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Apr 14, 2004

so much for
bein' optimistic

New exclusive remixes here:



Sep 16, 2002


Here's my mp3 blog, most of you should like something that's on it:

The design still looks like poo poo because it's only a few days old and I haven't been able to look at the wordpress code and see how to change anything (I hear it's just a very simplified html, though...). But still, free and legal mp3s for you folks.

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Mr Wind Up Bird
Jan 23, 2004

i'm a goddamn coward
but then again so are you

Here's a collection of work by a band called "Splashdown"

It's kind of like Freezepop, except not. It's hard to describe. The lead singer was on the soundtrack for the games Amplitude and Frequency and is currently singing for Universal Hall Pass, which is on iTunes. Anyway, the band and record label are both long gone and they encourage sharing the music

If you want a good sample I would download:

So Ha from Stars and Garters
Karma Slave from Possibilities (it was on the Titan A.E. soundtrack)
Procreation Chick, Halfworld, and I Understand from Blueshift

Redshift is the ep for Blueshift but the songs are slightly different.

I hope other people like Splashdown as much as I do.

Jun 18, 2004

If you're a fan of indie rock, you owe it to yourself to check out Andrew Bird at You can download an mp3 of A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left, which is an amazing song, and if you like it he has the entirety of that album streaming there.

Dec 10, 2003


Pretty Little Rainbow posted:

S.S.H. - A Japanese transmetal band that does alot of covers of video game music (Guilty Gear, RPG battle music etc) as well as their own stuff. All of it is free.

Im totally digging all the music here, drat good stuff.

Im suprised no one mentioned's Lounge Acts

Don't think you can get them through the actual website, but you can grab them off of itunes for free. I just checked and it looks like they have about 20 of them up right now. They also offer an hour long podcast of unsigned bands from all over as well

Cardamommy Issues
Feb 16, 2005

I've waited around for more important things

Hawklad posted:

If you're in the mood for Pirate Metal the Scottish band Battleheart has both of their EP's available for free download:

They advertise themselves as "True Scottish Pirate Metal" which begs the obvious question. But I've got to admit - "Nancy the Tavern Wench" is a great song.

This is actually pretty neat. Thanks!

May 27, 2005
I love the Padre Whisper

One of Mount Eerie's first releases, Seven New Songs of Mount Eerie, is available for free at by way of the following link:

Mount Eerie is, of course, Phil Elverum, whose prior project was the Microphones. This download is approved by Elverum, and linked to from his home page at

Here's a description of the release from the website:

"Seven songs recorded for the July 2004 tour of Australia by Mount Eerie. They were recorded 'Nowhere' in Anacortes, Washington in the months of May and June 2004. The release was in an edition of 196 CDRs and sold out on tour. Somehow people in North America found out about it and thought they really wanted it because of the low quantity. Now it is available forever for free. No more romance!"

It's really, really good!

A Used Game
Jul 10, 2005
Gamestop Special

As a very big fan of The Legendary Pink Dots, i'm bringing what I have to share:

The LPDs are very friendly to bootleggers and allow all their shows to be recorded with the only rule being that they don't make money off it and they've allowed this website to be an offical bootleg archive.

All the ones on there are EXTREMELY high quality and completely fantastic and they've also got solo shows done by their singer (Edward Ka-Spel).

Check it out if you're interested in the band or already a fan and don't know about it.

coolskillrex remix
Jan 1, 2007


probably some of the best chillout/electronic music i have ever heard. period.

Jan 6, 2007

Hands of my ~*Space Waifu*~ planet-huggers! *tips space-fedora*

Metapsychic Records is a net-label that releases good goa trance for free. It was founded in the autumn of 2006. So far there have been two releases plus one EP.

Feb 20, 2007
In propria persona

Thanks for the link to! Good stuff.

My contribution:The Darker Side of The Dream

Dec 24, 2005

It's always 2am somewhere.

SXSW ( has released a torrent of 739 songs (3.1 Gigs) from bands showing at the music festival.



atlas barfed
Aug 17, 2006

Online record label, has about ten artists or so. Saw, Gannon and Between the Pine are my personal faves.


atlas barfed fucked around with this message at Feb 27, 2007 around 02:47

Aug 31, 2001


Someone mentioned the Chrome Children mix earlier, but to underscore that: please, please, please visit:

and check out their podcasts. J Rocc is one of the best DJs around, and not just for his cuts. He is a HUGE crate digger, mixing poo poo you ain't never heard before. Check out his James Brown tribute to see what I mean.

Also, keep an eye out for if you love Hip-Hop. The site is up and down like a sine wave, but they have some amazing stuff on there, usually 30 minute hip-hop shows from the Bay Area. Fantastic stuff, they have a deep collection of wax.

Jun 15, 2005

Droppin the Funk Bomb!

Oh god I love Stumbleupon

Free Classical. There's over 100 composers available to select works from.

Nov 2, 2004

If you are looking for something pretty unique, I suggest you check out Buck 65. Its not for everyone, but I like it.

The website has a free 5 track EP to download as well as a mix tape and videos. If you don't like one song, I suggest you try another. The videos are a good example of how diverse his style can be.

Jan 27, 2006

Expensive Taste (the group featuring Travis Barker, Paul Wall and Skinhead Rob) have a mixtape out - apart from the loving annoying DJ shoutouts every thirty seconds, it's good stuff.


Dec 5, 2006

If anyone likes Sigur Rós:

Mar 11, 2007


this thread is amazing and has made me very happy!

if you like sickeningly pretty twee/electronic music, my two favourite record labels with free downloads are:

teenbeat -


labrador -

i've got some amazing stuff from both those sites.

(and if you love it, let me know, because you obviously have great taste, hahah.)

Lil Danzig
Mar 1, 2007

Here's an entire free album for those of you who are into math-rock type stuff. This is a band I played in for years that broke up around 2004 or so. It's been so long now that I really don't mind giving this poo poo away.

Fans of Faraquet, Shudder To Think, and any of that other DC stuff might like it. King Crimson and Rush fans might find a couple things to appreciate as well. Jazz folks should note that the last song features a saxophone freakout by none other than Sam Rivers.

Anyways, even if you hate it, it's an entire record and it's free. Have at 'er, folks.

Right-click and save.

The Vinja Ninja
Mar 16, 2006

Sometimes, time beats you.

The band sElf released a whole bunch of free crap due one of their albums being caught up in bureaucracy. You can download a lot for free from here

I for one think that they are all right, but their song Kodak Moment makes me smile.

edit: domain parkers

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Dec 22, 2004

A tiny bundle of supressed instincts held together by spit and caffeine.

The Dollar Canon released their album Good Morning, Detective for free online just before breaking up in 2004, and the album is still available for download.

GMD is a concept album about a ghost of a girl who haunts a man until he solves her murder. The album itself as a unit is a mystery novel with a beginning, middle, and end. There's enough ambiguity to keep you guessing after repeated listens, but not so much that you feel lost as to what's going on.

Fans of bands like Built To Spill will find a lot to like about this record. Turn out the lights, play the album, and try to figure out whodunnit.

Sep 11, 2001



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Snap Your Fingers
Dec 16, 2006
I've been insightful for about 17 years.

Do you wish your indie music was more funky? Check out and there are a bunch of his free tracks on the right side.

They're all remixes of indie artists. I own "Indie Rock Blues" on vinyl, making it the best random purchase I have ever made. Check this dude out.

Oct 2, 2006
Super Ska Stravaganza

I threw all my band's mp3s up on a googlepages site, we're a ska band so if you're into that, please give us a listen!

Also, if you want the rap album my friend and I wrote and recorded in 4 nights, go here:

Sep 25, 2006

Jackson 5 mashed up with Ludacris. Produced by JJ Brown. There are some pretty sweet songs on here, if you like hip hop.

Baron Patsy
Apr 8, 2006


baleful.bandit posted:

OMG aren't they on Catamari Damacy?

Assuming you're talking about the game Katamari Damacy (or Damashii), no, they aren't, though some of their songs are a bit similar in style.

Mar 30, 2007
I hacked the Gibson.

There was a give away of a Digital Soundboy remix of Lily Allen's Smile on her site a while ago. Not sure if it's still up, I couldn't find it on there, but here's a radio mix from Blamma! Blamma! who have been producing some killer stuff. Link taken from their myspace, it's a pretty awesome mix. I've been trying to track down individual tracks off of it for the last half hour.

Zshare Link

Apr 4, 2007

Encomium in colour

Madness' "Shame and Scandal" free download from Amazon (of all places!):

Yes, the same Madness that did "Our House" in the 80s, etc.


Frank Sidebottom free download "Free Download"


A bunch of Divine Comedy stuff:


Texas live tracks

Jan 27, 2006

Just started a new MP3 blog, at
Nothing much on there yet, but might be worth adding if you have a LiveJournal.

Sep 10, 2006

What happens when two political refugees from the USSR move to California, meet a fellow Russian guiarist and decide to form a band? You get The Red Elvises, one of the few groups to remember that rock is meant to be followed by "and roll," and I've just noticed that their official fansite is hosting a few of their mp3s.

The link to 'Sad Cowboy Song' isn't working at the moment, which is a tragedy, but they have plenty others, including the surfin' instrumental 'Love Pipe,' the comical confession, 'Closet Disco Dancer,' the sappily light-hearted 'It's a Wonderful Night' and the downtempo 'My Love is Killing Me.'

Sergeant Hobo
Jan 7, 2007

Zhu Li, do the thing!

Some good stuff here. I'll pimp a website myself. You may have heard his work if you've ever played the Half-Life 2 mod Dystopia. He is bioxeed and has quite a lot of good stuff, if you like hardcore techno and the like.

Statutory Ray
Apr 21, 2007

by Fistgrrl

So I realize now that there's a thread for this, I might as well share:

Wombstretcha the Magnificent (my "band")

On a Daily:

Baby Steps:

Shake It Like a Baby:

Why Didn't You Buy Our Album?:

Nov 17, 2006

All you metalhead goons might want to check out my melodic/technical thrash metal band, Swath. Our first demo, consisting of three songs, is free for downloading at the address (Finnish site, but just hit the download button which can be found under the song title). The songs are downloadable also in for registered users, if you'd prefer that.

A word of warning though, the production is kind of rough since we recorded this at our rehearsal space with limited equipment. Anyways, any kind of feedback would be appreciated, there is a guestbook at the bottom left corner of the page ("nimi" means "name" and "viesti" stands for "message"). You can also drop an email to me, I'd love to hear some comments!

Oct 21, 2005


Theem, would you mind translating the song descriptions (the short text below the download buttons for each song) into English? I am a linguist myself, but my knowledge of Finnish is less than stellar and I'm in a particularly lazy mood.

Nov 17, 2006

Amarok posted:

Theem, would you mind translating the song descriptions (the short text below the download buttons for each song) into English? I am a linguist myself, but my knowledge of Finnish is less than stellar and I'm in a particularly lazy mood.

OK! They are really nothing special but at least I can try. This sävelet/sanat/sovitus beneath the descriptions means music/lyrics/arrangements, but I think you figured that out already. Although I have no idea how to translate a word like "pläjäys", here goes..

Slightly Inconvenient:

The first song of our DIY-demo; an exploding start.

Left Hand Highway:

A rock'n'roll song influenced by later-era Carcass.


Leaning towards progressive metal, this is an ending of almost epic proportions. But oh yeah, there is that humppa-beat there too. [ Meaning the thrash drum beats during the verses, actually ]

Feb 20, 2007
In propria persona

Listening to Unkle F.L.O.Y.D. - Pigs in your headlights.

It really makes you wanna drink another cup of coffee instead.

Thanks Yvetot.

and now,
Unkle F.L.O.Y.D.- Dogs In Your Headlights

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Nov 23, 2004

Saddle Creek has some free downloads up for some of their bands.

Bright Eyes

The Faint

There's some more.... but you have to dig around.

Mar 15, 2007

Faster, pussycat, kill, kill!

I did some skimming throught this thread, and I'm pretty sure this one wasn't posted...

Josh Ritter, his music is the kind of stuff that i can listen to over and over again and never get tired of it... Its so entrancing and some of the lyrics like in his song "thin blue flame" are powerful... I dunno... Check it out for yourself


Sep 11, 2001

Through constant decay
Uranium creates
the radioactive ray.

From the RZA, the GZA, Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef, Mastah Killah, U-god, Ol' Dirty Bastard, and of course, the Method Man, here's over 200 Wu-Tang Clan mp3's:

Uranium fucked around with this message at Apr 29, 2007 around 19:56

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