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Jun 10, 2005

gawrsh do you think any women will be there

Just chiming in to say Ron Fricke is god incarnate and I cannot wait for Samsara to finally come out.

Also, did some homework, and here's a list of 70mm or the updated version, SDS-70 (which runs 70mm at 96 images per-second) theaters in the US which would be capable of showing Samsara in it's full glory:

Phoenix, AZ - Scottsdale 101 (Cine-Capri auditorium)
Vancouver, BC - Granville
Corte Madera, CA - Cinema
Hollywood, CA - Grauman's Chinese Theatre or Cinerama Dome
Newport Beach, CA - Big Newport
San Francisco, CA - Any multiplex with side-masking (or a palace that shows movies)
San Jose, CA - Century 21
Denver, CO - Continental or the Northfield
Wasington, DC - Uptown
Miami, FL - Dolphin Mall
Calumet City, IL - River Oaks #9
Chicago, IL - Showplace at Roosevelt Collection
Oak Park, IL - Lake
Kansas City, KS - Legends at Village West
Baltimore, MD - Senator
Boston, MS - Fenway
Minneapolis, MN - Block E
St. Louis, MI - Esquire
New York, NY - Ziegfield
New York, NY - Lincoln Square
Columbus, OH - Crosswoods UltraScreen
Toronto, ON - Any theater with a large screen with side-masking (Sorry AMC 24)
Philadelphia, PA - Franklin Mills
Montréal, QC - Banque Scotia or the Marche Central
Dallas, TX - Galaxy
Houston, TX - Grand Palace Stadium
Seattle, WA - Cinerama
Brookfield, WI - Majestic UltraScreen

These theaters can upgrade to 70mm DTS with very little cost. For SDS-70, the owners would lease the equipment for the duration of the movie's run.

Support your local 70mm projection houses, people!!

more info:

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Jun 10, 2005

gawrsh do you think any women will be there speaking of the 5dmkII, here's one of the nicer pieces of video I've seen shot on it yet

Jun 10, 2005

gawrsh do you think any women will be there

pr0digal posted:

What did you use for the mic? One of the gripes I have heard about the 5DmkII is the onboard mic isn't the greatest in the world. Also, what lens were you shooting with?

That's the onboard mic and I didn't shoot it, but that guy uses one of the nicer L-series lenses, iirc. It's a Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8 L (I'm pretty sure, anyways)

Carefree Koala posted:

I don't want to dwell to much on the 5DMk2 in this thread, but I think this video highlights most of my criticisms of the camera and a good scenario where it shouldn't be used. Don't take this as a slam against what is a fun video, but a critique of the camera techniques inherent in the 5D and what they are baking into the images.

Yeah, but it's a discreet video camera that works well in low light, and is very sharp and has a distinct style. It was some of the nicer video shot of that event, imho. I don't really think you could've gotten away with shooting a proper video camera, as it would've been too ostentatious, and not all of them would've been able to adapt to shooting when it got dark.

Admittedly, it's far from a pro camera, you can't really manually change settings or anything while shooting, it's very small so it's not steady at all, etc etc, but I think it's got a certain look to it that's quite cool.

Jun 10, 2005

gawrsh do you think any women will be there

The Affair posted:

Have you tried it with the most recent firmware that allows for manual exposure control while shooting?

That paired with the firmware hack that Tramm guy came up with seems like a lot of exciting things are coming up.

I don't have one, but I've toyed with it extensively, and welp, it's looking like I might have to plop down the $2,700 to buy it, because that looks amazing.

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