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The Phantom Goat
Oct 6, 2003

Where my moviez at?

Directed by: Dario Argento
Starring: Jessica Harper, Joan Bennett, Udo Kier,...

I have to start off by saying that this film is definatly NOT for everyone. Argento's writing and directing style, in my opinion, take a bit of getting used to and in some cases may seem a bit absurd. That being said, I think this film is fantastic.

The story of this film revolves around Suzy Bannion (Harper) as an American dance student who moves to Germany to continue her studies. From the moment she arives at the steps of her school, she is troubled by strange occourances. People disappear, she become unexplainable ill, and strange footsteps are heard in the night. Something is VERY wrong with this school....but what?

Sound a little hokey? well, maybe it is. On the otherhand, actually sitting down and watching the movie is a completely different experience. When I had initially rented Suspiria, I was completely ignorant of the film and Dario Argento. After the initial viewing, I was left thinking "what the hell was that?" For some reason the movie really grabbed me though and I watched it again. This time I really began to appreciate it. The score (by Goblin) is fantastic and gave me chills at some points; And the lighting/visuals of this movie are simply fantastic. The blues and reds are so rich and beautiful, and the shots are amazing. Argento might not be able to write an epic, but he knows how to make a drat good looking movie.

I recommend this movie to everyone, at least as a rental. Give it a chance...maybe two and see what happens. Then, if you're hooked like me track down the Limited Edition 3disc DVD from Anchor Bay.



Nov 5, 2003
Loving me some fat bitches since 1996

I bought this DVD on a whim a while ago cause I heard it was great. I personally didn't care for it much as far as entertainment was concerned, but as a movie/learning experience, its definately worth a watch. The pace is slow, but the film is really driven by atomosphere. Argento's use of bright and contrasting colors througout the film, as well as set design, are interesting to say the least. Like CovetousCreatur said, its certainly not for everyone, but who knows, you might love it, theres plenty of other die hard Argento fans out there.

May 24, 2001

The Go-To Guy for Kitten Pics

Hit or miss movie. The plot is incomprehensible at best, the voiceovers awkward, the actresses' motivations inexplicable. Its best to view Argento and the rest of the giallo directors as creators of beautiful, evocative scenes rather than stories.

4.5/5, but certainly not for everyone.

Aug 7, 2002

A plague of faggotry upon thee!

I loved the colors, and the music was awesome and progressive... the band (Goblin) actually created the soundtrack while on a lot of painkillers.

That first scene of horror was great but I was underwhelmed by the movie for the most part.

Aug 3, 2012

I'm literally retarded

The razor wire room was totally horrifying. I have had dreams on this theme.
Approach this movie with caution.

Taco Delay
Jun 3, 2012

"Yeah, I'd like 6,000 chicken fajitas, please?"

great movie. An absolute masterpiece. 5/5

Feb 29, 2008

The greatest sensual pleasure there is is to know the desires of another!

Taco Delay posted:

great movie. An absolute masterpiece. 5/5

super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

No need to sign, we'll take care of that.

Lipstick Apathy

Creepy and suspenseful. Pretty good kills. Excellent use of sound, sets and lighting to establish an unworldly atmosphere in the academy. 5/5

Aug 7, 2006

super sweet best pal posted:

Creepy and suspenseful. Pretty good kills. Excellent use of sound, sets and lighting to establish an unworldly atmosphere in the academy. 5/5

It makes me so happy when someone new discovers this film.


The Notorious ZSB
Apr 19, 2004

Choking Hazard

Not for Use in Out of Conference Games

I assumed I had posted in here before but haven't so here it goes.

This film is absolutely wonderful as an exercise in sound/set design. The pacing of the film is well done, the tension of the horror sequences is so well setup and executed you'll be in agony for each victim. The plot makes next to no sense, but it hardly matters. The film is still very pretty to watch, and I am always absorbed by the atmosphere of the film any time I watch it.

Highly recommended. 5/5

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