's not some address in Russia or something, report him to the police.
Ebay won't do poo poo because they get their fees whether a trade is a scam or not.

He wants to settle outside of ebay.

New email received!

-----Original Message-----
From: Gianluca []
Sent: Sunday, April 25, 2004 7:51 AM
To: MyNameIsJeff
Subject: Re: What is the next step?

First of all I want ot tell you that you will not pay anything because I pay the escrow, UPS and other fees. Ok? I started the transaction with the nr. 6813088950 . Now please enter , acces your account with the uzername that you have and if the transaction isOk with you please accept it. Ok? Once you do that I will send the funds =2100$ plus shipping $180. Ok? Please send the unit express UPS or Fedex.I will send them money and they will let you know as soon as they get the amount. Then you can send the unit at my address. Ok? Do not worry I know a lot of people that used this service and it is OK. Please let me know. THANKS

Hmm, when working with an escrow company, don't you send them the item? It seems this guy is so excited he can't type correctly! Unfortunately, no comment on his strong digital defense!

For those of you interested: My secure, and reliable escrow username and password : mynameisjeffharris/escrow
Just click on 'My Transactions' This is pretty lame.

I can't find his address anywhere in, "My Transactions." You think that would be someting included.

Next email will include questions about his Strong Digital Defense, and his address. Anything you would like me to ask just post it.

Dec 5, 2003!


slothzilla came out of the closet to say:
You're not convincing him that you are a naive first time Ebay user. You need more exclamation points and pluses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
This will make you an A+++++ emailer.


I will post my response shortly. I will try to include everything from page 5.

Dec 5, 2003!
Hey guys. No, this thread is far from over!

It looks like I'm seling something else! (Other seller transactions from escrow site)
Transaction details

These are the details for transaction with ID 1399872290
Item name: Amanda Real Doll

Terms Details
Seller username mynameisjeffharris
Buyer username Euro
Shipping with FedEx
Who pays fee Buyer
Who pays shipping Buyer
Inspection period 8
Item price 3500 USD
Quantity 1
Escrow fee 0 from 42 USD
Shipping cost 143
Total cost to Seller 0
Total cost to Buyer 3685

slightly used

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I encourage you all add many many things like this to my account on his escrow site!!! Add things, and I will tell him I am going to use his preferred escrow service for my other auctions!

I wasn't able to email him yesterday, so no new update from him. However, I will compose my email message as I type this reply. I will send it when i get home.

Hello sir!
Please let me thank you again for being so patient with me! It is too bad we are settling outside of ebay, because I was going to leave you "EXCELENT EBAYER!!!!!11 A++++++++== WOULD SELL TO ANYTIME" I guess it is ok though becaue I would have to give them an extra $300 when the auction was over.

I logged onto your preferred escrow site and saw our transaction. I did not see any place to accept it though! Did I just not see it? Sorry I am new at this. Where do I go to say OK?

Where on the site does it say where to ship it to! I am very eager to get this thing shipped so I can hurry up and start the process to get my money! Once I ok our transaction does it tell me where to ship the laptop? I am very positive you will be satisfied with the laptop.

One other thing, You seemed to confident about this escrow service, that I think I am going to use it myself for my other transactions. Is that ok? I will be buying and selling other laptops and would like the security. I will be buying many things and will need a escrow service with a strong digital defense to send my money to so I don't get ripped off.

Thanks again!

I think the next email I will let him know about someone else who has offered more for the laptop. I think I will tell him that the other person wants to settle outside of ebay, with a personal escrow service too! Perhaps I can get him to call the other guy a scammer!

I should have his reply tomorrow morning.

Dec 5, 2003!


pooper scooper came out of the closet to say:
Halvor.. you seem to have a pretty good point.

However, in Europe (at least in Germany) lunch breaks are between 12 and 2 in the afternoon.

I agree with the above poster. These fakes are funny.. but they might ruin the thread or even expose this too early as a plot to fight back the scammer.

They're right. Lets Back off on the items for sale for now.

Dec 5, 2003!
Get a load of this! I reported this guy's email and fake site to ebay- Told him everyting we discovered! Fake everything! And I get this!


Thank you for writing to eBay's Customer Support with your concerns. My name is John and I appreciate the chance to answer your question. I'm happy to assist you further.

An Escrow service allows the buyer to send their money to the Escrow Company, and the Seller then ships the item to the Buyer. Once the Buyer approves the item the Escrow service then pays the Seller. eBay recommends escrow for transactions over $500.00.

The Escrow service affiliated with eBay is called eBay encourages members to take advantage of the assurance that escrow services can provide. For more information on escrow, please see the following eBay page:

I wish you the best with your future transactions.


John W. S.
eBay Customer Support

Hmm. . . someone is reporting an obvious scam and fake escrow site. Obviously he has no idea what escrow is. BETTER SCHOOL HIM!

Dec 5, 2003!
I replied to that ebay email

Hi John,

Not to be rude, but I know quite well what escrow is. I also happen to know that this is an obvious scam attempt. Had you actually read the form I filled out on your site, and not replied with the canned response: Escrow 101, you would notice that I did not ask what escrow was. I was reporting someone wants to settle the sale outside of ebay, through an escrow site he referred me to. A site that claims to be a VeriSign secure site, but then you click the logo, he is hosting the VeriSign page -the page that should take you to the verisign site. This is a text book rip off.
This can't be your answer to everyone who reports these types of things can it? I really think you should take some action against this person.


Dec 5, 2003!
I went onto the site again, to view my transactions.
One transaction: 4189708512 Tyldak23 51 inch flatscreen tv Waiting for seller
At the bottom, I have the bottons to accept or reject the transaction.
The other 2: One for the amanda real doll, and one for the laptop the he created - I do not have the buttons.

Is that a problem with his coding?

Dec 5, 2003!
Wow I didn't even have to wait 'till 6 am for his reply this time!

From: Gianluca []
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 2:21 PM
To: MyNameIsJeff
Subject: Re: Ready to ship laptop

OK I talk with escrow services and now is ok he have a litle problem with website.The money is sent express to escrow.
Please email me when you will receive the confirmation.

It seems his money is on the way! I registered on the site with one of my hotmail accounts, so I can't check for the "confirmation" email until I get home from work in about 2 hours.

Dec 5, 2003!
Well here is my email from the Secure and digitally defended escrow site:

From : Set-Ltd Customer Service <>
Sent : Monday, April 26, 2004 10:34 PM
To :
Subject : Payment received for transaction #6813088950

| | | Inbox
Dear customer,

Your partner "scont06" has completed the payment for transaction ID 6813088950

Item name: PowerBook G4
Item price:2100.00 USD
Shipping cost: 180.00 USD
Quantity: 1
Inspection period: 1 day
Escrow fee: 25.20 USD
Total cost to buyer:2305.20 USD

Your action is required now. The next step of the transaction is to ship the merchandise to the buyer. Please send the shipping details to your partner "scont06".

As soon as your partner receives the merchandise and the inspection
period ends we will contact you to complete payment.

Billing Support Team

Ok. The more this progresses, the more I realize how lovely he is at this. At 2 pm PST he said, "The money is sent express to escrow." then I have this a few hours later? Maybe by express sent he mean he opened a new internet explorer window and browsed to yahoo.

But wait! What is also sitting in my inbox?

-----Original Message-----
From: Gianluca []
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2004 3:44 PM
To: MyNameIsJeff
Subject: I'm waiting the track#

I receive the confirmation from escrow services about the money is received.Please send it as we agreed: fedex ups or dhl tnt express and please put a small value on the package so I will pay less taxes .Here the duty taxes are 27,5% from the total amount wrote on the package so please do your best and send it as a family gift and with a low value.
This is my address:
zip code:NW9 6RR

Please email me when you will send the package and give me the tracking number.

Oh my! What do we have here! I think I actually want to send him a box full of stuff. A jar of pee. Perhaps just some high quality photos of some of the fine images of the pain series or the pic of the girl making GBS threads in that guys mouth. (If you have that let me know k thx) If you can think of anything better let me know.

I can't think of anyways to draw this out further. So I'm going to wait for a while. See if I can think up anything. Post crafty ideas -email ideas and/or things to end this well. I will report back with what I come up with.

Dec 5, 2003!
Ok guys. Heres my email to him:

Well, it looks like I am ready to ship! I got my email from the escrow site too. I also have your email with your address so I will be sending your laptop today or the next day.

I told my friend about you and she said that she would like to sell you more if you are interested! Would you like to buy more of the ultra powerful G4 powerbooks? She has them at her work to sell because people only know how to use them for AOL Instant Messenger and flash versions of Asteroid. So please respond as soon as you can. I would like to tell her that you would like to purchase more laptops. You seem pretty cool and trust worthy. So let me know fast. If you want more, send the money to the escrow and let me know. Once I get the email and know that everything is set up I will then send them all at the same time. I save money on shipping this way!

Thanks again for all your help with this sale. I only wish I could leave you feedback on ebay because I wanted to leave EXCELENT SELLAR A+++ W@W LQQK OMGBBQ or something like that. I think feedback is so cool! I like to come up with new and exciting ways to leave it!

I was thinking. Since you basically helped me save $250 from ebay fees, I wanted to share some of that with you. So go ahead and tell the Digitally Defended Escrow site that I want to refund you $100 for helping me. They can do that right? That is my gift to you.

I eagerly await your response!!!!!


(Even if he says he wants more and has sent the money for them all I will say I am sending the one first. Then the others.)

Yes. I want to mail him something.
1. I don't really have any laptop to smash up. So I will construct one. Crayons - 3 ring binder - glitter - failed cd burns which I will label as various programs - I will glue keys from broken keyboard. (or should I just draw them?)

2. A print out of this thread Will be included (sans anything linking to SA)

3. Gross pictures

4. The package will be valued at $2100 and will weight the same as a real G4.

5. Pencil Shavings

I will consruct this all as fast as I can. I think I can get it all done today. Yes, I will post pictures! But there is one thing: This will cost me money to send London. So I propose, after I complete this notebook, I will get the exact ammount of shipping. Would any of you be willing to help pay for the shipping? I would post the tracking number of corse. Just a thought.

(Its getting shipped - help from anyone or not so stay tuned)

Dec 5, 2003!


Marius came out of the closet to say:
Sounds excellent. Does FedEx have different weight catergories. I would try to keep the weight down so you pay less. Obviously make it weigh enough to think its a laptop but there is no reason to send him, say bricks. Give it enough weight so he wont doubt its a laptop but make sure its not just overly weighty for you to pay for.

Before people me to RCP if you RCP'ed youd see that he is offering to pay for shipping by giving extra money to the escrow account so AFTER Jeff pays for shipping he will be "reimbursed."

Oh and if you ask for a signature on delivery, can you find out who signed it and get his name?

GL I eagerly await the conclusion

Yeah, I am going to try to match the weight of the G4 exactly.

I will wait and find out the exact cost of shipping before I ask for any donations. Thanks guys!

This is going to be so awesome.

Dec 5, 2003!


swiss came out of the closet to say:

You have to do this. Clearly there is no other option.

I hate to sound like a bit of a douchebag here, but perhaps you should cool it with the SA'isms in your emails. Although this guy is extremely unlikely to get any of the references it contains, it could still smack of troll. Now that you've hooked the scumbag, I think it's time to make sure you reel him in correctly.

Although, I would rather see this guy face fraud charges than have him pay out a few hundred pounds on taxes. Or is it possible for you to have your cake and eat it too? (In other words, would you sending him a "laptop" as a phonebook or whatever mean that he could escape a potential fraud charge or not?)

You're right. I'll play the emails down a little bit. About the package: Sending him a fake package would just be a way of helping tracking him down. (Even though I'm sure a fake name will be used.)

Dec 5, 2003!


esky came out of the closet to say:

P.S. If you send him a copy of this thread, maybe delete all references to SA and nicknames? The thread is comedy, but I dunno about just giving up the whole backstory to him..

P.S.2 How much is shipping costing you?

You're right. I'll have to think about the thread idea.

I don't know how much the cost is yet. I will finish it, and then take it over to the mail office to find out.

Dec 5, 2003!
Pics of the laptop:

BlueTooth mouse!

No track ball!

My cheeks hurt from smiling so big.

MyNameIsJeff fucked around with this message at 07:25 on Apr 29, 2004

Dec 5, 2003!
Sorry, forgot to resize one.

How can I apply the weight to this thing? (About 6 lbs)

Dec 5, 2003!
Check this out:

Email from Ebay:
Hello Jeff,

Thank you for writing with your concern over the member, msalamon.

The recent bids placed with this account were the result of an
unauthorized account takeover. Unfortunately, we were not aware of this
activity until some time after the bids were placed. Once we became
aware of this activity, immediate action was taken. We are now in the
process of restoring the account to its owner.

I have reported the escrow site to the appropriate department to have it looked at.

Since the account holder did not initiate this sale, you may consider
the transaction null and void if you have not already shipped the item.

Let me also suggest a few ways this takeover could have occurred.

If the user had a relatively simple password or password hint question
it is possible that a third party was able to gain access to the account by guessing the password.

It is also possible that the user could have unknowingly provided his or her password to another party. Some eBay members have reported receiving messages asking for User IDs and passwords. These messages appear to
come from eBay Support, but in fact are not. eBay will never ask for
sensitive information of this nature through email.

Finally, there are a number of computer viruses in circulation that log
and record keystrokes. It's recommended that computer users keep their
virus alert software up-to-date, and check their system often for
problems. A firewall for high-speed Internet users is also highly

**I have reviewed your email history and see that the email from
<msalamon> was in regards to item # 4125873654. After reviewing this
listing, I see that you did end up with a winning bidder, zoeviolet01.

We are concerned about violations on the site and have taken the liberty of investigating this member's account. Please be assured that we have
taken appropriate action in accordance with our site policies. Such
action may include issuing a warning, a temporary suspension, an
indefinite suspension or terminating the membership.

As you may know, we are unable to provide specific information regarding the result of our investigation to third party members. Please
understand that this is for the protection of all eBay users. However,
we can tell you that our records indicate that the user you are
reporting is currently not a registered eBay user.

Since the buyer is no longer registered on the eBay site, you may
consider the transaction null and void. You can submit a Final Value Fee credit request by following the instructions below:

1. Click the "site map" link at the top of most eBay pages.

2. On the "Site Map" page, click the link "Request final value fee
credit" under the "Seller Accounts" heading in the middle column.

I appreciate your interest in the well being of our site. It is assuring to know that we have members who are concerned about the safety of our
other users. I encourage you to continue to report all questionable
behavior to eBay. This will give us the chance to look into the
situation and take action where warranted.

Marketplace Safety Tip: Protect yourself from fraudulent emails that ask for sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, passwords,
etc. Just because an email message looks like it is sent directly from
eBay, it isn't always. To learn more about protecting yourself from fake or "spoof" emails, visit our online tutorial by simply cutting and
pasting the following Web address into your browser window:

Thanks again for writing, and thank you for being part of the eBay


Fraud Prevention Group

Well isn't that nice! The guy I reported hacked an account, and the person that just won is a fraudulent account as well! yay!

Dec 5, 2003!


Shii came out of the closet to say:
Mail that laptop.

I plan to. Still working on the weight thing.

Dec 5, 2003!


Dr.SchadenFreud came out of the closet to say:

I'd be afraid of setting off a terror alert with bags of sand. How about taking the bottom metal part (is it called the shoe?) off a household iron and taping it in the middle?

Alternative: tire balance weights.

edit: Do you have the box the G4 originally came in? That would be a nice detail to include. Mr. Scammer opens the box and it's full of SWEET, SWEET JUSTICE.

Hmm. Good idea. I think I have a ruined iron somewhere.

Also - Yes, I have a G4 box. But I think I should keep it to actually sell with the real laptop.


Dec 5, 2003!
Someone is a little anxious!

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OK What configuration have the apple?
Please send me today the package becouse I need soon.
Please email me the track number.