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Aug 31, 2001

You've to be shitting me.
Welcome to the new music discussion forum!

Before you do anything make sure you read these rules clearly.

1) First off there will be NO sharing of copyrighted music in this forum. SA is not for that and you will be banned for it. This means no linking to music, no requesting music, and no redirecting people to places where they can get music. If it is copyrighted don't post it. Changing file names or sharing low-quality files is not allowed. If you want to talk about these things do it by a private means and don't involve the forums. THIS INCLUDES LIVE RECORDINGS.

2) Samples of songs are legal. This means that any clip of a song under 45 seconds long is fine to post here. Don't post anything longer please. If it is 46 seconds in length you won't be banned but you are not being mr. sly by posting a full song and calling it a clip.

3) No discussion of places to get copyright material. This includes discussion of setting up your own goon-only services. Don't do it here.

4) NO TROLLING. this is obviously a general rule for SA but I want to stress it. People have different tastes in music. Don't waste people’s time crapping on a thread just because you hate a certain band or genre. This will get you banned. If you disagree with someone post about it but make sure you include reasons why you disagree.

5) No Image Leeching. It's a general rule so follow it. If you want to link an album cover or something of that nature do it on your own hosting.

6) Trading/Selling your CDs should be done in the SA-Mart.

7) Greatest X Threads should be in the last week of every month and should be contained to one thread. I'm making them mod approved so if you have an idea for a Greatest X thread shoot me a PM and get it OK'd first.

8) Thread Titles: One word or single name thread titles will be gassed. Please give a little bit of effort and let me know what your thread is about other then "Artist."

This forum is for anything involving music. Talk about artists, genres, labels, shows, and how many times you've been back stage at a Motley Crew concert. Music production discussion should go in the Musician’s Lounge though. If you feel that you want to post your creations in this forum for a larger audience that's fine.



Don't post copyrighted mp3s here.

Don't post radio rips of new singles as soon as they leak.

Don't post links to mp3 blogs, or to rapidshare/sendspace/whatever. If a band officially releases a song on their myspace page or their web site or their label's site, post a link to it there. You will be banned for posting mp3s otherwise.


Q: Can I post a thread just to say that an album has leaked?
A: No. If you want to discuss the album, discuss the album. Don't post threads just to discuss leaks. It's not really against the rules to say that something has leaked, but this isn't an "mp3 scene" forum, so don't treat it like one.

Q: What if a song is out of print, rare, not yet released, never-gonna-be-released or recorded live?
A: It's probably still copyrighted. As far as live tapes go, they're legal if you have explicit permission from those who control the music's publishing rights. However, we don't have time to figure out whether something is legit or not. Solution? Distribute your live tapes somewhere else.

Q: Can I post an mp3 of a song if a band has posted the song on their myspace page?
A: No. You can post a link to their myspace page so people can hear the stream of the song, though.

Q: I have this mp3. Should I post it?
A: If you are in any doubt, you probably shouldn't. If you think you have a good reason why you should be able to post an mp3, contact me or AreYouIn first and clear it.

Q: Can I post mp3s of my own material?
A: Please do!

Sir Tonk is your Forum Friday representative, so PM him if you have suggestions/gripes.

As this forum gets going we'll add a few more rules I assume so check back occasionally. Let the games begin!

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Aug 31, 2001

You've to be shitting me.
Resource Station

NEWS and REVIEWS – Your First stop in music info. - Some people hate it, some people love it. I'm somewhere in between and think it's a somewhat useful tool to see reviews of newer stuff. - Music news. - Cool, but infrequently updated now sadly, indie music blog. I've found quite a few good obscure bands from it. - Canada's monthly music (and other media) newspaper. Lots of reviews, live show reviews, news. They're long and well-written in every case I can think of. "maps out" artists and shows you what is similar to what. - Really good music reviews, news and tour dates. Pitchfork alternative. is pretty good, even if their sense of humor is a little stupid as crap. tour news and tour dates. - is good too, and it also works for books and movies. - This site is updated infrequently, but they have hilarious / honest record reviews, and the gossip section is always great for inside info / conjecture. – Kind of like pitchfork, daily reviews and features. - Reviews and other articles covering lots of music from the 50s to the present. It's all done by just two guys, so their recommendations are not always as generic/predictable as you'd find on larger sites like allmusic, plus they get pretty harsh on stuff they personally hate. Overall they are very knowledgeable, and their recommendationss have served me very well. - Good site for reviews by music listeners, not critics. Really great community. - good resource for upcoming events and shows, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. It's free and you can add your own events. - this guy collects all those "best records in XXXX" lists critics are fond of making and compiles them into two megalists - 2000 critically best acclaimed singles and 2000 critically best acclaimed albums. - music reviews and whatnot. - for mainly pop music news. - Best described as the Japanese equivalent to AMG. Great for finding info on Japanese artists that aren't listed in AMG, if you can read Japanese. - English-language site that writes about and reviews Japanese indie music. - Similar to Pitchfork, but it seems to have a more objective ranking system. - Has a lot of reviews and features. It has some decent stuff once in a while.

ELECTRONIC - Discography site, excellent for electronic music - Industrial, electronica, avant-garde and various other music - an electronic music magazine. - Good site for people who make music electronically and whatnot.

JAM - for jambands Great news site to keep up to date on the jamband scene. Also has a nifty list of almost every jamband I've ever heard of and their official web page. - is like this but much much bigger. If you want to know about upcoming shows without checking each individual venue and band site, Jambase is the place to look. It has a huge community and has gotten me to go to a dozen shows I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

ROCK - stoner rock news, reviews, forums, dates, etc. - Reviews, complete discography, and tons of info for almost every progressive rock band in existence. - (George Starostin's site) is a pretty good site for various sorts of classical rock reviews, with a couple modern rock reviews thrown in for effect (although he's obviously a classic rock fan). It's back up after a months-long sabbatical. It's updated about once a week with a review or two, with probably the most content for a fan-review site. - Generally prog reviews with some experimental thrown into the mix. - Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock. More/other bands than on progarchives. Mostly overall-reviews, slow on updates, but heavy on content. Seems to be cooperating with Ground and Sky regarding individual album reviews. - Ok, this is a site in Swedish on Swedish prog, but it contains lots discographies I havent found anywhere else. Click on the link "Alla proggband A-Ö", and you should be able to read something out of this even if you don't speak the language.

METAL - Excellent database for all that is metal. - it has a pretty extensive reviews archive. - detailed reviews covering a range of genres, however updates are no longer very frequent. - seems to be pretty good for metal news. Nice for discographies too (if AMG won't do). - nice for buying metal CDs, especially for people who don't live near a CD store carrying metal. - if it doesn't have an entry for a band, it either doesn't exist, is really really REALLY obscure or isn't truly "metal". - News from the world of all-things Heavy Metal - The website for Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles magazine. Great for metal news. It's a lot like Blabbermouth, except for less gay-rear end nu metal and no horrible Fark-esque comment poo poo. - one of the best music news sites on the internet, for a certain scope of music. - Pretty good site for metal reviews. - An attempt to discuss metal as an intellectual movement by way of reviews and history. - A great site for metal news, but mainly it is a fantastic 24-hour online metal radio station. Members of the site request songs that are then played around the clock. - for what's going on in the world of music I listened to as a kid. - metal lyrics site. They have occasional annoying popups, but an awesome collection of metal lyrics.

COUNTRY - It's basically the token primer for alternative country, and there's quite a bit of information, frequently updated articles, etc. It's a very well polished site that keeps up on a lot of quality underground stuff, and stays safe away from the mainstream Alan Jackson/Toby Keith crap.

INDIE - follows independent music and culture in Canada (also imports). A weekly "issue" with usually a studio session from one band, live recording of another, plus photography and short stories on various other things. 20 new tracks every week to listen to while reading. - profiles on Canadian bands, with tracks to listen to and videos to see. - music store, focuses on independent labels of all types. - Cool site, updated fairly frequently. Only a few contributors, but they cover a lot of releases, EP's, etc. that don't normally get much fanfare. - internet radio, mostly of the indie rock variety. runs out of cincinnati, ohio but broadcasts worldwide. its what i listen to at work all the drat time. also has forums and stuff.

JAZZ - jazz index for oz - jazz/music news - great site for interviews, tons of reviews, news, and more.

CLASSICAL – Classical mp3s and Midis. Completely legal because people sequence it themselves and a one minute register gets you 5 files per day. It also has a blog section and some very interesting information on all of classical music. is one of the best sites for opera excerpts I've seen online. Excellent performances by most of the greats from the Golden Age, plus ample curiosities for those who enjoy such things. - the website of the greatest classical CD company producing today. I can't really think of a better site for the classical enthusiast (well, I can, but none that compiles so much information about comparatively obscure work and composers in one site.) is the site for the local classical station in Hampton Roads. It's about the best classical station I've ever encountered, which is why I submit it for inclusion here, and you can listen in via the 'Net - it's how I listen to my Met broadcasts. Speaking of which... - the website for the weekly Metropolitan Opera broadcasts (in season). Interested in learning about opera? Go here and read up on the broadcast operas. - said to be the best opera discussion forum online. I've seen it cited many times in many sources, and it makes for fascinating reading sometimes. - the best budget classical outlet available. I've found tons of stuff here, including tons of Australian and New Zealand music, and all at cut prices. - The BEST site for purchasing "classical" genre music. (and Baroque music, and Romantic music...) - Music Educators National Conference. This is a HUGE resource including everything from band to choir to mariachi. This is the place to look if you are into music advocacy. - National Association of Teachers of Singing. This organization has thousands of members that teach voice and perform on a regular basis. If you want to look for a voice teacher, talk about voice technique and find competitions, this is a good place to start.

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Aug 31, 2001

You've to be shitting me.
HIP-HOP - Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive. Has more hip-hop lyrics than any other website I've seen and loads quite fast. Only site I could find that had "What's Up Fatlip?", it usually doesn't turn up in google searches for lyrics so I thought I'd share it. - large searchable database of hip-hop samples. Search for artist, song, album, genre, or year being sampled; also search for the artist or song doing the sampling. -Soul, Funk, Hip-hop - Like the name says, weekly reviews of rap albums. They're generally pretty good. Even if you don't agree with their number scores, the reviews are usually detailed enough for you to decide whether or not you would like it.

PUNK - maybe a little too localized, but this is a HUUUGE SF Bay Area/NorCal concert listing - Good source for old punk/mod/power pop music. - pretty decent site updated daily with mainily punk/hardcore/metal with a dash of indie is kind of the same but a little more diligent. - beats both of them but goddamn the kids in the forum are annoying - A lot of good write ups about the UK anarcho punk scene and bands within it.

USER ORIENTED - Keeps track of what you listen to and offers suggestions based on your tastes. - For those of you who enjoy making mixed cd's, this site lets you browse through the playlists of others and submit your own for trading or for critiquing.

MISC - for setlists caters mostly to jambands, but also to other genres. It's a setlist search engine. - Live Music Archive - They have a huge extensive library of tablature on their site. The gimmick of this program, though, is that it plays the music along with you in MIDI. Most of the tab files on the site have every instrument transcribed (bass, drums, keyboards, even vocals), not just guitar. The program costs $20, but it's absolutely worth it. You can still download a trial version to try it out, and trust me, once you've tried it, you're going to want to buy it. - this is free. - the single greatest English eurobeat news/info site on the web right now. - lyrics without popups and ads - I swear to goodness, they have everything I have ever asked for, with accurate descriptions of each record, from field recordings to jazz to metal. - mp3s. - is a vast list of musicblogs. - for figuring out where the hell that song came from. - An SA-only internet radio station where you can upload your own songs and put them on the playlist for everyone to enjoy. Thread - now you can all shut up about what 'emo' means - for tabs. - it's mainly useful if you want to find more obscure artists that aren't listed elsewhere because it's users who add to the database, provide reviews etc etc rather than just a select few people. is like musicplasma - lists artists similar to the ones you type in. - great guitar forum, also very useful guitar and theory lessons. - A music history site with lots of lists that seem to primarily be for the author's personal reference. Band and artist pages vary widely, sometimes being in depth analysis or reviews, sometimes refutations of popular perceptions, or sometimes a simple classification and catalog rundown; apparently whatever the author feels is historically relevant. The site is a mess and needs an overhaul, so finding information by simply browsing can be tricky. - The Synthpop Network, for all your modern synthpop needs! gives a graphical representation of artists similar to the one you enter. Very cool. - is a great way to find new music and also very useful for when someone mentions a band you've never heard of -- just type in the band's name and get a random song so you can get a gist of what your buddy's talking about.

NON-COPYRIGHTED - music can be legally downloaded? -Mainly streaming, but some downloads, of live shows. Only the REALLY good ones make it here. This is private web page and they choose only some content. - is a massive community for posting audience, and sometimes, soundboard recordings. The amount of content is massive. You can choose between different qualities and to stream or download. Only artists that explicitly have agreed to be included are there. - live recordings of independent bands - This is a smaller community of tapers that use bit torrent to distribute their recordings. Great site if you can't find it on - Streaming Video of concerts. The band list is pretty diverse. - Thousands of free songs and biographies of indie and electronic groups. - for great concerts and studio footage. I think everything is recorded by the CBC. - a lot of DJ sets, as well a lot of other music. I mainly go there for the DJ-sets, too bad it's only Dutch, but it's easy to navigate if you want to listen something, just click on artists. all streams are Realplayer only - a terrific blog that collects legal mp3s from all over the place. - A spectacular net label with tons of free music from eclectic artists. Plus, it's run by a Goon! - lots of different (mostly heavy) types of music freely downloadable here, some reviews, as well as forums to promote your own project / band.

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