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Feb 9, 2010

Seeking Computer Systems Analyst I candidates at two locations in Texas.

Who are we?
Applied Training Solutions. We provide technical services for US Government simulation systems as well as are developing an in house simulation focused on disaster response (FEMA type situations.)

Where are we?
We have contractors national wide, but are looking to hire in the Killeen and El Paso, TX areas.

When:As soon as possible.
Remote? No.
Relocation No.

Job Description
Provide training units with a simulation environment utilizing Joint Component Constructive Training Federation (JLCCTC) Multi-Resolution Federation (MRF) and / or Entity Resolution Federation (ERF) hardware and software configured to the specifications provided by the Military Training Manager. Interpret simulation plans in order to install and configure hardware and software in a TCP/IP network environment on systems running Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux operating systems. Shall be proficient with current and future versions of simulation operating software and hardware fielded to the Battle Command Training Center.

What we actually need:
In plain english, operate assigned proprietary simulations running on a RHEL 7/Windows 7/Server 2012 enclave environment, and be able to perform basic trouble shooting from the command line in linux (seriously, we just need you to be able to type ifconfig and ping other hosts.) We can train you on all the systems, we hire on potential, not experience. There is no work experience requirement for this job, BUT there are two non-negotiables. You must either possess or be able to obtain DoD IAT Level 1 technician certification within 6 months of hire (A+ OR Network+ OR Security+, look up the table here: You must either posses a Secret or higher security clearance or be able to obtain one.

What's it like to work here?
The work environment is very good overall. You will be expected to work 0730-1630 M-F, with overtime during certain exercises. You may travel to other training sites up to 10% of the time, but usually will be travelling less than 2 weeks a year and probably won't travel at all during your first year of employment.

The position offers healthcare, dental, 401k, (initially) 2 weeks PTO/year, and 5 days paid sick leave/year.

The bad
This is an SCA position, your pay is set by the McNamara-O'Hara Service Contract Act, so there is very little room for negotiation.

401k match is weak.

How to apply
This position is open until filled. Start by shooting me a PM or emailing me at mriley AT


Apr 24, 2004

Iím looking for penetration testers ó I have some potential projects coming in that need pen testing and I want to subcontract those out. PM me for more info.

Jun 17, 2007

Are you looking at me Senpai?

Grimey Drawer

So my original post on this from months ago got completely blown away thanks to a companywide hiring freeze. Only recently did we get the go-ahead to explore getting someone in on a part-time or contract basis, or outsourcing. I've made minor tweaks and am now actively looking for people. Edit: as of now it's a 1099 basis only. We have to be able to pay a company, not a person, due to budget garbage.

Who we are: A media company, headquartered in Indianapolis. The company has radio, TV, and publishing clusters in I think 9 cities in the US. Another division of the company has also recently developed an Android app that allows you to listen to live radio from stations around the country.

Where we are: This office is in NYC in the West Village, with easy and fast walks from Christopher St. PATH stop, Houston St. 1 train stop, or West 4th B/D/F/M/A/C/E stop. There's also a few parking garages nearby if you want to chance Holland Tunnel traffic.

What we're looking for: 1st tier helpdesk/desktop support. You'd be working with me (senior sysadmin) as your supervisor. 1-2 years' experience in some form of full-time end-user IT support minimum. As long as your environment has AD and Exchange, either on-prem or Office 365, it'll probably cover the requirement. The position is 30 hours a week, preferably 5 days but we can flex the schedule. It's first shift, start time can be anywhere between 8 AM and 9:30 AM. The role is strictly a contract with no extension promised. Last day is 2/28/18 unless things change. I don't want to oversell something I can't deliver on.

It's an AD environment, 95% Windows 7 PCs, eventually moving to Win 10 with a rollout of new equipment. Remaining 5% are Macs on OSX 10.10.5 with an upgrade to El Capitan coming for around 10 or so Macs. MS Office, basic PC hardware/software troubleshooting, networked printers and a few direct attached ones, other basic things. Building systems using SCCM and a spec document (it's step-by-step, just follow the doc and you'll be fine), ensuring built machines are adhering to all internal audit requirements, AD account management, and other basics. If you want to do more I'm happy to teach and mentor, let you shoulder-surf me, or do tasks yourself under supervision. If my boss is OK with me delegating more challenging tasks, I am happy to help. I know we can't attract on longevity so I want to make the position an enjoyable and helpful one if you want it to be that way.

What we're not looking for: The previous candidate had problems showing up late or not at all, and only calling or emailing the boss about it halfway through the day. We would occasionally have to have a talk with him about his body odor. He would also over-promise and under-deliver, leave tickets idle, and while he would fix things and respond to them, he didn't do so reliably. We need someone who is laid-back and gets on well with people and isn't a robot. There's no need to be a stuffed shirt here.

We're basically three radio stations, so the culture is very laid back. It's really a very big family, so if you're a shirt-and-tie kind of person, it may not work out, but once you get used to things here it's very easy to relax and actually enjoy your job. Plus you'll work for a goon who tolerates and encourages spending your downtime as you like it, so long as the work and projects/tasks are done.

Benefits: We can't budget for health/dental/etc., but we can offer TransitCheck so at least your commute expenses are pretax. There are also monthly office-wide catered lunch meetings with huge amounts of really good food, promo swag, hip-hop luminaries in and out of the office, no dress code (you can wear a T-shirt and jeans whenever the hell you want, I'm wearing a City Name Sports Team jersey while writing this). $25-$30 per hour DOE, but we can flex upward if you have the skills and experience.

We'll check references before hire so have two professional references available for down the road.

If we go forward, I'll schedule a quick tech screen phone call, and after that, we'll do a brief in-person interview. If you're not local, that's fine, but we can't provide relocation expenses and the in-person interview can't be done over Skype.

PM me your email or post it here and I'll reach out.

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Jun 7, 2012

Looking for job

Linux/Solaris admin with 5 years experience, plus a bunch of customer service experience. Hoping to find something in CO or NM, will consider relocation to anywhere but FL or TX.

Added my info to the spreadsheet, including Linkedin page

Chunky Monkey
Jun 12, 2005
Kill the Gnome!

Agrikk posted:

Thanks everyone for the CV submissions! At this point I'm pretty sure I've responded to everyone who reached out to me.

If you have contacted me and not heard back, please reach out to me again and I promise that I won't delay (school has started so no vacations in my future...)

I'm a little late to the party but I sent you an email!

du -hast
Mar 12, 2003


Position closed

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Apr 10, 2011

edit: job found.

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Maneki Neko
Oct 27, 2000

If you're in Alaska (Anchorage or Fairbanks), we're always looking for good folks!

We've got desktop, server/network and programming positions open right now.

Pay is good and benefits are great, we have a vested interest in holding onto good people. Unfortunately we really can't do relocation for people outside the state (unless you're coming up here anyway) or do remote employees at this time though.

Maneki Neko fucked around with this message at Nov 29, 2017 around 19:29

Feb 14, 2007

Maneki Neko posted:

If you're in Alaska (Anchorage or Fairbanks), we're always looking for good folks!

We've got desktop, server/network and programming positions open right now.

Pay is good and benefits are great, we have a vested interest in holding onto good people. Unfortunately we really can't do relocation for people outside the state (unless you're coming up here anyway) or do remote employees at this time though.

Well, if they ever decide to allow remote employees, hit me up

Apr 20, 2020

Grimey Drawer

Searching for a job:

Experience: 2.5+ years, primarily in C and C++, two years of that in low level, the rest in server development. Also can use Bash, familiar with Linux. Know a handful of other languages somewhat well, including Python. Familiar with the I2C and SPI data buses. Somewhat familiar with SQLs.
Desired: Embedded/low-level (close to the CPU) development. Possibly server back end.
Not Desired: Front end and web development.
Education: BS in Computer Science, (soon to have) Associates in Electrical Engineering Technology
Where I'm Looking: Milwaukee metro area, willing to commute though non-trivial distances, comparatively (if it's an hour or so away, I might do it). Madison, WI, is also an option.
When can I start: ASAP on a part time basis (still in school), full time in June 2018
Contact: PM.

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May 26, 2003

Oh my god...

Lipstick Apathy


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Aug 4, 2004

Can't we all just be friends?

e: I'm dumb.

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Jun 11, 2015

I know this is a little different from the usual scope in this thread, but weíll see how it goes:

Job Seeker

BA in Experimental & Behavioral Economics

Chicago, IL

For the last 18 months, Iíve been partnering with a Chinese vape manufacturer developing new products with a focus on premium models & providing development consultation. Iíve been providing industrial design services & marketing consultation both in the US and living 4 months a year in Shenzhen, China.
Self-taught in Rhino 5 modeling (3 shipped products).
Manufacturing consultation & supplier management from prototype to shipped product. If something needs to be made, Iím happy to do fieldwork & love working with manufacturers to find the right one for a client.
18 months running a Shopify online storefront for B2B & B2C sales.
Currently consulting on cannabis-based products with a domestic organization.
Scheduling training events with Duke Universityís Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center.
Training & maintaining certifications with live & manikin-based simulations for physical therapists and anesthesiologist.
Marketing work with Cloud Sherpas, experience with various Salesforce and ServiceNow products.
Prototyping & form-factor checks via 3D printing. Products such as Raspberry Pi enclosures & home accessories like headphone/controller holders, & Nintendo Switch accessories.

Ideally a position not in the inhalants industry (but if thatís what pays the bills, it pays the bills). Iím happy to learn new software, especially when it makes my workflow more robust or simplifies certain problems if itís a requirement or even preferred. Part-time, contract, & remote work is good as well.

Not Seeking:
Sales & helpdesk roles if possible, although if something seems like a fuzzy fit, Iím happy to chat about it!

Here via PM or

Jan 8, 2002

Grimey Drawer

application closed, thanks

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Jan 18, 2004

Job(s) available

Who we are: A software startup in the machine learning / AI / natural language processing space. The company started off in the MIT Media Lab and ended up monetizing from there.

Where we are: Our office is seconds off of the Central T stop in Cambridge, MA.

What we're looking for: A lot of stuff! The list includes marketing field manager, account executive, product marketing, HR/office manager, and others. For the tech stuff though, we need people who can work with Python. We need one senior software engineer, a few junior software engineers, and we're also looking to fill out the DevOps team (which is where I work).

We're a Mac / Linux (Ubuntu) shop entirely, no Windows machines anywhere. We have a hybrid onsite / AWS cloud infrastructure, mainly orchestrated via Puppet / Docker / Jenkins. Considering the small size of the company we have a surprisingly fleshed-out architecture, so DevOps people aren't going to get thrown to the sharks or anything.

What we're not looking for: Toxic cavemen. The company culture is decidedly progressive. Also I've had bad experiences in the past with developers who can't get along with others.

Benefits: Pretty dang good! Health/vision/dental, 50% discount for transit or parking, stock options available after 1 year, free lunch every two weeks or so during company update meetings. We can match up to 4% of your 401k contribution as well. Unlimited vacation is pretty sweet too (although they seemed to emphasize that the "rule of thumb" was three weeks).

If you're interested, PM me or email me a resume at imcuster at gmail dot com.

Aug 4, 2004

Can't we all just be friends?

Got a job offer from this thread, thanks goons.

May 12, 2008

Job Seeker

Education: Bachelors in Computer Science

My Experience: Interned for a credit card processing company, have
What I'm looking for: An entry-level Software development job, work-life balance would be a very big plus
What I'm NOT looking for: A job that consistantly expects 50+ hours a week. Some Crunch is okay.
Where I'm looking: The Greater midwest area
When I can start: Now
Requirements: Non-temporary, fulltime position.

Contact me at

Deki fucked around with this message at Jan 26, 2018 around 08:37

Dec 28, 2006
Can't install Windows?

Need a Senior Network Engineer and Site Reliability Engineers and or DevOps(spit) here at The Trade Desk. (It's ad tech, it'll be fine.)

Building up a Infrastructure Operations team among others. I know YOU PEOPLE love job descriptions but to be frank they're somewhat bullshit no matter how you cut it. We're working on greenfield colocation buildouts with a blend of Juniper MX routers and open networking switching. Looking to automate everything. You should know BGP and be able to script your way out of a reasonably shallow hole in the ground to get repetitive tasks done by machines.

For the SRE side of things, it's making sure our high transaction low latency ad infrastructure keeps screaming along. The key bit of knowledge you can have is an understanding of how your changes can impact a big picture when the poo poo hits the fan. We are trying to build a self healing architecture where no one cares when small components break.

We have offices around the world, and you can work remotely though the bar is slightly higher for full time remote people. We just hired a guy in Sydney to work on my team, bringing us to 3 people in LA (remote), Ventura, and Sydney. By and large we don't care where you work so long as you are smart and getting your job done.

The good: Great benefits (100% paid PPO health insurance in the USA with reasonable copays, 401k match, low fee index funds available, stock options (NASDAQ: TTD)), a smart technology and development team who are constantly shipping code. Colocation is completely greenfield currently.

The bad: It's ad tech, get over it. There is a coding test, it's not that bad, it's more subjective than objective, and there is help available for questions you have. You pick the language from a decently large list that includes the majors like C#, Python, Go, that sort of thing.

The Ugly: We are a primarily windows server shop. Most of our team is a 100% Linux background and we are slowly but surely forcing our infrastructure into a more linux like mindset. Seriously we commit changes to prod probably daily.

People from OpenX should not contact me for another like 7 months.

Aug 23, 2006

Job Seeker

Education: Bachelors in Information Science and App Academy bootcamp.

My Experience: 3 years experience in tech support/systems administration before working on a web development project at my last job that made me decide to pivot and go to App Academy.

What I'm looking for: Junior Full Stack or Front End Developer job. I'd prefer not to work solely on Back End.

What I'm NOT looking for: Contracts less than 6 months, tech support roles.

Where I'm looking: New York City.

When I can start: Now.

Contact: PMs please.

my cat is norris
Mar 11, 2010


College Slice

Net Health Systems in Pittsburgh is seeking a Network Engineer. Required experience is minimal (3 years is listed but believe me, they're flexible).

Salary is negotiable, and benefits at the company include unlimited sick days as well as healthcare through Highmark BCBS and vacation time + floating holiday. Working from home is also possible, though not something you can do ALL the time, given the nature of the job. I currently work for Net Health and can confirm the environment in IT is fairly relaxed, friendly, and not populated by too many dickheads. The company is fairly small -- but growing! -- with less than 500 current employees. Located in the Strip District.

Net Health is ALSO looking for an experienced ERP/CRM Administrator who can handle NetSuite and Expensify bullshit.

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Jun 9, 2006

Hair Elf

Job posting

My employer is looking for a couple of skilled C or C++ developers interested in working on open source software, primarily the Wine project, an implementation of the Windows API on top of Unix. This is operating systems-level development with high coding standards. Strong Unix/Linux experience is recommended, and win32 development experience would be a bonus. We're a small company of about 40 employees with a very casual and self-directed work environment. While we prefer people who are in or could relocate to the Twin Cities, many of our employees are remote so we're open to that, too.

If you're a fan of open source software, this is an opportunity to get paid to make it better. PM me or email me at and I can give you more details about how to apply.

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