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Jan 9, 2001

I used to be an admin,
but then I took an arrow
to the knee.

Welcome to the movie reviews forum!
This forum is all about goon-written movie reviews.
If you see something that you feel should be added to the rules, either PM me(RabidLeper) or suggest it in the suggestion thread.
  • Before posting a new review, make sure to search the forum for a previous review on that movie. If you don't have platinum, you can click the thread titles to sort.
  • When posting a new review, use the proper title in title form (example: Matrix, The)
  • If you are missing any information about the movie or you aren't sure which genre to place it in, IMDB is your friend
  • Movies are ranked through the thread voting system.
  • If you vote an extreme high or low or you vote against the general concensus, be prepared to give at least a little insight into your decision.
  • When posting a new review, be sure to place your own vote on it right away.
  • You are not voting on the content of the review or the posts in the thread, you are voting your opinion of the movie. If you feel a review was lovely or didn't reflect your thoughts, reply to the thread with your own.
  • Vote spamming is not allowed. Going through and voting all the movies a 1 because you can will result in a juicy ban. If you see this happening, use Attn: Mods thread.
  • Please put a bit of effort into your post. Making a post like "Good film 5/5" really doesn't help anyone out. While you don't need to be writing several paragraph essays, some input should at least go into your response. If you are going to write "Good film a must see 5/5", then just rate the drat thing and don't bother wasting anyone's time with a horrible post like that.
  • DON'T START UP A DRAMAFEST IN A THREAD. There is a thread where you can report someone who may be vote spamming, don't be a silly goose and call them out in the thread.
Tip: Hold your mouse over the thread rating when reading the review to see what others voted.

Tip: Other people can see what you voted, so don't be a douchebag.

Like all new forums, the rules will change over time so stay tuned.

Somebody fucked around with this message at 19:46 on May 8, 2004


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