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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

How should I get the most fun out of Crysis?

I've played though about 2 hours now, and I can't find a play-style that seems natural. Pegging enemies from a distance Stalker-style doesn't seem very effective, and using invisibility to disappear from view seems almost overpowered.


Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Clearly I haven't realized the possibilities of this game. Turtle throwing physics rear end in a top hat ahoy!

Edit: Tab is not capslock, oops

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Since Brink is free on steam this weekend, I'll post a couple tips.

-Do the Challenges first. They are basically tutorials introducing you to the game's parkour system and class abilities, plus they unlock all the guns. Make sure you do them at a low level, because the bots scale with your level.
-The single-player blows, if only because your team's bots will go out of their way to not help you.
-This game is all about bottlenecks. There are multiple paths to each objective, so if your team is stalled, find another way to close the distance and...
-Hip-fire with an smg* or...
-Pistol-whip/crouch-slide to knock people over.

*Seriously, it works.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

What's the point of the faction wars in STALKER: Clear Sky and is there anything I should know coming from Shadow of Chernobyl?

The swamp zone was just conquered by my faction, but I didn't really do much except follow my team and loot corpses. Now the map is pretty much clear except for a couple bases of renegades on the edges of the map. My faction won't push any farther, so I'm stuck trying to take the last bases on my own, but the respawning waves make it pretty difficult.

I'm playing on veteran difficulty with the complete mod.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Asilack posted:

Just bought a bunch of games from GoG, picked up both Icewind Dales, and both Baldur's Gate games. Anyone have any advice for em?

If you are starting at Baldur's Gate 1, make sure you use your consumables. Wands and potions can make a big difference at the start of the game.

Also, save often. Until you get to level 5 or so, your characters have so little health that you can die from one unlucky critical hit.

Holding down tab (or maybe alt, it's been a while) will highlight all containers on the screen. There are some hidden containers in the wilderness that can give you some pretty nice loot.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Krypt-OOO-Nite!! posted:

I'm about to play Mass Effect(to be followed by Mass Effect 2) for the first time and I'm not sure which class to pick between engineer and sentinel.
I'm leaning more towards sentinel but I'm a little worried it may be abit rubbish or am I over thinking and it wont really matter anyway?

Also is there anything I need to know before I start?

Lots of good advice already.

-When you get to the Citadel, don't try and do all the quests there in one go. It takes forever and you will be returning for sidequests a couple times anyways.

-Going fully paragon or renegade will get you more charm/intimidate points, but you won't really be missing out on anything if you choose a more middle of the road approach.

-That said, the renegade path lets you do some pretty badass stuff.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

dAnni posted:

I'm just starting The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

My main question is: Classes.

Are there any particular things I should avoid? A race which may change the game? I chose some fish like creature and specialised as a thief when asked both times (will this be boring? are there some awesome classes?).

Is magic really big and am I missing out?

For example, I played a thief in Baldur's gate and I could do loads of fun stuff, will it be the same on Oblivion? I only seem to have gotten some stat boosts. Also a mage was probably more fun in Baldur's gate but I had party members for that!

I'm reading the wiki on it (which is awesome btw), but just wanted to know a few more personal opinions!

EDIT: I see the leveling system is broken, ill have to fix that right away. I'm guessing I can mod through steam just as easily?

High level magic can be pretty amazing, as powerful spells send enemies flying and you can do a lot of creative stuff like sapping their stamina until they go limp, or sneaking into their houses at night and poisoning their clothing with an enchantment.

As others have said, your "class" doesn't matter much, although a levelling mod or following a guide will keep you on track. There's no reason why you can't play a character who is good at both sneaking, fighting and magic.

Do the mage's guild quests as soon as possible, as getting into the Arcane University lets you create your own spells and enchant equipment.

While not focused on thieving, the Breton race is by far the most powerful at the start as they take half damage from spells and can take half damage from normal attacks once a day (for 1 minute).

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

pigdog posted:

The main thing to keep in mind about Diablo 2 is that once you pick a skill, you cannot respec it. Well, in the latest patch you can, once, and from there on once for every time you beat the game on highest difficulty. But that's still pretty bad, so be careful what skills you pick. Thankfully yhere are a LOT of FAQs about this game that at least give you some insight on which of the skills are good for any particular character/strategy you decide upon.

Related to this, while it may be tempting to put a point in every skill just to try them out, it is a terrible idea and will end in a useless character.

The game isn't too hard and you can reliably beat it on normal by just picking a group of skills you like and investing in them. Character builds become a lot more important once you replay the game on nightmare or hell and start encountering bosses that are immune to everything.

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Happy Bear Suit posted:

GTA: San Andreas for PC
Borderlands GOTY for PC
Anything I should know for my first playthrough?
For Borderlands:
Make sure to check the stores, every time they get new stock, as they can actually spawn some really good rare weapons.

Make sure you always have a blue (shock) weapon for enemies whose entire lifebars consist of shields.

Green (corrosive) weapons come in handy a lot too.

Also, it's been a long time since I played GTA:SA, but I remember the flying making a lot more sense on a gamepad. It's hard as balls even then.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Polite Tim posted:

Just started Skyrim, though hardly had time to play it. Going with Breton Battlemage, which means everything punches me to death everywhere.

Any tips for making my magic pack more of a punch, what elemental weaknesses to exploit etc, or should i just concentrate on perking up my destruction starsign?

Lightning works against just about everything, but you will want to use fire against certain enemies like trolls.
You can either use conjuration to summon meat shields, or illusion to make opponents stop fighting you.
Illusion is actually pretty awesome, as calm/pacify makes almost all opponents friendly and rage/frenzy make them attack each other. Spamming muffle levels the skill very quickly.

Expect most monsters in the game to take you down in a couple of shots if they can get close to you. Wearing heavy armor is a viable solution, but it isn't necessary.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

What should I know to play Terraria? Is there a basic starter's guide or something?

I'm having some pretty basic issues, like walls not keeping stuff out of a house and being unable to place doors.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

TheRagamuffin posted:

To make a shelter that keeps monsters out, you need to have an area that is entirely enclosed by walls, including the back wall. If you can see sky behind your shelter, then it's not secure. Dirt or stone that were originally a part of the environment won't work; you have to place the background tiles yourself. Use a hammer to knock out any tiles that are already there, and either place them back where they were or use a workbench to make "wall" blocks of whatever material you want to use. If you work methodically, you shouldn't have any trouble filling the background layer behind your house.

When you're done, you should have something that looks a little like this:

Note how the entire space is enclosed by walls (wooden platforms count!), and all enclosed space is filled with those stone background blocks. You can use any material you want, as long as you fulfill those two requirements.

As for doors, you can see them in the picture, too. All you need are two blocks lined up vertically, 3 blocks apart. If either of those blocks is destroyed, the door will fall out.

Haha thanks, this helps clear things up. I had been converting all my wood into "walls" thinking that would keep stuff out. Once I sorted that out, I built a two story house with floor boards as a roof and couldn't understand why I was getting dive-bombed by eyeballs

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

SiKboy posted:

What should I know about Skyrim? I liked Oblivion okay, but got fed up with the oblivion gates and stuff and the bizarre leveling, so never finished it. I've started Skyrim, made it through the introductory dungeon, got to the first town and taken a sidequest from the innkeeper to get some kind of golden thingy. So far I have to say its not really grabbing me. What do I need to know before playing the game?

that isn't a sidequest

-The world levels with you, and a dungeon's level is decided by your character level when you enter it, so if you find a dungeon too hard, just come back in a couple levels.
-That said, there are minimum and maximum levels for most creatures, so some areas will be still be very difficult early in the game.
-Exploration is the most interesting part of the game, feel free to wander around the world. Quests and random events will find you, you can choose to ignore them or not.
-It's best to specialize in only 5 or 6 skill trees, but it's almost impossible to gimp your character, so don't stress about it.

Edit: and yeah the beginning is pretty boring. Seriously, just start exploring randomly and you'll see the best parts of the game.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

freakobaggins posted:

Just grabbed a copy of Baldur's Gate off the GOG sale and am planning to roll a mage and play through the entire series. If anyone has any advice on stat selection and non-spoilerific tips or tricks to get me through the games they would be much, much appreciated.

All you really need for a mage is a score of 18 intelligence. A high constitution and dexterity will help a bit in terms of survivability.

How to survive early Baldur's Gate:
-Like many rpgs, you will need the standard 1 thief, 1 mage, 1 tank, 1 cleric combination. The good news is that there are multi-class npcs available. Fill your party with spellcasters if you want to play on easy mode.
-Give every party member a ranged weapon and kite your enemies to death. This tactic works until pretty late in the game.
-Crowd control spells are your friend. Sleep works on just about everything except undead, in which case you can use Web. Dire charm can be used on more powerful npcs.
-THACO and armor class. I think there is a proper explanation on the wiki, but the short version is you want both of them to be as low as possible. Your melee fighters should really have -1 or better armor class. THACO takes care of itself for the most part.
-Fighting mages becomes sort of an arms race competing for who has the best magical protection. Mages will usually have 2 levels of defences that can make them impossible to kill without the right spells: physical and magical. You need to dispel the magical defenses first, before any other spell can affect them. Spell Thrust dispels magic protection and Remove Magic dispels physical protection. This gets more complicated as more powerful spells become available.
-There is a pair of pantaloons in both BG1 and BG2. Hang on to them for a surprise in the final expansion.

Edit: Draile mentioned the hidden ring of wizardry. There is also a valuable gem by the side of the road in the first outdoor area and a very nice set of armor in a farmer's field just south of Nashkel. These are pretty much impossible to find without holding down the item find key. I think it defaults to tab.

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

StealthArcher posted:

Just Cause 2

Play on easy difficulty for maximum fun. Fights in the later portion of the game just drag on forever on higher difficulties and distract you from the more important task of Blowing poo poo Up.

There is a trainer out there that gives the grappling hook infinite strength and multiple uses, letting you do awesome poo poo like chain airplanes together in mid-air, or grapple dozens of soldiers to your jeep. It can also summon vehicles and give you infinite ammo/health. I think this is it, but there may have been a newer version released:

Normally I wouldn't recommend a trainer here, but the entire point of JC2 is to dick around and this just improves the experience.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Shogunner posted:

Agriculture Simulator 2011: Extended Edition
- Never try multiplayer, EVER.

Is there a particular reason for this or is it just horribly broken? I have a mental picture of a second life community populated solely by Germans that are really into heavy machinery and it's a little disturbing.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

HondaCivet posted:

Looks like we already talked about the other two MEs on the last page so let's make it a three-for! I want to know about Mass Effect, as in the first one. I don't have a 360 so I picked it up on PC. I know it has some unfun clunkiness compared to the next two games, any advice on making it as fun as possible? Also any plot-related stuff I should definitely do/not do? I partially played through 2 on PS3 if it matters.

-Don't do all of the sidequests on the Citadel at once. It gets tedious if you do them all in a row, and you will be returning to the Citadel many times thoughout the game.

-Once you get past the introductory part of the game, you are given 3 choices as to where to go to progress the main plot. Save Therum for your second or third plot mission. It has some fights that are very tough for a low level character.

-If you haven't played any Mass Effect games before: The game rewards you for having lots of points in Renegade or Paragon. You will miss out on some of the most interesting dialogue options by sticking in the middle.

-All classes are viable, but soldier is probably the most boring, as it doesn't have as many abilities.

-Any weapon class can be good with enough weapon ranks. Pistols are suprisingly overpowered, while assault rifles need a lot of ranks before they get good.

-Dodging slow moving energy blasts in the Mako can be frustrating when you are also trying to shoot stuff. Instead, you can sit still and boost into the air whenever one is headed your way.

Doctor Spaceman posted:

- Bring Down the Sky is free and pretty cool, although it can be annoying to get working. Not sure if it's included in new versions.

I think it's downloadable from the Bioware Social site, although you still have to figure out how to verify and install it. It has a couple hours of gameplay and some unique content so it's probably worth taking the time get it working.

Edit: I can't read

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Krypt-OOO-Nite!! posted:

Picked up Dragon Age: Origins the other week for the Xbox 360.
I'm about 8 hours in and still haven't got a grip on the combat.
Has anyone got any tips because its putting me off an otherwise pretty fun game.

Dragon Age's AI reacts a lot like it would in an mmo, so you need at least one tank to take all the damage. Have one fighter focus on skills that get and maintain aggro so that your damage dealers aren't getting beat into a fine paste.

-Mages are incredibly powerful if used correctly. Open every fight with some area effect spells that incapacitate enemies. There are also spell combinations that result in even more powerful effects.

-Winter's grasp/Cone of cold are great, as they have a chance to freeze enemies. Frozen enemies will be shattered (killed instantly) by critical hits or the spell Stonefist.

-Horror and Sleep are also good incapacitating area effect spells. Cast sleep first, then horror afterwards for a combo that does extra damage.

-You don't have to mess with the Tactics menu if you don't want to, but at a minimum have everybody's first (highest priority) tactic be:
Self: if hp=<50%, drink the smallest health poultice available"
The last priority tactic should be:
Nearest Enemy: Attack

-The fighter skill Taunt is great for distracting enemies. You can also use single target skills like Shield Bash and Pommel Strike to stop single mobs from attacking your squishy party members.

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Krypt-OOO-Nite!! posted:

Oddly I've already done most of that.

Possibly a dumb question, but are you using the pause button constantly? That's essential for the more difficult fights.

Don't be ashamed to lower the difficulty to casual for your first playthough. Also, Dragon Age's console interface is clunky as hell and makes things more difficult. I would recommend playing it on pc if you have a decent computer.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Krypt-OOO-Nite!! posted:

Not a dumb question at all as I think that may be my problem. I didn't know you could pause and issue orders to different people.
I thought you had to chose a character then pause using the power wheel issue your order then flip to another character and repeat.
I didn't know you could just pause the game issue orders to all 4 then un-pause and repeat.
Guess I'm a idiot, I'll give it another go sometime later thanks guys

^ I also agree it would work much better if it was turn based.

Well if you have gotten this far without relying on pausing, the rest of the game should be a piece of cake
With pausing you can coordinate your party to launch artillery from out of sight, finishing some fights before they even start.

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

What should I know about Gemini Rue?

More specifically, how do I look at my inventory? I've tried just about every button on my keyboard, but nothing seems to bring it up.

Is this one of those adventure games where not picking something up at the right time will screw me over? I would also appreciate warnings about any particularly dire puzzles. I have a bad habit of getting obsessed with red herrings.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Here's my essential Dragon Age: Origins mods. These work fine with Dragon Age 1.04, but I haven't tried them with the 1.05 patch yet. Patch 1.05 mostly addresses performance issues so it should be fine, but it's always a good idea to install mods one at a time and play-test for 10 minutes or so.

Rules Fixpack - This is a huge compendium of bug fixes that Bioware never got around to implementing. Weapons and armor now apply their bonuses correctly, when previously many of them did absolutely nothing. Modifiers actually stack instead of wrapping back to default, Shale's Rock Barrage talent works properly and many, many other things that I can't remember off hand. There are some very nice ease-of-use tweaks as well. Random junk from corpses can be auto-looted and rogues actually open locked chests and doors when they say they will, etc. etc. etc.

Advanced Tactics - Improves party AI and adds more conditions to the Tactics menu. Incredibly useful if you are playing on higher difficulties, but probably not necessary for an easy mode playthrough.

Annoyance Remover - Visual effects for many buffs disappear after a second. No more cutscenes with people on fire.

Combat Tweaks - This rebalances and tweaks skills and combat abilities to make them more worthwhile choices. There's also more bug fixes, as well as optional difficulty increases.

There's also a ton of armor/texture/character mods at, but beware as there is also a lot of crap.

al-azad posted:

By skipping the Fade do they mean skipping half of the mage's tower dungeon? It should be pointed out it's the only place in the game where you get several permanent stat boosts. Unless the mod that lets you skip compensates for that it really isn't worth it when that area constitutes maybe 1% of the total game. I would have gladly skipped the dwarf dungeons than the Fade.

The mod will still give you the stat bonuses. I wouldn't recommend skipping it until the second playthrough. The fade has some great character interaction and puzzles that are quite fun, if a bit easy. It does get very tiresome on repeated playthroughs.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

MisterBibs posted:

This somewhat applies to this thread:

I'm playing Dead Space for the first time, still in the first 'Chapter', and I'm curious if the game 'speeds up' at any point. I look like an underweight Big Daddy and I'm walking a little bit faster than the underwater/in space sections in KOTOR, even if 'running'.

No, it never speeds up. Think of yourself as a mobile platform for deploying massive destruction, sort of like playing the Heavy in Team Fortress 2. You need to find bottlenecks and disable attackers before they get to you.

-Ammunition drops are tailored to the guns in your inventory, so don't worry about running out of one particular type.

-Consider dropping one of your guns to increase the ammo drops for the other 3 in your inventory.

-Shoot the Plasma Cutter in horizontal mode to cut off the legs of attackers. This gun is great throughout the game.

-The Line Gun is basically the Plasma Cutter, except better.

-Running is an option, especially against some of the more powerful regenerating enemies, but cut off their legs first. Dismember Everything

It's an interesting game in that it tries to build tension by making the controls a little bit clumsy and slow. You really are just an engineer using comically overpowered construction equipment to dismember aliens.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Mordecai posted:

I request Mirror's Edge tips.

-If you have the PC version, use a gamepad.

-It's basically a 3d platformer in the guise of an fps. Try and plot the fastest/coolest course from point A to point B. The police are just another obstacle, and it's safest to neutralize them quickly or avoid them entirely.

-There is a cutscene where you will be expected to mash the disarm button, without any notice or instruction. If you don't do this, a bad thing happens. It should be obvious when the moment presents itself.

-It's important to keep up your momentum. Moving fast helps you complete difficult jumps and escape danger.

-Disarming, sliding kicks and 3-punch combos are all effective and quick ways of downing opponents, but they all slow you down, which usually leads to death if you don't have a plan for where to go next.

-The above advice works for most of the game, but later on there there are some insanely frustrating difficulty spikes in areas filled with opponents. I'm not sure if they were shoehorned in to make it seem like more of a generic fps, but the easiest solution in those situations is to find somebody carrying a SAW, disarm them and shoot everything dead.

NihilCredo posted:

If you're good at FPSs you can actually take down the first cop standing in your path, mow down the rest with his gun, and never really bother with the annoying momentum mechanic; you have very little health but it does regenerate. With the harder enemies in the late-game, you can take them down relatively easily by (IIRC) attacking them from the back. It may take a few tries, but I found it a lot less frustrating than trying to never make a single misstep so I could outrun gunfire. Emphasis on "standing" though: if an alarm sounds and enemies start raiding the building, you will usually have to keep ahead of them.

Also, collecting runner bags gives you absolutely nothing other than achievements, so feel free to forget about them.

Huh, I guess playing through Mirror's Edge as a straight shooter would work too but at that point, wouldn't you rather play a proper fps?

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

NihilCredo posted:

Yeah, I probably would have had more fun if Faith had been a sniper with a grapple launcher or something like that. I still loved exploring the environments, however, which is why I finished the game even though I didn't enjoy the "you must run run RUN NEVER STOP" gameplay (in related news, I also absolutely couldn't get into Tribes: Ascend). Since the most common opinion when talking about Mirror's Edge seems to be "cool idea, but the first-person platforming just doesn't work" I figured I should let Mordecai know that any frustrations with the platforming don't mean you have to give up.

Fair enough, Mirror's Edge has some spectacular architecture which is definitely worth seeing. The game itself is almost a failed experiment, but it's fun to poke around in and has some innovative ideas, sort of like Trespasser back in the day.

Anti-pacifist runs of games that aren't centered on combat can actually be pretty funny. Apparently it's possible to beat Thief 1 and 2 using only a sword for example, although that ignores the more entertaining options such as throwing hammers at people and piling unconscious bodies in fireplaces and swimming pools.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Bastastic posted:

So I just bought Gothic 2 without entirely realizing that it's a 10 year old game and therefore clunky compared to modern games. What should I know about it before I start?

I haven't yet finished the game, but here's a couple things I wish I hadn't learned the hard way.

-It's an open world game, but exploration is highly level dependent. Basically, if a monster can kill you in one or two hits, retreat and quest in a safer area until you have some more experience.

-Hand to hand combat is based on timing. It definitely takes getting used to, but a safe starting strategy is to constantly swing your sword from left to right. Practice out of combat to get used to each weapon's timing so you can swing it without interruptions.

-The backwards dodge is your best defensive tool. Use it often, especially against monsters because...

-Blocking only works against humanoids.

-There is loot and herbs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It's a goddamn medieval easter egg hunt. As in there are about 3 stashes within 30 seconds of the start of the game. Jump on top of roofs. Look under bushes and in dark corners. Climb onto every rock and mantle onto every cliff. The scrolls and potions you find will save your rear end in the early game, and everything else can be eaten or sold.

-Don't apprentice with the alchemist. Some herbs can be brewed into permanent stat boosts, so giving them away to an npc is a waste.

Good luck, it's an impressive and surprisingly good looking game for it's age, even if the interface is a bit "special".

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

I have entirely too much time on my hands today, so here's some tips for Age of Wonders. I've only played the campaign but I imagine a lot of this should apply to multiplayer aswell.

  • A growing army consumes gold which requires expansion, which requires an even larger army, etc. Turtling is slow death at least until the very late game when you can get by with heroes and a couple stacks of high level units.

  • If you need to free up resources, send troops on suicide missions instead of disbanding them. Disbanded units like to wander around "freeing" your towns and gold mines. They will occasionally attack you at the worst possible moment.

  • You can use some units' abilities out of combat, by double clicking on their portrait. Clerics in particular can heal other units in the same stack.

  • Cheap spells are the best spells. Always get at least one Orb of Air and Orb of Life. This gives you access to Chain Lightning, one of the best offensive spells in the game (damages 4 units with a chance to stun for 1 round) and Summon Eagle, a very fast flying summon that can explore, loot one hex towns and can defeat one or even two level 1 units in a pinch.

  • Conserve movement as much as possible. When attacking with a stack of units, select the one with the most remaining movement by left clicking, and then right-clicking under it's portrait. When it attacks an adjacent army, the rest of your army will be pulled into the battle without wasting any remaining movement points.

  • Regarding hero creation, it's best to focus on pure combat or spellcasting. With spellcasting, prioritize researching global (purple) spells until you get Town Portal. A hero with Spellcasting 4 or better can cast Portal every turn, effectively defending all of your cities simultaneously. Combat heroes benefit from round attack, first strike and wall climbing. Any remaining XP points are best used on increasing their stats and speed. Every hero should have some form of long range attack as well.

  • You can draw a town's defenders into the open by attacking an enemy stack that is outside, but adjacent to the town. If it is a four hex town with only one stack of defenders, appriach them from the diagonally opposite side and you will fight each other inside the city walls!

  • Don't be afraid to loot or even raze towns if you already have a decent income. Keep the initiative, and keep your armies fighting instead of waiting around.

  • High level summoning spells are a waste of mana. For the price of one summoned dragon you can permanently haste three flying units as a deep strike force that covers twice the territory, or you can buff an entire army in preparation for a battle.

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Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Pierzak posted:

Take Life Stealing + Cold Strike at the beginning (you can't do this on further level-ups), trivialize the game. Then get First Strike, Parry and stats. Cold Strike freeze is the best incapacitation, this combined with Life Stealing will allow you to survive most attacks early and everything later on. Heroes are horribly broken in this game, I used one to beat 32 top-tier undead units in one fight.

That sounds like a great combo, I'll give it a shot!

Pierzak posted:

Bad example, dragons (and other fliers with ranged attack, like the Air Galley) are very strong - land armies without archers are completely defenseless against even a single frost drake.

Good point, ranged air units are effectively invincible in a lot of fights. Their use seems limited in the campaign though, as the AI is obsessed with pumping out as many ballistas and catapults as possible.

Do you have any tips for Age of Wonders 2 and Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic? I just picked them up in a GoG sale, and while I've played AoW since it's release, I don't know how much has changed in the sequels.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Jastiger posted:

Finishing up Metro 2033 (I hope!) soon.

Going to move on to S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl afterwards. I know it's been brushed upon already, but any other tips on that game?

-Save often and keep numerous different saves. You never know when a quest bug might pop up and force you to re-do something.
-Underground, your best friend is a shotgun or rifle with underslung grenade launcher. That, and calm nerves.
-Get the Stalker Complete Mod. For the most part it just improves textures and adds some graphics features and it stays true to the original game's spirit. It also makes some much needed changes to the AI. They don't charge into anomalies and commit suicide, they can throw grenades and their calls for help don't reach as far. That last bit is key, because there are times when an entire map would aggro on you after a single shot.
It also has some optional gameplay features, like a sleeping bag and repair kits which are nice if you don't like making constant trips back to the cordon.
-Yes, all the starting guns suck. Plink away at your enemies from a distance. It's safest to fight in night-time, as the darkness lets you run away and flank the enemy repeatedly. This only works on humans though, god help you if a mutant catches you in the dark.

There are some other really interesting overhaul mods such as Oblivion Lost and L.U.R.K., but they change the gameplay quite a bit, and are probably best suited for a replay.

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Dec 1, 2010

Company of Heroes

Is there any way to combine depleted squads or get them to stop manning machine guns/mortars? I'm running into situations where I just don't have enough infantry because they are all stuck manning captured equipment.

Any other advice would be appreciated too! I already checked the wiki, which has a couple of useful tips.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

I've already found some helpful tips in this thread and on the wiki for Final Fantasy X, but more advice is always welcome.

More importantly, what would be the funniest name for the main character? Preferably a secret villain's name or something else that would make for unintentionally hilarious conversations, like naming Kotor's protagonist after a certain someone.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Excellent, thanks guys. Disappointing to hear the name doesn't make a difference, but I now know what I'm doing if I ever try to finish FF7 again!

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010


Seriously, this. Catching butterflies and dodging lightning loving suck. Don't worry about those weapons if you lose patience trying to get them--you can make (arguably) better ones later if you really feel like it.

Blitzball, as far as I can tell, is one of those things you either love or you hate. If you hate it, you're in luck! The only forced match is that first one. You can safely ignore it from that point on if you want to (but you'll need to play if you want Wakka's advanced limit breaks and his ultimate weapon). As The Dark Id said, the odds are against you in that first match, but if you get lucky, you can actually win it. The first time I played, I won by accident

Enjoy the game. It's one of my favorites. Try not to throw the console out the window when you get to the infamous "HA HA HA HA" scene, though.

Well it's been fifteen minutes and I've already seen anime water polo with a nu-metal soundtrack, my dead father coming back to life only to turn into a child and disappear and some dude with a broken arm gave me an oversized skinning knife. Things are off to a good start!

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Pr0phecy posted:

Can I get some tips on Might and Magic 3? I'm struggling to build up an army anything before the 15 turn mark. I seem to be focused entirely on upping my town hall to get a lot of gold but it takes forever to get some troops out the door. By that time, the enemy is just walking over me as I have 5 heroes but only 1 that can fight with an army and 4 with lovely spells.

Also, where do I buy spellbooks?

Lotsa tips please! This game is ~amazing~.

edit: just discovered beforeiplay. Checking that out.

-In the early game, consolidate all your troops into one army and give them to your best hero (preferably someone with a spell book).

-Focus on your economy. Upgrade to a capitol as fast as possible. Do whatever it takes to get a reliable source of ore, wood, and whatver your town's key resource is by the end of the first week. The key resource is usually whatever is needed for your tier 7 unit, so gems for Castle, crystals for Rampart, etc.

-Once your economy is running build all the creature dwellings. Ideally you should have every dwelling built by the end of the third week. You probably won't be able to pay for all your troops at first, but you will have more troops "banked" than your opponent.

-Scout the map. Hire 2 heroes on the very first turn. Their troops can be added to the main army, unless they are an opposing alignment, in which case you will take a hit to morale.

-Conserve movement. Your main army's only goal should be killing stacks as fast as possible. Get a scout to follow the main army and hoover up resources/mines etc.

-Focus on the opponent, not neutral monsters. Your priority should be capturing towns and killing enemy heroes. Once you have a decent economy going, your main army shouldn't stop for anything, apart from particularly nice artifacts. Spend too much time exploring and the game gets a lot harder.

-Some towns have units so good that hampering your economy to get them in the first week is worthwhile. A couple examples: Tower gets Naga Queens (strong as hell and no retaliation), Rampart gets silver pegasi (can cross the map in one turn, cheap), Stronghold gets behemoths (actually pretty lovely, but a unit with 250 health is basically unstoppable at the start of the game). Just about any ranged unit can also be a game changer, especially marksmen and grand elves.

-You purchase spellbooks by clicking on a town's mage guild when a hero is visiting (not garrisoned).

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Dec 1, 2010

Fame Throwa posted:

I also got Dragon Age: Origins during the sale too. Is there anything I need to know before I play it? I'm not too familiar with that genre and I don't want to accidentally screw myself over.

There's basically two ways to play the game.

Set the difficulty to easy and play through it like a real-time tactics game with an over the shoulder mmo-style interface or...

Play on normal or higher difficulty, press spacebar to pause the game whenever you want to give your party orders and basically just treat the game like a turn-based rpg. Lots of micromanaging.

Both styles are fun. Melee rogue is probably the most entertaining class for a newbie. Mages are game-breakingly powerful if you use them right.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Ok, let's do this. Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, is there anything I absolutely need to know?

I know nothing about it apart from there's a kickstarter for a sequel and it has something to do with the movie Space Jam. I think I saw that movie at least 6 times in grade 5, all at seperate birthday parties.

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

TheUkuleleFanboy posted:

-If you can't jam with the best, then slam with the rest.

Yoshi Jjang posted:

It's supposed to be, "If you can't slam with the best, then jam with the rest."

Thanks guys, I'll try

Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Centipeed posted:

DON'T take corners at high speed

In addition:
-Braking and turning: Choose one. Your wheels are really good at both, but not at the same time.
-Accelerating (gently) on the way out of a turn however, is a good idea.
-AWD cars will be easier for a beginner. You won't spin out, however you will take lots of turns too widely. This is good, it will teach you how to keep a proper line. Once you can take an AWD drive car around a track without getting the tires muddy, it's time to hop in a RWD drive car and get sideways
-The first upgrades on any car should be tires and suspension.

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Dec 1, 2010

WarLocke posted:

Discussion in the Steam thread got me nostalgic and am finally installing The Longest Journey. Are there any easter eggs or classic Sierra-style 'gotcha, now you can't finish the game' type things to worry about or should I just go in blind?

Neddy Seagoon posted:

No, you can never make the game unwinnable or get yourself killed. Most of the puzzles are pretty reasonable, but there's one in the second, maybe first, chapter that is a bit abstract. It involves getting a key off of electrified train tracks, and chances are you'll need a walkthrough for it. That single puzzle aside though, the game's pretty straightforward with logical puzzle design.

It's not only abstract, it's actually bugged. You will need to assemble something for that puzzle. Save before you combine any objects. If you put them together in the wrong order, they won't work and they can't be disassembled.


Fruits of the sea
Dec 1, 2010

Kalenden posted:

I'm about to dive in Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 playing Restoration of Erathia first and the expansion packs if I'm still interrested.

Any advice that isn't in the wiki? I've played King's Bounty and did the tutorial but except that this is my first experiece with HoMM.

The biggest difference from King's Bounty is that time is a resource. The cpu's forces get bigger each week, as does every stack of independent units. Focus on taking out the enemy. Spend too much time exploring the map and the game becomes a lot more difficult.

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