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Feb 17, 2006

Happily employed, thanks

Erwin fucked around with this message at 13:38 on Jan 7, 2010


Feb 17, 2006

Position: Software Developer (Java and Perl/Python) for a quantitative finance firm.

Who are we? A quantitative asset management firm with about $1 billion in assets under management (that makes us smallish) with three actively-managed alternative mutual funds and several hedge funds. We pick the stocks and other assets that make up mutual funds using quantitative models developed by our analysts. We manage other people's money - John Doe has a 401(k). He has an investment advisor who chooses which funds to put his retirement money in. Some of that money might get put into one or more of our funds.

Where are we? Greater Philly (about 40 minutes outside the city in an awesome town).

What are we looking for? A software developer who is smart, a fast learner, and most importantly, a good cultural fit. You don't need experience in finance, but we're looking for some experience on a development team (2 years or so). Our codebase is mostly Java, MATLAB, Perl, and some Python, but if you know C# or C++ and are willing to learn, that might be okay. You'll be elbow deep in SQL, too. Our developers work on everything from the software that makes trades, to the scripts that load data, to one-off fun projects from other parts of the business.

The good: Casual environment (shorts and flip flops casual). No long hours. Working with really smart people in a no rear end in a top hat environment. The office is in the center of West Chester, PA - a town with a ton of restaurants and lots of live music. It's no city, but it's pretty great. You'll have 4 24" monitors on a motorized stand/sit desk with your rear end in an Aeron and all the free snacks you can eat. People get together over lunch for basketball, running, etc. We also have a weirdly high ratio of musicians.

Your work directly impacts the success of the business. You'll be working directly with traders and analysts to improve and expand our in-house trading software. There are no silos and development and operations work directly together. We iterate quickly and generally follow most agile concepts and 'devops' philosophies. There are no walls to lob your work over. We all own the whole process.

You will learn a ton about the stock and futures markets, quantitative finance, and the mutual fund space, without having to work on Wall Street. It's more interesting than it may sound, I promise.

The bad: Sometimes we have to do boring work. We receive hundreds of files daily in varied formats, and the ETL processes all have to work. If one breaks, we fix it. If we onboard new data, we write new ETL processes.

As I said, we follow most DevOps philosophies (no silos - development, operations, and everyone else work together to accomplish the goal of the business - the way it's always been here), but some of the tooling isn't in place yet. We've been using continuous integration for several years, but deploying some of our software still involves manual (though short) steps. Chef is in place but doesn't cover all of the infrastructure. We're getting there, though. Want to help? Awesome.

Things that are good or bad depending on your view: We're a small team with a big backlog, and we wear many hats. We're also a small company of 25 employees. While we have the capability of working remotely when needed, the position is full-time in our office. Our customer-facing products are mutual funds - boring to some, but exciting to us. Though the funds have a great track record, you're not going to be writing the next big mobile app or beautiful earth-shattering CSS that makes people cry. You will, however, be working on web interfaces used internally, and god drat do we love us some charts. And we don't do HFT if that's your thing.

Benefits: Good pay, great retirement benefits, standard healthcare and vacation policies, and good performers are well rewarded.

Send me a PM for more info.

Erwin fucked around with this message at 16:01 on Jul 25, 2015

Feb 17, 2006

Software Developers, infrastructure automation, "DevOps Engineers" - SF, Iowa, Illinois, or remote

Who we are: Granular - a software company helping farmers use technology to run stronger businesses. We have several software products ranging from business management and task assignment, to data science and sattelite imagery processing, all in the agriculture sector, with customers all over the world. Agriculture is less affected by the pandemic than most industries, and it feels good to work in a net-positive industry.

Where we are: San Francisco and Des Moines, IA, with a few other smaller locations. Our entire workforce is currently remote, but even in normal circumstances a sizeable portion is fully remote (including me). I don't know the exact number, but I would guess about 20% of 400ish employees.

What we're looking for: Software developers. I'm specifically hoping to find folks for our Cloud Engineering roles, but we also have quite a few other engineering and non-engineering roles available, and I'll happily advocate you for anything that you're a good fit for:

For the Cloud Engineering roles (insert vape jokes), we're looking for software developers that have infrastructure experience (what lots of places call "DevOps Engineers" but that's wrong and off-topic). I believe we have two openings for Senior Software Engineer, Cloud (Developer Experience) and one for Senior Software Engineer, Cloud (Infrastructure). The former is more focused on developer tooling and the latter leans more towards SRE, but it's all one team and the tools and responsibilities are shared.

The roles involve infrastructure as code (Terraform), software development (mostly Python, some Go, some other languages), CI/CD (we're moving away from Jenkins if that helps), and AWS-based infrastructure that ranges from straight EC2 instances to Kubernetes to Lambda functions. The various software products were separately developed, so the architectures vary quite a bit and that keeps the job interesting.

The Cloud Engineers are our own team, however we're anything but siloed. The application developers write their own Terraform and other IaC, we're just there for assistance as needed and to keep the pipelines as short, safe, and frictionless as possible. We have developer experience software tools that we have created, so the role involves software development as well. The whole organization is on the same page with "automate everything" being the mantra, so there's limited toil but lots of room for automation improvements. We're all on the same team a la the acual idea behind DevOps.

There is unfortunately an on-call rotation, but the rotation is about once every 12 weeks and my two rotations so far have been very easy.

Salary: Not FAANG, but we pay well as far as I can tell. I don't have insight into the ranges, but I started in October and am very happy with the salary I negotiated as a remote senior developer with almost 20 years of experience, including 7+ years of "juicy" DevOps experience - the kind that recruiters step over their own mothers for. We're eager to find someone for the team to sit in the San Francisco office, so if you're a fit for the role and you live in SF, you probably have additional leeway here.

Benefits: high 401(k) match, 12 weeks maternity and 6 weeks paternity (I think), unlimited PTO - I know I know, but they're aware of the stigma that comes with this and from what I've seen so far, they encourage people to take all the time they need. For instance, during the pandemic, we're working half-days on Wednesdays and everyone, especially parents, are encouraged to step away whenever needed, no questions asked. It's a great company, and so far for me they've hit all the right marks regarding work-life balance, happy employees, and being responsible.

Contact: PM or email me at

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