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Nov 3, 2002

I have sent out over 50 resumes and a handfull of portfolios and have yet to hear back from anyone in any way shape or form. I want to get into game design as either a concept artist or some sort of artist in game design. my fall back is web design. any suggestions on good websites for finding jobs? Any sugestions on how to get the game companies to read my resume?


Nov 3, 2002

I just got back from the game developers conference in Austin Tx where they had a "job day". I handed out over 30 resumes and talked to a hundred or more HR reps and from the sound of it i dont stand much of a chance as far as a job in the gamming world goes. Basicaly long story short you have to either know someone in the industry or you have to have 5 years experiance. 5 years in a industry that is only like 15 years old. whatever I am over it.

I am not giving up though. i am still going to waste a few hundred more dollers to go to the one in LA in october. But i was wondering if anyone had any sugesstions of companies or industries to look into.

I am a digital art major so any companies dealing with art, 3d modeling, textureing, traditional ar, web design, flas, photoshop, video editing. anything like that i would love to know what companies are out there.

Here is a list of game design companies in case anyone wants to get practice at being turned down.

I suppose i will add more later. Microsoft hase a game division as well as some other large companies but you can find those.

Nov 3, 2002

stuckeys posted:

Hey ZergCow I was considering relocating to Austin (in the distant future) and am interested in the "job day" you went to. Do you have a link?

I am in a similar position to you so you're not the only one dealing with heroic odds. I got out of college this spring and right now I'm working with different game mods/teams for unpaid experience in concept art. It's a start, I guess, but it seems so hard to break into the big time.

Yea i forgot about that link. It was the Austin Game Developer conference. here is the link

Also, the people that did the "career day" for it are here...

the game career people have some more fairs coming up. i will be going to one in LA October 19th.

Also if anyone is interested I am starting to find that a good recruiter can go a long way. You can actually get people to find a job for you. basically they network for you and find what you need. i havent looked into the cost of this yet but i found an amazing team of people that can do it well. this was recomended to me by several people that are looking for jobs in the industry. I hear nothing but good things about this company. Also check out the conferances they go to and their partners.

Nov 3, 2002

Xeltos posted:

It's really nice to see threads like this. I am currently a senior illustration major at Ringling. We actually have a portfolio class geared to stuff like career advice and resumes and all that junk, so I'll be sure to pass on any useful information I get to you guys.

I was wondering what the general consensus was on how many pieces to put in a portfolio website. I know a real physical portfolio should have around 15 pieces, but forgot to ask about Web Portfolios.

with websites information flows faster and people are less interested in looking at stuff. so the more the better. I would put at least 10 from each area. like 10 drawing then 10 of whatever feild you are going into and then 10 of a feild you like or do as a hobby.

I would say that some of the best i have seen have had about 20-30 from each area. you get lost in the art and it makes the "just ok" stuff less noticable. especially if a large majority of it is good strong bodies of art work.

The Iron Giant posted:


so how did you find those companies. I am thinking of starting to look into digital touchup stuff since i have been using photoshop for over 8 years now. my longterm goal is game design or at least work on one major game in my life. But i need a job that i am good at ... i just dont know where to look to get a job as a touchup artist.

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