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Nov 28, 2005

The best Darcy.

By popular request here's the new Do it Yourself forum!

This is the place to post about home fix-it ideas, building projects, hobbyist stuff (like model building, gardening, crocheting, sewing, woodworking) and so forth. We're really excited to see what goon ingenuity will come up with here!

Forum Rules/Guidelines (subject to change):
EDIT: SoundMonkey bolding of important parts.

1. Universal SA Rules apply here, just like any other sub forum. Act like a jerk at your own risk.

2. If people troll threads, post unsafe/malicious advice, etc., please report them.

3. Quick questions should go in the Fix It Fast thread.

4. Don't close your threads. Other people may have related questions or discussion. (Or do close your threads, this isn't E/N, you wont get probated for it)

5. Give your threads informative titles and icons! Make it clear whether your thread is a demonstration/how-to, a request for help, a current project, a megathread, or whatever, and if possible, include the kind of project (sewing, wood working, etc.) in the title as well. Vague or lovely thread titles may either be edited or your thread may get gassed.

Also if you're asking for help for a project or repair, be sure to include in your post sufficient details/diagrams/photos/model names/etc. that people can actually offer useful advice.

6. If you post images, be sure to host them on an image hosting site such as Or wherever, provided the images work and don't violate the hosting site's TOS regarding inlining. Remember that http (as opposed to https) image links break the forums now.

7. No console modding (and while we're on the subject, no illegal mods of firearms or anything else). [Wow, like... was this an issue? were y'all modding AR-15s from super nintentos up in this piece?]

8. Remember this is the internet. Under no circumstances should advice in this forum replace a consultation with a professional. Just as we warn elsewhere that some problems require advice from a doctor or a lawyer, the same holds true here. For emergencies, asking a goon is not a substitute for calling an electrician, plumber, the gas company or whatever.

9. is not responsible for any inaccurate information in DIY, so keep this in mind if you build your house based on advice in this forum and the roof collapses on your 98-year-old step-grandmother.

10. Posting in DIY is not a substitute for using Google to find your answers.

36. Don't try to defend your godawful countertops or bathroom tile with poverty. If you have a tile countertop you need not be worried by this, you've suffered more than enough.

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Mar 20, 2008

by exmarx

Please note that as of 2013, I am the new mod in CC and DIY, replacing pipes!
I am reachable via PMs and at

Humboldt Squid
Jan 21, 2006

And I'm replacing Neonnoodle for CC and DIY feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions.

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Apr 22, 2006

I just push buttons.

I guess it's me now.

Apr 22, 2006

I just push buttons.

Sorry, I should have been way more clear.

1) The rules in the first post sound pretty good to me.

2) If you need to get in touch with me, mash report (checked a couple times a day), PM me (checked weekly because the SA mailer sucks), or e-mail me at (I'll get it on my phone although I may not be able or willing to respond at that very second.)

3) If you send me a PM with a genuine question I will respond in a serious and respectful manner within 48 hours. Responses after that are not guaranteed to be free of profanity or goatse.

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Apr 22, 2006

I just push buttons.

Thread opened as suggestion box like I have in Dorkroom.

Jaded Burnout
Jul 10, 2004

Hello I am the new DIY mod.

If you need a thing then report a post, PM me, or email me on

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Jaded Burnout
Jul 10, 2004

I've tried nicely asking people to stop swinging their dicks about but I guess it hasn't worked, so I'm going to start cracking down via Rule 1 above, "Act like a jerk at your own risk".

As posted in the Fix it Fast thread:

I'll take 10 newbie posters over 1 person with experience who seems to enjoy making others feel small. I'm grateful to anyone who provides the benefit of their experience to others but when it comes with the price of making others feel unwelcome, well, I'm tired of it.

I'm just going to go ahead and say this for everyone's benefit: go ahead and dunk on people who deserve it and gently caress around with your posting pals all you like, but being a dick to (usually new) people for no reason stops now, otherwise we're just going to end up with a couple of assholes being king dick of nothing mountain once posters decide it's not worth engaging with us.

No more polite requests, I'm going to start handing out probations and bans as needed.

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