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Mar 5, 2008

Stainless Style

Retired 1991 LTI Fairway Taxi - ex-London

356,000 miles, 8 owners, been to Italy and back (?).
2.85L Diesel, 3spd (gah) autobox. Rust.
Unbelievably proficient at pulling art school girls (might have something to do with the fact that other Fairway drivers include Stephen Fry, Kate Moss and Stanley Kubrick...)

echoplex fucked around with this message at 18:44 on Dec 14, 2008


Das Volk
Nov 19, 2002

I haven't taken any good pics of this car, but it's the only one I have left as of next week. 1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16 "Cosworth"

Not pictured: Soon to be lemon-lawed 2008 Corvette "Monument to how worthless the UAW and GM are"

goatse guy
Jan 23, 2007
hello im back in ai buy me avatars plz :-*

My 2008 GTI with DSG and funky plaid seats, completely stock and awaiting spring so I can do a few mods:

Oct 2, 2004

Luckily, I CAN go fuck myself!

1964 Pontiac Lemans

455(7.5L), 3X2bbl, 6 speed trans. Weekend cruiser.

May 4, 2005
Too lazy to browse my hard drive for good avatars since 2007.

Eh, I post here often enough...I just only know stuff about H- and W-body GM cars. v v

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

Click here for the full 1963x1152 image.

Taken in poo poo-Camera-O-Vision!

109,000 miles. Bought it at 73,000. No idea if the intake manifold has been replaced. The danger of not knowing excites me.

shy boy from chess club
Jun 11, 2008

It wasnt that bad, after you left I got to help put out the fire!

IOwnCalculus posted:

Your truck rules, hard. Thats my favorite body style for GM pickups.

Bud Manstrong
Dec 11, 2003

2005, bone stock.

May 18, 2007

"He says he's going to be number one!"

Graffiti posted:

coincidence that goons have lovely cars? i think not.
Someone's going to be getting a big old lump of coal in their stocking for shitposting.

My 2002 Kawasaki ZR-7S

My track bike, a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R 600. Power Rangers ahoy!

Not pictured: My 1974 Datsun 260Z project car. Someday soon appearing as a project thread.

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Rabid Snake
Aug 6, 2004
Can't post for 12 hours!

1989 Honda Civic SI, 120k miles. Great fun to drive.

Jul 22, 2003

This fuckin thing:


Jul 10, 2006
Motor CIty Machine Music

Click here for the full 1024x681 image.

Click here for the full 1024x681 image.

Click here for the full 681x1024 image.

Click here for the full 1024x681 image.

Mercedes AMG E36 Coupe.

doppler fucked around with this message at 19:45 on Dec 14, 2008

Jan 23, 2007

enziarro posted:

IV. '99 Volvo V70XC, I will die in this car

soccer mom 4 lyfe

yeah homie

95 Volvo 850 turbo w/ipd exhaust + reflash. Next up is suspension work but I'm poooooor

*oil on the ground is not from my car okay thanks*

key key
Jul 20, 2006
lil' keykey wants a hunk of slouzbry stouvre

My E36 328i Coupé, I can't wait to take it out on the highways next summer but it's pretty drat funny in the snow too!

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

I put Osram Diadem bulbs in the clear indicators and the difference in appearance is waay bigger than i thought it would be.

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

At work parked between my workmates' Opel Vectra and 940 Turbo. I had to take a picture, it looks so tiny (We all seem to like Metallic red paint too)!

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

Latest "upgrade", i gave her new legs!

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

Mar 5, 2008

Stainless Style

Contraband posted:

This fuckin thing:


Still one of the best looking BMWs ever, great colour, too.

Jan 19, 2006

1995 BMW 325 TDS SE (143 diesel horsies, 5 speed) daily driver & 1975 Triumph Toledo 1300 (60hp of english rwd granny car fury) rally car.

Parked outside my parents house - I don't own caravan, honest!

The BMW looking loved for once, it now has its original 15" wheels, clear corners and roofrack. The roofrack is staying but it should have 17" M3 wheels soon.

I inherited the triumph from my dad, after he discovered it had chronic rust at the subframe mounts and bought an equally rusty dolomite. It is now fixed, and I've driven my first classic rally in it. I'll do a thread sometime maybe.

stump fucked around with this message at 19:59 on Dec 14, 2008

Mar 8, 2003


this is how it is now, in winter mode:

And summer mode:

Jun 19, 2004


My 97 A4 1.8T q/m.

Taken yesterday, winter wheels:

Click here for the full 1024x768 image.

Rest of the year wheels and my buddys 335, I've since tinted my windows and had 2 tint tickets already:

Click here for the full 1024x683 image.

Audi in the dirt:

Click here for the full 1024x683 image.

Click here for the full 1024x683 image.

track day bro!
Feb 17, 2005

Grimey Drawer


1996 MR2 (mine is on the right)

Was a completely bone stock uk spec car (uk spec cars are non turbo only, but there are plenty of grey import turbos about), until I got a great deal on a jdm (yo) gen2 3sgte rear clip which went in along with the turbo gearbox and lsd.

Other things include

Celica ST205 GT4 A2W Intercooler
Gen3 CT20b turbo
Gen3 speed density conversion
Berk tech downpipe
A tiny oil leak I just cant seem to get rid of
Silly looking jdmu exhaust (to be replaced with a different slightly less silly looking fujitsubo exhaust)
Ohlins struts + stupid kg/mm springs (to be replaced with eibachs or trd us spec springs)
trd front and rear antirollbars
polybushes allround
Buddyclub wheels for the warmer weather

Next up
Buy a beater as driving 300+ miles a week is kinda killing the fun of the car
Get a gen3 motor like I should have in the first place
TD06 or GT28 turbo + standalone ems (already have) and ebc
Possibly a respray if I havent totalled it at a trackday next year

Aug 28, 2002

Does a bear split in the woods near Zheleznogorsk?

destructo posted:

I talk too much about the drat thing as is so here's a shot of my ugly mug Top Gear style.

How many times did you have to do this to actually get one that didnt catch half your face or less?

Jul 24, 2007

case posted:

My BMW 325iS Mtech2

Waiting on body work and loads of track bits. Stock interior and apart from the wheels and ride height, stock outside.

Poly-bushed everything, pipercross intake, straight through exhaust.

Waiting on
- BBTB, chip and tune
- Ireland Engineering manifold
- Gaz coilovers
- Some sort of brake upgrade and SS lines
- LSD and 'box refresh
- Bodywork
- Quick 'rack, smaller Mtech 2 steering wheel
- Lighter wheels
- P888s
- Interior sort out

I really want a European-style rear trunk spoiler for my car...

1989 325iS, yellow Bilsteins and Eibach sport springs:

Jul 29, 2006

Fun Shoe

Click here for the full 640x480 image.

1996 V6 Camaro, in gently caress Me Red.
Once it gets through the winter I'm going to pump some money into it, torn between leaving the looks alone and going after performance, or just making it not look like a total piece of poo poo.

Apr 24, 2003
the OG HC

Here is
The baby:

That was done on E85 and the map sensor is delayed on this dyno, so it shows the turbo being much more laggy than it really is (stock IX turbo).

The daily driver:

1990 Civic STD. Complete with primer hood/bumpers, faded paint, built B18c swap, Integra brakes, and Skunk2 Pro coilovers. Its a terribly rough ride, but it gets 38mpg and puts a smile on my face daily. Totally worth the future back problems and ruptured kidneys.

The project:

1965 Honda 305 dream.

Feb 19, 2007


1994 Honda Civic. Winter beater. Feel the power of it's sohc (yet 16v) 1.5l fury! (5 spd)

09 Honda fit sport. Not seen : Recent horrendous rim damage! (5 spd)

1991 E30 318is. My baby. Mods include : Polymer subframe and trailing arm bushings, H&R springs, bilstein heavy duty shocks, hawk hps pads and more. (project thread soon!)

1994 Lebaron GTC convertible. Polymer control arm bushings, soon to receive a manual swap if I can actually find one. Pictured receiving a (used) motor / tranny swap.

91 Hilux 3.0 3vze / 5 spd. A 900 dollar truck that I've now put new : Clutch, flywheel, throwout / pilot, rear end, bearings, leaf springs, all new bushings in the back, and more. I've now also bought a class III hitch and a set of Sway-a-way 25mm torsion bars for it. (This is so I can pull my flat-top car trailer to retriever ever more cars) See also : custom front bumper fabricated out of a 1963 buick driveshaft.

ACEofsnett fucked around with this message at 21:05 on Dec 14, 2008

Oct 6, 2004

My 92 Miata

My 94 Seca II

Jul 1, 2003

2000 NB

Nov 22, 2003

well here we have my 04 Pontiac GTO

I have converted the car back into a holden monaro with all factory parts from Australia. it has stainless works LT headers with catless mids, lpe cai Magnaflow mufflers, it has been tuned by a local shop. i have DBA slotted rotors and hawk hps brake pads. their is still a lot i want to do with car but my pocket book is getting in the way of that right now.


Somebody fucked around with this message at 21:34 on Dec 16, 2008

EL Bombastico
Oct 13, 2004

* power up

Revlations' Elise and my pretty stock S2000

EL Bombastico fucked around with this message at 21:28 on Dec 14, 2008

Oct 21, 2003

2006.5 GTI MKV
Fair amount of work done...pushing 20PSI, and around 265HP.

Rolling on stock 17s (wrapped in Azeni RT-615s) baby. That's how we do.

Apr 14, 2002


From here on out, you break tables you get three days. It's not that difficult and I'm damned tired of the ignored warnings.

Jun 24, 2007
May an IDF soldier mistakenly gun down my own parents and face no repercussions i'd totally be cool with it cuz accidents are unavoidable in a low-intensity conflict, man

My daily with my friend's WRX wagon:

My project:

Dave Inc.
Nov 26, 2007
Let's have a drink!



Also, a broken Ninja 250 and a Chevy Malibu.

Dec 8, 2005
I love children, but I can't eat a whole one.

joey deere posted:

The Miata army is prancing in ('05 MX-5 Limited)

E: Fixed

Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but "that is a great looking Miata"

Jul 17, 2006

Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?

Dave Inc. posted:

Also, a broken Ninja 250 and a Chevy Malibu.

I forgot about my Ninja!

Click here for the full 1632x1224 image.

Just rolled over 13k this weekend.

Vitamin J
Aug 16, 2006

God, just tell me to shut up already. I have a clear anti-domestic bias and a lack of facts.

echoplex posted:

Retired 1991 LTI Fairway Taxi - ex-London

This is awesome! Those cars are so roomy and comfortable! Hell, you could build a little camper into the backseat area!

PreacherNutshot posted:

Wow, I never thought I'd say this, but "that is a great looking Miata"

Dec 28, 2003

Laissez les bons temps rouler

2004 Subaru Forester XT 5 speed

2000 Kawasaki Vulcan 750

The Jeep and the other bike ('97 Honda Magna) are my wife's.

DAT RAM fucked around with this message at 23:59 on Dec 14, 2008

May 23, 2007

Not enough lovely cars on here.

1998 Ford Windstar GL

3.8L V6 (200 hp) mated to one of the worst auto transmissions Ford has ever produced. Small dent behind the marker light. Not pictured: ENORMOUS dent on the driver's side fender where a school bus hit it. Twice. I refuse to get the dents fixed, the van's too beat up to care about aesthetics at this point, and I see it as a battle scar. That and I'm too cheap to bother. Perfect for hauling all the poo poo I don't need but desperately want to have with me at all times.

Boaz MacPhereson
Jul 11, 2006

Day 12045 Ht10hands 180lbs
No Name
No lumps No Bumps Full life Clean
Two good eyes No Busted Limbs
Piss OK Genitals intact
Multiple scars Heals fast
Lone Road Warrior Rundown
on the Powder Lakes V8
No guzzoline No supplies
Keep muzzled...

2000 GT 5 Speed. 99% Bone stock. Bought it with just over 50k miles for less than $8k. It has a CAI, but eventually a full exhaust and suspension will be had (hopefully). Not pictured are the Blizzaks it's currently wearing.

Jul 25, 2008

by Fistgrrl

mattus posted:

Now with weld in cage, td06 high mount and around 415rwhp.
Also sporting some 18x10, 18x11 Work S2Rs.

edit : here's a little vid from a Tarmac rally I recenlty competed in.

Either Grand Tourismo for the PS3 looks that good, or you've PS a car in front of the red one. Something really irks me about that photo.

Aug 20, 2007

1994 Toyota Camry. I can't wait until I graduate college and can afford a nice car, but this thing will at least be super reliable.

2001 Buell Blast

1984 KDX200

I could go out and buy brand new, but it's more fun to take something that needs a little work and fix it.


Dec 31, 2002

2007 Subaru Legacy GT Limited 5 speed:

Picture the PO took before I picked it up. Only "investments" I've made have been a blanked out grill (no logo/chrome) and summer/winter tires.

He already debadged the rear, only thing left is the Subaru logo. It's very a subtle car but can get up and go when you need it to. I love it.

Trying to keep it under warranty right now so I think the only things I can do are a CAI and catback exhaust. I'll probably pick up an AccessPort at some point and just flip it back to stock before I take it into the dealer.

snadsnad fucked around with this message at 23:05 on Dec 14, 2008

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