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The 311 Lifestyle
Feb 16, 2018

just trippin'
and laughin'
at the crap

super thief rules, i'm already right there w/ you. we saw em last year in louisville and they were crazy


Drastic Actions
Apr 7, 2009


Nap Ghost

Just saw IDLES live and they’re so loving great. I haven’t had so much fun at a show in quite some time, and they’re super nice to talk to! Go out and see um if they’re in town, totally worth it.

The opener was Banbara and, having not heard them before, super impressed me. Great night overall.

90s Shoes
Jan 30, 2014

new Joyce Manor is... spotty. They have a way with making particularly disappointing records (lately in late part due to weird production choices).

Maybe this is partly on me, since I think Never Hungover Again is basically perfect, who knows.

Anyway it's mostly good songs but it lacks much of an identity and is sonically all hosed up. The production choices on various songs are really strange and sterile, there's some weird like solid state guitar drones and kooky acoustic reverb stuff and kind of bland backing vocal mixes and all kinds of weird panning choices, I dunno what the hell was going on, especially since Kurt Ballou produced most of it. It seems really clumsy and insecure.

But most of the songs are pretty good (especially Up The Punx), but I wish Barry wanted to be in a punk band still, they're softening out which is fine in theory, but the songwriting starts to lose its punch when the resulting songs are less emotive (and produced to sound even more sterile).

These like acoustic ballads and "Silly Games"-type songs are pretty disappointing when you get a 20 min record every few years.

Still, when they're on, they're on, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in DC in a few weeks regardless.

90s Shoes fucked around with this message at Sep 21, 2018 around 12:50

Oct 6, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

I haven't really enjoyed anything after Never Hungover Again so i'm with you

Oct 7, 2003

benny with the good hair

God drat the new Direct Hit! track loving rules.

Feb 18, 2006

Worked-up silent dork without sex ability seeks oblivion and demise.

Clever Betty

Inspector_666 posted:

God drat the new Direct Hit! track loving rules.

Yes. Yes it does.

Feb 8, 2012

You couldn't grok my race car, but you dug the roadside blur.

Tigers Jaw was sick as hell.

The fire alarm went off half way through the show lol

Rooney McNibnug
Sep 2, 2008

the new hosed Up album is.............. really drat good.

Jan 2, 2005

Tigers will do anything for a tuna sandwich.

Rooney McNibnug posted:

the new hosed Up album is.............. really drat good.

I really like that they got weird for the second half. On the last couple, I'd start tuning out toward the end of the record because all the songs ended up sounding kind of the same.

That sure as gently caress isn't a problem this time.

Apr 12, 2007

Speaker-sama noticed me?

Well got to see Alkaline Trio last night and they shredded. They pretty much stuck to big crowd pleasers which was fine BUT they played "she took him to the lake" and I wasn't honestly expecting to hear that and it made my night. Since I'd never seen them before I was a little surprised that they didn't do the cliche thing of coming back for an encore with acoustic instruments and playing "blue in the face" or one of their other acoustic songs, but they did close out with "Radio" which was about as perfect as I way to close as possible I think.

Would definitely see again but I dunno, I think the Showbox Sodo kind of sucks and I'd much rather have seen them at the Paramount or the Moore.


El Gallinero Gros
Mar 17, 2010

A worthy cause.

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