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cage-free egghead
Mar 8, 2004

Ready to eat me, sir!

My experience: 2.5 years field work replacing Dell PC and Lexmark printer hardware. Countless hours fixing family/friends broken poo poo.
What I'm looking for: Any sort of job that will put me a little further into the IT world. Helpdesk or network admin work preferably.
What I'm NOT looking for: Any sort of coding or programming.
Where I live: St. Paul, Minnesota
Where I'm looking: Twin Cities and surrounding areas
When I can start: ASAP.
Requirements: None
Can be reached via:PM, lblitzer at
Also: I have a lack of education for a 21 year old, but I'm been dying to do something else other than replace hardware for quite a while and looking to go back to school this fall.

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cage-free egghead
Mar 8, 2004

Ready to eat me, sir!

chrisf posted:

Quoting my post from earlier this summer as my boss is starting to interview for part time entry level customer service/tech support call center positions again.

Not really looking to do ISP support, but I'm looking for some sort of IT work that won't have me on the roads. I'll shoot you an email shortly!

cage-free egghead
Mar 8, 2004

Ready to eat me, sir!

Job Seeker

My experience: ~10 years of break/fix experience, customer service in both commercial, private, and residential atmospheres. ~5 year of desktop support with light duties in network administration.

What I'm looking for: Desktop or technical support, cloud engineering, business analyst

What I'm NOT looking for: Help desk call center stuff

Where I live: NE Minnesota

Where I'm looking: NE MN but prefer remote

When I can start: Two weeks from an offer.

Requirements: $20/hour

Can be reached via: PM me for my resume.

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