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Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

These are troubled times. Some simply call them the end of days; others call them the Godless Dusk; still others believe them to be the eve of a great war, the likes of which Noremien has never seen.

Not quite three months ago, an eclipse which had eluded the predictions of even the most learned scholars wiped out the sun and plunged all of Noremien into a long darkness, turning day into absolute night for twelve hours. When morning came, the passing of the eclipse coincided with the rising of the sun; but even as the darkness lifted from the world it seeped into the hearts of many, for all over the world, countless men and women of power, be they wizards, sages or priests, found themselves cut off from the mystic energies they'd dedicated their lives to, the powers they could shape and harness at will simply gone, like air no longer exists to a drowning man.

There was no rhyme or reason to this cataclysmic loss of arcane and divine power: in some cases, venerable archwizards became unable to work their magic, while their bumbling apprentices retained the ability to cast their lowly cantrips. High clerics and paladins, as well as humble priests who commanded but some minor healing powers, suddenly found themselves bereft of the awesome divine energy formerly invested in them. Research at the Academy of the Lake, the greatest centre of arcane learning in all of Noremien, has been fruitless; those who have become powerless do not appear to be afflicted in any way, but the nature of their immense loss is, by all accounts, indeterminable. What has yet to be proven otherwise is that it is a purely binary state: those who do lose their powers lose them entirely, those who retain them remain unaffected – for the time being, at any rate; it is also a state of utter uncertainty.

Since the Aftermath of the Eclipse, as that day has become known, the number of magic-wielders throughout Noremien has been steadily declining, and what used to be a fairly common ability has turned into a commodity that is growing rarer by the day. Even more worrying, however, is that ever since that dark day, the gods have been completely, utterly silent; whereas they used to speak to their faithful followers before, however cryptically, their presence has not been felt or observed in Noremien since, and even those who still wield some power in the name of their deity feel the seeds of doubt growing in their hearts by now.

In what has been regarded as a sign of grim portent among the fey residents of this world, the eladrin settlement of Deepwreathe, the only one of its kind to blend over into Noremien, vanished on the day of the Eclipse as well, its former site in the Everleaf now nothing but a large clearing devoid of life, the curtain that let a small part of the Feywild slip through into the mortal world apparently fallen; thus far, the city has shown no signs of manifesting on this plane again.

Most recently, rumours of strange new arrivals in Noremien have been making the rounds, of the fabric of the world itself warping and shifting, spewing forth outlandish beasts and dark shapes that roam the countryside for a while, slaying and destroying whom and what they can find, before fading away again. Not three months ago, no one would have put much stock in such tales, but in the wake of the eclipse, there's little that is still regarded as impossible.

Some say that the era of magic and gods is coming to an end, that the inhabitants of Noremien will soon be left to their own devices; devices that, if current trends are any indication, will hasten its great decline along. Many have given up hope already – many, but not all. There are still those who are determined to learn more of whatever nameless threat is befalling the world, and ultimately take the fight to it.

The world is changing, but its doom is not yet determined.

World map, not to scale. It only depicts the major cities and landmarks in Noremien; there are countless smaller settlements etc.

It has been exactly 73 days since the Eclipse. With the ranks of able arcanists ever thinning, life in Noremien has changed and continues to change. War is brewing again on the southern continent, the uneasy status quo once upheld by the two kingdoms' evenly matched wizard forces waning in favour of Vaere. Throughout the world, prayers remain unanswered, and justice and order, once upheld primarily by magic and divine means, are deteriorating in many places; likewise, enchantments of a more intriciate nature are becoming more difficult and expensive to sustain, leaving treasuries, strongholds and other magically safeguarded places and individuals more easily assailable.
Those still proficient in magic have begun to realize that they are becoming the exception rather than the rule, and many are finding ways of exploiting this to their own advantage – in fact, simply being able to work magic can be a cause for some suspicion these days, warlocks and their occult powers not being the only ones to be eyed warily anymore.

Of those mages who are still looking to resolve the crisis rather than profiting from it as much as possible, many have gathered at the Academy of the Lake, where every attempt is being made to learn more about this strange fading of magic from the world. So far, no progress has been made in this matter, but this may be about to change: Ravic Carthaune, in his capacity as the Academy's headmaster and senior member of the Mages' Council, has sent personal messages to some of Noremien's most renowned adventurers, asking them to meet him at the Academy on the last day of the month. Judging from his brief words, the Academy may have finally made some headway in determining the nature of the mysterious loss of magic that has befallen Noremien. A generous reward was mentioned as well, perhaps to help sway those who are not content merely rendering the very world they live in a great service. What exactly this task consists of, Carthaune's message doesn't say; only that it is urgent. Those who want to know more will have to follow his call.

I'm recruiting for a D&D 4E paragon game. Paragon tier means your character is, in the loosest sense of the word, a hero. Someone with a reputation. He doesn't (necessarily) have to be a knight in shining armour who slays dragons and saves princesses on a weekly basis, but one way or another, word of your various exploits will have travelled far in the world, whether you like it or not. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as you might find out at some point.

Character creation rules: 22 point buy, L11 characters, PHB classes only, unaligned or (L)G. Player characters are among the lucky ones to have retained their arcane/divine powers, although the gods remain silent to them as well.
I'm not going to rule out any MM races categorically (except for Warforged), but unless you're confident you can come up with an intriguing concept, I would strongly recommend sticking to the PHB races. Further below are some brief write-ups on how each of these fits into the world.
The crunchy details: you get one magic item of 12th, 11th and 10th level each free of charge, as well as 5,000 gold and whatever mundane adventuring gear (PHB p221) you desire, within reason. PHB p29 and DMG p143 contain handy tables showing how many powers, feats and stat bonuses you're entitled to at your level. It can be a bit daunting to make a paragon character from scratch, so do take your time.

In terms of backgrounds: heroes, let alone paragon-level heroes, aren't born, they are made. As such, your character has invariably undertaken his or her share of adventures, achieved victories and suffered defeats on the road to paragon-dom, and I would like to see some of these exploits touched on, as well as how the character came to choose the paragon path he/she has taken. Apart from that, the more there is to work with for me in terms of the character's past, the friends and enemies made during years of adventuring, his/her personality and desires etc., the more interesting things will be for everyone involved.

The eight races:

Dragonborn originated on the Isle of Masos, an island off the north-eastern coast of Utinmar, its otherwise flat expanse dominated by the massive volcano of the same name. Though it has not been active for hundreds of years, the island still bears countless marks of the volcano's past, violent eruptions, its sweeping plains scarred and rent, leaving it a place ill-suited for, but not altogether uncapable of sustaining life. Long accustomed to such living conditions and the need to cooperate in order to survive, dragonborn are hardy and far less divided than other races tend to be, and while initially wary of strangers, a dragonborn generally makes as dependable a companion as anyone could hope for.
Obsidian remains the Isle's main export good, it being the only place in Noremien this glass is found. It has even given its name to the only noteworthy settlement of the Isle, as much of a capital as the race of the dragonborn cares to lay claim to; Samal Kolnin, located on a smaller island just offshore, means "City of Black Glass" in Common, even though the city's architecture involves very little of it.

There are two dwarven kingdoms in Noremien, one under the Negesians in Vaere and one at the roots of the Shielding Mountains in Utinmar, where also is found the Vale of the Silent, a place sacred to all dwarves where their royalty and worthy fallen are laid to rest. Conducting such funerals is one of the few events where the northern and southern dwarves see eye to eye; otherwise, there is a long-standing animosity between the two realms, a relict of the Great War that divided Noremien a century ago, the atrocities committed on both sides not easily forgotten. One hundred years later, the Vaerian dwarves and their Utinmaran kinsmen usually are polite to one another when they meet, if only barely so, but few of them find it in themselves to overcome the long grudge held by both peoples.
Widely renowned for their skills at stonecrafting and blacksmithing, as well as their dependable and resilient nature, dwarves are warmly received guests all over Noremien, and many villages pride themselves on having a dwarven craftsman settling down among them. Outside their two subterranean kingdoms, however, the only actual dwarven settlements tend to be mining towns, though with hobgoblin attacks occuring more frequently, as well as becoming more and more savage, these small settlements find themselved increasingly reliant on hired guards and mercenaries to keep them safe.

The eladrin have traditionally been a reclusive people, perhaps on account of the fact that only one of their settlements, named Deepwreathe in the Common tongue, lay close enough to the ethereal border separating Noremien and the Feywild for it to blend over into the mundane world. With Deepwreathe, and thus the only semi-permanent gateway to the Feywild, suddenly gone, any eladrin abroad in Noremien are effectively stranded and forced, to a greater or lesser degree, to mingle with its natives. Eladrin relate best to humans, whose pursuits in learning, arcane or otherwise, tend to match up to those of the Feyborn in extent and dedication; they usually politely look down on most other races, although this attitude is far less prevalent in eladrin who took up residence in Noremien for good rather than only occasionally journeying beyond Deepwreathe.

Elves, in contrast, have always felt more at home in the mortal world, where they can both live in Noremien's forests as well as explore the lands beyond the woods' edges at their leisure. Because of this, the eladrin consider them unsophisticated, even primitive in some cases; in return, the elves think of them as aloof and arrogant. There is no hostility between the two kindreds, but they tend to spend little time among one another, though elves at least are far more accepting of other races and are often found travelling abroad, mingling freely with whoever welcomes their company. They are, however, quite defensive of their settlements, and less tolerant of strangers in their proximity these days than they used to be, perhaps understandably so; the Everleaf, in particular, is a dangerous place now, and small gangs of bandits building crude hideouts amidst its soaring trees actually are the least of a traveller's problems now.

Half-elves are found all over Noremien, their innate love of being with others leaving few doors barred to them. This is just as well, for they share the wanderlust of their elven parentage as well as the openmindedness of their human side. As such, they don't form exclusive communities of their own, preferring to live among other races and take in as much of their culture and way of life as possible.

Generally speaking, halflings are quite content to stay out of the business of the "big folk" where it concerns positions of power, and don't care a great deal for establishing power structures among their own kind, either. They are second only to humans in number and just as widespread, though halflings overall display less of an inclination to settle down for good, or even for a longer time; the joy they take in wandering the world surpasses even that of the elves. Apart from sending a small squad of slingers to aid the forces of Queen Sezarte in the Great War, halflings have never taken much interest in politics – a few ambitious individuals aside – or events in the world at large, and prefer to concern themselves with the simple pleasures of life. The events of the last three months, however, have forced even the halfling race to take note.

Humans are easily the most prolific race in Noremien, as well as the most prone to infighting and waging war amongst themselves. Many settlements and virtually all major cities in Noremien were established by humans, though members of any civilized race are generally welcome in them; the same cannot be said for the settlements of most other races, eladrin, elves and dwarves being particularly averse to the notion of outlivers living among them. On the flipside, much of the evil in the world also may be attributed to the human race; especially in such troubled times as these, many humans turn to pure opportunism and seize whatever they can, showing a disregard for their own people no other race can really comprehend. The Great War, too, was ultimately the result of strife between two human factions, though it drew virtually all peoples of Noremien into its maelstrom of destruction and bloodshed. In its aftermath, alliances were and still are a lot slower to form, particularly when there are humans involved, their penchant for turning on one another considered as much of a liability as their hospitality a virtue.

Tieflings are a rather rare sight in Noremien. They are not a race or people of their own as such; the infernal curse laid on their ancestors in times forgotten by man has endured throughout countless generations, but whether someone born from an afflicted bloodline actually turns out to be Tainted, as common parlance refers to it, appears to be purely a matter of chance. At any rate, tieflings are born only rarely, but those who are suffer all the more for it; producing Tainted offspring is generally viewed as a great embarrassment to a family, and the Tainted themselves are considered harbingers of ill fortune and prone to evil, even though any specific knowledge of the ancient curse that made them so has been long since lost to the passing aeons. Tieflings are no more inherently evil than humans are, but in a world where much of the populace pities them at best and rejects them at worst, many find it difficult to escape the fates they're cornered into.

Recruitment will be open for at least one week. If there are any questions, post here!

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Jul 22, 2008

I'm really interested in playing an apostate cleric - because of the way 4e has cleric powers coming from investiture rather than directly from the god, its possible for a cleric to keep their powers if they violate the tenets of their deity. (PHB says "what you do with your powers once you're ordained is up to you, although if you flagrantly and openly defy your deity's tenets, you quickly earn the enmity of the faithful.")

I like the idea of a non-evil cleric of one of the evil gods; maybe he's been on the run, but can finally relax a little now that most of his god's followers have lost their power. I know that this can be kind of cliche, but I'd try to write a story that gives it an interesting twist. Are you cool with such an idea? Would you be willing to work with me on making a divine feat for the evil god?

Aug 14, 2008

Please excuse preliminary bad writing, also, what pantheon does this world use?

Note: If permissible, all references to scimitar actually refers to a pirate cutlass

Bhalsen Koridon was born under a strange sign. It is said that at the hour of his birth, Mt. Masos trembled at his arrival with a pyrotechnic display grander than any other in recent memory. At the moment of this portent, Bhalsen was donated immediately by his fearful parents to a local cult, hopeful that this portent might signal the grand future of their child and that his might could be put towards good use. They were right, Bhalsen quickly rose in the ranks as a mighty Paladin, unequaled with the blade. Bhalsen took his aged tutors to heart when they expoused the virtues of unity necessary to survive the Dragonborn's harsh homeland, and turned his martial prowess to those who would disrupt the order of his home.

Bhalsen's fervant attitude towards law was unequal in his youth, but he soon grew tired of fighting the petty criminal elements on the island. His destiny will be fulfilled, but Masos seemed to be lacking in causes worth undertaking. When Bhalsen heard news of a particularly vicious pack of raiders preying on the trade ships laden with obsidian that frequented the ports, he felt it was a great chance to unfetter himself to the island.

Urging the city council to finance a counterattack, Bhalsen quickly set up a small pirate band who would take the fight to the raiders. The campaign was short and brutal, leading his crew with equal parts charisma and horror, Bhalsen quickly dismantled the pirate fleet. But even that was too easy, were these sniveling dogs the greatest foes he would vanquish? Bhalsen continued his crusade on the water, and his fame continued to grow until Bhalsen's name was only whispered by superstitious privateers for fear of his wrath.

Bhalsen had the blessing of the gods, he was a champion of order and scourge of evil, he will wipe out all those who would threaten order. That is, until the eclipse.

Magic began to fade in the world, and even Bhalsen, chosen of the gods, began to lose touch. The divine voice that mandated he stamp out evil has disappeared entirely. While his power remained, without guiding force of the gods, how can order remain in the world? Refusing to succumb to the notion that the deities have abandoned the world, Bhalsen seeks to restore the connection with the gods lest the world fall into chaos and disorder without their guiding light.

Personality: Bhalsen is quite arrogant but respects martial prowess. He usually tries to solve problems by brute force if necessary, and will often rationalize unscrupulous means if it will fulfill what he considers the greater good. He is eager to find out what happened to magic and the gods after the Eclipse and believes it is his destiny to return the world to the status quo. Any sacrifices along the way are preferable to the world remaining in the dark without divine guidance.

Level 11 Dragonborn Paladin - Champion of Order

Initiative: +8

Str: 21 (16 +1 +2 +2)
Con: 14 (13 +1)
Dex: 17 (14 +1 +2)
Int: 9  (8 +1)
Wis: 15 (14 +1)
Cha: 12 (10 +1 +2)

Max Hp: 99
Bloodied: 49
Surge value: 27 (+2 con +1 item)
Surges/day: 12

Speed: 5 (Platemail)

AC: 29 (10 + 5 level + 8 armor + 3 enhancement +2 shield +1 feat)
Fort: 23 (10 + 5 level + 1 class + 5 ability + 2 enhancement)
Ref: 24 (10 + 5 level + 1 class + 3 ability + 2 enhancement + 2 shield +1 feat)
Will: 20 (10 + 5 level + 1 class + 2 ability + 2 enhancment)

5 Cold, 5 Fire

Trained Skills:
Athletics (Student of Battle) +11
Endurance +11
Insight +12
Intimidate +13
Perception (Skill Training) +12
Religion +9

Scimitar Dance (3 damage on a miss with scimitar)
Shield Specialization (Retrained on level 11) (+1 AC, +1 Reflex)
Student of Battle (Warlord multiclass)
Daily Power Swap
Skill Training (Perception)
Weapon Focus (Scimitar) (+2 Damage)
Toughness (+10 HP)

Racial Powers:
Dragonborn Fury: +1 attack when bloodied
Draconic Heritage: Add con mod to surge value (accounted for above)

Class Powers:
Champion's Action:
    When Spend action point, all adjacent enemies take -1 to all defenses
In Defense of Order:
    Marked adjacent enemies take oppurtunity attack if they don't attack me, 2d6 radiant to demons and elementals

At Wills:
Divine Challenge:
    minor, close burst 5, marks target, takes 7 radiant damage if it doesn't attack me
Lay on Hands:
    2 times a day, minor, touch ally and spend healing surge to heal their surge value
Holy Strike:
    +15 v AC, 1d8+10 radiant, 1d8+12 if marked
Valiant Strike:
    +15 v AC (+1 per adjacent enemy), 1d8+10 damage

Channel Divinity:
    minor, close burst 10, target makes saving throw with +1 bonus
    minor, add 5 damage to next attack
Dragon Breath:
    minor, +9 v Reflex, Close Blast 3, 2d6+2 lightning damage
Piercing Smite:
    +15 v Reflex, 2d8+10 damage, marks 2 adjacent enemies
Arcing Smite:
    +15 v AC, two targets, 1d8+10 damage, target is marked
Thunder Smite:
    +15 v AC (19-20 crit), 2d8+10 damage, target is knocked prone
Certain Justice:
    +19 v AC, 1d8+10 damage, weakened and dazed as long as target is marked
Inspiring Reaction:
    Trigger: Bhalsen or adjacent ally takes damage, spends healing surge to gain surge+1 hp
Cleansing Spirit:
    Minor, ranged 5, ally makes saving throw with +2 bonus

Paladin's Judgement:
    +15 v AC, 3d8+10 damage, one ally within 5 squares spends healing surge
    Miss: One ally spends healing surge
Matyr's Retribution:
    +15 v AC, Bhalsen must spend a healing surge, 4d8+10 radiant damage
    Miss: Half damage
White Raven Strike:
    +15 v AC, 3d8+10 damage, two allies within 10 squares gain 15 temp hp (16 if this attack kills)
Astral Speech:
    Minor, +4 diplomacy until end of encounter
Dwarven Armor:
    Free action, gain 26 hit points
Flaming Handaxe:
    1d6 fire damage, ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends)


Magic Gear:

+3 Scimitar, High Crit (Level 11)
+3 Dwarven Platemail (Level 12)
+2 Flaming Handaxe (Level 10)
+2 Cloak of Survival (4200 gold)
Belt of Vigor (520 gold)
280 gold remaining

Mundane Gear:
Heavy Shield
Battered Holy Symbol
Journeybread (10 days)
Rations (10 days)
2xEverburning Torch
Belt pouch
50 feet of rope

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Food Court Druid
Jul 17, 2007

Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always.

Looks interesting, will stat up a character shortly. I hope martial classes are okay, my concept is an ex-military human warlord. After being kicked out of the king's guard he took on a number of odd jobs, and ended up becoming the bodyguard for one or more of the mages in the campaign.

Dallan Invictus
Oct 11, 2007

The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.

I'm interested in this: I feel like playing a fighter of some sort: concept is a renowned eladrin swordmaster (mistress?), who's made her name since (during?) the Great War and currently serves as the armsmaster at a human court, despite no lack of enemies that would rather a human in the position. I'll probably tweak this background when I stat her in the morning.

Melted Canary
Jun 15, 2006

It's kind of like orange juice, only crunchier.

Preliminary sheet up. Fluff coming soon.

Level 11 Human Rogue
Lawful Good

Initiative: +15

Str: 19
Dex: 21
Con: 12
Wis: 13
Int: 12
Cha: 9

AC:  24 (26 vs OAs)

Class Features
First Strike: Combat advantage against creatures that have not yet acted
Brutal Scoundrel: Gain a +4 damage on sneak attacks.
Rogue Weapon Talent: +1 to attack on daggers, shurikens increase weapon die.
Sneak Attack: +3d8 damage on combat advantage.  
Daggermaster's Action:  Spend an action point to reroll attack or damage with dagger.
Dagger's Precision: Score critical hits with daggers on 18-20.

Human Perseverance
Action Surge
Improved Initiative
Nimble Blade
Surprise Knockdown
Defensive Mobility
Devestating Critical

At will:
Deft Strike
     +17 vs AC, can move 2 squares before the attack. 1d4+8 damage.
Piercing Strike
     +17 vs Ref, 1d4+8 damage.
Riposte Strike
     +17 vs AC, 1d4+8 damage.  If target attacks me before start of my next turn,
          make a riposte against target as immediate interupt.  +16 vs AC, 1d4+7 damage.

Tortous Strike
     +17 vs AC, 2d4+12 damage.
Topple Over
     +21 vs AC, 1d4+8 damage.  Target is knocked prone.
Imperiling Strike
     +17 vs Fort, 1d4+8 damage.  Target takes -4 penalty to AC and Reflex until
	end of my next turn.
Critical Opportunity
     +17 vs AC, minor action (must be against creature you hit with critical during
	this turn.)  3d4+8 damage.  
Blinding Barrage
     +17 vs AC, close blast 3.  2d4+8 damage, targets are blinded until end of next turn.
	MISS: Half damage, no blind.
walking Wounded
     +17 vs Fort, 2d4+8 damage, target is knocked prone.  If target ever moves more than
	half its speed in a single action, it falls prone at the end of its movement.
	MISS:  Half damage, no prone.     
Crimson Edge
     +17 vs Fort, 2d4+8 damage, target takes 9 ongoing damage and grants combat
	advantage to me (save ends both)
	MISS: Half damage, no ongoing damage.  
Fleeting Ghost
     At Will; Move my speed and make a stealth check with no penalty.
Ignoble Escape
     Move Action, Encounter.  End mark, shift 7 squares.
Close Quarters
     Move action.  Move into space of adjacent creature larger than you (enemy gains AoO)
          Gain combat advantage against the creature, it takes -4 penalty attack rolls against you.
	  When creature moves, move with it.  Creature can do Strength or Dex vs
	  Reflex attack (as standard action with no penalty) to slide you into an
	  adjacent square and end this effect.
	  SPECIAL:  Allies of target creature can attack without penalty.

Stealth: +17
Athletics: +16
Perception: +11
Insight: +11

Vicious Dagger +3
Amulet of Protection +3
Helm of Battle
Boots of Striding
Sylvan Leather Armor +2
Burglar's Gloves
1040 GP

Special Effects:
+3d12+1d10 damage on critical hits; target is knocked prone.  
+3 to attack on action points.
+1 racial saving throws
Allies within 5 squares gain +1 initiative
+1 attack with combat advantage.

Aug 18, 2003

I don't believe in anything, I'm just here for the violence.

I definitely want to play a Warlock, probably star pact. He's generally really arrogant since he figures he's got everything under control with regards to the entity that's granting his powers. However, the magic rending, and the fact that he still has power, is making him paranoid about the ability of his patron to actually control and affect him.

Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

Looking good so far, and yes, martial classes are of course perfectly all right.

Nimlach posted:

I'm really interested in playing an apostate cleric - because of the way 4e has cleric powers coming from investiture rather than directly from the god, its possible for a cleric to keep their powers if they violate the tenets of their deity. (PHB says "what you do with your powers once you're ordained is up to you, although if you flagrantly and openly defy your deity's tenets, you quickly earn the enmity of the faithful.")

I like the idea of a non-evil cleric of one of the evil gods; maybe he's been on the run, but can finally relax a little now that most of his god's followers have lost their power. I know that this can be kind of cliche, but I'd try to write a story that gives it an interesting twist. Are you cool with such an idea? Would you be willing to work with me on making a divine feat for the evil god?
I'm certainly willing to consider it. There are some points that would have to be addressed though – for example, in which way would the character be "notable" enough to be considered for the task at hand, given that he would most likely have had to keep a somewhat low profile? And could someone who's likely to have vindicative followers of his (former?) god after him not be a liability to his companions in the long run? Just a few things to think about. It's an interesting concept though, and one I'm looking forward to seeing fleshed out a bit more.

WarpedLichen posted:

Acutely aware of the necessity of his own divine magic to keep order upon the waves, he is searching desperately for a way to get it back.
Get what back? His divine magic is still with him, if that's what you mean; it's the connection with his god that doesn't exist anymore. Otherwise you'll need to clarify.

The Transhumanist
Jan 2, 2008
I should put something funny here.

Question: Are Artificiers allowed? Otherwise, I'll probably make me a fighter or perhaps a Warlock.

Clanpot Shake
Aug 10, 2006
shake shake!

Definitely interested in getting in on this. I'll post a half elf warlord later. An aged hero of the army who's grown disillusioned with his superiors and the ruling class, but leads his men faithfully for the country because it's the only life he's ever known.

Aug 14, 2008

MMAgCh posted:

Get what back? His divine magic is still with him, if that's what you mean; it's the connection with his god that doesn't exist anymore. Otherwise you'll need to clarify.

I meant that while his personal divine magic is still there, he feels the need to restore the magic of the world lest it fall into chaos.

Jul 14, 2006

Xythar, Kill: Spoonsy, ##Vote: TiredDaemon

I am working on an Eladrin wizard, who enjoys flashy magic and seeks to restore magic to the world so others can hope to aspire to his brilliance. Bio is not finished. Will add hit and damage for the spells tomorrow.

Aramil Slevis
Male Eladrin Wizard / Battle mage
Level 11
Representing TiredDaemon 
                        Abl mod  lvl bonus  final mod
[b]Strength[/b]	11	(+0)      +5         +5
[b]Constitution[/b]	15	(+2)      +5         +7
[b]Dexterity[/b]	13	(+1)      +5         +6
[b]Intelligence[/b]	23	(+6)      +5         +11
[b]Wisdom[/b]           14	(+2)      +5         +7
[b]Charisma[/b]	9	(-1)      +5         +4 

[b]Maximum Hit Points[/b]: 75 [includes toughness] 
Bloodied: 37 
Surge Value: 18 
Surges / Day: 8 [includes constitution modifier] 

Size: Medium
Speed: 8 squares [includes fleet-footed bonus & boots of striding]
Vision: Low-light 

Armor Class:	27	= 10 + 5 [half level] + 6 [intelligence] + 1 [wizard staff] + 2 [leather] +3 armor bonus
Fortitude Defense: 19	= 10 + 5 [half level] + 2 [constitution] +2 amulet
Reflex Defense:	23	= 10 + 5 [half level] + 6 [intelligence] +2 amulet
Will Defense:	22	= 10 + 5 [half level] + 1 [Eladrin] + 2 [wizard] + 2 [wisdom] +2 amulet

Quarterstaff: +7 vs AC [+5 strength] [+2 proficiency]; damage 1[W]=1d8 4 lb (Staff) 
All magic attacks except Wall of Fire: +11(int) +3 magic bonus = +14 total

Armor Proficiency -- Leather
Burning Blizzard
Expanded Spellbook
Raging Storm
Fleet Footed
Improved Second Wind

Ghost Sound [Wizard]
Light [Wizard][minor action]
Mage Hand [Wizard][minor action]
Prestidigitation [Wizard]
Ray of Frost [Level 1]
Thunderwave [Level 1]

[b]Encounter Powers:[/b]
   Second Wind [+5 feat bonus applies]
   Spend an Action Point [free action, not in surprise round]
   Fey Step [Eladrin][move action]
   Use Implement [free action]
   Icy Terrain [Level 1]
   Jump [Level 2 Utility][move action]
   Shield [Level 2 Utility][immediate interrupt]
   Icy Rays [Level 3]
   Spectral Ram [Level 7]
   Forceful Retort [Battle Mage Level 11]

[b]Daily Powers: [/b]
   Acid Arrow [Level 1]
   Flaming Sphere [Level 1]
   Sleep [Level 1]
   Feather Fall [Level 2 Utility][free action]
   Bigby's Icy Grasp [Level 5]
   Fireball [Level 5]
   Stinking Cloud [Level 5]
   Dispel Magic [Level 6 Utility; implement as per errata 7/2/08]
   Invisibility [Level 6 Utility]
   Levitate [Level 6 Utility][move action]
   Lightning Serpent [Level 9]
   Mordenkainen's Sword [Level 9]
   Wall of Fire [Level 9]
   Arcane Gate [Level 10 Utility][minor action]
   Blur [Level 10 Utility][minor action]
   Resistance [Level 10 Utility][minor action]

[b]Skills: [/b]
Acrobatics:	+6	= 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level]
Arcana:	+18	= 6 [intelligence] + 5 [half level] + 2 [Eladrin] + 5 [class training]
Athletics:	+5	= 0 [strength] + 5 [half level]
Bluff:	+4	= -1 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Diplomacy:	+9	= -1 [charisma] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Dungeoneering:	+7	= 2 [wisdom] + 5 [half level]
Endurance:	+7	= 2 [constitution] + 5 [half level]
Heal:	+7	= 2 [wisdom] + 5 [half level]
History:	+18	= 6 [intelligence] + 5 [half level] + 2 [Eladrin] + 5 [class training]
Insight:	+12	= 2 [wisdom] + 5 [half level] + 5 [eladrin education]
Intimidate:	+4	= -1 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Nature:	+7	= 2 [wisdom] + 5 [half level]
Perception:	+7	= 2 [wisdom] + 5 [half level]
Religion:	+16	= 6 [intelligence] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Stealth:	+6	= 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level]
Streetwise:	+4	= -1 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Thievery:	+6	= 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level]

[b]Eladrin [/b]
•	+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence (already included) 
•	+2 Arcana, +2 History 
•	Eladrin Education (already included) 
•	Eladrin Will (+1 on will defense, +5 vs charms) 
•	Fey Origin 
•	Trance 
•	Fey Step 
[b]Wizard [/b]
•	This wizard prefers using a staff. 
•	Cantrips 
•	Ritual Casting [bonus feat, not listed above] 
•	Spellbook 
[b]Battle Mage [/b]
•	Arcane Riposte [Level 11] 
•	Battle Mage Action [Level 11] 
•	Battle Edge [Level 16] 
•	Forceful Retort [paragon attack 11] 
•	Arcane Rejuvenation [paragon utility 12] 
•	Closing Spell [paragon attack 20] 

Magic Leather Armor +3 (lvl 11)
Staff of Fiery Might +3 (lvl 12)
Amulet of False Life +2 (lvl 9 traded for lvl 10)
Boots of striding
Bag of holding

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Eradyn Masonwood

Eradyn is the last child of Soralna and Hordar Masonwood, proud members of the Masonwood clan. Of note, the Masonwoods have gained a bit of notoriety for being outrageously hardy – some living well into their mid-bicentennial. Due to the fact that Hordar’s father was a renowned leader in during the Great War, they also have a bit of notoriety for being stalwart warriors. It’s not surprising that all of three of Eradyn’s brothers sought work that behooved their skills.

The brothers Masonwood worked often as mercenaries, swords for hire, legionnaires, whatever one chooses to call them. Mostly, they defended villagers from roaming bands of brigands, the kind of folk that made a living preying on people who reveled in peace. They were fantastic at what they did. As such, it came as a shock when, a few days after The Elcipse, a messenger informed Eradyn and her family that one of her brothers was not going to return home; his life had been extinguished by a small band of Stonepicks that had been raiding mining encampments.

It was an even greater shock when neither of the remaining two brothers returned. For almost a month, the Masonwoods stood in a collective daze. Two of their finest young clerics felled in a senseless battle against a bunch of heartless thieves, and Drierden…many believed that Moradin himself would’ve filled his mug in the afterlife—a paladin of his prowess had not been seen in decades. Why did they take them instead of…instead of her.

None of them said it aloud, but Eradyn could feel their contempt. She knew to all of the Masonwoods, even to her parents, she was nothing more than a scalding reminder of what their family used to be. After more than a month of feeling the eyes of burning through her flesh, Eradyn decided that she had had enough. She set out to find Drierden and her brothers. If they were dead, she would bring back their bodies, and if any of them were still alive, she’d drag them by their beards. She left home with nothing more than a note, a shield, and a sword. When the Masonwoods realized she was gone, they assumed she’d never come back.

Little did they know that battle would invigorate her more than a werewolf is invigorated by a full moon. She slayed more than her fair share of vagabonds, and when she encountered the Stonepicks, she slaughtered them without mercy. She found one of her brothers face-down in the dirt, lifeless. She found the other bleeding in a ditch, but still salvable. She found Drierden in a cave, hunched in a corner, afraid to feel the sting of another sword and praying that the others would leave before he had to face another foe. Eradyn never told her family the circumstances of the paladin’s rescue—it would have crushed them.

Regardless, she never received the respect or adulation that she deserved. The Masonwoods were too ecstatic to have their favored sons back to do so. Even her brothers soon forgot the immeasurable debt that they owed their sister. Worst of all, many of the Masonwoods somehow feel that is Eradyn’s fault why her brothers can no longer communicate with Moradin, as if her intervention had stripped them of their powers. With that in mind, it’s quite understandable why Eradyn would rather adventure than remain with her clan.

Perhaps if she can find the reason why the gods have ceased assisting their followers, her clan will accept her once again. Maybe they will finally see that she is just as capable as her goddamned brothers. Most likely not, but Eradyn isn’t going to sit back and do nothing. She will fight with a fortitude that is downright terrifying. She has been known to take blades across her neck without so much as wincing, and her armor has taken shots from foes that have made others collapse to the ground in agony.

Eradyn is still relatively young for a dwarf, but the last few months of her life have been, well, interesting, to say the least. She finds it slightly difficult to trust others, given that she can’t even put faith in her own family. However, she has also learned quite quickly that the best way to earn both trust and respect is to fight with unparalleled valiance. It may not have worked for her brothers, but saving someone’s life generally does a fine job of making them like her. Once she’s comfortable with someone, her more jovial disposition finds its way out. From time to time, she’s been known to let loose with some quips, even while standing before some of the most horrible enemies ever seen. It’s slightly disconcerting, to be honest.

[b]Name: [/b]Eradyn Masonwood
[b]Sex: [/b]Female
[b]Height: [/b]4'4"
[b]Weight: [/b]175 lb.
[b]Age: [/b]56 years

[b]Race: [/b]Dwarf
[b]Class: [/b]Iron Vanguard 11
[b]XP: [/b]26,000
[b]Alignment: [/b]Lawful Good
[b]Deity: [/b]Moradin

[b]Abilities:[/b] [i]STR: [/i]17 + 2 + 1 = [b]20[/b] [i](+5)[/i]
           [i]DEX: [/i]12     + 1 = [b]13[/b] [i](+1)[/i]
           [i]CON: [/i]15 + 2 + 3 = [b]20[/b] [i](+5)[/i]
           [i]INT: [/i]10     + 1 = [b]10[/b] [i](+0)[/i]
           [i]WIS: [/i]11 + 2 + 1 = [b]14[/b] [i](+2)[/i]
           [i]CHA: [/i] 8     + 1 = [b] 8[/b] [i](-1)[/i]

[b]HP: [/b]15 + 20[CON] + 6*10[Lvl] + 10[Feat] = [b]105[/b] (51 Bloodied)
[b]Healing Surges: [/b]9 + 5[CON] + 2[Feat] = [b]16[/b] ([b]32[/b] HP/per) 
                                          (26 + 5[Feat] + 1[Item])

[b]Size: [/b]Medium
[b]Speed: [/b]5 Sq.
[b]AC Penalty: [/b]-4
[b]Initiative: [/b]5 + 1[DEX] + 4[Feat] = [b]+10[/b]
[b]Action Points: [/b]2

[b]AC: [/b]       15 + 11[Armor] + 3[Shield]           = [b]29[/b]
[b]Fortitude: [/b]15 +  5[STR]   + 2[Class]  + 3[Item] = [b]25[/b]
[b]Reflex: [/b]   15 +  1[DEX]   + 3[Shield] + 3[Item] = [b]22[/b]
[b]Will: [/b]     15 +  2[WIS]   + 3[Item]             = [b]20[/b]

[b]Opportunity Attack:[/b]
+2 Berserker Longsword - 1d8+6 damage (+1d10 crit).
+5[Lvl]+3[Prof]+2[Magic]+5[STR]+3[Class]+2[Feat] = [b]+20[/b]
[b]Melee Attack:[/b]
+2 Berserker Longsword - 1d8+6 damage (+1d10 crit).
+5[Lvl]+3[Prof]+2[Magic]+5[STR]+1[Class] = [b]+16[/b]

[b]Ranged Attacks:[/b]
+1 Javelin - Ranged 10/20; 1d6+5 damage (+1d6 crit).
+5[Lvl]+2[Prof]+1[Magic]+5[STR]+1[Class] = [b]+14[/b]

[b]Racial Features:[/b]
+2 CON; +2 WIS
+2 Dungeoneering; +2 Endurance
Cast-Iron Stomach: +5 on saves vs. Poison
Dwarven Resilience: Using second wind is a minor action.
Dwarven Weapon Proficiency: Proficiency in throwing hammer and warhammer.
Encumbered Speed: Ignore reduced speed due to armor or heavy load.
Stand Your Ground: Move one less square to be forcibly moved. Make a saving
                   throw against falling prone.

[b]Class Features:[/b]
Armor proficiency: All (Plate via feat)
Weapon proficiency: All except superior.
+2 Fortitude
Combat Challenge: Mark an enemy whenever I attack (lasts 1 round). Target takes
                  -2 to all attacks against other targets. If that enemy shifts
                  or makes such an attack, I get a free melee basic attack.
Combat Superiority: Gain [WIS] on OAs. If enemy is struck, it stops moving.
Fighter Weapon Talent: +1 on attack rolls with one-handed weapons.

[b]Prestige Class Features:[/b]
Enduring Warrior: When I drop an enemy to 0 or less, gain [CON] HP.
Ferocious Reaction: When I'm reduced to 0 or less, I can spend an AP to
                    immediately take an action. I also gain +4 to all
                    defenses for one round.

Blade Opportunist [Character 2] - +2 on opportunity attack rolls with a
                                  heavy blade or light blade.
Improved Initiative [Character 4] - +4 initiative.
Toughness [Character 6] - +10HP.
Shield Push [Character 8] - Push target 1 square after AO via Combat challenge.
Armor Proficiency (Plate) [Character 10] - Can wear plate armor.
Dwarven Durability [Character 11] - +2 Healing Surges; +[CON] for each.
Shield Specialization [Character 11] - +1 to AC and Reflex.

Skill: Level + Trained + Ability + Misc

Acrobatics (DEX)     5 + 0 + 1 - 4 = [b] 2[/b]
Arcana (INT)         5 + 0 + 0 + 0 = [b] 5[/b]
Athletics (STR)      5 + 5 + 4 - 4 = [b]10[/b]
Bluff (CHA)          5 + 0 - 1 + 0 = [b] 4[/b]
Diplomacy (CHA)      5 + 0 - 1 + 0 = [b] 4[/b]
Dungeoneering (WIS)  5 + 0 + 2 + 2 = [b] 9[/b]
Endurance (CON)      5 + 5 + 5 + 1 = [b]16[/b] [i](+2 Dwarf; +3 Armor; -4 Check)[/i]
Heal (WIS)           5 + 5 + 2 + 0 = [b]12[/b]
History (INT)        5 + 0 + 0 + 0 = [b] 5[/b]
Insight (WIS)        5 + 0 + 2 + 0 = [b] 7[/b]
Intimidate (CHA)     5 + 0 - 1 + 0 = [b] 4[/b]
Nature (WIS)         5 + 0 + 2 + 0 = [b] 7[/b]
Perception (WIS)     5 + 0 + 2 + 0 = [b] 7[/b]
Religion (INT)       5 + 0 + 0 + 0 = [b] 5[/b]
Stealth (DEX)        5 + 0 + 1 - 4 = [b] 2[/b]
Streetwise (CHA)     5 + 0 - 1 + 0 = [b] 4[/b]
Thievery (DEX)       5 + 0 + 1 - 4 = [b] 2[/b]

[b]Exploits: [/b]
[i]At-Will Exploits: [/i][b]2[/b]
Cleave - Martial, Weapon
         Standard action; Melee weapon
         Attack: STR vs. AC
         Hit: 1[W] + STR; adjacent enemy takes [STR] damage.

Tide of Iron - Martial, Weapon
               Standard action; Melee weapon
               Attack: STR vs. AC
               Hit: 1[W] and push target 1 square if it's Small, Medium, or
               Large. I can shift into the target's previous space.

[i]Encounter Exploits: [/i][b]3 + 1 Prestige[/b]
Covering Attack - Martial, Weapon
                  Standard action; Melee weapon
                  Attack: STR vs. AC
                  Hit: 2[W] + STR; an adjacent ally can shift 2 squares.

Sweeping Blow - Martial, Weapon
                Standard action; Close burst 1
                Target: Each enemy in burst I can see.
                Attack: 1.5 * STR vs. AC
                Hit: 1[W] + STR

Iron Bulwark - Martial, Weapon
               Standard action; Melee weapon
               Attack: STR vs. AC
               Hit: 2[W] + STR
               Effect: Gain +2 AC for one round.

Frontline Surge - Martial, Weapon
                  Standard action; Melee weapon
                  Attack: STR vs. AC
                  Hit: 2[W] + STR, and push the target 1 square. I can
                  then shift into the creature's square, and each ally
                  within 2 squares of me can shift 1 square too. 

[i]Daily Exploits: [/i][b]3[/b]
Comeback Strike - Healing, Martial, Reliable, Weapon
                  Standard action; Melee weapon
                  Attack: STR vs. AC
                  Hit: 2[W] + STR, and I can spend a healing surge.

Dizzying Blow - Martial, Reliable, Weapon
                Standard action; Melee weapon
                Attack: STR vs. AC
                Hit: 3[W] + STR; target is immobilized (save ends).

Thicket of Blades - Martial, Reliable(?), Weapon
                    Standard action; Close burst 1
                    Target: Each enemy I can see
                    Attack: STR vs AC
                    Hit: 3[W] + STR; targets are slowed (save ends).

[i]Utility Exploits: [/i][b]3[/b]
Boundless Endurance - Daily, Healing, Martial, Stance
                      Minor action; Personal
                      Effect: Gain regeneration 2 + CON when I am

Unbreakable - Encounter, Martial
              Immediate reaction; Personal
              Trigger: I'm hit by an attack.
              Effect: Reduce damage by 5 + [CON].

Last Ditch Evasion - Daily, Martial
                     Immediate interrupt; Personal
                     Trigger: I'm hit by an attack.
                     Effect: I take no damage from the attack, but I take
                     -2 to all defenses until end of my next turn.


[b]Equipment: [/b]
[i]Name:[/i]                   [i]Cost:[/i]   [i]Weight:[/i]

Level 10:
Berserker Longsword +2    0g   15.0 lbs. - Daily, Minor. Gain an extra
                                           +2 on attacks and damage and
                                           take -5 to all defenses, but
                                           resist 5 all. Lasts for whole
                                           encounter (or if I drop to 0).

Level 11:
Amulet of Protection +3   0g    1.0 lb.  - +3 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

Level 12:
Dwarven Plate +3          0g   50.0 lbs. - +3 Endurance.
                                           Daily, Free. Regain HP as if I 
                                           had spent a healing surge.

Gauntlets of the Ram   3400g    2.0 lbs. - Add 1 square to all pushes.
Shield of Protection    680g   15.0 lbs. - Daily, Standard. I and an 
                                           adjacent ally gain resist 10
                                           all for one round.
Belt of Vigor           520g    1.0 lb.  - +1 HP regained with surges.
Javelin +1              360g    2.0 lbs.
2 Healing Potions       100g    0.0 lbs. - Gain 10HP.

[Standard Adventure Kit] 15g   33.0 lbs.
 Backpack		  2g    2.0 lbs.
 Bedroll		  1s    5.0 lbs.
 Flint / Steel		  1g    0.0 lbs.
 Belt Pouch		  1g    0.5 lbs.
 Rations (10)		  5g   10.0 lbs.
 Hemp Rope (50 feet)	  1g   10.0 lbs.
 Sunrods (2)		  4g    2.0 lbs.
 Waterskin		  1g    4.0 lbs.
                        ----   --------
                       4975g  108.0 lbs.

[b]Gold: [/b]25g

[b]Carrying Capacity: [/b]180/360/900

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Taldrel Darlhunt was a simple man. His primary concerns throughout the day relatively small compared others - a warm bed, good food, and the few responsibilities of his office. Taldrel was the Niemund city guard captain in charge of the Strand, Niemund's posh merchant district. It was a relatively simple job keeping order in that part of the city - fat merchants and young nobles with too much coin didn't cause the guard much trouble. Like every city, there was crime, yes, and Taldrel dealt with it in accordance with the law, but overall it was a fairly cushy job. He had gotten to know most of the wealthier merchants and the parents of some of the more raucous nobles, and was well liked. He felt a personal presence on the streets fostered respect for the law and her enforcers.

Taldrel had not always had so easy a job. He had worked his way up through the ranks from wet-eared recruit, proving himself a capable leader over several decades in the guard. His current position was a recent promotion, a reward for his service to the city. For three years Taldrel had lead a small group of undercover guards in an investigation into the city's drug trade. The investigation was wrapped up several months ago, and they had gotten their man - a Niemund native called Aled Cerlori. Cerlori had been trafficking opium up and down the Utinmar coast for years and had a well established crime network. He was suspected of being involved in several unsolved murders over the past ten years, but the only thing they could pin on him was the (rather substantial) trafficking charge. Cerlori was in jail and wouldn't see the light of day and Taldrel had been rewarded for his final field assignment with a new job with higher pay and a new suit of ornate chainmail. He certainly looked the part.

In some ways he was already bored with his new administrative position. He took an interest in his men's duties, keeping the city as safe as possible, but he couldn't exactly go out on patrol with them. He missed the old days, leading a few guardsmen into the slums to break up a gang of robbers and thugs. There was nothing quite as satisfying as cracking some skulls and hauling the guilty off to await trial. No more of that, unfortunately. On top of the tedium of signing papers, Taldrel's position came with a challenge he hadn't entirely anticipated: politics. As one of the city's captains, he was expected to advise the city council on various security matters, and with war looming, everyone was on edge. He did the best he could, but he'd rather be leading the charge against a mob of thugs, or better yet, an array of troops. Not that he wished for war. He enjoyed the combat, that was all. He was a fighter and a leader, not a politician.

But Taldrel was being given a reprieve from his new position. The city council had received a letter from a Ravic Carthaune, apparently some sort of wizard leader, asking for help researching the eclipse a few months back. The eclipse hadn't really effected him, but from what gathered from the council, magic had gone all to poo poo. The nobles were in a tizzy because all of our mages were losing their abilities while Vaere's were unaffected, so the rumors went, and with war looming, Taldrel understood their unease. As for why they were sending him, he had no idea - he was no wizard or researcher, but they had already arranged for an acting captain and sent him on his way. He wasn't one to question his orders, but he had to wonder.

Personality: Taldrel is a man of few words, but people listen when he speaks. A cunning an charismatic leader, he expects only the best from those around him. Those who disappoint him don't remain in his service for long, but those who remain are fiercely protected. He has seen his fair share of combat and retains his cool demeanor under the most trying circumstances. He is respectful and polite, but wary of strangers.

[b]Name:[/b]Taldrel Darlhunt
[b]Sex:[/b] Male  
[b]Height:[/b] 6'3"
[b]Weight:[/b] 180 lbs
[b]Age:[/b] 51

[b]Race:[/b] Half-Elf
[b]Class:[/b] Warlord / Combat veteran
[b]Level:[/b] 11
[b]XP:[/b] 26,000/32,000

[b]Alignment:[/b] Unaligned
[b]Languages: [/b]Common; Elven; Dwarven

Strength 	18	(+4)
Constitution 	16	(+3)
Dexterity 	12	(+1)
Intelligence 	17	(+3)
Wisdom 	        15	(+2)
Charisma 	12	(+1)

[b]HP:[/b] 78 (39 bloodied)
[b]Surges:[/b] 11 (heals 22)

Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Low-light

[b]Initiative: [/b]5 [half level] + 1 [DEX] + 2 [feat] + 2 [combat leader] = [b]+10[/b]
[b]AC: [/b]  10 + 5 [half level] + 6 [chainmail] + 3 [enhance] =[b]+24[/b]
[b]fort:[/b] 10 + 5 [half level] + 1 [warlord] + 4 [STR] = [b]+20[/b]
[b]refl:[/b] 10 + 5 [half level] + 3 [INT] = [b]+18[/b]
[b]will:[/b] 10 + 5 [half level] + 1 [warlord] + 2 [WIS] = [b]+18[/b]

[b]Melee Attacks:[/b]
   Magic Spear + 3 - 1d8+8 damage (+3d6 crit)
                   - 1d20 + 15


      Acrobatics:    +5	= 1 [DEX] + 5 [half level] - 1 [equipment]
      Arcana:        +8	= 3 [INT] + 5 [half level]
      Athletics:     +9	= 4 [STR] + 5 [half level] + 1 [equipment] - 1 [equipment]
      Bluff:         +6	= 1 [CHA] + 5 [half level]
      Diplomacy:     +8	= 1 [CHA] + 5 [half level] + 2 [half-elf]
      Dungeoneering: +7	= 2 [WIS] + 5 [half level]
      Endurance:    +12 = 3 [CON] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training] - 1 [equipment]
      Heal:	    +12	= 2 [WIS] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
      History:	    +13	= 3 [INT] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
      Insight:	     +9	= 2 [WIS] + 5 [half level] + 2 [half-elf]
      Intimidate:   +11	= 1 [CHA] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
      Nature:	     +7	= 2 [WIS] + 5 [half level]
      Perception:    +7	= 2 [WIS] + 5 [half level]
      Religion:	     +8	= 3 [INT] + 5 [half level]
      Stealth:	     +5	= 1 [DEX] + 5 [half level] - 1 [equipment]
      Streetwise:    +6	= 1 [CHA] + 5 [half level]
      Thievery:	     +5	= 1 [DEX] + 5 [half level] - 1 [equipment]

      Group Insight	
      Mounted Combat	
      Powerful Charge	
      Tactical Assault	
      Weapon Focus -- Spear	
      Combat Commander	

   Dwarven Chain +3 - (Free action, Daily: spend a healing surge)
   Magic Spear +3 - +3d6 on critical hit
   Helm of Heroes - all allies within 10 squares gain +2 to Fear checks
                  - (Free action, Daily): grant an ally a standard attack 
                    at +2 damage or another standard action.
   Shield of Defiance (light shield) - (Immediate reaction, daily): spend
                                       a healing surge after being crit.
   Gauntlets of Ogre Power - +1 Athletics and STR ability checks
                           - (Free action, daily): +5 damage on melee attack.
   85 gold

      Basic Melee Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+4 [strength]
      Basic Ranged Attack: By weapon, damage 1[W]+1 [dexterity]
      Bull Rush: +8 [strength] vs fortitude
      Grab: +8 [strength] vs reflex
      Move grabbed target: +8 [strength] vs fortitude
      Escape: +6 [acrobatics] vs reflex / +8 [athletics] vs fortitude
      Commander's Strike [Level 1]
      Wolf Pack Tactics [Level 1]

[b]Encounter Powers:[/b]
        Second Wind
        Spend an Action Point [free action, not in surprise round]
        Cleave [Half-Elf]
        Inspiring Word [minor action][2x/encounter]
        Hammer and Anvil [Level 1]
        Aid the Injured [Level 2 Utility]
        Steel Monsoon [Level 3]
        Guide the Charge [Level 6 Utility][immediate interrupt]
        Surprise Attack [Level 7]
        Skirmish Ploy [Combat Veteran Level 11]

[b]Daily Powers:[/b]
        Lead the Attack [Level 1]
        Villain's Nightmare [Level 5]
        Knock Them Down [Level 9]
        Tactical Shift [Level 10 Utility][immediate interrupt]

    * +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma (already included)
    * +2 Diplomacy, +2 Insight
    * Dilettante -- at-will power from another class as encounter power
    * Dual Heritage (may use feats etc. for humans or elves)
    * Group Diplomacy (allies within 5 squares get +1 on diplomacy)

    * Combat Leader (+2 initiative for self and all allies within ten squares)
    * This warlord chose the tactical presence.
    * Inspiring Word

[b]Combat Veteran[/b]
    * Combat Veteran's Action [Level 11]
    * Tough as Nails [Level 11]
    * Skirmish Ploy [paragon attack 11]

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Mar 18, 2007

Paragon game?

Going to try a spell cleric Radiant Servant of Pelor, who has discovered that one rapidly rises up the church hierarchy in these sorts of conditions. The loss of magical communication and threat of zombie apocalypse has unnerved the cleric, so he or she swiped Carthaune's message and headed out to find out what happened, figuring the highest ranking priest at the temple was needed there.

Jun 28, 2007

I play paintball three times a week, bro. I'm even one of those douchebags who brings in his own equipment.

Are you REALLY adamant about no warforged? Reading your OP had me thinking of making a warforged that is actually an artificial body housing the soul of an ancient wizard who didn't want to die when magic died. However, after transferring his soul to his new body, he was completely severed from any magical ability, so now he has to make his way with being a 'mundane' fighter or warlord.

Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

The Transhumanist posted:

Question: Are Artificiers allowed? Otherwise, I'll probably make me a fighter or perhaps a Warlock.
Fine with me.

WarpedLichen posted:

I meant that while his personal divine magic is still there, he feels the need to restore the magic of the world lest it fall into chaos.
Yes, of course. That is why I shouldn't be posting at half past seven in the morning.

Piell posted:

THinking of making a ranger


hasturhasturhastur posted:

Are you REALLY adamant about no warforged?
Sorry, somehow I totally missed this post. Yes, that part is set in stone. Warforged as such don't even exist in Noremien.

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Dallan Invictus
Oct 11, 2007

The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.

Character and background below. Is there any more you can tell us about the Great War as it relates to the kingdoms you name on the map? It could help a little with my fluff. I'm not married to the idea of Landra having fought in it, so if you have issues with that feel free to nix it.

Name: Landra Tirsul, the Cold Wind
Eladrin Swordmaster 11
XP: 26000
Alignment: Unaligned
Deity: Corellon

Gender: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140lbs
Age: 135 years
Languages: Common, Elven

STR: 16	+ 2 lvl	 	= 18 (+4)
CON: 11	+ 1 lvl		= 12 (+1)
DEX: 15 +2 race +3 lvl	= 20 (+5)
INT: 11	+2 race +1 lvl	= 14 (+2)
CHA: 10	+1 lvl		= 11 (+0)
WIS: 12	+2 lvl		= 14 (+2)

HP: 15 +12 CON + 60	= 87 (43 bloodied)
Healing Surges: 10/day for 21 HP
Size: Medium
Speed: 6
Initiative +5 DEX +4 feat = 9
Action Points: 1

AC: 15 + 10 armor +1 shield		=26
Fortitude: 15 + 4 STR + 2 class	+3 item	=24
Reflex: 15 + 5 DEX + 1 race +3 item	=24
Will: 15 + 2 WIS + 1 race  +3 item	=21


Basic attack (Vicious Scimitar +3): (+2 prof +4 STR +5 lvl +1 feat +1 style +3 item) = 
+16 v. AC, 1d8+7 dmg, 15+2d8+3d12 on crit
Thrown attack (Dagger of Frost +1): (+3 prof +5 DEX +5 lvl +1 item) = 
+14 v. AC, 1d4+4 dmg, +1d6 on crit

(Trained: Streetwise, Athletics, Heal, Insight)
	Trained + Ability + Level + Misc
Acrobatics (DEX) 	5 + 5 + 5 + 0 = 15 
Arcana (INT) 		0 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 9 
Athletics (STR) 	5 + 4 + 5 + 0 = 14 
Bluff (CHA) 		0 + 0 + 5 + 0 = 5
Diplomacy (CHA) 	0 + 0 + 5 + 0 = 5 
Dungeoneering (WIS) 	0 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 7 
Endurance (CON) 	0 + 1 + 5 + 0 = 6 
Heal (WIS) 		5 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 12
History (INT) 		0 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 9
Insight (WIS) 		5 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 12
Intimidate (CHA) 	0 + 0 + 5 + 0 = 5 
Nature (WIS)		0 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 7 
Perception (WIS) 	0 + 2 + 5 + 2 = 9
Religion (INT) 		0 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 7 
Stealth (DEX) 		0 + 5 + 5 + 0 = 10 
Streetwise (CHA) 	5 + 0 + 5 + 0 = 10 
Thievery (DEX) 		0 + 5 + 5 + 0 = 10 

Race Features:

Eladrin Education: You gain training in one additional 
skill selected from the skill list in Chapter 5.
Eladrin Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency 
with the longsword.
Eladrin Will: You gain a +1 racial bonus to your Will 
    In addition, you gain a +5 racial bonus to saving 
throws against charm effects.
Fey Origin: Your ancestors were native to the Feywild, 
so you are considered a fey creature for the purpose 
of effects that relate to creature origin.
Trance: Rather than sleep, eladrin enter a meditative 
state known as trance. You need to spend 4 hours in 
this state to gain the same benefits other races gain 
from taking a 6-hour extended rest. While in a trance, 
you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice 
approaching enemies and other events as normal.
Fey Step: You can use fey step as an encounter power.

Class Features:

Armor proficiency: All except Plate
Weapon proficiency: All except superior. 
+2 Fortitude 
Combat Challenge: Mark an enemy whenever I attack (lasts 1 round). Target takes -2 to all
attacks against other targets. If that enemy shifts or makes such an attack, 
I get a free melee basic attack. 
Combat Superiority: Gain [WIS mod] on OAs. If enemy is struck, it stops moving. 
Fighter Weapon Talent: +1 on attack rolls with one-handed weapons. 
Steel Defense Action: When spending AP to take extra action, gain +4 to AC and Reflex
until start of next turn.
Steel Grace: When charging with blades, can use L1 at-wills.


Alertness (2)	
Blade Opportunist (4)	
Skill Training: Acrobatics (6)
Improved Initiative (8)
Weapon Focus -- Heavy Blade (10)
Armor Specialization: Scalemail (11)
Scimitar Dance (11)


		Cleave: 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 1[W]+str dmg, 4 dmg to other adjacent target

		Tide of Iron: 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 1[W]+str dmg, push target 1 square, 
		can shift into target's previous square

		Fey Step

		Spinning Sweep: 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 2[W]+str dmg, 
		target knocked prone.

		Dance of Steel: 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 2[W]+str dmg, 
		target slowed until end of next turn if wielding heavy blade.

		Reaction: on hit by attack, can reduce damage by 5+con.

		Come and Get It: Close burst 3, target all visible
		Effect: each target must shift 2 and end adjacent,
		if possible. Attack all targets that are adjacent.
		Attack: STR v. AC, 1[W]+str.

		Into the Fray:
		Minor: Move 3 squares, must end move adjacent to enemy.

		Precision Cut: 1 melee target, can use as OA.
		Standard: STR v. REF, 3[W]+str dmg


		Comeback Strike: Reliable, 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 2[W]+str dmg, can spend healing surge
		Boundless Endurance: Stance, 
		Minor: gain regen 2+con when bloodied.

		Crack the Shell: Reliable, 1 melee target
		Standard: STR v. AC, 2[W]+str dmg, target takes ongoing 5 
		and -2 to AC (save ends both)
 		Thicket of Blades: Reliable, close burst 1, target all visible
		Standard: STR v. AC, 3[W]+str dmg, target is slowed (save ends)


Equipment: (57/180/360/900)

Vicious +3 scimitar (L12, 4lb)
Amulet of protection +3 (L11)
Handy Haversack (L10, 1lb)
Black Iron Scalemail +2 (4200gp, 45lb)
Dagger of Frost +1 (680gp, 1lb)
Light Shield (6lb)


SAK (bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, 
10 days trail rations, 50ft hemp rope, 2 sunrods,
waterskin) (31lb)
Climber's kit (grappling hook, hammer, 10 pitons) (11lb)
Fine clothing (6 lb)
Tent (20lb)
Everburning torch (1lb)

Gold: 120 gp

Hosts of feyborn issued from the Everleaf to support Utinmar and Queen Sezarte during the Great War, and Landra was among them, barely out of Deepwreathe's war college where she had shown but a spark of the potential that would emerge. Throwing herself fully into the movement warfare favoured by her kin, she fought well over the bloody seasons, especially distinguishing herself during the boarding actions that accompanied the battles in the Wretched Sea. She survived it all, remarkable in itself, and emerged from the other end of the war as not only a skilled and dangerous combatant, but a renowned hero in Utinmar, earning the sobriquet "the Cold Wind" for her mobility and deadliness.

Where many of her kindred retreated back to their forest homes, she stayed amongst the humans (a choice that many in Deepwreathe still view uncharitably), initially serving Queen Sezarte in Niemund as a sworn sword and courtier, out of personal respect and gratitude for the honours bestowed on her. The racial tensions that served to inflame the Great War were by no means extinguished by Sezarte's victory, and Landra, as some sort of living symbol of Aresmir's grievance, made her fair share of enemies among nobles resenting such a visible fey influence at Sezarte's court. The less subtle of these enemies fell at her feet in duels, the more subtle nursed their grudges, protected by law and political necessity, but some among both sets have passed the grudges on like treasured heirlooms to their children, even down to the present day.

After Sezarte's death, Landra's role at the court varied and generally diminished, until, twenty years ago and just before the ascension of the current ruler of Utinmar, she retreated westward to take up residence in Mitback, where she has become a fixture, whether training some of the more daring of the city's youth in her style of combat, or riding out to suppress bandit groups and worse hiding in the nearby Everleaf, or returning from the odd awkward visit to Deepwreathe, or going forth to the aid of other causes she approves the Academy, to whose aid she rides today.


Landra is a tall, willowy creature with loosely worn white hair, who relies more on speed and aggression than sheer toughness to finish fights in her favour. A very flamboyant and prideful sort, she delights in both sides (the glory and the enmity) of the renown she has earned in Utinmar, enjoys the luxury she has earned through her career in the form of a beautifully-appointed house and fine clothing, and is happy at any opportunity to add to the above through decisive, often dramatic, action. Like many eladrin, she is given to taking long views of events, both forward and backward, but once her plans are made she acts with alacrity.

Her relations to her homeland are somewhat more complicated: many there view her decision to remain outside as a mere chase after glory, but she sees it slightly differently, as one more way to demonstrate and sustain the friendship between the feyborn and the people of Utinmar, and help prevent another outbreak like the Great War. Just below the threat the Eclipse and associated oddities presents to the world at large, she aims to unravel this mystery for one other reason: to restore the tie of Deepwreathe and the Feywild to the world, and demonstrate to them that she has not forgotten where she came from.

Perhaps then it will be easier to go home.

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Mar 18, 2007

What can you tell us about Carthaune? Is he paragon-level like ourselves, or more archmage inclined? Wonder if it's possible for any wizards to come from the Academy of the Lake.

Also, any possibility that any members of the party have worked with each other beforehand?

Sep 3, 2006

Withdrawing from this, I don't have enough time.

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Mar 18, 2007

Think I managed to get the mechanics part down. Appearance, personality, and biography to come. If anyone wants to carpool to the Academy of the Lake, feel free to join up. If possible, Chaedia isn't taking the direct route, in favor of finding people she's worked with/heard of before to get help and possibly see if they know anything.

Chaedia is a wiry elven female, 136 years old, her once-brown hair darkened to black with age. Perhaps her most notable feature is her unwavering gaze, her blue eyes speaking of a steadfast resolve forged over the past century. Chaedia is old enough to remember the Great War, the battles she took part in while only a novice. She remembers entering the war, fighting to defend the rightful place of a ruler whose enemies would run rampant over the world if left unchecked. She remembers the months of fighting, confusion, and despair, the battle-scarred lands and the constant tug of allegiances.

But though her faith in individuals may have wavered, what never faltered was her belief in the power to change things. Exiting the war, her life became one of cycles. She'd travel the world, filling the credo of bringing light to the darkness, aiding troubled communities and helping to build new ones after driving the shadows away. She'd then settle down or up to years at a time, building, teaching, healing, learning, befriending. Eventually, she'd feel an increasingly irrepressible sensation of being needed elsewhere, causing her to begin the cycle anew.

Her travels have taken her to many places, leaving both friends and foes behind her. She has made a point of having good relations with her fellow clerics, but far more interesting relationships with her family. Decades ago in one of her earlier cycles, she became enamored of a fellow elf, their short-lived romance leaving her with a child. The unique challenges of raising the child while attempting to perform her duties were enough that when she settled down with a human years later, she only relocated the family once in twenty years, a personal record. But with her children grown, her commitment to her duty took over, and she once more set off for parts unknown.

Aside from perhaps estranging her family members, her dedication to Pelor has left her with true enemies as well. Though she makes every attempt to uphold the tenements of kindness, mercy and compassion, she has little patience for what she sees as the predators of the innocent. She is ruthless when dealing with the creations of Orcus, with a particular hatred for vampires and their ability to enslave others, body and soul. The feeling is likely mutual, especially for the members of the Black Haven.

In battle, she bears no weapon, trusting instead in the power invested in her. To do otherwise would be to doubt the strength Pelor has given to her. Her style is unusual, more of a stylized mediative ritual than the sharp bursts of power and prayer other clerics may demonstrate. Closing her hands and extending the first two fingers, she traces paths in circling gestures, feeling the flow of power around her before releasing it in a jabbing lance or a descending cascade of light and power. Heat and light have always been important to her, the embodiment of the sun's greatest gifts to the world. She has devoted herself to mastering these gifts, to use them to bring hope and life to the darkest corners of the world, to embody the principles with every fiber of her being until it is as natural as breathing. She prefers to meditate outdoors or by a window whenever possible, basking in the warmth, the feeling of security and strength.

Since the Aftermath of the Eclipse, these meditations have become more important than ever. Her own investigations have revealed nothing, leaving her with her faith alone. She is adamant that the unnerving silence is by no means definitive, but a product of some external intervention. Just as an eclipse is the result of the moon casting its shadow upon the lands, so too must the Aftermath be some form of shadow upon magic itself. The way it strikes followers both arcane and divine, and the way that some retain their abilities convinced her that the neither permanent nor irreversible. In times of doubt, Pelor's Holy Lantern reassures her that the gods are not gone, merely hidden from view, and the light serves as a promise that they will return as inevitably as the sun. It is the interference that must be dealt with.

The cost of the interference has been remarkably steep. From the high priest down to neophytes, the severing has struck randomly and frequently. While the actual hierarchy of the church hasn't changed a great deal, Chaedia has realized that the number of servants of Pelor capable of wielding more power can likely be counted on one hand. To make matters worse, she is likely the last of the clergy capable of wielding Pelor's most resplendent gift to its fullest. Ravic Carthaune's message is a surprise, but not an inconceivable one. Her few magical superiors are scattered across the world fighting to keep the light of justice alive (no matter what rumors may suggest), leaving Chaedia as one of the only ones with both the ability and opportunity to make a difference. Not since the Aurorean Campaign has she been in such an important position. If High Mage Ravic Carthaune had discovered something and asked for her help in changing the world, there was no reason to possibly reject him. The meeting at the end of the month gave her time- time she would instead use to the fullest, riding across the countryside looking for old friends, acquaintances and rivals, anyone she could think of who might possess the strength and skill enough to make a difference in these trying times. She would help restore the world to its rightful state, even if she had to drag the gods back herself.

Name:     	Chaedia the Luminescent
Player: 	LightWarden
Class: 		Cleric/Radiant Servant
Level:		11
Alignment:	Good
Diety:          Pelor
Race: 		Elf
Gender: 	Female
Languages:	Common, Elven
XP: 		-

		Base	Modifiers			Total	Bonus
Str:		8	+1 paragon 			9	-1
Dex: 		12	+2 race, +1 paragon,		15	+2
Con:		11	+1 paragon,			12	+1
Int:		10	+1 paragon			11	+0
Wis:		18	+2 race, +2 lvl, +1 paragon	23	+6
Cha:		13	+2 level +1 paragon		16	+3

Init:		+7	(+2 dex, +5 1/2 lvl)
Speed:		6	(7 base, -1 armor)
AC:		23	(10, +5 1/2 lvl, +6 armor, +2 enhancement)
HP:		74	Bloodied: 37
Healing Surges:	8	Healing Value: 18

Fort: 19 = 10 + 5 1/2 lvl + 1 Con + 0 class + 3 item
Refl: 20 = 10 + 5 1/2 lvl + 2 Dex + 0 class + 3 item
Will: 26 = 10 + 5 1/2 lvl + 6 Wis + 2 class + 3 item 

				Bonus	Damage	Range	Special

	+3 Holy Symbol of Power (lvl 12)
	+3 Amulet of Protection (lvl 11)
	+2 Exalted Chainmail (Lvl 10)
	Bag of Holding (1000 gp)

	Ritual Book (assume mastered) (59/128 pages used)
		Comprehend Languages (Free) (1 page)
		Disenchant Magic Item (360 gp) (6 pages)
		Enchant Magic Item (175 gp) (4 pages)
		Endure Elements (100 gp) (2 pages)
		Gentle Repose (Free) (1 page)
		Leomund's Secret Chest (360 gp +200 gp focus) (6 pages)
		Make Whole (50 gp) (1 page)
		Phantom Steed (360 gp) (6 pages)
		Raise Dead (680 gp) (8 pages)
		Remove Affliction (680 gp) (8 pages)
		Silence (75 gp) (1 page)
		Travelers' Feast (175 gp) (4 pages)
		Tenser's Floating Disc (50 gp) (1 page)
		Water Walk (100 gp) (2 pages)
		Water Breathing (680 gp) (8 pages)
	Generic Adventuring Goods:
		Standard Adventurer's Kit
		30 arrows
		Fine Clothing
	55 gp

	Ritual Training (Can use rituals)
	Astral Fire (+2 damage on fire, radiant attacks)
	Light Step (+1 to overland move speed for self and allies, +5 to track them)
	Skill Training (Arcana)
	Warrior of the Wild (Nature skill, Hunter's Quarry 1/encounter)
	Pelor's Radiance (Can use "Pelor's Radiance")
	Elven Precision (+2 to rerolls with Elven Accuracy)
	Point Blank Shot (Ignore cover and concealment when 5 squares or less away)

At Will Powers

	Lance of Faith
		At-Will, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Ranged 5| One Creature
		Wis vs. Ref
		1d8 + Wis radiant dmg and one ally you can see gains +2 to his next attack against the target

	Sacred Flame
		At-Will, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Ranged 5| One Creature
		Wis vs. Ref
		1d6 + Wis radiant dmg and one ally you can see chooses to either gain 
		temporary HP equal to your Cha modifier + 1/2 level or make a saving throw.

	Holy Lantern (Cleric Utility 6)
		At-Will, Conjuration, Divine
		Ranged 3
		You conjure a lantern that sheds light for 5 squares in all directions, moves around 
		and grants a +2 power bonus to Insight and Perception checks

Encounter Powers 
	Divine Glow (Cleric Attack 1)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Close Blast 3 | Each Enemy in Blast
		Wis vs. Ref
		1d8 + Wis radiant damage
		Allies in the blast gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

	Daunting Light (Cleric Attack 3)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Ranged 10 | One Creature
		Wis vs. Ref
		2d10 + Wis radiant damage
		One ally you can see gains combat advantage against the target until the end of your turn

	Searing Light (Cleric Attack 7)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Ranged 10 | One Creature
		Wis vs. Ref
		2d6 + Wis radiant damage and the target is blinded until the end of your next turn

	Solar Wrath (Radiant Servant Attack 11)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Close Burst 8 | Each Enemy in Burst
		Wis vs. Will
		3d8 + Wis radiant damage.  If the target is an undead or demon,
		it's stunned until the end of your next turn.

	Divine Aid (Cleric Utility 2)
		Encounter, Divine
		Ranged 5 | You or one ally
		The target makes a saving throw with a bonus equal to your Cha modifier

	Healing Word
		Encounter (special), Divine, Healing
		Minor Action | Close Burst 10 | You or one ally within range
		Target spends a healing surge and regains 3d6 additional HP
	Channel Divinity (Divine Fortune)
		Encounter, Divine
		Free Action | Personal
		Gain a +1 bonus on your next attack roll or saving throw made 
		before the end of your next turn

	Channel Divinity (Turn Undead)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Close Burst 5 | Each Undead Enemy in Burst
		Wis vs. Will
		3d10 + Wis radiant damage, and target is pushed 3 + Cha squares and 
		immobilized until the end of your next turn

	Channel Divinity (Pelor's Radiance)
		Encounter, Divine, Implement, Radiant
		Close Burst 3 | Each Undead Enemy in Burst
		Wis vs. Will
		3d12 + Wis radiant damage, and target is stunned until the end of 
		your next turn

Daily Powers
	Beacon of Hope (Cleric Attack 1)
		Daily, Divine, Healing, Implement,
		Close Burst 3 | Enemies in Burst
		Wis vs. Will
		The target is weakened until the end of its next turn
		You and all allies in the burst regain 5 HP and your healing spells 
		restore 5 additional HP until the end of the encounter

	Spiritual Weapon (Cleric Attack 5)
		Daily, Conjuration, Divine, Implement
		Ranged 10 | One Creature
		Wis vs. AC
		1d10 + Wis damage
		You conjure a weapon in the enemy's square that grants combat advantage to your allies.
		Can be moved 10 squares to a new target as a minor action.
		Sustain minor: Repeat the attack, allies continue to gain advantage

	Flame Strike (Cleric Attack 9)
		Daily, Divine, Fire, Implement
		Burst 2 within 10 squares | Each enemy in burst
		Wis vs. Ref
		2d10 + Wis fire damage and ongoing 5 + Wis fire damage (save ends)
		Miss: half damage, no ongoing damage

	Mass Cure Light Wounds
		Daily, Divine, Healing
		Close burst 5 | You and each ally in burst
		Targets regains HP as if they had spent a healing surge, adding your Cha to the amount restored

Class Features:

	Channel Divinity: Can use a channel divinity power 1/encounter
	Healer's Lore: Add Wis bonus to any healing from Cleric healing powers
	Healing Word: Can use Healing Word 2/encounter
	Ritual Caster: Gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat, Gentle Repose ritual
	Illuminating Attacks: Radiant attacks can score a critical on 19 or 20
	Radiant Action: When spending an action point, enemy within 5 squares takes 
	ongoing radiant damage equal to your level (save ends)

Racial Features:

	Group Awareness (Non-elves within 5 squares gain +1 to Perception)
	Elf Weapon Proficiency (Bows)
	Skill Bonuses (+2 Perception, Nature)
	Elven Accuracy (Can reroll missed attack)
	Fey Origin (is a fey)
	Wild Step (Can shift through difficult terrain)

Skills:			Level	Abil.	Feat/Race	Train	Item	Total
	Arcana		+5	+0	+0		+5	+0	+10
	Diplomacy	+5	+3	+0		+5	+0	+13
	Heal		+5	+6	+0		+5	+0	+16
	Insight		+5	+6	+0		+5	+0	+16
	Nature		+5	+6	+2		+5	+0	+18
	Perception	+5	+6	+2		+0	+0	+13
	Religion	+5	+0	+0		+5	+0	+10


Armor: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chain

Weapons: Simple Ranged, Simple Melee, Bows

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Jan 5, 2004

I identify as smart.
(But that doesn't make it so...)

Gonna push out a Tiefling Paladin/Hospitaler.

Oct 8, 2005

Laser Lenin approves of hobo murder simulators.

In his youth, karack, later to be called Sharpfang, was a footsoldier in the Obsidian guard, joining as a way to escape the drudgery of the obsidian mines and feed his lust for adventure. Quickly tiring of the relitively sedate city guard duty, the headstrong Karack requested transfer to one of the badland patrols, where he quickly became known for his recklesness in combat and willingness to close with the enemy at all costs, it was during this time that he also discarded his guard shield and developed his unorthodox two bladed fighting style. Like most badlands patrols, his unit encountered and fought many battles against all manner of foes, ranging from bandits and cave goblin incursions, to mighty beasts. It was during his defence of a small Masos village from a rampaging goblin tribe that he first made a name for himself and found his true calling. Dispite most of his unit, including his captain, being laid low by the foul goblins, he and the few survivors chased the green skins back to their mountain cave and slaughtered them all. Upon his return to the village, head of the goblin chieftan in hand, he was hailed as a hero by the villagers.

After that, fame followed him wherever he went, but more and more he found himself drawn into the politics surrounding the guard's interactions with the local lords. Local dignataries wanted to meet the hero of the badlands, and his military superiors were more than happy to capitalise on Karack's celebrity. Growing weary of the constant politicing he was being dragged into, and becoming more and more disillusioned with a military life that consisted more of social events than actual military matters, he left the service of the guard and headed out into the wilderness to seek adventure on his own. Persistant rumors of a vilont confrontation between karack and the head of the Samal Kolnin guard also hint as to the reason for karack's rapid departure, to which credence is lent by the fact that he has never returned to the city in all the ensuing time.

For the past few years, karack has traveled the remotest and most dangerous frontiers of Noremien, and tales abound of his exploits, from a caravan being saved from attack by the last minute appearance of karack, or of the Dragonborn appearing in a city with another fabulous treasure or carcas of a mighty beast. Karack has ranged across the bredth of noremien in search of challenge and adventure, and is at home in the wilds of the untamed wilderness as in the depths of an ancient dungeon, seeking lost treasure and fabulous wealth.

At the time of the Eclipse, Karack was in the Utinmar wilderness, tracking down rumours of a long buried Dwarven treasure trove and has only recently returned to Niemund when the mysterious stranger tracked him down in a tavern baring the academy engraved letter.

Karack is a taciturn and dour induvidual, although he becomes much more animated in the company of friends. When he has a target or quarry, he will persue it with single minded intent, often to the detriment of the larger goal. Age and his time in the wilderness has taught him restraint and wisdom though, and he is much more mindful of how his actions effect others now. He always travels with his two mighty swords sheathed at his back and often with a companion or two, but never the same for any length of time.

karack lent over the gunwales of the boat carrying him to the island of the academy, paying the incessant drizzle no mind, and eventually spotted the dock apprering out of the gloom. Even having come this far, he was still uneasy with the summons, and his instinctual mistrust of authority even now made him yearn to order the captain to turn his craft around and return to Mitback. He'd been instantly wary of the shifty looking fellow who'd approached him in a tavern in Winzen, and had been prepared for anything from the scoundral, well, almost anything, the expensive looking scroll he'd produced and handed wordlessly to karack had certainly cought him off guard. He'd waited till he got back to his room in the inn before opening the scroll, and it's contents nad summons had been incredible. Even with the official seal binding the parchment and glowing with eldritch light, he almost hadn't come. His natural distrust of authority was only hightened by the mark of the most select institute of the land, and the feeling that being drawn into the affairs of the acadamy of the lake could bring nought but misfortune for one such as he. What eventually pursuaded him was the mention of fel and otherworldly creatures in the letter, and the striking simelarity to the grotesque.....thing that had cornered and almost killed him deep underground in an ancient burial crypt. The speed and ferocity of the thing had been phenomenal, unnatural even, and if, as the missive implied, more of these were abroad in Noremien, it behove him to at least see what aid he could offer.

Making sure his weapons and equipement were all secured about his person, he jumped from the railing onto the deaing of the dock, landing with a heavy thump and the clatter of metal. Already aproaching from the landward end of the dock was a figure in the robes of an acadamy initiate, looking slightly bedraggled in the drizzle but intent all the same, and he seemed to be heading for Karack.

"Time to see what I've got myself in for it seems" he thinks, striding purposfully towards the hurrying messenger.

Male Dragonborn Ranger / Fighter / Pit fighter
Level 11

Alignment: Good
Deity: Kord

Strength 21 (+5)
Constitution 13 (+1)
Dexterity 13 (+1)
Intelligence 11 (+0)
Wisdom 19 (+4)
Charisma 11 (+0)

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 280 lb
Scales: Bronze
Eyes: Red
Hair: None
Age: 30

Maximum Hit Points: 85 [includes toughness]

Bloodied: 42
Surge Value: 22 [includes draconic heritage]
Surges / Day: 9 [includes constitution modifier] [includes Battlehoned]

Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares [armour]
Vision: Normal

Initiative: 1d20 +6 = + 5 [half level] + 1 [dexterity]
Base Strength Attack: 1d20 +10= + 5 [half level] + 5 [strength]
Base Dexterity Attack: 1d20 +6 = + 5 [half level] + 1 [dexterity]
Base Constitution Attack: 1d20 +6 = + 5 [half level] + 1 [constitution]
Base Intelligence Attack: 1d20 +5 = + 5 [half level] + 0 [intelligence]
Base Wisdom Attack: 1d20 +9 = + 5 [half level] + 4 [wisdom]
Base Charisma Attack: 1d20 +5 = + 5 [half level] + 0 [charisma]

Armor Class: 26 = 10 + 5 [half level] + 7 [scale] + 1 [armor optimization] +2 [enchanted] + 1

Fortitude Defense: 23 = 10 + 5 [half level] + 1 [ranger] + 5 [strength] +2 [enchantment]
Reflex Defense: 19 = 10 + 5 [half level] + 1 [ranger] + 1 [dexterity] +2 [enchantment]
Will Defense: 21 = 10 + 5 [half level] + 4 [wisdom] +2 [enchantment]


Basic attack (Vicious Bastard Sword +3): (+3 prof +5 STR +5 lvl +1 Feat +3 item) = +17 v. AC (+18 main

hand), 1d10+9 dmg
Ranged attack (Longbow): (+2 prof +1 DEX +5 lvl) = +8 v. AC, 1d10+4 dmg

Languages: Common; Draconic;


Acrobatics: +11 = 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Arcana: +5 = 0 [intelligence] + 5 [half level]
Athletics: +15 = 5 [strength] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Bluff: +5 = 0 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Diplomacy: +5 = 0 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Dungeoneering: +14 = 4 [wisdom] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Endurance: +6 = 1 [constitution] + 5 [half level]
Heal: +14 = 4 [wisdom] + 5 [half level] + 5 [multiclass training]
History: +7 = 0 [intelligence] + 5 [half level] + 2 [Dragonborn]
Insight: +9 = 4 [wisdom] + 5 [half level]
Intimidate: +7 = 0 [charisma] + 5 [half level] + 2 [Dragonborn]
Nature: +14 = 4 [wisdom] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Perception: +14 = 4 [wisdom] + 5 [half level] + 5 [class training]
Religion: +5 = 0 [intelligence] + 5 [half level]
Stealth: +6 = 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level]
Streetwise: +5 = 0 [charisma] + 5 [half level]
Thievery: +6 = 1 [dexterity] + 5 [half level]


* +2 Strength, +2 Charisma (already included)
* +2 History, +2 Intimidate (already included)
* Dragonborn Fury (when bloodied, +1 on attacks)
* Dragonborn Heritage (healing surge includes constitution bonus)
* Dragon Breath (see encounter powers below)


* This ranger chose the two-blade style. This gives the equivalent of the toughness feat [not listed

* Hunter's Quarry -- bonus damage 2d6 [minor action]
* Prime Shot

Pit Fighter

* Armor Optimization [Level 11]
* Extra Damage Action [Level 11]


Weapon Proficiency -- Bastard Sword
Two Weapon Defense
Two Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus -- Heavy Blade*
Multiclass Fighter -- One-Handed
Armor Proficiency -- Chainmail
Armor Proficiency -- Scale

*Once per encounter, free action, +1 to the next
attack made with 1h weapony. Whether the attack
hits or misses, you mark the target until the end
of your next turn.



Hit and Run: One creature
Standard: Str. V. AC, 1[W]+str dmg,
If you move in the same turn after this attack, leaving
the first square adjacent to the target does not provoke an
opportunity attack from the target.

Twin Strike: One or two creatures.
Standard: Str. V. AC (melee, main + off weapon)or Dex V. AC (ranged)
1[W] dam. per attack

Encounter Powers:

Dragon Breath, Fire [Dragonborn]
minor action: Close blast 3 Str+4 V. Reflex
2d6+1 fire dam.

Two Fanged Strike [Level 1]: One creature.
Standard: Str V. AC or Dex V. AC
1[W]+Str (melee) or 1[W]+Dex (ranged) per attack.
If both attacks hit deal +wis damage.

Unbalancing Parry [Level 2 Utility]
immediate reaction: enemy misses you with melee,
slide enemy 1 sq adjacent + gain combat
advantage till end of next turn.

Disruptive Strike: [Level 3]
immediate interupt: you or an ally is attacked.
Str V. AC (melee) or Dex V. AC (ranged)
1[W]+str (melee) or 1[W]+Dex (ranged) and target
has -(3+Wis) to attack for triggering attack

Weave Through the Fray [Level 6 Utility]
immediate interrupt: An enemy moves next to you.
Shift Wis squares

Claws of the Griffon [Level 7]: One or two creatures.
Standard: Str V. AC, Two attacks.
2[W]+Str (main) and 1[W]+Str (off-hand)

All Bets Are Off[Level 11]: One Creature.
Standard: Str V. AC
2[W]+Str.Secondary Attack: Str+2 V. AC
1d6+Str, the target is
dazed until the end of your next turn.

Daily Powers:

Jaws of the Wolf [Level 1] One creature
Standard: Str V. AC, two attacks
Miss: Half damage per attack.

Two Wolf Pounce [Level 5]:
Special: You can shift 2 squares before making this attack.
Primary Target: One creature
Attack: Strength vs. AC, two attacks (main weapon and offhand
Hit: 2[W] + Strength modifier damage (main weapon) and
1[W] + Strength modifier damage (off-hand weapon).
Effect: After attacking the primary target, you can shift 2
squares and make a secondary attack.
Secondary Target: One creature other than the primary
Secondary Attack: Strength vs. AC (off-hand weapon)
Hit: 2[W] damage (off-hand weapon).

Attacks on the Run [Level 9] One or two creatures
Standard: You can move your speed. At any point during your
move, you can make two Str V. AC (melee) or two Dex V. AC
attacks (ranged)..
3[W]+Str (melee) or 3[W]+Dex (ranged) per attack.
Miss: Half damage per attack.

Open the Range [Level 10 Utility]
immediate interrupt: enemy moves adjacent to you
Shift 1 square, then move 1+Wis. Can't end adjacent to

karack Sharpfang's Equipment:

Vicious +3 bastard Sword (l12, 6lb)
Magic +3 bastard Sword (L11, 6lb)
barkskin +2 Scale Armor (l10, 45lb)
Amulet of false Life +2 (l9, 4,200gp)
Longbow: (3lb 30gp)

Standard Adventurer's Kit: 15gp
Quiver with 30 arrows: 1gp
Everburning Torch: 50gp
Climbers Kit: 2gp
journeybread: 50gp

652 gp

Edit: changed up the character a bit to better fit my idea of an ex military andevturer, rather than an out and out ranger.

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Jun 29, 2004
Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Making up a rogue multiclass wizard. Once master illusionist thief/adventurer that has lost most of his arcane powers since the Eclipse.

Edit: Questions to anyone.
When taking the power swap feats, can you only take each type once? or can you take the utility one twice for example?
When swapping powers for wizard daily/utility, do you gain two of those powers and need to prepare one like a "real" wizard?

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Mar 18, 2007

Apparently, if you can take a feat more than once, it will say you can do so. You can juke around the spell you got with the feat, however.

Since the "multiple spell choices per slot" seems to be a product of the "spellbook" class feature, it looks as though you'd only get to use it if there was a feat that granted you the spellbook feature.

It looks like the answer is "no" on both counts.

The Transhumanist
Jan 2, 2008
I should put something funny here.

For Artificer, what about Paragon paths? Can I just use a Wizard one, or should I take the Wizard Multi-class feat? Doesn't make a huge difference either way.

Edit: Meh, will just multi-class it up.
Edit 2: Eh, changed my mind. Artificer is just too narrow as it stands. Warlock ho!

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Jun 29, 2004
Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Still messing around with feats and power swaps. Considering going multiclass paragon instead of infiltrator, let me know if all this meshes with setting. Also, I used some of the DnD insider illusionist powers from Dragon, can post link if needed.

The southern coasts of Utinmar played home to most of Rence's early adventuring career. He found a liking to travelling acros the coast taking up whatever small jobs or personal quests he came upon and gained some small renown for his combination of martial and arcane ability.

This renown was what lead him to be recruited to Saaran as a mercenary of sorts. In the wake of the Great War, Saaran had claimed its independence but as of late tensions had raised. The call that Rence answered was for a small group of covert operators. For several years, he trained with this group, increasing his skills in the art of stealth. The majority of the tasks involved spying, placement of scrying objects, and the occasional theft. The group was extremely successful but Rence grew weary of the growing politics surrounding the situation and one last operation provided itself as an omen to move on. It was an operation to take place across the border in Vaere, nothing out of the place save for the location; Daggard Keep. All seemed well until they had returned to Saaran where some higher-ups seemed extremely worried of scrying; Rence took his leave.

Wanting escape from the political situation, Rence travelled far to the north in Genvegr where he can be found in Dorn most of the time. He has gained quite a reputation there as one who frequently takes on adventuring requests from locals, such as a missing child, or quests from the city guard, like the recent tribe of goblins harrassing the town. He takes particular joy in accompanying foreign groups on quests as a guide or just extra help to more exotic locales. The recent Eclipse has made Rence all the more busy, both making his remaining arcane powers more rare as well as the apparent increase or advancement of dangers out in the wilds. To answer the call of the Academy was a tough decision to make, balancing the help Rence could no longer provide to the area in this time of need with the chance to end whatever was causing the trouble.

As far as enemies/allies, only some higher ranking officials of Saaran (and possibly Vaere as enemies) would know of Rence. However, around Dorn he has made quite a name for himself as well as many allies as those he has helped and the city guard. Enemies in the area could comprise of any group he has thwarted plans of or ancient temples/ruins he has adventured into.

Rence Barrington
Halfling Master Infiltrator
Level 11
Languages: Common

STR 11 (+0)
CON 13 (+1)
DEX 20 (+5)
INT 18 (+4)
WIS 12 (+1) 
CHA 15 (+2)  

Speed 6
HP: 75
Bloodied: 37
Init: +12

Healing Surges: 7
Healed per Surge: 18

AC:	25  	(15 + 5 + 5)
Fort:	19   	(15 + 1 + 0 + 3)
Ref:	25  	(15 + 5 + 2 + 3)
Will:	20  	(15 + 2 + 0 + 3)

Skill 		Abil. 	
Arcana*		Int	+14	5+5+4
Acrobatics*	Dex	+19	5+5+5+2+2
Athletics	Str	+7	5+0+0+2
Dungeoneering*	Wis	+11	5+5+1
Insight* 	Wis 	+11	5+5+1
Perception*	Wis	+11	5+5+1
Stealth* 	Dex 	+20	5+5+5+2+3
Thievery* 	Dex 	+17	5+5+5+2

Racial Traits:
Bold (+5 to saves vs. fear)
Nimble Reaction (+2 AC vs. oppurtunity attacks)
Second Chance (Encounter, Immediate Interrupt, enemy reroll attack at -2)
Half fall damage and always land on feet
No damage on missed abilties targetting AC or Reflex

Class Traits:
First Strike
Rogue Weapon Talent
Sneak Attack (+3d8)
Rogue Tactics:Artful Dodger (+Cha vs. oppurtunity attacks)
Infiltrator's Action (when action point spent for extra action, gain a move action)
Skillful Infiltrator

1:Arcane Initiate
4:Novice Power*
6:Halfling Agility
8:Acolyte Power*
10:Adept Power*

Piercing Strike		Dex vs. Ref	1[W]+Dex
Sly Flourish		Dex vs. AC	1[W]+Dex+Cha

Encounter: (4+1)
W:Illusory Ambush	Int vs. Will	1d6+Int psychic, -2 to attack rolls UEOYNT
1:Grasping Shadows*	Int vs. Will	2d8+Int psychic, area burst 1 within 10, slowed UEOYNT
                                        Any creature that enters area takes Int psychic and slowed
3:Setup Strike		Dex vs. AC	2[W]+Dex, combat advantage UEOYNT
7:Sand in the Eyes	Dex vs. Ref	1[W]+Dex, blinded UEOYNT
11:Distracting Wound(CA)Dex vs. AC	2[W]+Dex, combat advantage for you and all allies UEOYNT

1:Easy Target		Dex vs. AC	2[W]+Dex, slowed/combat advantage UEOYNT
					miss: half damage and combat advantage UEOYNT
5:Phantasmal Assailant*	Int vs. Will	2d10+Int psychic
					5 ongoing psychic and combat advantage to allies (save ends)
9:Knockout		Dex vs. Fort	2[W]+Dex, unconcious until save or more damage
					miss: half damage and dazed UEOYNT

2:Fleeting Ghost			Stealth check at full speed with no penalties
6:Chameleon		Stealth vs. Per	remain hidden UEOYNT after losing cover/concealment
10:Blur*		daily		+2 to all defenses, enemies 5 or more away cannot see you

Weapon		Lvl Prof Bon Abil  BAB  DMG 
Dagger		+5   +3  +2+1 +5   +16  1d4+2  crit:+3d6 or +3d8 with combat advantage
Shuriken	+5   +3  +0   +5   +13  1d6

Elven Cloak +3			level 12	----
Leather Armor +3		level 11	15lb
Handy Haversack			level 10	----
Duelist's Dagger +2		3400g		 1lb
Catstep boots			 680g		----
Magic Wand (+1)                  360g           ----
Shuriken x50			  10g		 5lb
Standard Adv Kit		  15g 		33lb
Thieves' Tools			  20g	   	 1lb
				 515g left

Item Daily: 
Minor Action, have combat advantage vs. next creature attacked this turn
Free Action, gain +5 to next Acrobatics or Athletics check

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May 27, 2007

The Marksman

I am deciding between halfling two blade ranger, or a paladin/warlock multiclass of some sort.

The Transhumanist
Jan 2, 2008
I should put something funny here.

The young woman was destined to something greater, there was no more hope of her becoming a farmers daughter then there was of her being content with the world of her village and it's surroundings. Growing up north of Niemund, near the old forests, Annetta always was fascinated by those deep woods. Tales and admonishments would keep her away only a short while. It was not however till she was older and better at sneaking out undetected that she managed to get herself a long spell of time alone, quickly getting lost. Drawn ever deeper into the woods, rapt wonder on her face and a sharp knife in her hand, she let her curiosity drive her onwards. It was here, in the green lit depths of the Elderwood, she found the Feyspirit. Long had it remained just barely outside the realm of mortals, it's hunger for news, stories and tales from beyond keeping it so close that Annetta could even see it when she finally approached it. Drawn in by the fey spirit for a long week as she spoke of everything she knew, interspersed only rarely for the basic mortal necessities of life, Annetta shared everything she knew with the spirit. Her knowledge of the Great War, of the world beyond and what little she knew. An exchange then was made, the spirit would provide her with powers of all sorts, as much as her frame could endure. All she had to do then, was to find out more and more for the spirit, to give it as complete a history of the world beyond the woods as she could.

It was a few months later that she realized there was in fact a price to this. Warlocks, she had found out at the same time she was one, were not welcomed much in larger society. In fact, they were down right hunted in some places. It came to her realization then that discretion was the better part of staying alive. So until the Eclipse, she rarely exercised her powers, and never the more showy ones in public. She would instead use her wits and charm to quickly wend her way through life, amassing a small fortune which she just as quickly spent on books of old lore and of modern arcana. The arcane, and her odd and twisted way of controlling it, fascinated her. A natural intellect of no small capability, with wealth and knowledge at her fingertips, she had caught her patrons hunger for knowledge.

Annetta was, in her own way, one of the lucky ones. One who still held her powers. Her connection to the Fey was severed, true enough. She could no more call upon her patron then she could flap her arms and fly to the moon. But she could still draw upon the powers she had, and indeed, as time wore on she found she could even expand on those. Where once she hid herself beyond charm and wit, she now openly utilizes her power, partially in the hopes of getting greater power in of itself, and partly to prove to the world that she is not some monster the tales of Warlocks make them out to be. She is in control of her powers. The tales of the Fey madness have not claimed her, she is certain of this.

The Academy of the Lake, with their call to those who would call themselves adventurers has brought the young Warlock out, the promise of reward interesting her just as much as the prospect of showing those stodgy mages just what one can do with a differing approach to magic. While she'd been known as something of a charismatic solver of problems in and around Niemund, it wasn't until after the Eclipse that her powers and capability became known. Following her single handed defense of the village of Piedmont against a raider group taking advantage of the chaos, she had quickly developed a guarded respect by those in the area. Every now and then, the plainly dressed red headed woman would enter a town or village suffering depredations of others, and would take care of the problem, some times with others, some times alone.

Annetta has one major, perhaps fatal, flaw. Pride. She is proud of what she has accomplished, her pact having been nothing for her part in exchange for great power. Or so she thinks at least. The Eclipse, and the subsequent loss of contact with her Patron, has her convinced that her powers can come without the believed costs. That she can gain her power perhaps without direct intervention of another entity. She has a theory on this. Now she wants to prove it to the world. Annetta would perhaps be considered good by some, but her preoccupation with expanding her powers and her hunger for glory leave a lingering shadow. She does try at least to do no harm that is not called for.


Sitting cross legged with her back reclining against the tree, Annetta watched the clouds drift past as dusk slowly approached. A sigh, shaking her head as she opened her pack, pulling out the crumpled, much abused note. She was frankly fascinated with it. From Ravic Carthaune himself to herself. Her status was not left in question, she would be there on the Mages' sufferance, the slightest hint of madness or twisted arts and she would find herself dead or worse. Still, she felt this was her best chance to truly prove herself. To cast off the shackles of dread superstition. "Time to go I suppose then, it's only a weeks journey to the Academy on the Lake," she said, speaking to empty air, forgetting that her Patron could no longer hear her momentarily. A shake of her head then as she was off, wandering off into the setting sun to find somewhere safer to sleep the night. She was still more at home in the presence of people then she was the wild.


Days of long travel had put the miles and her little shreds of fame well behind her. Her short time at the Academy had been... trying. To say the least. Days of being ignored, if she was lucky, had tried at her patience. But she remained calm, cooly polite to even the most pigheaded students. Content with the knowledge that if she was a lesser person, they would be clawing their eyes bloodily from their sockets, trying to put out the fires of madness in their brain. Finally Ravic had met her, in private, after a lengthy journey to somewhere nowhere near anywhere as far from the . She was almost sure he'd have put a bag over her head, but finally had stopped, the two of them standing in a small alchemical herb garden. Annetta ran her hands along the branches of a small tree, before pulling it back with a yelp of pain, dozens of tiny little splinters in her finger.

Laughing a bit, Ravic shook his head. "Fortunately for you it's merely prickly and not poisonous. You want to come on this venture then? You claim to be a good Warlock. You claim to have no corruption from your master. You claim many things young girl, but proof on the other hand is few and far between. There are, ahh, whispers of your deeds out around Niemund. But little else. Just suddenly, after the Eclipse, you are this wonderful champion from out of nowhere." Ravic seemed clearly unimpressed this whole time, and his speech just made this further evident. "Your kind however have this consistent tendency towards murder, hatred of all living things and a lust for power."

"Sir, sir. Please, just let me a moment. I am aware of my, ah... precedents unfortunate, strange, shameful or otherwise heinous actions. I am aware of that all too well. Salvergin the Fell died by my own hands, but not after his sacrificing nearly half the village of Durold, so no, do not think to lecture me on this," Annetta interrupted, speaking suddenly from the heart. "I may not hold for the more sedate paces of Wizardly study, I do however hold for controlling what I do have. You have not heard of me before the Eclipse? That is simply because after the Eclipse, I could have continued as I had, the wealthy silver tongued merchant, trading in books. But instead, I stepped up, I offered my services and I was rebuked. So, I just simply gave them. I protected those who could not protect themselves. What more could you ask of me?"

Ravic paused, stunned at her audacity as much as her conviction, saying nothing, a grim look on his face. Annetta shrugged slightly, pulling spines from her finger tips. "Besides, how much choice do you have? I've not really seen many beating down your doors to take on your summons. Fewer who appear to bathe."

Click here for the full 550x733 image.

Annetta Voss - Level 11 Unaligned Human Feytouched Warlock
Experience: 26000

Appearance and Behavior
  Height: 5'8"  Weight: 130lbs  Age: 22  
  Hair: Red     Skin: Fair
Languages Known: Common, Elven

Deity: None in particular.

Primary Abilities
  Str 9  (-1/+4) Int 18 (+4/+9)
  Con 15 (+2/+7) Wis 13 (+1/+6)
  Dex 12 (+1/+6) Cha 22 (+6/+11)

Secondary Abilities
  Speed:  6        Size: Medium         Vision: Normal

  Hit Points: 77   Healing Surges/day:  8
  Bloodied:   38   Healing Surge Value: 19
  Initiative: 6    Base AP: 1

Defenses     Total  Base  Item  Race Class Feat
  AC:          24 |  19    +5    --    --   --
  Fort:        21 |  17    +3    +1    --   --
  Refl:        24 |  19    +3    +1    +1   --
  Will:        26 |  21    +3    +1    +1   --

Skills       Total  Stat  Level  Trained  Misc
  Arcana:     +14 |  +4     +5     +5      --
  Bluff:      +16 |  +6     +5     +5      --
  Diplomacy:  +16 |  +6     +5     +5      --
  Insight:    +11 |  +1     +5     +5      --
  History:    +14 |  +4     +5     +5      --
  Perception: +13 |  +1     +5     +5      +2
  Streetwise: +16 |  +6     +5     +5      --

  Str: +6  Dex: +9  Con: +10
  Int: +12 Wis: +9  Cha: +14

  Improved Misty Step, Jack of All Trades
  Skill Training: Diplomacy, Sacrifice to Caiphon, Ritual Caster
  Skill Training: Perception, Alertness
  Twofold Curse

Warlock Features
  Fey Pact          - Misty Step
  Misty Step        - 5 Squares (Improved)
  Prime Shot        - +1 to hit if closest.
  Shadow Walk       - Move 3 squares, gain concealment.
  Warlocks Curse    - +2d6 damage
  Feytouched Action - Spend AP: +4 to attack rolls till next turn.
  Slashing Wake     - 4 damage to all adjacent targets on teleport.

Attack Bonus
  Mace - +4
  Eldritch Blast - +13

  Mace - 1d6
  Eldritch Blast - 1d10+9

At-Will                      Atk vs Defense
  Eldritch Blast             +13 vs Reflex     Counts as Basic Ranged
  Eyebite                    +13 vs Will
  Dire Radiance              +9  vs Fortitude

  Witchfire                  +13 vs Reflex
  Fiery Bolt                 +9  vs Reflex
  Mire the Mind              +13 vs Will
  Will of the Feywild        +13 vs Will

  Curse of the Dark Dream    +13 vs Will
  Curse of the Bloody Fangs  +13 vs AC
  Curse of the Black Frost   +13 vs Reflex

  Beguiling Tongue [E]       +5 Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidate
  Fey Switch       [E]       Teleport: Switch places with a willing ally.
  Warlock's Leap   [D]       Teleport 6 squares, regardless of LoS.


Armor - Sunleaf Armor +3     - Resist 5 Radiant

  Rod of Reaving +2          - Deals 4 damage to recipients of curse.
  Mace +1

  Amulet of Protection +3
  Gear Kit- 29lbs
    Includes: Bedroll, Backpack, Pouch, Flint and Steel
    50' Rope, Rations (10 days), Waterskin
  Everburning Torch - 1lb
  Ritual Book 32/128 Pages used
  Chest prepared with Leomund's Secret Chest
  Bag of Holding

  Comprehend Language, Discern Lies, Enchant Magic Item
  Leomund's Secret Chest, Make Whole, Raise Dead, Knock
  Endure Elements, Disenchant Magic Item 

Total Weight: 
Cash on hand: 1250gp (in Bag of Holding)
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather
Edit: Fixed a few sheet errors. Now added more background. Now with more correct character sheet that explains things better so I can remember more easily. Also, swapped out Intimidate for History to fit character background more.

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Food Court Druid
Jul 17, 2007

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Okay, here's the stats for my guy, will post fluff tomorrow.

Denall Drake
Human Warlord 11
Paragon Path: Battle Captain

STR 19
CON 13
DEX 12
INT 18
WIS 11
CHA 15

AC 26 (10 + 5 level + 1 Dex + 10 armor), 28 vs. attacks of opportunity
Fort 21 (10 + 5 level + 4 Str + 1 class + 1 race)
Reflex 20 (10 + 5 level + 4 Int + 1 race)
Will 19 (10 + 5 level + 2 Cha + 1 class +1 race) 

Initiative +12 (+5 level, +1 Dex, +2 class, +4 feat)
Speed 6
Hit Points 104 (52 bloodied)
Healing Surges - 8 per day for 26 hp each

Melee: Berserker Greatsword - +14 (+5 level, +4 Str, +3 proficiency, +2 magic)
 Damage: 1d10+4 (high crit, +2d10 on crits)
Ranged: Longbow - +8 (+5 level, +1 dex, +2 proficiency)
 Damage: 1d10+1

Race Features:
Bonus at-will power, feat and skill
Human Defense Bonus

Class Features:
Combat Leader
Tactical Presence
Inspiring Word
Battle Action
Cry Havoc

Trained Skills:
Athletics +14 (+5 training, +5 level, +4 Str)
Diplomacy +12 (+5 training, +5 level, +2 Cha)
Heal +10 (+5 training, +5 level)
History +14 (+5 training, +5 level, +4 Int)
Intimidate +12 (+5 training, +5 level, +2 Cha)

Tactical Assault
Power Attack
Action Surge
Improved Initiative
Weapon Focus (heavy blades)
Action Recovery

At will - Commander's Strike, Wolf Pack Tactics, Furious Smash
Encounter - Hammer and Anvil, Steel Monsoon, Sunder Armor, Force Retreat
Daily - Bastion of Defense, Villain's Nightmare, Knock Them Down, turn basic attack granted into standard action,
berserker rage
Utility - Inspiring Word, Shake It Off, Inspiring Reaction, Defensive Rally

+3 razor scalemail
Helm of Heroes
+2 berserker greatsword
120 arrows
Standard adventurer's kit
Climber's Kit
Everburning Torch
Silk rope
1317 gp

Ongoing Effect List (for help remembering all this crap):
-Me and allies within ten squares that can see and hear me get +2 to initiative.
-When allies I can see spend an action point to get an extra attack, they get +2 to attack and +4 to damage on
that attack.
-I do not give combat advantage while surprised
-On the first round of combat, allies who start their turn within 10 squares of me get +2 to attack.
-Whenever an enemy scores a melee critical hit on me, they take 1d10+1 damage (armor)
-Me and allies within ten squares get a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear effects

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Aug 15, 2001
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I never

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread, I have spells of being really slow sometimes.

Dallan Invictus posted:

I have the char statted up below, I'll write the background today or tomorrow. Is there any more you can tell us about the Great War as it relates to the kingdoms you name on the map? It could help a little with my fluff. I'm not married to the idea of Landra having fought in it, so if you have issues with that feel free to nix it.
Sure. In a nutshell: following the death of the king of Utinmar, Padrec the Swift, there ensued a struggle for the throne between the legitimate heiress, his only child Sezarte, and King Aresmir of Vaere, a charismatic ruler who claimed Sezarte was of an impure lineage, tainted with elven blood and thus unfit to rule. By old Utinmaran law, this was true; furthermore, by the same law Aresmir, as the descendant of an Utinmaran prince, the first Vaerian king, who had been wrongly exiled for a transgression against the crown centuries earlier, had a legitimate claim to the throne. Said law, however, no longer applied, having been changed only a few years prior by the king himself. Aresmir refused to accept this and declared he would see the old Utinmaran ways restored, a sentiment that found favour with many Vaerians as well as with a number of Sezarte's own subjects, who'd felt wronged by the late king for one reason or another – and before long, the Vaerian fleet, long in the building, landed on the shores of Utinmar, without so much as a declaration of war.

All of Noremien thus was swept up in what later became known as the Great War. New alliances were forged, and old ones called upon again; only the dragonborn did not become involved, a few mercenaries aside, but all others took sides to a greater or lesser degree. The southern dwarves, amongst whom the Stonepick clan was most prevalent, fought for Vaere, coveting the riches that lay beneath the Shielding Mountains, in turn causing the dwarves of Utinmar to take up arms against their own kin; eladrin and elves all but unanimously fought on the side of Queen Sezarte, fearing that Aresmir had his sights set on more than just the crown. Whereas the Utinmarans had always legitimately recognised the Everleaf as belonging to the Feyborn races, leaving its natural resources untouched except when permitted to do so, there was no doubt in the minds of most that Aresmir would summarily ignore this time-honoured agreement, likely intending to exploit the Everleaf as much as the resources of his own country in his bid for expansion.

The war raged on for months, the Vaerian hosts forging deep into Utinmar initially, taking Mitback and besieging the capital city of Niemund for a time. Besides the aid of the elves, eladrin and the shield-dwarves, it was the involvement of the Academy that ultimately turned the tide against Aresmir's forces. Spells of such awesome destructiveness were wrought that their wielders took their lives after the war had ended, deciding that any knowledge of these spells and their dreadful power should die with them. The Vaerians were pushed back off-shore, and what remained of their armada was eventually destroyed in a final, bloody battle that also saw major losses on the part of the Utinmaran and Genvegrian fleet; in dreadful memory of that battle, the ocean separating Utinmar and Vaere became known as the Wretched Sea, for the immense loss of life it bore witness to.

(The state of Saaran, formerly a Vaerian region, also won its independence following the Great War, a result of the Vaerian military being greatly weakened by its war efforts. They have remained thus for a hundred years, but lately, tensions have been heating up again; Daggard Keep, on the Vaerian side of the border, has had its garrisons considerably expanded, and it seems only a question of time until open hostilities break out again.)

LightWarden posted:

What can you tell us about Carthaune? Is he paragon-level like ourselves, or more archmage inclined? Wonder if it's possible for any wizards to come from the Academy of the Lake.
He's the most powerful wizard currently in residence at the Academy, and one of the most accomplished mages in Noremien. Late paragon, mechanically speaking; not quite an archmage as far as the epic destiny is concerned, but not far from it either. The Academy's continuing failure to discover anything about the current crisis' nature is not reflecting too well on him, though, and even though his fellow wizards and council members know he's hardly to blame for any of it, he's not regarded as highly among some of them anymore as he used to be, following a number of what they consider poor decisions.
And yes, player wizards can be members of the Academy (graduates or residents).


Also, any possibility that any members of the party have worked with each other beforehand?
Yup. Up to the players really. It's fair to assume that they will have heard of each other at least, if only in vague terms.

HawkedMatter posted:

Making up a rogue multiclass wizard. Once master illusionist thief/adventurer that has lost most of his arcane powers since the Eclipse.
Being in possession of one's powers has, thus far, been an "all or nothing" type of deal. I could see someone losing only part of their powers, but it would be an extremely special case indeed, and the Academy would be highly unlikely to send such a person off on an adventure, rather than keeping them around in order to better study the phenomenon at hand; they'd be very interested in keeping anyone who could be a key to solving this puzzle very close.
You can of course still multiclass into wizard; I'd just reconsider the concept perhaps. (And a link to those illusionist powers would be appreciated, too!)

Also let me mention the IRC channel for this game again: #septemberprocession on It's, like, cozy in there.

Angstrom Gothington
Feb 19, 2007

Raise your arms in the big black sky, raise your arms the highest you can, so the whole universe will glow.

A sombre and contemplative dwarf, Hendak Hearthstone is not prone to the gregariousness or drunken boisterousness that is common to his people. Born into a family of simple craftsmen beneath the Shielding Mountains, he found himself drawn to the study of religion, and especially to the god Moradin, who was believed to have created the Dwarves. Upon adulthood he officially joined the clergy, first at a temple in his hometown, and later as an assistant to the high priests who performed the elaborate funeral rites at the Vale of the Silent. He spent many years in this role, content with the affirmation of clan life and respect for the worthy fallen.

Hendak's peace of mind, however, did not last forever. Time after time he tended to deceased dwarves who had died in the defense of their way of life, and here Hendak was, comfortable and safe in the great stone halls. The final funeral he attended to was for a dwarf name Lordar Tharkum, a miner from a town far abroad. A great horde of hobgoblins surrounded the town, and with reinforcements still days away, Lordar had organized a last-ditch defense. He ordered the women and children into the depths of the mine, while the workers would fall back from the town, defending the mine entrance with nothing more than their picks and their courage. The town was destroyed, and the defenders died to a man, but they bought enough time for the reinforcements to swoop in and save the innocents cowering below. No, Hendak could not stay while brave men like Lordar were out there fighting and dying.

Taking his wishes to the high priests, they agreed to let him go as a crusader in Moradin's name, working his will in the outside world. He took up the hammer that day, the symbol of his god, and since then he and it have been as one. He took the fight first to the bugbears who had continued harassing the mining towns to the north, and then to other threats that reared their heads against dwarwenkind, both near and far to the Shielding Mountains. The righteousness of his fight filled him, and he began to dream of Moradin providing encouragement from his stone throne. He felt assured that one die he would die an honorable death and be buried with the other heroes in the Vale.

And then the Eclipse happened. No longer did he dream of Moradin, nor did he even feel the subtle encouragement of his presence. He was not alone, as devout followers of all the gods had felt the same thing, some even losing the powers they had been granted. Hendak still had his, so perhaps he still had some destiny to fulfill. Perhaps Moradin had chosen him as his champion in these dark times. Or perhaps Moradin was gone forever, and the loss of his powers had only been delayed. The uncertainty and stress caused his hair to prematurely turn gray, making him look much older than his true age. He felt lost until he received the message from Ravic Carthaune. If there was a chance to discover what was going on, and perhaps even a chance to reverse whatever happened, he had to take it. He set out for the Academy that very night.
[b]Name:[/b]Hendak Hearthstone
[b]Alignment:[/b]Lawful Good

[b]STR:[/b] 21 (+5)
[b]CON:[/b] 18 (+4)
[b]DEX:[/b] 10 (+0)
[b]INT:[/b] 11 (+0)
[b]WIS:[/b] 14 (+2)
[b]CHA:[/b] 11 (+0)

[b][u]Combat Stats:[/u][/b]
[b]Initiative:[/b] +5 [b]Action Points:[/b] 1 [b]Speed:[/b]5
[b]HP:[/b] 90 [b]Bloodied:[/b] 45 [b]Surges:[/b] 13 [b]Value:[/b]26


[b]AC:[/b]   26 (10 base + 5 lvl + 8 armor + 3 enhancement)
[b]Fort:[/b] 22 (10 base + 5 lvl + 5 str + 2 item)
[b]Ref:[/b]  17 (10 base + 5 lvl + 0 int + 2 item)
[b]Will:[/b] 21 (10 base + 5 lvl + 2 wis + 2 item + 2 class)
[b]Acrobatics:[/b]    +3  (5 lvl + 0 dex - 2 armor)
[b]Arcana:[/b]        +10 (5 lvl + 0 int + 5 train)
[b]Athletics:[/b]     +8  (5 lvl + 5 str - 2 armor)
[b]Bluff:[/b]         +5  (5 lvl + 0 cha)
[b]Diplomacy:[/b]     +5  (5 lvl + 0 cha)
[b]Dungeoneering:[/b] +9  (5 lvl + 2 wis + 2 race)
[b]Endurance:[/b]     +17 (5 lvl + 4 con + 2 race + 5 train + 3 item - 2 armor)
[b]Heal:[/b]          +12 (5 lvl + 2 wis + 5 train)
[b]History:[/b]       +10 (5 lvl + 0 int + 5 train)
[b]Insight:[/b]       +7  (5 lvl + 2 wis)
[b]Intimidate:[/b]    +5  (5 lvl + 0 cha)
[b]Nature:[/b]        +7  (5 lvl + 2 wis)
[b]Perception:[/b]    +7  (5 lvl + 2 wis)
[b]Religion:[/b]      +10 (5 lvl + 0 int + 5 train)
[b]Stealth:[/b]       +3  (5 lvl + 0 dex - 2 armor)
[b]Streetwise:[/b]    +5  (5 lvl + 0 cha)
[b]Thievery:[/b]      +3  (5 lvl + 0 dex - 2 armor)

[b]Passive Perception:[/b] 17
[b]Passive Insight:[/b]    17

[b][u]Racial Features:[/u][/b]
Low-Light Vision
Cast-Iron Stomach - +5 to saving throws vs. poison
Dwarven Resilience - Can use Second Wind as a minor action
Dwarven Weapon Proficiency - Throwing hammers and warhammers
Encumbered Speed - No speed penalty for heavy armor or load
Stand Your Ground - 1 less forced movement, and saving throws vs. prone

[b][u]Class and Paragon Features:[/b][/u]
Channel Divinity - Use Divine Fortune or Turn Undead 1/encounter
Healer's Lore - Wis mod (+2) to cleric healing powers
Healing Word - Use Healing word 2 times per encounter
Ritual Casting - Gain Ritual Caster Feat and ritual book
Kensei Control Action - Action point to reroll instead of extra action
Kensei Focus - +1 to attack rolls with mauls

Student of the Sword - Fighter multiclass, train endurance,
                       and 1/encounter +1 to attack and mark
Armor Proficiency: Scale
Armor Proficiency: Plate
Dwarven Weapon Training - Proficiency and +2 damage with axes and hammers
Toughness - +5hp per tier
Hammer Rhythm - Con mod (+4) damage on a miss with hammers
Dwarven Durability - +2 surges, and add Con mod (+4) to value
Ritual Caster - Can cast rituals


[b]At Will:[/b] Priest's Shield
         Righteous Brand

[b]Encounter:[/b] Healing Strike (Cleric 1)
           Split the Sky (Cleric 3)
           Strengthen the Faithful(Cleric 7)
           Masterstroke (Kensei 11)
           2X Healing Word (Cleric Feature)
           Divine Fortune OR Turn Undead (Channel Divinity)

[b]Daily:[/b] Avenging Flame (Cleric 1)
       Weapon of the Gods (Cleric 5)
       Divine Power (Cleric 9)

[b]Utility:[/b] Bless (Cleric 2)
         Divine Vigor (Cleric 6)
         Mass Cure Light Wounds (Cleric 10)

Dwarven Plate +3        (lvl 12)
Magic Maul +3           (lvl 11)
Amulet of False Life +2 (lvl 9 instead of lvl 10)
Bag of Holding          (1000gp)
Everlasting Provisions  (840gp)
Everburning Torch       (50gp)
Mundane Holy Symbol     (10gp)
Ritual Book: 41/128 pgs(free)
   Gentle Repose        (free)
      (components x5)   (50gp)
   Make Whole           (free)
      (components x5)   (50gp)
   Enchant Magic Item   (175gp)
   Knock                (175gp)
      (components x3)   (105gp)
   Brew Potion          (75gp)
   Cure Disease         (360gp)
      (components x1)   (150gp)
   Speak With Dead      (360gp)
   Raise Dead           (680gp)
   Remove Affliction    (680gp)

[b]GP:[/b] 190 [b]Encumbrance:[/b] 64/210 lbs. (Thanks to Bag of Holding)

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Mar 18, 2007

Blargh, managed to get a broad sketch of background and personality down. MMAgCh, let me know if it's not specific enough or lacking in any particular area. I went for the vague approach in parts so it could be altered and amended as the plot or players require, but if you want detail I can flesh it out.

Jun 29, 2004
Purple Monkey Dishwasher

I might just keep the sheet and go for a similar rogue/illusionist that has just found his formerly basic arcane skillset more rare.

Oct 27, 2000

Wait, something is wrong.

Holy poo poo, I didn't notice this was up.

You know the basic premise, more in a bit.

EDIT: Holy poo poo, Piell made like, this exact guy down to the ELF part. I will pass for now I reckon!

EDIT EDIT: I may make a whizzard instead. I dunno!

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Dallan Invictus
Oct 11, 2007

The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.

Background for Landra, my fighter, posted upthread: MMA, feel free to suggest any changes that would bring her more in line with what you're after.

Oct 27, 2000

Wait, something is wrong.

Oh man, I am rockin' the Warlock with a side of Wizard Multi into BLOOD MAGE

Apr 24, 2003

Ain't never gonna catch me without my Capri!

The background for Eradyn Masonwood is up. Quick link. Let me know what you think.


Mar 18, 2007

Aggro, according to the first post the Great War was ~100 years ago, I think, and lasted a few months to a year-ish (well, it just says "months"). So if your character is 56, she won't have any memories of any events relating to the war. You'd probably want to either slap on a good 60 or 70 years, or figure out if this is some sort of other dwarf squabble. Not sure, but you might want to toss in a few more adventuring exploits that make others come to you, or otherwise explain why you went to them?

Also, is it just me, or is Leomund's Secret Chest awesome for fetch quests? Drop it off at your employer's place, tell him to place it under guard, and then summon it up when you need to ship him something, he can leave notes, instructions, and more arcane components in the thing if he needs to do so, allowing the group to exchange information and items across the planes if necessary.

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