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Jun 27, 2004

My '85 325e


Dec 2, 2002


Fun Shoe

Man how things have changed for me:

I got this to compensate:

Dec 8, 2006

You don't need style when you've got strength!

Since I can't find any pictures of my car other than on the track pictures from the last event will have to do. 1988 BMW 325is gutted, bilstien sport shocks, H&R race springs, full poly bushings on everything, falken azenis, HP+ pads and no ac/ps/heavy poo poo. My cheap track rat that can easily hang with M3's and slower porches on technical tracks.

Not pictured the 1990 Nissan Hardbody winter beater.

Lightbulb Out
Apr 28, 2006

slack jawed yokel

I have a number of good ones of mine, but I'm sure most everyone here has seen them.

'90 325is completely stock(until spring). I also juts picked up a baltic blue '84 325e.

It was cold.


Nov 19, 2002

Nothing's wrong. Nothing is wrong. Everything is on track.

'07 Legacy GT Spec B

'06 Buell XB12Ss

May 20, 2004

Baron Von Jagmaur

Everybody's probably seen these before, but mine are

Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas

Jaguar XK8 Convertible

Mercedes 500SEL

And the newest addition, traded the XJS TWR for an Alfa Romeo 164L

Apr 23, 2007

My daily driver 1989 F-150, 4x4, 302. Had just under 67,000 mile on it when I bought it in 05, 84,000 now.

1971 Ford LTD convertible, 429. This car was given to me shortly after I got my truck.


May 20, 2001

Toilet Rascal

My '97 BMW 328i with my wife's '03 Mini Cooper in the background. Both are 5-speeds.

Rubiks Pubes
Dec 5, 2003

I wanted to be a neo deconstructivist, but Mom wouldn't let me.

Z-tube, JWT Popcharger, Nismo exhaust

Beverly Cleavage
Jun 22, 2004

I am a pretty pretty princess, watch me do my pretty princess dance....

My LGT the day after I picked it up next to the g/f's Accent I occasionally use as a commuter (i.e. like when my LGT is down for the count, like right now, or when gas is almost $5/gal. for 93 Oct.)

Sep 10, 2003

'04 Maxima 6spd & '97 ZX-6R Trackbike (yes it's tied down wrong it's an old picture)

Also mine, but in name only (17 year old brother's car):

'96 Accord LX. Purchased for $150

More recently:

The stock headlights were already excellent but drat did a littl help from Hella go a long way

Feb 26, 2007


Soiled Meat

Torque Steer Madness!

Aug 31, 2007
Gamecock land

'00 Ford Taurus SEL, 117K miles.

Aug 1, 2002

Semi-aquatic personification of unstoppable douchery

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman

1997 BMW M3/4

Apr 2, 2003

Beaterrific daily driver 1988 Volvo 240, shown shortly after its purchase:

Three years / about 30k later and I can't wait to get out of it. Hoping to replace it with some form of turbocharged peoplehauler - Mazdaspeed 3, HHR SS, Mini Cooper S, something like that.

One of the few pictures I have of our proper daily driver, the '99 Miata, shown before we got a new top on it:

My '70 GMC, beating up on a Mustang:

Why it beats up on Mustangs:

Four Banger
Oct 28, 2008

My 1991 318is

95% stock, Kenwood 10 disc changer, ssk, and K&N filter.

Aug 23, 2006

by FactsAreUseless

Sure you've all probably seen the 2 threada about it by now, but here's my beast.

1967 VW Type 3 Fastback. Praise the Lowered.

Jan 25, 2004

Oh Bambi, I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy...

`04 Lancer Ralliart

Happier, warmer, times

And this morning, sitting outside, block heater not plugged in and it's -30

Oct 2, 2008

by Ozma

coincidence that goons have lovely cars? i think not.


Feb 23, 2003

'08 Infiniti G37S


Graffiti posted:

coincidence that goons have lovely cars? i think not.

And you're not going to post your car? Okay.

kimcicle fucked around with this message at 17:09 on Dec 14, 2008

Mar 27, 2005

My BMW 325iS Mtech2

Waiting on body work and loads of track bits. Stock interior and apart from the wheels and ride height, stock outside.

Poly-bushed everything, pipercross intake, straight through exhaust.

Waiting on
- BBTB, chip and tune
- Ireland Engineering manifold
- Gaz coilovers
- Some sort of brake upgrade and SS lines
- LSD and 'box refresh
- Bodywork
- Quick 'rack, smaller Mtech 2 steering wheel
- Lighter wheels
- P888s
- Interior sort out

Big K of Justice
Nov 27, 2005

Anyone seen my ball joints?

1998 Turbodiesel Redneck Parade float.

I almost got a HMMWV restoration project but I figured it's prudent to have one project truck at a time.

Was in Camp Pendleton yesterday for a toy drive, I actually had the H1 buffed and waxed and to my amazement the paint didn't flake off

Still got a shitload of work to do with it.

-Needs new front shock pockets, I replaced most of the front end suspension, the shocks are a pain to get into position on the front end.
-Needs new engine/trans skidplate UCP, bent the last one on a rock in Johnson Valley while chasing a race truck. It rubs against the exhaust.
-Needs new door hinges
-Needs 2 door lock actuators for the rear doors
-Need a new air intake snorkel so I can fit my Donaldson TopSpin precleaner.
-Needs new low coolant bulb for the dash
-Needs a new parking brake sensor switch.
-Needs new MAP Sensor / Turbo boost solenoid. My turbo craps out at 5000+ft, its one or the other, and it's and easy swap so I'll replace both.
-Needs new A/C cable, I got a refrigerant leak between the compressor and the cooling stack
-Needs misc missing bolts that the previous owner lost
-Geared Hub/Portal axle spindle seal is leaking air [for the CTI system] on the passenger side front.
-Torn ball joint boot on driver side rear.

Stuff I'd like to do:

-Install lockers, front and rear
-Install warn industrial winch, or a hydraulic winch provided its fed by an industrial pump and not the power steering/brake system.
-Install lightbar with removable HID lights front and rear.
-Add GPS
-Fix body damage on doors and rear fenders
-New paint
-Upgrade to race suspension [$$$$, waiting a while for this]

Big K of Justice fucked around with this message at 17:21 on Dec 14, 2008

Jan 11, 2005
Cobra Commander

2008 Mustang GT

I bought it loaded with everything but the appearnace package and navigation.

Only thing I've done so far is put in a new billet Hurst shifter. I'm planning on doing full exaust with long tubes, intake/ecu, and new suspension. I may change out the rear spoiler to a GT500.

Aug 25, 2005

by Fistgrrl

2004 STi, 322 AWHP 354 ft/lb - 21.5 psi

- ProTuned + Cobb AP1 + GM solenoid
- NGK one step colder plugs
- Cobb turbo back exhaust 3"
- TurboXS FMIC
- Cobb shifter
- RPS Street max clutch

FalconGuy016 fucked around with this message at 18:31 on Dec 17, 2008

Jun 1, 2002

2007 Mazdaspeed 6. Bone stock for now, although Santa is bringing me a downpipe for Christmas

Jul 2, 2007
you spin me right round baby right round.

'08 GTI with DSG, soon to be chipped.

blambert fucked around with this message at 17:34 on Dec 14, 2008

Aug 7, 2004

Phoon and my Cherokee


epix fucked around with this message at 00:45 on Dec 28, 2008

Nov 29, 2008


Yeah, I know, everyone hates automatics. Suck it. Needed an SUV or wagon to replace my pickup with. I hate SUVs. That, and once I wreck it I'ma dump the powertrain into something more fun.

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Dec 28, 2006

1987 Toyota Supra Turbo (Moneypit)

1987 Honda CRX with 118k on the odo, I should take a new pic as I spray enamled the front half of the car to at least get a same color thing going on and I also put on my rims from my sedan.

Nov 17, 2008

Electric Space Famicon

Behold my Godzilla!

Update: Syfon shot!

Taaaaaaarb! fucked around with this message at 19:55 on Dec 18, 2008

Mar 5, 2001

My '82 Dodge Aries Wagon. What can I say? Girls love bench seats!

So far the car has actually made more money then I've spent on it this year.

2.6l Mitsubishi Astron HEMI producing a staggering 114HP. Coming close to 130k miles on the clock.

May 31, 2007

1986 Toyota Pickup 4WD SR5
68k miles
Original everything except for the stereo and speakers I replaced a week after these pictures were taken.

Click here for the full 1600x1200 image.

Click here for the full 1600x898 image.

As a 17 year old and this being my first car I get goosebumps every time I glance at it or drive it to and from school.

Sep 8, 2003

Click here for the full 1600x1200 image.

2003 Neon R/T, basically a nice commuter car with a little bit of spirit in it. I want to take it to a track day one of these days. It's a five speed, which is the only transmission the R/T is produced with.

Edited for table breaking!

FuzzyWuzzyBear fucked around with this message at 17:49 on Dec 14, 2008

Aug 28, 2002

Does a bear split in the woods near Zheleznogorsk?

LobsterboyX posted:

here we go.

my daily driver 1995 buick roadmaster wagon

now with fresh custom built transmission, pcm tune, cold air and some good springs.

1948 buick roadmaster

1958 cadillac sedan devile

I love all of your cars. Did you get the 95 fixed up after the break-in? I dont remember reading a follow up.

To contribute:

I rolled over 100k miles last week.

Aug 18, 2005

Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and come on up to the mothership.

Zenaida posted:

'93 Ford Festiva.

Click here for the full 1780x1335 image.

It's not gonna win any speed or beauty contest (Arty shot taken so as not to show the huge dent in the front left fender) but it's ticked off over 300,000 miles without totally making GBS threads the bed. Affectionately referred to as the Fiestamobile or the Festicle.

Oct 28, 2005
WELL ARNT I JUST MR. LA DE FUCKEN DA. oh yea and i suck cocks too

IOwnCalculus posted:

Three years / about 30k later and I can't wait to get out of it. Hoping to replace it with some form of turbocharged peoplehauler - Mazdaspeed 3, HHR SS, Mini Cooper S, something like that.
I love mine but I wouldn't exactly consider it a people hauler. It works for 4, but lack of rear doors would make it kind of a pain for more than occasional usage for passengers, and if you ever need more than a little cargo space it's a bit lacking if people are back there. Unless you were talking about a Clubman in which case at least the cargo area looks somewhat decent even with the seats up, I'm not sure how much of a difference the club door makes.

Cablekid posted:

As a 17 year old and this being my first car I get goosebumps every time I glance at it or drive it to and from school.
Congratulations! I think the older Toyota pickups look great, although part of that might be cause they remind me of the fixed up black one in Back to the Future.

Dog Paddle
May 1, 2007

by Ozma

1983 Monte SS
This picture is it a few years ago, it now has: 2 wrecks, 3 huge dents, a hole in the front bumper, small dent on the left fender, and a 350

All in all, an awesome car that attracts men and repulses women. Also breaks a lot.

Aug 3, 2006

I think fast track driving is a little like playing the bagpipes, you know, a gentleman can - but doesn't.

Rubiks Pubes posted:

Z-tube, JWT Popcharger, Nismo exhaust

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Color me jealous (running stock). Got it dyno'd?

Sep 4, 2004

I'm not an angel - I'm a Galactic Pioneer.

I. '96 Saturn SL2, sold it

Click here for the full 800x531 image.

II. '99 Volvo V70XC, someone drove into it

III. '98 Volvo V70R, someone drove into it

Click here for the full 800x600 image.

IV. '99 Volvo V70XC, I will die in this car

soccer mom 4 lyfe


Apr 29, 2006

I talk too much about the drat thing as is so here's a shot of my ugly mug Top Gear style.

edit: couldn't resist

1990, 80k miles. The only things I've done are 15x8 949Racing wheels, 225/45 Hankook RS2's along with a Garage Vary front lip.

destructo fucked around with this message at 18:40 on Dec 14, 2008

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