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Disciple of Pain
Dec 4, 2005

POSTER: Disciple of Pain
VEHICLE: Mag-One 1978 Toyota Celica GT
GOAL: Build a budget-friendly and fun-to-drive rallycross car.
DIFFICULTY: Depends on how much I break!
COSTS: Car: $350, Parts so far: $63 (car is ready to race although there are a few more things I will want to do before the first event - mudflaps, valve cover gasket, etc)
LINK: The Neverending Quest for a Rally Car... 1978 Celica GT?


Dec 20, 2004

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Economy Car

VEHICLE: 1990 Honda Civic DX, 1988 Honda Civic DX (donor car)
GOAL: Daily driver/weekend autocrosser
DIFFICULTY: Probably a lot more than I expect
COSTS: 1st car: $1200, 2nd car: $500, misc parts: ~$600-$800

Apr 5, 2008

VEHICLES: 89 b2200, 91 s10, 73 javelin
GOAL: daily driver/shuttle truck, tire eating fun machine, muscle car restoration.
DIFFICULTY: Hey, this is easy! - awe crap, how much welding?

Sep 24, 2003

clown is watching you sleep

VEHICLE: 1966 Yamaha YDS3 250cc Motorcycle
GOAL: Get in good mechanical shape and promote global warming with it
DIFFICULTY: Hard for me because I have no experience with bikes or two strokes
COSTS: I expect $1000 when all is said and done

I hope to get this bike at least started by the end of the summer, riding by next year.

Sep 8, 2004

Go ahead, laugh. They all laugh at first...

POSTER: MrSaturn
VEHICLE: 1966 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa
GOAL: I need a summer driver that gets better than the 8mpg my 66 DeVille gets. This little jobby should get 15-20.
DIFFICULTY: HOpefully only about a month to finish. I've never touched anything aircooled before, so there's a lot of new challenges for me. Also, the old owner basically took all the clutch/throttle/shift linkages off the car, so I have to figure out how to hook all that back up again.
COSTS: $1550 for the car, about $400 in parts so far.

Jul 5, 2007

Dreaming of Shock Diamonds

POSTER: McTinkerson
VEHICLE: 1987 Mazda RX-7
GOAL: Reliable DD and weekend AutoX machine
DIFFICULTY: I'm a masochist and quite possibly insane
COSTS: At this point in time a little under $10k CDN
LINK: "Specified thread was not found in the live forums." There will be a new thread soon.

Car was sitting garaged for 11 years after it suffered from an engine fire, it was free and I couldn't let a rotary powered vehicle just sit there.

And Now

I've pretty much replaced everything.

Apr 1, 2005

Snuff the punk.

POSTER: FuzzKill
VEHICLE: 1971 Toyota Corolla KE25
GOAL: Have a fun and quick DD that still gets good mileage
DIFFICULTY: DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO (currently 2 months in, 1 month ETA)
COSTS: Initial estimate, $1000 - Expecting around $1300-1400 by the time I'm done

I initially bought the car as it was to satisfy my goal but after one week it was so painfully slow I dreaded taking it on the freeway and it just had no pep. This has to be remedied. Let the swap begin!

Jun 19, 2004

VEHICLE: 1967 Chevy Impala
GOAL: use as daily driver and cruiser.
DIFFICULTY: I think christ had it easier.
COSTS:$1250 for car + approx. $6K in parts. probably another 6 grand until shes driving...gently caress that was a depressing sentence to write.

Jul 24, 2002

The terrible secret of space... the Mods, they knew!

POSTER: Coltron4040
VEHICLE: 1968 Chevelle
GOAL: Custom Restoration Daily Driver
DIFFICULTY: Nothing I shouldn't be able to handle.
COSTS: $750 for car 10 years ago when I was like 14, Engine rebuild 4 years ago $3000, Dual 2 1/4 inch exhaust w/Spintech mufflers $800. Still needs complete interior and exterior restoration.
LINK: No main project thread until I get the garage cleaned out.

I might have put a little to much into the motor as we decided to keep the original 307.
Its over-bored, has a 3/4 race cam and lifter set, heads are port and polished with 3 angle valve seats.
The engine looks a little grimy but it's powder coated so it will be an easy clean up.

Future plans include new trans and rear end, as the Powerglide sucks unless I want to use it as a 1/4 mile car. Might shorten the rear end while I am at it so I can put some wider tires on it.
New suspension and brakes, will probably go performance.

Bonz0, you don't really have it that bad.

Joe Mama
May 10, 2008

POSTER: Your Mom, I mean Joe Mama
VEHICLE: 1997 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport
GOAL: Sleeper, daily driver
DIFFICULTY: 1-10, a 7 I'd say
COSTS: About $7000 thus far

Fit in an LS1, T-56, and an 8.8" Diff. Rear wheel drive sleeper that will pass cali smog and be my daily driver, eventually.

Pics later...
EDIT: Well, life got to me... Everything's going to the great Craigslist buyer in the sky.

Joe Mama fucked around with this message at 00:51 on Jun 24, 2010

herbert the clam
Apr 28, 2008

VEHICLE: 1987 Nissan Maxima
GOAL: A comfortable daily driver
DIFFICULTY: I've never done car work before but it's going smoothly
COSTS: Hopefully everything will get fixed for under $2000, plus $1100 for the car.

My dad bought it for me, because I "need a reliable car, not a sporty car like a Camaro." It needs a transmission rebuild, rear brakes are half useless, parking brake is shot, gas filler needs replacing and then a good number of other odds and ends, basically it was a lemon.

Currently the transmission is out and disassembled. Once it's rebuilt and back in, I'll take care of the brakes and gas filler.

Jul 24, 2007

POSTER: me! (supermegaultra)
VEHICLE: 1979 Toyota Cressida Hardtop (coupe)
GOAL: Clean it up, make the exterior look all nice and original again and stick a nice v8 in it to really make it rip!
COSTS: Car = nz$3000, Engine = nz$1200, Gearbox = nz$300.

My mates are super Toyota nuts and found the beauty on a local auction website and showed it to me. I liked. I bought. Now am getting the engine stuck into it and will fix up the exterior after that then I'll visit the interior. Will update this paragraph as it progresses!

The day I bought the beauty!

Disciple of Pain
Dec 4, 2005

POSTER: Disciple of Pain
VEHICLE: 1974 Volkswagen Station Wagon Kombi Walkthrough (AKA a non-camper VW Bus)
GOAL: Something to bop around town in during restoration. Eventually I would like to make it into a "weekender" camper (no pop-top). Possibly with some Camper model parts, some stuff I will make myself.
DIFFICULTY: Not too bad at all, but who knows. Its a VW, so nothing is too difficult.
COSTS: Bus will cost either $600 (with just the front seats and no rear interior), or $700 (with all of the interior parts out of a '73 European model Westphalia camper).
LINK: I'll make a thread soon.

This is kind of a placeholder, right now I just have $100 down on it until I get paid and can go pick it up on Friday.

It doesn't have a windshield currently installed, so it should be an interesting 11.3 mile drive home (it is in my town, I will try to stick to side-streets as much as possible).

Oct 11, 2003

Lacus Clyne, one of the few self unwrapping Christmas presents.

Poster: Ravens_Edge
Vehicle: 1969 Chevelle SS
Goal: remain somewhat stock but free up some of the 396s ponies
Difficulty: full frame off, or for the love of God what have i done.
7500 for the car running and driving with a mild build on the 396
1k for sandblasting and double powder coating frame and components
900 for upgraded polygraphite suspension and new breaks
1600 for the M22 4 speed
.... i don't want to think about it anymore.

its much further along, but this is the most recent picture i can find.

Ravens_Edge fucked around with this message at 06:48 on Jun 24, 2008

Aug 22, 2006

If Godzilla can do it, you know I can deliver!


VEHICLE: 1985 AMC Jeep Cherokee Laredo (XJ) 2.8l V6 Chevy
GOAL: Remove gas guzzling V6, rebuild 2.1l Renault TurboDiesel and replace the engine with the diesel
DIFFICULTY: Fairly Difficult, but can be done in a week
COSTS: $500 Total ($150 for the Engine, 348.40 for 3 new valve rocker arms and a timing belt) Extra money for new hoses, belts, fluids, and wiring


This is how I received it after paying $1000 for the car, it functions but the carb is in need of a tune up, but I don't care as the engine is scheduled for removal

The engine that will replace the V6
It is a 2.1l Renault Turbodiesel, it went through a broken timing belt, which in turn broke 3 of the valve rockers and blew the head gasket. The engine has been removed, fluids drained, and it is now on an engine stand being worked over.

Current Checklist:

Rebuild and Reseal Turbo (Done, Did not have to rebuild, just unfreeze it)
Remove Oilpan and clean out oil and coolant mixture (Done!)
Order 3 new valve rocker arms and a timing belt Parts installed, Engine Timed(7/1/08)
Reseat and Reseal headgasket (Done, And turning over engine dry it has excellent compression)
Buy new hoses, v-belts, and prepare new wiring harness
Remove V-6 from Jeep
Insert 2.1 TD in Jeep
Wire up, fill with fluids, start up, and bug check


EDIT and UPDATE: The head gasket job is done, THE PARTS ARRIVED TUESDAY, PLAY TIME!


I forgot completely that I had this...Basic Training and stuff does that. Completed Jeep, worked well for a while then engine just got tired. Sold

CommieGIR fucked around with this message at 01:35 on Jun 18, 2010

Nov 13, 2006

VEHICLE: 1987 AMC Jeep Comanche
GOAL: Fix small problems, and upgrade things that I think need to be upgraded
DIFFICULTY: So far, pretty easy, but I haven't tried anything major
COSTS: 400 for the truck, and probably just over 100 put into it (tunes up, valve cover replacement, a couple other things)
LINK: None yet, as I haven't done anything warrant an entire thread yet

The day I brought it home

As it sits now

Somebody fucked around with this message at 17:07 on Jun 22, 2008

Sep 14, 2007
if I haven't posted about MY LANDCRUISER yet, check my bullbars for kangaroo prints

POSTER: Ferremit (me!)
VEHICLE: 1992 Hilux 2.8D 4WD Dual Cab Ute
GOAL: Replace a gutless Naturally Athsmatic Diesel with a Turbo Motor, and fix crap along the way
COSTS: AU$12200 So far, Expecting AU$14K

Buy Donor vehicle Done!
Completely dismantle Hilux Done!
Put new motor into Hilux Done!
Put hilux Back together Done!
Drive like a loonie after gaining 25kw/128nm Done!
Get front suspension fixed so its not eating the sump
Install 2" body lift blocks
Get bullbar modified to be 2" higher than mounts
Fit 285/75R16 Mickey Thompson MTZ's
Change Speedo Gearing to suit the 33" tyres.

Ferremit fucked around with this message at 14:40 on Nov 10, 2008

Mar 22, 2003

Google Image Results for
"Sexy Guy Gardner"

VEHICLE: 1977 Toyota Celica GT
GOAL: To make a drat spiffy and semi-reliable daily driver
DIFFICULTY: This is my first solo project and I still have loads to learn. I'm probably screwed.
COSTS: $1000 for the car, plate, title and taxes. $200 for tow and impound fees. (my loving neighbor caused this.) $250-300 for random parts so far. Hoping to do the whole job for under $5000.
LINK: "Specified thread was not found in the live forums."

Tomorrow I'm replacing the Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders, the starter, speedometer cable and e-brake cable. Gonna try to take progress pictures and start up a new thread. Next weekend will be all around brake replacement/upgrades.

I bought this car after 3 months of searching for one without massive underbody rust. Finally found one in Iowa, went to pick it up and drove it several hundred miles home without any problems. She needs lots of work and I've been sitting on this project for a year now with no real progress. I'm hoping to get her street legal again this week.

Ein Windir
Jun 23, 2008

POSTER: Me (Ein Windir)
VEHICLE: 1953 Pontaic Chieftain
GOAL: Restore to "rat-rod"ish style
DIFFICULTY: A few years of toil
COSTS: A black void that sucks all my money into it (so far $500).
LINK: To come, with pics too!

Jim Silly-Balls
Jun 6, 2001

Fondle my shiny metal ass

VEHICLE: 1973 Yamaha RD350
GOAL: To rebuild and restore my RD, starting with two boxes of parts
DIFFICULTY: It will be a few weeks, and some engine work, so pretty difficult
COSTS: Cheap as I possibly can.

Here is a before shot:

The after shot hasnt occurred yet

rope kid
Feb 3, 2001

Warte nur! Balde
Ruhest du auch.

POSTER: rope kid
VEHICLE: 1968 Honda CL350 Scrambler
GOAL: I want to get it running reliably so I can use it to cruise around Wisconsin on leisurely tours.
DIFFICULTY: Well I'm pretty ignorant and kind of incompetent, and it is 1,900 miles away from me, but uh... it's a late 60s Honda twin???
COSTS: Nothing crazy. I mostly just want to get it running reliably. Anything suspect as OE equipment on the bike (like the rectifier) will be replaced with better goods, but otherwise I'm all about used/reconditioned goods.


POSTER: rope kid
VEHICLE: 1973 BMW R60/5 (LWB Toaster)
GOAL: Ahh... geez, I think this is going to be a long-term rebuild project. It has the advantage of being right here. It has the disadvantage of being a poorly-maintained German motorcycle. I'm leaning toward "café racer", though I haven't thought about it much beyond that. Dover white frame and everything?
DIFFICULTY: Uggh well I guess it's not a bevel-drive Ducati.
COSTS: lol $$$$


Mar 17, 2008

what happens when you play catch without arms

POSTER: DarkLikePoe
VEHICLE: 1994 Mazda RX-7
GOAL: Remarkably, to be reliable and track-ready. (Stock FDs are really neither)
DIFFICULTY: Not difficult per se, but draining and very time consuming.
COSTS: As much as it takes. Probably right around $2000.
LINK: Letters From Hell: Into the Rat's Nest and Beyond

This is what owning a sports car SHOULD be: taxing, both emotionally and financially, but always, ALWAYS worth it.


Wandering Idiot
Jul 22, 2003

by Ozma

I'm stealing Rope Kid's idea. I also want his luggage rack.

Poster: Wandering Idiot
Vehicle: Great-grandfathers' 1972 Honda CL350 Scrambler
Goal: Piece a running bike together out of two, make it prettier and get it running by Sept. 7th.
Difficulty: Spare time weekend warrior project, not hard, just a nuisance at times.
Costs: Bikes = Free from family. Parts - between $500-1000.


Apr 15, 2003

I'll set the building on fire

VEHICLE: 1998 Subaru Legacy GT
GOAL: Make it faster and handle better
DIFFICULTY: I've already done the hardest part (headgaskets) for awhile
$4800 for car
$600 for gaskets and seals and stuff
$170 on suspension (expect this number to increase drastically)
-$500 for threatening to return the car

Jul 4, 2003

POSTER: Dazzleberries
VEHICLE: 1972 Nova SS
GOAL: An old car that can outperform a C5 Z06
DIFFICULTY: Measured in years
COSTS: Approximately 7500$ so far, projected approx 17k total to finish.

C5 Brakes, fuel injected Gen I SBC with a full roller setup, AFR 195 heads, 700R4 transmission, and a ton of money poured into suspension parts.

Rap Songs From Anime
Aug 15, 2007

VEHICLE: 1987 Pontiac Firebird GTA
GOAL: Get it presentable, a little speedier than stock, and hopefully have it survive another 20 years
DIFFICULTY: Not the worst, not the easiest. F-body engine bays are cramped.
$600 for car (salvage auction, my dad actually bought it and gave it to me when I was 15)
$1200 rebuilt 700R4 transmission
$Best-not-to-think-about-it machine work on my new block, lots of parts
$God-only-knows Materials for the body and paint work, and labor for the actual spraying of the paint

Das Volk
Nov 19, 2002

VEHICLE: 1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 Cosworth
GOAL: Restore the car to be as original as possible, remove lovely hack job stereo and mild suspension upgrade
DIFFICULTY: Holy poo poo, this will take many moons
COSTS: $2900 for the car, $1200 for transport, $1600 for interior, mechanical stuff, new cat, trying to stay under $6k total

I bought the car originally from snailrush, who bought it from some idiot that had a terribly done stereo installation and never maintained the car. He couldn't sink the time or money into the car to bring it back to life, but I can.

Jan 19, 2006

VEHICLE: 1975 Triumph Toledo 1300
GOAL: Get it road legal, break it, rinse, repeat. Budget classic rally car. Keep it running, do a few upgrades
DIFFICULTY: Currently at my parents house, work curtailed by scottish weather and weekend hangovers. Dependant
COSTS: Free, probally cost £500 to get it road legal, Maybe £500 more on mods.

My dad discovered the front subframe mounts were rusted through, he bought another "rally" car, gave me this. Engine & subframe out, awiating welder, bushes, sills and alloys in mail.

Edit: Thread link

stump fucked around with this message at 11:53 on Apr 18, 2009

Feb 26, 2004
Si Vis Pace

VEHICLE: 1981 Ford Falcon, 351 Cleveland powered
GOAL: Raise it from its original (crap) rough grocery car status into something that can wake the neighbours on a sunday morning and leave rubber where ever it goes
DIFFICULTY: Aint no thang, just a bit of fab work, body work and driveline..
COSTS: Lets say currently about 6000, mostly in the motor, hoping to be less than 10 finished

Click here for the full 1600x1200 image.

Not my first car Ive ever worked on but the first Cleveland and a departure from restoration and into performance. Hoping to do 12's and still be able to drive every day if I need to

Nov 16, 2006

Vehicle: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Goal: Convert it from it's relatively stock form into a Pro Touring machine.
Difficulty: It's going to be like shooting yourself in the leg, incredibly painful and forever debilitating
Costs: I'll probably have to sell my house as well as most of my internal organs

Go from this:

To something like this:

Velvet Sparrow
May 15, 2006

'Hope' is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune, without the words, and never stops--at all.

POSTER: Velvet Sparrow
VEHICLE: 1969 Plymouth Fury III convertible.
GOAL: Close to stock resto as possible for a daily driver without being brain-explodingly expensive.
DIFFICULTY: Most of the difficulty is in obtaining parts, now. WINDOW WEATHERSTRIP is impossible to find, so they leak like a New Orleans levee.
COSTS: I don't like to think about it...but about $5300 in the last two years for full engine rebuild and other parts, convertible top + lift cylinders & hoses. Transmission rebuilt in 2006 for around $1200.
LINK: Engine rebuild + plus many other parts:
Interior Panels painted:

UPDATE: As of 11/10, this may be it for the old girl, she got rear ended.

Unfortunately, many of the things my mechanic repaired either failed immediately, were further broken, or he broke OTHER things on the car in the process, after trying 2-3 times to fix them. I've given up on him. However, it's still zoomin' down the highway, and I'm going to take it in this winter for body work & paint, then somewhere for the upholstery. I'm going to try and repair the dash cracks myself, and repaint the black areas of the hubcaps, stuff like that. I have several other things ready and waiting to go on: Correct pass. side chrome trim, new carpet, exterior mirrors, etc. AFTER the paint is done.

Also, unless they tell me I can't (my car has a really high eyesore value right now, the pics below are from around 1992), I'm going to enter it in the Mopar Fall Fling in two weeks, Saturday, October 18th at Woodley Park in Van Nuys. Strictly for fun as a 'work in progress', as I only saw one other Fury there, and it was not a convertible.


Velvet Sparrow fucked around with this message at 23:58 on Nov 5, 2010

Mar 27, 2005

POSTER: case
VEHICLE: 1989 BMW 325i Sport MTech2
GOAL: Keeping her looking stock whilst getting her track ready
DIFFICULTY: Earning enough cash
Full stainless system £560
Polybush everything £270
LSD refresh £220
Various bodywork, scuttle replacement, battery box replacement ~£450
Toyo p888s £lots gently caress that - T1R's will be fine right...
14.2lb Wheels - Rota Slipstreams 15x7 £400 gently caress that - factory 15" BBS
EBC brake discs, pads, goodridge SS lines £280
Gearbox, clutch, lightened flywheel, fitted £840
Gaz Coilovers £900
Z3 rack, smaller MTech2 steering wheel ~£320
6-1 Manifold £200
Interior refresh, drivers seat, front headliner thing £400
Enlarged T/Body + chip £160
Various trim pieces £50

LINK: when I get more done I'll post a thread

no the M badges aren't correct on this one so they came off
EDIT: Bodywork starts on the 23rd of Dec 08
Most of the work is being done by can't reccomend them highly enough, great guys

I am doing stuff, just slowly.

lovely old air intake pipe off -

Sexy new pipe on -

Old T-Pipe connector and new connector -

All done -

woo - track day with her new shoes on

Click here for the full 640x427 image.

case fucked around with this message at 13:48 on Jun 10, 2009

Oct 15, 2005

You shared it with a dick.

Cybernetic Crumb

I guess this belongs in here too, now that it's really underway.

POSTER: I have this one friend and he calls me Dr. Dobler.
VEHICLE: 2004 Volvo C70 HPT convertible
GOAL: 5 speed auto to 5 speed manual
DIFFICULTY: Meh, I expect this to be not too terrible, maybe 2 solid weeks of work at 2-3 hours a night with maybe a hard weekend push in there somewhere.
COSTS: Relatively speaking this is expensive, in the ballpark of $3500. 3 pieces, all just over a grand each. 1) Raw transmission cost, 2) ECU upgrade to get rid of the auto transmission code and not throw a CEL (stupid modern cars), and 3) new consumables like cylinders, seals, and clutch/flywheel/pressure plate.

Sticking this:

Into this:

LloydDobler fucked around with this message at 16:04 on Feb 18, 2017

Jul 8, 2002

joe87653 fucked around with this message at 06:55 on Mar 28, 2014

Jul 21, 2007

I think the point is Z3n is a space cowboy on the edge of a frontier unknown to man, he's out there pushing the limits, trail braking into the abyss. Finding out where the edge of the razor is, turning to face the darkness and revving his 690 into it's vast gaze. You gotta live this to learn it bro.

GOAL: Kickass racebike, 80hp and podium capable with a good rider
DIFFICULTY: Depends on how fast I want to go. Maybe eventually engine work, for now, mostly bolt on or swappable stuff
Bike: 2950$
19x18 Brembo MC: 190$
Track Plastics: 400$
Flatslides: 350$ + tuning
Tires: 400$ a set
Gen 2 intake cams: 180$
Clutch Side Case Saver: 150$

Bike as is:

Jun 23, 2007
Maybe if I sell enough undercoating, I'll eventually stop being a gigantic prick.


Fuelslt1 fucked around with this message at 15:22 on Nov 28, 2018

Aug 23, 2006

by FactsAreUseless

POSTER: Psylocibe
VEHICLE: 1967 Volkswagen Type 3 Fastback
GOAL: Ressurect a classic and roll it as original as possible
DIFFICULTY: Hunting down NLA Parts and electrical gremlins ahoy!
COSTS: $2400 for the car, unknown amount budgeted for parts

The day I brought her home.

Sgt Fox
Dec 21, 2004

It's the buzzer I love the most. Makes me feel alive. Makes the V8's dead.

VEHICLE: 1985 Mazda Rx-7
GOAL: Ongoing hobby

Applebees Appetizer
Jan 23, 2006

Poster leica
Vehicle 1997 Jeep Cherokee 4x4
Goal replace lovely interior and rusted floorpan, brakes, fluids, and parts smashed after a meeting with a tree.
Difficulty Depends. For the basic DIY crowd not bad.
Costs 1k for the Jeep, another 1k in parts.


Dec 26, 2008

"A cave isn't gonna cut it, we're going to have to use Beebo"

VEHICLE: 1973 Opel GT
GOAL: Restored, but not to the extent that I wouldn't want to drive it to shows exclusively.
DIFFICULTY: Leaning towards "DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO" since it's my first car
COSTS: Hoping for $6,000 but probably $7,500 $15,000+

MonkeyNutZ fucked around with this message at 19:22 on Jan 5, 2012

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