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Oct 30, 2005

Trophy Boner posted:

Just finished the third season of House and How I Met Your Mother. I never really liked House, because the "medical mystery" portion of the show is really formulaic. I decided to give it a chance, and now I really like it. I still don't really care about the medical parts of the shows most of the time, but the characters, especially House, more than make up for it.

No one I know gives a poo poo about the medical stuff in House. It's just ~45 minutes of Hugh Laurie being an rear end. And we love it!
I watched the first two seasons in about two weeks because I just couldn't wait. I think we're one season behind where I live and stuck on repeats half of the time, anyway.

I've just started watching the second series of Life On Mars. I completely forgot about this show after I watched the first series in one day while in hospital last year.

Before that it was Q.I. and Never Mind The Buzzcocks (the episodes hosted by Simon Amstell, the ones with guest presenters and only a few with Mark Lamarr, when there were interesting panellists.).


Oct 30, 2005

Lt. Jebus posted:

I've just started on Ashes to Ashes but it seems a weak follow on; the series seems to have amped up the camp and it really suffers from the lack of the Sam Tyler - Gene Hunt dynamic. I'm only two episodes in though so I'm keeping an open mind.

I finished Ashes To Ashes a few days ago. At first, I thought Alex was quite annoying ("Hello figments of my imagination!" rinse, repeat every ten minutes.) but I started to like her a few episodes in. And maybe it's because I'm easily entertained but I love how campy this show is at times. The hommage to Miami Vice in the first episode was awesome. My personal favourite is a scene in episode 7; Gene Hunt in slo-mo and Ultravox's Vienna.
Hope you keep watching, I think it's absolutely worth it (if only for Gene's one liners).

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