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Klingon w Bowl Cut
Apr 1, 2009


"You've got that beast Taali and Landra!" the Genasi general shouts. "Well struck! Hold fast, I will re-position to exploit our advantage!"

Yuriel then vanishes completely from reality, drifting through the void toward a better perch from which to oversee this desperate battle.

Standard action: -

Minor action: Inspiring Word on Landra. She can spend a healing surge and regains 5d6 additional hp (Extra healing for Landra: 5d6 21) She also gains 1/2 Int (+4) to her next attack roll from Tactician's Word.

Move action: ->Minor to use Void Assumption:
"You cease to exist and can take no actions until the start of your next turn. You have line of sight and line of effect to no creature, and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to you. At the start of your next turn, you reappear in the square of your choice within 3 squares of the square you left."
I'm ghost like Purplie

Save vs. Immobilized: 1d20 17 Yay!

I also made a quick statblock. Not the most detailed ever, but hopefully it helps.

HP: 99/126 (temp: 0/0)	AC:   37     At-Will:	         Encounter:	              Daily:         
Heal Srg: 9/9 	        Fort: 38     Paint the Bullseye  xVoid Assumption             Warlord's Recovery
Speed: 6		Ref:  36     Risky Shot          Inspiring Word               Call to Action
Initiative: +29	        Will: 31                         Tactician's Invitation       Anticipate the Target
Action Points: 1/1      Perc: 15/25                      Tactician's Favor            xVicious Guardian
Vision: normal          Ins:  13/23                      Self-Sacrificing Strike      Unintended Feint
Resists: 15 psychic                                      xPincer Shot
MBA/RBA: Greatbow of Speed +27, 2d12+19 damage           Reorient the Axis
Shielding Blade Longsword +23, 2d8+10 damage             xInspiring Example
                                                         Aid the Injured
                                                         Noble Presence
                                                         xHelp or Hinder

-Tactical Presence: when an ally Yuriel can see spends an action point to make an extra attack, 
that ally gains a +4 bonus to the first attack roll of that attack and a +8 bonus to the attack's damage roll
-Freedom Requires Vigilance: Yuriel and allies within 3 squares of him gain a 
+2 bonus to initiative and Insight/Perception checks						
-Bow Mastery: Yuriel scores a critical hit on a roll of 19–20 when making a ranged attack with a bow/crossbow
-Prepared For Anything: allies benefitting from Yuriel's Combat Leader class feature gain a +2 bonus to AC until
the end of their first turn
-Diamond Cincture: contains 1 diamond, granting a +1 item bonus to Fortitude
-Karach Ring Mail: the first time Yuriel takes damage during an encounter, he reduces it by 7
-Ring of Feather Fall: Yuriel takes no damage from falls and always lands on his feet
-Anticipate the Target: when an enemy in range is hit by an ally (reaction)
xHelp or Hinder: when an enemy with 5 squares saves or an ally within 5 squares fails to save (interrupt)
-Self-Sacrificing Strike: when an ally within 6 squares is the target of a melee/ranged attack (interrupt)
-Unintended Feint: when an ally within 5 squares misses with an attack (reaction)

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Jan 14, 2009

That will be super helpful, ty Klingon, also I'm alive, just work and stuff keeping me at bay. Should be good for the foreseeable future.

Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

With a hiss that turns into a thin, snarling rasp, the cat perched on the deck returns to its true demonic form. The robed creature glares at the boarders around it, no doubt intending to wreak horrible vengeance upon them as soon as possible!

Of the two githyanki soldiers, one turns his blade on Taaliala but does not even come close to penetrating her defences. His companion on the other side of the ship fares better; bearing down on Marianna, he lands a blow that almost knocks the wizard off her feet. Even so his silver blade leaves her really, genuinely bleeding, not to mention curiously rattled – it’s not a mortal wound, but another hit like that and the rebel queen just might be done for…

Ultrodemon Schemer recharges Hypnotic Gaze (5).
   It saves against Mass Transformation (16-2) and takes 26 damage.
Githyanki Armsman 1 moves AO12->AN13.
   He uses Silver Longsword on Taaliala and misses (A:3+24).
Githyanki Armsman 2 moves AD17->AH20.
   He charges AH20->AM20 and uses Silver Longsword on Marianna, hitting (A:13+25) for 23 damage plus 21 psychic damage, bloodying her; she is marked by him until the end of his next turn.

Combat tracker. Currently up: Klingon.

Klingon w Bowl Cut
Apr 1, 2009


As she feels her own blood flowing again, time seems to slow to a crawl, and Marianna can't help but think of how far she has come... and how far she is from her home. She thinks of their mission to save the gods, lofty and critical, but also all the innocent lives in the city below, no less important. And she looks at her allies in this desperate battle, the adventurers who duped a dragon with her, and who have opened her eyes to new ways to help her kingdom, should she ever return.

Marianna only briefly considers running to make sure she does return, but she quickly realizes that she is more than willing to die for this cause. Still, that is still Plan B. Leveling her orb before her, Marianna chants beneath a determined glare. An array of every color imaginable, some not even possessing names in mortal language, bursts forth from the artifact. The lights that touch her companions bolster them, while the rays that strike her enemies cripple them with a chaotic melange of debilitating effects.

-Standard action- Cast Prismatic Beams: One attack roll checked vs. all defenses against every enemy in Close Blast 5 (going to my right). Enemies save against each effect separately.
If roll hits Reflex defense: 2d6+11 fire damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
If roll hits Fortitude: 2d6+11 poison damage and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends)
If roll hits Will, target is dazed (save ends)

Githyanki Crew 2: Prismatic Beams vs. GC2: 1d20+27 47 Crit! Of course it had to be on the minion.
Githyanki Armsman 2: Prismatic Beams vs. GA2: 1d20+27 30 Reflex hit, Damage: 2d6+11 21 Poison damage
Ultrodemon Schemer: Prismatic Beams vs. US: 1d20+27 30 Ugh

-Free action: gently caress it, I'm also using the Orb of Petrification daily item power to Petrify the Armsman, save ends.

-Move->Minor: Use Diamond Bracers- Resist 10 Psychic damage until end of encounter

-Minor: Cast Mass Resistance- Marianna and every ally in Close Burst 10 (everyone except Yuriel, lol) gain Resist 12 Poison until end of encounter... Probably should have used this earlier, sorry friends.

Wish I could use Bloodied Greatness finally, but all my encounter powers are Ranged or Area attacks so I would provoke.

HP: 33/104 (temp: 0/0)	AC:	33     At-Will:	         Encounter:	              Daily:         
Heal Srg: 6/8 	        Fort:	29     Thunderwave	 xSecond Wind                 Virtue's Touch      xMass Resistance
Speed: 6		Ref:	34     Phantom Bolt	 Surprise Strike              Instant Friends     xTrue Seeing
Initiative: +14		Will:	36     Magic Missile	 xOrb of Imposition           Feather Fall        xShunt Between Worlds
Action Points: 1/2	Perc:	21/31                    Concussive Echo              Refocus             xPrismatic Beams
Vision:	                Ins:	21/31                    Destined for Greatness       Disguise Self        Greater Invisibility
Resists: 10 psychic, 12 poison                           xOrbmaster's Umbral Assault  Wall of Fire         Fly
MBA/RBA: Magic Missile, 16 Force and Cold damage         Gripping Chains       	      Visions of Ruin      xEvard's Ebon Bindings
                                                         Frostburn                    xMass Transformation
                                                         Bloodied Greatness

-xBloody Determination: the first time Marianna is bloodied during an encounter,
    she gains a +5 power bonus to her next attack roll against the enemy responsible
-xGreat Captain: Once per encounter, when Marianna scores a critical hit, every
    ally within 10 squares of her can make a basic attack as a free action.
-Human Perseverance: Marianna gains a +1 feat bonus to all saving throws
-Spell Focus: creatures attempting saving throws against Marianna's wizard spells take -2
-Sympathetic Transference: when Marianna slows, restrains, or immobilises
    an enemy, she can end that condition on an ally within 20 squares of her
-Virtuous Recovery: whenever Marianna spends a healing surge,
    she gains resist all damage 6 until the start of her next turn
-Heroic Action: When Marianna spends an Action Point to take an extra action, 
    she gains Resist 20 to all damage until EOMNT
-xDiamond Cincture: contains 1 diamond, granting a +1 item bonus to Fortitude,
    can expend the diamond to use a healing surge
-Gloves of Missile Avoidance: when hit by a ranged attack,
    gain a +4 power bonus to AC/Reflex against it (interrupt)
-Robe of Eyes: Marianna cannot be blinded
-Bloodied Greatness: when bloodied by an enemy, Marianna uses one of her encounter attack powers
    whether she has expended the power or not (reaction)

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Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

The remaining githyanki crew members redouble their efforts to strike down the boarders. Taaliala continues to prove unassailable, but Marianna and Sszzt fail to dodge the marauders’ crossbow bolts and are left still worse for wear!

A frown on his gaunt face, the githyanki mage also draws closer to the ongoing mêlée. The cloud of solid darkness Alauda left in her wake deters him from unleashing his wrath on the attackers, though, and for the time being he must content himself with circling around to the other side of the ship.

Reminder: petrified creatures have resist 20 to all damage! It is probably a waste of time to attack GA2 until he comes un-stoned.

Githyanki Crew 1 moves AU12->AO13.
   He uses Silver Shortsword on Taaliala and misses (A:3+26).
Githyanki Crew 5 moves X11->AD12.
   He uses Hand Crossbow on Sszzt and hits (A:19+26) for 14 damage, bloodying him.
Githyanki Crew 6 moves Z22->AF21.
   He uses Hand Crossbow on Marianna and hits (A:16+26) for 14 damage.
Githyanki Umbra recharges Shadow Burst (6).*
   He moves Y12->AE19.

Round 5 commences.
The escalation die increases by 1!

* Guess what I’ve been forgetting to roll for these past three rounds. :s

Combat tracker. Currently up: Robodog, Dallan, Soonmot.

Oct 22, 2004

Alauda 'Skylark' Songbird

The bright figure of Skylark had a plan, and the githyanki mage and his crew member fall right into her trap. As soon as they round the corner to get away from the dark cloud she left behind, another explodes on top of them. But this one was different. Instead of just embodying darkness in a way few could imagine, this one wept as well. Heavy, thick drops of acid that burnt and ate away at them as they ran into it. It not only burns, but it stings and eats away at the eyes. As one drops, clutching his face as he falls into his death throes, the mage finds that his vision is soon reduced to nothing. Skylark would prefer he not cast spells at her anytime soon.

As for more immediate matters, she teleports next to the demon who so recently returned from being a cat and makes sure he didn't have time to add to the attention Marianna had upon her already. A quick jab with her sword bloods the demon, and hopefully keeps it focused on her. "Might I suggest that Your Grace retreat for a moment before you lose any more blood?" Skylark calls to the Queen, opposite side of the demon to her.

Soul Step thing that what triggered: from AO21 -> AP22
STANDARD: Dark Rain of Mutuz-Vot on AG20, hitting GC6 and GU in the area 2. Dark Rain of Mutuz-Vot vs Fortitude: 1d20+25+4 45 minion dead,
Dark Rain of Mutuz-Vot vs Fortitude gotta target the other guy too apparetly: 1d20+25+4 31 GU got the fort save. 3d8+22 38 GU is flat out blinded. Area 2 zone dark rain remains until end of my next turn, the zone's area is lightly obscured, and each creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there is blinded (save ends).
Pact trigger teleport: AP22 -> AP21
MOVE: Sszzt moving from AF11 -> AE12 to bale up the minion there.
MINOR: White Well Transformation (Secondary Power). White Well Transformation (Secondary Power) vs Will: 1d20+22+4+2 38 US is hit. 10+0 10 US takes 10 damage. Also grants CA to me, and WWT secondary is an arcane at-will so Us is under my lotus stuff now too. So if it attacks me before SOMNT it takes 5 radiant damage and I use immediate reaction to repeat the arcane at-will attack against that enemy alone.

+1 shield bonus to AC/Ref until SONT. +2 item bonus to AC/Ref until EONT. +2 Reflex, +2 Will, +2 Speed because of WWT. Total = +3 AC / +5 Ref / +2 Will / +2 Speed / Insubstantial.

HP: 85/145 (temp: 0/0)	AC:	37 (Xx)     At-Will:	         Encounter:	                                    Daily:         
Heal Srg: 10/10 (v 36)	Fort:	34 (Xx)     Soul Step		 Second Wind       	Rod of the Feywild (i)	    Summon Warlock's Ally
Speed: 8		Ref:	38 (Xx)     Safe Banishment	 Cloud of Darkness	Well of Light (2/2)	    White Well Invocation 
Initiative: +22		Will:	38 (Xx)     Ethereal Sidestep	 Moonlit Escape		Curse of Blinding Radiance  Lesser Planar Ally  
Action Points: 0/1	Perc:	11/21       Moonfire Blade       Shadow Step            Beguiling Tongue            Dark Rain of Mutuz-Vot
Vision: Darkvision	Ins:	11/21       Eldritch Bolt        Viper Belt (i)         Dazzling Breath (f)         Malicious Guide Star
Resists: Poison 5                           Assassin's Shroud x2 Blackleaf Gloves (i)   Warp Space                  White Well Transformation
MBA/RBA: Moonfire Blade/Eldritch Bolt       Hat of Disguise (i)  Feytouched Armour (i)                              Cloak of Translocation (i)
					    White Well Transformation (Secondary Power)	                            Ring of Shadow Travel (i)

- Once per encounter, I deal an extra 3d8 damage with a weapon attack using a    - Gain a +2 item bonus to AC/Ref until EONT when using a teleport
        one-handed weapon.                                                               power.
- When dealing fear/radiant damage, immediately roll a saving throw to relieve   - Gain a +1 shield bonus to AC/Ref until SONT when hitting with
        a condition I'm suffering.                                                       an attack power using a rod.
- When an enemy attacks me before SOMNT after I hit it with an arcane at-will    - An enemy hit by Moonfire Blade that ends its turn next to me
        attack power, it takes 5 radiant damage.                                         takes DEX mod (+6) radiant damage.
- When an enemy attacks me before SOMNT after I hit it with an arcane at-will    ~ When spending an action point to take an extra action, regain
        attack power, use immediate reaction to repeat the arcane at-will                CHA mod (+8) HP and teleport DEX mod (+6) squares as a free
        attack against that enemy alone.                                                 action before or after taking the extra action.
- I gots a ghost handmaiden, with aura 2 that gives me +2 insight while in it.   ~ Teleport 12 (15 with item encounter power) when I reduce an enemy
- I gots a huge spider, with aura 1 that stops enemies in it from gaining CA             to 0HP or an enemy adjacent to me drop to 0HP, become insubstantial
        against spider allies and gives me CA against enemies in it.                     insubstantial until EOMNT.
- I gots an alert fairy dragon, so enemies don’t get +2 to attack for CA when    ~ Eladrin Boots add 2 squares to the distance of "any teleport you make"
	Beyaz is passive.                                                                (Mostly accounted for)

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Dallan Invictus
Oct 11, 2007

The thing about words is that meanings can twist just like a snake, and if you want to find snakes, look for them behind words that have changed their meaning.


Inspired by Yuriel's trained-to-command voice and the thrill of the escalating melee around them, Landra finally shakes off the lingering malice of the githyanki wizard's spell, silently vowing revenge for the sheer indignity of it all. In the corner of her eyes she noticed its attempt at a stealthy approach to the edges of the fight,, no doubt to menace them further with its magic, but the looming noxious bulk of the hezrou - and Marianna's struggles with the other remaining demon - were of much more immediate concern. In such close quarters and with the preternatural speed of the fey, she almost sprung between both demons, whirling blades landing telling blows on them both and showering the deck in ichor and worse-smelling things - but thanks to Marianna's desperate magic none of them hindered her in the least, and she kept up that devilish dodging duelist's momentum that had made her the terror of the courts of Deepwreathe and the upper decks of countless ships across Noremien...

Minor: Declare H2 as Hunter's Quarry, replacing GU.
Standard: Wolverine Claw Strike vs US, H2 (AC: 36, 34):
Effect: Shift 2 squares to AO19
Attack 1 vs US: 1d20+25+4 (escalation) +4 (Tactician's Word) 45 hit 2d8r1+15 30 damage
Effect: Shift 2 squares back to AN17
Attack 2 vs. H2:
Effect: Take 10 poison damage from Noxious Stench, resist 12, no damage
1d20+25+4 (escalation) +2 (Bravo's Prey) +2 (CA, flanking with Taali) 49 hit 2d8r1+3d6+15+2 40 damage
Effect: Dancing Defense: Landra gains +2 AC/Reflex until SoLNT

doing the math I think it was literally impossible to miss with either of those attacks and you have NO IDEA how therapeutic that was

HP:  141/141 (temp: 0/0)		AC:	37 (Xx)     At-Will:	        Encounter:	                    		Daily:         
Heal Srg: 6/8 (v 35)		Fort:	33 (Xx)     Combat Challenge	Second Wind       	Into the Fray	    	Blade Cascade
Speed: 6			Ref:	35 (Xx)     Hunter's Quarry 	Fey Step		Cross-Body Parry	Nimble Bladestorm
Initiative: +20			Will:	30 (Xx)     Twin Strike 	Insightful Riposte	Blades from All Angles  Relentless Assailant
Action Points: 0/1		Perc:	19/29       Footwork Lure       Yield Ground    	Bravo's Prey   		Misleading Bladework
Vision: Low Light		Ins:	17/27       General's Blade (i) Wolverine Claw Strike	Elven Battle Armor (i)	Blade Dance
Resists: None		                            Acrobat Boots (i)  	Unbalancing Dodge       Strikebacks (i)         Quickhit Bracers (i)
									Come and Get It         Scabbard of 		War Ring (i)	
												Sacred Might (MH) (i)   General's Blade (i)
MH/OH: Vicious Scimitar +4 (+23, 1d8+13, +2d8+5d12 crit)/General's Blade (+23, 1d8+13 cold dmg, +2d8+4d6 cold crit)	

Cannot be surprised (Alertness)					Does 6 damage on misses with scimitars (Scimitar Dance)
+5 bonus to saving throws against charm, slowed			Deals an extra 1d6 damage when hitting with both weapons
or immobilized (Eladrin, Elven Battle Armor)			in one power (Quickhit Braces)
+2 to AC and Reflex when hitting twice on one turn		Vicious Scimitar gains Brutal 1 while attacking with CA
while wielding two weapons (Dancing Defense)			(Two-Weapon Ambush)
+1 to hit on opportunity attacks (Strikebacks)			Can make extra saving throw against Dazed or Stunned at start of her turn  
Can stand or escape grabs/restraints as minor action 		(Circlet of Arkhosia)
(Acrobat Boots, Rogue's Belt)
1/turn, first target hit with a cold keyword power gains	When using cold keyword powers, Landra gains CA against all
vulnerable 5 cold after attack until EOMNT (Lasting Frost)	targets vulnerable to cold (Wintertouched)

Unless otherwise specified, mark all attacked enemies & take all OAs. 	
Use Unbalancing Dodge when missed by a non-minion opponent.
Use Cross-Body Parry if the Umbra or one of the demons attacks her in melee

Dallan Invictus fucked around with this message at Oct 3, 2017 around 00:26

Aug 15, 2001
I am the poet,
The prophet of the pit
Like a hollow-point bullet
Straight to the head
I never

Taaliala drags the thrashing demon across the deck for several feet to batter its considerable bulk into the nearby githyanki with horrible force. One of them is outright crushed to death; the other manages to save himself by diving gracelessly to the floor, temporarily inconvenienced but still alive at least.

The hezrou, for its part, strikes back at its malefactor without much success…but the uppercut the elf throws in response misses its mark as well. Perhaps it’s because slowly but surely, the thing’s abominable stench is getting to her?

I made an exception in letting Battering Ram kill the minion because it was a crit, for the record.

Taaliala sustains her grab on Hezrou 2.
   She uses Subtle Step to shift AN14->AP15.
   She uses Battering Ram, moving AP15->AQ13 while pulling Hezrou 2 AN15->AO14, and crits (F:20+33) for 45 damage and 20 fire damage…
      Free action: Hezrou 2 uses Variable Resistance to gain resist 20 fire until the end of the encounter or until it uses this power again.
   …(20-20) 0 fire damage, knocking Hezrou 2 and Githyanki Armsman 1 prone and killing Githyanki Crew 1, and taking (20-12) 8 poison damage from Noxious Stench.

Hezrou 2 fails to recharge Bite (3).
   It stands up.
   It uses Slam on Taaliala and misses (A:3+27)…
      Immediate reaction: Taaliala uses Bare-Knuckled Rebuke Attack on Hezrou 2 and misses (A:2+33), taking (20-12) 8 poison damage from Noxious Stench.

Combat tracker. Currently up: Purplie. Hopefully!

Jan 14, 2009

Post tomorrow, work has been kicking my rear end for a few weeks, but I'll have something up tomorrow evening.

Oct 22, 2004

I'll hold you to that, otherwise Yuriel with 'accidentally' be getting warp spaced overboard!


Jan 14, 2009

Re-appear at AL11

RBA hits and RIPs Crewman 5, (forgot escalation die, still hits)

Action Point, granting Taali a basic attack on the Hezrou

Risky Shot hits the Hezrou for 46, I grant CA UEoMNT

PurplieNurplie fucked around with this message at Oct 21, 2017 around 03:17

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