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Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

ExtraNoise posted:

So I'm not sure if this counts because it's not really "paranormal" so much as spooky/weird, but I think it's an elaborate photoshop someone was playing on me. Before I was laid off, I worked for a newspaper and I was going through some of the archive negatives from the newspaper's past to do some promotional work on the website. I was going through some slides marked "circa 1920" and came across one that really freaked me out:

I think it speaks for itself. Sent shivers down my spine.

Did ancient astronauts give away free ipods to 1920's Americans? Click link to find out!


Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

thylacine posted:

That would be so awesome!

Tonight on Ghost Hunters. The team go on the trail of a ghost Apatosaurus thats been haunting this park for several million years!

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Gerogerigegege posted:

Here's my Slender Man contribution:


Story tellers, you're more than welcome to write a backstory for this one.

Photo: Henderson Horse Farm, 1954

Case: The Hederson Family owned the farm and land since the mid 1800s. The owners were Ted Wilcox Henderson(age 41), Judi Henderson (wife, age 36) and Tracy Henderson (daughter, age 6).

On the morning of June 15th (about 8 days after picture was taken) neighbors called the local police, complaing of screams, and the sounds of gun fire.

Sheriff Clint Denterman (age 54) and two deputies, Dan Parks (age 24) and Chris Fines (age 33) came to the farm at 8:34 am. The horses in the barn were torn apart, almost as if attacked by wild animals. Inside the main house reports said that there was blood all over the living room, kitchen, and hall way.

Ted was found in the bed room, barricaded behind some furniture. next to him was the body of his wife, killed by a shotgun blast to the chest. Ted still had the weapon in his hands.

From Dan Parks' report:
"Ted had a freaked out, far off look in his eyes. He seemed to not realize that we were in the room. We asked what happened. Where was his daughter. But he didn't answer."

Ted was charged with the murder of his wife. Due to his mental state he was sent to Jenkins Mental Hospital.

For almost a year and a half Ted did not speak. On the 3rd anniversary of the murder Dr. Dauton called the Sheriff. Ted was speaking.

From the recoding of Dr. Dauton, June 15th, 1956 8:30pm

DAUTON: Ok Ted... go ahead

TED: (almost out of breath) It's on? Am I safe?

DAUTON: Yes, you are safe. Now tell me what happened that night.

TED: The horses.... horses actin up... the horses...


TED: W...went out there... dead... all dead... the eyes... no.... no eyes

DAUTON: What did you see?

TED: Ran... ran inside... got gun... Tracy crying... Judi screaming... r...ran to them... He had them... was holding them...

DAUTON: Who had them?

TED: Skinny fella... suite... Looking at me... Judi screaming... shoot me... SHOOOT ME SHOOT MEEEE!

(Ted starts screaming for a period, then slams hands onto table)

DAUTON: You shot Judi?

TED: Saved her... saved her...

DAUTON: Did you shoot Tracy?

TED: No... It went after me... They went after me... shot them... shot them... keep shooting... Tracy... let Tracy go... drat it LET HER GO!

(Ted started to had a yelling fit, suddenly starts slamming his face into the steel table. Two orderlies grabbed Ted and Dr. Dauton injected him with some tranquilizers.)


Ted Henderson was found dead in his room at 3 am on June 16th. Ted was somehow able to get out of his retrants and chew through his wrist, bleeding to death.

The picture was studied several times. The experts agree that the man in the suit may be the one that Ted was saying was the one who attacked his farm and stole his child.

Tracy Henderson was never found.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Leyendecker posted:

At the permission of Faye Dauton, the doctor's daughter, the recording of the interview with Mr. Henderson was released.

Wow that was awesome. Wrote that up rather late at night and was worried someone on here was going to pan it for not making sense or something.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?
I always found it odd that my grandpa, who was a real smart man. Always worked construction and other seemingly low pay jobs, even though he had his college diploma in business management.

Well, one day when I was at his house we were watching tv when the local news had a story about some kids who gone missing and how some other children in the area were talking about a skinny tall man in a suit. My grandpa shook a moment and I asked whats wrong. He turned the tv off and asked me what I knew about his time in WW2.

All my dad told me was that Grandpa was a paratrooper. My grandpa laughed and told me that is what he told my dad. In reality he was a OSS field op. He said he was involved in many missions that remain secret to this day. Before I could ask what that had to do with missing kids he started to speak.

Near the end of the war grandpa and a team of agents were sent on a mission in the Black Forest in Germany. They were disguised as civilians. Their mission was to meet up with a group who was going to give them some stolen Nazi plans. As they set up camp that night they heard a noise. Hiding their weapons they saw what looked to be a Nazi solider walking towards them. At first they thought he was drunk how he looked to be stumbling around until he got to their camp fire and they saw that his leg was broken. As they asked the solider what happened Grandpa said the solider just mumbled something then passed out. They figured that maybe there was a car wreck or maybe he was attacked by someone when the Nazi suddenly sat up, screaming "He's coming, oh God he's coming!"

My grandpa was shouting this in perfect German, I didn't know he could speak any other languages. Grandpa then said that a guy on his team, Jim, pulled out his Thompson and pointed it towards where the Nazi came from. The others grabed their weapons when they saw him.

A man in a black suit was walking towards them. Grand said he yelled at the man in german, french, any language he could think of to make this odd looking man answer who he was. It got closer and closer till they saw it's face.

At that moment I saw my grandpa's face become pale, eyes gone distant.

He said there were no real features, just odd looking orbs and at first a little line for a mouth. It stood there looking at the men, then the Nazi on the ground. The Nazi was crying, mumbling to himself. One of the team yelled for the "man" to put his hands up. At that moment the "man" shot up in the air. Grandpa said that's when they saw the tentacles. Grandpa and his team opened fire on the thing. It seemed like their bullets weren't doing anything as the "man" used one of its tentacles to grab the Nazi. The Nazi screamed in terror as he was dragged through the air. Grandpa said he aimed his gun at the poor bastard but something hit him and he fell to the ground.

Grandpa said it seemed like time around him and the "man" just slowed down. He could see the bullets hit the "man" but they seemed to be adsorbed into him. The "man" looked down at Grandpa, then in a flash the man and the Nazi were gone. He said everything was so quiet. A little while after that the people they were waiting for showed up. Asking what happened. No one said anything.

After the war Grandpa got married and was going to work for this company in New York but had a massive panic attack when he saw all the men in black business suits. After that moment he worked any jobs that didn't involve wearing or being around strangers in business suits.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

pixelbaron posted:


FROM: FIELD AGENT *****, N.American branch

DATE: JUNE 16th 2009 1243 hours

When you guys gave me this assignment back in 88 there were about, I would guess, three to maybe four S.MAN reports a year... now it's 2009 and I'm getting hits of S.MAN sightings drat near 20 to 30 times A WEEK!

I have been on this case for the past 21 years and we are no closer to catching it or even finding out how to kill it! I have been saying for years that there has to be more than one and with these reports that flood my in-box and the things our Europe and Asian sector agents have sent I can only say that this fucker is every where. Either this thing is breeding or... I really don't want to think about it.

Something Agent ********, from the Japanese field office, told me has been kicking in my head for the past couple days. She said that maybe this thing isn't breeding... but these others are WAKING UP. That maybe these things have been hibernating for god knows how long and how they are up and feeding. It makes some kind of sense with the stories of this thing dating back to the Dark Ages of Europe and beyond that.

That leaves the six million dollar question... If ********'s theory is true... how many of them are there?

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Mr. 47 posted:

Hmmm... I hate to sound like a Japanese hentai director but... needs more tentacles.




SENT: MAY 8TH, 2009

A friend of mine who works with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department sent me this article while investigating the suicide of famed manga artist Go Waita. At first I just skimmed through it but then something caught my eye. Figured someone in the S.MAN case might want to see



by Hiro Koga

Feb 19th, 2009

Go Waita has written and drawn close to 230 guro stories in his 40 year career and in that time he hasn't given an interview until now! As I sit in his studio I am greeted by pictures of his most well know creation, The Suited Demon.

Koga: I like to thank you once again for inviting me into your studio. It is a real honor to be the first person to interview you!

Waita just slightly nods.

Koga: Well, I guess my first question is about your most famed creation, Suited Demon...

Waita: I didn't create him.

Koga: Oh... well who did? A friend?

Waita: He's real.

Koga: Real? A creature like that is real? Rapeing school girls...

Waita: The sex and rape in my stories aren't my idea. That's something the editors and others wanted... the demon is real.

Koga: How do you know this?

Waita: I've seen it... it killed my sister.

Koga: You seen it kill?

Waita just looks at me. He then stands up, walks to his bookcase and pulls out a large, old sketch book. He opens it and shows me drawings of the Suited demon carrying a young child into the woods. As I flip through the pages the story that plays out is like one that plays out in many of Waita's books, except no graphic sex.

Waita: The girl in those pictures is my sister. She was seven years old when the demon took her.

Koga: How did you see this happen?

Waita: I followed her and the demon into the woods. I was eleven at the time. I thought that the demon was a man... a child molester trying to harm my sister. I followed them into the woods... that's when I watch it happen.

Koga: You didn't try to help?

Waita: I couldn't I was stunned in terror when I saw it's true form... when I saw it tear into her... It didn't see me... or if it did it didn't care. I must have sat there for several hours because my father was the one who found me the next morning. I tried to tell the police what I saw but they said that I must have been in shock. That I must have been forced to watch some killer murder my sister.

Koga: I see... I'm sorry to bring it up... but if this haunts you... why base so many of your stories on it? Almost all your books are on this demon.

Waita: You don't get it... it's all I can draw...

At this time Waita looked upset. He went to his book case pulling out all his sketch books, opening up pages of half done works, most looking like they were the start of normal pictures but suddenly they are invaded by the suited demon.

Waita: See... see... I tried to draw different things... normal pictures, portraits, even other types of stories.... but it always comes up... FOR FORTY GOD drat YEARS!

I could see at this point that Waita was very angry with me. I quickly left his studio. At the time of me writing this I almost scraped this interview until he called my office, demanding that I print this.

Waita killed himself last week. When I tried to see if there was any way to see those sketch books my friend with the TMPD said that Waita killed himself by setting himself and his studio on fire. I picked up several of his Suited Demon books. All of them have the same thing, S.MAN kidnapping and murdering girls in the woods (with extra panels of sex thrown in, talking with his publishers they stated that in fact they did ask him to throw in the sex/rape aspect to the stories.)

I'm waiting for the reports to come in from the fire department to see what caused the blaze. I'm wondering if this was a suicide or if the reports will say anything about blue flames... like that house fire in 93!

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

dpack_1 posted:

Anyone wanna write the radio transcript from this shot?

Obviously the soldiers were officially listed as AWOL...





HQ: Echo 1 come in.

Echo 1: Echo 1 reporting. Still no sign of convoy.

HQ: Any activity at all?

Echo 1: Negitive, It is pitch black out here, nothing moving at all.

HQ: Stay alert. Insergents may be in area.

Echo 1: Hold on... I see something. Johnson give me a spot...

[massive static]

HQ: Come in Echo 1. What do you see?

Echo 1: It's [static] the doors [static] blood [static]

HQ: Repeat, is there wounded?

Echo 1: N...[static] Wai...[static]... the gently caress shot.... [gunfire then static]

HQ: Respond Echo 1. Whats going on?

Echo 1: [paniced tone] Oh god keep fir... [gunfire, static]

HQ: Echo 1... Echo 1 respond... Echo 1 respond!

REPORT: Another four man Army Ranger Team went out to the last location of Echo 1. What was found were several discarded M16 rifles, clips empty, the radio, smashed, and the remains of several Humvees. Blood was found inside the Humvees but no bodies or any other signs of struggle were found. The night vision camera was found 300 feet away from the Humvees. The only image found was the one shown. It is unknown what the figure in the back ground is or if it was some kind of defect on the camera it's self.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?



DATE: JUNE 17th, 0300 HOURS

I have to say once again Agent ******'s suicide came as a major shock to me and every one who had worked closely with him these past several years. He will be missed...

But I already sent you that email yesterday. This is more about the "white elephant" in the room... the S.MAN Project.

A tiny part of me felt honored to be picked to be the new lead on this, but there is a large part that is saying I should not even open file number 1!

You asked me what I thought of the Project, if there is any chance of any "good" results.

I'm going to be perfectly blunt about this... it is of my personal and professional opinion that this project should be scraped immediately!

I have read the notes, looked through the files. There is no way on God's green Earth we will be able to do anything to stop this thing. In all my years with working cases for Optic Nerve I have seen things and proven many times before that supposed "Gods" can be killed.

But this... Slender Man... There is nothing in any records of anything thing even remotely hurting it. Reports ranging from small arms fire, artillery fire (the report from that Nazi Artillery team... that's what made me think about this)even full scale forest fires doesn't do anything!

This is a complete and total waste of time and man power. There is nothing you can say to me, or anyone in this branch that will make us change our minds. In a sick sad way the only thing we can do is keep a record of this thing.

We can't kill it
No way in hell we can capture it

Unless a miracle happens and someone, somehow, puts a dent in the thing, I consider this case to be changed from SEARCH/CAPTURE/DESTROY to OBSERVE/RECORD/STUDY.




DATE: JUNE 17th, 1300 HOURS






Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?
DATE: July 15th, 1993


Officer Jackson questioning missing girl's friend, Crystal Marie Parkriner

JACKSON: Please state your name and age.

PARKRINER: (clearly upset)I already told you...

JACKSON: Please...

PARKRINER: (sighs) Crystal Marie Parkriner, 16 years old... Why arent you out there looking for Alice!

JACKSON: Ma'm please calm down, we are looking for her, we just need to hear your story to maybe better help us find out what happened. What is your relationship to Miss Elkins?

PARKRINER: She was my friend...

JACKSON: What were you and her doing in the park.

PARKRINER: We were doing a late 16 birthday party... her parents flaked out on her since America's Most Wanted ran that story about her sister again.

JACKSON: Her sister?

PARKRINER: Yeah... couple years ago her sister was kidnapped, you know Katrina Elkins.

JACKSON: Was Alice upset or maybe sucidal?

PARKRINER: She... she wouldn't do that.

JACKSON: Ok, tell me what happened.

PARKRINER: So... men, Donnie...

JACKSON: Donnie?

PARKRINER: Donnie Parkriner, my brother. Sal... (sighs) Sally Danes and Richie Farms decided to take Alice to have a birthday party since her parents been putting off doing anything for Alice. So we got some things and decided to have a camp party...

JACKSON: What things did you bring with you for this party?

PARKRINER: (getting annoied) Beer... food... cigs...

JACKSON: Any drugs?


JACKSON: OK, go on

PARKRINER: We got there like 7 pm so we were setting up the tent and stuff... Alice seemed ok.

JACKSON: Was she drinking?

PARKRINER: No... she didn't drink. She was looking at the lake for awhile... It was like 9 pm when Alice started acting strange.


PARKRINER: She... got quiet. Kept looking out at the woods... then she started walking into the darkness.

JACKSON: Did any of you follow her?

PARKRINER: I did... but it was like she was listening to someone else... like she was listening to directions by someone. I couldn't follow her. Donnie got a flash light and we went on... we started finding her clothes on the ground but we couldn't find her.... Please find her... (crying) she's out there missing and maybe hurt...

JACKSON: We are looking for her...

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Dolly Parton posted:

That seals it, I'm getting a dog.

Animals can't stop it.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Caseus Maximus posted:

What about sticking your head under the covers and squeezing your eyes shut?

That worked in Darkness Falls

You just going to wind up gone... and missing a blanket from your sheet set.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

apsouthern posted:

poo poo, they've got my IP address as well... :tinfoil:

Really glad I didn't add the S:MAN reports now. If I don't post again you'll know they've got me...

Good page! And thanks for useing my stuff. Did you make a page for Go Waita or is there really a manga artist with that name? (saw on the pic his name was in blue I thought I was just making up a name combining two different artist)

EDIT: Nope, just looked, I guess it was linking the articles for go and Waita.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Fussygoddess posted:

SM is not hiding in the bushes when I go to work, he's not under anyone's bed, he can't be waiting for you in the window. He's got a family now :)

(Horrible pic but it's making me think SM has happier things to do instead of causing nightmares)

It's just using her to breed... to make more of "him"...

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Henry K. Hardarse posted:

I'm no writer, but who thinks they could write an account of a seance?



[First sound of some small talk]

DE VILLE: (softly tapping a glass) Everything is ready. Please gather around the table and join hands.

[sound of some chair being moved around and then a low humming sound from DE VILLE]

DE VILLE: Oh spirits of the other world. I call for you to hear me... call for you to help me and my guest find answers... oh spirits... Those of you who have joined hands please let the spirits know who you are.

ALISTER: (clears throat) A...Alister Markem

CLAUDIA: Claudia Markem

VON HYDE: Frederick von Hyde

MICHELLES: (nervous) Me too? Dan Michelles.

DE VILLE: Spirits, hear me... Two of us are looking for answers... looking for hope... looking for a missing child... please spirits... help us fi....

[A coughing, gasping sound comes from DE VILLE. Worried mummers coming from the others]

VON HYDE: (worried tone to his voice) Jessica... Jessica speak to us, are you alright?

[Chocking gasping sounds get louder]

UNKNOWN CHILD LIKE VOICE: Go away... go away...

CLAUDIA: (upset) T...that's Maggie.... Maggie where are you?

MICHELLES: Where is the voice coming from?

CHILD VOICE: Too late... too late... he is coming... too late....

ALISTER: Who is coming? Please Maggie tell us where you are!

VON HYDE: Dear god... Jessica!

[Sound of Claudia screaming, sound of chairs being pushed over]

MICHELLES: I will call for help

CHILD VOICE: (slowly doing deeper) He comes... for he will hear you... for he will know...

VON HYDE: Breath Jessica!

ALISTER: Wa... whats that around her neck?

CLAUDIA: Maggie... where are you? Please tell us

[A loud pitch noise, suddenly what sounds like a large number of children's voice can be heard in all different languages yelling and screaming]

[Sound of glass and furniture breaking]

ALISTER: W...what is holding her up in the air?

VON HYDE: [translated from German] My god... its the tall man... you... you can't be real...

MICHELLES: [Yelling from what sounds like another room] The phone... its dead...

ALISTER: [screaming] What are you!

VON HYDE: [yelling in German, can not hear what he is yelling]

CLAUDIA: What have you done with Maggie?

MICHELLES: W...What is that?

ALISTER: P...put the gun down Frederick!

VON HYDE: [screaming in German]

[Sound of gun fire, sound of glass and wood breaking. For several moments there is screaming, then silence. After about 50 seconds there is a sound of wimpering]

CLAUDIA: W...will you show me where she is?

[Odd sound]

CLAUDIA: Okay...

[Record ends]

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Ronnie posted:

Great. Now when my therapist asks why i'm having night terrors I can just point him towards this thread.

Thank you for bringing Slenderman into my life. I didn't enjoy sleeping anyway.

Sleeping is over rated.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Ejiehi posted:

You just have to hit the Enhance key on your computer.

Hey, its the cover of Scary Stories to Tell Goons in the Dark!

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

21stCentury posted:

Alright, this is so we can get facts straight as much as possible.

This is an estimation of the Slenderman's "Cycle".

Step 1: Finds suitable target
Step 2: Exposes itself to target?
Step 3: Target is aware of Slender Man's Existance, Slenderman moves in for the kill
Step 4: Witnesses become immediate targets, this often includes secondary witnesses?
Step 5: ???????
Step ????: Reproduce? Change? Hibernate?

Now, as for the factors for a target, seems the Slenderman likes: Fear, mental illness, high levels of stress. Therefore, he often strikes children. Also seems to strike people who are enfeebled mentally/psychically/psychiatrically?

His appearance changes. Is it so he can better scare targets? Is it linked to his lifecycle?

(Crappy chart)

We need to find why it does that... Organ bagging/People impaling and we also need to know what he does between kills.

You really want to know?

How would you feel if you found out he does it not to live... but for fun?

He doesn't need to do this... he wants to

As for witnesses, some times they are targets, and some times, just being imprinted with the real image of the Slenderman or what he does is enough to drive a person to the deepest paths of despair.

I link it to some one who witness first hand a terrible crime (say for example a rape/murder at a young age) How some people, after awhile it goes away, where as others, if chews away at them, always popping up, as a reminder of seeing the horror again and again.

That's what he does, don't try to reason the whys and hows. Because there will never be an answer that will make you understand or happy... or make you sleep again.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Cetaphobia posted:

She's an artist (read: weeaboo) who reads up on slender man and becomes obsessed with him. She decides that she wants to bring him into existence by making every human aware of him, as was discussed on this thread. She also wants to help propagate whatever the gently caress he is, thus she looks pregnant in the image.

I'm seeing her as like until the Cthulhu cultists, I suppose.

"There are those who believe they can be "one" with those who are not of our world. These people often think that somehow they have some kind of mental or "spiritual" link. Often times these people will go out into areas that have been reported to be the hunting grounds of said creatures. These individuals are often more dangerous than the creatures that worship/are in love with. When faced with the choice between the reality of the creature not existing or staying in a fake world they will choose, sometimes to the bitter end, the made up world.

In a somewhat ironic way. Those who believe themselves to be the worthy follower/lover of these beings are in fact far removed from the "ideal" being the creature would choose!"

Edvard Tobin "Humanity and the Supernatural: A Dangerous Combo"
Pub: 1994

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

A Lamer posted:

I'm really disappointed this was ruined from ever becoming anything "legitimate." :( Even that mythical creatures website has been edited to refer to SA.

Most of the fiction and pictures have been fantastic. The only ones that really bugged me were the ones that involved official/secret investigations into it like the OPTIC NERVE stuff. The fact that those documents and transcripts would be readable by your average joe reading the thread really destroys any believability they have, and makes it read like slash fiction. Meanwhile the first hand accounts and vague, unaware news clippings were quite believable and enjoyable.

I made the optic nerve stuff because others did "secret" military research. If I knew that there was something more to it, would have written them differently.

Then again, sooner or later someone would have spilled about the whole Slender Man origin. I doubt it would have become anything really legit.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Clarington Grey posted:

^ awesome.
I am loving this thread. Let's keep this going and see how far we can push it.


This would be the scene where two police officers are part of a search party moving through a forest for an abducted child. They don't find the missing little girl,
but her kidnapper finds them.

I have to say, that is bad rear end!

Something like this would work if the gruesome stuff is never shown on screen. You always hear it... but never see it.

Because the human mind can make up far worse than any special effects team can show!

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?
Here's something I just thought of...

The "plastic bags"... are they really plastic or something that the slender man makes naturally from his body?

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

the heebie-gbs posted:

They are plastic bags you retard even supernatural beings can't spontaneously make plastic bags what the gently caress do you think UGH

Ok riddle me this then!

How the hell did he have plastic bags back in the middle ages? :tinfoil:

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Phil Collins Vagina posted:

Are old black people paranormal or am I missing something?

Everybody knows that black people only exist in legends, duh!

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

ce gars posted:

Entry #7. Patterns emerging.

I think your friend is scared over nothing... Maybe the Slender Man is a fan of Independent/Student Film? :smith:

In truth, awesome "film" series. Love the whole scary "Where's Waldo" feel to them.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Spooky the Smokey posted:

Five minutes in Photoshop. My true believer ex-girlfriend is convinced this is real.

She believes that the ghost of the death star haunts Paris?

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Not Slender man related, your thinking about the "Bloat Baby" ghost legends.

The origin of the "Bloat Baby" began in Japan during the Feudal ages where women would drown their babies in rivers either because they couldnt care for or didn't want their child taken by what ever was going on in their village (slavery, black market, thieves and what not)

The American versions of "Bloat Baby" began during the period before and during the Civil War. Escaping slaves would drown their babies or children when capture seemed close. During Sherman's March on the South rumors spread across smaller farming towns of Union troops kidnapping children to sell to rich northern families. Worried women went and drown their new born children in lakes, rivers and wash tubs.

This is when "bloat baby" would show up.

The legend goes that after the baby is killed, if the body was left to float away in the river or what ever body of water it was killed in the spirit of the water would enter the dead child, and soon would haunt the mother who killed them. At first the mother would feel as though something was watching them, most people would say it was just guilt for the death. Some times the women would scream in the middle of the night, saying they saw their dead child, bloated from the water.

But when the "Bloat Baby" would strike would be years later, when the memory of the dead child would be long gone, and the mother would have a new child. The new child would talk of hearing a baby crying at all hours, or when the child would play near the river hearing splashing and crying of a baby. Soon the child would start seeing an odd baby, looks bloated and in odd colors. A day or two after this, that child would drown. And the same fate would hit every child born to the guilty mother afterwards.

Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Bungdeetle posted:

At first I thought you made a Slendertree.

Oh god now there are two of them!


Apr 8, 2005

Don't you fear the yetis in Rio?

Ottermotive Insanity posted:

also Party crash action Slender-Man

I got a picture in my head of a Slender-Man action figure with a bottle of booze in one hand and a lamp shade on its head.