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The D
Apr 11, 2006

Indie Game Dev, Dragoon Entertainment Ltd. CEO
What is The Demon Rush?

The Demon Rush is an independent two-dimensional RPG created by Dragoon Entertainment in 2008.

Note: The Demon Rush contains coarse language and pixelated blood and gore.


The story revolves around a war between humans and demons, called the Demon Rush, that has spanned three years up to the present time. The city of Tiriad on Earth may have a breakthrough that can lead to the end of the war: the first spacecraft created in the Mittu system, the S. S. Pursuit. With this spacecraft, a new power may be found in Mittu that can lead to the end of the Demon Rush. However, the mission goes awry, and two Tiriadian soldiers are stranded on a distant planet...


Cherry Venus

Colonel of the Tiriadian Sky Corps, she has earned a reputation of being both reckless and a workaholic. Her parents died in a car accident when she was young, and this fuels her desire to protect people.

In combat, Cherry is pretty average in stats and tends to be pretty versatile, leaning a little toward physical attacks. As time goes by, she focuses more on tanking, healing and anti-tank abilities.


Quiet and calm, he is a mysterious man with a horn covered in armor. Knight comes to the rescue of Cherry and Alberto. He has tremendous dedication to his god, Theus.

Knight is the ultimate offensive character; he has high attack and magic stats, and learns a variety of offensive abilities, both physical and magical. He eventually learns some instant death and status ailment abilities, and even some that can bust through specific status and elemental immunities.

Alberto Mundosold

Vulgar and blunt, Alberto is generally regarded by his fellow Sky Corps soldiers as a jerk. He is also pretty sarcastic, as can be seen by his conversations with his best friend, Cherry. His girlfriend, Amy, was killed at the start of The Demon Rush.

The polar opposite of Knight in battle, Alberto is the ultimate defensive character (surprising, given his abrasive attitude). He has a heavy focus on healing and stunning, and even has access to an evade-and-counter ability.

Claire Colpa

A polite and serious young woman, Claire has learned the arts of war at age 16. Unfortunately for the rest of the team, she seems to be working for the enemy.

Claire doesn't have any prominent offensive or defensive abilities, but she has a heavy focus on both speed and disabling. Whether it be poisoning, stealing or cutting down their defense, Claire can soften up any foe with ease.


Jimmy is kind of like a typical RPG hero. Young, dark past, odd clothing, special powers, etc. He also happens to be fairly optimistic and flamboyant at times, though he is still serious about his mercenary work. He has worked with the Pael Army as a mercenary for years, and on a recent mission, he discovers that his past can come back to haunt him.

Jimmy is a very versatile character, much like Cherry, though he tends to focus more on magical abilities than she does. While he's good at a variety of areas (physical, magical, healing), he tends to fall into a support role later on, making his team members more effective in combat.

Brooks Cracktackle

A soldier of the Pael Army, Brooks lost everything when The Demon Rush began, and the depression that followed caused him to be demoted due to his increasingly poor performance. However, when the Pael Army pairs him up with Jimmy, he may learn something key about The Demon Rush-- which may give him his shot at vengeance.

Brooks is the simplest character to use - point and shoot. He has incredibly high attack and he focuses on hitting enemies from a distance. If kept well protected and far from the front lines, Brooks can lay waste to scores of enemies without missing a beat.


The game plays very similar to most story-driven RPGs. You control a party that explores a variety of environments, including towns, outdoor settings, caves, buildings, etc. Certain events will also play out to advance the story. The game's flow is meant to be smooth, and pointless filler is something that is kept at a minimum; a lot of the fights, dungeons and story should advance at a solid pace.

Dungeons are a little different than most RPGs. Rather it being based around exploring and random battles, there is more of a focus of trying to deal with patrolling enemies and trying to get the drop on them. All enemies are visible, some patrol, some guard a certain spot. They can detect you by sight or by sound (if a character is running, not walking, nearby them). Having an enemy sneak up on you can be costly, so learning how to ambush your foes is a crucial skill to learn in this game.

Battles allow you to make use of the entire battlefield, which is good, as spacing is crucial to avoid area-of-effect attacks and keep weaker allies away from foes (as enemies will take distance, HP and defense into account when choosing targets). Fights are turn-based, though other characters can move around the field as the Speed Counters rise (when a Speed Counter is full, that character gets their turn). The game has a good emphasis on strategy, and there a number of subtleties to pay attention to to help turn fights more in your favour. Despite this, the game's difficulty is fairly low, to appeal more to casual players.

To those who seek something more to test them, there are difficult Challenges one can have their team undertake from the Main Menu. Aside from that, there is also a Versus mode in the full version that allows two players to fight their teams against each other.

Your team members are fairly customizable. Characters receive stat bonuses for receiving a certain amount of experience. These stat bonuses are used to increase character stats, and the frequency they get a type of stat bonuses varies from member to member. Stat bonuses can be used immediately or saved for later to be converted into bonuses for different stats. Each character can also hold up to 30 items each and can learn up to 10 specific abilities.

The full version also contains an optional mini-game called RopeRange, where you hang from a rope at a great height and have to shoot several targets.

The demo and the full version are available here:

I hope you enjoy this game.


The D
Apr 11, 2006

Indie Game Dev, Dragoon Entertainment Ltd. CEO

CloseFriend posted:

Looking at PC games alone, I can also get Psychonauts, Anachronox, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, and the Fallout Collection new for less than $20. Hell, a factory loving sealed copy of Earthworm Jim Special Edition, one of the greatest platformers ever made, goes for $3.

I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon beatdown here, but think of it this way. Unless your game is better looking and more fun than Earthworm Jim for the PC, there's no non-greed-based reason to charge more than what I can pay for that.

Yeah, I do see what you're saying. I'm considering changing the price now.

The D
Apr 11, 2006

Indie Game Dev, Dragoon Entertainment Ltd. CEO
Despite how harsh most all of the responses are, I have been paying attention to what people have been saying.

The price has been lowered to $9.99 CAD.

The D
Apr 11, 2006

Indie Game Dev, Dragoon Entertainment Ltd. CEO

that one guy posted:

Well D, you're getting a lot of poo poo but unfortunately I think it's largely deserved. However, it's cool that you wanted to do something and went through with it, took the effort to do it, etc. Many people just talk about wanting to write a game or story or whatever and don't do anything about it. So at least be proud that you did something, and thank these goons for being harsh on you so there can be no doubt that you will get nowhere trying to sell this game. Learn as much as you can from this (ask what in particular sucks, how you can do it better perhaps) and do not get defensive or strike back at the goons for their brutality. "Just relax and let this happen" and you will be better for it.

I'm not going to get defensive about this, and I am paying attention to what everyone is saying; thank you for posting a more constructive response.

Origami posted:

Don't be so harsh on him. I found some concept art for version 2.0 and it's going to make you his bitch.

This is incredibly awesome, and in all seriousness, this has made my day.