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Feb 19, 2009

vaginadeathgrip posted:

Gah, how can you hate lingerie! I can't wait to take that class at my school. It turned out really well. I love pleats :)

As a side note, I would kill for an industrial machine. We use Juki's at my school but they all cost a pretty penny. Someone might notice if I try and walk out with one. I just hate my POS at home so much.

For my advanced draping class, we have to research a designer and create a piece influenced by their designs. The guy I had made this:

also this:

I have big shoes to fill :(

wow those are gorgeous dresses. i've been sewing for over 15 years and the sewing class i took a year ago ruined alot of my skills. i did everything freelance and then took a class on how to read patterns and such. now im petrified to so anything more intricate than curtains and hemming pants (my teacher had the personality of how i imagined martha stewart having...CRAFT NAZI)

Feb 19, 2009

seriouslywtf posted:

So, I finally got around to setting up the serger I got for Christmas. That thing is a motherfucking bitch to thread.

That is all.

ha! yeah, they are. but once you get it threaded the whole way, the next time you want to change the color of the thread, cut the thread before it winds into the machine hooks, tie the new thread, then pull the old one. the knot rarely gets caught in the machine and you've saved yourself probably about 20 minutes of frustration
Feb 19, 2009

Ambrose Burnside posted:

Dunno if this is the right thread, but how can I lighten a navy-blue article of clothing to a sort of Robins'-Egg blue? Is it even possible?
Would I have to dye a white/cream/what-have-you article of clothing to the right shade or what?

e: I'm not sure of the fabric composition, but it could be polyester, cotton or even wool, or a combination, so instructions for each would be wonderful.

like the others have said, use a color remover. depending on how deep the blue is, the fabric won't loose all the color, but will turn into a light blue because blue dye is potent. from my experiences, lightener doesn't really do much, so stick with the remover and redye if you have to.
Feb 19, 2009

meatsneakers posted:

Can anyone recommend a black/red/orange/etc fabric which is breathable, at least 56" wide and not-see through that's around $2 - $3 per yard? I've looked through the sites mentioned in the OP, but I can't tell if some of the fabrics are see-through, or breathable.

A light flannel would be more opaque than straight woven cotton and is breathable. This may be your best choice. as for price, i'm pretty sure you could find cheap light flannel.
Feb 19, 2009

4R7 THi3F posted:

I made a bra for my lingerie class. It's a coordinates with the chemise I posted earlier.

We had to deconstruct an ugly, very matronly maidenform bra and copy the pattern pieces in a different fabric. I added a bunch of trim to make it less fugly.

I added a little rosette/button detail over the closure.

that came out really cool. I have to say i'm great with a sewing machine, I've made things for other people (rarely myself), from scratch and from patterns, but i find I use my skills more so for altering things. I hem all my pants, alter shirts and dresses and what not, I'm always dying something to spruce up the others find themselves doing this more so than making things from scratch?
Feb 19, 2009

madlilnerd posted:

Inspired by crazy veterans on the simpsons, I give you THE RAG FLAG:

punk-a-licious. (AKA- oh god I'm so out of practice with my sewing machine)

thats so cute! now i have to do that with the puerto rican flag...thanks for the post!
Feb 19, 2009

district 12 posted:

I posted this in the Ladies' thread in W&W, so sorry if you see this twice.

So for my 3d Concepts class we had to take containers and make a volumetric shape out of them. Inspired by Martin Margiela's artisanal collection (via Goldaline's post in the runway thread), I decided to use magic stretch gloves to make a skirt.

The end result is something I'm really pleased with! I plan on replacing the sewing machine needle I broke, reinforcing some of the seams and totally wearing this out. I've never sewn something to completion before (just tidied up holes in my old shirts and whatnot) but this was actually really easy. I want to make more clothes!

you should smile! you made a sweet skirt that probably took weeks to make!

Feb 19, 2009

Kettlesquid posted:

It's nice to see some hardy older sewing machines in this thread!

i agree! mine is from the 40s and it does straight lines and reverse. i do with i had one with more family stitching, but it works for my purposes...which is pretty much alterations and stuff. they're just beautiful to look at

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