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Aug 6, 2010

5/5, I frigging love it.

Boom316 posted:

I liked the movie when I first saw it in theatres back when I was 13. A few years later I read the book.
Obviously I now hate that movie. Everything Heinlein did to make that one of my top 3 favorite books was completely lost in the movie. The politics, the powered armor, the story that was more narrative and less action was all lost on Verhoven.

I never heard of all these satire rumors, but I wouldn't believe a word of them. Satire is generally more obvious and/or more cynical than that movie seemed to be.It was tounge-in-cheek, I'll say that, but I doubt Verhoven is smart enough to do a satire. (Does anyone ever notice how often a director is blamed for a writer's shortcomings? I mean, at some point the director should be the problem too, but do they really deserve all the bad credit?)

Giving it a 1 because I doubt you're allowed to love both the book and the movie at the same time, at least, not as the same entity, with the same title.
I'd give the TV Cartoon Series a 2.5, because at least they included Skinnies, individual tube drops, and at least a semblance of powered armor. Also, one of the last episodes of the series had kind of an homage to my other favorite Heinlein book, The Puppet Masters, so it can't be all bad.

A 15 year old post just made my hat fly off my head.


May 4, 2018

How does anyone miss the satire in this film.


Nail Rat
Dec 29, 2000

Haters gonna hate

I saw this movie when it was new but I've never posted in here, despite having probably read this thread a few times over the decades.

I own it on Blu-ray, it's awesome and you should watch it. 5/5 film, exactly what it wants/needs to be. The sets look sparse in retrospect but the landing on the bug planet is still one of my favorite scenes in any action movie.

And if you think it's not satire, maybe you should ask yourself which side in the film is wearing Nazi uniforms and using hateful propaganda (I guess 15 years too late for that dude though).

Wild T
Dec 15, 2008

The point I'm trying to make is that the only way to come out on top is to kick the Air Force in the nuts, beart it savagely with a weight and take a dump on it's face.

This movie and Robocop have convinced me that Verhoeven is an insane time-travelling prankster.

For folks that think the satire is over-the-top, keep in mind that this movie was released several years before 9/11 and managed to perfectly satirize post-9/11 jingoism perfectly. There's a moment early on where a scientist is on their news show and brings up the very reasonable point that maybe the bugs weren't attacking humans and were just reacting to humans pushing into their territory and he's immediately cut off and it's back to RAH RAH JOIN TODAY!

Even the first act, which is the weakest part, is still a little more enjoyable once you realize the entire thing is supposed to be a space fascist propaganda film.

4/5, when I voted the messaged said "Thank you, citizen."

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