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Jul 13, 2004

M*A*S*H; currently one ep into season 4. It's gonna take some serious effort to rebound from the loss of both Henry and Trapper, but since there are 8 seasons to go, I guess they must have. It's not really a 5-hours-in-one-sitting kind of show, though, so I don't expect to get through it anytime soon.

I'm thinking about checking out Six Feet Under. Perhaps Mad Men (at ~6 hrs total, it's hardly even a 'binge').

There's always The Wire, which I've yet to watch, but the hype is so high, I feel like it's bound to disappoint. It's not the first show heralded as 'best ever omg!' by so many people, and every one of those started strong but dwindled into tiresome. (I'm looking at you, Sopranos, The Shield, Rescue Me, etc.)

Tiborax posted:

I've been on a perennial Buffy-binge
I did Buffy+Angel maybe 2 years ago (alternating, as they were broadcast -- kinda neat, since there were a handful of tie-ins). Do yourself a favor and check out Angel, too. I started out not liking the very idea of a spinoff, but it quickly becomes the superior show.


Jul 13, 2004

I'm pretty well stalled out on six feet under at the moment. I'm 6 or 7 eps into S3, but I've been literally sitting doing nothing for 95% of the past two weeks (ankle injury), yet only watched 2 episodes. I tore through the first two seasons; how the hell did this series so rapidly drive me to ambivalence?

I did manage to inadvertantly spoil the series finale (drat you, -- I just wanted some episode ratings to know if this loving show picked up soon!), but it was, based on people's "non-spoiler" discussion, what I was 90% sure would happen anyway.

I dunno, I'm sure I'll soldier through at some point, I just really hope s4 and 5 aren't nearly the slog this season has so far been. (It probably doesn't help that Trueblood is crappy enough to lower Alan Ball in my esteem.)

I'm also still at the beginning of S5 of MASH, which I'd put on hold for SFU. Perhaps I'll just phase back into that for a while.

I did marathon Californication a couple weeks ago, and enjoyed it immensely. The leaked first two eps of S2 were particularly great, given the questionable S1 resolution they had to work with.

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