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Shards of Fate
Apr 19, 2002

They look like monsters to you?

Directed by: Trey Parker
Starring: Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Satan, Saddam Hussien

I remember watching this movie in the theatres and it started off with a musical, followed by classic South Park comedy. As soon as the Terrance & Phillip movie played, I was amazed and shocked. All the previews promoted it as an extended episode, which in a way it was. Never was I prepared for the amount of vulgar language the movie offered. The plot is pretty solid and so were the parodies. (Satan's song was done Disney style). If you are a South Park fan you should watch this; you get to see Kenny's face, more T&P, and the excellent musical segments.

The thing that amazes me so much about this movie is the soundtrack. Written by Parker, the soundtrack of this movie remains my favorite movie OST as of yet. (Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics come close).

There is a two episode follow up to this movie somewhere back in Season 4.


PROS: Excellent A ++ Soundtrack
CONS: Too short



Jun 14, 2003


This was one of the best experiences I've ever had watching a movie in a theatre. Early in the film, when the South Park kids see the Terrance & Phillip movie, and the other patrons start walking out of the theatre because of the language and crap, almost everyone in the theatre I was in walked out. It was brilliant.

Bloated Pussy
Jun 8, 2002

dont read my posts

Bigger, Longer & Uncut managed to extend the popularity of South Park for a little while, and this movie was a great send-off for plenty of fans. No one I know watched any South Park after seeing this (not because it was bad, but the show was just seemed so tired after the feature). This movie was excellent, everything a South Park fan could've wanted, it came out at exactly the right time.

Brilliant and hilarious.


Jul 29, 2003

Backdrop Hunger

I didn't like it when they did almost the exact same plot in the first season, and I didn't like this either. The downhill slump accelerated here. Way too hit-or-miss besides Saddam & Satan.


Sep 30, 2002

"I escaped Arkham Asylum and all I got was this crappy sidekick gig..."

Went too fast, but I've never laughed harder. Saw it three times in the theater. Wild Wild West screwed it over though, which pissed me off. Don't even START me on Phil Collins and "Blame Canada."

I'd love to see another movie.

Bloody brilliant.

Mar 22, 2003


Hilarious, even with the weak second half.


Feb 8, 2004

INCREDIBLE movie. South Park has really evolved as a show, and I think the biggest turning point and showing of its new style is culminated in the movie. This movie is obviously put forth with a clear message; it's all about freedom of speech. Watching episodes from before and after the movie show incredible difference from each other; before the movie it was mostly, unfortunately, useless dribble. I couldn't believe how popular the show was, because it was just so stupid. But since the movie, it has really evolved into a very meaningful show, each episode with a message portrayed in a hilarious fashion. It's also amazing how current they keep, the movie deals with issues of now, not of before.

Also, of course, greatest soundtrack ever. What would Brian Boithano do?


Sep 11, 2001
broke 3 of my fingers playing computer golf

If they're gonna put Saddam to death, they should use a pack of wild boars.

This film had me crying with laughter throughout, anyone who has'nt seen it really should. As mentioned earlier, it marked a change in the South Park series.


Edit: Just rewatching it now, why do they not like Conan?

drbesty fucked around with this message at Jul 21, 2004 around 08:49

Nov 23, 2002

Awesome movie, quite possibly the best movie adaptation of a cartoon, along with B&B Do America. 5.

Nov 19, 2003

Yoshi is green, dawg

best original comedy animation of it's time.

May 13, 2003

"Something witty."

A gutbustingly hilarious movie with a sharp satirical edge that just misses out on a 5 because I felt that the musical numbers were starting to become tiresome by the third act of the film.


The Walrus
Jul 9, 2002

The best musical ever made.


Mar 26, 2001


What really blew me away about this movie is that they were ballsy enough to make it a real, actual traditional musical and risk alienating their fart joke fans. The icing on the cake is the fact that it's a great musical, that can easily stand on its musical merits alone. The words are usually vulgar and nonsensical but they're put together with imagination and to me, revitalize the stuffy tropes of traditional musicals. In a way the movie was even more subversive for what it did to the musical genre than for what it got away with censorship-wise.


Jul 31, 2002

I was surprised to find just how smart this movie could be. It had the foresight to be a movie about itself and the controversy which would undoubtably arise from its theatrical release. The comedic timing was always spot-on, and the pacing was excellent. When you're used to a 30-minute South Park story, a full-length film feels epic, and it never felt like it was dragging. I still love Satan's song the best - brilliant.


Dec 16, 2003
iron helps us play

It was really great seeing it in grade nine at an advance screening and not really knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, everytime I've watched it since, it becomes a fraction as funny. Really good comedies hold up to repeated viewings. Worth seeing once.


Jun 26, 2003
Keepin' It Gansta!

Full of hit and miss songs, but more of it I liked that didn't like. The first time I saw it I'd give it a 5, but it helped that I was blunted out of my mind.


Xmas Dumpster Fire
May 29, 2001

It got pretty boring by the end because It was almost just too much South Park. I know alot of people liked the musical aspect of the movie but I thought alot of it was pretty forgettable and made me just want to fast forward past it all. That said, it had it's moments and was quite funny in most parts.


Ramrod Hotshot
May 30, 2003

My mom wouldn't let me see this in 1999

When I did see it, I loved how the entire plot was a pre-emptive reaction to what parents would think of it.

Jun 29, 2003

Please put your hands together for Homosexuals the Gorilla!

Seriously one of the best musicals ever. Every song in the film is brilliant and stands up on its own merits, even without the hilarious lyrics. Musical writers should steady "La Resistance" as a textbook example of how to do a medley right.

It's also one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and remains that way every time I watch it.

Apr 24, 2003

Ain't never gonna catch me without my Capri!

The best musical I've ever scene, and the fact that Comedy Central airs it constantly at like 1 AM makes me salute freedom of speech.


Jun 8, 2001

The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics. Oh, and that stupid children's book 'The Little Prince,' ugh.

Yams Fan

I just used my 5.5.

The best musical in 20 years.

Idioteque Dance
Jun 19, 2004

Dinosaur Gum

Best musical I've ever seen, and let's not forget it being absolutely loving hilarious.


Sep 11, 2001

"Shut your loving face Uncle Fucka!"

Oh man I still know the words to that song


Aug 6, 2004

The problem with shock humor is it's only funny once. The first time I saw it in the theater I laughed my butt off. I had such a good time I went again and didn't laugh once.

It kind of ran into the same problems they had on Team America. They have one joke (kids being dirty) and milk it until our heads explode. The songs got really annoying IMHO.

I give it a 4, just because. But I really wish they would hire some more voice talent. Mr. Hat Holding His Nose and Kyle With His Head Down are getting drat redundant.

Sad Panda
Sep 22, 2004

I'm a Sad Panda.


Hilarious with great songs and still funny although I believe I'm up to 12th watch.

Nov 8, 2004

It's an excellent movie, but for me, if a movie gets boring when you watch it again, then its not -the- best movie you've seen, or perfect. It's not timelessly hilarious.

Ramrod Hotshot
May 30, 2003


The Walrus came out of the closet to say:
The best musical ever made.


Jun 23, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Walrus came out of the closet to say:
The best musical ever made.

drat good enough for me to see 20 times before it finally left the $3 theaters in early September 1999. It was too fast and too short though.


Aug 8, 2004
You're lucky I couldn't think of anything better

While I wasn't a big fan of the show while it was on TV, the movie was nothing short of great. I still use it as a "I've got 20 minutes before I have to be somewhere, what's there to do?" movie, because you can just put it in and enjoy it from any part of it.

Gave it a 4.5/5

Aug 10, 2004

This is truly an excellent movie that I've seen oh so many times and I'm still not bored of.

South Park is truly bigger, longer & uncut, hence also better. The soundtrack is simply amazing, the only song that I don't like that much is Brian Boltano.

Great side character, fantastic humour, and some nice tongue in cheek references to real life.

It really doesn't have to be longer than this, for an animated comedy, this really is enough. A five.

Dec 9, 2004

ask me about leaving the cult of black metal and bringing jesus into your life

Job 19:17

This is, actually, my favourite film of all time. Forget all that arty stuff, your Citizen Kanes and Godfathers and so on: for me, a more perfect film has never been made.

OK, maybe I went a bit over the top there, but it's true. The first time I saw it, I literally could not believe what I was seeing - the satire is razor sharp (and more relevant today than ever, with its dissection and unwavering examination of the stupidity of censorship, the pointlessness of jingoism and the dangers of blind obedience to the flag). It is the most endlessly quotable film I have ever seen, although having seen it, what, 25? 30? times, I can pretty much recite the script off by heart. It gets better every time I see it.

The songs are fantastic - great choruses, catchy hooks, wicked lyrics. The voice acting is first class, too, with perfectly delivered jokes. The celebrity cameos are hilarious.

And no, I still have no clue who Brian Boitano is, but it doesn't matter.

Voted 5.5

Nov 19, 2004

Nice try, asshole


EvilMoJoJoJo came out of the closet to say:
This is, actually, my favourite film of all time. Forget all that arty stuff, your Citizen Kanes and Godfathers and so on: for me, a more perfect film has never been made.

And no, I still have no clue who Brian Boitano is, but it doesn't matter.

Godfather is hardly "arty"....

Brian Boitano is a champion figure skater. Why didn't you just Google him?

Nov 15, 2004

i saw this movie so freaking long ago, i was only like 12
at that point i would give it a 5/5
and i still to this day would give it a 5/5
its a piece of art, hahaha, very dirty art

Justin Godscock
Oct 12, 2004

Listen here, funnyman!

Soiled Meat

Probably the best animated movie I have ever seen, that's the beauty of South Park. On the surface it looks like a crude cartoon but inside it's a rich satire with classic characters like Saddam Hussein (probably the funniest drat thing to come out of the show). The soundtrack was amazing and incredibly catchy, the script paced very well and the jokes just kept coming and coming



Aug 3, 2012

I'm literally retarded

Worth watching for the supreme peak of Cartmans's foul mouth:
' You blooded soaked frozen tampon popsicle!"
I mean, you can't beat it.

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