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Apr 14, 2002


With all of the projects many of you have completed or are working on, it's been brought up that a central place to keep track of it all would be handy. People get busy, project threads drop off the map, and a month later we're always saying "Wait, who was it that was putting the LS1 in their lawnmower?"

So, in order to keep things clean, this thread will just contain posts that define each project, with links to that project's thread. In other words, the updates, pics, and discussion can go in your own thread, but a link to it will remain here. This way we'll know who's doing what and we can harrass people who have gotten lazy.

As much as you can, please stick to the following format: (Thanks Nitrox for the input here)

POSTER: (optional - I'm hoping people will just post their own, but feel free to add links to other threads. We can always edit stuff later)
VEHICLE: (car, motorcycle, boat, whatever)
GOAL: (purpose of the project)
DIFFICULTY: (afternoon job, weekend job, or DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO)
COSTS: (maybe this is optional, but projected costs and/or a tally of the current cost might be handy)
LINK: (obviously, link to the main project thread)

(maybe a quick sentence or two)
(maybe a "before" and "after" pic or two)

... and that's that!

PLEASE! This thread is not for discussion, attaboys, or questions - this is just a "directory" of all the projects, whether in progress or completed.

If you have any other input about the format or whatever, please PM me - don't ask here.



Jul 22, 2003

in on dis

POSTER: Me (Contraband)
VEHICLE: 1969 BMW 2002
GOAL: To make it better?
COSTS: Don't want to think about it but probably about $3,000 at this point

This is my first car and I bought it with the expectation that I'd be doing a lot of work to it. But really, I didn't think it would be as bad as it is. I mean, it's got rust, but it's not terminal or anything; more it's just everything rubber on the car is hard enough to scratch a diamond. Oh and then I crashed into's Mazda3 so there's that.

The day after I got it

Uh, September. Before that whole accident thing.

fishmech_1.1_RC fucked around with this message at 05:58 on Mar 13, 2008

Oct 15, 2005

You shared it with a dick.

Cybernetic Crumb

POSTER: M'self.
VEHICLE: 1997 Volvo 960
GOAL: Rebuild from a minor wreck for a winter/daily driver. Upgrade from existing daily driver.
DIFFICULTY: Moderate, but mostly bolt-on repairs. No actual frame damage anticipated.
COSTS: All I care about is that it comes out below retail, which is currently around $6k-8k according to autotrader. Edit: Finished cost was $6800 with $1850 in add-ons.
TIME: I started on December 6 '07 and finished April 8, '08. 38 hours of labor.
This project is DONE! here's the before shot,

And after:

Since I can't edit the archived project thread, the images are all dead. Sorry.

LloydDobler fucked around with this message at 15:59 on Feb 18, 2017

Oct 15, 2005

You shared it with a dick.

Cybernetic Crumb

VEHICLE: 2004 Volvo C70 HPT convertible
GOAL: Rebuild from a wreck for a summer/fair weather cruiser.
DIFFICULTY: Moderate, mostly bolt-on repairs. No actual frame damage, but it did require paint.
COSTS: I scored big time. Got the car repaired for about half of retail, then splurged on suspension, wheels and stereo. Total cost just under $15k.
LINK: This one is in the archives.
This project is done and I've been enjoying the crap out of the car. Before:


LloydDobler fucked around with this message at 07:16 on Sep 25, 2008

Jul 5, 2002

Slur, your fighting style is extremely problematic!

Oh, I'm an idiot

Nitrox fucked around with this message at 10:12 on Mar 13, 2008

Jul 5, 2002

Slur, your fighting style is extremely problematic!

POSTER: Yours truly
VEHICLE: 1992 Nissan 240SX
GOAL: A street driven autoX/track car.
DIFFICULTY:It's not rocket science
COSTS: Around $2,500 so far including the purchase of the car.
LINK:Discussion thread here

Nitrox fucked around with this message at 21:30 on Apr 6, 2008

Jul 27, 2006

VEHICLE: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12
GOAL: Make it faster and less rusty
DIFFICULTY: Very hard, but luckily the hard parts are being done by someone else
COSTS: £15,000 for the car and £8,000 for the improvements

The steel frame had started rusting, and the stock engine is underpowered. The chassis was removed, welded, galvanised and powdercoated, and the engine was replaced with another PRV, but this one with a turbo and EFI.

Rottbott fucked around with this message at 10:59 on Mar 13, 2008

Oct 14, 2004


*Car SOLD (new owner has FULL knowledge of the problems with this car/frame). Frame rail damage was discovered when attempting to repair bondo with actual metal.*

POSTER: TheLarson
VEHICLE: 1990 Nissan 240SX Hatchback
GOAL: Long term project/"restoration?", eventual motor/transmission swap.
DIFFICULTY: Afternoons/Weekends
COSTS: $1200 for the car, a few hundred in parts. Many thousands to come .

TheLarson fucked around with this message at 18:16 on Feb 1, 2009

Disciple of Pain
Dec 4, 2005



Nov 9, 2004

I think you mean dont piss in the sink....again!

POSTER: Cat Terrist, Kaptain Ballistik, Hunter Devourer
VEHICLES: Two wrecked VR4's and a RX2, all rally cars
GOAL: Restore / Rebuild and steadily go broke doing it
COSTS: 15,000 so far on these builds


Two very well crashed VR4's being resurrected and one old time RX2 being restored. Pic's and more info added ASAP


Two VR4's done, RX2 somewhere along the line. House next

CAT INTERCEPTOR fucked around with this message at 11:03 on Dec 19, 2010

Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester
Oct 3, 2000

VEHICLE: 1955 BMW R50 (bike)
GOAL: keep it riding, fix some of the crimes of the previous owner
DIFFICULTY: could be worse, i had to buy some special tools, expect i'll be working on it until i die
COSTS: 3500 for a bike not running, i think somewhat over 2000 into repairing it so far, difficult to forecast an end total to it
LINK: long since archived, no huge changes worthy of a thread lately

cleaned out the oil slingers 2 winters ago.
got a new frame this spring.

current, more or less:

VEHICLE: 1984 Moto-Guzzi V65SP
GOAL: get it rideable, although i may end up just parting it out if there are major issues with it
DIFFICULTY: getting parts is like getting petrol in post-apocalyptic australia
COSTS: $10 for the bike!!!!!!! nothing else yet

as bought:

VEHICLE: well it's a radio not a vehicle. home made 2-way motorcycle radios.
GOAL: make radios that work on bikes!
DIFFICULTY: i always have trouble with soldering, and the epoxy sealing of all the parts was a pain, but not too bad overall
COSTS: around $90 i think

in progress:


VEHICLE: well it's a map box not a vehicle. home made roadbook.
GOAL: make a scrolling box for directions mounted on handlebars
DIFFICULTY: easy, did it in an evening with no prior attempts
COSTS: around $25

Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester fucked around with this message at 10:20 on Sep 13, 2008

Michael Bolton
Aug 1, 2004
PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?

POSTER: Me (PBCrunch)
VEHICLE: 1991 Ford Escort GT 1.8L DOHC 5M drivetrain, brakes and suspension into a 1993 Mercury Tracer 1.9L SOHC 4A wagon
GOAL: The factory never offered a DOHC wagon. I've never swapped a motor. These cars are cheap and I wanted to learn.
DIFFICULTY: Nothing too hard yet, but a long way to the finish line (is there even really a finish line with a project car)
COSTS: The donor car cost me $400 and the recipient chassis was $200. I have had to buy some tools but I don't count that because if this was a GRM $200x Challenge car I wouldn't have to. The only parts I have bought so far are a $50 manual steering rack, a $50 pair of Mazda MX-3 seats, and $100 for a pair of Canadian Domestic Market manual seat belts.
LINK: There was a thread, but it went to archives.

I was moving full steam ahead until the car I bought to drive while working on this project (1991 Mercury Tracer LTS) blew its timing belt three days after I bought it. It took me a week of nights to get the car moved and working again. I was moving along pretty well again until early November when my mom brought all of her gardening stuff, plants and patio furniture into the garage for winter leaving me with no room to work on the car. I will make a new thread when I can actually get back to work on it.



Pretty much where we are now, but with way more junk in the garage:

Mar 13, 2003


VEHICLE: 1967 Mustang GTA K-code Coupe; 1 of 4 made and 2 known to exist, the other being in Peru
GOAL: Full restoration
DIFFICULTY: Successfully pulling off a bank heist
COSTS: I'm in it for $20k so far and look to spend another $5k to finish
LINK: The current thread on the live forums
The archived thread with all of the previous work

I've been restoring this car for 12 years now. Catbus and I are tied for longest running project in AI. We both think we're going to finish this year. We have both said that before.




My heap runs now!

frozenphil fucked around with this message at 16:00 on Nov 29, 2009

You Am I
May 20, 2001

I will decide who posts John Howard pictures in this thread and the circumstances in which they post.

VEHICLE: 1977 Ford LTD
GOAL: Restore back to factory condition
DIFFICULTY: Not too difficult, mechanically it is fine, just needs a new idle arm for the steering and other bits and pieces. Most of that I have brought from eBay. However on hold while I install a security alarm to the house
COSTS: eBay parts have cost me around $300-400
LINK: Long dead and in archives.

Been sitting around for a good couple of years while my father finally ponyed up the cash to pay for half of the restoration. However as soon as he got the cash, house was broken into (again) so in the midst of putting an alarm system in it. Once that is done, LTD time.

May 23, 2006

If you only knew the power of...

Poster: Me!
Vehicle: Starting a whole business doing cars and trucks, but uh, well we ARE buying a company truck. Down the road is a Diesel swap show project and one very ambitious project.
Goal: Dominate the entire Hampton Roads enthusiast/performance market
Costs: We're well past $100,000. Will update when we hit $1,000,000.


Zephyris fucked around with this message at 02:42 on Feb 19, 2009

May 12, 2001

Who wants a mustache ride?

Main project:
VEHICLE: 1979 International Scout II
GOAL: Restoration
DIFFICULTY: Don't even think about it.
COSTS: Probably less than $3-5k for materials and vehicle so far. Maybe $5-10k for tools :P
LINK: The archives are down, so here are two offsite links:

Basic project history.

Progress thread from 2007.

I started it in July 0f 1995, so I've got at least a year on frozenphil's marathon Mustang, even though he refuses to admit it It was originally scheduled as a one-summer project. Heh.

It's mostly done at this point, at least for major work. I hit a bit of a paint snag at the end of last summer. After fixing that to the tune of about 60+ hours, I was burned out and haven't touched it since then.

Before (sometime in 1995 or 1996):


Secondary Project:
VEHICLE: 1982 Ford F150
GOAL: Fix rust, make prettier, practice painting
DIFFICULTY: Don't even think about it, but I knocked this one out in like a month or two.
COSTS: Probably less than $3k total for materials and vehicle.
LINK: The archives are down, so here is a summary of those threads:

General start to finish page.



CatBus fucked around with this message at 22:14 on Mar 13, 2008

Apr 23, 2007

VEHICLE: 1971 Ford LTD Convertible 429
GOAL: Not a show car, just a nice driver.
DIFFICULTY: Fairly easy, doing it in small increments. Will get harder when I get to the body work and engine/tranny rebuilds.
COSTS: $3-4K in parts and tools, the car itself was $0.
LINK: Archived thread. Here's my CarDomain for it.

I got this car two and a half years ago when I was 16. It was just about on it's way to the junk yard and I could not let that happen. Took about a year to get it on the road and I've put 1200 miles on it so far. It gets around 8mpg with the big block 429.

When I got it:


SFH1989 fucked around with this message at 23:33 on Mar 31, 2008

May 7, 2003

She was rubbing her ass all over my hands. They don't just do that for everyone.

Grimey Drawer

VEHICLE: 1987 Suzuki Samurai
GOAL: A little bit of fixing up, a little bit of making it into a fun, occasional offroader and beach vehicle
DIFFICULTY: We'll start with a few afternoon/weekend jobs, and work our way up from there.
COSTS: Current short term plans should run a couple hundred dollars.

Basically a free car to me, technically belongs to the girlfriend. She has a few ideas about what she wants to do with it, and I have a few of my own. We'll see what gets done.

Before and Current:

Mar 19, 2001

POSTER: Blooot
VEHICLE: 1972 Datsun 510
GOAL: Bought in 2003, initially intending to build a street/track car, it somehow turned into a tarmac rally car.
DIFFICULTY: The whole project has had its ups and downs, the whole car has been gone through.
COSTS: Out of hand. Probably $15-20k in at this point.
LINKS: It's all in the archives and when they open up I'll fill this in. For the time being I'll link off-site:

Edit: Archives are up, but most of these are lacking pictures.
March 2003, buying it on ebay :
April 2003, bringing it home:
April 2004, engine build up:
October 2004, engine makes it in the car:
May 2005, fresh paint and stuff:
Jan 2006, rear end rebuild -- adjustable rear crossmember:
Aug 2006, Megasquirt EFI!
June 2007, rally preparation:



Blooot fucked around with this message at 09:35 on Mar 29, 2008

Fornax Disaster
Apr 11, 2005

If you need me I'll be in Holodeck Four.

POSTER: rocket_350
VEHICLE: 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S 2dr hardtop, 350 2bbl
GOAL: replacing weak frame
DIFFICULTY: a pretty big deal
COSTS: I've got a few thousand in the chassis so far.
Part I project introduction - archives
Part II chassis paint and assembly -

The car was taken off the road eight years ago when the rusty frame started to fail. I have an Arizona rolling chassis for it that I've rebuilt with all new bushings, springs and lines.

Aug 3, 2004


This was an excellent idea. I'll add the actual discussion thread link when I get around to making one. I made a thread for a fuel tank restoration I did on this car, but I can't find it, so it may be archived by now.

VEHICLE: 1970 Triumph TR6
GOAL: Rolling Restoration (Get it presentable and mechanically sound enough to drive, then continue to restore it as time and money permits)
COSTS: Got the car for $3000 from my wife's parents, haven't put more than a few hundred into it yet, but I'm just getting started
LINK: Restoration Journal on my hosting AI Thread

Here's some crappy low-res before pictures of the body:

Here's my before/after of the fuel tank restoration:

Update! Thread link added.

Hillridge fucked around with this message at 15:38 on Oct 7, 2009

Mar 5, 2003

POSTER: Me. Groove and iscariot will surely be roped into helping me at some point.
VEHICLE: 1981 Malibu Coupe
GOAL: Build a street machine with good handling that can be daily driven, on a budget.
DIFFICULTY: Could get out of hand, but I have enough friends with tools and knowhow to get through just about anything a G body can throw at me.
COSTS: The car was free; I'm currently estimating between $4000 - $5500 in parts.

Nov 5, 2004

by Ozma

POSTER: (HippyNerd
VEHICLE: 1983 Mitsubishi Starion
GOAL: Restoration (undo 25 years of abuse)
COSTS: ~$2,000-3,000
LINK: errr.... seem to have lost that...

I've had the car for 14 years, and spent most of that time abusing and neglecting it. I've recently taken up restoring it. Its pretty stock, but has some 1986 parts. No major mods.
Current Photo:

Only registered members can see post attachments!

Jul 26, 2003

POSTER: Sockington (Myself)
VEHICLE: 1987 Toyota MR2
GOAL: Summer fun car only
DIFFICULTY: I'm making it harder than it needs to be.
COSTS: Car: $600, $2K into engine and drivetrain swap
LINK: MR2 Project Thread

Turned S/C + manual swap into Megasquirt, EDIS, custom intake manifold, custom supercharger inlets and outlets, rust repair, fuel pump swap, headlight conversion and whatever else I decide along the way.



Disciple of Pain
Dec 4, 2005

POSTER: Disciple of Pain
VEHICLE: 1963 Ford Fairlane 500
GOAL: Finish a project for once. Make a low-budget rat-rod style driver for fun and probably profit.
DIFFICULTY: Nothing crazy. Motor is good, no major rust. I'm prepared to tackle everything else. Some welding on the body and possibly swapping the odd-ball 221 V8 for a 289 or 302.
COSTS: Car: $600. Parts, Supplies, Transport, etc: Spent - $100. Planned Future Expenses (for making it a safe, reliable driver without swapping the motor/trans) - $250. Total - <$1000
LINK:1962... 1963 Ford Fairlane 500

Oct 7, 2001

POSTER: iscariot
VEHICLE: 1990 Taurus SHO
GOAL: To invest lots of money into a.. taurus. Refresh of a daily driver, hopefully make it last another 200k. Hopefully a pretty engine bay and some other niceties, as budget allows.
COSTS: 3k and rising
LINK: - Part 1, swallowed by the archives - Part 2

Trying to hunt down 18 year old obsoleted parts is a pain in the rear end.

iscariot fucked around with this message at 04:32 on Sep 8, 2008

Feb 20, 2007


VEHICLE: 1983 Land Rover Series III 109" V8
GOAL: Try to undo all the weird African bush mechanic hack jobs.
DIFFICULTY: About as easy as playing with a giant mobile erector set can be.
COSTS: So far $12,000 and growing steadily

It was built in Kenya and then has gone through several weird bush mods before I got it. I'm trying to turn it into a reliable trail rig/daily driver for Alaska.


Sep 8, 2004

Go ahead, laugh. They all laugh at first...

POSTER: MrSaturn
VEHICLE: 1965 Buick Wildcat Deluxe Coupe
GOAL: Somewhat of a resto-mod. I bought the car 2 years ago with the intent to rebuild the motor, convert it to 5-speed from auto, and repaint the body. I'm also going to put disc brakes on it eventually, so stopping doesn't kill me.
DIFFICULTY: gently caress me running I'll never finish this.
COSTS: $5000 to get the california car to me (it was in NY when I found it, I live in CT). so far I've spent probably $5000 more on rebuilding the engine and various parts that were missing.
LINK: They've all sunk into the archives, I'll make a new one soon.

Pics coming once I dig them up.

EDIT: Finally some pictures!

MrSaturn fucked around with this message at 12:14 on Mar 28, 2008

Oct 17, 2002

Hey bebe

VEHICLE: 1966 Pontiac Bonneville convertible

-- Engine rebuild (106,000 miles - oil blowback, leaking oil also from every orifice)

-- Customize a JVC CD headunit with detachable faceplate to replace factory radio, without cutting anything (radio opening in dash will not fit a DIN radio without hacking; aftermarket alternatives suck, and the factory radio sounds like Dixie cups + string)

GOAL: restoration, better sound...that's reversible to stock


MOTOR: I have two. Shop is rebuilding one, I'm doing the other. I am removing & replacing the motor myself...when I was twenty, I could do a complete changeout by myself in a day (a long one). At 45, I'm giving myself assistance from my son, and a couple of weeks.

RADIO: Three weeks. A lot of cutting up of a donor radio, soldering.

UPDATE Radio thread:


MOTOR: $2000-$3000 for shop stock rebuild, which includes detailing the engine bay plus working over the tranny for leaks. Plus, unpleasant surprise fund.

$1200-$1500 for the one I'm doing. I may live to regret it.

RADIO: Maybe $100. Older JVC headunits are cheap & rock-solid. It's mostly bench labor.

PainterofCrap fucked around with this message at 05:02 on Apr 12, 2008

Apr 2, 2003

POSTER: Yours truly
VEHICLE: 1970 GMC C1500
GOAL: Making the truck as awesome as I can afford / have time for. The last big push was the LS1 swap - everything since has moved back from "crazy project" to "maintenance". Currently my main focus is on freshening the suspension and brakes again so they match up to the grossly increased power output of the LS1.
DIFFICULTY: Somewhere above "changing the spark plugs on a LT1 Camaro" and somewhere below "Catbus / frozenphil / Cat Terrist" as I have no significant rust / crash damage to repair. Plus, unlike the first two one, I've driven my truck in the past decade :iamafag: frozenphil corrected me, he last drove his two or three years ago
COSTS: I think the last time I added it up I'm well north of $20k and that doesn't include the 'cost' of the truck itself since I got it as a hand-me-down from my parents (my mom got it from her father in the early '70s, he bought the truck new).
LINK: The LS1 swap threads are lost to the archives a long rear end time ago.

The latest jobs I've done on it have been new rear tires, and new shocks all around. The old shocks were Belltech Nitrodrops which, after 9 years and ~60k on the clock, were in rough shape - one front and one rear were blown, and the other two shocks weren't in great shape either. I haven't had a chance to drive it since I put the new fronts on but given how much the rears helped I suspect it will be like driving a significantly newer truck again

That, and fixing a persistent coolant leak - the LS1 and radiator have slightly different radiator hose sizes so the lower hose has to clamp down more than it probably should, and doesn't last all that long as a result. At least it's cheap and easy to fix, it takes longer bleeding out the air than it does to do the swap.

Next up on the to-do list is an oil change (need to find some German Castrol 0w30) and it looks like, from what I saw while underneath the front end this weekend, I will need to bite the bullet and replace the power steering box. It's original but it's been resealed a few times, yet the input shaft seal is leaking again. It's also the old '69-'72 style which takes over four turns lock-to-lock - the '73-'87 style takes a turn out of that, and at least the up-through-'76 boxes are a direct swap, to the point that stores list the same part for '70 or '76. I'll probably have to check the ratio in-store before I buy it.

IOwnCalculus fucked around with this message at 19:36 on Mar 18, 2008

Oct 9, 2003

Gimme Gimme Swedish Fish...

Fallen Rib

VEHICLE: '93 Honda Civic EX Coupe
GOAL: Sleeper turbo ricerocket
COSTS: $1300 for the car, $3500 for the parts thusfar
Its 9 pages long, and starts in 9/07/06, probably one of the longest and oldest current project threads not lost to the archives (which are down indefinitely ).

Aug 7, 2007
ears of gold

POSTER: sndgeek
VEHICLE: '87 Saab 900 turbo
GOAL: 24 Hours of LeMons entry; auto-x/track car
DIFFICULTY: Several weekends, a full time mechanic, and lots of planning...not for the faint of heart
COSTS: car: $350. parts/entry/etc: $2500. labor: soul and possibly marriage
LINK: Team website:
LeMons AI thread:

The challenge: Find a $500 car + 4 people crazy enough to drive it and go racing for 14 hours. Try to finish without killing yourself or breaking the car, not necessarily in that order.

current status: work in progress. Just registered today @ DMV. Need to raise up the rear so the fenders don't rub tires. Engine and trans are solid. 6 point harnesses awaiting installation. Roll cage needs welding--lots of it.

Deadline: May 10, 2008. It will be done.

sndgeek fucked around with this message at 02:12 on Mar 20, 2008

Octavio Barnaby Sr.
Feb 23, 2004

Where you're going, there are no jokes.

POSTER: Octavio Barnaby Sr.
VEHICLE: 1995 Nissan 240sx
GOAL: Transform my beat to gently caress S14 daily driver into a track car used for both Japanese dude sideways driving and more conventional hooning methods.
DIFFICULTY: The work is pretty straightforward for me, but this is not my first neverending project shitbox. I've taken it down to the bare unibody, so i have a lot of work ahead of me.
COSTS: a bit under 2k for the car 2 years ago, every dime I've had to spend on it since then.
LINK: No project thread, I don't take enough pictures when I am working to make one.

Right now it's hovercraft spec with the engine and trans back in, but not wired.
I'm working on the coilovers, which I am building myself with Konis and sleeves, but I am sectioning the strut bodies and shortening the rear shocks to get mega kawaii ride height so I can post it on here and everyone will make a huge deal out of my ruined suspension geometry.
I'm going to start taking pictures when the work gets more interesting, if anyone here really wants to see pictures of me drinking beer and degreasing a rear subframe, they need to find something to do with themselves.

Apr 11, 2007

edit: dead, gone, replaced with a Volvo 240 wagon

zundfolge fucked around with this message at 19:36 on Dec 6, 2009

poisoned pie
Jan 15, 2005

Can you feel the colors?

POSTER: itsa me, poisoned pie
VEHICLE: 1985 AW11 MR2
GOAL: Build as a car dedicated for learning to drive on a track, race in dual sprints late ron
DIFFICULTY: daily driving a rotary
COSTS: unknown at this stage, have $8000 worth of stuff over the 5 years I have owned the car, including purchase

Its my first car, but ive had 2 others since then. I want to get into track days but I dont want to use my 96 RX7. Decided to build the MR2 as a 'learner' track car, since its cheaper to modify properly and prep for track work.

trouser chili
Mar 27, 2002


POSTER:Trouser Chili
VEHICLE: 1974 International Harvester 100 Pickup
GOAL: Spread some poo poo.
COSTS: Unknown currently

Current progress: After rebuilding the engine I drove it for a while then sold it to a man on the East Coast. I had an epic adventure delivering it to him, including driving it over US 129 - The Dragon.

The current owner has completed a body restoration and repaint. He sent me this picture.

New adventures to come, maybe.

trouser chili fucked around with this message at 15:44 on Mar 5, 2014

Nov 29, 2003


POSTER: Jonontherun
VEHICLE: 1986 BMW e30
GOAL: Sexy daily driver for as cheap as possible
DIFFICULTY: It seemed so simple
COSTS: $650 (car) + $400 (mantran+bits) + $1000 (misc tools/parts)

This car is taking a fair bit longer than I orginally planned. Mostly because I'm pretty lazy and lost a lot of momentum over the winter when it was so cold here. I would like to see it finished this summer some time since I'm getting pretty tired of my beater civic.

Here it is ready to be torn apart.

New Brakes:

New rear engine seal and starter all cleaned up ready for the manual parts:

Jonontherun fucked around with this message at 19:30 on Oct 21, 2008

Sep 27, 2002

My Estonian riding instructor told me; "Mine munni ahvi türa imeja", and I live by that every day!

Ramrod XTreme

VEHICLE: 1980 BMW R100/7
GOAL: Classic Cafe Conversion
DIFFICULTY: A few weekends, some sawing and painting. Not bad really!
COSTS: ~ $350 maybe a tad more

I lost my muffler and my seat is a rusty piece of poo poo. Let's convert the bike from a tried and true tourer into a cafe racer! Whether or not a touch the engine it's going to look like a rocking, classic cafe I hope.... (Keep all of the parts just in case though)

The Victim;

Jun 27, 2004

VEHICLE: 1985 BMW 325e
GOAL: Daily driver/auto-x occasionally
DIFFICULTY: It's easy to work on, some stuck bolts are making motivation hard to come by
COSTS: $5000 so far but that includes 2 sets of tires/wheels. This won't increase until I slap a supercharger on it.


Nov 4, 2006
What's not to like?

POSTER: DefaultPeanut
VEHICLE: 1974 RD200A
GOAL: Complete restoration, with a few newer parts for better handling.
DIFFICULTY: The work itself has been easy, but part sourcing has been a pain.
COSTS: I don't even want to think about it.

As it stands, I have one week to get it to a decent shape, and running. Lord help me.

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