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Dec 4, 2004

Thanks for making this! I just got into sewing this month, though I bought my supplies a few months ago. I've been hanging around craftster to try to get an idea of how to do things.

What is the best way to get a tailored look in clothes? I love the way well fitting clothes work, but I have football player shoulders, so button down shirts tend to drape and make me look huge. Do you just increase the dart around the waist?

As soon as I go buy my zipper, I'll be finishing up my first wearable thing, a zip up hoodie. I messed up a little, but it's coming along pretty nicely. I'll post pictures when it's done.


Dec 4, 2004

ElanoreMcMantis posted:

If you mean that you want it to look as though it were made for you, yes darts and proper fitting of the pattern will assist in achieving that look. Can you tell me your measurement from shoulder to shoulder, bust, and waist? Depending on those measurements a different type of dart may work better. Does it just drape around you like a pillow-case shape, or does it fit in the bust but not the waist or vice versa? You want to make the areas that aren't fitting fit correctly, but if you take in the waist and the bust isn't fitted you will end up with a hollow bubble around your underarm/bust.

My measurements are embarrassing, so they've been edited out!

Most things that I think fit well in the waist and bust do not fit my shoulders. This is especially true for jackets, I can hardly ever find ones that fit right. I just got a peacoat from old navy, and I could probably wear it as a maternity coat when the time comes.

I had to get a shirt for an interview, and to get it to fit my shoulders and bust, it was hanging square from my bust and there was too much fabric in my arms and around my hips. It made me look really old and frumpy.

Even though I'm fat, I'd like my shirts to have a more modern cut.

Oh, and what is basting exactly? I keep thinking it's stitching it, but that doesn't make sense. I might try my hand at pinning my sweater together to get a nice fit on it.

dopaMEAN fucked around with this message at 21:18 on Dec 3, 2007

Dec 4, 2004

Captain Schlork posted:

(I don't see any darts on that dress, either.)

I think that's the idea. I can see them, but they blend really well.

Anyways- I finally got around to getting my zipper for my sweater, but while I was there, I picked up a pattern for a cute apron. I'm almost done with it, but I encountered a piece that has me confused.
Hopefully, I'll finish it up tonight, then I can finish my sweater.
I'd post pics, but we just got burglarized a second time, and officially have no cameras left.

Dec 4, 2004

I used to work for a company, that sold printers that print directly onto fabric. When I first started working there in 2005, they were only using cotton and cotton blends, but they were researching other fabrics. By the time I left, they could print on nearly anything- silks, polyesters, blends, golf balls, hats.

I kind of miss working there, I got to make some cool poo poo.

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