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Nov 4, 2005

Rider now with 100% more titanium!

Since the MMM thread has died, we've lost our repository of what everyone's bike looks like.

So, here's your chance. Post your bike. Nothing matches a bike to a username like a picture. Tell us a little about it, how long you've had it, what you've done to it, or with it. Hell, brag a little. Now, what I don't want, are photo essays. Give us one or two really good pictures of your ride.

If you have more than one bike, post those too. I'd even encourage you to post bikes you've already sold, totaled, or otherwise lost. Lets make 56k modems bleed from their serial ports.

Ack, the image I was going to use is, uh, to big. And I can't be bothered to resize it at 3:42 am. I'll get some pictures up here soon. As everyone posts their bikes, I'm going to try to get those images linked up here too. So we'll have a useful database of riders and bikes.


Oct 2, 2004
The one, the only....

Clicky for bigger

Bonus photo of me barrel racing.

Apr 17, 2006

Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

I'll bite!

2007 SV650S purchased in September last year, about 8.5k miles on it now. Been nothing but a blast. I thought I was going to trade up at some point to a bigger bike, but I don't ever see selling the SV. It's my daily driver and she's pulled me through some pretty silly situations.

2008 DRZ400SM caused me to post in this thread because I just got it a few days ago and I love it to death. Totally different experience, so much fun, so much hooliganism.

Next season, track bike, and my stable will be everything I need.

May 18, 2007

"He says he's going to be number one!"

Boo! Thread does not deliver on modem crushing experience. Would not buy again from OP. :P

My current daily driver:

It's a 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S Yeah, it apparently didn't set the world on fire in terms of sales, what with it having an air cooled, 750cc carb'd engine. Still, I love it, and it was a screaming deal when I bought it about 4 months back with only 22,000km on the clock. I've put on nearly 8000km since then, and it's been dead reliable. Since that picture was taken, I've swapped to a set of Metzler Z6 tyres, EBC HH pads all around, a Leo Vince exhaust, and am trying to work up the resolve to install a set of Wilber progressive springs (that are currently sitting on my shelf). It may not be retardedly powerful, or terribly light - it weighs ~200kg or so - but I'm usually able to keep up with most sport bike riders on anything other than a freeway, and that makes me happy. Plus, it's comfortable riding two-up, and for longer trips - something my friends with SS bikes certainly can't brag about.

The training tool:

A 2007 Honda CBR125R. It's actually my ex's bike, but I store it here, and novice motorcycle restrictions mean that if she wants to go for a ride, she needs a lisenced rider following her. It also happens to be the most retarded amount of fun on twisty back roads. I got a deal on a matched pair of Michelin Pilot Race tyres, which were meant to go on the next bike (below), but the front was too narrow (110 vs 120). Rather than passing up a deal, I did some research and found that a 110 tyre is actually used in the CBR125R spec racing series, so I had it mounted up. The only method of driving that bike fast, is to never, ever let off the throttle. If you run into too much of an incline, downshift, if the corner is too tight, lean further. I was laughing uncontrollably after doing a back road run, where I managed to never let the little bugger drop below 80kph. Also, it is suitable for carrying a pillion, provided there are no large hills.

My first bike:

A 1984 Yamaha FJ600. First bike, first lowside, first complete teardown and reassembly. First realization that one should not try to learn mechanical fundamentals on a vehicle that one either really needs, or really cares about. Sold it on for about 1/3 of what I paid for it. I MISS IT SO MUCH IT HURTS.

My race biek:

A 2002 Squidzuki GSX-ARRR 600. It was someone else's track slut before I bought it, and it's the first 600SS I've ever owned. Since it's not insurable, I'd only had a little experience with it before my first practice session. Because of that experience, I am an ardent supporter of the "No new rider should EVER get a 600SS as a first bike" doctrine. I also match too well with my bike, fashion wise.

Aaaaand another bike:

A 1977 Yamaha RD400. I bought it for my dad this Christmas to try to get him back into motorcycling after a nearly 30 year hiatus - once he had kids, he sold his bike (a 1975 RD350). My mission was entirely successful, and now my dad's riding around on a shiny new (well, nearly new) DL650. I am now trying to sell this for him, as he doesn't really have the time or space to have more than one bike. In the meantime, I'm also fixing the brakes on the bike, and waking it up every once in a while to kill any errant mosquitoes and/or wake the dead. I really, really wish I could keep it, but space and finances say otherwise.

The last bike that's (for the moment) cluttering up making my driveway the mecca of awesome:

It's a 1985 Honda VF500F - the babyceptor I conned one friend into picking it up as a project for me, fixed the gimpy petcock, and am now selling it on to another friend, where it will serve as his first bike. It's ridiculously over-complicated, with fun things like fuel pumps, pneumatic suspension, hydraulic clutch, anti-dive front suspension, and so on. However, it does look pretty cool, and only the 500 has the sweet whale tail rear end - the 700/750 just has the usual 80s design of a squared off rear tail section.

So umm... I have perhaps more bikes at my house than is healthy, and certainly more than my roommates are terribly happy with, but they are somewhat assuaged by the fact that only two of them have any long term plans at sticking around.

dumb silly baby
Apr 10, 2001

Simkin posted:

<snip>Honda V4 Goodness<snip>
I havent posted much lately because its been sitting in a shipping container for the last 18 months due to some rather large family commitments, but its out now and work is progressing. So I'll post it! GO THE V4!

Honda VFR400R Model NC21 Rat/Survival bike.

Current mods include fork gaiters and full road legal indicators/lights.
Future mods include twin projector headlamps mounted in a gasmask (lenses as eyes) and ammo box panniers with mortar tube beer holders.

Oct 2, 2004
The one, the only....

^^^ That thing is nuts, rock on!

Jul 3, 2007

Heres my 06 CBR 1000 Ive Got the typical gotta have stuff done -- 520 conversion,micron slipon,power comander I have owned every brand of sport bike now " except ducati" and i have to say i love my Honda the best

But i must admit i do miss my 04 R1. Nothing made has been as sexy as the 04 liquid silver r1 with chrome rims

Heres a Picture of my old R1 & zx-10 when i had both of them at the same time

waytofastvette fucked around with this message at Jul 6, 2008 around 11:27

Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester
Oct 3, 2000

mutt2jeff posted:

^^^ That thing is nuts, rock on!
yeah dude you should get a bigger fender and hang some trucknutz off the back of that thing!

Jul 17, 2002

Flame retarded.

Simkin posted:

The training tool:

This is the next bike I'm gonna buy. It's gonna replace this one:

2005 CBR150R. I'm size restricted to <150cc in my country, so this is the biggest bike I could get. It's also my sole mode of transportation. I don't have a car.

Jul 6, 2008

I'm so tired

Oh hello. Guzzi v11 Sport in my mechanic's dad's mess of a garage. Pretty cruddy picture but it's what I've got on hand. Also visible: the XR 100 of my youth

Mar 27, 2005

My first and only bike, Honda XLR125RW. Looking to upgrade in the next month either a 600 Bandit or if I can find a cheap DRZ.

Nov 12, 2004

Born to lose, live to win.

'03 KTM 660 SMC

This thing is a blast. Light and with more than enough power.
Used a long time before I bought it figuring out if I wanted this type of bike, or a more highway/touring friendly bike. But since I don't need it for commuting I though gently caress it, about time I buy something I really want instead the sensible choice.

And I do not regret it, never had so much fun despise the noise, vibration, kick-start only etc.
Love it, and will keep it for a long time!

Aug 10, 2004

First bike I ever rode was my fathers RD-250:

Which lead to me to purchasing this a 2005 EX-250:

I rode it for one season about 3000miles then bought this a used '05 zx-636:

in hindsight probably not the greatest decision in the world after about 12,000 miles and 2 seasons disaster struck, and this happened:

I was just starting to get proficient enough to actually appreciate the power and handling of the bike when it happened. I was entering this sweet 90 degree turn about 40mph and went to shift to first, the bike went into neutral, I panic'd and target fixated on a mailbox of all things, was unable to stop the bike. In other news the mailbox was barely damaged I was a lightly scraped up, the bike was quite totaled.
Which lead to me buying this a few weeks later a 2001 sv-650:

I also have a deposit down on one of these but who knows when I'll actually get it:

Aug 24, 2004


00 Suzuki SV650, 95 BMW F650, Suzuki RM80 and a 95-96 Honda CR125

Aug 20, 2003

as soon as i figure out how to post pics, i'll show ya mine = imageshack is a no no right?

Nov 12, 2004

Born to lose, live to win.

Correct, waffleimages is a good alternative.

Nov 29, 2003

feel the bern


MrKatharsis fucked around with this message at Sep 1, 2009 around 18:29

Dec 23, 2005

Ah, finally a chance to post something here. I've had this bike since this spring and I'm loving everything about it. It's a '04 ZX-10R (with a Devil slip on and a duck tail) and currently my only mode of transportation. Not exactly the most comfortable bike to drive in the city but yeah, can't really afford a car right now. :/ And God dammit why does it have to rain all the time this summer!

Sep 20, 2005

The truth never set me free so I'll do it myself.

Here's my 2006 Honda VTR250, as posted in the megathread when I first got it:

My first bike! I love how it looks, which is a large part of why I chose it, the other reasons being that it's well regarded as a starter bike, and it's built by Honda. Ex-demo from a dealership, as only 2006 and previous were available in matte black, and it also satisfied the rule that your first bike should not be purchased new. I might have bought a second-hand Ducati Monster 620ie (learner approved) if they didn't cost twice as much. Only niggle is that the front brake squeals and hasn't gone away with use. I may have to find out how to remove the front pads to investigate.

My fanciful dream is to maybe end up on some ludicrously fast Ducati, in red, of course. In the meantime, I doubt I'll "outgrow" my current bike anytime soon - in over 1000km, I think I've ventured into the top third of the tacho on maybe a handful of occasions, definitely less than 10 times.

Finger Prince
Jan 5, 2007


Twenty-Seven posted:

Oh hello. Guzzi v11 Sport in my mechanic's dad's mess of a garage. Pretty cruddy picture but it's what I've got on hand. Also visible: the XR 100 of my youth

and let's all just pretend it still looks exactly like that, only with a corbin seat and never speak of it again, k?

Nov 19, 2002

Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track.

Here's mine:

First bike, 2002 SV650S, looked like this when I got it:

Turned it into this over a summer:

Stepped up to my current bike, a 2006 Buell XB12Ss Lightning

Well-lit dealer pic of it:

This is my fiancÚs Ninja 250. The prior owner changed it to a single pipe exhaust and rejetted. Honestly, my Buell is loud, but this thing is loud.

Jul 14, 2004


Not enough green in here.

08 Ninja 650r, only 300 miles on it which means I'm still in the break in and haven't had a chance to even enter the powerband yet.

edit:700 miles and it's more awesome now.

Buhbuhj fucked around with this message at Jul 23, 2008 around 11:46

Oct 24, 2005

Nedaleko ot boltovni i spletni do izmeny!

This is my 1986 Honda CBX750F. The fairing is sanded down and ready to be resprayed but I'll probably wait until winter.

Krokodul fucked around with this message at Jul 6, 2008 around 16:14

Sep 6, 2005

My 08 Bonneville. First bike, great fun, 1000 miles so far...

Jul 19, 2004

My first bike was a Honda CB 100. I miss it. This is an older version but mine didn't look much different apart from being black.

Current ride and first proper bike, Suzuki GSX 750 ES.

Originally it looks like this

I have removed the fairing for naked vanity, mounted an aftermarket headlight and a 12 volt cigarette lighter type socket for the gps. No plans for further modification other than various invasive maintenance to keep it running well and to teach me the mechanic magic!

Feb 16, 2002

brains for breakfast brains for brunch

My current bikes. I've wittled myself down from 12 or so I had. I'll hold off posting any past bikes.

This is why my gf hates me

1962/53 Bonneville pre-unit chopper
Real vintage chopper, I traded my old 63 Galaxie for it with some guy in Tennessee who got it from the builder Hackasaw. Engine needs rebuilt, new carbs, and some grunt work. I'm actually working on this right now.

1969 Australian CB450
Got this on a whim from a guy I was buying a parts bike from. It sits until I have time to get her going.

1974 RD350
I got this a few years ago, apparently 1 millisecond before RDs escalated in price. The piston blew up on the Bay Bridge. It's in process of being rebuilt very soon.

1976 Honda CB750
I got this just so I could have one old Four. This thing is a beast and I'm in the process of restoring/light customizing. It currently sits as a diassembled rolling chassis ready for powdercoat.

1974 XL70
A guy I knew was visiting his family in Chicago and asked me to store this for him. He never came back.

1977 Yamaha RD400
I found this at the same time I found my RD350. It was in the possession of some redneck who didnt know what he had. It looks like an old race bike. It has a bunch of race parts on it. Apparently it had more and he got rid of it to his brother before he sold it. He then tried to weld, which looked like bird crap, and attach some horrible 80's sportbike tail section to. I saved it! I built a fiberglass seat for it and painted it up. It's waiting for a few more pieces before I finish it off.

As I got it

1980 Yamaha XS650
This has been my main bike for over a year and has gone through a few changes. I think I'll eventually do a full cafe racer treatment to it.



2008 Kawasaki KLR650
This is mean green commuting machine. I'm a poser on it and haven't even gone offroad much.

1969 CL450/CB450
This is my gf's bike I got running. She never rides it. It just sits. It's a bit of a mutt. It's a 1969 CL450 but with 72 Tank and covers.

Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester
Oct 3, 2000

1955 BMW R50 (click)

Birthday Pony
Jan 7, 2002

I think I'd better put on a monocle

2005 Suzuki SV650

I just bought this bike a few weeks ago. I've been riding to work every day and having a blast. I'm glad I went with the sv650 for a first bike. It's fast as hell (to me), sounds great, and is light enough to handle easily. I've got plans for some longer rides to deal's gap but I'm going to wait until I take the MSF on the 25th.

Nov 6, 2005

Good egg

dumb silly baby posted:

Current mods include fork gaiters and full road legal indicators/lights.
Future mods include twin projector headlamps mounted in a gasmask (lenses as eyes) and ammo box panniers with mortar tube beer holders.

That is all sorts of awesome. I would ride the hell out of that.

Here's my current horse, a different kind of Honda V - 1999 ST1100

And naked

I really like it. Not as much of a powerhouse as the new ST class machines are but still more than enough to put a smile on my face, considering it's pushing 10 years old now.

I am still amazed every time I red line it (which isn't often) with how flat the torque curve is.

slidebite fucked around with this message at Jul 6, 2008 around 18:59

Sep 13, 2005

so it goes...

This is my first bike, a 1989 Suzuki GSX600F (Katana). So far I haven't done much, other than tighten up some looks bolts, replace the gauge cluster, drop it and break the lens on a turn signal. I bled the front brakes this morning and braking feel is much improved.

Future plans are simply to clean it up a bit and possibly new paint on the fairings and tank.

Aug 19, 2000
Old Man of the Forums

This is my current bike, a 2000 MV Agusta F4S. I bought it new years ago. I was one of the first people to own a MV Agusta F4S in the U.S. except for the Oro series guys. It's a 750cc sportbike and by todays standards it's a bit heavy (about 480 lbs true wet weight) and slightly underpowered (126 stated hp but about 113-118 rwhp) but it still has an amazingly sweet chassis. It's so wonderfully balanced as you trailbrake hard into a turn and so utterly composed. The only area which I wish it were better would be weight. If I could shave 80+ pounds off it so it's true wet weight would be below 400 lbs it would be perfect but then again even now no current street superbike or supersport is close to 400.

I haven't felt any pressing need to buy a new bike yet but I have been considering a new MV Agusta F4 1078RR 312 or the new Ducati 1098R. I wouldn't mind getting one of the big 4 literbikes either but I think of the Japanese sportbikes I love the GSX-R 750 the best. I really think that the 750 class is a great class for sportbikes and I'm sorry that everyone abandoned it except for Suzuki. Given the horrible economy currently I'm going to see if things settle down first before getting a new bike.

Only registered members can see post attachments!

Sep 26, 2005

Heaven knows we'll soon be dust.

College Slice

Birthday Pony posted:

2005 Suzuki SV650

I just bought this bike a few weeks ago. I've been riding to work every day and having a blast. I'm glad I went with the sv650 for a first bike. It's fast as hell (to me), sounds great, and is light enough to handle easily. I've got plans for some longer rides to deal's gap but I'm going to wait until I take the MSF on the 25th.

What's going on with the yellow/green stripe on your wheels? Is it reflective for increased visibility or something?

Jim Silly-Balls
Jun 6, 2001

Fondle my shiny metal ass

1972 Suzuki RV90. 90cc 2-stroke. 4 speed manual transmission. ATV tires. Street legal. This is the most fun I've ever had on a bike.

73 RD350 in the middle of a rebuild. I stripped it down this winter, and am building it back up. Its a riot.

75 Kawasaki F11-250. Used to be my dads. I bought it back from the guy he sold it to. Stuck some street tires on it, and did the quasi-supermoto thing. It siezed up on me this spring. Its on the backburner for a while.

Dec 14, 2004

2006 Triumph Sprint ST

May 12, 2001

Suzuki lover number one!

1996 GSXR750. Purchased used and this thing was a loving peice of poo poo, forever cementing my dislike for suzuki. Suzuki might be a great bike for someone else, but the only one I have ever like was the one I learned on a 1992 GSXR600 of a friend of mines that I put about 100miles on in a neighborhood. Other than that, Suzuki doesn't like me, and I don't like suzuki.

First bike besides a honda xr80 that I owned when I was 13. This is a 1968 BSA 441 shooting star. Still in my garage collecting dust as I call it my project bike. I really need to start fixing it up.

2006 Honda CBR600RR. Purchased at .4 miles in August 06 now has 14,500 or so on the clock. 0 commuting miles. I love it. Mods? Frame sliders, rear spools, grips, uhh that's about it.

First 3 day ride into AR.

It's been to the Dragon and Pig trail. I would have a "HELLBENDER" sticker on it but the bridge was closed.

Eh two more, I'm a whore for the worlds biggest stuff.

Big fuckin injun.


Aug 14, 2003

Here's my goofy rear end tooling around a parking lot on my FRZ600. It has a YZF front end and I took off the lower fairings (I think it looks better) but other than that, I've just spent a bunch of money making it less of a mess.

I almost never see the powerband because I live in the city and there's nowhere to open up

Only registered members can see post attachments!

Aug 30, 2002

I'm the urban spaceman, baby.

Here's a dark picture of my '07 KLR650, taken when I first got it in February. Click for big.

Since then I've removed the windshield and handguards to reduce wind buffeting, added a Wolfman Explorer tankbag and luggage, replaced the doohickey, zip-tied the GPS mount from my car to the handlebars, 2" lowering links, adjusted the valves, changed the oil twice, somehow acquired a small hole in the taillight lens and drat near worn out the rear tire. It's been on a back roads drive from North Carolina to Iowa, and has been to to Richmond and upstate New York. Before it gets home it'll have gone to Indianapolis, Nashville, Cincinatti, Bumfuck Ohio, Sonoma, Detroit and Chicago.

I'll put a tire on it in Sonoma, I think, I'm looking at the Avon Gripsters. I also want to put the stock links back in, add a taller than stock windshield, a tool tube, Corbin seat, and a tail bag and saddlebags made from Pelican cases.

I don't go on anything worse that packed gravel with it, but considering the travel I don't feel like too much of a poser.

When I bought it, someone here instructed me to ride the piss out of it, and I have been. First bike too, I kinda jumped into this with both feet.

EvilDonald fucked around with this message at Jul 6, 2008 around 17:17

Jun 18, 2004

Only emojis can express my pure, simple stupidity.

She's pretty slow so she won't get me into trouble. But drat if she isn't easy on the eyes!

It's a Riaju if anyone was wondering.

Aug 9, 2004

Every day takes figurin' out all over again how to fuckin' live.

Slippery Tilde

I'm pretty sure a new seat would make her look 1000x better, but I love her anyway:


Turtle Parlor
Sep 12, 2005
village idiot

First off, my Triumph TT600 (2001):

I herculined all the fiberglass and plastic bits. It's had a rough life at my hands, so I figured a tough coating was in order. Also, for a good laugh fire up Bike Bandit and peruse the OEM prices for anything Triumph.

Annnnd, here is my YZ 426F (2001)

4XX class MX bikes are brutally overpowered, have massive suspension capabilities and just in general are scary. There are apparently folks that can ride them to near 100% of the bikes potential and THAT is a scary thought. MX/trail is a riot however and I suggest that if the chance ever comes up to do some offroading proper on a offroad rig, go for the gusto. There are no rules (aside from not being a total douche and wrecking the environment), wheelies are encouraged, stoppies are applauded and the bikes are amazingly tough. If you aren't coming off the bike now and again, something is wrong. Total stress blowoff, they are gas powered therapy.

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