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May 8, 2008


Subjunctive posted:

Whoa whoa whoa, letís not jump to conclusions here.

Subjunctive posted:

Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not jump to conclusions here.

Guess I should wake up before posting because went right over my head...


Feb 17, 2006

Software Developers, infrastructure automation, "DevOps Engineers" - SF, Iowa, Illinois, or remote

Who we are: Granular - a software company helping farmers use technology to run stronger businesses. We have several software products ranging from business management and task assignment, to data science and sattelite imagery processing, all in the agriculture sector, with customers all over the world. Agriculture is less affected by the pandemic than most industries, and it feels good to work in a net-positive industry.

Where we are: San Francisco and Des Moines, IA, with a few other smaller locations. Our entire workforce is currently remote, but even in normal circumstances a sizeable portion is fully remote (including me). I don't know the exact number, but I would guess about 20% of 400ish employees.

What we're looking for: Software developers. I'm specifically hoping to find folks for our Cloud Engineering roles, but we also have quite a few other engineering and non-engineering roles available, and I'll happily advocate you for anything that you're a good fit for:

For the Cloud Engineering roles (insert vape jokes), we're looking for software developers that have infrastructure experience (what lots of places call "DevOps Engineers" but that's wrong and off-topic). I believe we have two openings for Senior Software Engineer, Cloud (Developer Experience) and one for Senior Software Engineer, Cloud (Infrastructure). The former is more focused on developer tooling and the latter leans more towards SRE, but it's all one team and the tools and responsibilities are shared.

The roles involve infrastructure as code (Terraform), software development (mostly Python, some Go, some other languages), CI/CD (we're moving away from Jenkins if that helps), and AWS-based infrastructure that ranges from straight EC2 instances to Kubernetes to Lambda functions. The various software products were separately developed, so the architectures vary quite a bit and that keeps the job interesting.

The Cloud Engineers are our own team, however we're anything but siloed. The application developers write their own Terraform and other IaC, we're just there for assistance as needed and to keep the pipelines as short, safe, and frictionless as possible. We have developer experience software tools that we have created, so the role involves software development as well. The whole organization is on the same page with "automate everything" being the mantra, so there's limited toil but lots of room for automation improvements. We're all on the same team a la the acual idea behind DevOps.

There is unfortunately an on-call rotation, but the rotation is about once every 12 weeks and my two rotations so far have been very easy.

Salary: Not FAANG, but we pay well as far as I can tell. I don't have insight into the ranges, but I started in October and am very happy with the salary I negotiated as a remote senior developer with almost 20 years of experience, including 7+ years of "juicy" DevOps experience - the kind that recruiters step over their own mothers for. We're eager to find someone for the team to sit in the San Francisco office, so if you're a fit for the role and you live in SF, you probably have additional leeway here.

Benefits: high 401(k) match, 12 weeks maternity and 6 weeks paternity (I think), unlimited PTO - I know I know, but they're aware of the stigma that comes with this and from what I've seen so far, they encourage people to take all the time they need. For instance, during the pandemic, we're working half-days on Wednesdays and everyone, especially parents, are encouraged to step away whenever needed, no questions asked. It's a great company, and so far for me they've hit all the right marks regarding work-life balance, happy employees, and being responsible.

Contact: PM or email me at

Jun 3, 2007

Drum Solo

College Slice

Job Seeker

My experience: 20 years working in IT, roughly 10 working in management/business development. Helped a new MSP grow from $0 to over $1m revenue in 3 years. Help desk, Linux/Windows system administration, sales engineering, executive-level, MSP management, documentation, sales support, process and procedure efficiency, workplace analytics, public speaking.

What I'm looking for: Operations or process-focused role where I can help an IT department become more efficient and effective

What I'm NOT looking for: End user-facing roles (e.g. systems/helpdesk escalation), software engineering, direct sales

Where I live: Sonoma County, California

Where I'm looking: Sonoma County, California OR the Greater Seattle Area

When I can start: Shortly OR After moving to Seattle area; relocation help is a big plus but not required

Requirements: Full-time, regular business hours schedule, paternity leave and occasional WFH possibility are big pluses

Can be reached via: Forums PM or email: christopher @

FreshFeesh fucked around with this message at 04:00 on Apr 28, 2020

Apr 5, 2004
Move along.

My employer is looking for a Rails developer:

- Minimum 1-year experience designing and building data-driven web applications, preferably with Ruby on Rails or similar MVC framework
- Knowledge of object-oriented programming techniques
- HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, AJAX
- Database design and knowledge of SQL
- Experience developing in a team environment using Git-based version control and software development lifecycle methodologies
- Ability to apply logical thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw conclusions
- Ability to handle multiple tasks and assignments in parallel and adapt quickly to changing priorities
- Experience with code reviews, process-driven development methodologies and automated testing (RSpec, Junit, Cucumber, etc.) preferred
- Experience working in a virtual and devops environments utilizing virtual machines, containers, and continuous integration/deployment tools preferred
- Experience working with Linux and the command line preferred
- Experience working in a Scrum agile development environment preferred
- Knowledge of biology and/or statistics a plus
- Remote work requires a stable and fast internet connection for use with organizational laptop

The minimum salary is listed as $55,000, but it's just that - a minimum. You won't get rich, but you won't work any weekends, either. I think it's a pretty nice place to work.

More info here:

GLBRC is a research center on the UW Madison campus. We're about halfway through our 3rd 5-year grant - theoretically, all of our jobs could disappear at the end of that grant, but it has been renewed twice so far (so, we're actually in the 13th or maybe 14th year of the organization, I believe).

We've been working remotely during the pandemic, but generally we all work at the office, aside from days or half-days people are snowed in or waiting at home all morning for a repairman.

Feel free to post or PM me with questions, but I'm not on all the time these days, so I may not reply immediately.

Peristalsis fucked around with this message at 18:03 on Apr 28, 2020

Oct 10, 2006

Na na na na na na na na Batman!

The VA is hiring IT professionals of many different stripes nationwide FYI

klosterdev fucked around with this message at 19:23 on May 2, 2020

Jan 19, 2006

edit: positions filled

BabyJebus fucked around with this message at 19:39 on May 16, 2020

Apr 19, 2009


Senior IT Engineer - Cloud/Linux specialty - Seattle Area

Who we are: Bungie - a video game developer. We used to make Halo, and now we're making Destiny 2. We have between 500-1000 employees, and millions of players worldwide.

Where we are: Bellevue, WA. (remote to start, but must be willing to relocate when ~this~ is over, can NOT support permanently remote employees at this time)

What we're looking for: A Senior IT Engineer, with a focus on cloud experience and Linux experience, especially at scale.

The job is this: we have been a primarily Windows-based shop (formerly owned by MS, a lot of former MS employees) but we're working on expanding into more Linux tech (general SA, automation/orchestration, containers) and more cloud tech (we have some presence in all 3 big providers). We're looking for somebody with deep experience in one or both of these areas, especially at scale. If we want to run a fleet of 1000 Linux VMs in AWS... what do we need to know? What are the tools for doing this? What are the things NOT to do? Our IT Engineering team tends to have broad general skills (e.g. we can all handle generating our own SSL certificates and you don't need to ask somebody else to make you DNS records or anything) with a couple of specialties per person (networking, or collaboration software, or AD/Windows, etc).

For a senior position, we're looking for somebody with experience running large projects, who can handle things like a budget and talking to vendors, and somebody who can help mentor and train junior engineers in their specialties. This team is responsible for both the studio and its internal operations, as well as running the external production services for our online games.

Salary/Benefits: The salaries at Bungie are competitive for the area, especially on the IT Engineering team. The benefits at Bungie are awesome, and the best I've had in my career.

Partial list of benefits cribbed from our Careers site:
  • Competitive Salaries with Performance and Profit Sharing Bonuses
  • Excellent Domestic and International Relocation Assistance
  • 401(k) Dollar for Dollar Matching up to 6% with No Vesting Period
  • Generous Paid Time Off plan for vacation, sick days, personal wellness, and floating holidays (seriously, a lot of paid time off)
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance for Employees and Dependents (seriously, good insurance)
  • Paid Parental Leave and Back-up Child Care
  • Sometimes, you get to play video games at your desk all day
  • Very casual environment and team
  • And way way more...

Contact: PM or email me at madsushi /at/
I'm happy to talk about the role or the team, and answer any questions. I can also send you a direct referral link for the position.

Other IT-related Job Postings:
Bungie IT Openings - We have a few other IT openings, I'd be happy to answer questions about any of them if you're interested in another posting.

Elitist Bitch
Sep 13, 2007

I'm a local who keeps an eye on Bungie's postings but I'm not senior level, mind if I hit you up for a referral link if something more up my alley pops up?

Lutha Mahtin
Oct 10, 2010

My rampant shitposting has broke my brain beyond repair. I have no redeemable qualities and wish to be put out of my shitposting misery for good. TIA!

people with law degrees thirsting after bungie engineering jobs explains a lot about the state of destiny

Elitist Bitch
Sep 13, 2007

I don't have a law degree? My degree is in programming.

Aug 25, 2009

I have a master's in Gambit

Oct 7, 2004


madsushi posted:

Other IT-related Job Postings:
Bungie IT Openings - We have a few other IT openings, I'd be happy to answer questions about any of them if you're interested in another posting.
Anything you can add to the associate sys admin listing? I mentioned it to the wife and she perked up about Seattle area being a possibility.


Mar 16, 2008

official yospos cat censor

ilkhan posted:

Anything you can add to the associate sys admin listing? I mentioned it to the wife and she perked up about Seattle area being a possibility.

according to madsushi when i asked him and sent in my terrible resume for that job

The ASA position is actually a level above what I usually consider normal help desk duties.

General ladder:
Helpdesk Support Tech - you're helping end-users and doing tickets 100% of the time

Product Support Tech - you're helping end-users and also fixing some application stuff 100% of the time

Associate Sys Admin - you're helping end-users sometimes (20-30%), usually via escalation, fixing some application stuff (20-30%), and working 40-50% on projects (solo or as an assist), Active Directory stuff, etc. You're not checking the queue, tickets would come to you as escalation.

Sys Admin - the only tickets you get are escalations from ASAs, you're working on internal systems and services for the majority of your job

Senior Sys Admin - you're the last line of escalation before it goes to engineering, working on larger projects, especially acting as an assist for engineering, etc.

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