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Oct 7, 2005

widds2v posted:

Active TS/SCI clearance

I'd suggest looking around the DC/NoVA area. There are a lot of job openings around here for anyone with an active security clearance. Try

My experience: 3 years Windows 2003 and Linux Admin, 1 year all Linux. RHCE and MCSA 2000 certified. 1 year computer forensics experience. Currently in grad school for MS in Information Security.
What I'm looking for: Large Linux or Unix based networks, preferably in a network security role and working on a good team of people. Clearance would be nice also.
What I'm NOT looking for: Entry Level positions
Where I live: Washington, DC area
When I can start: After April (Going to Europe for a month in March and April)
Requirements: Good pay, good environment, education and training benefits.

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Oct 7, 2005

Midelne posted:

I'm also curious about this for similar reasons. Security clearance would widen my job prospects significantly, being near a full-size Army base and an Air Force base that are fairly consistent employers. The Googling I've done on the subject has been inconclusive at best, and most of it seems to suggest that for a civilian to get security clearance you have to be selected for a job that requires security clearance, and it seems like you'd be fighting an uphill battle for that at best.

Is there more that I'm missing?

Not really, the easiest ways are to know someone doing the hiring and able to get you in, start a uncleared job and the transfer over to a job requiring clearance, join the Military, or get lucky and have a great resume and skill set but only lacking clearance.

Oct 7, 2005

Cizzo posted:

I got my A.S. in Computer Engineering and am going to be attending the University of Central Florida to get my B.S. in Information Systems Technology.

Sorry it's OT but,

I graduated from UCF from the IST program and don't know if you know this, but they are closing that college down in 2 years and ending the program. So don't dawdle. Also take any classes with Craiger and avoid Motlagh if you can.

Oct 7, 2005

Cizzo posted:

That's awesome. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll do well. Thanks for the tips on the teachers. How was the coursework would you say if you don't mind me asking? Was it actually intriguing?

You got a PM

Oct 7, 2005

AutoArgus posted:

Funny thing with jobs in the Omaha area that I've noticed, lots of jobs I meet the requirements for, save for one thing that keeps coming up: current Top Secret Clearance required

You could still try applying for it and if they are desperate they may put you in for a clearance.

But it's probably a long shot.

Oct 7, 2005

Walked posted:

My experience: Between 5-6 years of supporting / administration of Windows environments.
What I'm looking for: A job that is a bit more dynamic and challenging. I'm stagnating where I'm at.
What I'm NOT looking for: Entry level help desk
Where I live: Northern VA
Where I'm looking: From DC to Fredericksburg VA.
When I can start: 2 weeks notice.
Requirements: Health insurance is a must, PTO nice, other perks handy.
Can be reached via: This thread, PM,

Have you put your resume on Monster or CareerBuilder?

I did a few days ago and I've gotten about 5 calls from Recruiters looking for people with 5 years experience in the DC area. I'm looking for a Linux position so I can't forward any of the leads, but good luck.

I assume you don't have a clearance?

Oct 7, 2005

Golbez posted:

An aside, but I notice you mentioned Monster and CareerBuilder. Any particular reason you didn't say Dice?

I've never had any luck there. I mentioned the other two because they were mentioned to me specifically by the recruiters that have called me the past few days.

Oct 7, 2005

g3k posted:

All good things start with this phrase: "why the hell not"

My experience: I have experience working in small government environments for almost 5 years. Experience in Windows 98-Server2008, all MS Office Products, Exchange, Networking, Checkpoint UTM Edge Devices and SmartCenter, Symantec Endpoint Protection, AccessData Forensic Tool Kit (and much more, resume on request)
What I'm looking for: I'm looking for a position that works less with end-users and more on the backend of things. I want to get my hands dirty in networking and server administration. I do a little of both, but I always have to go back to making sure monitors are turned on/plugged in, etc. Ultimately I'd like a job at a security firm, doing security related things (I want to get into pentesting), but with the current economic outlook...
What I'm NOT looking for: Helldesk, anything end-user heavy.
Where I live: Palm Coast, Florida
Where I'm looking: Jacksonville, Orlando, Florida. I'd be willing to move out of state in about a year, but right now I have to stay put.
When I can start: Need to give my two weeks notice, but as soon as I get a job, I can give it.
Requirements: Health insurance, vacation days, possibility for advancement and TRAINING (the last two requirements are why I'm looking to leave my current job, I don't want to be dicked around saying that I'll get training "eventually", its really important to me)
Can be reached via: This thread or

Have you looked into Harris down in Melbourne?


Oct 7, 2005

I work at a great start-up and we are always looking for people.

If you see a job that you are interested in please PM me and I can send you a referral so you get special attention from our recruiters.

Job Title:
Linux Systems Administrators, Network Admin, MySQL DBA, Developers

DC Area (Courthouse) and SF (SoMa)
We're also willing to relocate if we believe you are a good fit.

What We Do:
Start-up in Green Tech, we're very stable and successful with clients all over the world.
We work with utilities to help lower their customer's utility bills through various means.

Who We Are Looking For:
Information can be found on our career page

Job Details:
We're a Linux shop primarily using Jetty, Ruby on Rails, OpenStack, and Hadoop. But also have a lot of other technologie in use.

Why would you want to work here?
We're a fun company to work for and have a good start up culture. We provide free snacks and free Lunches (Mainly on Fridays).
Plus we pay well.

More information can be found on our career page.

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