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Os Furoris
Aug 19, 2002

Is it just me or is their a severe lack of Latin American and African films in the Collection? Latin America in particular has some classics that have never been released on DVD, yet Criterion keeps pumping out European, American, and Japanese stuff by the same predictable directors. I realize my pet interests have nothing to do with their buisness model but drat, they're really letting me down on some great stuff that has no US release.

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Os Furoris
Aug 19, 2002

vertov posted:

Robert Stam has been pushing them to release some Brazilian films. I don't know if they have anything specific planned, but he's worked with them in the past, so maybe he can twist their arm on it.

I think the reason why they've settled into the standard names is because the DVD market has stagnated a bit and they're still sitting on the fence about HiDef formats. It's actually kind of strange that they're using Eclipse to saturate the market even more, because in the past they've claimed that there were fears that the DVD market could barely sustain their own release schedule as far as "art cinema" goes.

2006 did bring their first Spanish and Mandarin language releases on DVD though, so there's some hope for the future. Personally I want to see a lot more Chinese cinema from them.

If they're pushing for some Brazilian stuff my guess would be Glauber Rocha. His works are immense and extremely important, at least in my mind, to understanding film in the third world. Besides Deus e o Diablo na Terra do Sol(which has a pretty lovely region 1 release) none of his other stuff is on DVD here.

Other possibilities are some of Salles' early work or the Tropicalists' films.

A box set of The Battle of Chile, would also be kickin'.

I guess I can wait for the format shift, but since these films are exceedingly rare in the US, and in Latin America as well, buyers might be greatful to have them in any format.


My girlfriend just told me that she had drinks with Robert Stam while he was in Brazil and he asked her to send her thesis to him. Apparently he spent the entire night talking about ovens of all things with another professor in the bar. Of all the things he could talk about....

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