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The Walrus
Jul 9, 2002

Fun Shoe

JAN 07:2008

Hey, I've had to edit more non-review posts in this forum in the past couple of weeks than I have in the couple of months before that. The forum's been getting a bit more traffic than usual which is nice and probably the reason for this problem, so a friendly reminder: this forum is for REVIEWS ONLY. A less friendly reminder will be the probation you recieve should you neglect to follow this rule in the future.

Also thanks for voting on this thread, rabidleper, you jerk

thanks everybody

JUNE 06:2007

don't abuse the rating system assholes

Check out the Knocked Up votes to see what I mean. At least 5 people voted that movie a 0, which should not be possible when casting a vote in the proper way. It would be bad enough had they just voted a legit 1 and not posted a review for a movie that everyone else seems to love. But they're using an exploit to do so, which is just not cool.

Looking through older threads it seems this has been an ongoing problem, varying in severity from case to case. So I'll be keeping an eye out for this in the future, and will be handing out increasingly harsh punishments until the problem goes away.


DEC 23:2005
(I'm not going to make a new thread because it's not really worth it and I want to use this one to keep the new releases visually seperated )

So yeah, please do try to have some amount of substance to your reviews. There isn't really much said by "I thought this movie was loving garbage, waste of money never see it 0.5/5" that isn't expressed equally as well as hitting the vote button. This isn't something we're going to be dealing with by probations or warnings or anything, since to be quite honest a fair amount of this forum is composed of such posts. Just try to keep this in mind, that's all I ask.

edit: just to make sure nobody does, don't enter a vote on this thread

The Walrus fucked around with this message at 16:48 on Jan 7, 2008


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