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Jan 20, 2005
I'm a minstrel. Blow me.

I just want to take a few moments to gush over RAID-Z.

I tried using solaris, but it had a boatload of problems detecting my JMB363 controller which was driving my boot drives (2x120GB's), so I went to FreeBSD(at the time)7-RC1.

And it worked. And now I'm at 7.0-RELEASE.

And, goddamn, it is loving impressive.

I built the array with one command, which took about 5 seconds. I then made another pool on the array for backups, which I then told the system to increase the amount of drives it stored the backups on. I then made a documents subpool inside the Backups one, and turned compression on. I'm getting ~50% compression on the documents, and they're stored across 3 of the 6 drives.

I did all that with five simple commands.

I get mailed a status report every day, and if it detects some errors, it repairs it, e-mails me and repairs the file on the drive.

I really, really have had a perfect experience with ZFS and RAID-Z, and I imagine under solaris it's even better.

You want a fair hunk of RAM (~1GB, which is probably the cheapest anyway) and a 64-bit processor if you want maximum performance out of it, but I get ~220MB/s reads off it anyway with 1GB and 32-bit install of FBSD7-RELEASE, so I can't be bothered. If I did need to reinstall, a simple command unmounts the zpool, and then I can do whatever the gently caress I want, then just zpool import [poolname] and it's back. Perfect stuff.

Oh, and I re-did all my cabling after I set it up, all the drives were on different ports of the controller, ZFS didn't even blink.

In summary. ZFS, RAID-Z.

All it needs is online capacity expansion and it's superior in every way to mdadm RAID-5.

Edit: Me spelling perfect.

WindMinstrel fucked around with this message at 03:00 on Mar 19, 2008


Jan 20, 2005
I'm a minstrel. Blow me.

stephenm00 posted:

why isn't zfs and raid-z a more common option? Their must be some disadvantage for home users right?

Well until recently it was either use solaris, which has... interesting hardware support, or use a beta/RC of FreeBSD7.

Now that FreeBSD7 is released, I hope to see a bit more uptake.

Because goddamn, ZFS is just amazing.

Jan 20, 2005
I'm a minstrel. Blow me.

ParanoiaComplex posted:

As far as homebrew file server motherboards go, I'd recommend the Gigabyte P35-DS3R:


This is the board I'm using, and apart from the JMB363 (purple ports) not being supported under solaris, it's perfect.

It's great.

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