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Jun 9, 2003

I keep a swastika flag hanging out my backside,
But only on the left side, yeah that's the Third Reich side

I did not find this movie funny at all, and stopped watching about 2/3rd's in.. Voted 1.5


Jul 16, 2004

Until you realize the importance of the banana king, you will know absolutely nothing about the human-interest things of the world.

I don't understand all these votes of 1s and 2s... Even if you don't feel its very funny, its still a very well directed and well made movie, certainly deserving more than a 1 or a 2.

Personally I thought it was hilarious, but then again I loved Wes Anderson's other movies.

Voted 4.5

Pimp Cauldron
Aug 3, 2002

A twisted pictoral of phoenix, AZ

This movie has a great cast with a lot of talent, and it was really squandered on bland, unfunny dialogue. There are references to things are typical subject matter for comedy movies, but they were poorly executed. The movie was quirky, and I'm sure intended to be funny. But it wasn't. After many of the "jokes" you are left with the feeling that there is something that you missed, but that's the point. I'm a fan of sly, implied humor, but this was just dull.

I did enjoy the cinematography at times, as well as Seu Jorge playing David Bowie in Portuguese. For that I'll give it a 2.5.

Sep 30, 2002


Luscious LouAnne came out of the closet to say:
After many of the "jokes" you are left with the feeling that there is something that you missed
Lots of those scenes. Maybe they're more apparent if you're into old travelogue films?

The cinematography was a little odd, and when paired with some weird dialogue (that sounded more like a monologue in two parts occasionally), it made the movie seem stilted. I noticed most of that was in Murry/Owen scenes, so perhaps it was intentional.

Really, though, it's supposed to come off as a comedy, when it's more like a fun look at the life of a washed-up omni-celeb that's having one last go at it. I walked in expecting a whacky Moby Dick, and walked out realizing that this wasn't about the search, it was about Zissou' waning popularity and his handling of it all.

Some things are just tossed out there (i.e. I HATE DADS!, or Mandrake's importance) without much followthrough. Not very important, but leaves you wondering a bit. One major complaint I have is the pirate scene. All of a sudden he becomes Gordon Freeman? a little hard for me to swallow.

But I did love the quirky stop-motion stuff, the ship bi-section, and the Zissou-films. Major cheese in those, but I think it stresses that Zissou's [and others like him] view of the ocean is fantastical, and that we're only privy to these weirdities because he's there to show them to us.
Adjust your expectations a little and you'll get a nice little film.


Dec 24, 2004

by Lowtax

On first viewing I didn't really like it too much. I wouldn't have rated it higher than The Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore at any rate. But I think I was just expecting a certain type of movie and was thrown for a loop when it wasn't what I wanted. But I watched it again tonight with an open mind. I was really able to understand it on a deeper level. I'd rate it the best Wes Anderson movie yet. 5/5

Jan 11, 2004

by Lowtax

To start: Iíve never seen a Wes Anderson film before and until very recently, Iíd no idea the man existed.

I wonít give a plot synapses; others have done that better than I have.

The movie essentially is a stylistic depiction of the adventurous scuba divers many of us grew up watching on the discovery channel. However, Wes injects human emotion into the scene and blends it with the aforementioned, creating dialogue which is very powerful one moment, and extremely canonical the next. This makes the movie a bit hard to wrap your head around if you were expecting a simple tear jerker or a comedy flick, but balances the work well enough so youíre not crying or laughing through the whole god damned thing. (Which either portion, separated from the other, would have forced.)

The underlying theme of the work is of course is Zissouís mid life depression coupled with his long fading and increasingly dissatisfying career. (Obviously Wes isnít aiming for a specific ďteenĒ or ďindieĒ demographicĒ) To entangle this, Wes introduces a smaller sub-theme which deals with Ned, Zissouís supposed son and his own search for paternal leadership and motherly love. (Which he finds in a bit of a Freudian crisis) The whole damned thing is, then, wrapped about in, what is essentially, a successful manís self delusion and combined boredom with what many would consider to be a spectacularly exciting and rewarding profession.

To expect that kind of emotional context to be so lovingly applied to what at first glance looks like a live action version of Sealab 2021, stunned me.

To draw a stupid and elaborate metaphor, the meat of the movie is in its emotion, and the muscle, the drive, in its comedy. Few jokes attack strongly, and those that do were mentioned previously, but there are many that hit subtly, such as Zissouís constant pot use and intoxication (those whoíve lived with older stoners can attest how accurately and nobly that was acted/written) and the eventual conclusion that draws about his family. The hilariously named fish and their Latin specifications and the absurd maritime gear and conduct displayed throughout to, fit a sort of specific layman inspired comedy that prevails through the film and often hits harder than those jokes which can be more universally understood.

I wonít conclude this shitpiece with something like Ė ďthe movieís weakness is itís strength,Ē ďitís not like all the othersĒ ďItís like an indie film, and that means itís good.Ē Iíll just say this, in short.

The film is specific to a certain state of mind and understanding, itís not universal, and its design offers the young the least bit of appreciation (Iím young to, drat it) Itís stylistic, surreal, and powerful to, but it wonít throw a rope down for you if you need help ďgettingĒ it. 4.5/5 Make more movies Wes.

As a personal note, Iím not a movie elitist, and Iím not an independent film jerk off, and this isnít my first review, and I donít go to college and it shows.

Dr. Sheaus
Jul 14, 2003

Saw it last night, and I really liked it. Not as good as RT, but still pretty up there. 4.5/5

"Is this my coffee maker? Where did you get this?"
"Well... we fuckin' stole it."

Dr. Sheaus fucked around with this message at Jan 2, 2005 around 07:57

Feb 16, 2002

brains for breakfast brains for brunch

I have loved every Wes Anderson film until this one. Not interesting, definitely not funny, and not well made. And the creatures were horribly done. I understand what he was trying to accomplish with this film, but it didn't work. I think he tried just a little too hard on this one and it lost some of it's magic.

vorhese fucked around with this message at Jan 1, 2005 around 21:28

gettin sombrero
Jul 4, 2003


This movie offered more than Wes Anderson's prior movies(a wider spectrum), but didn't deliver it as well as Tenenbaums or Rushmore. I still quite enjoyed the movie and loved the humor in it. Some people like Wes Anderson, others don't.


Fast Luck
Feb 2, 1988

It was interesting and I will watch it again, but I didn't love this movie. It had a lot of things going for it. Great atmosphere, good acting, some superb scenes (like the pirates). It had a lot of Wes Anderson's unique sense of humor, but not all the jokes worked. Two of the main characters were pretty uninteresting (Blanchett and Wilson) and I didn't feel much when anything happened to them. I wonder if the writing missed Owen Wilson.

Mar 18, 2004

by Fistgrrl

It's as if a unimaginative writer, close to being late for his deadline, heard of a unique, interesting idea for a film from another writer and rushed to create it before the original writer could. While writing the film, the writer went drinking to celebrate and forgot most of the plot besides the basic idea. The result is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a repetitive, tiring, long-winded film yielding a lack of humour, provoking thought, or visual impact. I liked some of the cast and thought the guitar playing was a nice, creative touch, though.


Feb 23, 2004
And now the whole nation - pulpit and all - will take up the war-cry, and shout itself hoarse, and mob any honest man who ventures to open his mouth; and presently such mouths will cease to open.

This movie had a great feel to it. I loved the quirky humor and the soundtrack. The animation and special effects were out of place and this was distracting, but I have a feeling that might have been intentional.

It was one of last year's better movies.

4.5. Perhaps higher if I still like it as much in 6 months.

Rick fucked around with this message at Jan 3, 2005 around 05:59

Various Meat Products
Oct 1, 2003

I liked Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, but I loved The Life Aquatic. The humor definitely wasn't for everyone, but it was great for me. It was very unpredictable and random, which I love. Bill Murray lighting a joint off of the hot air balloon flame was one of the greatest things I've ever seen. The camerawork was excellent and the music was also very fitting. I want to get the soundtrack (and the DVD).


Dec 12, 2004


Wes Anderson has done it again. This movie was fantastic. A great follow up to The Royal Tenenbaums. There's a few serious moments but for the most part, the movie is pretty hilarious. If you liked the other two Wes Anderson films, you'll love The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.


Dec 16, 2003
iron helps us play

I thought this was pretty plodding for the most part. Lots of maudlin and blaring soundtrack and loud scenery saved by a few great, genuinely touching scenes, particularly the encounter with the shark. I really didn't find much humour in it's "quirkiness", and beyond a few particular shots (Steve and Ned walking through the galley of the "ship" set piece) I didn't like the visual style. This came off as particularly self-indulgent lined up against his other films. Lots of people think Anderson started off wedged in his own rear end, Life Aquatic seems like the first evidence that he has begun his ascent.

Jun 3, 2004

by DocEvil

It wasm okay I guess, not good or bad really. I wouldn't recommend it outside of a rental. The actors were fun and I liked the use of music and camerawork, but the dialogue was bland and really not that funny, and the movie got really tiring by the end.


j c spotts
Jan 4, 2005

keep some sunshine on your face

I think it is safe to say you either "get" Wes Anderson or you don't. (and hopefully some folks will agree here.) I am also sure I'm not the first person to make this claim. With the mixed reviews The Life Aquatic has been receiving that clearly proves this may in fact be true.

Prior to viewing this film, I had already been familiarized with what it was that I would be seeing. I was familiar with Anderson's previous work, and that plays an important factor on how some people will take in what happens throughout the movie. Anderson without a doubt has a particular style, at least that's what I am seeing. Picture a historic artist using their specific style while creating a painting and I think you'll know what I mean here. If you put a group of film buffs in a theater without have ever telling them anything about this movie and put this on screen, and have them take guesses of who directed it, chances are they gonna nail Anderson because of his style.

However I am not reviewing Wes Anderson so I will move on to The Life Aquatic w/ Steve Zissou.

Overall this movie was everything I personally expected. I wasn't expecting to be rolling on the floor and down the aisles laughing at the theater. I wasn't expecting this movie to be the "best Murray film in years" either although it just might be. TLAw/SZ was definitely funny at times, not the kind of funny you'd expect from a allstar stand up comic but it was pretty good still. Perhaps my problem is I am easily amused, I'm not sure. Bill Murray could just stand on screen with his shirt off and I would probably be caught laughing. If it was anyone else besides Murray though I doubt it!

TLAw/SZ has somewhere around a seven star cast that makes for some really interesting characters. Not all breathtaking performances, but I don't see that being what the director was going for. Visually and Musically this film rates high to my standards. Good looking sets and the musical theme was pretty cool.

4 / 5

Oct 22, 2004

I was playing Harvest Moon 64 with this kid who lived on my street and my cows were not doing well and I got so raged up and frustrated that my eyes welled up with tears and my friend was like are you crying dude. Are you crying because of the cows. I didn't understand the feeding mechanic.

I am a huge Anderson fan, and I prepared myself to be disappointed after reading the mediocre reviews. However, I was pleasently surprised. It is a bit different than Rushmore and The Royal Tennenbaums, but in a good way. It doesn't quite gel the way those two films did, but it is very good anyway. It has some really clever humor, and I found myself really liking the characters. If you "get" Wes Anderson, I think you will probably like this film.


Steve's Guest
Dec 11, 2003

by Fragmaster

I'm not a big movie guy, and as such, don't dissect a film. I either enjoy it or don't. I sat down, watched the movie with my brother, and had one hell of a time. I found the purposely bad writing hilarious, especially with such talented actors doing with it what they would. Throw in an ending credits tribute to Buckaroo Banzai, and this movie gets what it deserves:


Aug 11, 2004


Pure theatrical bliss. Enough said.


May 25, 2004
A screaming comes across the sky....

What did I just watch? Bottle Rocket IV: The Wettening.

Wes Anderson should be forced to direct an action film to break up his tendency to make the EXACT SAME MOVIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN, but I'm not sure I could take the Luke/Owen Wilson he would undoubtedly insert.

I'll say it's OK because I guess on its own there is nothing really terrible about it, but if you have seen his other movies this one is entirely unecessary. Plenty of "quirky", so-subtle-it's-not-even-there humor, off-kilter everything with great cinematography so you can see the nothing on the screen that much clearer. Why do I always leave his movies so hungry? It's because there is so much of the movies with NOTHING in them that my stomach thinks it needs to fill me up.

Nov 19, 2004

I must say that I enjoyed it. It was as funny as I was expecting it to be, but it drew a few laughs. I should've liked to see more.. aquatic life, however. And I'd have to say that that the character development was lacking somewhat. But overall, a quality film. 4/5

Feb 18, 2004

You don't have to love me, but you will respect me.

I thought Rushmore was a piece of poo poo, but I love Tenenbaums. I thought this movie was fantastic, and I find myself laughing about parts of it days later, especially jeff goldblum hitting the dog, and when they left the dog behind.

The gunfights were incredibly hilarious, and the last scene underwater with the shark was funny but also incredibly beautiful and touching.

"I wonder if he remembers me?"

Great film, I can't think of too many people I would recommend it to, but those people would love it.


Nov 13, 2003

The Great American Hero

This movie was excellent, and I highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys a slightly different type of humor. Don't see this movie if 'Taxi' is your idea of a hilarious movie. One of the year's best.


localClient fucked around with this message at Jan 17, 2005 around 04:37

Nov 19, 2004

I loved it. I've seen it 4 times already. 2 free previews, 2 paid.

I loved all of the characters. This is the first Wes movie I've seen. When I first saw it, I was kind of dissapointed, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. Then I came across a second preview oppurtunity and gave it another chance. Since then I have been taking friends and I'll probably see it once or twice more in theaters. I loved everythign about it. It has the quirky animation and catchy music that attracts us all to Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.


Feb 12, 2002

I enjoyed this movie, but I feel like Anderson needs to diversify his style a bit. Definately some recycled themes/characters from Tenenbaums/Rushmore here. That's not to say I didn't like it, but I think he can go further than the same brooding characters breakdown-rebuild cycle. Some great moments, and a kickin soundtrack. 4/5.

Mach Won
Jun 17, 2004

Is UNC playing? My post is either whining about (1) ref favoritism, (2) unfair recruiting/player caliber, (3) opposing team sucking or (4) the inevitable UNC win. The day you see me giving UNC credit for anything is the day someone hacked my account.

Roy era: 1-16 RIVALS!!!!!

I wanted to like the movie, I really did. Royal Tenenbaums was funny, and I think Bill Murray is funny, but this movie was a huge steaming pile. The movie would have been much better if it had been "tightened up." By tightened up, I mean making the movie seem more connected, developing the characters, and actually giving some background information. I felt left out throughout most of the movie, and it isn't because I didn't pay attention. The whole movie felt like the writers had a bunch of ideas, went with them for a little bit, and then abandoned them entirely.

I have to give this a 2.

Jun 21, 2004
happy ending

i saw the poster for this movie in the summer, and i was looking forward to seeing it. when i finally went to the theaters, the movie was much more different than i thought it was going to be. i had pictured a crew who lives in some small underground sub, and they go on missions and adventures. i will say that i really enjoyed this movie. its not for everyone, so make sure you like some of wes's past flicks first. there is so much comedy in the film, its all over the place. ill give it 3/3 because i liked it that much.

another view on the film, canada's own tom green, this is what he had to say:

" I went and saw that movie The Life Aquatic last night. I loved that movie. That was an amazing movie. I really really enjoyed it. Think I may go see it again. Beautiful, and hilarious."

Johnny B. Goode
Apr 5, 2004

I went to see this flick last night, and I absolutely loved it. The balance of great comedy and an actual story is perfect, and every element used in the film delivers beautifully. I've never seen Wes Anderson's other movies, but I'm going to go back and watch them now. The thing that sets Life Aquatic apart from other movies is the unique comedy. This isn't just some slapstick horse crap, it's actually well planned home grown comedy.

My favorite parts were, of course, the gun fights. They came out of nowhere and almost had me pissing myslef. Anderson throws this in as (a backwards) serious kind of relief to the comedy, and it turns out to make you choke on your popcorn. It's as if he's mocking modern action flicks. I also liked the part where Steve turns on the music in his helment and starts dancing. The entire theater died out laughing, even though we'd all seen it in the trailer.

Also, Life Aquatic does end up being pretty emotional. That's why I liked it. It's humorous, yet it gets you teared up at the end.

All in all, it's probobly my favorite film in at least a year or so.. no joke. The last movie that I saw that made me leave the theater with a warm feeling like this was Collateral, and that was a different kind of film anyways.

Rating: 5.5
Pros: loving wonderful movie all together, great comedy, great storyline. It's a unique film.
Cons: none

Jerry Casanova
Jul 3, 2004

by Fistgrrl

This movie is Anderson's stumble. The characters are not fully realized and this is one instance where I wish Anderson would have opened casting to new faces rather than bring back the same folks.

Murray as Zissou is horribly miscast as is Wilson who plays his son.

Willam Dafoe's character is completely awesome.

Mutato Musica's soundtrack is lacking and completely pales to their "Rushmore" works - and this is coming from a huge DEVO and Mothersbaugh fan who would kill your momma in cold blood on Christmas day if you said anything negative about them at all.

Watching this movie made me feel that Anderson was doing nothing more than winking at me while saying "this is my style DON'T YOU LOVE IT??? " while jerking off a hot salty load onto my face.

I remain a Wes Anderson fan however and hope he gets back on the path for his next venture.

2.5 out of 5 for Anderson
3.5 out of 5 for the rest of Hollywood

Jerry Casanova fucked around with this message at Jan 9, 2005 around 12:39

Oct 2, 2003

I didn't go into this knowing it was a Wes film, and saw it spur of the moment.

I thought the juxtaposition (INDIE WORD ALERT) of the non-human life and the weirdness of the people on board trying to find their places was great. I thought the Cinemetography did just as good a job of telling the story as the characters did.

Mothersbaugh and Bowie teaming up on anything musically peaks my interest, although the guitarist as a plot device did get a little old.

All in all, this is the best movie I've seen in a while. Some scenes had me laughing very out of place Fold. but other than that, it flowed VERY well for a long movie. And I normally hate the faux-artsy, too.


Apr 22, 2003

I left the theater thinking I liked the movie but not really knowing why. The laughs were few and far between, but I chuckled a lot throughout the entire movie. The stop-motion animation added kind of a weird "charm" to the movie, and the underwater scenes reminded me of the old submarine ride at disneyland.

Overall I'd describe this movie as "charming". 4/5

Mar 8, 2003

Hello beautiful. gonna get gross.

The trailers made this look pretty funny, and everyone loves Bill Murray right?

Too bad this movie was terribly disjointed, bland, and overall one of the most self-indulgent movies I've ever seen. I laughed at a few scenes (mostly whenever Willem Dafoe was around), but the whole package felt a lot like a crappy joke disguising itself as deep or as profound dialogue, which it wasn't.

I personally think Wes Anderson needs to take a step back for a while - but that's just me sick of hearing about him through his fanboys who seem to think he practically created cinema as his own personal artform.

2.5 / 5

Mar 5, 2002

I could practically cut and paste Wraith's response to match mine. I'll word it differently though, just to be a unique snowflake.

I love Wes Anderson's films in general. The Royal Tenenbaums is on my desert island dvd player, and Rushmore is a wonderful film. I've only seen Bottle Rocket once, but I liked it very much. I've started in recent years to actually like Owen Wilson instead of cringing at his creaky pacific northwest speaking voice, and Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors of all time. So what was the problem? I'm not really sure... I wanted to love this movie. I expected to. It just didn't happen.

The cinematography was, as usual, very well executed for one of Anderson's films. The plot was not spectacularly complex nor mundane, but there just wasn't the wonderful surreal scenes you get in Tenenbaums- "Did you say mescaline? -Indeed I did." The best actor was Willem Dafoe, who instead of playing his habitual weird creepy guy, plays a weird creepy German who Actually Has A Heart But It's Underneath That Tough Exterior type. Jeff "I Play The Same Character in Every Movie I'm In" Goldblum makes an appearance as well, but it miay as well been Paul Reubens since his bit was so short. Bill Murray's character was just so numbingly angsty and angry about life in general that I didn't care to see his character progress if there was any growing involved, and his wife was just so unpleasant I didn't care if she ever was a good-hearted person to begin with.

I really wanted to add this flick to my admiration shelf for Wes, but I just can't do it. Looks like this is one of his DVDs that I'm in no hurry to acquire.

Two point loving five.

Power Walrus
Dec 23, 2003

Fun Shoe

This was probably one of the best films I've seen this year. I've never really been a subscriber to Wes Anderson's artistic choices in his past films, but I found this one to have the most consistent and pleasing aesthetic characteristics.

What I enjoyed the most about The Life Aquatic was the prevalent "fakeness" to everything. The cross-section of the Bellefonte, the stop motion of the animals. Even his crew is fake, "Klaus here used to be a bus driver".

Yet after following Steve and his entourage through their travels, his life really is this amazing.

The technical aspects are also oddly pleasing, Anderson uses an incredibly wide aspect ratio, something seen in huge outdoor epics like Lawrence of Arabia, but Anderson uses it to shoot a movie that consists primarily of close interior shots.

I could really gush on this film, but I just came back from it and my thoughts are quite uncollected.

Edit: 5.5

Master Cob
May 29, 2004

I'm just saying is all

[QUOTE]Seven Hats came out of the closet to say:

What I enjoyed the most about The Life Aquatic was the prevalent "fakeness" to everything. The cross-section of the Bellefonte, the stop motion of the animals. Even his crew is fake, "Klaus here used to be a bus driver".

This is also what I enjoyed the most about the film. But you forgot to mention that basically all of Steve Zissou's dialogue is fake (which is a good thing). There is such a strong emphasis on documentation in the lives of the crew of the Belafonte. The meta-awareness of their happenings - the potential for it to work out well with only a little editing and a soundtrack - bleeds into facets of their lives, until we get Steve Z. standing up on the deck, drawing a line, reciting "I just don't know what to say. I mean, what can I do?" etc. (he made a big deal after that scene, regarding the fact that he really thought the whole thing was being documented) He's straight reciting dialogue. "Wait, we have to go back and get the dog!" "I want to express my emotions, but I think if I do so I might cry." etc.

Steve has a comfortable niche, he's found a character that works both on and off the screen. Or at least a character he can get away with. I think it's an apt mirror to how we often self-narrate our own lives. We imagine audiences, we use lines that hopefully won't complicate the situation - ones that everyone can understand. He just happens to be really good at it (which, of course, detracts from true sincerity), probably because he actually does have parts of his life documented, and so he's found what works.

You really can't tell which scenes are being filmed for their documentary. Basically all of them would work.


And an aside: I saw this at the Metro 4 theater. Oh wait, that wasn't my aside. Here: I'm not a big Bill Murray fan (mostly because I think he's overrated, and I'm just responding to that), and I was happily surprised when, throughout this movie, every Murray fanperson in the audience did not laugh obnoxiously at his every move. I think I was actually laughing more than most of the audience. People just seemed so desperate to jump up and prepare to laugh their rear end off at him before the movie even came out.

May 10, 2002

I agree with Cronus' statement of "Too bad this movie was terribly disjointed, bland, and overall one of the most self-indulgent movies I've ever seen.", that sums it up pretty well.

I thought while it had a few funny parts and funny lines, ("Some loving fuckers...") and great music, that it was an absolutely lovely movie. The completely non sequitur lines interspersed throughout the film, and most notably at the climax underwater, when they find the shark, and the pregnant lady has some absolute bullshit line that ruins the emotional mood that was already weak anyway, don't add much to the comedy and are mostly just stupid. Most of the characters were simply annoying to me, and by the halfway point I was just wishing the story would progress and end as quickly as possible.


Jul 4, 2003

Hmm. Something's Not Right Here.

I had very high expectations of this movie going into my viewing, and this movie did not disappoint. I enjoyed this movie because it was not just a stupid comedy, but it actually had a pretty enjoyable theme/message. This is by far one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Quite possibly the best comedy I've ever seen.

I really liked how the use of indirect characterization; especially the way it's applied to Ned. (Zissou's impotence means that Ned probably isn't his son but probably a crazed boy fan grown up, for example) It was a nice change from the ordinary "This is Bob. Bob likes pizza and women. See Bob interact." It gave the movie some much-appreciated depth.

It would have been nice if they would have revealed some tidbits about Zissou's childhood and why he acted how he did with Ned. If they were pressed for time, they should have axed the sub-plot of Zissou's wife's ex-husband. That went nowhere.

Enough with the nit-picking, this is a great movie and definitely worth a viewing if you haven't yet seen it.


Zenny fucked around with this message at Jan 17, 2005 around 04:25

Mar 19, 2003

Absolutely loved this film.

This is just one big adult fantasy. You have to disconnect from your expectations and biases to enjoy it for simply what it is on its own level. I loved everything from the "fantasy" special effects and fish to the subtle narrative and the wacky characters and the wacky sitations. I have to say however that I have not seen any of Wes's films but I will certainly rent Rushmore and RT and will probably enjoy them.

5/5 no doubt

AgentXell fucked around with this message at Jan 21, 2005 around 22:55


Jan 23, 2004

College kids ain't shit

Grimey Drawer

I found it overtly uneventful, and dull. The whole CG just sucked rear end too.

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