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Charles Dexter Ward
Sep 7, 2007

I.T Zander posted:

Windows XP Server edition


May 26, 2005
Skyway wanderer

Not to derail too hard, but I was thinking the exact same thing.

May 25, 2006

Reverend Moo

You MIGHT want to check into retail jobs, just as a parachute ya know.

Mar 18, 2005


Who we are: Translattice
Where: Santa Clara, CA (Bay area)
Title: Distributed Systems Developer (two positions one senior and one junior)
Job Posting:
Description (from the craigslist ad):You will develop systems and application software for a high performance distributed platform while working as part of a small team in a creative environment. You will have opportunities to contribute to the core platform technology, as well as to architect, develop, and extend the application software. Skills Required: Exceptional C programming skills and superior knowledge of data structures and algorithms; experience developing and debugging on Unix systems; good C++ programming skills; solid understanding of network programming, multi-threaded processes and concurrency issues, locking, and event driven asynchronous systems. Understanding of higher level Internet protocols such as IMAP and LDAP desirable.

Basically we are looking for bright people who really know how to program. The work environment is pretty fun and the problems we are working on are challenging.

Feel free to apply through the craigslist link. If you have any questions you can PM, AIM: omajereo, or email me (I allow email through the forums). Send me a message if you apply also, I'm interested in if anyone reads this.

Wam fucked around with this message at May 12, 2009 around 17:53

Oct 8, 2002

Edit: Positions filled/closed by non-goons.

Ethangar fucked around with this message at Jul 26, 2009 around 17:25

Mar 21, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Sorry CA goons, I took a week off to get married. First post updated now.

Maneki Neko
Oct 27, 2000

EDIT: This position has been filled, I believe by a non goon.

Maneki Neko fucked around with this message at May 18, 2009 around 15:20

Oct 2, 2008

by Ozma

"Work with Misogynist in Cold Spring Harbor, NY! Details here!"

As a side note i am work in the IT department for the Mechanical Company doing the work down at the lab, who knows, i might call you one day!

Aug 14, 2000

I've got the worst fucking attorneys


Magicmat fucked around with this message at Oct 20, 2009 around 05:52

Oct 8, 2002

Magicmat posted:

I'm a college kid taking a year off to work in order to save up some money for school. Right now, what is the computer-related job most open for a college kid with minimal experience?

Well, when we look at interns or junior guys, we don't expect a big shipped product. Hell, you'd be surprised how many senior engineers have never actually been with a project from start to ship (most of them). What you need to show off is your interest in programming. Put the projects you HAVE done in a nice portfolio and show them off.

Everyone starts somewhere, and walking in as a kid will have people expecting very little. You only stand to impress with some actual tangible projects.

Nov 28, 2006

My situation: Laid off from a small business based out of Granbury, TX that brokered armored vehicles internationally. Boss hired a CJ in Dubai, didn't think he'd need me anymore. Since there's no opportunities in Granbury, I'll be moving in with a friend in Phoenix, AZ (Mesa) (it makes more sense for me to move to PHX and crash on my friend's couch for a bit than it does to commute 1.5 - 2 hours to DFW for a month or so). I'm still trying to get through school, but I'll schedule classes around whatever job I have.

My experience: (I'm sorry if this is long winded) Student working towards a BSc Computer Science. Computer Science classes taken have been with Java. I've gotten into the basics of PHP and Ruby on Rails. For airsoft, I programmed an Arduino to behave like the bomb from Counter-Strike. (it used LEDs and a speaker) Have working knowledge of HTML / CSS, definitely know my way around Plesk / CPanel / phpMyAdmin. I know Wordpress like the back of my hand, I've messed with an awful lot of CMS's (WP, ExpressionEngine, Joomla, e107, PostNuke) and forums as a hobby since I was fourteen. (21 now) I've probably built around thirty computers by now.

At the armored vehicle company, I put up two Wordpress based websites, managed their emails with Plesk, and implemented SugarCRM. I made the company overhaul their security, as for passwords they were using dictionary words followed by numerical sequences (i.e. poodle1234) as well as an archaic wireless router with WEP. I made all of the technology purchase decisions and did their brochures / quotes. For several months I also did QA for Gearbox Software, where I tested Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. So I'm familiar with JIRA as well.

What I'm looking for: Entry level / CJ / help desk / paid intern type work.
What I'm NOT looking for: Retail / Sales
Where I live: Granbury, TX (looking to relocate)
Where I'm looking: Phoenix, AZ area
When I can start: Late May, possibly earlier if needed ASAP
Requirements: Health insurance is a must.
Can be reached via: This thread, PM,
edit: I've updated my website so that it catalogues most of the stuff I've done pretty well

zorch fucked around with this message at Apr 24, 2009 around 09:16

Grid Commander
Jan 7, 2007

thank you mr. morrison

edit: no longer looking

Grid Commander fucked around with this message at May 27, 2009 around 20:15

Nov 29, 2004
Resident SRT-4 Expert

Grid Commander posted:

My situation: I'm thinking it would be interesting to move somewhere new. I've lived in the same area for my entire life.

My experience: Professional developer with 10 years of experience at industry leading companies.
Microsoft, Real Networks, Dendreon, Wizards of the Coast, Visible Technologies, and WebMD.
I know all the technologies that cool cats should know.
Networking, WebServices, Desktop and Web Programming using whatever language that you want.
In short the things I've worked on, you've almost definitely heard of and personally used.

What I'm looking for: Senior Software Design Engineer
What I'm NOT looking for: Mid level work or less. STE, SDET 1, 2, SDE 1
Where I live: Seattle, WA (looking to relocate)
Where I'm looking: Doesn't matter to me. Though an interesting climate and affordable housing is a plus. Interesting climate to me means it doesn't rain as much and it's not so cold.
When I can start: Whenever you need. I'm self employed and I share that responsibility with others that can help take over the work.
Requirements: 6 figures.
Can be reached via:

Also, for those that are looking for work in Seattle... I'm pretty well connected and could help you land something here.
Drop me a line if the Seattle area interests you.

Ever been to Austin? You wouldn't have a problem finding work there. We don't have any openings right now, but you shouldn't have a problem making 6 figures up there.

Dec 14, 2004


I'm looking for an summer internship (4-8 weeks) in the US right now. I'm studying Bioinformatics, so something related to life sciences would be cool. If anybody has a suggestion, please let me know!

Dec 27, 2007

He has come home, where he belongs. The Ancient Mariner returns to lead his first team to glory, forever and ever. Amen!

We hired someone, please remove my job posting from the OP. Thanks!

Apr 8, 2004

Garnet and black? More like gold and blue or whatever the fuck colors these are

My dad sent me a huge list of defense contractors, hopefully this will help somebody. If you have a clearance you're as good as hired with almost any of them. He works for Harris and they're always hiring people in their Melbourne, FL and Arlington, VA campuses.

Life Cycle Engineering Inc
American Systems Corp
Oracle Corporation
American Systems Corp
Enterprise Warehousing Solutions, Inc.
Eagan McAllister Associates, Inc.
Capstone Corp.
Raytheon Technical Services
CACI Systems. Inc.
Raytheon Technical Services
Northrup Grumann Comptek PRB
Bowhead Support Services
Progeny Systems Corp.
Honeywell Technology Solutions
Clearforest Corp.
Computer Science Corp
Metrica, Inc.
Harold and Associates
Chiliad Publishing
Mitretek Systems Inc.
IPI Grammtech LTD
Buchannan & Edwards Inc.
Sun Microsystems Inc
Buchannan & Edwards Inc.
Northrop Gumman Information Tech
Fed Consulting Inc.
Microstrategy, Inc.
Capstone Corp.
Glo-Tech (Global Systems Technology)
Northrup Grumman
Lockheed Martin
Harris Corp.
Rockwell, Int.

Aug 16, 2002


My experience: 10+ years in IT doing tech support, 4 of which doing network and system admin mostly with linux in a hosting environment. My biggest weaknesses are that I don't have a degree, and I'm not a programmer (but I can troubleshoot and patch together PHP or Perl scripts.)
keywords: PHP, MySQL (command line queries esp.), Linux, Cisco IOS/CatOS, IMAP/Exim and other email protocols, DNS, Apache, etc.
What I'm looking for: System/network admin job, preferably in a datacenter
What I'm NOT looking for: entry-level
Where I live: Kansas City
When I can start: Pretty much as soon as possible.
Requirements: Health insurance is a must
Can be reached via: PM, email

Mudcrab Merchant
Dec 28, 2008

Please pay in exact change.

Position filled, thank you goons!

Mudcrab Merchant fucked around with this message at Dec 31, 2009 around 13:23

Jan 11, 2003

Get off my lawn.


Unfortunately, this position has been dropped. I'll update if it opens up again.

My boss and I are currently looking for someone with some formal test, network, and wireless experience.

What we're looking for: A test/QA engineer who will step up and own tasks given to him/her, with experience in core networking (LAN/WAN, WiFi b/g/n) and some understanding of 3G wireless technologies (CDMA 1x/EVDO, GSM/UMTS GPRS/EDGE/HSPA). Previous experience working with embedded devices that run Linux is very helpful. Some basic programming skills (Perl/C/C++) are also helpful. This position will be responsible for generating and executing system and functional software tests on our products and should have experience writing test plans, executing tests, tracking bugs, managing software builds and releases, and going to lunch at 11AM before the crowds show up.

Concerning the test writing and development, there is very little in the way of requirements and other documentation (though I'm working on that) so a keen understanding of how networks operate and how the technologies we use as a system work together will be key. And, for poops and giggles, once the tests are written, we'd like to automate them. Any skills you have in systems engineering, mechanical or electrical design, and/or successfully cracking wise will give you an edge.

What we're not looking for: People who lack a basic understanding of all the systems and technologies mentioned above. People who don't communicate well. People who don't play well with others. People who have problems working for a fat guy (me). People who have problems working without close supervision and constant direction.

Location: Sunny San Diego, California

Approximate opening date: Last week would be awesome. (Read: immediately.)

Benefits: Health, Dental, Aflac (if you're nice they'll give you a stuffed duck), 401k, basic life insurance

Notes: We're a pretty small organization that has been around about five years. This position may (or may not) report to me, but will certainly report to my boss if nothing else. A word of caution: we regularly are involved in firedrill tasks, meaning that things were not planned out and we have to make up for it. It is frustrating sometimes but we solider on. YMMV.

Contact: PM me or send e-mail to with your resume and why you think you piss excellence.

Mackieman fucked around with this message at May 14, 2009 around 16:24

electronic jew
Nov 19, 2003
pastor of muppets

My experience: 3.9 years as a hardware engineer (BSEE '05) with a fair share of firmware/software programming. A serious hobby is web programming (LAMP/html/css/js).
What I'm looking for: Hardware engineering design, or a web-services company (Google, Yahoo, startup) willing to consider a hardware engineer
Where I live: North San Jose, CA
Where I'm looking: San Francisco, or failing that anywhere in the SF bay area.
When I can start: ~2-3 weeks after signing on the dotted line.
Requirements: Exciting enough to pull me away from my current employer (semiconductor IC manufacturer).

Can be reached via: PM

Oct 31, 2006

Ha Ha Ha HaHa Ha

Anyone got anything junior IT related in Western Australia? Bit of a long shot I guess.

Jun 21, 2004

vanjalolz posted:

Anyone got anything junior IT related in Western Australia? Bit of a long shot I guess.

You might have better luck on the OCAU forums ( or Wirlpool ( Realistically though, Seek seems to be the most used job listing site in Australia, so you'd probably be well off to give it a go along side your forum searching.

Feb 22, 2003

She is a cat of significant gravy.


I'm a CJ and another tech at the local Sheriffs office quit full time but he's still on part time. The last guy did not understand what "name of the server" meant, but he knew how to use Access. The database that you'll help support is on Windows ME or 98 or some stupid OS because something was written in VisualBasic and can't be easily ported over to something worthwhile. You won't have to work near me, you would be about one mile away so you won't be able to smell me. You'll get to see us every other Tuesday though.

Who they are: Williamson County Sheriffs Office in Tennessee
Where: Franklin, TN
Title: Juvenile Services System Technician
Description: The Williamson County Government Juvenile Services Department is accepting applications for a Computer Systems Technician. This position will support the information technology system for the offices of the Williamson County Juvenile Services Department. Must have programing experience with Microsoft Access database as well as experience with Windows XP operating systems and Novell client/server software. Must be able to respond after hours for critical system problems for those offices that are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you wish to get into the exciting world of computer janitoring you can apply here:
They are no longer accepting applications

As far as I know you won't be supporting their network.

If they offer the same benefits as the rest of the county you get full health insurance and some other goodies. Full time employees have 5% taken from each pay check to pay into TCRS which is a retirement fund for Tennessee government workers.

Edit: I should not have put who "we" are, changed it to who "they" are. I am a tech for the general county, the job is for the Sheriffs Office which is funded by the county.

Edit 2: More information on that database, it's one of those databases that people think are far more important than it really is. There's nothing super complicated with it according to the director of IT.

Yaos fucked around with this message at May 15, 2009 around 19:14

Sep 14, 2003
custom text: never ending story

Job Title: Ruby on Rails developer
Location: Seattle, WA
Benefits: Health, Dental, 401k, basic life insurance, >= 3 weeks paid leave a year

What we're looking for: A third core Rails developer to round out our team. Someone who can own a feature or problem and run with it, rather than needing a lot of babysitting. Experienced web programmers familiar with MVC frameworks. Professional Rails experience preferred but NOT a requirement. If you've done something more than a "hello, world" and want to be thrown head-first into a professional Rails project, we want to talk to you.

What we're not looking for: People who hate church, Agile development practices, or macs.

Notes: Offered pay tends toward the high end of the listing scale, as due to the nature of the product and the immaturity of the Rails career ecosystem, a well-matched candidate is hard to find. If this sounds like a fit for you, it probably is, and we're going to do our best to make sure you're compensated accordingly. We are willing to relocate you as well. Also, we won't make you work 8-5 and you can work flex time, but don't tell HR.

Also, it's not the Fox-news watching, James Dobson-spouting, moralist-scolding right wing atmosphere you might fear from a Bible publishing company. We don't filter your internet, we won't fire you for cussing, and Friday is beer day. We expect professionalism, not monoculture.

Contact: PM me or email your application to

niralisse fucked around with this message at May 7, 2009 around 16:11

Mar 21, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night.

niralisse posted:

What we're not looking for: People who hate church, Agile development practices, or macs.
So, goons?

Job added to the list, good luck!

Sep 14, 2003
custom text: never ending story

brc64 posted:

So, goons?

I should clarify that further, we love church, we practice agile development, and use macs. If you hate churches you won't understand our market, if you hate agile development you won't like our development timelines, and if you hate macs, well, you'll just have to run Windows on the one we give you. Unfortunately yeah, that tends to describe many a goon! But here's to hoping that there's a lurker in here somewhere that would be a good fit!

niralisse fucked around with this message at May 7, 2009 around 18:12

Jan 8, 2001

My experience: 3 years supporting Windows-based networks for small to medium sized (<50 user) offices. Mac experience. Ten months helpdesk, and 10 years home user support.
What I'm looking for: Some kind of internal support position. I'll consider Helpdesk, too.
What I'm NOT looking for: Software development; contractors. I want somethine regular and fulltime in a stable environment.
Where I live: Toronto, Canada.
Where I'm looking: Toronto, Canada
When I can start: Four months ago .
Requirements: Health insurance. In the case of help desk, documentation is king!
Can be reached via:PM,

Remove -_-MAGIC-_- from email address.

Dec 20, 2005

It's Burst Into Flames!

My experience: B.S. in Education (not tech related) Soon to have A.S in C.S. Networking. 3+ years tech support and administration at 150+ workstation school.
What I'm looking for: A job in the CS field preferably networking; Entry level with advancement okay.
What I'm NOT looking for: Upper Level
Where I live: Chattanooga, TN (looking to relocate)
Where I'm looking: Throughout the south including VA.
When I can start: June 2
Requirements: Health insurance, dental, full time.
Can be reached via: PM,

mad for pancakes
Jul 21, 2001

My situation: Just graduated from college in upstate NY and looking to relocate to California or somewhere else warm.

My experience: B.S. in Computer Science and 2 years working for PAETEC doing bug fixing. Also have some QA experience from working at PAETEC.
What I'm looking for: Entry-level software development or testing with Java, C/C++, etc.
What I'm NOT looking for: Helpdesk
Where I live: Rochester, NY
Where I'm looking: California, Texas, NC, SC, Seattle, NYC
When I can start: July
Requirements: full time, benefits

Check out my resume here for more details and my contact information.

Aug 6, 2006

The position was filled, please remove.

Mar 21, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night.

mezoth posted:

The position was filled, please remove.
Done. Any idea if it was filled by a goon?

Dec 17, 2002


Oh, why not...

My experience: 2 years experience as an Information Architect / User Experience Developer, B.S. in Informatics from Indiana University, Human Computer Interaction related project with research publication
What I'm looking for: Any Information Architect / User Experience Developer positions
What I'm NOT looking for: Non-IA/UX related jobs
Where I live: North West Indiana (commuting distance to Chicago)
Where I'm looking: Anywhere. But would need full-time position outside of Chicago.
When I can start: Now
Requirements: See above
Can be reached via: This thread, PM,

Aug 6, 2006

brc64 posted:

Done. Any idea if it was filled by a goon?

It was not, to my knowledge. I only had one point of interest from a goon, and sadly they were underqualified for the position.

Mar 20, 2004

dirty internet pirate

I just lost my job, but have been trying to break into some form of IT or computer work anyways as retail management doesn't challenge me in the right way. Ideally I would like to get into Network/Systems administration and/or security, but I need more IT experience and training first and am (slowly) working on my degree.

My experience: 4 years intermittent experience installing and maintaining a large variety of electronic equipment, computers, and basic networks in a small office and retail store setting, in between clerical/customer service/management tasks. A+/Network+/Security+. Professional experience in MS Office, Quickbooks Pro, and basic Windows Server/Exchange administration. Familiarity with C/C++, PHP, SQL, HTML. Starting to learn RoR. Windows/OS X/UNIX/Linux experience.
What I'm looking for: Entry level IT or Helpdesk, entry level web development, paid intern, or any job with computers.
What I'm NOT looking for: Retail, but I'm open to suggestions.
Where I live: San Francisco Bay Area (Marin)
Where I'm looking: California, but I'm willing to consider relocation if it's worth it.
When I can start: Today.
Requirements: Full time. Preferably with benefits.
Can be reached via: PM, email link in profile.

Aug 1, 2005

My experience: Linux/OS X/Windows 95->XP OS experience, three years ASP.NET and C#, two years Ruby on Rails and Ruby microframeworks, learning Python and Django. SVN, Git, PL/SQL and T-SQL. One term away from a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics, with focuses on numerical and algorithmic analysis.
What I'm looking for: Web development and design with a team that tests and refactors.
What I'm NOT looking for: Hardware tech support.
Where I live: Philadelphia, PA
Where I'm looking: Anywhere near Philadelphia that has easy access to public transportation, or allows telecommuting.
When I can start: Today.
Requirements: Part time with the possibility of permanent work.
Can be reached via: This thread, e-mail address:

Apr 3, 2009

My experience: 4+ years working as Tech Support and Technology Coordinator for a medium-size (approx. 200 workstations) K-12 school environment. Experienced in Windows Server 2003/XP client/server configuration, with some Linux and Novell experience. Associates Degree in Networking Technology and CompTIA Network+ Certification
What I'm looking for: Something in Tech Support, Network/System Administration, Server Maintenance
What I'm NOT looking for: Programming (I have some experience with scripting and such, but nothing as far as stuff like VB, C++, etc. goes).
Where I live: Southwest Missouri (near Springfield)
Where I'm looking: Springfield, MO Area
When I can start: Anytime
Requirements: Standard insurance benefits (dental/health, I'm a Type 1 diabetic so it's basically essential), vacation, etc.
Can be reached via: E-Mail: olddrunkninja \@/ (I can refer you to my e-mail I've been using for job searches once I'm contacted here, since this isn't exactly the most "professional" looking address, I know)

Apr 17, 2006


5 years clerical work in libraries. Recently, about two years of misc. under the table tech support stuff, working in generally horrible networking conditions with no budget or sympathy from the management. Read: 20 host network without a server and in some cases no commercial anti virus. They "discovered" I was good with computers and set me about "solving" their tech issues. I still don't want my fingerprints on their train wreck. They didn't increase my pay, and their constant praise and rear end kissing isn't making up for that anymore. I'm not being arrogant, I'm just tired of going to these committee meetings where I try to explain why $1000/year just won't cut it for the tech budget to a bunch of 50 year old women.

In other news, I'm a Junior CS major / math minor with a perfect streak of 4.0's in EE and CS classes and a 3.7 calculus GPA. Python, Java, Linux skills.

What I'm looking for: Part time internship, anything programming or Unix related.
What I'm NOT looking for: Enterprise class IT poo poo.
Where I live: Spokane / NE Washington area.
When I can start: After current employer notification period.
Requirements: Part time, local.
Can be reached via: PM or email.

Mar 21, 2008

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Do any of you use LinkedIn? I have a profile on there but I really don't "get" the site... it looks like it has the potential to be a really powerful networking tool, but it doesn't seem very well organized and I always get frustrated when I'm on it.

"Your profile is 55% complete you lazy bum"

Any tips? Are the job searches directly linked to your connections, meaning the more connections I make, the better search results I get? I really don't get it. Anyway, if anybody wants my profile send me an email or PM. I talk a lot of poo poo about my employer here so it's probably in my best interest to not publicly post who it is.

Mar 20, 2004

dirty internet pirate

brc64 posted:

Any tips? Are the job searches directly linked to your connections, meaning the more connections I make, the better search results I get?

I don't know too much about it, but afaik the searches aren't related to your connections. It's more that having more connections and recommendations from other people makes the people posting the jobs more likely to look at your application.

That's why you'll see stuff like this:

It's supposed to be a more automated networking tool, so you can get connected with employers based on connections through people you know and what they say about you without having to have them formally introduce you.

It seems pretty nice, but the caveat is that you need to know a bunch of people (or at least one I guess) who are also on LinkedIn and are willing to update their page and give you recommendations so you seem legit and not like some crazy person on the internet.


Feb 22, 2007
Serial Poster ? I prefer " Social Intelligifier " .

My Experience : 1+ Year in a lab working on Windows client/server 2k/XP/2k3, Cisco IOS (CCNA level), some Red Hat, some Netware, A+, Net+, Active Directory, and MCSA level knowledge of 2k/XP/2k3 systems. 6 months help desk at Liberty Medical, 3+ years customer service at Radioshack, and 2+ years working PT for a local company Precision 1 PC.

What I'm looking for:Computer Janitor. Entry-level, help desk or {hopefully)junior network engineer
What I'm NOT looking for: Retail. God, do I hate retail.
Where I live: Milwaukee, WI
Where I'm Looking:Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, or Waukesha if the price is right
When I can start:Now
Requirements: The paycheck clears. I keep it simple.
Can be reached via: email -, Either or will work.

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