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Nov 6, 2012

I'm so tired of this cat constantly stabbing me. She doesn't even want to hurt me I think, she's just an idiot child with knives attached to her fingers.

Like, today she jumped on my hip from the floor and made two huge claw marks in my hip fat. Yesterday she bit me when I took away a wire she was chewing, and later jumped from my arm leaving five little prick marks.

Our claw cutter tool arrived today so I hope that will help. So far I've cut one claw but she hates it and I'm scared of her too lol


Jun 4, 2004

Hey, girl.

Do one claw at the time when she's chill and give her lots of treats for it, also start yelling "Ow!" when she hurts you. This combo worked for us, now I can clip Katya's nails in like 2 minutes without any fuss and she's much better at retracting her claws because she learned we don't like it when she slices us up.

Also, be careful while clipping her nails, there's nerves and blood-vessels in there so only cut off the sharp tip.

Feb 12, 2007

pidan posted:

she's just an idiot child with knives attached to her fingers.

This is the thing really, kittens are tiny assholes with no regard for the amount of damage they can do. You've just got to train her not to use her claws or teeth on people(and your stuff in general) and that'll take time and patience and probably more broken skin. Trimming her claws will help a lot too. There's lots of advice out there on training cats not to scratch and bite and dealing with cats who don't like having their claws trimmed but the earlier you start the more you can get her used to the process and maybe even be chill about it.

Also, an update on my last post re: the curtain-climbing. She's not doing it quite so often since we started throwing her out of the room, but now she's gotten wise and as soon as she drops off the curtain she scurries under the bed where we can't reach her to throw her out :/ Crafty little beast. We're probably going to escalate to keeping the water spray bottle in the bedroom, she hates that thing.

floofyscorp fucked around with this message at 10:15 on Jun 4, 2020

Jan 21, 2008

Pouches, bandages, shoulderpad, cyber-eye...


5 out of 6 ends of a cat are pointy that's pretty much the only way they can interact with the world. You can hamper it somewhat by putting claw caps on after a trim but we've had mixed luck there and it's more hassle than it's worth

rear end in a top hat interacts with me and my fiance differently too, I was okay with the points and rough play because he was small and cute (bad idea because now he's big and cute) so he gives me the tooth and claw all the time. She would tell him he was done and stop petting or playing with him when he would get pointy and he seldom hunts her

Bean came to us declawed and the only time she bites is when you've been petting her for awhile and go to stop

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