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Mar 17, 2004

Looking for a job in the Orlando Florida area

About me
Have transportation, no criminal history, no drugs etc.

Recently graduated Full Sail University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation.

Skills / Previous employment
Manager at Domino's Pizza; over a year
The basic job was to babysit lazy high schoolers and make unreasonable customers happy. After closing though I counted stock, assessed the usage of ingredients and make times of the pizzas. I did some basic accounting stuff; made sure all the money was there checked our profits and prepared checks and cash for deposit. Drove the deposit to the bank and deposited it. I also trained new employees, bargained customer orders for charities and special events, received and made supply orders, etc. I pretty much did the General Manger's job except for the end-of-week and end-of-month reports to the owner.

Kitchen Help/Cook at Amimoto Japanese restaurant; on and off for about 7 years
This was a local traditional Japanese restaurant. I prepared, cooked (sometimes), plated, and presented dishes. Sounds simple but we sometimes did 60 people in night with just the owner and me in the kitchen. We had someone to was the dishes on weekends (other then me) but other then that it was just him and me. My boss was a perfectionist and the presentation was almost more important then the food on the plate. I had to cut little flowers out of cucumber and stuff like that. other then that there was taking orders from customers, giving directions and dealing with complaints. I was usually the only person who spoke English nativity so I had to solve a lot of mis-communication. I had to deal with the type of people that try to take advantage of small restaurants by making a scene, saying that the food was bad after they had eaten it all and demanding refunds. Usually I would call the cops and make sure they didn't leave before the cops got there...

Looking for
Pretty much anything. I'd like to make 8.50-9.50+ so I can afford to not live with my parents up in South Carolina.

Contact Me
I have a demo reel on my temporary website at I am currently working on a new one. Full Sail only gives you 3 months to come up with your assets and I have a ton of problems during those months. Sickness, corruption of files, etc. /excuses
Contact info and resume are on that site.


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