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Philosopher King
Oct 25, 2006

If FFT is too hard, just break it open using the JP scroll glitch.

So what if your black mage can use Flare before the third fight of the first chapter? It's not like he can cast it more than once per battle with such low MP anyway.


Leper Residue
Sep 28, 2003

To where no dog has gone before.

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

-When creating your character, avoid the backgrounds that depend on your location for magic. Miracle Operation is almost overpowered.

-When selecting your items from the shop before you start, get the lockpicks as they have a 10% boost and you can't find them anywhere else I believe. Same thing with the dress at the store. Then get some potions and a cheap dagger. You'll find better stuff soon.

-Magic is incredibly useful. Teleport will eliminate annoying travel, catrip will unlock most doors, harm will kill almost everything, and charm will let you talk to almost anyone in a positive matter. Don't spam it at the beginning of the game though, you'll run out of fatigue, and fall over.

-Even if you're going tech, get teleport. It is so damned useful.

-The first town sucks, but has lots of good XP. Don't give the guy the camera though. Once you get out of the Shrouded hills, the game really starts to shine. You can skip it almost entirely if you want as well.

-Get Sod Meadmug from the first town. He's one of the few characters that will stay at your side no matter what you do, and he's great for killing things early game.

-Make sure you have lots of ammo before going anywhere if you're using a gun. I mean lots, like multiple stacks, and stuff to make more if needed.

-If you find an empty building, with a box in it, feel free to put your stuff in it, it will never go away.

-Oh yeah. For the love of god, get Drog Blacktooths patch for the game.

Not the most important advice, but it's something.

Scalding Coffee
Jun 26, 2006

You're already dead

The Capm posted:

Final Fantasy Tactics

-Early battles, much like Deus Ex, will be boring! This is because your characters just can't do much other than use items and hit stuff. Hold out! As your characters start advancing in other jobs, the strategic options will open up.

-Use multiple saves and any time you're asked to save between missions (ie with no time on the world map between) save in a new slot. People who know the game know what I'm talking about.

-JP Boost should be the first skill you make every character learn.

-The Guest/Special characters are powerful so use them. TG Cid is overpowered but even Agrias and Mustadio are very powerful if used correctly. The exception here is Cloud. He starts out at level one and in my experience isn't worth it.

-Unless you want to drive yourself crazy, don't bother trying to get all of the rare/unique items. It takes forever and is not necessary for a normal play through. I think the best way to enjoy this game is to just follow the story, grinding where necessary.

-Play it on PSP. The story is better, there are neat bonuses, it looks nicer.
You can open up a menu on the turn order by pressing right and see if you will be fast enough to hit your target in time. I consider this and multiple saves to be the first things you should do in this game.

Sep 27, 2001

Yams Fan

Dynasty Warriors
  • Do not pursue Lu Bu
  • Seriously, don't do it

Justin Godscock
Oct 12, 2004

Listen here, funnyman!

Soiled Meat

Mass Effect
-When you first set off in your ship to tackle some planets, do them in this order. Dig Site, Feros and Noveria. The reason is Noveria is ridiculously difficult if you leap into it right away, especially the final boss who will massacre you if you didn't grind beforehand. Completing Dig Site and Feros first will level you up enough to tackle Noveria easy. Keep in mind once you play a planet to a certain point, you cannot leave until you complete the planet.

-Grind some sidequests in between those planets, by the way. Even if you do some medium-level grinding, that's enough XP for you to plow over the rest of the game. I completed a handful of side-quests on my play-through and I really just steamrolled over the rest of the bosses in the game. Mass Effect is kinda easy like that.

That's really all I have to say,

the truth
Dec 16, 2007

DeathForce5 posted:

Deus Ex:

-The first section of the game is what turns a lot of people off to this game. Many learn to like it in time, but just know that the game gets exponentially better as you move along.

Seriously, the first level is the worst part of the entire game. I had it for over a year before I finally forced myself to sit through the first few hours and then I was hooked.

mystery at hog island
Aug 16, 2003
Captain of Outer Space

the truth posted:

Seriously, the first level is the worst part of the entire game. I had it for over a year before I finally forced myself to sit through the first few hours and then I was hooked.

In the last couple of years I've read a lot of posts full of such hate for the first level. I on the other hand, absolutely loved it. I thought it was the best level in the game and I think that if any other level that came later had kicked the game off, I may not have followed through with it the way I did on each additional play-through. Don't get me wrong, I love the entire game, front to back, but there was just something about that level that sucked me in.

I'd like to theorize that it was a mix between unfamiliarity and low skill points that made people dislike it, so if that's the case wouldn't it apply to ANY first level there could have been?

Hard Clumping
Mar 19, 2008


mystery at hog island posted:

it was a mix between unfamiliarity and low skill points that made people dislike it, so if that's the case wouldn't it apply to ANY first level there could have been?

You're right on both counts. It's just exacerbated by the fact that in Deus Ex, when you aren't skilled in, say, pistols, it's impossible to hit anything without sitting out in their field of view for a few seconds, in which time the enemy can easily take you out.

People have been trained all their gaming careers to always move while shooting, but in the earlier Deus Ex levels that's simply not an option unless you want to get up in their face (a no-no on the harder difficulties).

Scrublord Prime
Nov 26, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics
- Chemists are better healers than White Mages at the start of the game (and arguably later on). Here's why:
White Mages need MP, spells hit a + formation which can target allies and enemies with good range, takes time to cast, the effect of spells is based on the target's faith, and takes time to cast.
Chemists need a quantity of items, hits a single target with good range, is used immediately, and the effect is constant.
There's ways to negate the White Mage's issues (abilities, experience with the game) but for starting off, Chemists rock and they get better when you get access to Guns.
I'm sure the guys more experienced with smashing FFT will correct me on this, but I found Chemists far more useful than White Mages on my first playthrough and every one after
- Monsters are trash. Don't use them.
- The following skills are awesome: Concentrate (from Archers, 100% hit chance), Blade Grasp (from Samurai, your Brave score becomes your evade chance against almost every weapon), Teleport (from Time Mages, move to any square that you could normally based on your move, but ignore height and obstacles like enemy units)

Dynasty Warriors 3
- If you're having trouble on a level in Musou Mode, you can play in Free Mode with your character to improve their stats then when you go back to Musou Mode your character will keep the stat upgrade you got in free mode
- Generally each level has one HP and Musou Up (Yellow Turban Rebellion has two). If you're grinding for life/musou, do short missions you can finish quickly.
- Holding down the Musou button makes your musou attack last longer
- Archers are horribly overpowered and arrows will always cause you to flinch. Always have Shelled Armour equipped and if you have Xtreme Legends, Musou Armor when unlocked. Learn to hate fighting Sun Quan because he has way too many archers.
- You can save midbattle at any time and reload from that save over and over, even after dying. Abuse this for those long missions, especially when getting 4th/5th weapons.
- He Fei Castle. Do not enter the central garden area. Ever. That is the worst mistake you could possibly make because it spawns an army of archers
- Only you can kill commanders. Don't expect your allies to do it, but they make excellent targets for the enemy commander to attack.
- Getting 1000 KOs gives your entire army 7 star moral which makes them near invulnerable
- The Square-Square-Square-Square-Triangle (only possible with a level 2+ item) attack is great for combos, and killing enemies with a 8-hit combo improves the item they drop. For example a Attack/Defense +1 item becomes a +2 item. Gate Captains drop +1 defense items so killing them with a 8-hit combo makes them drop a +2 defense item, and there are a lot of gate captains
- Gates always have a healing item in one of the urns. Run to them when you really need life.
- Lu Bu will kill you if you fight him. Seriously stay away.

God Hand
- You will die a lot. Don't worry, there is a minimal penalty for dying (you go back to the last checkpoint, having to refight some enemies and the gold you get at the end of the level will be lower. You keep every bit of gold you found before you died, your life gauge gets refilled, and your tension and roulette orbs goes back to what they were at the checkpoint)
- R2 lets you use the God Hand when you have enough tension. Use it frequently when you think you're in trouble because that's what its there for. Don't hoard it like FF players hoard Elixers then never use them.
- Fighting multiple enemies at once is one of the biggest killers in the game. If possible fight one enemy at a time. If there's a group of enemies waiting for you, throw something at one of them or taunt from a distance to try and draw one of them away from the group towards you.
- Don't miss Yes Man Kablam behind the chair in the first boss room. It builds up tension for using the God Hand and its great to use against dizzied enemies. After hitting an enemy push up on the right analog stick to replace the long cooldown animation with a quick duck (you can do this with a lot of different moves and its incredibly useful)

Scrublord Prime fucked around with this message at 03:07 on Sep 29, 2008

mystery at hog island
Aug 16, 2003
Captain of Outer Space

DeathForce5 posted:

You're right on both counts. It's just exacerbated by the fact that in Deus Ex, when you aren't skilled in, say, pistols, it's impossible to hit anything without sitting out in their field of view for a few seconds, in which time the enemy can easily take you out.

People have been trained all their gaming careers to always move while shooting, but in the earlier Deus Ex levels that's simply not an option unless you want to get up in their face (a no-no on the harder difficulties).

I really enjoyed the early levels because I liked hiding, carefully popping out and shooting a dart into a single guard that was blocking my path, and then returning to my shadowy hiding place until it kicked in. It made my job of sneaking into the statue go from nearly impossible to merely challenging. I found that to be so much more rewarding than having to reload a million times because I missed with the pistol and got mobbed by every guard on the ground level.

It felt so natural - like I really was on my first mission. It made the later missions where I was a lightning fast, building jumping, lightsaber-wielding god of death even more awesome.

Feb 10, 2007

So, where is it?

E2M1 posted:

Dynasty Warriors
  • Do not pursue Lu Bu
  • Seriously, don't do it

Lies. Real men tough it out and kill him every time, you just need the skillz. With a Z.

Scalding Coffee
Jun 26, 2006

You're already dead

God Hand
*Angry bosses act like they are a level higher so you better let them cool off a bit.
*If an attack looks a little too low to be ducked, it might still be ducked, unless it is a weapon coming down on your head.
*Armed enemies have very few attacks and you can let them come at you while you are ducking.
*Keep ducking when fighting demons and let them take some swings before you attack.
*Side-step and punch a couple times when surrounded and run when there are too many at once.
*Jump attacks wear down enemy numbers and so does running out of their territory.

Oct 20, 2002

i'm trying to sneak around
but i'm dummy thicc
and the clap of my ass cheeks
keeps alerting the guards!

Wipeout HD: When the track curves/leans it DOES affect your turning
just like in a car. It's kind of counter intuitive because you're in a hovercraft but it do what it do.

gimme the GOD DAMN candy
Jul 1, 2007

Dominic White posted:

Breakdown (Xbox)
Play on Easy. Normal mode is roughly comparable with Halo on Legendary. Hard mode is for masochists. Easy is roughly comparable to what Normal should be.

I got to the albino fight post-timeskip on normal. I never got past that point. gently caress that guy. He has multiple phases, most of your moves including bullet time, a shitload of health and can block way more than you. Also, you won't have time to heal yourself and must start the fight from the beginning every time you die. Some advice:

Never fight more than one shielded guy at a time in melee. You will die over and over again. If need be, keep running past them til you manage to do so and survive.

Regular guns are only useful on regular enemies, but health is always scarce. Don't conserve ammo or grenades, as you will usually take a hit or two while punching guys with guns to death. Well, at least til you get some real powers late in the game.

Mar 16, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics

-Offense > Defense. Enemies typically can't heal/revive themselves worth crap so a bum rush strategy is usually the most effective.
-MA/PA/Speed > HP/MP. Raising your max HP doesn't make much of a difference and past chapter 1 fights should be over before your mages run out of MP. Ignore the Best Fit option and put on equipment that raise MA/PA/Speed.
-Don't use Knights past chapter 1. Especially don't make Ramza a Knight.
-Lots of enemy bosses are Virgo. Make Ramza a Capricorn or Taurus (for good compatability) and he'll be able to OHKO them with a strong magic attack.
-White Magic is better than Item, but Item is more user-friendly for a first time player.
-Black Magic and Item rule the first chapter. Summon Magic rules the entire game. Math Skill rules the entire game even more.
-Males have greater HP/PA. Females have greater MP/MA.

God Hand

-Read the instruction manual to learn how to perform the free moves. Do not neglect them.
-The forward dodge works against many attacks that look they should still hit you. Go with trial and error.
-Left Jab, Straight, Guard Breaker, and High Side Kick are some of the best moves in the game despite the fact that they're among the very first moves you start with.
-High Side Kick and High Cross Kick have the Launch property even though the game doesn't label them as such. Also Hand Plant Kick evades high attacks.
-Moves that have the Evade High Attack property in general kick rear end.

Mecha Labrador
Apr 12, 2006

Ahm a Houn' Dawg, AWOOO!


- Don't give anything important to Georg. The bastard wanders off several times, for hours at a time.
- Don't give anything valuable to Sialeeds either. Just loving trust me.
- Fight mummy enemies in the hidden ruins at the big hole near Rainwall. They drop magic absorb rune pieces. Magic Absorb Runes break the drat game in half. Put one on a powerful mage, and use their most powerful spells to your hearts' content.
- Speaking of which, Zerase is so powerful that she makes the game pretty boring. I don't know what the hell the developers were thinking.
- Equip as many Prosperity Rings as you can, once you can buy them from your shop. The money bonus quickly adds up.
- For even more insane money antics, equip each party member with 4 Prosperity Rings, and one piece of the Prosperity armour set. Bring along as many characters with the Potch Finder skill as you can, and put the Prosperity Rune on one of your active party members. Prepare to become very, stupidly rich in minutes.
- Use a guide. Seriously. You'll miss some of the characters if you don't. This applies to pretty much the whole series.

Nov 20, 2004

ultrachrist posted:

-- Has a very strange way of autoleveling monsters in comparison to your skills. By not leveling up or focusing entirely on minor skills, the game becomes easier. It's possible (and likely) to completely screw yourself and make the monsters nigh impossible to kill if you play the game like most normal RPGs. Read for a detailed approach.

-- If you're playing the PC version, go ahead and use a leveling mod like Realistic Leveling or the like, even if you're doing a vanilla playthrough. The game's original leveling system is completely counter-intuitive and horribly broken.
-- If you want to negate some of the effect of the scaling system on the game (i.e. bandits with daedric equipment, the ability to become a guildmaster before reaching level 10, etc.), try installing Francesco's Leveled Creatures mod with a minimal configuration (Main File with Leveled Quests, Arena, and Guards and nothing else).

Taking these two steps made the game somewhat more enjoyable for me without modding it too far out of vanilla territory.

Great thread idea, by the way.

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Benson Cunningham
Dec 9, 2006

Chief of J.U.N.K.E.R. H.Q.

World of Warcraft
-It will ruin your life
-You will gain 10-200 pounds
-Every time you try to tell your friends your exciting new story, they will subtly change the topic and you will die a little inside

Final Fantasy 7
-Great + Green = Blue or Green
-Blue + Green = Black
-Black + Amazing = Gold
-Gold = Knights of the Round

-Ion frigates
-Don't pursue Lu Bu

Mystical Sock
Nov 29, 2007

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

-If you do decide to go the tech route, then for the love of god invest in grenades and throwing. You can easily fashion grenades out of things you find in trash cans throughout the entire game and they are devastating. However, be aware that your character will have some of severe palsy when throwing at first so quick save before you throw grenades at the beginning of the game because you will, without fail, end up throwing one backwards into a group of guards/children/teammates/etc.

Mystical Sock fucked around with this message at 05:45 on Sep 29, 2008

Sentient Toaster
May 7, 2007
Not the fork, Master!

Fun thread idea.

Disgaea 2 (and 1 to an extent)

-Just because you can field 10 units doesn't mean you need to. 3-5 of your favorites will do fine and save you some grinding.
-Magic Knights are hideously powerful when using elemental magic.
-Ignore the item world until the post-game if you want. Same goes for reincarnation.
-Cast some piddly heal or buff with your cleric every single round and she'll never need to mooch kills to keep up with the rest of the party.

Brave Fencer Musashi

-Do not take the Legendary Quilt.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

-For the sake of simplicity, plan to have a Cleric and a Priest. This way you'll have access to Heal+ and Revivify.
-Charge is a spell which recovers more MP than it costs. It also does this at a range much greater than MP recovery items.
-The success rate of status changing magic is based on DEX.
-Bows aren't restricted to the displayed attack range. Get even a little higher than your target and you can reliably fire 3 or 4 tiles farther. An excellent height advantage gives an Archer her pick of targets anywhere on the map! They'll also generally kill casters in one shot.

Quake Wars: Enemy Territory

For pubbie games!

-If you like playing engineer and your team needs an artillery interceptor, stop mourning your damage and kill count and just build one. You'll most likely end up drowning in engineer experience from all the artillery strikes it shoots down.

-If only to piss off some of those rear end in a top hat pilots, learn to deadfire rockets at vehicles. No lock-on means no warning. They hate this like nothing else.christ i have issues

Puzzle Quest

-The AI knows what pieces will drop from above the playing field and will make decisions based on this information. Expect it to cheat.
-Try very hard not to play the top of the field.
-Troll rings are cheesy and useful.

I kind of suck at this?

Apr 18, 2008

My favourite little monsters

Silent Hill 4
-Don't take the loving doll
-While the girl can't die while you escort her, the more damage she takes the easier it is to not get a good ending
-Purify your apartment whenever a ghost is in it, otherwise you might not be able to completely purify it
-Did I mention that the apartment is going to become hellish? Save those healing items.

Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness
-Since crops are now dependent on water level and sunshine, they can die. They will die.
-The weather hates you and your crops.
-Focus on building a bridge to the east meadow asap. This allows you to get the festivals.
-Foraging and fishing (give Taro presents to get the fishing rod quick) give you more money than you'd think
-Stay away from Lu Bu, he will gently caress you up.

Jun 4, 2008

by angerbeet

The Force Unleashed
Lightning kills TIE Fighters. You are apparently supposed to just know this.

Try to end the first level with four force power spheres. The power you get access to at the beginning of the next level will benefit from them more than any power you have access to on the first level.

Get the Dashing Blast combo early. It basically doubles your Force Dash distance, which is very useful.

Feb 21, 2007
Lurking since '03

Fun Shoe

Stalker - CS and SoC

Hold Ctrl AND shift and you'll crouch even lower, and become even more accurate.

pee air
May 8, 2007

This is not my personal opinion.

This is mostly for the poster who said he was playing for the first time.

-Give Paula all of the vitality capsules you find, she needs them the most.
-Don't give Jeff any IQ capsules, he doesn't need them.
-The Sword of Kings is the only "rare" item worth the time in getting.
-If you see a red or green caterpillar, chase it!
-Don't be afraid to experiment with strange items (toothbrush, ruler) in battle.
-Don't buy the seaside house in Onett unless you're swimming in cash.

BOing HavE fun! ZooM!

pee air fucked around with this message at 16:53 on Sep 29, 2008

Dec 22, 2006


Final Fantasy Tactics
- Don't neglect counter/support/movement abilities.
- Line of sight attacks like guns, crossbows, books, harps, can hit those too close to be hit, so long as you target a square along the same path behind them.
- Play around with secondary skills. Most of the classes with the best abiliites don't have the stats to take advantage of them. Samurai (Draw out based on MA), Calculator (Math Skill based on MA) and Knight (Break Skill's range is based on weapon range) come to mind.
- Summons only effect one team. Attack summons can only effect your guys if your summoner is confused. But you can target one of your guys who will move before the casting. The summon will be based on his final position.
- Never jump on a target that has more than 50 CT.

Vagrant Story
- Analyze every enemy the first time you see it to get an idea of where to target/what to use. Using analyze isn't exactly intuitive though. Once successfully cast you must go to the status screen and use the shoulder buttons to view stats and weaknesses of the enemy you analyzed.
- Always pay attention to affinities/attack types. By the time it starts to make a difference, you should have the gems/spells necessary to adapt to any need.
- Along the same lines, always make sure that you have a blunt, edged and piercing weapon on you at all times. Because it seems like your base damaga/accuracy is most dependent on attack type.
- Never chain more than 8 hits. You'll probably be missing every shot at that point, and your Risk starts going up exponentially.
- Offensive magic usually costs too much MP to be useful. At least on the first few playthroughs.
- Always try and keep yourself buffed, but remember you can only have one character buff (str/int/dex up/down) in place and one equipment modifier (prostasia/tarnish or any add an element to armour/weapon) in place at all times.
- Corollary to the above point: casting Herakles (adding str up) on yourself cancels out any negative stat effects (int/dex/str down)
- Changing equipment (includes adding/removing gems) nullifies any equipment bonus. But you cannot change equipment whle you are effected by an equipment penalty.
- You can survive any death with the right reaction ability. Learn which attacks are of each element, and the timing on each of them. You may end up dying a few times. But until you figure the timing out, you may want to play defensively.
- If you find yourself in trouble because you can't deal any damage, start using raging ache (The chain ability that deals 10% of the difference between you max and current hps.)
- Play with the status notifications on. It's the easiest way to figure out the elemental affinity of any attack.
- Always try to combine weapons when possible. But don't commit unless there's an improvement. You never know when an older weapon will be needed ti create something better. However, if you find yourself using weapons that are vastly inferior to what you find in chests, it may be time to start fresh with the better weapon.

fozzie dunlop
Feb 28, 2008

by exmarx


-Salvage everything you can. You can retire some salvaged ships for RUs, and others are very useful for bolstering the strength of your fleet.
-Ships are generally strongest in the front, and weakest around the engines. Whenever you can, try to encircle the enemy and even hit them in the rear when possible. Make sure to watch your ships' sixes as well.
-Scouts are tiny and weak, but if you put them on Evasive tactics in X formation, very little will be able to hit them and they will make fantastic diversions.
-Never put your capital ships in formation. They'll move far too slowly. You should always put your strike craft (fighters, corvettes) in X formation when moving, Claw when attacking a single target, and Sphere in a major battle. These formations maximize damage and make them harder to hit than Delta/Broad/Wall.
-Enemy capital ships will often attempt to ram yours when their situation gets desperate. Keep your capitals constantly moving!
-Ion frigates
-Don't pursue Lu Bu

Homeworld 2

-Single player is impossible, don't even try.

Benedikt XVI
Aug 30, 2008

by Ozma

Oh, nice. I have two requests:
Shadow Hearts Covenant and Final Fantasy XII

John Pastor
Jan 5, 2007

I think I'd like to hold off judgment on a thing like that, sir, until all the facts are in... I don't think it's quite fair to condemn the whole program because of a single slip up, sir.

ultrachrist posted:

I'm about to start playing Hitman: Blood Money if anyone wants to mention anything.

Hitman - Blood Money
  • Your melee skills are insanely useful. You can disarm and knock unconscious any enemy by getting right up to them with empty hands and just clicking like a nutcase. Plus the headbutt looks awesome.
  • You can throw any knife you can pick up. I think the button for throw is T or G or summat- check the options menu- and doing this will instantly kill any enemy, and will do so silently. Uh... if you hit them, anyway. The knife has a bit of an arc to it.
  • Shoving anyone over anything will kill them. It doesn't matter if the fall is a foot or a mile, if they complete a full turn over the railing/low wall/whatever a script will kill them instantly before they even hit the ground.
  • You should pretty much always be wearing a disguise. Especially outfits with low-cut tops, even if only to admire 47's incredible physique
  • There are no missions in the game that require a gun, but almost all of them are a lot more fun with your .45. Combining magnum ammunition with a high-quality suppressor on any weapon will give you a quiet weapon that shoots easily through doors and sends corpses flying. Incidentally, your shotgun is completely pointless. Never waste money on it.
  • If you've played the earlier Hitman games, this one is much more open-ended, so never be afraid to take your time and explore the area. There are only two missions that I remember where there's an absolute time limit for an event; for the others, events are on cycles. If you miss something that you thought gave you an opportunity, wait around for a while and see if it repeats.
  • Hide corpses. You will never feel stupider than when you're six feet from a level exit and some adventuresome douchebag stumbles across the unconscious waiter you left in a bathroom surrounded by piles of clothes and six discarded revolvers.
  • Pursue Lu Bu. Under all circumstances.

Danger Mahoney
Mar 19, 2007

by FactsAreUseless

Alright, I just started Disgaea for the DS, which I understand is a port of the first one for the PS2. Any chance of getting some tidbits on this pretty overwhelming game?

Cat Machine
Jun 18, 2008


Grand Theft Auto IV
- The 'One Man Army' achievement is a lot easier to get than you'd think. Once the second island opens up, steal a helicopter from the helicopter tours place in Alderney's south. Fly to the third island and you'll automatically gain 6 stars. However, the police have no anti-air capabilities in IV, so you can hover in the air for five minutes to gain what would otherwise be an insanely hard achievement.
- When a friend calls but you don't want to hang out with them, answer anyway and agree to go out. Immediately after, call them up and cancel the plans. This way, you don't lose friendship points.
- When stealing cars for Stevie, there's a quick way to spot them which doesn't involve you circling a neighborhood for hours. Get a chopper and fly to the area Stevie mentions. From a certain height in the air, NPC cars won't spawn. However, the car Stevie wants you to steal is visible no matter how high you are. When you're looking for the requested car, simply maintain an altitude from which NPC cars are invisible and you'll be able to spot it no problems.

Devil May Cry 4
- The dice game isn't random. Before being hit, it rotates in a specific sequence and the number rolled depends on what attack you hit it with. A simple way to guarantee the number you want is to watch the die's sequence and prepare yourself. Hitting it with a buster when the face up number is the one you want will guarantee that number.
- For a ridiculously easy SSS rank - fight the Angelo trio of two blue knights and a gold leader. They're found various times in the level or two with Magnus during Nero's story. Avoid attacking any of them while charging a Blue Rose shot, and wait for the group to charge a huge projectile together (pad rumbling lets you know this is happening and you can see a reflective ball growing). Wait until the moment after they release it towards you and then let the charged shot fly. It'll reflect the attack and kill all three. Instant SSS.

Philosopher King
Oct 25, 2006

Final Fantasy 12
-Get a guide ASAP, you can stupidly miss the end treasure by picking up normal treasure.
-This game can be easily broken. Try to get the side summon partway through the game, the rest is cake.
-The plot is retarded, don't waste your time with this game.
-Do not persue Lu Bu the T-rex.

Sep 24, 2007

Grandia I (PS1)
- Until, at the very least, you get through New Parm, explore the towns and non-dungeon locations you find yourself in THOROUGHLY. Not only are the NPC conversations usually worth your while for hilarity, there are plenty of little sidequests and what not you can do to get yourself some pretty decent items (and in one case, a very rare item that will be useful at end game - check the below spoiler for details).

- Once on the Steamer, in the 2nd class cabin (the one with all the people and shops), there is a older man, whom you will find out is stowing away. Talk to him each and every day on the Steamer, and once you leave the Steamer, look for a moving barrel. "Talk" to it, and the man will give you (IIRC) a Miracle or Golden Potion, which is a very rare high-end restorative. Stash it immediately for use WAAAAY later on.

- Unless you explore EVERY SINGLE PART of EVERY SINGLE DUNGEON (or use a guide), avoid giving Mana Eggs to Sue, as she will not be in your party come around 3/4ths of the way through disc 1.. Note that if you do give her Mana Eggs, there will be Coloring Books for each element you gave her that grant around 1/3rd of her experience in that element to whoever you use it on, just like her weapon books.

- Get Justin Earth and Fire magic as soon as possible, and level them up to around lv10. Also, level up his sword to around lv15 by the time Gadwin leaves the party. Why? Dragon. Motherfucking. Cut. Although it's pricey, it will basically destroy just about any regular enemy you encounter for the rest of the game, until you get Heaven & Earth Cut.

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Benedikt XVI
Aug 30, 2008

by Ozma

Philosopher King posted:

Final Fantasy 12
-Get a guide ASAP, you can stupidly miss the end treasure by picking up normal treasure.
-This game can be easily broken. Try to get the side summon partway through the game, the rest is cake.
-The plot is retarded, don't waste your time with this game.
-Do not persue Lu Bu the T-rex.


And I will try to kill the T-Rex. Lu Bu is killable, too. Took me half an hour.

Zombie Defiler
Apr 30, 2005

I don't much care for your negative attitude, mister.

Bob Smith posted:

I would personally like some advice on ... Neverwinter Nights 1

Neverwinter Nights 1
- If the game is really beating your rear end, pop open the aurora editor that came with the game and make yourself a little one room level with a chest, and fill that with whatever crazy items you desire, gold, etc. Oh and you can make unequippable items with infinite uses of spells that you simply right click and select to use. just remember to save your character after loading him up with gear.
- In single player mode it really helps to have a good NPC henchman following you around. In my experience the best are the Cleric girl, or the Halfling Rogue guy, assuming you are not the same class.

God Hand
- Never give up! You can do it!
- Watch for Circle Button Actions. All of the circle button actions make you invincible EXCEPT STOMP. beware, you can still be smacked up while stomping!
- Chain Yanker > Ball Buster. Use Chain yanker, then Yes man Kablaam, Dodge left/right, Kablaam again, then as soon as you hear that second Kablaam connect Mash the Circle button for the special action. This is an Amazing way to generate TP. I've heard some (2 I think) bosses are dizzied long enough to allow for FOUR kablaams then circle.
Run Away! sometimes making a Tactical retreat is the best course of action. Lots of thugs are dumb enough to stop chasing you. You can even play keep away with some foes and Taunt them to fill your TP meter. Go in for the kill when you can unleash the God hand.
- Don't Eat the Sushi. It sounds like a good deal, but it makes your God hand mode combos weaker; You simply don't use your most powerful attack in the combo as often.
- You can pull enemies in a group one at a time using thrown crates and weaponry, or Taunting if the other foes are far enough away from the one you are taunting.
- Pursue Lu Bu and dragon kick his rear end into the milky way!

Metal Gear Solid 4
- If you are playing a No-Kills run, pick up the SAIGA shotgun from Drebin. You can load it up with non-lethal Vortex Ring shots. It is extremely useful for boss encounters.
- Don't Neglect the Metal gear MK III. You can press X as soon as it is under your control to Cloak it! you can knock out enemies, Pick up items, and scout ahead all while snake is safely hidden. Beware, Robotic enemies can see the MK3 even while cloaked.
- During mission briefings you can control the MK3 and pick up neat items around the plane, this is the only way to increase your battery power. you can also interact with some objects inside the plane like the radio, and bumping into people in the plane gives you facecamos.
- Rolling while inside the barrel and slamming into enemies will knock them silly, but rolling for too long will make Snake lose his lunch.

Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2
- Play with a friend. More fun!
- The machine guns typically have enough ammo to do the level twice over. They are accurate enough for killing foes with single shots or burst fire, and useful for hosing down an area with lead to keep dem terrists hiding behind things.
- the SCAR CQC with a silencer and hunting scope is an amazing sniper and multipurpose weapon.
- Don't carry breaching charges, your NPCs have them, and you would be better served with frags, fire, flash, or smoke grenades.
- Smoke grenades are mission savers. throwing one at a downed partner will give you cover to revive them when running out there naked would get you swiss cheesed.


Danger Mahoney posted:

Disgaea... tidbits on this pretty overwhelming game?

just to add to what Mecha Labrador said
- Make sure Laharl learns to heal himself( and pals). Do this by making a Cleric pupil for him and have them stand right next to each other, this allows Laharl to access all the cleric's spells. if he uses the spell enough times while standing next to the pupil, it will level up and he will be able to use it on his own.
- Anyone can steal, provided they use a stealing hand item, However almost everyone is absolutely DREADFUL at it. except Rogues! keep one good and leveled up to steal things; as the chance to steal an item is reliant on the level of the person using a steal hand, and the steal hand's accuracy.

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Mecha Labrador
Apr 12, 2006

Ahm a Houn' Dawg, AWOOO!

Danger Mahoney posted:

Alright, I just started Disgaea for the DS, which I understand is a port of the first one for the PS2. Any chance of getting some tidbits on this pretty overwhelming game?

The most obvious rules:

- You can, and probably should, just focus on Laharl for the main game. When equipped with your best gear and levelled properly, he can molest anything the game throws your way.
- Don't bother with the item world or transmigration until you start doing the bonus dungeons and have beaten the main story. It's really not needed.
- When making powerful classes, transmigrate instead of creating from scratch. That way you don't need to get approval from the senate.
- To get Mr. Gency's Exit items for the item world, buy the cheapest item you can, like fairy dusts. The enemies will be a joke, and you can stock up on Exits just by reaching levels 10,20 etc. It's a good idea to have several exits in your inventory.

Keyboard Fox
Apr 14, 2006


-To get through the item world quickly, have your characters pick each other up in a chain until you have a giant tower, then just throw over and over till you reach the exit.
-If the enemy is more than a turn away from your base panel, try bringing out an unwanted character to lure them in, then once they're within range, have your main team pop out and alpha strike them.
-Learn to cancel moves to your advantage. Assemble your fighters into a T formation to do a team attack, then cancel the moves of the three who didn't attack and form another T to get another team attack.
-In dealing with narrow passages blocked by an enemy, you can lift that enemy up with one character, send whoever you want through, then cancel the first character's move. It's like rewinding time selectively.

Aug 21, 2002

Un malheur ne vient jamais seul.

Final Fantasy IV DS
The New Game+ in this game isn't the traditional New Game+. Your levels and experience and money don't carry over. Your Augments do. You only get three passes through the game.
Yes it does matter whom you give your Augments to. You can't get all the Augments until your third playthrough, and even then you have to be strategic about who gets each Augment. It's a good idea to use a guide for this.
As with the original, you don't get to choose your party lineup in the endgame. However, you do in the GBA version. The GBA version also has extra dungeons. The DS version, however, is more challenging, has graphics that are easier to look at over a long period of time, has maps and auto-battling, and has more varied strategic gameplay. Both versions, in that sense, are double-edged swords.
Unlike numerous other RPGs (including earlier versions of this one), spamming one attack over and over won't win the game. Make sure you understand your characters and their capabilities before you go up against a boss.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
If you accomplish too many Missions when you get them, the story becomes extremely easy. Take that for what it's worth.

You get more Deathblows not by using the ones you have, but by trying different button combinations. If you only attack with Deathblows, you won't learn any new ones.
The story makes much more sense the second time.

Japanese games ahoy!

Live a Live
The battles are supposed to be easy. This game is more about story than fighting.
In Masaru's chapter, each fighter has two skills. To get Masaru as powerful as possible, your objective is to goad each fighter into hitting him at least once with each skill, then kicking their asses. For the most part, just fight normally. Since you'll probably be using an emulator, don't be afraid to save-whore if the fight comes and goes and you don't get two skills.

Marvelous: Another Treasure Island
In order to use an item or officially "know" a piece of information, you have to have it explained to you, so check everything you see and when in doubt, talk to everyone in sight.

Scalding Coffee
Jun 26, 2006

You're already dead

God Hand
*Circle prompt attacks increase in power if you press all the shape buttons at once.
*Don't loving bother with stomp unless it is on lone midgets or putting out fires.

*You learn deathblows by using a certain number of shape presses to meet a hidden number out of three, hence those double digit numbers having no loving indication on your progress. Always open with XX to finish that portion of deathblows much faster.

Lord Dudeguy
Sep 17, 2006
[Insert good English here]

Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

Hit "W". Go "Ooooh!"

Mechwarrior 3

Make sure your 'mech has at least two AC20s set up for linked fire in the same grouping.

Mechwarrior 4/Black Knight

Get Mercenaries.

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries

- Get MekTek. Then get NetMech IV. Actually, I think you can get NM IV and it'll download Mektek with it. Either or, hundreds of mechs added, tons of weapons, maps maps maps, and people still play online religiously.

- Your 'mech must have at least 2 heavy lasers and 2 PPCs. After that, do your thing.

- Everyone is a jump-jetting PPCing whore. Plan accordingly. I recommend "missile-boating", i.e. stacking your mech with a fuckton of missiles and bombarding from afar as soon as one of those beam-spamming nutjobs pop their little cockpits over the visible horizon.

Any Battletech Game

The Timberwolf/Mad Cat is not the only goddamn 'mech in the franchise. Even though we all want it to be.

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